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    Got home just before one last night, after a 17 1/2 hour drive* - mostly as a passenger as keyboard player drove us from Plauen to Calais, then I collected my car in Folkestone and completed the journey. Great week, starting from our Hebden Bridge gig on the Bank Holiday Sunday and finishing the following Saturday with our third consecutive night in Plauen. Back to normal life today, though. * In Grateful Dead terms - that's at least three Dark Stars AND a Playing in the Band!
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    This is a tough decision but here’s my ‘08 CV P bass, I believe this was the first run of the model. Its in excellent condition, a couple of marks on the side of the body and some discolouration where the bridge cover once sat. The pick guard still has the plastic covering on it. This is one of the nicest P basses I’ve ever played and it delivers the classic sound with the TI flats that are currently installed. The original wiring loom has been replaced for KiOGon solderless however I’ll include the original along with the original bridge cover. Collection in Cardiff preferred as I don’t have a case or a box for this bass at present.
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    It’s almost finished! We’ve been having fun with the switching of the pickup, the original 5-way rotary switch turned out to be a bad idea so we’ve gone to two toggle switches. I can’t remember what they actually do so will let you know once I have the bass... Today Phil has basically finished her in terms of doing an initial stringing to let everything settle and acclimatise. In about a week he’ll give it the final intonation, truss rod and action tweaks. So we’re nearly there. And to celebrate...:
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    The good people at Ishibashi sent me this old Bacchus Grooveline. I reckon it’s early to mid-2000’s. I’ve been looking for a Stingray with a J neck size for a while and this really fits the bill. It’s a dinky J ash body, weight is a sweet 3.5kg. Maple neck with with blocks and binding is always a winner. It’s a fixer upper and that was reflected in the price, but these Handmade logo’d Bacchii are always superbly built and the pickups are amazing. Such is the case here, it’s a really good player, even with a duff fret job, old strings and that criminal bbot bridge in place of the Deviser Tune-o-matic. What were they thinking? I will sort out that crack and replace the bridge and broken tuner. I’m thinking of stripping what is left of the finish and refinishing in an emerald green stain. The previous owner had fingernails like Wolverine, by the looks of it. I’ll also sort out the frets, a level, crown and dress awaits. Anyone know where a man can buy Gotoh tuner buttons?
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    Blatant self-plug but our band "The Achievers" have been chosen as a finalist in the UK BLUES CHALLENGE Whoop, etc! It's essentially an audition - with an emphasis on originality. Whoever does the right set on the night will go on to represent the UK in the European Blues Challenge (Netherlands 🇳🇱) and International Blues Challenge (Memphis, Tennessee 🇺🇸). We're excited. And encouraged! Gig is at the Bluefunk Club, Poynton (Stockport) Cheshire, on the 14th Sept. 2019. EDIT: Typo in title changed. Oops!
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    Back in 1978,I bought my first,and far from last,(not got there yet!) bass. It was a sunburst jazz copy sporting 'Maya Electric Bass' on the headstock. I've still got it, after a fashion, as its now got Schaller tuners, Di Marzio pickups, and(as far as I remember) a Fender bridge - not forgetting the Triumph Dolomite yellow paint job! forty years later, another bass became available -a fretless sunburst precision, again with 'Maya Electric Bass' on the head. I had to buy it- the necks are great, and the pickups not bad either. Needless to say, this one is staying stock. anyone else got one?
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    The previous picture was pretty nice but these new ones are kool! I think that dark fretboards are the koolest there are and unlined has the best looks.
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    Received this bass today. Thread can be closed. Thanks for a very nice deal!
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    Incidentally, if you need replacement stainless steel saddle inserts to change the brass ones, you can get a full set from Bass Direct for £5.50!! (£3.50 for the inserts and £2 for postage - bargain or what?? !)
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    Got my Duality back from being checked over and all is well. Phantom fault that hopefully I won’t see again. New PT2 and Voodoo lab 4x4 power supply with Neutrik jack plugs and Van Damme cable. Finished for now at least 🤘😜🤘
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    Wedding gig last night. Great venue and lovely hosts, but a 900km round trip so also had to rent an Air BnB for the band. Probably going to knock these gigs on the head as we've got back home 32 hours after starting out. Great money but just too tiring. Luckily for me and our singer, we don't have day jobs to worry about but the guitarist and drummer do and I imagine they'll be shattered tomorrow at work.
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    You get gunk on your telly....?
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    Hi Basschat, i'm reluctantly selling this fantastic bass, it has been my main touring bass for the last two years (comes with a few small battle scars) i am currently attempting to strip my bass collection down to only one P-bass and one J-bass. This is a passive 2016 American Standard Precision bass in Sunburst finish, it sounds and plays incredible, pics and videos attached below: Thanks, Bill.
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    For reluctant sale is my lovely California JM. Matt black ash body with a maple fingerboard. There's some nice flame going on on the neck too. This is a really solid bass and very resonant - great for funk, it has a nice natural compression. As the frets on these basses are Plekked, they can be set up really nice and this one is no exception. It has a few marks from gigging but nothing significant and I've done my level best to show everything in the pictures. The mark on the body end of the back of the neck is a pattern in the wood and not a dink. Everything works as it should - she's a real nice player. Weight wise, she's a solid 10lb so no lightweight. She would, however, make a great weapon in a bar room brawl - not that I've tried that out 😉 The Aum sticker comes free and is removable. The neck blocks are also aftermarket stickers and will come off easily enough. Would much prefer buyer to collect, however I will post at the buyers risk and expense. To post insured would require a hard case, which I can supply for an extra £50 - otherwise she'll come in a Sandberg gig bag. £700 firm. Price dropped to £650. Note - I also have a knackered hard case i can include FOC for posting. Only trades I'd entertain would be something Mustang shaped or one of the Class D 'Fusion' heads from GK. Thanks for looking.
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    I know I'm a late developer, but I've just accidentally discovered playing funk with flats on a J bass. All 3 knobs turned up full, and straight in to my cheapass Behringer 802 USB mixer, using channel #1 for some boost from the mic' pre, and half a turn on the compressor. Playing along to this through a high pass filter. It's so down and dirty, playing it in my Larry Graham (modified) style, I feels like a wild animal, and it sounds... it sounds exactly like the smell of sex. Many thanks to the BCer who recently put me on to Betty Davis. I have the album now on Spotify. 👍
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    This Jaco Custom Shop bass was bought new in 2008 when visiting New York. It never got used after all so I am selling it. It might be a bit awkward to say about a relic bass but it is like new really. The bass hasn't been out of the case (OHSC) since 2008 and it still smells like a new one. You know that smell: better than any after shave or perfume! 😉 The bass played perfect right away after so many years in the case. I exchanged the original roundwound strings with Thomastik flatwounds (I did keep the original strings that are still like new too) and did some personal tweaking with string and pick up height. Due to the lower tension of the Thomastiks I also adjusted the trussrod a bit so I can say it works perfectly fine. Somehow this CS Jaco feels and plays like a bass that I have been playing for many years. However, I'm not a Jaco or even a fretless player really... so.... I really enjoyed having this bass in my hands a short bit...I made these pics and put it back in the case for it to comfortably wait for the right person to give it the right overdose of playing & caring. Is it you?
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    interested 🙂
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    Bargain. I played through this little pedal at the weekend and it had loads of effects ! Someone will be getting a good deal. 😃
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    Hey guys! A while back I posted a review of a $70 bass I was sent on here. Shortly after a company from the states called Sonic Pickups sent me some of their jazz bass pickups to install. Here's the review. For me I think the sonics sound much richer, fuller, fatter and have a bigger sonic (excuse the pun) range than the pickups that came with the Glarry. Would love to hear what you guys think! Hugh
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    Bought some pickups from me - true gent.
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    Recently purchased from @woolf on here but I am looking to get the Spectradrive instead. Excellent condition and boxed, using woolf's pictures here but let me know if you'd like any others or any further info. Cheers! Kris
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    Just signify acceptance of PayPal but make it clear in the listing that it's cash on collection only. If someone sends a PP payment, refund it and tell them to come with the readies..
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    The ACA pedals have a dropper resistor on the ground side of the power supply. Daisy chaining bypasses this as long as you are using a non-ACA pedal. Or you can (reversibly) modify the pedal: http://www.stubmandrel.co.uk/14-music/171-boss-hm-2-pedal-9-volt-psu-conversion
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    I contacted him through Ebay with the link to the one I bought, this is the reply Hi thanks for your comments. I do admit I am not sure now about this guitar but if it is what you say could you give me an idea of the price I should be charging. Thank you. I replied with some info and pointed out the £77 price I paid Body on mine is solid wood but veneered, one piece on the front and book matched on the rear, no idea what the wood for the body is, the veneer makes it look like alder
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    We've covered Hysteria before, sounded good but was very hit and miss depending what the gig was. We found that Starlight goes down better more of the time.
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    Darn it. Listed to a couple of versions and now I'm stuck with a 'Dark Star' earworm.
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    MB1. Absolutely Mustard Trade/PX transaction with Kev Some great chat a good brew and beer too! Most enjoyable journey there ! Buy Sell and trade with Confidence! ......."ITS ALIVE!" Again Many Thanks! Martin.
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    Surely you're playing a lot quieter at home? Which would obviously reduce feedback
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    I have a dream... and that's to be in a band that does what Hawkwind did at the Isle of Wight festival - just turn up with a flatbed lorry, park near the entrance and play free music... I love the idea of a random 'pop up psychedelic band' .
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    change the buttons for the rubber style ones used on old-school rugby shirts.
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    Ah yes sorry here’s the guy: I found it after looking for ‘leather guitar strap’ and going through tons of pages looking for what I wanted. Good thing about etsy is that if you see something vaguely similar most people will do you a one off. This was cheaper than his usual because it doesn’t have the tooling along the length. I think it was about £40 https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Zutopiart?ref=s2-header-shopname&listing_id=400603561
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    Great idea! How’d you find it? I think I may have just ordered something that suits me alright, but I don’t think I’ve been truly happy with any of my straps before...
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    I’ve not compared them, but the story goes that the 3 band is not simply a 2 band with an added mid, it does sound rather different. So not so much a case of choosing to limit yourself to two bands, but more selecting the one that delivers the sound you want. There’ll be tons of threads out there discussing the details. John East do make a model that does provide the 2-band sound with an added mid control, many 3-band owners upgrade to it for this reason.
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    Snap! Good pickups on these, quite a chunky neck though, wasn't expecting that....
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    Every time I think I’m over it, you post something like that. Man, I need a bass of this calibre in my life!
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    Will now accept £695 for a quick sale, as a bass I’m after has come up for that price.
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    Strings wise I have settle on relatively lightweight D'Addario nickels in 45/60/80/105 (bought as singles to get the tension I like) on the headless Border Reiver. Having tried D'Addario EXL160BTs (50/67/90/120) I found them to be a bit too heavy for me so the Finn P is now wearing black D'Addario ETB92M tapewounds (50/65/85/105). These are a standard issue medium scale set and work rather well. At some point I might well try a set of my normal use long scale D'Addario EXL170BTs as I reakon long scale strings on a 32" scale bass will work just fine. @AndyTravis you are welcome to come round to try them out as we are pretty close to each other, or I'll bring them down to you if you promise to make me a cup of tea
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    Hehe. It needs to be loud to get a decent tone, so it'll be too loud if we mic it. It'll give too much feedback if we fold it back through the monitors (even though the keys player and I struggle to hear him on the other side of the stage.) I'm sure we've all heard it before!
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    For reasons related to geometry, the taper between the front and back depths of the two sides are not linear. You rarely see examples of the shape the sides need to be, but this is a good illustration, with all due acknowledgements to Georgia Luthier Supplies: This is how it will sit in the mould - with the bottom, flat face actually the guitar top: And the two sides cut to approximate shape - they will be sanded to the final shape in the radius dish when I get to that bit: So, all being well. the bending starts in the morning Listen out for the cracking noises...
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    I used to rate her. But I was appalled when I found out on BC that she's anti-plectrumic.
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    I find this quite shocking and totally logical at the same time....... I wish autotune would die, expose 99% of the so called singers in an instant.
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    Yes, I've had the E saddle bottom out in backward movement, but never had a problem with not being able to shorten enough.
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    My entire bass experience for seven years is founded on this most excellent philosophy. I buy basses to locate the one that will find the pro musician I know lurks within me. None has succeeded yet but I'm an optimist and will keep on buying trying.
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    Look Ped, those photos are just not appropriate for a family platform. I know you are immensely proud of it, but I simply can not “cup it for a while” 😂😂😂
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    Frank bought my Tascam GB-10 from me. Good coms and easy to deal with. He collected the item from Mrs G. It all went smoothly and easily. Thanks Frank.
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    One Ashdown preamp swapped for Frank's Zoom B3 - smooth as silk Did the exchange in person and had a good chinwag as well...top chap, many thanks
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    I bought a pedal from Frank and he was very helpful in sorting out a problem. Great comms and a very fair dealer. Very much recommended.
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    I just bought an Ashdown Little Giant from Frank and despite the fact that i live in Romania , he took the time and send it to me . He also was very , very patient with all my questions and he helped all the way . Great character !

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