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  1. Oh wow! What an Aladdins' cave of treasure I have stumbled upon! At first glance I thought it was just notation, but tabs as well! I will have to peruse it properly.
  2. Schools Out by Alice Cooper. Not too taxing but there is a little off time bit in it that throws me off.
  3. I do agree that the above Jazz is a bit OTT with that relic. I would never have gone that far. However, the sonic blue P bass with that light relic is tasteful.
  4. Actually two things. Its not a Stingray!! 🤣
  5. Was it yours that was waiting for parts that caused mine to jump the queue a head of you? Oh dear, what a shame - never mind! 😂
  6. My Mother In Law was chatted up by Dave Davies when they played in Kenton in the 60's. Apparently his advances were spurned. 😂
  7. Wasn't The Fun Boy Three the same lineup as the current incarnation?
  8. Not a sequencer, but Nigel Harrison puts in a lovely little fill at 3:26. If that were me I would probably overdo it and spoil the the song. Just goes to show that to many fills or little bits chucked in can be a bit too much.
  9. No its just a very, very expensive American Vintage re-issue 1962 Jazz Bass from 1988. 👍
  10. We Play Come Together and I sing it. But I have to play the riff on the 10th fret while I,m singing to simplify it. It really needs that slide from the D up to the G to make that bassline accurate, but no one cares. 😋
  11. Go and stand in the corner!! 😡
  12. We had better start being nice to some of our significant others on here. Ray Stiles the ex Mud bassists ex turned up on here recently and what a mood she was in!! 😂
  13. Yes. I only live down the road and frequently imbibe in the curry house opposite. 😊
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