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  1. I havent used the support system, but I can make up a lot of old tosh about how great you all are. If I can have a free T shirt.
  2. Hobbayne

    Case porn

    I have a tweed gear 4 music Fender faker and Thoman black with white piping faker that came with my Limelight. You cant tell the difference fom a distance.
  3. My old band used to do Girl On The Phone and Heatwave from Setting Sons. GOTP was great fun to play with the B minor climbing to the D. I wish I had thought of it! There was another song from that era called Turning Japanese that was fun to play too, but I cant remember who did it.
  4. Just stumbled upon this fella doing a bass cover of this Fleetwood Mac song. Made me appreciate John Mc Vie even more!
  5. Anybody had any experience with Artist Guitars? They look a bit cheap to me. Like entry level Encores. Maybe they are another Harley Benton and might surprise me. However, everything seems to be sold out on the website. https://www.artistguitars.co.uk/collections/bass-guitars
  6. Yes please. The basschat polo shirt I bought a few years back dont fit me anymore, so I need cheering up.
  7. The Harley Benton range from Thomann are an excellent starting point.
  8. Gerry McAvoy - Rory Gallagher, Live In Europe. He joined Nine Below Zero in later years. Good player.
  9. This any good? Dont turn the volume up though!
  10. The best relics I have seen are made by Nash and Limelight.
  11. Not a bass, but I remember Eric Clapton struggling to play the solo on While My Guitar Gently Weeps on a 1950's Gibson Byrdland. I think it was the Bangladesh concert. Such a big cumbersome guitar for the job instead of his usual Les Paul or Strat. Mind you, he was at least 3 inches off the ground at that gig!
  12. No, I read it on here so it must be true!
  13. I remember that after all the initial buzz had died down, there were a lot of posts complaining of fretwear. The fret wire turned out to be quiet soft and wore down within months IIRC.
  14. I love Fender Precision basses. In fact, They are all I ever play. ( Apart from a Yamaha 5 string)
  15. I take it that the wear up the dusty end is not legit then?
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