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  1. Hobbayne

    Trace Elliot BLX combo

    Were these the ones with a slot in the front? rather than a speaker grill?
  2. Hobbayne


    Martin bought my Behringer overdrive pedal. Quick payer, and a jolly nice bloke to boot. 👍
  3. No mate. The 1996 USA Stingray I had a few years back had a 41mm nut.
  4. Now down to £200.00. I can post this, but courier must be arranged at your end. 😎
  5. Hobbayne

    Behringer BOD 400 Bass Overdrive SOLD

    On hold
  6. Hobbayne

    Albums you've really tried to love...

    Fleetwood Mac - Tusk After the polished production of Rumours, this resembles a collection of half arsed demos.
  7. I will have a look. Meantime we have a thread on this somewhere. Here is a diagram if thats any good. https://www.talkbass.com/threads/musicman-sub-ray4-how-i-fixed-clipping-int-preamp.900699/ SUB Series Volume VR Modification Schematic(1).pdf
  8. It was a quick fix for him to solder a resistor on the preamp, nothing too costly.
  9. Hobbayne

    Feedback for Tobiewharton

    Tobie bought my Zoom pedal. Quick payment and a jolly nice bloke to boot. 👍