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  1. I didnt know she played bass. Wow! 😲
  2. Yes I was right. What do I win?? 😆 https://www.nme.com/blogs/nme-blogs/its-official-la-rouxs-mum-is-june-from-the-bill-48529
  3. Havent seen it, but I'll do what I always do. Watch it on catch up and fast forward through most of it. 😑
  4. Is the trigger supposed to be the pickup selector? 🤔
  5. Lovely place Wunjos. I was looking for a P Bass and they quite happily brought me 5 or 6 basses to try out before I settled on the Nate Mendel.
  6. Did a few run throughs of this famous Kravitz song recorded live in studio last year with my old band. First time I ever heard myself playing so thought I would share it. Feel free to give me some tips. A few mistakes but only got one pass at it. 😁 Go My Way.mp3
  7. The pub opposite the Red Lion used to be called the White Hart. I played my first ever gig there back in 1983. 😁 I believe it burnt down a few years back (coincidentally on NYE.)
  8. I have always used rounds until I heard the high praise on here for flats. Tried them. Didnt like them so went back to rounds. 😁
  9. Well! She never PM'ed me. Hmmph! 😡
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