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  1. Hobbayne


    The Jazz 77 strings are a monel coated string. Is that what you dont like?
  2. Hobbayne

    ‘Nose grease’.

    KFC grease is highly recommended too.
  3. Hobbayne

    You Can Go your Own Way

    Well, one day this rather odd chap hopped into the office. He'd been to see virtually everyone in the business and been shown the door. He asked to see MY door, but I wouldn't show it to him
  4. Hobbayne

    Yoko Ono releases new version of John Lennon's Imagine

    And of course, the one where they are both stark bollock naked on the front cover. Some lovely tunes on that one. 😊
  5. Hobbayne

    You Can Go your Own Way

    John could always sell his Arsenal scarf to pay his legal fees! 😂
  6. Hobbayne

    You Can Go your Own Way

    Oh Deary me, Its getting to be a right Tango In The Night this is. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/lindsey-buckingham-sues-fleetwood-mac-over-dismissal-from-band-736063/
  7. she has a lovely smile though. 😋
  8. Hobbayne

    Ultravox's Chris Cross

    Didnt they used to wear their trousers back to front? 🤔
  9. Hobbayne

    Yoko Ono releases new version of John Lennon's Imagine

    This is more like it! 😂
  10. Hobbayne

    Your Favorite Bass Prevalent CD?

    The Beatles Sgt Pepper had some great bass mixed quite high and to the fore. Although its not technically ' New Music' 😋
  11. Hobbayne

    Ultravox's Chris Cross

    I like his playing on One Small Day. Not a complex line but great tone and feel.
  12. Hobbayne

    NBD - Epiphone Thunderbird Classic IV Pro

    They are nice. I had one but sold it on as I couldn't get on with it.
  13. Get your money back. I wouldnt touch this company with a barge pole.