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  1. Spawny gets..lucky fifth wheels in music

    There was a duo called Milli Vanilli. Neither of them could sing, but mimed to backing tracks recorded by someone else. Unsurprisingly enough, it was the the same bloke from Boney M at it again.
  2. Spawny gets..lucky fifth wheels in music

    Yes. Chas Smash
  3. It's Squier, Squire

    Wymondham in Norfolk is pronounced 'Wind am'
  4. Gig Pics

    Last weekend
  5. It's Squier, Squire

    Lie Chester Square in London is unpronounceable!
  6. Auditions in Hell

    Not really an audition but a few years ago I was asked to play bass for a friend of mines "British Legion" type band. C&W, Rock N Roll etc. The previous drummer had left under a cloud and they got this fella in without even auditioning him. Turns out he played with a friend of a friends band so that was good enough for them. Anyway, this was his first gig with them. The bassist was in hospital having an operation and they asked me as I knew most of the stuff. Anyway we started the first number and it went reasonably well until it came to the ending. I looked at the drummer to give him the nod to end the song. He never looked up from his drums at all. I played some sort of rundown on the bass to end the song and the whole band ended...... Apart from him. All we could hear was :'Tap tap tap tap' from the drums as he carried on oblivious. I will never forget the bemused look on the punters faces as they finished their waltz or whatever it was, to this disjointed drumbeat. It started badly and got steadily worse. Next time they called me, I was 'Busy'
  7. Feedback for TOM1946

    Tom bought my Squier Telecaster. Excellent fast payer and a jolly nice chap to boot. A pleasure to do business with.
  8. Am I weird because I've never played guitar?

    As above. I started on bass and learned guitar afterwards. I found it really interesting to hear the sound of the chords major and minor flowing together, and could hear the melody in my head. It made creating basslines much easier once I learned the basics.
  9. https://www.knowyourbassplayer.com/bass-players-blog/2015/1/30/alan-spenner
  10. You can leave feedback on the feedback page.
  11. Neil Finn joins Fleetwood Mac..?

    I think in all honesty its the end of the road for Fleetwood Mac.
  12. SOLD

    Just under 8 pounds on my bathroom scales.
  13. Playing with the ashtrays on

    When did Fender stop selling new basses without the ashtrays? I know a lot of players took them off anyway.