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  1. Yes that's what I would probably do. But isn't there something about the neck radius and having each string follow the profile?
  2. Er, Blackbird by The Beatles? πŸ€”
  3. The action on one of my P basses is really high. Can anyone recommend a good video on action adjustment? The neck is straight so thats good.
  4. I bought it on DVD https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-Beatles-Let-It-Be-DVD-NTSC-Region-Free-New-Sealed/324005540132?epid=1376983357&hash=item4b703c3124:g:-64AAOSwNIpca7xz
  5. I always thought that it was Paul playing bass on this. But Having seen the Let It Be movie recently, It was George Harrison playing the bass part on a telecaster while Macca plays the chords on an acoustic guitar. Here is the bass part as recorded on a tele. Not a bad bassline.
  6. Eton Rifles - The Jam. Or in the extremely likely event of Weller not reforming them, Then: From The Jam if Bruce has a nasty mishap. 😁
  7. I always get that Kate Nash mixed up with Fat Les's daughter. Not that it matters, they are both utter dross.
  8. https://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/discover/london-calling-rock-icons-display The museum of London is having a free exhibition featuring The Clash memorabilia. The iconic London Calling Paul Simonon P Bass is included.
  9. Yes she does. Its the first time Lyndsey left IIRC
  10. Well, The guitarist and drummer have moved away so its the traveling issue for them. I suppose its the aggravation of finding new members and getting them up to speed for gigging. I also think its the Roger Waters syndrome with me. β€œspent force creatively" The band has run its course. I will wait and see what happens after our gig before I make my decision.
  11. After 5 years the drummer and one guitarist has called it quits. Will play our last gig next weekend and that will be it. The singer and other guitarist have expressed the will to carry on with the band with replacements. But I'm not sure. πŸ˜•
  12. Put a white pickguard on it and its the spitting image on my Mexican standard. 😊
  13. Cheers. I may check them out. I never had seen John M play a fiver before. Or since. I assume it was a prop for the video.
  14. Always known John as a 4 string player. What is the 5 string he is playing in this video?
  15. I havent seen a Limelight in a 51 shape. I wonder if Mark can do one if asked? πŸ€”
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