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  1. Cheryl Crow is quite handy on the bass.
  2. Lindsey Buckingham played bass in the band Fritz before Joining F M.
  3. Its been rescheduled for next April. My tickets still valid. 😊
  4. I had tickets to see The Bootleg Beatles at the Albert Hall. They were doing the entire Abbey Road and Let It Be albums live track by track.
  5. Maybe it doesn't include the earlier Drifters period in 58.
  6. I'll try to watch that if I'm still alive at 166.
  7. Document by REM. The last album before they broke it big. Some crackers in there which I haven't heard for years.
  8. True dat. I thought the harmonica would be a piece of fosters to play. I loved the early Feelgoods and thought I would give it a crack. Its still in its box. 🙄
  9. Another sunburst and tort combo. Complete with my favourite Beatles Revolver strap. Which has now gone to strap heaven.
  10. Including my Sonic Blue P Bass complete with original rusty bridge. 😁
  11. There was a female guitarist 'Deidre something or other' She always wore a boiler suit IIRC
  12. If its overpriced it wont sell. I wouldnt worry.
  13. Anybody had a go on a Fender Rumble 15 v3 practice amp? The reviews on GAK are quite good. I need something to amuse myself in the current climate. 😁
  14. The debut album by The Selector 'Too Much Pressure' featured a great picture of the band on the back cover which showed bassist Charley Anderson playing a sunburst precision. He looked so cool to my 15 year old eyes. I drooled over it for ages till I got my first bass.
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