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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Ah there she is, thanks for finding that
  3. Thanks, sorry I had thought about it then forgot to write it
  4. Just as a heads up to everyone. I bumped into an ad for a Warwick Thumb NT 5 on Marketplace and looking at the pictures I realised it’s the one I bought a month or so back. I messaged the buyer who recognises it too, he told me they took his ad word for word. Given the same person is also selling several vintage Fenders I thought I’d flag it, they could all be fake.
  5. vincbt


    I’m glad it ended up in your hands, I’m sure you’ll take good care of it and I hope it serves you well. Having moved to his NT 5 strings sibling I am now realising how light and balanced it was! Happy Birthday!
  6. Tom bought a bass strap from me, perfect communication and transaction. Thanks again
  7. Ben bought my beloved Warwick Thumb in March. Communication was very easy, he turned up on time, checked the bass, paid on the spot and walked away with it. Very nice guy to deal with. Thanks a lot and enjoy the bass!
  8. vincbt

    Chezz55 Feedback

    Chris bought some strap locks from me this week, very smooth transaction and really appreciated his gesture to pay a bit more than agreed as contribution to the cost of postage. Vince
  9. As I’ve reduced the gear I am now clearing out the bits and pieces I don’t need anymore. I have the following: - Minotaur Black Leather Strap. A bit worn as shown in the photos but in good working order. Width is 4in / 10cm, min Lenght 36in / 92cm and Max Length 43in / 110cm —> 20£ posted or £15 collected - Schaller chrome strap locks. They come with two sizes of screws but I am missing one felt disc. —> £10 posted and £7 collected - Fender rubber strap locks, never used. One red and one black set —> £2 posted or free collected
  10. Gosh they were quick... I stand corrected on two points, frets are indeed bronze and it originally had a JAN II, that was upgraded to JAN III later on. full specs below - Bass Thumb Bass BO 4 string Serial Number A 148778 09 Year 2009 Month January Number 148778 Neck Wood Ovangkol Wood Fingerboard Wenge Woog Frets Bronce Warwick Frets Nut Just a Nut II Neck construction Bolt On Body 2 pcs. Ovangkol Wood Surface Oil Finish / Beewax surface Pickups 2 active MEC JJ Pickups Electronic active MEC 2 Band Electronic Hardware Black Hardware made for Warwick Made in Germany / 08258 Markneukirchen
  11. I think these BOs normally come with brass or nickelsilver frets but I’ve emailed Warwick to get the full specs as I’m not 100% sure
  12. Now £850, I have done some more research and it sounds fairer compared to similar basses I’ve seen being sold elsewhere.
  13. Hi Having upgraded to a Thumb NT 5, it is now time for me to sell my Warwick Thumb BO 4. I bought this bass a few years ago now, but it has sadly spent a lot of time at home in its case or on the stand, so that it is in quite good conditions, without any significant dings and scratches. The bass was made in 2009 (S/N A 148778 09) it has an ovangkol body, ovangkol neck, wenge fingerboard, 2-way MEC preamp, MEC pickups and black hardware. It mounts a Just-A-Nut III in brass which is standard for the year it was made in, I find it significantly better than the plastic JAN II in terms of durability, sound and sustain. Other than that, I don't have much to say other than it is a German Warwick Thumb, with all the pros and cons this bass has. Please let me know if you have any questions. I prefer collection or meeting in person but can look into UK shipping (not touching international shipping post-Brexit, sorry), please let me know if required and I can look into it. Price is £950. No trades please, I'm only looking to sell this outright. Thanks!
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