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  1. Patrick bought my two bass stands last week, great communication and it was a pleasure to deal with him. Thanks!
  2. I now get 273 pages of results again! Good for the website, not for my wallet 😅
  3. Oh ok, I'll give it some time, perhaps it's just me
  4. Yup I do use the advanced search options, I just seem to only pull results created / updated from Friday onwards
  5. Apologies in advance if it's been mentioned and there is an answer, I think it has to do with the search indexing you mentioned at the beginning of the thread but I have close to zero practical knowledge on the topic. If I try to search in the Marketplace I only see results created after the update, can I assume this will naturally be fixed once the indexing is complete? Thanks for all the maintenance / update work
  6. It is, doesn’t look silver at all but it’s a cracking colour and has matching headstock. I got it for a decent price too. There is a Flea on sale on Facebook at the moment I think, not far from Cheltenham
  7. It’s the 60th anniversary road worn MiM. It’s pretty good for a Mexican, it has the stacked volume/tone knobs which I really like and it’s essentially very close to the signature Flea model except the fretboard is pau ferro rather than rosewood
  8. No definitely, it took me a while to find this one, I love the sound and I can’t get it anywhere else. The only one that could go is the Jazz, but if cash allows I’d like to keep it too
  9. To add to the unrequested photos thread, that’s what I’m adding on to, maybe replacing one and maybe not:
  10. L.D. 50 by Mudvayne could be an interesting one to check. It’s Nu Metal so perhaps not the most interesting music, but the bass parts are really good and all played on 5 strings. If you find you like the bass player but not the band, his new project (Soften the Glare) is a prog/funk/fusion concept that could work well. Otherwise Dream Theater? He plays 6 strings but you can play most things on a 5
  11. That’s very very nice! I had read on a few posts here that his light relic wasn’t exactly light but clearly it is based on these two basses. Also very tastefully done…
  12. Very nice! He’s now doing very light relic finishes I see, from what I heard he used to have a much heavier hand on relics
  13. Nice one, I suddenly found myself on GAS for a Bravewood or Limelight in Olympic White over CAR today but I have to look at the American Specials. However I do like the chunkier neck of my P better than the thinner one I have on the J, so that's not necessarily an issue
  14. I am looking to switch to a rack or possibly wall hangers so I’m looking to sell this Hercules GS402B Mini Bass Stand. It’s only been used at home so it’s in very good condition. I actually have two of them, happy to just sell one but if I get more than one request I can also let both go. Looking for £10 if collected or £15 incl. UK shipping (each). NOW BOTH SOLD
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