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  2. therealting

    FS: Dingwall Super P/J 4-string

    I do not need a 4-string Super. I do not need a 4-string Super. I do not need a 4-string Super. I do not need a 4-string Super. I do not need a 4-string Super.
  3. Hi there Haven’t been here for a while... anyhow, I’m moving so although I stopped buying and selling basses some time ago, I neeed to urgently thin the herd a little bit more, and I could use the money. This is a Dingwall Super PJ, fantastic bass but I haven’t used it much so it’s been living a peaceful life in its gig bag. Not because of the fan frets, to which I adjusted painlessly in no time. The bass comes with the gig bag it came with, paperwork, keys, etc. It even has a D-tuner. Condition is excellent, probably qualifies as mint. Weight is 3.6 kg. The price is including shipment. It will be shipped safely with UPS, please check my feedback if in doubt. Original sales thread here: No trade offers please. Thanks!
  4. fleabag


    I'm in - an ESP LTD spalted maple fretless , owned from new, though it's going to be up for sale as the disease known as gas has me by the short n curlies
  5. Today
  6. Streamer Stage I’ 93 with 20 mm pitch string in Nirvana Black Satin finish. Some small dings and dongs but still in very good condition. New gold colour warwick customshop hardware and ABS case included. Low strings action and very comfortable. Frets in perfect condition. For more infos, feel free!!! moore pic :} https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1Oig_ttWy0cH4ht89ho690vcSSvwXL0ci I am happy to change to lakland 55-94 I AM HAPPY HAPPY TO CHANGE TO LAKLAND 55-94 🎶 ASK-WE SAY DETAIL 1232
  7. Aberdeenshire.
  8. Yesterday
  9. vittoriosciascia

    fender jazz 1966

    thank you very much.. the frets are 100% original
  10. fleabag

    Stinger 2 band EQ ? East MMSR ?

    Wise words chaps - but i have thought it through a bit more and probably going to drop the project.
  11. Woodinblack

    What the **** is this?

    I can't believe you got to the end
  12. Woodinblack

    Stinger 2 band EQ ? East MMSR ?

    The artecs are fine. If you are fiddling round to see if this bass would be any good to you, it seems a good choice. If you are going to be recording your next album, maybe I would go a bit more to the east or to a glockenklang.
  13. Jack

    Stinger 2 band EQ ? East MMSR ?

    I put (ha, no. The bass doc put) one of those in an old Hohner Jack when the original died. With the caveat that it wasn't a Stingray it sounded great.
  14. Grangur

    Cello - How Difficult?

    What I do know is the "box" pattern we use for a Major scale on a bass, doesn't work on a cello. On a cello there are different fingerings needed for different scales. I know this through discussing this with my brother in law, who is a full-time pro cello teacher.
  15. kevvo66

    What the **** is this?

    Reminds me of my pet budgie Rocky , bless her gone but not forgotten , I don't think she could play double bass , but oh boy could she hold her own with that bell in her cage and hold a note , each to their own 🤔
  16. AndyTravis


    And came close more than once on the Amaze4
  17. AndyTravis


    Yeah, big fan. Came close to buying a b-404 once, wish I had. Loved the thing when I worked for an ESP dealer.
  18. yup, this....... But if you need a really sparkly zingy sound you'll need a preamp in front of it - it's naturally a tiny bit treble shy imho. Fantastic bit of kit though - it seems to dodge the class D 'gets louder but loses the heft' as you turn them up. It has oodles of clean muscle available and a really good eq section as long as you spend 15 minutes understanding what the 2 knobs do. I love mine.......
  19. Where exactly are you? South Northamptonshire?
  20. Hi, I'm pretty much ready to take this bass off your hands. But I'm in London. I don't suppose you're planning to head that way any time soon?
  21. I've had a TC BG500 combo (same head as your amp i think), a GK MB500 Fusion (sort of similar to anMB800) and also an ABM600 evo4. And i play a Stingray too. I too found the TC very bland sounding, sort of lifeless and a bit flat. I tried the newer BH heads too and thought they had a similar sort of sound so they weren't for me. But i liked a Staccato 51 head that i used at a festival recently - that had some wallop about it. The Gallien was very good in an aggressive kind of way but i thought it fell into the class D trap of losing impact as you turned it up. Could get bloody loud but in a shouty fashion rather than trouser flapping. I've had a bunch of class D amps (inc MarkBass and Genz Benz) and found i cant get on with them at gig volumes because they lose their thump (until i discovered my Quilter BB800 - thats a whole different bag of fish!) The Ashdown will blow the others into the weeds imho. It has a serious heft about it but can sparkle too and is a very versatile bit of kit - way better than other ABM's that i've tried which all seemed a bit mushy sounding. The trick with it is to use your ears to eq it rather than your eyes - don't be scared to crank the knobs and sliders and disengage the scoopy button. The valve drive adds a bit of fruit to the sound, i wasn't fussed about the compressor and i thought the sub thing wasn't much use in the real world. And it works great with a Stingray - it's a huge sounding combination. I moved it on for something different but i would cheerfully have another one......
  22. Frank Blank

    What the **** is this?

    Sounds like a reasonable Saturday night, no?
  23. TheRev

    Brian Ritchie - Violent Femmes, no love?

    I like him and the Violent Femmes. Used to a cover of 'Colour me once' in a folk duo.
  24. bassmayhem

    Another D-class problem : want to replace my DB 751

    Try the tiny Quilter BassBlock 800...
  25. Rikki1984

    Ibanez SR1205 Prestige

    An unexpected bill means I'm reluctantly having to sell my Ibanez SR1205. It's in very good condition apart from a few very light marks that are only visible when viewed very close. There is a small ding on the headstock which I have pictured. The bass plays really well and all controls work as they should. Included is the Ibanez case it came with. Im happy to post if needed (at extra cost) but collection is preferred. Any questions, please ask. Price is £550
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