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  2. Done that several times over the decades. And every time it was a 'meh' experience. Probably because I had left through a major disagreement. But always, to me, the songs sounded different with another bassist. Not saying I did any better, but they just weren't the same. Always left early, too.
  3. Think I'm leaning more and more towards a 435.... Although I still keep looking at the 735a and P35 for sale on BC! 😂🤦‍♂️🤔
  4. Or perhaps they both noticed and cared about them, but they were being professionals about it. It's generally considered poor form to respond to a mistake by instantly turning and glaring at the person who made it. S.P.
  5. Yeah they are ceramic, but very hot and warm (ooh-er!) for a ceramic pickup. The tone profile on the dimarzio website kinda shows this. I had a BB414 way back, same pickups as your 425, and I found them a bit 'empty', seemed to be lacking presence in the low mids to my ears. That was a long time ago though....
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. The Ashdown JJ-500 doesn't do any driven sounds at all. It's a very clean amp, being based on the Mark King Ashdown. Live he has a JJ-500 and an ABM, of some variety, not sure how the amps are split across the 2 4x10s and 2 1x15s.
  8. The P has a DiMarzio model P in, which I believe is ceramic
  9. +1^^ I do agree with @MoJo that the P setting by itself on the Yammys can sometimes get a bit lost in the mix. The other option is boosting the mids on the amp or preamp pedal if you're using one ('cos there is no option to do this on the bass unless you are playing a 734A/5A in active mode). The first bit of this I disagree with. With a decent amp and equally a quality cab, which can often be the most overlooked part of our signal chain, I think my Yammy BB sounds just great with nothing in between! Using pedal preamps with passive basses, now that's a whole separate topic! Some may say just get an active bass!
  10. As far as I understand it, this is not the "Funk Machine" (that is still missing), but another that he owned and gave to a friend on permanent loan. It was sold recently at auction based on it being Jamerson's but the friend had mainly owned it and played it since the 60s.
  11. Touch of overdrive, boost the highs, keep your action low, and pick hard to get some clang off the frets. Tone control all the way up. If you're wanting to get more specific he did use Hiwatts early on but basically all Hiwatt amps are built off the same circuit with different power sections anyway so there's not much in the guitar/bass distinction - anything valve and loud will get you there. He has an Ashdown signature designed to get that sound without blowing speakers.
  12. Stomp newbie here, ahem. I’m noticing on all the ‘how to’ videos that the screen is often displaying already named presets that have a prefix like ‘FX’ or ‘DIR’, I have presets on my Stomp but they are unnamed and without a prefix, am I looking in the wrong place?
  13. So in the last week or so I bought the Zoom B1on (changed how I practice because with headphones it's so much better than my 20W practice amp), then an adaptor for the headphones, then an aux cable to connect to my Mac to let me listen to the youtube slips through it, then a splitter to allow me to run the aux through the Macs mic/phones shared socket to let me record myself (it doesn't work), and now I'm scanning Amazon for another cable. Spent £20 trying to make it do a job that a few quid more would've bought me a DI to do the job properly. Ah the deceptive process or incremental overspend.
  14. All the processing is done in the pedal. So no I think not. The editor is just to control the parameters of the pedal.
  15. here's the manual for the EQ01 http://www.acguitars.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/ACG_EQ01.pdf
  16. 51 pickups are great IMHO. As you say they are very warm and thumpy, they also have fast attack and decay - which gives you the classic/vintage electric bass sound, i.e not a lot of sustain. The difference between the single coil and the split coil is the fast attack and decay, the SC is less defined and can be noisy, but there are 51 pickups on the market now which are wound hum cancelling, so there is no noise - same as a split coil, retaining all the great characteristics of the SC. 51 p bass with nickel wound, half round of flatwound strings = best bass sound. 😀
  17. I grew up listening to, and loving, Rock and Metal. The guitarist in my former band constantly wanted to do The Shadows. There were definitely early warning signs it wasn't going to end well.
  18. Wow. Very avocado! I’ll have a play with some overdrive then. The screwdriver sounds like the old Link Wray trick of slashing your cone with a razor. I’ll leave that one for now. Thanks all.
  19. Hi there, the bass has an ACG EQ01 filter pre-amp from http://www.acguitars.co.uk/ This features two low-pass filters, one per pickup and a global high-pass filter, giving you the ability to EQ each pickup independently. Its similar in concept to the filter based pickup system from Wal. The internal controls (which I admit I have never touched) include gain adjustment for each pickup, treble path selection, and a trim pot that allows you to choose which pickup supplies the feed for the high pass filter. The small switch on the face of the bass allows you to select the piezo pickup in the bridge or the two magnetic pickups and the small light indicates that the battery status is good when you first plug in.
  20. That explains it. I couldn't find anything when i googled it. Cheers Dave
  21. Anyone know if it's possible to use Future Impact as a VST?
  22. This is really rather tasty, reminds me of my old Crinson. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Super-Rare-Blackpoole-Relic-51-57-Precision-Bass-Killer-Spec/401851050701?hash=item5d90306acd:g:gF0AAOSwQKZdWCIu The given explanation ("Blackpoole Guitars were renowned builders of relic instruments. This bass dates to around 2008 to 2010 when the company was disbanded. It was the classic case of victims of their own success. Demand was so high they couldn’t meet it.") contains at least some weapons-grade bull stinky poo so I'm not convinced about the rest of it ...
  23. Are you just using the front pickup? If I want upper mid bite, I use the middle position. Have you done much experimentation with different amps/preamps? I ended up using pedals to tweak my tone, strings and pickups can only go so far., and keeping strings fresh is both expensive and time consuming. I don't like the sound of my BB straight into my amp, but combine it with the right preamp and it's the best bass I've heard! The Tech21 VTDI is a favourite for bringing out the upper mid bite, and if the strings are going dead, all I have to do is turn up the character control a bit and the strings sound new again. Therefore the pedal pays for itself if your strings last all year!
  24. Do you think the difference is maybe Alnico vs ceramic pickups? Making an assumption there that your P has a traditional alnico pickup.... But that would account for more warmth and presence in the mid range than the BB
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