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  2. Oddly, before I joined Bassworld (pre-Basschat), I used Rotosound strings exclusively. I am very easily swayed and it was comments on the forum, about poor quality control, dead strings and a short life span, that saw me change to D’Addario, Ernie Ball and more recently Dunlop. Thinking back to my pre-Bassworld days, I can’t remember having a single issue with Rotosound strings. Maybe it’s time to give them another go
  3. It's far worse than that! Now you are selling an Orange head (Orange and BF my favourite combination) too and to add insult to injury, a short SKB! You selling anything else on my 'wanted' list per chance? 😂😂😂😂
  4. The problem I have with the JC is all the ones I’ve played have neckdived like crazy, which with my neck and shoulder issues is unworkable.
  5. Sorry Fella - you won't be disappointed though - one person can easily lift a cab and they sound amazing on their own let alone coupled as three.
  6. Geoff bought my Barefaced Midget 1x12. He went out of his way to make it a really easy transaction. Geoff was a pleasure to do business with. Mike H
  7. It's been a PITA! It can't have been much but could I get rid of it? The thing that gets me and I don't understand why, it that despite being grain filled, had countless coats of lacquer and flattened before each days spraying, the day after spraying the grain still telegraphs through the finish. OK it's only just perceivable but it's there. It will be fine once it's hardened, rubbed down and polished but how does that happen? Well this one has been a learning experience but the sad thing is I'm not 100% sure what I've learnt
  8. You're on the right lines, but no.
  9. I’ve been a musician since 1980 and I’m slightly embarrassed to say I’ve never heard of him! I’ll have to check him out.
  10. Orange Four Stroke 500 Head in as new condition complete with lead manual and footswitch. Switched on less than 10 times and completely immaculate. Im only selling as I really (sadly) don't need this much power as Im not gigging atm. Sounds very clean and meaty and has an amazingly adaptable EQ (good enough for a certain Mr Harris). Would prefer collection or meet up but can be shipped to UK Mainland for £30. Payment by BT or Paypal Gift. No Trades sorry. Please see BC feedback for Rhysyjob
  11. Billy Sheehan. Until I found out about him I was unaware of such an approach on the bass. Really opened my eyes and made me practice like a demon, but also remembering that for 90% he played a solid and well composed supporting part. He made me realise what the bass was capable of. And although these days I’m playing in a big band and not rock I try to have to old attitude that, yes. The bass can play that other part as well if needed.
  12. Sold to Geoff (therasonic450). A very easy transaction. Thanks Geoff. I wish you many happy years of use of the cab. Mike H.
  13. Yeah, but it's going to be dead boring if 26 John Entwhistle fans win 👿
  14. That's certainly looking really good from here
  15. I love the Stranglers, but Hugh was hardly Pavarotti was he? 😂
  16. You would have to put these up just after I've talked myself out of a 6x10 because of the logistics!
  17. SKB 2u Short Rack Case - completely mint and as new with screws. Never left the house, hence 100% condition with no scrapes or scuffs. Perfect for an amp. Only selling as I am not using it for a rig I dreamed up so no longer needed. UK Mainland postage £20 Payment by BT or Paypal gift. No trades please See Basschat feedback for Rhysyjob.
  18. Nice easy one to get us back on track?
  19. Despite having absolutely no possible excuse or reason to buy these, I'm strangely tempted ...
  20. Ok, well it seems that nobody is going to get this one:
  21. I've been out of the bass game for a while and am offloading some of the kit I amassed over the years as a gear junkie. Rather than separate it all out at this stage I am offering up the following as a "take it all" deal for a price where I am pretty sure you could sell off items for a profit. Whats in there: BJFE Blueberry (original) BJFE Pine Green Compressor (original) Iron Ether Nimbus FEA Dual Band Distortion Eventide Pitchfactor Boomerang III Phase Sampler Subdecay Quasar Ernie Ball VP Jn Pedal TC Electronic Flashback [SFX] Micro Fuzz [SFX] Red Dragon (hard to see) [SFX] Ultra Tone [SFX] Splice (if you know, you know) Darkglass Microtubes B3K (original version) TC Electronics PolyTune Diagio power bricks Pedal Train (with case) Pedal Train Mini (with case) stinky poo loads of patch cables and power cables What do you need to know? I haven't played in a couple of years at least so not 100% sure each pedal is working 100% but you can test them all if you come and pick it up. All pedals have velcro on the back - can't guarantee they are free of paint chipping etc Would 100% prefer a pickup from me in London (Earls Court /Hammersmith area) so you can test and verify you're happy. My rough estimate of individual sale values is £2150 without the pedal trains and cables. I can take more photos but I would prefer you come and view them in person for this package deal! To the best of my knowledge there are no boxes, but I can sift through my stores to see if I have any (unlikely). As per my thread in the basses, i've been out of the game for a while so don't know if I know anyone more. But my name is Mark Latimour and you can google me to see i'm legit
  22. For sale - 3 mint Barefaced Two10 S ( switchable12/4 ohms) Cabinets with Barefaced Covers. All cabs are boxed. The cabs have only been used 3 times and never gigged hence they are 100% as new and unmarked. I am only selling because I really don't need this much power (sigh). They can be switched to 12 ohms to run as a 6x10 that you can lift and fit in a hatchback, or used as stand alone cabs switched to 4 ohms. Needless to say they sound amazing and easily rival a 8X10 Will spilt £450 each cab plus £25 UK mainland postage (per cab) Payment via BT or Paypal Gift No Trades Please Collection welcome (especially if you are buying the three)
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