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  2. Went on a trip up north today to see Paul, we talked, we haggled, we played some bass and tried some cabs. I got a beautiful 63 P and a rather Punk 75 Ripper. The Bass chat gods are satisfied again. cheers Paul 🍻
  3. Both sets posted for £12.00 ? - yes please. Bank transfer ok with me, let me know the neccessary details and I'll transfer the funds tomorrow. Thanks. Chris
  4. Who Knows. 1000 years might be too much of a stretch for anything. Remember Tom Petty babbling and comparing Brian Wilson to Mozart (lol) For all we know they might revere Freddy and the Dreamers or Joe Meek in a couple of hundred years. Even ABBA ?
  5. Good to see you again Paul. Never thought I’d be without a wal again but they’re too good to be kept in cases. Needs must and the need is Motown and Soul atm. The Grabber might be a little more punk but the Precision was calling 😄 The Bag Ends are set back up and I’m going to get my ‘Duck Dunn’ on
  6. Simply for educative purposes, knowing that English is not your first language... There is a simple test for 'it's' v 'its'. Can it be replaced with 'it is' and still make sense..? If so, it's 'it's', otherwise it's 'its'.
  7. Amazing how many times you hear folks saying "in 1000 years time, folks will still be playing The Beatles songs... Funnily enough, Bach himself was largely forgotten until re-popularised by Mendelsohn nearly 80 years after JS's death. So I don't hold out much hope for JohnPaulGeorgeandRingo (at least I hope not to 😁)
  8. Bigwan

    Neural Quad Cortex

    @Kev is the only Quad Cortex user I know here. Looks like a serious piece of kit!
  9. Hi the circuit is Maruszczyk’s own two band eq with a push pull active/passive-control and the pickups are Delano singlecoils. thanks Graham
  10. It might as well be 9 million quid as I will never have that amount of money to spend on a bass. Beautiful instrument.
  11. Would either the CTM100 or V4B head into a 212 cab ( 4ohm ) be loud enough without PA support in a loud rock band for small to medium venues ? Im tempted to add one to my collection
  12. love Thains playing on the heep albums ,,,on the earlier keef hartley records you could hear him leading up to what he did with them. he also played a P towards the end of his time with heep
  13. Oddly though Bach was a huge Vivaldi fan, hence the Italian Concerto. They were as different as possible religiously and personally but both had to produce a lot of music in their (religious) working musician context. Bach towers over all of his contemporaries, if you want a prolific "hack" of the same period Telemann sure churned music out
  14. Amongst plenty of musicians this is not remotely an unpopular opinion, but straightforward Gospel truth. After Beethoven and then Mozart, it's now Bachs turn with the title of greatest ever composer, taking dictation from on high blah blah blah.
  15. Oddly I'd spotted it there as I keep an eye on anything new in Lefty Section. Was already gone yesterday, looked good at a fair price. Gumtree today, a Japanese Squier Precision Medium Scale. He wants £600 which is too much for me at present but seems a bit less than some of the prices being asked. Never had a decent P bass yet, at my age am starting to think shorter scale might be a good idea.
  16. Yes, I've still got the Citroën and still thumping away on the Swing and Hot Club scene. I'm on the train to the airport from Hilversum in The Netherlands, having just finished a few days work with Tim Kliphuis (violinist) and Nigel Clark (guitarist). Things are getting back to normal, it seems. Hope the bass sale goes well. I remember liking that bass a lot when I tried it. Not sure you'd had work done to it at that point, or if it was still fairly new to you at the time?
  17. He could write a good choon, but like with Bob Dylan, covers are better! 👌😁
  18. Today
  19. Fair do’s - I did post about it yesterday, accidentally in the lefties photo gallery section.
  20. I remember when this was made too, beautiful bass.
  21. This is a light, superbly toned 5 string headless bass, I love the tonal range and ease of playability this bass has, but I am going back into a rock band and using my Ray. When I bought it one of the bridge adjusters had been chewed, NS very kindly sent me from the Czech Republic a brand new one! everything works and plays as it should, it has a fresh set of strings on it, Schaller S-locks and comes with the original quality gig bag. There is plenty of info out there on these and a lot of great reviews. RRP is a grand, Bass Direct sells them for £900, when they have them. I am asking a very reasonable £600 plus postage. Welcome to collect from Hereford.
  22. That name to that bass is given because of what it had to experience with it's owner.
  23. Aye, and hence the smiley, but I hadn't expected them to even be mentioned, so the last pages brought a smile to my face. As for unpopular opinions, I remain of the opinion that Vivaldi was a hack (for lack of a better word), and that Bach was one of the greatest composers ever ... ... greater even than people who get singles in the Top 40. 😄
  24. Lovely! That binding looks very classy. What are the electronics?
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