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  2. Unusually for me, I actually have money to spend, but now I can't find what I want. It's almost as frustrating as finding something and not being able to buy it. 

  3. difference recording drums with 4 mics or more

    Why don´t people just go to a studio with a seriously good engineer, good mics and rooms? Everybody thinks he can DIY what others learn in decades of a professional life as recording engineer. I don´t get that. You don´t repair the brakes of your car by looking at youtube videos, do you?
  4. How is this possible, EMG parts rant

    I love EMGs. And the customer service from HQ in the USA is great. uk distributors are crap, admittedly.
  5. How was your gig last night?

    Cracking night at the maze in Nottingham, multi band gig called farstock. Played a good tight set and saw some cracking bands and solo acts to boot. did learn one lesson tho, never stand behind the fiddle player, he nearly took my eye out with his bow during the intro and then had another two goes during the set, luckily my glasses saved me... Old age has it's bonuses
  6. I've tried not to post this question thinking I can work out an answer for myself but I'd love some opinions on this. I just swapped my Class D Streamliner 600 for a trace head. RA350SMX. Man, it sounds so sweet. I love it. But it's too big for using in the house. So I'm planning to spend approx £250 to get another compact amp to use in the house with my BF Super Compact. I may even be tempted to take this amp down to rehearsal and who knows perhaps a small gig! Btw I play in a hard rock 5 piece so LOUD. Main focus is home practice, nice to have rehearsal ability, and even better. Gig,back line. What's your thoughts guys.
  7. Perfect opening few bars/intro to a song.

    Smoke on the Water takes some beating - there's a reason it's become such a cliche. Same goes for Beethoven's 5th..... and Brown Sugar too come to that.
  8. How was your gig last night?

    Not last night, but last week, just looking at the video now, it was a charity Gig for Parkinsons Society in Newquay Cornwall, we a great laugh and the locals were wonderfully friendly. My Barefaced 2x10 held its head high against 2 Marshall wielding guitarists!! Ok some of the songs were a bit cheesy, note the looks between the drummer and the guitarist, but we had an excellent night!
  9. Interesting FRFR story..

    Very interesting set up there! Keep us updated.
  10. Yamaha BB614 Active 4-String Bass Up forsale again now and HAS TO GO!!! Price now £150 collected from Brandon Suffolk or will post and insured to UK only for £175. Possible delivery with in reason or meet up.Fantastic little bass with a lot of versatility. Having a clear out and it's not being used so it has to go. I've noticed today when I had to take it out of it's box to move it, there is a couple of small marks on the bottom of the neck just over halfway up, I hadn't seen these before and didn't feel them when I had quickly played it when I took this in on a trade for some pa speakers I had that someone desperately wanted, this was some time ago now, they are very minimal though but I thought I would mention this as I hadn't when I advertised it last time, as I was unaware they were even there until today, I've taken a photo and added it on the bottom of the page. Apart from that it's in very good condition with a couple of very small marks around the bottom edge (Shown in Photo) but nothing major that I can see. Still has the plastic on the front round the knobs and on the back cover. Bit Of BlurpFor more than 20 years, the Yamaha BB Series basses have been the workhorse for great bass players like Nathan East, Tony Kanal, and Michael Anthony. Then Yamaha reinvented the bass that started it all. The BB series basses boast all the classic characteristics of the original BB's, from the distinctive big body design and bolt-on neck to vintage-style hardware and soapbar and split-coil pickups Specs Alder bodyBolt-on maple neck34" scaleRosewood fingerboard21 frets10" fretboard radiusOriginal BB-style inlays]Original BB-style pickups9V-powered active electronics[3-band cut/boost EQChrome hardwareVintage-style tunersVintage-style bridge Any questions please ask and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  11. The train sounds, the slow build up... sublime
  12. Site Bugs - List them here

    Yes, he's correct, @charic, it looked like this: Edit: the number was clickable, and you could copy the url of the individual post to go directly to it.
  13. Sample pedal

    The Akai is switchable via MIDI foot switch I believe!
  14. If you could only choose one octave pedal

    I’d agree with Al, if you use octaves a lot I’d go with an analogue and a digital on your board. That way for dirty analogue stuff you’re good to go and also have a digital option where you need a vice like grip on things. Or even simpler higher register stuff on the analogue and lower on the digital. This also makes sense for me because the fatness of the analogue stuff better serves higher register notes and the digital processing sometimes keeps the bottom notes and real low subs from getting too wild. Just depends what works for you. I often go thru a COG which then goes into Fuzz and then all that goes through a pitch factor to add upper octaves on top of that. There’s no set rules, but I find having analogue and digital octaves give plenty options.
  15. FUNKAFONIX 22nd DEC Chester, Telfords Warehouse. the mighty fonix playing all original funky stuff, funk, northern soul, groove, Gospel, Funkjazz, in yourface power funk and other shenanigans, going to try and squeeze an 8 or 9 piece band in there with brass section, should be fun.... and funky. free before 9. if your around pop in and say hello.
  16. I'm selling a beautiful music man sterling (obviously non a sterling "by" music man) green with matching headstock, just a couple of dings with piezo in the bridge..
  17. Having scored a wonderful '64 from a fellow BCer, may I ask if anyone knows the string gauges for which the nut would originally have been cut? At a rough guess it seems a light E (.100) and thick G (.50-ish), but any info much appreciated
  18. Today
  19. Status basses - advice

    I had a Kingbass. I loved how it played, sounded, and felt. The quality was unquestionably good. I was in a band which required a 5 string and I sold it to fund that. My only gripe was the ergonomics of the damn thing, small body and 32” just made it sit funny on me which for longer periods of playing meant my left shoulder cramped up. I often debate getting an order in for a jazz bass shaped kingbass with a headstock and 34” (they do a model called the J Retro or something...)
  20. More Shuker Porn

    It isn’t i’m afraid.
  21. Sound Help

    Might be worth checking the wiring and seeing if there's anything obviously wrong with it.
  22. MXR Bass Octave Deluxe

    If you are in the U.K. aye why not needing the PSU too?
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