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  2. I have a Fender Rumble (3 presets) and a Boss GT-1B (99 presets). On the amp they offer quick tweaks that can be handy. On the multi effect I maybe use 2 very occasionally but mainly have created my own patches. So my answer would be both. I use them but I wouldn’t want to have presets as the only option.
  3. funkle

    Dov65 feedback

    Bought a Hipshot bridge from Dave. By some distance the easiest deal I have done in a while on Basschat. Dave is a true gentleman. Thanks Dave.
  4. I only use Vst stuff, so no physical presets (my stuff is old school...), but the presets with the drum kits I use are excellent. Yes, I 'tweak' 'em, and compose my own, but they're useful when a synth comes with fourteen billion of 'em to scroll through the list, before ignoring all of 'em and making my own stuff. So... Love 'em..? Not really..? Hate 'em..? Certainly not. Mostly they're 'Meh', but there are some good'uns, too. I'm glad they exist (for Vst's, at least...).
  5. Several years ago I bought a new Yamaha TRBX504. I wanted a Yamaha and these were new to the market. I chose the 504 because the 304 had a preset toggle on it that had preset eq settings. ( It did have a flat option on it though). Lots of amps and preamps seem to have ever more presets on them. Contours, deep, spangly...or whatever. I've always steered away from the TC Electronic amps because of the TonePrint feature. On multi fx pedals I always make my own patches, the preset ones have always been inappropriate for the bands I've been in. The preset patches are useful as a starter/guide to what settings produce a certain sound, but beyond that... As you might have guessed, I REALLY don't like presets. I'd rather add/cut/twist my own knobs, not have someone decide for me. What's your preference?
  6. Hello I am selling this lovely electric guitar , from 90's , shape like Fender Jaguar All working condition , low action. I am open to offers Thank you T.
  7. Doves - Some Cities I picked up the new one on Saturday but haven’t listened to it yet.
  8. I love that you’re playing 5’s exclusively but using an octave down pedal so you don’t have to physically play the low B string. I do get the point and I always think of octave down bass parts played up the neck to get the best octave results. I can see little if any point playing an octave down below A on the E string but that’s just me.
  9. Funny that you say to avoid metal on metal yet MarkBass package the strings wrapped around each other. Following your theory just getting them out the packet would damage the coating. Mine sounded very underwhelming acoustically but do sound brighter through headphones. I put them on a standard 4 string jazz and I think the G string needs to be longer to get more windings. Will see how long they last. I understand there should be less wear on the board with coated nickels.
  10. Doves - Compulsion. I think the bass playing by Jimi Goodwin on this is just brilliant
  11. That makes total sense.... now that you say it 😖 Maybe I'll go for Behringer UMC404HDsuggested by @MartinB earlier!
  12. Now that's a rarity a 66 P bass neck with truss rod adjuster at the headstock end 😂😂
  13. I'm liking that! If my bass fits then that's what I'd go for for sure!
  14. I think that can only send the stereo mix to your PC, not four isolated tracks at the same time.
  15. No Doubt’s “Rock Steady” album. Some great input from Sly & Robbie and Prince on this one.
  16. This is solid gold! Amazing to see all that extra footage after all this time! 👊 Always thought Flea played the Wal sitting down a lot because it was heavy. Didn't realise he was wearing a cast on his foot! The Funky Monks film is so inspiring - I've owned a copy on every format since VHS! 😁 Thanks for all these vids Bart ✊😎🍻
  17. Under The Boardwalk (The Drifters...)
  18. Regarding a four channel audio interface, I found this one from Behringer. Sells cheap, like a lot of Beheringer stuff - e.g £68 plus postage. Look like it would meet my needs for the cassettes, and could double as a little mixer to feed into e.g powered PA speaker etc. If I'm reading the spec correctly. Or I could sell it afterwards. https://www.behringer.com/behringer/product?modelCode=P0ALM Advice/opinions welcome.
  19. I didn’t know who Sean Hurley was until I looked him up, but I like his playing style and sound on this
  20. That's just a Chickenbacker with a body shaped like it was cut using a faulty router.
  21. Fine steel wool or fine “wet and dry” sand paper are better than an agressive scouring pad and also cheap 🙂 . The result will be “more even”. But if it works for you : good
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