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  2. Sounds like a multitude of compressors let loose on the real world 😁
  3. Doddy


    Like has already been mentioned you can use a boost to drive a valve amp for a bit of break up but I generally use one to either bring up my level when using pedals that have a volume drop, or to stand out a little more when soloing (usually in a rock situation). My HBE Hematoma has an independent boost channel on which sounds really good clean on it's own, but really makes the overdrive channel stand out. Sometimes I use the EMMA OnoMATOpoeia, which you can get a good clean boost out of, but you can also drive it a little to add a touch of grit. They are both great pedals.
  4. For anyone reading and pondering MIDI controllers.... it’s Morningstar ftw so far. So glad I listened to the guru and kept my MC6 🙂 Mapped some filter MIDI functions in C4. Worked out roughly what CC values correspond to the on screen knob values in the desktop app. Set up a bank on MC6 with: Button A - Press 1: Filter preset engaged / Press 2: Bypass pedal Button B - Press: sweep frequency up / Release: return frequency to starting position. Button C - Press: Invert filter / Release: un-invert filter. So I can call up a filter sound, and then hold Button B and C to cause auditory carnage on the fly! Mental. So many things yer can make this do and I really am a numpty.
  5. Welcome - do let us know what you think?
  6. rmorris

    CMI EB3 Bridge

    Bridge removed from CMI EB3 Copy. I should probably keep it but it was never the best design approach and I'm not really bothered about originality. So if you want it come and get it ! No money asked but postage probably a few £ that I'd appreciate being returned. Or collect in Brighton.
  7. I always find that without the upper bout fitted, most EUB's tend to come in too close to my body and mess up my technique. By fitting it, it simulates the feel of an acoustic so I can hold it in position better and it feels more comfortable and familiar. I also like it for going up in to thumb position, because I can lean into it a bit more without getting too hunched up and worrying about the bass moving. Like @Passinwind, I'm not a big fan of the tripod stands either. I get why people like them, and they are kind of necessary for some EUB's, but I like my electric upright to feel as close to an acoustic bass as it can.
  8. This is interesting - I’m going to try adding some presence to my mb121p tomorrow by using my eq pedal. Thanks for the tip.
  9. While i was thinking about things, i decided to email Mark Gooday, and got an answer within a couple of hours, and he reckons the Ashdown footswitch does the job. I'm sure if anyone knows, he will, but the Ashdown is apparently a dual latching , not dual momentary, so i;m wondering how this could work ? https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/electric-guitar-amps/electric-guitar-amp-accessories/amp-footswitches/ashdown-fs2-2-way-footswitch Aside from that, its smaller than the original but not as small as the Mosky
  10. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner - Iron Maiden
  11. Am I imagining things, or does a member of the audience call out a request for Wonderwall at 1:27 in the video?
  12. Those all aluminium necks are not pleasant to hold. They feel very cold. The Kramers, which had wood inserts let into the back of the necks, were much nicer to play. Still, in view of the bargain price...
  13. Would be interested in this if postage was possible? To cambridgeshire
  14. White spirit? I find it removes the glue residue from stickers.
  15. You could enquire of some of the luthiers suppliers (try Google).
  16. Reading the topic about JJB's tone shows a pic of him in front of an amp showing his eq settings. A quick look on Google shows numerous examples of guitar starting points but almost no bass ones. Maybe bassists are a bit secretive about it? I would be interested to see peoples base settings with their genre to try and understand the differences in sound.
  17. 😆 A thousand? What's wrong with twenty-one and done?! No mention of vacuum cleaners or bodily movements in the wiki- they were fascinating in their own way... and horrifying. Mainly horrifying! 😄
  18. Today
  19. Or we can all just get on with living our lives as best we can, and ignore these Cassandra predictions. No-one knows, no-one can know, it just is what it is for everyone at any point in History, anywhere. There is no Plan, no-one is at the Helm, there is no 'ism'. Sleep well...
  20. But the thing is that the world has changed since Winston’s time and is changing even more rapidly these days. Capitalism has survived because it managed to evolve and change whenever it has come under threat. Hence, in the period after a major war that started partly because of a mass economic depression, a time when communism was a major threat, capitalism started to take on some of the more palatable features of socialism. America pumped billions of dollars in to the war-ravaged countries of western Europe to stop them from turning to communism. The USA pretty much underwrote the defence of Europe from the threat of Russia and nationalised health services (a socialist concept if ever there was one) were fine, as long as it didn’t catch on stateside. European nations traded together and created an organisation that bound them together, making another war among the European powers unthinkable. As people tired of wars, economic depression and a continuing ‘Game of Thrones’ among the European aristocracy they demanded higher wages and better / more liberated lifestyles and capitalism adapted to allow this to happen. However, capitalism is now facing an altogether different threat. The death of communism / socialism following the fall of the Soviet Union has coincided with the growth of China and the economies of the far-east, centuries of domination by Europeans (and Americans of European descent) is coming to an end. Don’t get me wrong, America is still the most powerful nation and the EU is still the dominant economic entity, but this will change at some point in the next twenty to thirty years. Nations such as Indonesia, the Philippines and even Bangladesh will overtake the major European states (including Germany, yet alone what’s left of the UK). This is going to happen, unless there is a major war (unlikely) or natural disaster in the far east (possible, given the regions susceptibility to climate change. Of course, the issue is how capitalism will adapt to this (if it can). The problem for those of us in the west is that these emerging powers have a much more authoritarian (or even theocratic) models of government. Whereas capitalism adapted to the challenges of the past by becoming more liberal and benign, there is a danger that it will go in the opposite direction as the more authoritarian east comes to the fore.
  21. Seen lightning bolt live three times in my life, each one louder than the last. Noise rock is about as useful a term as rock itself - it´s applied so liberally to bands that are so different to each other that it doesn´t hold much weight as a genre. Sonic youth, shellac, the jesus lizard, there´s far more digestable entries in the canon, and then something like the locust, which makes lighting bolt look like baby shark... Personally I´ve always thought of lightning bolt as a really really loud jazz band that get stuck in a 30 second time loop.
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