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  2. Nubya Garcia and her band. There is nothing else, I am like a moth at the light.
  3. What a good idea...………...
  4. Cracking job, well done sir
  5. Ok, maybe 'never' was the wrong term as you have covered a lot of points. Why use a speaker sim if you are using a speaker? Cab without a tweeter? Well yeah, you can turn the tweeter down. I never said i didnt or haven't turned the tweeter down. I just find points 1,2,3 to be not always necessary, although I appreciate they work for you. .
  6. I like the idea, sadly I cannot take part as since my school day efforts I have been banned from using a hammer and chisel if anywhere near wood! Good luck though as I genuinely do think that it is a good idea, we all think we know how to do things and we all assume others do things the same was as us, it is not until you sit down with someone you find out that they have been doing things completely different to you, and making that work for many years!
  7. I think I've found it. It was sold to me as a CV Strat but reading up about them, they started manufacturing them on 2009 and mine is a 2007. I do believe it's a Daphne Blue Deluxe, like one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Squier-Deluxe-Stratocaster-Fingerboard-Daphne/dp/B001MW7WV0?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duc08-21&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B001MW7WV0
  8. Haha, fair enough, experiences differ! 😁 But I'd genuinely be interested to hear what combination of non-rolled-off overdrive pedal and tweetered cab you've managed to get a decent non-fizzy overdrive from...?
  9. It's roughly 80 mins a day, which isn't that much - I do an album each way on my commute, I also stick on albums in the background if I'm cooking dinner or similar. Just had a baby, so there's a lot of time sitting around feeding him at the moment when I can't get any other work done, so that's now prime listening time. I'm the same - I was basically raised on Dire Straits, The Eagles and very little else, then spent my teens listening to nothing but metal. I'm doing a blend of CDs and Spotify for precisely the reasons you mentioned. I wasn't going to make a list, but it might be good to make it public as a way of holding myself accountable and making sure I don't quit by March!
  10. Hmmm, ive never used any of those 'tips' and never really suffered from fizzy OD.
  11. Hi all, Some of you may have read the thread where my guitarist got scammed on gumtree while trying to buy a Helix LT, fortunately his bank refunded him and now he's back in the market for one! Does anyone have one to sell? Ta, Russ.
  12. Ive never used the Fusion line either, but i know a few people that have them. I know they arent as sophisticated as the new Legacy S line, but sometimes i find all those EQ bells and whistles are a bit wasted. The new Legacy S line is bound to sound better though. £150 cheaper and I'd be tempted, as i love my MB heads but could do with a bit more.
  13. After many years of experimentation, my conclusion is that, if you want a non-fizzy overdrive sound, there's one factor that's super-important; much more so than any specific type of pedal or amp, and it's this: *** At some stage later in the chain than where the overdrive is generated, you MUST get rid of pretty much all the frequencies above about 5KHz, as this is where the horrible insectoid fizz comes from. *** This is often touched on in such discussions, but I don't think is emphasised nearly enough. Also, it's not sufficient to try to do this with any normal treble/tone controls on an amplifier or pedal , because they just don't have a steep enough cutoff of the upper frequencies. So, there are various ways of achieving the necessary steep HF rolloff: 1) Old school approach: Use a cab without a tweeter (since most bass cab woofers have a frequency response that drops like a stone above ~5KHz) [ But note: if you're also sending a DI signal to a PA system, you're still left the with the problem of removing the unwanted fizzy frequencies from that signal too! ] 2) Use an overdrive pedal with a built-in speaker simulator or low-pass filter @ ~5K This would include pedals such as the Tech 21 Sansamps, VT Bass etc, amongst others. ( Bargain hint: the Joyo American Sound pedal is a clone of the Tech21 Blonde, is cheap as chips, and works great for bass despite being intended for guitar...) 3) Use a separate speaker simulator or low-pass filter after your overdrive pedal(s) There are lots of these available these days, some of which allow you to load your own Impulse Response files to get the exact frequency response you want. I've found the Mooer Radar to be a great little pedal to play with for this kind of purpose. As long as you get this vital HF rolloff sorted via some method or other, there's a very wide range of pedals that will do the kind of job you're talking about. The other thing that seems to be very helpful for overdriven sounds is a (relatively gentle) bass roll-off BEFORE the overdrive generation, compensated for by some bass boost AFTER the overdrive (or perhaps mixing in some non-overdriven signal, as lots of pedals allow you to do these days). Good luck on the never-ending quest for the perfect bass overdrive sound! 😋 (PS: the Boss ODB3 may be the worst-sounding overdrive pedal I've ever tried!) (PPS I have a Danelectro Transparent Overdrive V1 which is a clone of the Paul Cochrane Timmy, and is fantastic, but is no longer available. The Caline Pure Sky is another super-cheap Timmy clone and may therefore also be great, but I haven't actually tried one... )
  14. Lots of good, practical advice here. It might be an idea to use the Basschat for sale sections to take a punt on some used gear that you fancy. Try it for a while, maybe sell it on at a small loss later and try something else. I think a lot of people, including me, have gone that route to find out what they need and what sounds good to them. It used to be that you could go to your local music shop to try out a good range of gear, but those shops are a bit few and far between nowadays.
  15. The jack socket had a very a poor connection & just needed the contacts bending a bit to make good contact with the guitar lead. Secondly the D &G side of the pickup didn't have enough foam underneath it to hold said pickup at the correct height. Both easy fixes & the rest of the bass is superb. The loom replacement does make a massive difference to the sound of the bass & is so easy to install The stock pickup is just fine & punchy so no need to change that.
  16. Looks class. I’ve only tried the RB heads, which I think are great as well. I’m not familiar with the Fusion line to be fair.
  17. Anything by Jamiroquai... Just kidding!! I love that funky “Space Cowboy" and the groovy company he keeps!!! Sneak peek of “JK" as Super Villain “Star-Funker" in the upcoming “Marvel" movie “Avengers, Return of the Space Cowboy!"
  18. I totally agree. Recently switched to a lovely s/h Ashdown ABM 500 chrome rack mounted (SKB case) for £160 and a s/h Barefaced SuperTwin 2x12 cab for £660. Really happy. Wonderful combination.
  19. There you go. A weekend gear fest in Manchester.
  20. A great and controversial song from the year 1977...
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