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  2. I find the volume control on a strat too close to the strings. I've not played one long enough to get over that potentially being annoying. My Harley Benton SC-550 II is great though. Really seems to fit me much better than the Tele I have. The carved top and tune-o-matic bridge just works for me. And I like the control layout at lot.
  3. I’ve had the ABM600, currently got the RM500. For me the gain on the ABM was more like a “thickener” to the sound, making it warmer, chunkier and with more harmonic content, but never overdrive or distortion like. Whereas the gain on the RM is more (to me) like a distortion pedal, as such I keep it about 9 o’clock to add something in but any more than that I find to be too much, all I’m after is a bit of break-up, any more and it’s getting Lemmy. Might well be the sound you’re after though, from your description above.
  4. I will echo the others who have commented in saying the sound was old school and it weighed a ton. It was almost impossible to pickup so I installed wheels to the 12" version which made it easier to transport. I think it lasted 2 gigs before I sold it on.
  5. That's a bit like me when I went to Andertons and tried the Fender Vintera II Telecaster Bass. I played it through an Orange Crush 100 watt 15" combo and I was blown away by the sound and the adjustability of the EQ. I'd never tried any Orange amps or combo's before and the sound I was hearing was amazing. I wondered how heavy this little combo was so I went to pick it up and as I lifted my arm, its just stretched and the combo stayed exactly still on the ground 🤣 That was the end of that idea. 54Lbs was a bit much to have as a lightweight portable combo 🤣
  6. Now reduced £300 For sale Tech 21 DI 2112 Geddy Lee signature dual preamp. Like new, kept in very good condition. It has velcro on the bottom, apart from that, no marks or dings. Post included UK mainland.
  7. I sold an amp to Richard. He paid promptly, organised the courier, and has been excellent with the comms throughout.
  8. You must have bought it recently - what didn’t suit you about it?
  9. Well I play bass badly and guitar even badlier but I do like to mash out some chords every now and then. I have a Les Paul A Les Paul Jr copy A Westbury sort of SG a like And borrowing a Tele our guitarist made. They are all different and I like that.
  10. "Twist and Shout" to "La Bamba" and back again a few times. The two guitarists swap lead vocals, the one who normally sings does "Twist and Shout" and the other takes "La Bamba". Final song of the night and we stop when either we or the audience are knackered.
  11. On the mashups/segues, we do Superstition -> Relax -> The TFF Shout, which goes down surprisingly well. We can chuck 7 Nation Army in there if needs be, but that's a call on the night. Just for the record, I've never, ever seen/heard Sit Down go badly; I must have played it hundreds of times over the years. It might be a NW thing, along with Oasis...
  12. 032367 is the Fender partnumber, the week/year number is covered in solder.
  13. Bought the 350 watt TV15 as soon as they came out. The 6 ft six delivery man refused to deliver it when he found out I lived 3 floors up. I had to go and pick it up from the depo. Loved it, as it was a beautiful looking thing, but that silly handle made it extremely difficult to carry anywhere, especially up 3 flights of stairs. I loved the look on the face of the guy who bought it from me. He gave me the cash before he tried to pick it up. I could see he was having second thoughts but he wasn't getting that money back. Get the little one with the 10 inch speaker if you are just going to use it as a home combo.
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  15. I have a varied collection, but my absolute number one is my 1980s MIJ Squier E-series Strat. It's had its pickups replaced with a DiMarzio Pro Track (SC-sized humbucker) in the bridge and two Blue Velvet singlecoils in the other two positions. It is closely rivalled by my Music Man Silhouette Special and G&L ASAT Special. I much favour Fenderlike guitars. I do however also own more Gibsonesque guitars: I have a Cort MGM-1 Matt "Guitar" Murphy signature (he of Blues Brothers fame, among many more) and a Tokai ES-60 semi-hollowbody, and a beast of a Carvin 7-string DC-727. And just last week I picked up an Ibanez ORM-1 Omar Rodriguez Lopez signature model which is a lot of fun in its shortscale goodness and single-pickup simplicity. I have another MIJ Squier Strat (Silver Series) but that's on a semi-permanent loan to my brother in law. And my first guitar, a Chinese Squier Affinity Strat from 1999, is sitting idly in a case. But that cheap Strat, that I paid just €175 for before the mods I made, is my undisputed number one, and has been for the last 15 years. This was before the mods:
  16. Further price drops, some absolute bargin prices now! However, I'm open to offers, especially if you take more than 1 pedals. Just text me
  17. Maybe, but if the pots are original, it's a 1967 bass at the earliest.
  18. Lots of possible reasons for that buzz, not all of them string related. I just found the cause of a buzz that had been bugging me for ages. I ruled out the strings on fingerboard after a while, even though it was around the A on the G string that always caused it. Turns out it was just a frequency/resonance issue. The D tuning peg was rattling inside its brackets. Bit of grease and that buzz has gone. Even so, sounds like your probably are string/fingerboard. As Burnsbass said, your string heights aren't high. There are two very different schools of thought for slap, depending on your technique. Typically a super fast psycho- style clicketyclick goes with steels, mag pickup and highly amplified sound with a very low action - lots of click, low acoustic volume. But a more traditional rockabilly thunkety thunk goes with a very high action, and low tension / gut strings. 10-15mm or higher not unusual. Lots more acoustic volume, much more string movement. Your personal preference will be somewhere in between. In short, if a higher action gets rid of the buzz with those low tension strings, give it a try .. it might improve your technique!
  19. Advice and opinions requested here, if you good folks have any relevant experience. I've got an ABM500 EvoIII which I've had for many years from new and with which I am happy but I'm getting a touch of GAS for an upgrade of either an ABM750 EvoV or an RM800 EvoIII. I use the valve drive to give my tone a bit of growl but I'm thinking I'd like a little bit more bite to it (my current band is more metal than my previous heavy rock) which I believe the either of the candidates would give me but I'm wondering how nice the RootMaster's drive is as I've read differing opinions; varying from pretty much as good as the ABM to rather fizzy sounding but can't find anything relevant on YouTube and no local stores have either of them in stock yet. I'm drawn to the RootMaster as I like the idea of the cab emulation on the DI output which should send FOH fairly close to what I have set on stage and also the savings in both weight and cost are quite appealing. OTOH, I'm familiar with using and setting an ABM. Anyone have any thoughts on whether it's worth upgrading or which to choose?
  20. Wouldn’t it be cloth wire on a 65
  21. Nothing to be ashamed of . You play more then one instrument , so no need to be despondent at all . When doing the band thing , I preferred playing live and didn't mind rehearsals . The rehearsals were better when done regularly , but 4 hrs was too much . 2 was better , but you take what is given by the owners. I only played in covers bands , and recorded demos for pubs / venues 3 times . Always nervous ,and not experienced at doing it. We'd book 4-6 hrs ( apart from some dodgy guitarist who made us go into a cheaper deal and ruin everything). one cd was atrocious , one was much better and one I threw into the bin in disgust. I nearly forgot the best time , was when the bandleader recorded our sessions on GarageBand himself . That was really good . Calm and casual, and stress free . It seems like you'll move onto other things eventually anyhow , doing what suits you with your preferred instruments . When the fun stops stop , and find what's right for you .
  22. Stunning Yamaha. Lusted after one of these for many years, then got a 30th Anniversary model. Loved it but couldn't get the right sounds out of it. Probably my limited ability as a player rather than any reflection on a great guitar.
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