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  2. Bassassin

    Those Copiers Were Fast In The Old Days.

    Sadly they'd need to do that from beyond the corporate grave! Ibanez, on the other hand, were selling their 2388B models over 10 years before JH's Rickenbacker International Corp even came into existence, and nearly 30 years before he stole, sorry - registered - the design trademarks to RIC... Proper can of worms, if anybody ever wanted to open it!
  3. ‘’GKis the new Prada’’ : just love it. I WILL tell my wife Have a bump on me. Grtz, Marc. 🤪
  4. itu

    Am I too opinionated to be in a band?

    Like @Stylon Pilson and @Marc S wrote, it is easier to comment with a question, like: "That was pretty fast, what is the idea behind this tempo?" This gives both sides the possibility to estimate it without direct accusation. Loudness, yes, that is a hard one. If you bandmate has no more hair cells inside his head but just outside, then an easy solution is to take care of the placement of his amp: "Let's put this higher up (and closer to that player), so we can all hear your subtle nuances better..." Sure, you have to take care of the nuances of your comments, too. Remember to be the active starter and example to the others. Go lift that amp and make it happen, do not try to make him do that.
  5. Al Krow

    Trouser flapping cab required to partner 2x10

    Although it's not an issue for the OP as he can get a second 8 ohm cab, I hadn't previously spotted that the DG M500 doesn't have a 2 Ohm mode unlike its big brother the DG M900. That's almost the wrong way around!
  6. EBS_freak

    Trouser flapping cab required to partner 2x10

    What is it that you are missing? The movement of air... or the volume?
  7. I tried all different options from metal, gut, weed whackers, pretend guts, rs4000 (which felt like two different sets of strings), bumping stings and anything in between. All had merits and downfalls. A lot of money spent but I would often pick up used sets, which do appear on this site. This will save a bundle and you get back what you pay it you don’t like them. I also tried a few options from the Innovation range and settled with the Silver Slaps as my preference. There’s a fair sustain from the Innovations and not too harsh on the slap. They lasted and absolute age as well. Innovation may have other sets available now as this was a couple of years ago and I now just play bass guitar. The above was my journey and my preference - others may have differing opinions.
  8. Moos3h

    Somerset to Bedfordshire help needed

    Bit short notice but I'm in Weston today and London next week...don't mind a slight diversion if either of those locations work out?
  9. Fantastic basses, I used to own a red one which I stupidly sold (for the same money - so price wise it's pitched about right, imo). Sorely tempted. Very sorely tempted.
  10. Dan Dare

    Trouser flapping cab required to partner 2x10

    itu is right. Doubling the amount of air moved should flap the old bell bottoms nicely and will give you options. However, if you don't want to spend too much (another Aggie won't be cheap), a used 8 ohm 15" cab should do it. I ran 2x10 plus 1x15 for several years and it worked well.
  11. KevB

    Unsung Brit Bass Hero.

    I saw him with Whitesnake in Leeds on the Saints & Sinners tour, according to setlist FM that was Dec 1982 which fits as i recall it was blowing a blizzard with snow as I left. Micky Moody was still in but Galley had taken over from Marsden. Powell on drums, Lord on keys. Pretty good gig from what I recall.
  12. franzbassist

    Sigma BMC-1STE Acoustic Bass - now £225

    Now £225 collected or £250 posted.
  13. franzbassist

    Mono Vertigo - £125

    Tick sold. Bag is £125 posted.
  14. Japhet

    Am I too opinionated to be in a band?

    You lasted an hour and a half longer than I would have done.
  15. pbasspecial

    Whelan's Uxbridge

    There's a guy called John Eason who is heavily involved musically with the Whelans chain. Get in touch via Facebook. Hopefully he can help you out.
  16. Frank Blank

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    Really wanting to try out the SWB-1 fretless.
  17. Dan Dare

    Am I too opinionated to be in a band?

    In my experience, people accuse you of being "opinionated" when they don't like what you are saying, but cannot produce any good argument to refute it. What's wrong with having opinions? We all have them, whether we admit it or not. The instances the OP describes sound like that curse of so many bands - Richard waving. Guitarists who blow the windows out, drummers who smash the kit to within an inch of its life, running away with the tempo (usually caused by the fact that people don't appreciate that their adrenal gland is in overdrive) and so on. The problem seems to be that many who play in bands view it as some sort of release from everyday life, cares and worry. They think "I'm free. There are no rules here to tie me down. Whoopee" and proceed to go berserk. It may be therapeutic for them, but it certainly doesn't make for good music. On the plus side, I suppose it's better than getting plastered and picking fights with strangers, which is what some who are not fortunate enough to have any other form of release available to them tend to do. If it isn't right, you have to speak up. Frustration and unhappiness awaits if you don't. If you cannot agree, it's time to go. Not worth wasting time trying to work with or round those who don't/won't get it. Plenty more fish in the sea.
  18. Jakester

    Somerset to Bedfordshire help needed

    Well, I’m in Bath and I might be heading to Hertfordshire over the Easter weekend if that’s of any use?
  19. toneknob

    Steve Hackett - Selling England tour.

    Oh thank god he said (ok implied) they go out of time in the intro. I've always found it impossible to play along to, unlike the Seconds Out version which is metronomic thanks to Chester in the back.
  20. Chownybass

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    Right. Things I'll be bringing for people to have a play. Chowny NT4 bass Chowny NT5 bass Chowny CHB-1 bass Retrovibe Volante bass Retrovibe Vantage bass Retrovibe EVO bass Chowny SWB-1 bass Chowny SWB-1 fretless bass All three of my current pedals (Fuzzster, Pitchcraft, Bassmosphere) I've got a bunch of Bassmosphere Chorus/Reverb Stock so will be discounting these if you want one on the day. I've also got some CHB stock from 2018 that have been tinkered with and will makes these available super cheap if anybody is looking for a semi-hollow. Maybe a few other bargains. Don't worry though .. I won't get salesy! You can come over and have a play regardless. ..... I'll have my credit card machine though 😜 Unfortunately I've got no SWB Pro stock at the moment. If somebody attending owns one it'd be great if you dragged it along.
  21. NancyJohnson

    Anyone based in/near Las Vegas

    If it was me, I'd initially find out who I was playing with and see whether the bands concerned would be willing to let you borrow their backline; bands do share and if you lay it on that you're travelling from the UK, people become even more accommodating.. Next up, I'd consider option (c); leave all my gear at home and factor in the buying something in Las Vegas and either bringing it back (VAT/duty/running the green channel) or selling it on (at a probably loss) after the final show. Without a doubt, Las Vegas fulfils the demographic for pawn/musical consignment stores...so long as you're not picky, you should be able to find what you need. Google is your friend. I have a friend who lives in Henderson...her son plays guitar, so he's probably quite genned up on what stores are about. I'll happily shoot her a message. Finally, if all this borrowing freaks you out, forget about it; 18 months ago I did some dates in Italy; as a band, I think collectively we took a Sansamp BDDI (and fresh PP3 batteries), headstock tuners, plectrums and some drumsticks. It was fine.
  22. Iacopo San

    New Cort basses

    The Corts I have tried all had an amazing feel and they seemed built really well. The problem is that I always find the sound very sterile and uninteresting, often quite empty and canny. I think I just don't get along with Bartolini pickups.
  23. Muzz


    Yup, that's worked for me before now...
  24. I am, but not sure I can get to Suffolk when I'm visiting the UK...
  25. toneknob

    Steve Hackett - Selling England tour.

    btw going off topic but have a look at Rick's videos with his son Dylan. eg "Perfect Pitch: The World's Greatest Ear" is 1m26s of wtf howdhedodat.
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