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  2. I learned the violin (and later the fiddle - they may be the same instrument, but the uses to which they are put are very different). My family was London Irish, so I got into traditional music in my teens. Friends started getting bands together and I wanted in. The trouble was, back in the 1970s, playing violin/fiddle was not cool, so I had to find a way in. One day, I heard Smokey Robinson's "Tears of a Clown" on the radio and the bass part leapt out at me. It drove the song (I originally thought it was Jamerson, but learned later it was Bob Babbit) and I thought, "I want to do that". The bass turned out to be a good choice. Virtually everyone wanted to be playing guitar, so bass players were in more demand and I found myself being offered gigs quite quickly. I had some technique from the fiddle I could adapt, which meant I could get round the neck, could read and had a decent ear.
  3. Bass will be at London Bridge for the last time tommorow after 2 pm (I work near there ) and I don’t a have to hoik it home to Norfolk ….no case. I can supply bin bags or you can bring your own case. £80 bargain!
  4. That bridge looks like it was previously used for poaching rabbits. Did it originally have a cover, or mute mechanism that was held in place by that bolt? Very cool, and sounds great too.
  5. So….did as you said but now only getting three positions. Not getting furthest clockwise….arrrgggggggg🤯 Seems like I’m getting neck and two dual….
  6. Agreed, specific questions should be posted in individual threads, just as in the amps & cabs section.
  7. If you want to really add something different and new, have a think about an inexpensive EUB to play with for a while. If that takes your fancy, I’d recommend the Discover Double Bass starter course to help you get going as the hand technique at the start is important.
  8. Im always amazed Zs aren't looked upon as among the greatest jazz basses like NYC Sadowsky. These are easily up there with any NYC Sadowsky.
  9. I was hoping I didn’t need to use any but my DAW is audacity.
  10. Hey kiwi dude (Having emigrated to NZ in the 90s I own this) I ain't no model ... tho I do try modelling in my FX rig! S'manth x
  11. I've dabbled a bit with the keys part from the start of On The Run doing it on the bass. Its probably not accurate but a few folks have recognised it when i'm just setting up my rig. Weird what people recognise. I once played a part from Genesis Suppers Ready VI Apocolypse in 9/8 where bass does EEE-EE-E-EEE-EE-E and someone recognised it. Dave
  12. I've just been browsing on Gumtree and for £225 you can have a Trace Elliot combo and a Yamaha BB4. Both great vfm. Can't post the links using my phone though
  13. I went 0.1 as the 0.3 i think was too thick to make sure it would conform to the neck... and was quite stiff. I'll adjust the truss for flat... String tension and thinner shim should be ok-ish for relief... if i get it set up before the no-more-nails sets!
  14. For idiots, yes...sadly Musicians ∩ Idiots ≠ ∅
  15. Bass is still available- welcome to come round and try it out if interested in buying.
  16. I had a singer tell me there was none of his mic in the headphone mix. He insisted, "come and try for yourself!!!", took the headphones off, and feedback screamed because I'd pushed the mic so high in the headphone mix.
  17. In 1989 I was singing and playing guitar in a band and we’d had a single out already and we had a studio session booked, then the week before the session our bassist and drummer quit. Initially me and the other guitar player thought “büggèr”. But then we remembered that drums were both our 1st instruments, so we could cover the drum parts, and just went to the local music shop and bought the cheapest bass, a Shaftesbury Tele bass, for £65. Decades old flatwound strings and all. We took turns at muddling through on bass, but I kept at it and loved it. Might not have bought a bass if our bassist hadn’t quit. In a way it was a shame because he was excellent.
  18. No truer truism for this - buy cheap, buy twice. I'd avoid a bass starter pack - the amplifiers will be under powered and lack tone which will have a negative impact on your motivation. Lots of decent amps producing 50w plus or keep your eyes open for a Trace Elliot BLX80 or 130 combo. Both much louder than the numbers suggest. They can turn up for £100 - probably the best money you'll ever spend. Lots of good advice about entry level basses above - I'd also add Yamaha BBG4 - I picked one up for under £100. Lot of bass for not much money. If you're in the Herts area you're welcome to pop round and try some gear.
  19. Nice, given how thin .1 is I assume you'll be making sure the existing board is super flat before uniting them in glue?
  20. Here's my simple 'xls' file anyway, in case it helps someone... Running Time Set List1.xls
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  22. Thanks but ive just purchased Setlist Maker for Mac. I know Excel is very powerful, but i also i know i hate it with a passion lol. I even prefer Numbers to Excel. My wife is very good with Excel but i just think something more dedicate, that can also hold the song charts etc might be the way forward.
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