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  2. On hold pending sale this coming weekend. Thank you for all the interest.
  3. An alternative choice for cabs are Hartke 112HD or 210HD. I just love the sound of my small Hartke Combo speaker.
  4. Shure 55SH Series 2 mic £70 (used but no damage) OBBM speaker cabinet serialiser box £15 (I used it to connect 2x8ohm cabs to a valve head that only had 8 and 16 ohm capability) Millenium headphone monitor amp £15 (never used) Behringer Power Play P2 personal monitor amp (like new) £18 Everything has been lying in a drawer for a few years and so I can't say I'll miss any of them. All plus postage and insurance if applicable. I won't use Hermes etc so postage may be a little more than expected. However, if you choose to use them or any other cheap firm, then postage is at your risk. Collection from BB22SH
  5. I think He had it even higher than that when they did Live Aid! What a great band though & great cover version. Sad thing is when Sade recorded it the situation it describes seemed to be getting better - however now We seem to have gone backwards!! (Woops: mentioned politics once but think I got away with it !!)
  6. There seems to be a “thing” for retopped bb615’s 🤨
  7. From all of the comments, this is clearly a Marmite thing! I have two different experiences. I have run lots of beer festivals and usually put 8 local bands on including the band I'm in on each day, with 20 mins turnaround time between them, 50-60 min sets. I supply the full back line and it is all my own good quality gear, even cymbals and snare if drummers want to travel light, and I have never had any breakage or damage ever (a valve went on one of my Fender guitar amps once, that's it). All bands play for free because these events are fund raisers, but they get as much free beer as they want, so can go home in a taxi with minimal gear. And they all ask to come back year after year because the events are so good with very appreciative large audiences of up to 1,500 and a superb PA, stage and light show. I provide a Berg Forte HP amp and two Vanderkley cabs for the bass and always set the gain for each player so that it won't clip, and ask them not to adjust it which has always been respected, but the amp does have protection overrides built in. The PA is massive and does all the work. I have also run sound and stage at several very large festivals (up to 40,000) where we put a top quality full back line on stage hired from pro outlets; the bands there are famous and get paid highly, some have surprisingly little respect for the gear and complain about everything, others are absolutely charming and grateful for everything; the charming ones tend to be the older stars and celebs, some of the young ones have a very unrefined attitude to stage crew, equipment and the crowd; I wouldn't ever want to lend my personal gear to them.
  8. Boss mini rack chorus ensemble RCE 10 £65 Boss mini rack comp/limiter RCL 10 £35 (crackle on output knob. Fine when it's set though. Sounds like a switch cleaner job, maybe a dry joint? Both from the 80's. Alesis Midiverb 3 with power pack £70 Boxed Behringer BDI 21 £10 (used) Boxed Boss RC-1 Loop Station pedal (like new) £55 Boxed Behringer TM300 guitar modeller pedal £10 (used) Boss RV3 Digital Delay/Reverb pedal £60 (used and a bit tarnished on the sides) Everything has been lying in a drawer for a few years and so I can't say I'll miss any of them. Postage extra plus insurance where applicable. I won't use the budget firms to send but if you choose to use one of them, then postage is at your own risk. Collection from BB22SH
  9. I had a Glock set up for a while - can't remember which model cab though - may have been the 2x12. I was very impressed with the build quality and the tonal properties. I had the Soul head and coupled they sounded great. Shouldn't have sold them to be honest - that eternal search for that perfect sound. I don't think that Glock get the recognition they deserve TBH - IMO it's up there with the best.
  10. @AndyTravis - fretless?? Thinking of going Tapewounds? Both Warwick and Fender have a new(I think) range of Tapewounds which will make this sound lush, protect your fingers and the fretboard.
  11. Soz - gonna be nothing further from me in terms of compression related clips - I'm not the one saying that "normal" (i.e. not being purely used as a limiter) pedal board compression makes a noticeable difference in a band mix. Besides, I've posted a shed load of clips on this forum over the past few years (this week's are on the OC-5 thread); so I'm sure a few BC comp fanboys , if they really believe in the value of pedal board compression, will oblige. If there's silence on the subject, well I think that tells its own story. As yours is already done, shouldn't take any effort to share that one for us all to have a listen to? And maybe the OP could oblige with a couple to illustrate what the misconceptions are he believes we are all suffering from? Obliged to Kev for getting the ball rolling with that A/B comparison of compressor both bypassed and engaged from 2013. Good man. Be useful to hear a few transparent clean compressors, without the overlay of heavy dirt, in action in similar vein particularly in a band mix. But I'm not holding my breath! 😉
  12. I have suffered damage to well packed bass cases so not an option for me to go caseless.
  13. Very cool !!!! I like !!!!! 😍
  14. I bought a Neoline 2x12 (with the EBS 360 head) following lots of positive recommendations. Relatively lightweight (easy 1 hand carry) with lots of punch, great tonally, ideal if you're after a phat soully sound. It was sturdily built and felt very professional quality. I really shouldn't have sold it but I was fooled by the "need" to move to lightweight class D rubbish that turned out to be "The Emperor's Clothes". I was also very impressed with their CS which was located a few miles up the road in Letchworth - I believe they're nolonger there though. I would highly recommend the gear. Not sure if that helped...
  15. The purple bb under way at chez Travis...
  16. 1912. 😉 Interesting, but not as "fixed" and "basic" as the Boléro and more Purcell in the approach. That said, Gustav HOLST was a genius indeed.
  17. Washing in the Water - Peter Gabriel
  18. There are a few websites where which I know that you can download from, but the best in my opinion is tubidy, using it all the time when I need a song in mp3 format.There are a few websites where which I know that you can download from, but the best in my opinion is tubidy, using it all the time when I need a song in mp3 format. The main difference from spotify and other platforms, is that you can easily save it on your device, and then upload it on a memory card or a CD, so you can play it on your Tascam GB-10. This method is best which I found, and the fastest as well, you just download the music on your computer, and then upload it on a memory card for further use.
  19. I don't have an answer to your query but I do note that I'm seeing more Warwick amps for sale while browsing second hand sales sites like eBay/ Gumtree and Preloved.
  20. Great advice above!!!! 😅😅 Get your bank account ready!!!! Sax and cello...........yes upright bass great recommendation. Welcome and unless you have bought two Selmer saxes recently.........get the money ready!!!
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