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  2. I don't mind so much when a band is honest enough to just say "we're having a great night, we're just having a quick drink and cool off and we'll be back in a few minutes". Some bands genuinely work hard and are pretty tired after an hour and a half jumping around and playing and it's not unreasonable to have a drink and put on a dry shirt.
  3. 4000

    A pair of Sei

    Amazing how when you’re younger you always tend to think everything will still be functioning the same in 20 years time. I’m the same, at no time when I was playing my 12lb plus Jaydee in my early ‘30s did it ever occur to me that I’d one day be struggling with 9lb basses. Gorgeous bass by the way.
  4. there’s a jazz taunting me in my local, I can hardly resist lol
  5. Could be worse, e.g "the peas are nice tonight".
  6. Sorry, Logic 10.4.2 I'm running on an older machine than this. The accessories added definitely make this a no brainer!
  7. Yes, you could save a scene with all pedals bypassed. Or program a button then sends the disengage command on all connected channels, which means you could bypass all pedals in any scene.
  8. I saw these in the flesh today and this is the first blue bass I’ve ever been wowed by. Such a shame the P is in maple only (the jazz is in rosewood only and looks lovely). I love the sound of rosewood. Seriously still tempted by this though.
  9. Ha ha he could do a canny number on that for sure
  10. How do you turn the pedals off again? Using the hub, I mean. Is it just a case of saving a preset with all the pedals off?
  11. I wouldn’t say wound up specifically, I just like idea of having a set list & sticking to it, only doing extra when called for. If a band has 12 songs on their set list and fully intends to do all 12 songs why pretend the last 2 are an encore, to me have the courage to just do 10 and if called back then do the other 2, if not then leave it there. A band can learn from this, more from when they don’t get those calls than from when they do, and a good band will put into practice what they learn from it and get better.
  12. My set lists have Extras at the bottom. Sometimes we play some, or all of them, depending on what happens. If we have taken a bow it's not often we will play more after that.
  13. @SteveXFR - I'm struggling with the same thing. I fear I've been rather oblivious to my timing issues but I've been recording myself more recently and realised that actually I'm a little more out of the pocket than I would have liked. My biggest problem is I over anticipate the next note and play notes a fraction ahead of the beat. I glad I stumbled on this thread. @TKenrick - I'll check out your video , I've enjoyed some of your previous videos so I'm looking forward to this one. @dodge_bass- thanks for the book recommendation. I'll check that out too.
  14. ..it's a long weight for sure! 😉
  15. False endings/encores are nothing new and are all part of a show - in music hall days this device was known as a 'false tab' ('tabs' being the side curtains on a stage) I don't get why some people are so wound up by this idea. Just enjoy playing music and listening to music, whatever..
  16. I'll chuck in a wired apple keyboard and wireless magic mouse if someone wants this this weekend!
  17. Today
  18. One lady owner, a nun she was ,even left a bible in the glove box....
  19. Seeing it so snug in its case makes me a bit annoyed that not every instrument is given the same treatment
  20. Some bands are honest about it. Ministry go for a break mid set and admit they're having a quick joint. It's usually the point where they go from their early electronic material to the heavy and fast stuff. Most bands will just say good night, put down their instruments and walk off. The techs then immediately come on and tune instruments and pick stuff up so you know it's all planned. It seems hardcore punk is the only genre where I've never seen an encore. They've done they're 20 minutes (including 10 minutes talking bollocks) so that's a full 12 song set
  21. The owner of the bar drums for us - he's good! I was only asked about tomorrow's gig late this afternoon, unfortunately the guitarist had already got plans for tomorrow.
  22. Hi Nick How about £180 delivered to a mutual friend?
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