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  2. I’m NOT a metal fan but I liked this a lot more than I thought I would
  3. I’m seriously thinking of my bursting my own eardrums just so I don’t have to hear it again. If Peter kay did that as a routine we would all say it was too much
  4. Help identify the bass i just bought.

    I might change that to IhavedrunkJever or IhavedrunkStellaArtois, after drinking those brands for the first time. Anyway, that bass combo in the photo is the aluminium cone version of BEHRINGER ULTRABASS combos? If that is right, I'd like to hear your concise opinion of the bass combo, particularly on its aluminium cone. Cheers!
  5. Just saying hi

    Good evening, ZP, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  6. OK, I'll concede. Bangwesi it is, then. I'll get on to Toto tomorrow and get that pesky line changed; they'll be recalling all the currently-sold disks for exchange, of course... "...As sure as Bangwesi rises like Olympus above the Serengeti I seek..." It'll change the scansion a bit, but that won't worry Mr Kimball that much, I don't think. Cool..!
  7. Yesterday
  8. GIOTTOS MTL 9361B Tripod

    Owned by me from new, and in excellent used condition. Free postage
  9. Paramore P Bass

    Well let's just hope I don't play a JMJ Mustang and have to let something go 🤔😂
  10. I'd like these if still available, would they fit a 30" scale P bass?
  11. Just saying hi

    Hi there ZombiPyrate. Welcome to Basschat and congratulations on learning to play the best instrument Have fun with it and I found the quickest way of learning is to get with others to play a few tunes. Scary to start with but mucho fun.
  12. Screws and fittings

    Last time I bought those two items I just looked on eBay, need to check the pickup screws are long enough in the description, think I got 10 for a quid. I've probably got some spare neck ferrules knocking about, how many and what colour do you need?
  13. Just saying hi

    Just a quick hello. Started to play bass at the tender age if 54 after attempting it a few years back. Currently have a Yamaha TRBX174 and an old Westfield with a little Peavey Max 126 practice amp. I love blues but am learning everything I can. Pleased to meet everyone.
  14. Stunning Warmoth/Allparts fretless

    True, but no sane person would actually want to cover up such a lovely piece of walnut with a bit of plastic so i guess it's not an issue!
  15. It's possible, but Bangwesi looks exactly like that and is normally visible.
  16. Owned by me from new - all in excellent working order. Twist bars / lockdown are curved from new Free postage Head type: 3 way Pan Head Load capacity: 8 kg load capacity Weight: 1.3 kg
  17. How was your gig last night?

    Had an interesting gig in all but name tonight. Had arranged to go to a blues jam with a couple of guys from one of my bands, plus a very good Australian guitarist who flew in this morning. Hacked our way round Oxford to the venue where we discovered that it was cancelled. So we went back to the village we'd started in and managed to persuade the landlady at a pub there to host us, so we played as a 4 piece without a drummer. Surprisingly, it went down a storm and we have an open invite to do that again anytime we want! Got bought a couple of beers, had a good time and basically saved the cost of a rehearsal studio. I was surprised and pleased by the reaction of the customers who commented on the job I was doing as a solo rhythm section, especially when my greatest supporter bought me a drink. Got home shortly before midnight having snatched a good evening from the jaws of a very disappointing one.
  18. Feedback for doc40hz

    Just bought a Sadowsky preamp from Chris. Easy transaction and in good condition. Many thanks Chris
  19. I really wanted to keep this beauty but am not playing enough to warrant holding onto both it and the 72 Jazz I recently purchased. Comes with the case which is in great shape all latches work. Bass has B width neck, is very light at 8 lbs and is alder body. Minor repair on guard at the jack end, one coil has been rewound with correct wire and the whole pickup has been wax potted Original pots and capacitor. I added a hand shaped Rosewood tugbar but the original plastic one is in the case. Plays beautifully and frets, truss rod are in good order. Sounds amazing - the true classic P Bass tone. And one of the less numerous custom colours as well. £50 plus insurance UK (UPS) £75 plus insurance EU (UPS) Not looking for trades, price is firm.
  20. Who uses a Compresor ?

    I've just started using one, can't tell bugger all difference, but I too use a bit of bass drive, but hey, it's in my multi FX pedal so I might as well use it
  21. I have a set of Ghost saddles in a bass. I once had a Bolin NS bass and foolishly sold it. I NEEDED something else. Live and learn - one day maybe. Anyway, it had a lovely, lovely piezo sound. I have tried to recreate that with this set of Ghosts. I have not managed, I do not know if it is the bass, the saddles or the preamp or a combination of all. They just do not bloom like the Bolin did. Mind you, nothing else has either (MM Bongo with piezo bridge and another custom).
  22. NBD

    Looks great. Love the upper bouts. Great shape.
  23. Screws and fittings

    Hi All, I asked this in a thread but thought I would ask here. I have looked around and on the hardware list, which is a bit hard to read with the new format. I am after things like 2 * 3 pickups screws for Musicman style pickups, and springs. These things are available in some shops at really high prices. It seems a bit silly when you can get a good MM pickup for £15 that you would pay £5 for 3 screws and 3 springs. Surely it should be more like 20 of those for a quid somewhere? Also those ferrule things that you put screws in for the neck - any idea where they come from?
  24. 0

    1 Frank.
  25. Bum and poo! So it turns out my short scale acoustic bass needed medium scale strings... upshot is I’ve got an entirely unused (not even clipped) short scale set of La Bella 750-T white nylon tape wound strings 50/65/85/105 and absolutely nothing to use them for. So, if you’ve got a use for them, as my little karma contribution you’re welcome to have them. Would just appreciate you give a fiver or something to your fave charity as a goodwill gesture to “cover” postage. PM me if you’re interested. First come first served. Probably just let me know first rather than sending all your details first. Will get back to to you as soon as poss.
  26. Fireman - this could be the start of something.. umm..

    I played around with some colour today, as you say the black is pretty severe. Watered down the black is purply black, and I don't know if I am keen on that. I did a few more coats of the red on my test wood, and that is excelent, but even putting the black a bit on the red made it a bit patchy. I think I shall go with the red, and play around with other colours to see what I can get
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