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  2. Appreciate the suggestions, I think I’m gonna just have to try a few out and then go with my gut & hope it works well in the band setting. If I can’t find anything I like I’ll just stick with the Hartke ampeg setup for gigs which I do like, and tc and gk for practices. Anyone experienced with the orange terror?
  3. I agree - but in a world with this many choices for customers, I know my loyalties lie with the builders who have been polite and helpful to everyone. A builder has more to lose from such an interaction than a customer does. For sure, English is my first language and I’m certain I don’t come across as well in my second languages, particularly over email / text / online when even many first-language speakers find nuance more difficult to convey.
  4. Just bought a Tech21 VT Deluxe from Frank - fast and friendly communications, well-packaged with tracking. Very please, deal with confience. Thanks Frank!
  5. Right sorted now... Thanks very much....
  6. Soundcheck without them in then put them in. That's what i do. Once the soundcheck is done you just need to trust you've done it right and don't worry too much about the sound during the gig. But you have to do a decent job on the soundcheck.
  7. Has the site been hacked? Every time I log on to it my antivirus system stops virus attacks, and this happens when I change pages too. No other website is doing this, so I don't think it's me.
  8. I've had both and I'm sure there's lots of science behind the improvements but to be honest in a band situation I was hard pushed to tell the difference. They just both sounded great to my ears. The Super 12s do hold their prices but used Super Twins can usually be had for not too much more if you're prepared to wait for one to come up. If you've got the spare cash for new go for the Super Twin, but you certainly won't be disappointed if you decide to go for the older model.
  9. I'll wager that ^this^ is inaccurate. Tigers would starve during the monsoon season just for the sake of a weak lyric that substitutes whet for wet in a cheap pun. Naughty Bonzo's. Be kind to tigers. You'll have nothing to shoot at if they all starve.
  10. Gorgeous. If only I could shift my Fender CS 51 Precision
  11. A Serek Midwestern short scale (30.5 inch) with Dunlop flats and Jake's B90 pickup (passive). The bass weighs 3.2kg (7.05 lbs), balances well and is a ton of fun to play. The body is made of African mahogany (Khaya spp.) I'm selling it to fund my next Serek build. Current new price as specced is £2490. More details here: https://www.serekbasses.com/basses/midwestern/ In Jake's words: "The Midwestern is a short-scale powerhouse that is compact in size, but does not lack in tone. Think P-bass meets EB-0. The Midwestern is made up of a lightweight Mahogany body and a 30.5″ scale Mahogany set neck making it effortless to play, and easy to travel with. Inspired by vintage Midwest-bred designs, this is our simplest and most utilitarian offering. However, updated with modern hardware and electronics as well as effortless playability, you won’t believe this is just a humble short scale bass!" Nut Width: 1 5/8″ Nut Type: Bone Scale Length: 30.5″ Frets: 20 Med/Wide Nickel Fingerboard Radius: 12-14″ Compound Body Thickness: 1 3/8″ Overall Length: 40 5/8″ Weight: 7 lbs Tuners: Hipshot Ultralite Bridge: Hipshot 2 Point Supertone Finish: Nitro Lacquer ORIENTATION: Righty FRETS: Fretted FINGERBOARD WOOD: Jatoba PICKUP: Serek B90 BODY FINISH (SEE SPECS SECTION FOR COLOR CHART): Solid Color Satin TV Yellow PICKGUARD (HEAD BADGE WILL MATCH UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED): Brown Tortoise TUNING KEYS: Lollipop STRINGS: Dunlop Flatwound GIG BAG: Standard Gig Bag
  12. As others have said, protect your hearing! I've had Tinnitus for around 34 years and believe me it's not fun. Once you have it, the only time it's gonna stop is when you pop your clogs.
  13. Both sound great. TBH such minor difference in tone, neither 'better', probably as much down to fractionally heavier, brand new flats on the Moollon.
  14. Actually , one last question... Then I will clear off. I can obtain a preowned gen2 super 12 from here for about £600. But for £350 more notes I can order a brand new gen3 super twin with those new fangled drivers. Is it worth the extra cash?
  15. I'm curious about how this will develop. For certain, the maker's reply has been what I would consider very bad. That level of service alone would not make me look at my instrument the same way. Adrien's job should have been, given he was dealing with a potentially unhappy customer (who, by the way, has all the rights to ask all the questions he wants - even the ones that might sound stupid like foam in the trussrod), to make the customer understand how things work (ie: regarding scratches on a thin nitro finish), and why some things could have happened (and most importantly, don't put the responsibility of errors ON THE CUSTOMER, especially since Maruszczyk is KNOWN for not stellar build quality or quality control, sometimes). However, I know I'm one to overreact for some things. 2000+ Euros are a LOT of money. For that money, you can and SHOULD get a PRISTINE bass, built well, with love, and most importantly a level of understanding from the builder. It's not like OP told him to go sod himself and his bass. He sounded worried and confused as a customer is when receiving something that doesn't match expectations and that cost a lot of money. I don't care about being 'lost in translation' - and I can say that as a non-native English speaker, who wouldn't communicate like that even when my level of english was "the cat is on the table", especially if that level of money was involved. It's all cr4p especially at this 'basic' level of communication. There isn't really justification to that answer and personally, I would now just tell him to take the bass back and give the money back - and would contact an actually reputable builder to make my instrument, who cares about making the customer happy.
  16. Thanks for the recommendations, will have a look
  17. No worries. They're both great cabs but if stand alone volume is a key factor, I'd always go for the 2x12 (it's effectively two gen 2 compacts in one box).
  18. That's so much simpler than my insane solution
  19. Not my field. I did a quick image search of 60's basses seemed quite popular, but that's irrelevant. It's your project, gotta look how you want it to right?
  20. Yup, I use the Etymotic ER20S for rehearsals. Sennheiser UK have a sale on: £35: https://en-uk.sennheiser.com/headphones-stereo-hd-206 £45: https://en-uk.sennheiser.com/headphones-headset-stereo-over-ear-hd-300
  21. Hi I had this bass built by Bill, its a great bass... im very tempted for it back !
  22. Ta.. That's sorted me thanks again..
  23. Bump, price drop to 1150 pounds shipped to EU and UK. Also an audio sample has been added to the above dropbox folder. The bass is recorded straight through my cheap audio interface to my pc, with no processing whatsoever, no eq or compression(you can hear this in the slap part) except from some limiting for mixing purposes. Please excuse my playing.
  24. Yeah, I'm wishing to be one of this happy customers depending on his next answer. For me 2100€, are 2 months of work at least. I know my first mail was rude. Is the first thing I wrote on this chat. When Adrian give me an answer, I'm going to reply with my apologies. As you can see, I have problems with my english too. My question about the foam it's just (maybe is for one good reason :-)) Thank you for your help.
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