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  2. It was the tantrums that raised the red flag for me. Unless you gave him a gobful of abuse for not being able to eclipse Gary Moore - something I don't for a moment believe - toddler tantrums seem a gross over-reaction that suggests either deep-rooted insecurity or a belief that that's how proper rock 'n' roll people behave. The whole point about rehearsals is to tighten songs up, and to work on things that people may be having problems with. Couple of cases in point - our drummer was having problems with the Cure's In Between Days so I spent ages running through a piddly wee bassline with him so he could identify what to take away for homework. The bassline's a doddle but it never occurred to me to get stroppy about playing it over and over again - a band is supposed to be a team, not Ego Guitard And His Band. And on the flip side, I needed a lot of help with the bass solo in Atomic last week so I got him to run through it with me for about twenty minutes. He didn't complain about playing four on the floor all that time and I wouldn't have expected him to, just as he was happy to work out a cue for coming back in if I got lost. It's the overall performance that's important and if this eejit thinks he's a cut above the rest, you're doing the right thing by walking away.
  3. If I remember correctly, these already came with an original USA stingray preamp installed from the factory. As sound concerns, these basses are on par there with their more expensive brothers completely. At least that's how I've experienced them.
  4. Fired rig up earlier. Rack compressor dead. Not a thing. Damn. 

    Grumpy face on. Start playing. Sound is feckin gorgeous :) happy face on.

    So, that's going to be an empty 1U space then :lol:

  5. I'm writing this while tired so please forgive me. I understand for the most part but I don't think that totally works out in my initial thoughts. To me if I draw a line on paper representating a string from one point the nut, and to another point the saddle. And there is another line under it for the fretboard and I tilt the paper the angle is different but the string tension is the same. If not it would be out of tune. And surely if break angle alters playing dynamics string through bodies would be vastly different to through the bridge. Also there are plenty of very good instruments with parallel necks or only tiny tiny amounts of angle. Why are we not playing instruments with loads of neck angle and high bridges? I'm not saying your wrong by the way, I'm just trying to understand the principle more so I can form a better opinion on this one.
  6. It's only a fact because you say it is - we haven't heard the guitarist's side! Now, I think that you are probably right and what he is doing is totally unreasonable / incompetent and that he is pretty clueless. For me, the interesting thing beyond your own particular situation, is how musicians in different but similar situations can navigate band politics when these types of situations arise.
  7. All being well, I’ll be in Germany for Christmas. Happy to bring one back if you get it sent to me there.
  8. Think this beauty should have a bump - also, a quick compliment on your nice playing on Cosmic Girl, wot, not seen you grooving like that before - suits you sir
  9. Provided this form factor proves popular enough, if they don't do it themselves then eventually somebody else will.
  10. I think maybe down the line a little, it could be good for Darkglass. Not everyone will want to spend £1000 on 2 pedals, but if you could buy one and then a software package to load into your pedal, at a reduced cost to the whole pedal, that could be a good option.
  11. Yeah, this is what I'm talking about. People who really want both to use together would still buy both, you'd just have an additional layer of flexibility from each one (at a cost, obviously).
  12. I've always been a fan of the Mooer Sweeper (bassballs clone) sounds great and has the handy mods as standard. I also like the Mooer LOFI machine, but crush and sample rate on a budget! Limited on sounds but a quarter of the price of its competitors.
  13. What a tale, I had two of these, the 4 control knob variety, didn’t need two so I sold one. Now I realise that I only want the Up part with a tiny amount of Sub, not 2 Subs, so it’s on the Block, unused harry brand spankers, all shiny, free battery as well delivered to your doorstep. Usual Tone print jiggerypokery stuff.
  14. A slight digression but an interesting anecdote; in an interview with Svensson, he mentions a moment when EST were playing a gig and at the a venue nearby, James Last was playing. JL turned up with umpteen lorries worth of gear and sold out for weeks, they turned up in a transit van hoping to half fill a venue. He thought EST was worthy of umpteen lorries and being sold out and vowed to make them more popular as a result. Tuesday Wonderland was the start of that venture.
  15. The fact that he is playing songs and altering the structure at whim is a fact. That is the issue here. How good I am or each of us are in this instance is immaterial. I get complimented on my playing by other members but the issue is myself and the rhythm guitarist having to sort out what is going on mid song and looking numpties doing so. We are as good as we are. We try to do it for enjoyment although when you are being hung out to dry like this it tends to spoil the fun. I’ve no desire to castigate the lead guitarist. I created this thread because I wanted to know if the situation I’m up against is unreasonable. I was fairly certain it was as I’m not a total newbie. I’m not the most experienced band member despite being a lot nearer 70 than 60 (how did that happen). I now have no doubt that this guys musical ‘style’ and expectations are completely unreasonable. I have tried to deal with this the right way and I’ve been met with tantrums and someone who believes this situation is my problem not his. I can do no more. It’s a shame but I’ll move on. Once these threads get to a certain length they become unwieldy. Probably time to give it a kind despatch?
  16. Sadly not Dave, hopefully we’ll get some in the coming weeks.
  17. yeah, but it would still be funny.
  18. Indeed. In my case I tried 3 x MIM Geddy Lee's, and one was head and shoulders above the other two for finish, feel and tone. I can't see this being 6 times better than whatnis already one of the nicest basses I've ever played.
  19. Hello guys, I had been gigging hard my RM500. However, in my last gigs, the sound guys are telling me that the DI from the head has some noise. They can hide it, but it's there. They also ask me if it has a ground lift switch (I don't know why Ashdown doesn't include it). Do you people have any noise coming from the DI? I have to admit that no one had told me that before the pandemic and I don't listen to any noise when I try it at home.
  20. Looking for some advice on setting up my amp/cabs. I have a helix > matrix gt1600fx into two barefaced big baby IIs. the cabs are rated 800w each and I am daisy chaining them off one channel from the amp. So in theory the amp should be providing 800w power? however I’m getting the clip light flickering on at just over half power. I’d like to get a bit more volume/headroom out of the set up but I don’t want to push the amp too much as I don’t like seeing the clip light stay on for too long. does anyone know if I would be better running a single 8 ohm cab from each matrix channel, or daisy chain them with speakons running from a single channel. if the latter option is the right approach why do I feel like I’m not getting full 800w into 4ohm without clipping as I power up the volume? cheers dudes.
  21. The thing is that I don't know whether you are right, because I haven't seen your band play and I don't know (by reputation or otherwise) any of the musicians involved and you can't point to any past track record to say that you are the one who is in the right. Everyone commenting here is taking your side because you are a regular poster on this bass forum, but no one really knows. For what it is worth, what you say rings pretty true and I image that it's likely that you are right, but I certainly can't say that for certain. But the bottom line is that you find yourself without a band because of a falling out with the de facto band leader for whatever reason. For me, the interesting thing is what an inexperienced bass player can take away from this thread and how they can learn from your hard-earned experience.
  22. I’ve seen some really nice jazzes on there but never bought any, I think you still have to pay customs on top , one I was looking at had this in the description International Buyers - Please Note: Import duties. taxes. and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding or buying
  23. Generally, in my experience people don’t.
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