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  2. 10,000 plays!

    Well done
  3. Noel Redding

    To be honest, this was 15 odd years ago and we were doing a bit of sightseeing from Cork to the Ring and back again so honestly can't remember. There was Guinness involved😂 Was not that long before he passed away in fact.
  4. Boss LS-2 Line Selector

    Boss LS-2 Line selector in used condition. Perfect working order. £55 posted in UK
  5. 10,000 plays!

    Just had a look at my Soundcloud account and I've clocked up just over 10,000 plays! Wow! Thanks to everyone who's ever listened, it means a lot
  6. Feedback for Williams84

    Sold Paul a pedal, very quick payment and great comms. highly recommended :-)
  7. Fender Flea jazz basses. Weights.

    Most seem to be between 9 -10 lbs ish. But there are some that buck this trend! The new Subs I have picked up seem to be fairly light.
  8. Genz Benz Shuttle 6.2.?

    Hope it does what you need it to do...
  9. Just Discovered A 'New' Bassist

    Try to catch the documentary on the making of Steely Dan's album Aja. There's some good stuff on there from Chuck Rainey, particularly when he told Walter Becker he wanted to put a slap riff in Peg. Becker told him not to but he did it anyway and they loved it.
  10. Ibanez Black Eagle reissue limited edition £450,-

    Yes, I like beans to
  11. Soul Fingers...Duck Dunn

    Four copies available on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.TRS0&_nkw=Soul+Fingers...Duck+Dunn&_sacat=267
  12. My Ric 4003

    Aha - £2000 Ouch
  13. Fender precision 83

  14. Feedback for mike.kennedy

    Bought a cutsey little LR Baggs acoustic preamp from Mike. Excellent packaging and prompt delivery. Tested and working as advertised. Cheers mate. Trade with confidence.
  15. Soul Fingers...Duck Dunn

    Yup. It's a great book. I've taped over the tab in mine. I'm trying to learn to read properly!
  16. BUMP! Still have this amazing unit available and begging to be put to use!
  17. Feedback for roman_sub

    I purchased a pedal from Roman this week. It came very well packaged, and communication was fantastic throughout - An absolute pleasure to deal with. Cheers mate!
  18. My Ric 4003

    By the way Dr, if they were £1600 9 years back, wtf price are they now ? Jeeeeeeeeeeez
  19. Yamaha Appreciation Thread!

    Happy owner of a Yamaha BB604 from this very forum. Bought it winter 2016 as a back up bass but it's turned into a regular gigging bass as it's so good. I keep toying with the idea of giving a crazy art makeover but haven't settled on a suitably cool design yet. Here it is alongside my Jack Casady.
  20. Power Brick

    I run a Mooer Reverb off a Mosky power supply without issue. Not sure if I am just lucky or not.
  21. Power Brick

    I'm in the process of expanding my pedal board. Was previously running off a 1 Spot, but considering a brick now for 8+ pedals. I have a DHA VT1 incoming and happy to use the dedicated supply for that. To the best of my (almost non-existent) knowledge, everything else currently in the stable (tuner, comp, octaver, filter, fuzz, chorus, preamp) shouldn't be troublesome without isolation, but I may add reverb and tremolo in the near future, which I understand may be. Is isolation essential for reverb/trem/delay? Now I don't find the prospect of an all-singing-all-dancing power supply particularly exciting and would begrudge an outlay of any more than £120 at the absolute most. The Palmer MI PWT 08 seems like a fairly sensibly priced contender, though it seems to come with a European power pack and I don't want to faff about with adapters. I am no technician and generally find these things boring at best and incredibly frustrating at worst. I just want something reasonable that will do the job and last. Pie in the sky?! As always, any insight and advice much appreciated! Cheers, Tobie
  22. Markbass Micromark 801

    I’m willing to post but only in the UK type bump!
  23. Jack Casady

    I think the white one looks amazing - I prefer it to the black to be honest. Looks very Gretschy - the cream and white together work well for me. Kind of attention grabbing without being flashy. All good.
  24. 51 P Bass ( custom colour)

    Yes, I tried the dint-fill trick and managed to sand it all off(!), and used a cocktail stick to drop it on. Maybe as you say need to build it up gradually. Going to get me some micromesh pads and good trick on the ferrules too. Annoying thing is 2 others just pressed in easily, so I just pressed on...
  25. Ibanez Black Eagle reissue limited edition £450,-

    Ciao, è disponibile con la sua custodia? Grazie:)
  26. Double bass buggie

    Thanks guys, and Pete the mod golf trolley seems an awesome diy Idea thank you
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