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  2. Looks like your another " upfront " guy. I'm an " upfront " guy and an attention seeker. Lol Daryl
  3. May 3rd , Thelma Performing Arts Center is my next gig. Tickets are $20.00 and the event an hour away from our base. I don't know how we're going draw even a respectable size crowd. Daryl
  4. 1997 Noel Redding Signature Jazz. #985 of 1000 in very good condition with minimal cosmetic wear. Signature on scratch plate has long faded away. Strung with new T.I flats. Bought from Bass Direct in 2021 and has had light home use only. Postage can be discussed if interested or local collection.
  5. Everything Mike Suggerbarf and El Ron Muff touch. Mircosoft and Gill Baits ought to be dead too, but can't be assed to go through the inconvenience of Linux. And can't live without Gööggels, but that ought to die as well. Politics Inc. for most parts too. Most big corporate business is a parasitic scam really, and sadly that includes politicians for most parts as well. Heck, the whole so called "Civilization" is a scam, as far as I am concerned. No wonder Trump and his associated conspiracist got such a hold on people, though they are a scam too, just lucrating on the fact that people have been lied to for basically thousands of years.
  6. Also, which mainly studio musician did that at that time, let alone studio bass player?
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  8. We have the village hall the whole day Saturday which effectively means from 1900 or so Friday to 0800 Sunday. I was going to suggest 0900 to 1700 for Satu but it's whatever we want. We have the kitchen as well so I might be persuaded to do bacon sarnies or similar to get the things going.
  9. Yes, RMS would be 1/2 of the peak value, making it 125 watts RMS into 8 ohms and 250 watts RMS into 4 ohms.
  10. Sorry Doesn't Seem To Be The Hardest Word ~ Elton John
  11. The Ballad of the Woggler's Moulie - Rambling Syd Rumpo
  12. Yesterday
  13. Sorry, as a longtime central London cyclist who commuted on a Steely Columbus Framed Racer I do confess I had my moments, fright induced primarily. My Basso Loto was not tote your Bass and Ld110 Combo material at all...
  14. Good to hear its not just me. I've bought one of those Ibanez gig bags, because they're not black and pretty cheap, which is important because I have half a mind to busting out the sewing machine at some point and try repositioning the straps or making a second set of anchor points further up.
  15. 8.45lbs (luggage digi-scales) & 41mm (digi-caliper)
  16. Assuming your not prone to road rage of course...😃
  17. No - v4.3.1 is the most recent version, supporting G1(X) Four, B1(X) Four, G5n, G3(X)n, B3n, G1(X)on, B1(X)on, MS-50G, MS-60B, MS-70CDR.
  18. No worries, just recall it being a tad counterintuitive. Might ask Ashdown.
  19. Given it's less than two miles, I'm not hugely worried. But yes, point taken.
  20. alyctes

    bell emulation

    A church bell or hand bell. Something a bit less cracked than the Black Sabbath bell, but that sort of bell.
  21. I know you mean in terms of the general public, but he did get recognition. Motown knew he was critical to making their hit records and paid him $1000 a week, in today's money that's just under £7300. A week! That's £380000 a year!!
  22. Does the B2 Four work with ToneLib? Unlikely but worth a try...
  23. Cool! This might help... The manual is an interesting read, I have a copy here. Thanks The other diagram, I saw one of these in Pinterest. Can't tel how accurate it is (or isn't). Seems like a standard PJ wiring (an innacurate diagram) though.
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