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  2. Suggestions for affordable compressor

    Speak nicely to somebody and get a Pumpernickel built...
  3. Suggestions for affordable compressor

    Hi all Am after getting a compressor pedal but have noticed that a lot of them are very expensive (£200 for a pedal, your having a laugh) , I am after something that does a decent job for an affordable price (sub £100) and after suggestions. Basically to give an idea of what I am after, one of the places I practice at has an Ashdown head with a built in compressor, I tend to turn it to about half way, I don't slap but I love the extra punch that a compressor provides due to the slight squashing effect it seems to have so I guess I am not after a super subtle effect and am using it more as an effect than controlling dynamics thanks
  4. Physical reaction to stainless steel strings

    Stainless steel should be the metal least likely to cause a skin reaction. I react to long term contact with a lot of metals. Stainless Steel, Gold and Silver are the least likely to cause irritation.
  5. How about these? I'm not sure if they would work that well - in fact they might make burger all difference...
  6. Top Of The Pops

    Not only that but a decent cassette to record it on was going to cost you about half what the album would have cost in the first place.
  7. Noisy Strings

    Semi-flats then? Quite bright yet thumpy widdit.
  8. Feedback For No. 8 Wire

    Bought a nice little RS112 from Dan. Top bloke. Great comms and well packaged. Top BC’er! Cheers Dan.
  9. Flats on a T-Bird?

    Try these! http://www.eyguitarmusic.com/Thunderbird-Bass-Pickup-Vintage-Style-for-GibsonChromeNickel_p_2287.html
  10. Using your amp as a DI and pre amp

    Of course it depends on the band, the sound coming out of the DI on the head, and if the bassist using it knows how to use their equipment. In my last band, we did most of our jams and rehearsals into a mixing desk and headphones. The dry bass DI sounded bland no matter how I tweaked it, yet the DI out of my Darkglass amp with the B3K distortion applied made it sit perfectly - a bit of a mid scoop to carve space for the guitar, and a mild clanky high-mid distortion to make it audible in the mix without being obnoxious. I only did a couple of gigs with them but had no issues with the soundman using the DI out on the head and got great results each time. The above situation would have been no different if I had a B3K on my pedalboard and used the stage DI. Or would you as a soundman prefer to take a feed before the pedalboard and ignore all the tone shaping and effects they may have spent countless hours honing? Of course for some bassists that might just use a Boss ODB-3 with the treble whacked up, that might be the best option!
  11. Brother Strut - Bad Self

    Brilliant! Thanks for that, I'd not heard of them
  12. fender jazz marcus miller V USA

    Sell my fender jazz marcus miller 5 strings USA ..perfect condition new. i can to shipping europe. thanks
  13. Yamaha BB300

    For sale is a lovely Yamaha BB300. Anyone who has played these will know they are incredible value for money. The necks are very comfortable and they are built like absolute tanks, try as you might you just won't break the bugger! In my opinion these are seriously undervalued at this price, usually for sale at around the £200.00 mark from what I can see but it's surplus to requirements and I need the money for a bathroom, so I'm selling a few basses - it's that simple. Comes complete with three good strings, I pinched the fourth as I snapped a G string on my other bass before Christmas. Will post at buyers expense and risk etc, or happy to meet for petrol within reason, or anyone can come and try it at my place in Middlesbrough.
  14. Travelling to gigs. How do you get there ?

    More like thirty seconds before the first number starts, staggering drunk. Male singers can be even worse.
  15. EB Stingray 3EQ 2005

    Hi Folks, Here for sale (not entirely sure I'm doing the right thing!) is my 2005 Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray in Carbon Blue Pearl. It has a maple neck/board and is set up beautifully. It has the 3 band active EQ and a really wide range of tonal options (selling it to myself now!). Only reason for sale is that I'm after using the cash from this to put towards a Jazz and Precision bass. I have a Gator hard case that will be supplied with this bass and I can post at buyers expense. Alternatively, I'm based in Leeds and can deliver within 70-80 miles. Check out my feedback for peace of mind. Please let me know if you have any questions! Cheers! Photos can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/xUb4k
  16. I did the template myself on Inkscape then imported it into publisher as I find I easier to get the size right as you just type in the size you want it to be and hey presto As you can see from the template I have marked out the rough bridge placement and as I’m not using a two part bridge I’ve go a lot more room to adjust the bridge placement to make the scale length correct, well that’s my plan which I think in theory will work?? In regards to the possible neck dive Issue the original body is Basswood which is lighter than the pine body and it balances ok, so I’m hoping that it won’t be an issue.....
  17. Travelling to gigs. How do you get there ?

    Someone said their singer turns up early and sets up the lights and PA. I nearly fell off my seat. Surely it's the bass player's job to design and print posters, put ads up on Facebook, drive the van, own and set up the lights and PA, buy a wireless system so he can do a bit of a soundcheck from out front, keep an eye on the time for starting and finishing, and then organise the breaking down and packing of everything afterwards? Singers are supposed to turn up and spend half an hour extending their mic stand.
  18. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Arrived today. Worryingly it was left on my front doorstep by FedEx for approx 5 hours in plain sight. Bloody lucky it was still there when I got home. Plays lovely, sounds great (the aguilar pups are everything I'd hoped for) BUT!!!!! There's no luminlays. They're on my spec sheet and I paid 40 euros extra for them but they're not there. Gutted. Have emailed Adrian so will see what the response is. It may sound petty but I definitely want them fitted.
  19. I'm liking this. Get your funk muscles ready. . . . fantastic band. . . Paul Turner. . . great bass. . . new album out in May. Sorry Sound comes up muted. Can't change that for some reason!!! You'll have to change that when you click on the clip.
  20. Bassist Ad again

    So he's probably too old by most bands' criteria??
  21. I'm after an all maple '80s Blazer neck in decent condition with working truss rod and decent fretwork. Preferably just a neck but if you have a complete Blazer I'll consider that too and do a chop shop job with my existing Blazer (the truss rod of which is no longer adjusting). PM me if you have one available.
  22. Neck: Allparts or Mighty Mite?

    I have a Mighty Mite neck on a Jazz, and it's fine. Easy to adjust, stays straight and plays as you would expect for a Jazz.
  23. EDEN D210 MBX. 500 WATT. 8 OHM. £230 ono

    Hi Paddy, I really do rate all Eden gear... Completely and utterly bomb proof, and some of the best gear ever in terms of pre owned value...
  24. Up for sale a Warwick GPS Thumb BO5 (made in Germany). Got my eyes on something I chased for a long time so, although it's an amazing bass, the Warwick has to go. It's an October 2017 build purchased new from Thomann two months ago. Has never left my house and is in immaculate condition. Ovangkol body, ovangkol neck and wenge fingerboard. Nice, comfortable and light (it weights 4,5 kg.) Comes with original gig bag, papers, tools and warranty. Those sell new at 1800 euros and in an attempt for a fast sale I cut 30% off of this which is virtually a BRAND NEW bass. I want 1250 Euros + shipping from Italy No price reduction, no trades. Pics attached. The trussrod cover I have ...it was just taken away at the time I took the pictures...
  25. Flats on a T-Bird?

    Anyway, for what it's worth, I expect the original Thunderbirds and Embassies were factory fitted with flats.
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