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  2. The 2 button footswitch will be using the tip of a trs cable for one switch and and ring for the other. An expression pedal will use one of the tip or ring. So you could use a trs Y cable to 2 tr jacks and have an expression pedal and 1 footswitch, or go midi if you really want more.
  3. I've had a Sandberg VM5 on my radar for a while - really tempted by the reverse-P / bridge humbucker set up, but have been coming across a lot of favourable comments on here about the HB range of basses. The Harley Benton MP-5EB seems to be as close to a VM5 as they come and, personally, I think they've done a really good job! Both have a reverse-P / M style humbucker, 2 band EQ and 22 frets See what you think! (PS if you find a better review of the VM5 then please share / I'd be happy to substitute).
  4. The frame for the Danelctro is most likely made of Poplar... Masonite / Poplar combo is often used by Danelctro.
  5. It's the only TB thread I look at & this is the first time since getting binned that I wanted to respond, first to the person commenting that I love Zen Blades, LOL! Contrary to talking myself down earlier in this thread, I have been helpful over there in the past, otherwise no one would be wishing I was still around 😲 re: the extended reach discussion On my 1500, the distance from the top of nut to the strap is 44 cm, & strangely enough the same distance on my Premium Soundgear is exactly the same. So, maybe that farther reach is only a thing with the Multi-Scale models. Here's some irony, on the GSR100EX (cheapest solid-body they sell) the reach was slightly less. BH2 are fine if you are not a fan of the higher frequency output & clarity, like the Nordstrands have in spades. L.E.L. has videos about BH2 & the Aguilars, & the 1505MS:
  6. Sounds - good. For me heavy would be over 4.6-4.7Kg. If it’s in the 4-4.5Kg range that’d be fine, plus I’d hope that the alder version might be reasonable. I have a set of Ultralites ready to go on, which will probably improve balance and shave ~300g off the weight.
  7. Hmm the ability to return it with the duty/VAT issue has unfortunately put me off ordering from outside the UK. That is cheap, though!
  8. That’s all very helpful, thank you! Very interesting - I hadn’t considered that. Thanks!
  9. I remember being surprised that Kubicki factor bass's had a ply constructed neck, which i guess is the next step on from a 5 or 7 laminate neck employed for stability, but with 30 -40 lamination's working against the relief. one would assume these lamination's are tone wood strips not just from 'construction site' shuttering ply ? 😦all those tones the lamination's add to the sound ! 😁 Or are you in the camp where some luthiers say glue actually detracts form the sound and resonance of the neck so should be minimized. Is the Carbon rod introduction. snake oil as well ?
  10. Can i through the Cort / Ibanez medium of Luthite in to the conversation... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luthite https://ibanez.fandom.com/wiki/Luthite along with the thinking behind its use as a wood replacement.
  11. This SRMS one has got me interested in it purely from looks but not hte price: https://www.ibanez.com/jp/news/detail/20201210161940.html
  12. There's no right or wrong way to play bass as long as you can play with confidence and enjoyment. I see pick playing as an added tool. No different from slap or finger-picking styles. I don't deny i prefer fingerstyle and it feels more natural to me but that's probably down to 40+ yrs of fingerstyle. Then again i'm no expert or even competent at slap as a style but i muck around a bit with it just for fun. To get to a decent level using pick i want to try and play our full set where appropriate with the pick and eventually i can pick and choose when i want to use it. Dave
  13. Don't wind the strings round the peg by hand... That induces a twist along the length.
  14. Closer to a vintage pickup than the Entwistle and waxed, which is rare enough to be mentioned. To me, the best replacement pickup to get the original tone (back). If you like the Fender 1975 fitted, you'll love the ToneRider.
  15. Nice one with the metallic finishes. I was coming on here to say the same thing!!
  16. Proof that we are listened to; from Facebook
  17. I've not tried Toneriders but they absolutely read as though they might be a good choice. Not expensive, either. How would they compare with, say, Entwistle PBXN which are my current favourites?
  18. Annoyingly I really prefer the EHB1005MS and EHB1005SMS for 'looks' as seafoam and grey (which I know the latter is US only) over the current colour/wood for the more premium 1505 but would like Nords. That said I do have the EHB1506MS and like the dark finish and would happily have that with the nords on the 5ers.
  19. I had a 1st gen V7 Vintage 5, Ash body maple board. Mine was heavy. As it should be, it's a lot of wood. No idea of variance as I ordered online. It wasn't uncomfortable for long gigs though, and it did a few! B string was strong and full, not floppy, consistent volume with other strings. Fit and finish nearly as good as a Japanese Fender in my view, though didn't have quite the same quality of feel. It was far better than I expected at the price point though. The tone, and the possibilities with the pre are fantastic. As good as, if not better, than all the demos. There's something for everyone in there. I didn't find the pickups noisy. They are very, very good value. I regret selling mine. Only sold it because I felt guilty about the number of basses I owned and had spent a LOT on a new US Stingray. Still should have kept the Sire though because I'm still lusting after one, knowing how good they are.
  20. what would you call all the woods that bass makers reject? and have learnt to not use because they sound bad, (non tone woods) ? logic says hundreds of years of musical instrument making, using wood has led to some favorite woods now known as tone woods
  21. When Wheel I see you again? - The Three Degrees
  22. How refreshing to not see anyone spouting any of the 'pick playing is not real bass playing' type of cr*p so prevalent on social media groups... Well done everyone!
  23. You take them off, I’ve never heard of leaving them on, as far as I know they are just there for identification, plus you need good contact with the bridge, great strings btw, most of my basses have them
  24. I think it may be a case of 'if you have to ask'. I seem to remember a youtube clip of Andertons visiting the Fender stand at NAMM last year or the year before and saying that every one of that years collection had been sold before they'd gone on show, which I think would have been before they were officially unveiled.
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