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  2. Was sorting through my files earlier and found this, thought it might be of interest to see the prices at the time! Great value basses now.
  3. Here's my little board for practice tonight. Not used the Hofner Germanium Bass Fuzz with the band yet so I'm keen to see how it works in a mix.
  4. octatonic

    Rack Porn

    No Neve actually. The Neve looking thing is a Phoenix DRS-1R. It is sort of Neve like, but I actually prefer them to 1073's, bigger bottom end- great for bass and kick drum. The ViPre is amazing, I've had that here since 2004.
  5. casapete

    Gibson ES-355

    Think most people have the varitone disconnected, reckon it’s a bit of a tonesucker? Didn’t stop BB sounding great though...😀
  6. My favourite is words similar to: "hand made custom Encore bass. £350" Absolutely having a giraffe. It's all over eBay, describing anything as "hand made" and "custom" even the cheapest bottom range stuff. Then asking for a premium price. Or saying "custom made" when really you've just bodged on some different aftermarket parts...
  7. Pedaltrain 2 - £95 excluding postage comes with power supply for up to 10 x 9v pedals including Flightcase, Even comes with Velcro attached too...
  8. Seller: For sale, practically brand new, never been played outside my bedroom road worn P bass. No marks or scratches........😵
  9. I'm selling mine off as well and I'm having serious second thoughts about it !!
  10. MXR- DC Brick pedalboard power supply £70 including postage Comes with connecting cables and power supply, alas, no longer needed
  11. Seller, For sale knackered 1975 fender jazz bass for sale, £3500 because its old.
  12. Are those flats or half rounds - difficult to tell from the angles
  13. I would, but I don't have a TE head to size up and test on. Oh rats, I know where this is going....
  14. And as FRFR apostle I'm sure you'd appreciate that we have both a Kemper and Helix in the band Strangely I actually wrote a song called Petrichor prior to joining the band, which musically fits the band perfectly. The odds of that have to be between slim and none!
  15. Can't deny the quality of Yamaha products! A question - I have acquired a set of Copper White Nylon Tapewounds and they are just a smidgeon shorter than I would like when stringing throughbody on my BB425 - Do people find a massive difference in tone/volume/feel for throughbody compared with through the bridge? Thanks!
  16. MXR M87 Bass Compressor £100 excluding postage In very good condition, just lived on my pedalboard for a while, but it would now like to move on...
  17. Can somebody gif the link to the yamaha serialnumber - info side?
  18. Fantastic clone of the Hudson broadcast. Unique overdrive / fuzz pedal. This has a footswitch to select which channel as well as a bypass switch. Great condition. £85 Posted in the UK
  19. Anybody changed the pickguard on their Ray 34? The pup rout is different from the standard SR. I have a black I want to change to tort with minimum expense.
  20. Indeed, theres only so many ways you can wind a pick up really.
  21. cd_david

    Rack Porn

    SSL, Neve, API, VIPRE dear lord 😍😜
  22. Would you consider a trade for my air guitar, well used but never gigged? Action is a bit on the high side, but easy enough to tweak to your preference, so long as you can work around the slightly uneven fret-tops.
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