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  1. Up for sale I’ve got a recently acquired, fretless squier MB4! After having a play about, I think I’ve decided that fretless isn’t for me! To be honest I don’t know much about this bass as the seller gave very little away What I do know is it’s an old squier MB4 that has had the body paint stripped and has been defretted, it’s in generally good nick and electrics work as they should For the sake of honesty, the only “not sure about that” points are Truss rod nut, ever so slightly chewed but can be made to work properly with a little patience, I managed to use it to straighten the neck when I first got it and fingers crossed, it hasn’t moved yet Action is quite high up the dusty end of the neck but this is because the saddles on the bridge are MAHOOSIVE! I put one of my spare bridges on it briefly and it lowered it enough to get a decent amount of playability out of it Run your finger along the fretboard and you can JUST feel the shims (or whatever was used to fill the fret gaps) all along, I never noticed anything whilst playing and couldn’t tell of any obstructions to playability but as I say, in the interest of honesty, got to let you know Colour of the body is darker than my pictures will have you believe, it’s closer to a dark butterscotch and does look really quite nice Open for trades or swaps, nothing in particular, let’s see what you got?! Price includes postage within the UK Any questions, fire away
  2. Shim was the first thing I tried but was looking at best part of 3mm of shim before I could get any decent adjustability on it, at which point the neck screws were struggling to sit in any decent amount of meat in the neck heel the saddles on the bridge are massive, I’ve not seen any this big before so I suspect changing those would help a lot, other options I had considered were recessing the bridge into the body so it sits flush neck is dead straight currently so no further adjustment needed there I think I have another bbot bridge in my spares box so will try that over the weekend and see what difference it makes
  3. Never owned a fretless before, never played one, just had a massive GAS for one in the collection, now I have one, no idea what to do with it! Anyway, without further ado.... As I believe, started life as a black, fretted squire MB4, neck stamp is feint but looks like May 2002 has been defretted, and body stripped of its blackness, the color of the body now is closer to a dark butterscotch than the pictures will allow you to see, some age related marks and the defret job doesn’t look the nicest in places, although smooth all round, but nothing to quibble about considering the price I paid for it, it works action needs sorting out, currently 5.9mm at the 12th and 6.7mm at the last fret, action at the nut seems about as low as it’s going to get, I suspect the action is mostly due to the massive saddles on the bridge, will see if I can get hold of something smaller and see how that works In in the same day, also acquired, for an equally good price an Ibanez SR300, I originally learnt to play bass on an SR800le but have since become a precision man but figured this’ll be nice for a little variation and familiarity, it’s in good nick, all works, some minor body damage but nothing to concern myself about, again, considering what I paid
  4. oddly, I had considered this also but concerned as to how it would affect the string...
  5. depending on where on the East coast you are, these guys http://www.essexamprepairs.co.uk/ sorted out a well hidden problem with my SVT2 Pro some time back and was quite easy on the wallet also
  6. At least it’ll give me time to work out if the monstrously high action on the fret less is due to the monstrously sized bridge saddles or something else...
  7. Yes! Good shout! Have to also work out if the monstrously high action is due to the monstrously sized bridge saddles or something else also....
  8. That’s the missus plotting to keep me from making too much noise in the house I suspect....
  9. Just acquired two new basses to add to the collection for an absolute steal Ibanez SR300 Fretless Squier MB4 i get them home, all excited to get them out of the bags and have a tinker, Mrs donslow calls me to the kitchen for a job and then.....DISASTER....!!! Doesn’t look like much but a craft knife expertly (accidentally) jabbed into the finger hurts like an absolute mutha..... cant play, too much blood, too much pain so now I have to wait until it’s healed before I can tinker with new toys..... S*?#......
  10. ....I get one.....what do I do now....?!
  11. Probably a stupid thing to ask but here goes anyway...... I’ve a set of flats on my only bass that are well worn in and sounding magnificent so looking to keep them where they are! Have recently changed over the neck on my bass and noticed the silks are coming off of the strings, is there something that can be done to re-silk or at least cover the ends up so as not to damage the machine head posts they are on?! does loose / missing silk make ANY difference to ANYTHING at all or should I just tune up and forget about it? many thanks for any advice / help in advance
  12. I have to be honest, I've no idea! i cant see why not but i wouldn't guarantee anything....
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