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  1. That is nice! Unfortunately for me, fretless isn’t really my bag, tried it, liked it a little but not enough to warrant keeping a fretless in the ranks
  2. Thankyou boss, That is nice though! Quite like the no fret markers thing it has!
  3. Ha ha a challenge I sense...
  4. Toying with the idea of a set of either green or pink DR strings...
  5. Ebonising the fretboard you say?! this could be an idea....
  6. Hey all I’ve just built a bass from parts, put it al together and I’ve got buzzing and same notes on several frets up and down the neck, think I’m in need of a fret level but I’ve no idea how to do it myself. is there anyone In the Essex area(s) that might be able to have a look for me at all? many thanks in advance
  7. Black screws for pickups and nail varnish on the pole pieces next I reckon
  8. Perfectly so if I may add?!
  9. ...So I’ve been putting her together as she is now...few more setup tweaks, find some new knobs and put the truss rod cover back on...pleased as punch! Can’t plug her in yet, little ones decided they wanted to sleep the gits!!! anyway, her she is pre-proper finishing... thank you @Andyjr1515 for the sterling filling/routing work and anyone else that has given advice to help me finish technically, my first bass build (please excuse the wayward cat fluff in the the pictures) now to finish my ‘51 slab precision build...onwards and upwards as they say...
  10. I’m a fan of matte finishes anyway so know exactly what you mean
  11. It’s fair to say I’m not a patient man by any stretch of the imagination...
  12. Currently toying with idea of going for a flat / matte finish instead of a gloss hmmm...
  13. Thankyou sir! Couldn’t have done it without your expertise
  14. So... Lockdown = boredom I fancy a new plaything...time for a reassessment of the basses and guitars I actually use... It dawned on me that I rarely pick up my Highway One precision bass in favour of my Ibanez because, no matter how long I’ve had it, and regardless of the change from precision neck to jazz neck, it has always felt a bit of a chore to play! How can I get that glorious p sound from an Ibanez but still keep the Ibanez?! Lightbulb moment...What if could put a p pickup in the Ibanez?! Surely it’d sound close enough?! A few messages to the BC collective later I had a “yeah, I could do that” for our very own luthier wizard @Andyjr1515 Highway One up on the classifieds...SOLD! SR300 disassembled SD Quarter Pound PJ pickup set ordered Ordered new loom from @KiOgon Body and pups in the post on their way for Andy to do his thing, separate thread for the work here https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/434728-small-job-for-a-basschatter/ Meanwhile I started the prep on the neck for painting Neck sanded flat and taken back to bare wood, primer on, and painting begins... Had a few issues with my spraying area but once again, the clever souls of this very forum came to the rescue https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/432737-painting-issue-help/ https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/434263-have-i-just-fluffed-it-truss-rod-content/ Issues overcome and we’re back on track! Painting of the neck is completed and now I’m just running around the house like a big kid at Christmas waiting for the body and pickups to get back to me... Body is here!! Really happy with the work carried out! Masking up... Filling of chips... More sanding... More priming... More sanding... More priming... Ready for paint...4 days of rain forecast! Nadgers! Suns out for a couple of days! with advice heeded, first and second coats go on! Looking good! Third coat of paint followed by a forth and I think I’m done here for now... Most pleased with the results so far! New lesson learnt...lay the body/neck/whatever flat when painting, I found, for me anyway, I get a much more even cover without all the drip marks Currently letting the parts hang and dry/cure for a few days whilst I wait for micro mesh and polishing compound to turn up in the post...standby folks, this is where it’s all going to go wrong...
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