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  1. Yup, filled with a PJ quarter pound set and still a go to bass… I’ve tried other basses (lots of them too) and I just can’t get quite as comfortable with any of them as I do with my SR’s Added to the SR300 that I had our very own @Andyjr1515 fill and route for me, I’ve since had another SR300 filled and routed with a MM pickup in the sweet spot, works a treat
  2. It until THE Jeff Duncan has been found….
  3. @karlfer @itsmedunc in the best way possible, looking at the battle scars of poor old Jeff’s case…I’d suggest that it is in fact the case that is Spartacus…
  4. Hold your horses @PTB might not be as easy as you’d hoped…Jeff MAY have to wait a while longer… you sir, have a PM….
  5. I’m no Jeff Duncan but if I can work out how/when I can get to south Croydon, I’ll happily take it off your hands and track down the myth, the legend, the man whom Jeff Duncan may be…..maybe….
  6. Apologies all, looks like it’s going to senor @binky_bass thanks for all the interest
  7. ANOTHER price drop…. £60 posted Just need this to be gone…
  8. I make it 23 3/4” ish (605mm if your that way inclined)
  9. @Stub Mandrel I’m fully open to offers….
  10. @lemmywinks he’s been trying to sell that for a looonng time, it’s for sale on several sites at different prices albeit around the same mark, I might be wrong but I suspect his pricing is a little…optimistic best of luck to him all the same though
  11. £75 posted in the UK, collection from Maldon, Essex or meet up nearby is welcome. £60 and a cuppa if you collect, £65 and a Ginsters if you don’t want to travel that far any ridiculous offers /swaps / trades considered just want this out of the way now…
  12. @Stub Mandrel well spotted sir, the recess is indeed unvarnished…
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