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  1. Ladies and gents… if I may direct your attention to the following thread, namely my last comment… I can’t get ANY movement on the truss rod AT ALL! when I got the bass it was pretty grime and had rust all over, so I’m not sure if it’s rusted or done for people of the basschat fraternity…any advice on what I can do to work out if it’s ceased and dead or just stuck a little bit would be of massive help and greatly appreciated
  2. @Bassassin I suspect your right and Thankyou again for the input, has been a massive help shes all clean, freshly strung, sounding glorious…now if I can just get ANY movement on the truss rod that’d help with setting her up properly! not sure if it’s rusted or knackered
  3. Been cleaning her up, took the saddles off and low and behold, string anchor becomes more apparent… body before…. body and hardware nearly done…
  4. Well colour me intrigued…. I took a peek under the saddles but couldn’t see anything obvious that screams “THE BALL ENDS GO HERE!!!” Agree thanks to the great minds of basschat lurkers Also agree yet mildly surprised
  5. So…. once again, thanks for all the comments, have just heard back from hohner they seem to think… I think the basschat massive were more help than the people who know ha ha
  6. @Bassassin It is very neat and tidy, there’s also a brass (looks brass anyway) plate installed into the rear route, I guess so as not to slowly drag the ball ends through the wood so it’s been well thought out
  7. Thanks again guys (and gals?!) a lot of what has been mentioned here makes a lot of sense the more I look into it. starting to get a much clearer picture now, I did read somewhere they started adding “arbor series” to the headstock in the late 80’s (around ‘88 I believe) in which period they started making the headstocks more Fender shaped but then I’ve seen examples with the same headstock as mine with the arbor decal on it (like the one attached to the linked post above) oddly, there seems to be so much conflicting information amongst the very little you do find so once again, thanks to all the clever folk here that have shared what they know i emailed hohner to see if they could help and surprisingly they emailed back within a couple of hours asking for pictures, will be interested in what they think
  8. @Bassassin Thankyou for that, has at least given me a bit of history on it for knowledge sake if nothing else, really appreciate the effort @Stub Mandrel so there’s every chance that the through body routing was an aftermarket addition?! Thankyou also, again, the advice and help is hugely appreciated
  9. @Bassassin your a true gent, thankyou have been doing as much searching as I can and have found out that this is possibly a HG425 or HG450 as a model name/number which were produced between ‘78 and about ‘83 but Japanese rather than Korean, although that is mostly speculation on picture-less stuff I have stumbled across Realistically, would you still guesstimate around the same value you suggested previously?
  10. Following on from this thread I picked said bass up from said work mate and have decided it’s a keeper… it needs a good clean up but seems to play and sound pretty good at the minute problem is, I can’t find ANY info on it ANYWHERE and it has no serial or markings anywhere i found this for sale on eBay which is the closest I’ve seen to it as it has same bridge, looks to be same pickups but has no through body stringing option like the one I have https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284053035803?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338353466&toolid=20006&4236=&gbraid=0AAAAADtppYcrlmk7rWflojJT4ks9Ff7Ri%26customid%3Ds%3AGS%3Bgc%3AEAIaIQobChMIteKwt-7k8QIVB-ztCh2TWgcOEAQYByABEgJn7vD_BwE%3Bpt%3A1%3Bchoc%3A2&customid=s%3AGS%3Bgc%3AEAIaIQobChMIteKwt-7k8QIVB-ztCh2TWgcOEAQYByABEgJn7vD_BwE%3Bpt%3A1%3Bchoc%3A1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIteKwt-7k8QIVB-ztCh2TWgcOEAQYByABEgJn7vD_BwE Could what I have be as old as the eBay example?! Can any of the basschat genius’ help out?! just for my own information in nothing else, any idea(s) on the what’s, when’s, where’s, how olds etc thanks in advance all some more pictures…
  11. @Woodinblack Thankyou! You sir are a star! Will give that a go and test it out in the ‘morrow when there’s no risk of being shouted at for waking the rugrats…
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