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  1. Glad I’m not the only one thinking the same thing...
  2. Swings and waterslides - viola beach
  3. Considering parting this out if there’s enough interest in the bits
  4. (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!) - beastie boys
  5. midnight train to georgia - Gladys knight & the pips
  6. It is still available yes sensibly priced courier...the search continues...
  7. Still unsure as to whether to shift this or not so putting the feelers out there to gauge interest... First lockdown project/build with my limited skill set, pictures of build progress available on request ’51 Slab body precision bass Body from guitarbuild.com Neck from eBay (headstock reshaped by myself) 38mm nut Unknown brand but solid machine heads Seymour Duncan SCPB-3 pickup Rosewood thumb rest solid bass built up and painted (not a perfect finish, bit patchy on the back, but perfectly acceptable) by myself, couple of dings here and there but nothing you’d notice from more than 4 feet away there are a couple of extra holes that happened when I was installing the thumb rest (experimenting with positioning) one that I had to fill with a dowel and some wood glue (snapped screw head and not the greatest execution of getting it out) the other is just where a screw has been in and out, both are covered by the pick guard, pick guard isn’t perfect around the control plate but I have ordered some new material in the hope I’ll make a better job of it next time, not really noticeable unless your really looking Will need ferrules if you want to string through body, I haven’t done this so didn’t get any at the time of the build Had to make and install a shim for under the bridge in order to get it setup to a decent standard, have since installed brass saddles but happy to discuss putting the ones in the pictures back on with any potential buyers there are a couple of dead spots (3 or 4 in fact) on the frets so a little bit of a level is required, I don’t have the skills to do it myself and haven’t gotten round to getting it done by someone else due to the situation All sounds terrible doesn’t it?! Essentially all it really needs is a little fret level on a few spots and it’s good to go! It is a solid bass that does sound just grand not really sure what this is worth to be honest so willing to listen to offers if the interest is there, price listed is what it cost me to put together, nothing more... happy to consider trades for something a bit Warwick-y, Spector-y, Ibanez-y or musicman-y with cash either way if it calls for it, may also consider CAR jazz neck profile precisions or something acoustic-y MAY consider parting out if there’s enough interest in all the bits and bobs any further pictures required, throw me a PM and I’ll get some sorted
  8. And I think we have a winner! @PaulThePlug nice finding sir! now to find out if DR Neons are of the same tension so I can stick em on my black SR
  9. Not so Much no, I quite like the feel and the tension on them so was considering getting the same for my other basses as I’m not very educated in string tensions and which brand provides what, I like high tension as I like to feel a solid string (for want of a better term) under my (especially right hand) fingers
  10. Pretty much this, literally three or four frets up and down the neck are, I assume, higher, choking notes, horrendous buzz, same note over two frets thankyou for the advice, still have a bit of research into the “how’s” before I do tackle it as I want to be certain I know what to do before I start a “help! I need a refret” kind of thread ha ha
  11. Message sent to him but no reply as yet, thought I’d chance my arm asking the wider knowledge base as well
  12. Need some help ID-ing some strings if possible?! currently sitting on an SR500 I bought earlier in the year, the have gold ball ends and no silk at all, 45, 65, 85, 105 roundwounds cant find much in the way of what they may be
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