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    1. How do I register?
    Use the orange box in the corner. Follow the steps and click the link in the email which will be sent to you. Once you're in, why not add some information to your profile, upload an avatar picture and say hello in our 'Introduce Yourself' forum?

    2. I didn't get my validation email and I feel left out, what now?
    Check your spam folder - if you're still having problems, contact us by email.

    3. Why can't I PM (Private Message) a member?
    You have to be a member yourself. Sign up for free and join in.

    4. I get an error/no permission notice when I try and post/view/PM. What gives?
    Your account is still validating. See question 1 and 2.

    5. How do I list something for sale?
    Easy - just head to the relevant forum and add your item. You'll need to add a price for the item(s) you are selling (A total value if you have more than one item in your post). You must have a valid subscription to post an advert - see FAQ 6!

    6. How do I buy a subscription and how much is it?
    Head to the 'Shop' using the tab at the top of the site. Here you can choose two options - either a £20 sub that will let you list as much as you like for a year, or a single use £7 voucher. Re-subscription prices are lower for returning members. See the shop for more details.

    7. How do I attach photos to a post?
    At the bottom of the reply box there is a paperclip icon. You can drag files to this area to upload them, or click 'browse' to find the file on your system. If you'd like to post a picture from another site, for example a photo hosting site, click 'insert other media' then 'add image from URL'. Paste the link to your picture in here (the link should end in the filetype such as .jpg). If you know how to use 'Img' tags, you can use them too. Let us know if you need help.

    8. I'm having trouble with a deal made through Basschat. What should I do?
    Legally we hold no responsibility but we can try to help - where we've had problems in the past it's usually a false alarm and gets sorted quickly. Send a PM with as much detail as you can to a moderator.

    9. I'm a dealer/manufacturer and I'd like to sell things to your members. Can I do this?
    Yes - currently we allow dealers to post in the 'Affiliates' forum. Head there and read the FAQ at the top of the forum. Please don't sell items in the other forums or you'll risk becoming flagged as spam!

    10. I'd like to advertise on your site. Who do I speak to?
    We have some limited ad space for advertisers and further options such as sponsored forums available. Please contact us and we can create a plan that works for you.

    11. Do you have any jobs?
    Several dedicated members help us run the forums by moderating. We don't currently need any extra helpers but we're always interested to hear from anyone who would like to help. Currently we're looking for experts in guitars, drums and synths, and social media managers. Drop us a line if you think you'd be the right person.

    12. What bass is best for metal?
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    Enjoy the forum and ask if you want help with anything!
    The Basschat Team