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  1. Bought a loom for my p/j from John. Hight quality, decent price, fast receipt, excellent comms and helpful with ideas. I’ll be back…
  2. Love playing, nearly all of my best mates are in bands or associated jobs, love the ‘we’re all in it together’ vibe in most bands. Love perving on the latest gear, and occasionally making enough from gigging to actually buy something. Love this forum. Wages have been more or less stagnant around here since the millennium. Landlords seem to think that, if we’re enjoying what we’re doing, we should do it for free for some reason. After all, it’s not proper work, is it? Hate British attitudes to musicians, so much better almost anywhere else. Fed up with sharing a dressing toilet. Audiences as well as promoters/landlords can be utter c*nts, and if you tell me there are no bad audiences, only poor performers, I have some venues in Littlehampton and Portsmouth to show you. Mind you, the older I get, the better I was.
  3. Could this be the lost PA from that final show at Shea Stadium in ‘66?
  4. Bought Martyn’s Zoom B3n. No hassles and all smooth. Top fella 👍
  5. Bought a pickguard from John. All very pleasant and straightforward. Many thanks.
  6. Nice to see this end well. I think Jeff would approve…
  7. Bought a multi-fx from Dave. Nice swift & easy transaction. Bombproof packaging. A true gent, cheers Dave.
  8. Very easy and pleasant purchase. Pickups arrived in indestructible packaging nice and quickly. Cheers Alain
  9. Yup, insanely loud and equally heavy. Mine ripped out a speaker, but was otherwise bombproof.
  10. That bass gave me a sensation I haven’t had since seeing ABBA on Blue Peter in 1977.
  11. Bump for Peggy. Great read for a fan. The style is a bit, ahem, ‘rustic’, but it’s chock full of tales from the ongoing desperation of being in Fairport to his much deserved payday on joining Tull. Chug-a-lug 🍻
  12. Superbly easy transaction. He’s a gent, and did not lower himself to my childish level when I made infantile, grubby jokes about the horn I bought from him. A*
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