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  1. bassninja


    Purchased a midi controller from yer man Discreet. Another smooth and hassle-free transaction with Mark. Flexible and friendly as ever. Many thanks 👍
  2. bassninja

    Feedback for Earbrass

    Richard is a true gent, and he sure knows how to pack a quality item! Smooth transaction , thanks.
  3. bassninja

    Just been offered a gig in the states!

    It's raining (on) men
  4. bassninja

    Feedback for Black Coffee

    I bought Mike's Zoom B3. No problems, good nick, well packaged and speedily delivered. Top chap.
  5. bassninja

    Zoom B3 ****sold******

  6. Dream YOB bass and MOB pots. Can I interest you in one of my kidneys + minor organs your way?
  7. bassninja

    Octave Mandolin

    Always admired Mike Marshall playing Mandocello.. https://youtu.be/KAMe9pZwogY
  8. bassninja

    MM Bongo, anybody made one passive?

    I just 'pacified' my Fender Miller Jazz, as I never really used the actives anyway. I didn't like the boost only style, and it was too glassy for me up top. It feels great, but I wasn't using it so much. It's now VV (inactive pot) passive T, and the switch is series/parallel. The S/P switching has really bought something out, bit of a volume bump and a more pronounced mid width, which is more useful than the actives were, for me anyway. Horses for courses and all that, but I'm now using it much more.
  9. Top job, Nik. My first bash and really enjoyed it. Now I'm gassing for a Wal, though�� Just back from my own wedding anniversary pie fest, fortunately made it down the A3 in time to throw my cloak over a puddle for Mrs Ninja. Applause X several hundred to all those involved in the organising of a friendly and fascinating day.
  10. bassninja


    Second purchase from Mark; a Markbass stand thingy. Top fella, bombproof packaging, no hassles, just the job...