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  1. bassninja


  2. bassninja

    Mickeyboro feedback

    Bought a gigbag from Mick, just the very ticket in all aspects. Solid chap with a well deserved rep, just check the f/b...
  3. bassninja


    Purchased a midi controller from yer man Discreet. Another smooth and hassle-free transaction with Mark. Flexible and friendly as ever. Many thanks 👍
  4. bassninja

    Feedback for Earbrass

    Richard is a true gent, and he sure knows how to pack a quality item! Smooth transaction , thanks.
  5. bassninja

    Just been offered a gig in the states!

    It's raining (on) men
  6. bassninja

    Feedback for Black Coffee

    I bought Mike's Zoom B3. No problems, good nick, well packaged and speedily delivered. Top chap.
  7. bassninja

    Zoom B3 ****sold******

  8. Dream YOB bass and MOB pots. Can I interest you in one of my kidneys + minor organs your way?
  9. bassninja

    Octave Mandolin

    Always admired Mike Marshall playing Mandocello.. https://youtu.be/KAMe9pZwogY