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  1. I'm in Hoddesdon about twenty five minutes from Epping. If you don't go with Gig Gear, then give me a shout.
  2. A trouble free and smooth transaction. Happy to recommend Danny.
  3. Thanks Lozz. Bass Wielder, message me if you would like to chat.
  4. Great upgrades Tim, looks smart. Have you checked out my very popular, Mandolin Facebook Group? https://www.facebook.com/groups/2501585737
  5. If Terry is too busy, I'm about twenty minutes from Stevenage and could do it for you the latter part of next week.
  6. My wife recently surprised me with a G&L LB100 Tribute for my birthday. It plays and sounds to me, as good as the U.S. one that I had a couple of years back. Probably let down very slightly with a cheap nut, which I'll replace, if it bothers me enough.
  7. Think you will find that Lozz finds maple rather last year😂 Who would have thought it.
  8. A seamless transaction with Adam. Great comms, items exactly as described, packed to withstand Royal Mail handling and arrived in perfect condition the day after I had paid for it. Happy to recommend.
  9. Thanks Lozz. I did once have a curly perm but never actually owned a Capri.
  10. Good luck with it, hope you can get sorted.
  11. That will be tricky then. In the first instance, might be worth trying a polish that is nitro safe. This one is well regarded https://www.theguitarrepairworkshop.com/product-page/virtuoso-polish
  12. When trying to repair a BH250 for a customer, I could get no help, schematics or advice from them. They have an approved repairer in Sheffield (name escapes me at the moment). What with courier fees, each way and a minimum charge to look at it, it wasn't cost effective to get it fixed.
  13. What type of finish does the bass have?
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