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  1. I've found with Wal, that it is better to phone them.
  2. You will need to go up to a much high grit number than 240. Treat yourself to some 320, 400, 600, 800 and 1000.
  3. Great being a Dad isn’t chaps👍 This turned up earlier from my girls
  4. I never had a problem getting heard with that particular 150 watts. 👍
  5. I had the 1 x 15" and gigged with it for many years. I also had a 2 x 10" extension cab, which for me, made it an awesome rig. Increasing decrepitude (me, not the rig), made it necessary for a change to Mark Bass.
  6. An oldish set of rounds👍
  7. Still got the Spanish acoustic that my parents bought for me in 69. It's still got the original strings on😂
  8. I would also recommend treating yourself to a solder remover tool. Just a few quid on EBay and money very well spent.
  9. I've just installed one of these and posted a review here
  10. No bass acrobatics, just a little riff repeated over the different settings. IMG_2173.MOV
  11. A pic of the switch in place.
  12. With a little bit of time on my hands at the weekend, I decided to install John's tone switch in my custom P bass. I put this bass together a couple of years back and had been regularly gigging with it, prior to the lock down. This bass has the Fender 62 original pick ups installed and a standard P bass wiring loom that I put together, with CTS pots, switchcraft socket and vintage style, cloth covered cable. The installation was straight forward, I was able to leave the strings on, so it was just a case of removing the pick guard screws and maneuvering the guard out. I chose to unsolder the existing wires to make the necessary connections but they could have just been snipped. Then the original tone pot along with its capacitor was lifted out and the new tone pot switch put in place. The wires were inserted in to the relevant connectors and the screws tightened. Once the guard was back in place, all that remained was to put my original flat top knob on and the job was complete. I've had a couple of days to experiment and play about with the settings, and must say that I'm pleased with this little device. The eye opener for me is the second/B setting, which is the bypass, straight through option. I just loved the aggressive, clanky tone and I know it will work well for me in the band. Moving on to the .047uf (C) gives a much warmer, mellow and very useable, P bass tone. The difference between the .047uf cap and the .1uf (D) is more subtle than when moving from B to C, very useable though and lovely for deep dubby sounding bass. All in all a great little device and a worthwhile upgrade. It'll be staying in my P bass, just hope I get to try it out at a gig at some point. I'm never sure about the value of sound clips but I will post a video clip in a while. If you're listening on decent speakers or through head phones you should get to hear what it does.
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