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  1. Same as you, I came to the conclusion that I loved Mark Bass cabs but not with their amps. My GK Fusion 500 will be getting an outing tonight, love it
  2. It mostly works perfectly well as it is.
  3. I think one of the problems with these amps ( like with plenty of other equipment), is that they don't react well to electrical fluctuations/surges. I've now seen a couple that have failed when being used on stages, where the supply has been provided via a generator.
  4. I attempted to repair one of these for a customer but without success. I couldn't get parts or even a schematic. As @BassBunnysaid, Real Electronics are the only real viable option. I came to the same conclusion as you, in that, it's not worth it.
  5. Hi Alan and welcome. If you are planning on selling equipment here, then please use the relevant for sale section. Cheers.
  6. My prep for tonight's gig will mostly consist of being horizontal on the sofa for the afternoon, watching The Man in the High Castle.
  7. What a great job I miss my Dad, that is just the sort of thing he would have made for me.
  8. Our IT team are tracking them down at this very moment. The highly trained BC stealth commando unit, have had Christmas leave cancelled and are on standby.
  9. Goes with the territory with pub gigs Real bad case of it during the load out at a Buntingford, Herts pub gig last Friday night.
  10. Farm Factory in Welwyn has a good team and decent facilities for recording.
  11. Congrats Tim, hope you have many more enjoyable gigging years
  12. That is one lovely looking instrument.
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