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  1. For the last four or five years, I've been using the rubber grolsh type washers, at a cost of a few pence. So far, no problems and no signs of wear, after a few hundred gigs.
  2. I've installed quite a few different Entwistle pick ups in customer's guitars and basses and have been impressed with all of them. The Neo Jazz bass ones being a particular favourite. Their Smooth track pots are also a great upgrade.
  3. Our one for that night has just been cancelled, they've offered us the week before though, so not too bad.
  4. Need to clear my search history now, after searching for "All you need to know about knobs"
  5. This is a good knob resource https://blog.philadelphialuthiertools.com/2013/05/16/choosing-the-correct-knob-for-your-guitar-or-bass/
  6. That's impressive work Rubis, looks marvelous.
  7. Yes I would assume that the blacks want soldering together. Red to volume live and white to ground.
  8. What hooky said, also if the screws are close to the old ones, then they may well start to go in a bit wonky. If there's a risk of that happening, I would first fill the old holes with wood glue and cocktail sticks and leave it to harden.
  9. They are great strings and I've found them to be very long lived.
  10. I've found that if I do the popping thing on my P bass that wears Elixirs, then it's a waste of effort and is lost in the mix, if I do the same with the P with D'addarios or Highbeams, all is good.
  11. What a rotten situation CyberBass but so glad to hear that you survived. Hope you make a full recovery and get back to playing in the not too distant.
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