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  1. gary mac

    Hi From Jeff Berlin

    Welcome, enjoy the site.
  2. gary mac

    Feedback for Pestie

    Happy to recommend Mike again. Last time I sold him something, this time I was the buyer. Mike is a pleasure to deal with, he kept me updated, got the item to me in very quick time and it was superbly packaged. Deal with confidence Bass Chatters.
  3. gary mac

    What makes this song great?

    Same here
  4. gary mac

    I fancy a mandolin...

    I thought it would be a breeze playing the mandolin but I've not found it easy, enjoyable and fun yes. I really struggle with some of the chords and find them a bit cramp inducing.
  5. gary mac

    What makes this song great?

    Really enjoyed that, thanks for posting Jack. Off to check out some of the others
  6. Kiogon beat me to it but was also going to suggest checking that E string out.
  7. Is this just something that has appeared during this hot/humid weather, if so, like Lozz, I reckon it's probably a set up issue. Assuming that you're confident with bass tinkering, try slackening the truss rod slightly.
  8. gary mac

    I just sold my soul for YOB Jazz Bass

    Which is exactly what I did a couple of years back, seek out an original that is. Took a while but a contact came up with one. My wife thought I had lost the plot, "paying all that for a bit of old plastic" Since sold the bass but now have another slightly older model and once again, with the most lovely tort guard.
  9. gary mac

    I just sold my soul for YOB Jazz Bass

    That era tort is so lovely. It does mean I can't buy a modern bass with a tort guard, as just about variation of it now is just 'orrid.
  10. gary mac

    NBD - 1976 Greco Precision Bass

    Should be a good little project. Shows us the end result pics when it's done.
  11. These days I go with Pro Steels from D'Addario, as they give me that agrressive bite. Prior to that I was using DR High beams, which were also great.
  12. gary mac

    First guitar in 40. Years. Squier Contemporary Strat.

    Most Squier instruments that I've owned or worked on for customers, have been of decent quality. Most of them need a proper set up, but that's to be expected really and not what could be classed as a fault. On the lower budget models the frets sometimes need a little attention. Hope you enjoy it.
  13. gary mac


    I like to play other instruments but always happy to pick up a bass, haven't yet found it boring. Hope you get the love back😀 Enjoy the drumming as well though.
  14. gary mac

    Genz Benz Shuttle 6.2 (upgraded to NAD!)

    Yes, that's how I did it with my Shuttle
  15. gary mac

    Disco Duck broken

    It really is a fun one and can easily be rocked up a little.