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  1. Africa - like you've never heard it before?

    I so wish I had heeded your warning
  2. Schaller Straplock Maintenance

    If it's got to the point where they need maintenance, I recommend a very close examination of them. I had a Schaller strap lock fail on me mid gig. Close inspection revealed some wear to the pin, only very slight but it was enough with the downward pressure of the bass, to cause it to release. I know that they are well regarded and generally very reliable but like most things, they will eventually wear and need maintenance or replacement. These days I don't use them and instead rely on the little Grolsh type rubber washers. Cost effective, reliable, long lasting and any wear is easily spotted.
  3. Stellartone Tonestyler in my Dingwall Super P...

    They are a great upgrade, had the same one in my Super PJ.
  4. Xmas songs

    It's bad enough seeing the first Christmas ads on the box in September, now you've gone and started it in May I'm tempted to lock and hide this thread.
  5. seymour duncan trouble

    I think some gentle filing around the opening in the guard is what you need to be doing. If you've managed to get the pick ups in there but they just a little tight, it should only need a small amount removed.
  6. It has 8 bids already, hope it reaches a tidy sum for Ellen. I have a friend dealing with this same type of cancer at the moment, she has had a hellish time of it
  7. Alternative for D'addario Flexsteels

    I've not tried Dunlop Steels.
  8. Neck varnish removal

    Tru Oil is spectacularly good for the neck, gives a lovely feel.
  9. Alternative for D'addario Flexsteels

    Flexsteels are my fave D'addario strings. I only have a couple of sets left. DR Highbeams were my choice for a while, as like the Flexsteels, they lasted well and for me, sounded similar.
  10. Pubs or Clubs ... what's the difference?

    Totally relate to everything you've said Jack.😀 I'm facing the prospect of loading up,the car tonight and then a forty five minute drive for a social club gig🙄 The evening will also include Mustang Sally and 500 miles.
  11. Sold H4 Recorder

    We were moderating at the same time. I've edited the title and pm'd Mr Ambient.
  12. Jam nights - cliquey

    I stopped going years back, mostly due to it always ending up being a constant round of twelve bar blues type stuff, while an Eric Clapton type wannabee showed us all what a total rock God he was and that we were so lucky to be supporting him
  13. Recommend to me a new bridge!

    Personally not so keen on Badass. I'm a fan of the Babicz and have them on two of my P basses. They are so well constructed, easy to adjust and as others have said, no finger damaging protrusions. When I want a more traditional looking replacement, then I go for the Gotoh unit.
  14. A build for our own Len_derby

    So looking forward to seeing this project's progress.
  15. Open G string buzz

    I had that problem with a bass (not an upright though) that I was working on yesterday. It was a tuner with a wobbly head that was the culprit.