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  1. Thanks for the recommendation Lozano, much appreciated. Think Mr Writer is going with the Bass Gallery.
  2. Another G&L fan here. That’s a nice looker.
  3. Deoxit D5 is the one that I use most days. Sorts out the noisiest most crackly pots in no time. Money well spent.
  4. I was put off downloading the free one, as many of the reviews claimed that it is pretty much unuseable. I was planning on going for the version that requires payment. You may have saved me £30
  5. Not tried it but On Song has been recommended to me.
  6. What is plain boring to some, is a classic looker to others
  7. Busy pub for Saturday's gig. It was great to have an enthusiastic audience but did make me feel a bit anxious.
  8. It's a great technique and worth posting about Even though I'm aware of it and try very hard, my pinky finger will not obey commands, it just sticks out at a jaunty angle and refuses to stay in line.
  9. Feeling sad. The loss of a fellow mod, bassist and all round decent chap. RIP.
  10. You got yourself a major bargain with that lot👍
  11. My SB1 is getting an outing tonight for a local pub gig.
  12. That's an interestingly different looking bass Jack. Very cool. Wouldn't mind one myself, which is a feeling I haven't had for a while, thought I was all GASSED out
  13. Happy to take a look at it Mick.
  14. Before ordering I would hold off and check whether you can get full size pots through the F hole. It might be that you can get them installed through the pick up rout but I'm not sure. I know that with some of the Epiphone guitars that I've worked on, installation was through the f hole aperture and that can be a tight squeeze.
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