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  1. gary mac

    G&L lb100 opinions

    I've not yet played this particular model but having owned plenty of G&L basses and guitars, I'm sure it will be a great instrument.
  2. gary mac

    Just out of curiosity......

    Be warned Mr Skinnyman, additional sanctions will be applied, if you keep on using your quota of "little reaction things".
  3. gary mac

    NOBD (new old bass day)

    Very handsome
  4. gary mac

    NBD: 1993 USA G&L SB-2

    Yes. We both miss it then.
  5. gary mac

    NBD: 1993 USA G&L SB-2

    That looks rather lovely Harry.
  6. gary mac

    NBD: 1993 USA G&L SB-2

    Trying to think why I sold my SB2The SB1 is never leaving though and will be out gigging again on Friday.
  7. gary mac

    Making a Pickguard / Scratchplate

    Thanks for posting that, most helpful
  8. gary mac

    First gig with new band. Del Bromham/Stray

    Congrats. I had forgotten all about Stray, used to really like them and saw them a few times back in the seventies, can't recall where though
  9. gary mac

    In Memoriam

    Clarky has just been in touch with me, to pass on the sad news that barneyg42 aka Colin, has passed away today. R.I.P. Colin.
  10. gary mac

    Obsidian Wiring Harness Problem

    It could be a shorting issue, for example: If the cavity is shielded and the output socket moves slightly and then makes contact with the shielding, you will lose all sound.
  11. gary mac

    Relisting a bass

    I've edited it and unlocked for you.
  12. gary mac

    Refinishing a Harley Benton pb50

    Looking good and the colour looks mighty cool
  13. gary mac


    Great amps