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gary mac

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  1. NBD

    Looking good.
  2. Hoddesdon All Stars, Sunday10th Dec. George 3rd, Hoddesdon

    It's not really a showcase for bands. The format is more a mix of players from a number of local bands, putting together ad hoc bands for the occasion, no rehearsals, just a set list (which more often than not, gets forgotten on the day) announced a few days before hand. Happy to let you know when the next one is though. It's a good place to meet the local musicians, introduce yourself and put yourself forward. I know the next one will probably be July, when we will be raising money to help a young couple and their very poorly baby.
  3. New range from fender.

    I like the look of just about all of them, guitars and basses.
  4. Markbass 102hf

    The first generation ones had a slightly larger cabinet and so weighed a couple of kilos more.
  5. Les Paul types....

    I love the look of all three 😀👍
  6. 1966 Fender Precision Bass. All original.

    Thanks for that Bridgehouse, very true words. I was after a 63, that has now sold
  7. Hoddesdon All Stars, Sunday10th Dec. George 3rd, Hoddesdon

    Not ringing any bells, do you know which covers band? If it's one I get to see, then I'll be sure to say hello to him.
  8. GAS Reaction

    Will leave you to moderate this one 😄
  9. New Combo Day - Trace Elliot Content

    The sound was the reason that I added it, never found the combo on its own, lacking in volume.🙂
  10. New Combo Day - Trace Elliot Content

    As always, a quality review Mr. discreet. You don't need the Trace extension cab but I can tell you, it does sound even more awesome with one. A Trace 2 x10" added to that combo is a very pleasing combination.
  11. Fretboard Radius Jig

    It looks great and if it saves your hands some stress and strain, then that's a marvelous thing.
  12. P Bass Gas - Vintage - re issue - custom shop

    Thanks for the glowing reference Lozz, apprerciated.
  13. Nile Rogers

    I wasn't gigging last night and was really looking forward to Chic,,actually was thinking of getting tickets but wasn't willing to shell out well over,three hundred quid. Have to admit to not actually enjoying it, I know Niles uses top notch musicians but for me the rhythm unit was way too busy and the lead vocal over indulgent. Switched off and went to bed after the fireworks.