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  1. gary mac

    NBD - I'll just leave these here

    Never seen one of those before 👍
  2. gary mac

    D'addario chromes

    Chromes are best not cut down in length when fitting, it might look like too many winds on the post but it's most certainly the best way to do it. They are also more likely to survive a few taking offs and putting back on again.
  3. gary mac

    D'addario chromes

    Always found them very smooth and slinky. Maybe higher tension than what you're used to.
  4. gary mac

    "Lets Twist again", neck repair

    Well done @Grangur , excellent work mate.
  5. gary mac

    Loose paint on cutaways. Is it fixable?

    I have just fixed the very same problem on a Telecaster. As well as being loose, there was a very visible crack through which I was able to get some Titebond wood glue. This was applied using a pin, once I had a fair bit in there, I used masking tape to apply pressure to the repaired section and force it back against the wood. Obviously the cracks in the paint are still visible but the paint is now nice and firm.
  6. gary mac

    Best Bass for under £300

    My daughter got herself an Ibanez bass (not sure of the model) with a hardcase for £100. Total bargain, I've set it up for her and would happily gig it.
  7. Slacken that string off and see if that helps. Gets some lubricating oil on the threads whilst you're at it.
  8. gary mac

    Intonation and Tuning SNAFU

    We'll leave the nut alone then Discreet
  9. gary mac

    £65 for a set up.?

    I allow between 1.5-2 hours, which might seem like a long time but it's not something to be rushed. Also, I almost always end up masking the entire fret board, prior to any cleaning /polishing of frets.
  10. gary mac

    £65 for a set up.?

    I normally charge £35 for a set up. Typically this will include adjustments to the nut slots, truss rod and string height. Lubricant where required. A thorough clean. Fret polish and board treatment. Strings not included in the price.
  11. gary mac

    NBD: Classic Charvel Pointiness!!

    Haven't seen one of those in a while Nick. Nice one, enjoy
  12. gary mac


    He should be put overboard for that crime 😡
  13. gary mac

    Gig bag recommendations...

    I've not regretted my purchase of the Mono Sleeve and will be getting another for my back up bass, in the not too distant.
  14. gary mac

    NBD: Status Electro fretless

    That looks very lovely Harry
  15. gary mac

    Pick Up change...Recommendation please!

    Like Dom in Somerset, I'm really impressed with Entwistle. I've fitted them in to customer's instruments and my own. Don't be put off by the low price, they really are up there with some of the much more expensive pick ups that I've tried.