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  1. I guess I should have explained that it was a metal splinter, picked up during a fret levelling job.
  2. I experienced the same (or similar) recently, could see no problem, until a very close up inspection with a magnifier and bright light showed up a tiny spec, which I think was a metal filing.
  3. Very nice and an excellent price.
  4. Dave mentioned a page or so back that he was now in a calmer place. Plenty have contributed, there can't be anything else to add that is going to benefit anyone, so I reckon it's time to close it whilst everyone is feeling happy, content and ready to get back to talking about flats v rounds, P v J etc.
  5. I'm reluctant to get involved, as usually once you're given the advice, you decide to not act on it as you don't want to spend out on tools or other products. This job does usually require tools.
  6. Had to learn this number for a dep gig last week
  7. Mr stewblack is spot on with this. Get yourself well and then give it proper consideration.
  8. Anyone playing or going along to spectate? I'm depping and still learning some of the tunes
  9. The Yes Album is the one for me. Still regularly play it and just love listening to it on headphones, just so involving. Fragile second. I also like The Ladder, well, most of it.
  10. There's a chap, who I believe does actually play bass in a Jam tribute act, who played air bass at one of our gigs in Stevenage. Not only air bass but air bass in the style of Mr Foxton.
  11. Welcome RoverT, hope you enjoy the forum
  12. You haven't, we are watching you Mr Blank...........................................
  13. @MaudeIs there a good N.S. scene in Cornwall?
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