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  1. gary mac

    Truss Rod - Straight Neck

    For a couple of years or so, Warwick used a truss rod that turned in the reverse direction.
  2. gary mac

    NAD - Crackly Volume Knob

    If you can gain access to the innards and get your Serivisol sprayed inside the pot, that would be worth a try.
  3. gary mac

    Fender p bass capacitors?

    None but they do look cool 😀
  4. gary mac

    STOLEN: Unique Dingwall Super J5

    Shared on FB yesterday. Really feel for you and hope that you get everything back.
  5. gary mac

    Marshall vba valves

    If you're happy to look inside the amp and assuming that you're aware of the risk involved around capacitors etc. then it's worth checking the soldering to the areas that the valves are seated in. The heat generated and vibration can cause the solder to fail, it's not always obvious until a very close inspection. Admittedly it tends to be more common with Fender amps but still worth checking.
  6. gary mac


    Cool looking P bass
  7. gary mac

    Marshall vba valves

    Actually I haven't but do know plenty who have, plus the guvnor is a bassist, so he must be alright. You could make contact and see how it pans out, if you don't feel that you get the right answers or the price doesn't suit, then move on.
  8. gary mac

    Marshall vba valves

    Check out Watford valves,
  9. That does look much more pleasing Trevor. So you want to make your Wal sound like an old P bass, that's exactly why I've ended up selling my Wals Having said that, I must admit to having Wal GAS once again
  10. gary mac

    If I wasn't mad on.... I think I'd try...

    I've owned a Super P and Super P/J, both were superbly built and extremely comfortable on the shoulder. Loved the fanned frets and after initial trepidation, was delighted to find that they just felt right and natural. The P/J in particular was a spectacular instrument, it was built for the Namm show and was the one featured in BGM a few years back. The only problem and this was really more down to my technique, was that when using a plectrum, the pickup angle and positioning made it difficult to play in my usual style. When playing finger style or with thumb it wasn't an issue and perhaps with some adjusting of my technique, I could have overcome the problem. Also, I always made it sound like a P bass and so, given that I've pretty much always played P bass style instruments, I just decided to stick with Fender and G&L, which suit my pick technique. Couldn't just have them sitting around for home noodling so they were sold.
  11. gary mac

    Newly-discovered love of Trevor Bolder's playing

    Yes Trevor was a class act.
  12. gary mac

    ACG Fretless 5

    Just back from checking out Alan's site. Knew I shouldn't have looked, now I want a custom build
  13. gary mac

    ACG Fretless 5

    Think this is going to be a thing of beauty, looking forward to seeing the documented progress and of course, the finished job. Being a P bass chap, I need to visit Alan's site to check out the RetroB shape.
  14. gary mac

    Worst Audition Ever!!!

    Some years back we were in need of a new drummer, so set up auditions. The first one to turn up, spent an age setting up his kit, tuning it, fiddling with drum heights etc. We finally launched in to the first song of his choice and he didn't do a thing, nothing. Claimed that he wasn't quite ready, so we started again, same thing, although on the very final note he wacked the snare drum and asked us what we thought
  15. gary mac

    Pickguard bevelling?! Help

    I was planning on doing this very job a while back, in the end I had a change of mind. At the time I found this and thought that it was pretty good info: http://www.offsetguitars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=101316