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  1. I was carrying out a fret levelling job at the weekend and had Argus playing on the Ipod. Still one of my fave albums and even having listened to it countless times, I had to keep taking a break from the fret filing to enjoy the bass playing and his tone.
  2. Sometimes doing the best thing for you, can really seem like the hardest thing to do. Really relate to what you're going through mate. Maybe a few months down the line you can go for a more low key local gig.
  3. Looks like you had fun Great pics and some lovely basses.
  4. That does look rather lovely Dave. Mrs S won't be making that mistake again
  5. Might have to get one to partner my Fallout guitar.
  6. Hope it improves for you. If I were to cancel a rehearsal due to a splinter in a finger, my band would give me hell.
  7. Nice one, sounds like a good deal. Some decent pots will make all the difference.
  8. Last week, I converted a customer's active Squier Jag to passive. Completely transformed it, from an horrid boomy mush to clear articulate Fendery goodness. Sorry a bit of a thread hijack but just making the point that sometimes the manufacturers don't get it right and that simple can be best.
  9. You lucky chapI'm sure that will sound mighty good.
  10. Dave can you let me know the name of the app? Cheers.
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