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  1. Have to agree with this. For those of us adjusting/setting up instruments on a daily basis it would be ridiculous to do an 1/8th turn and then wait a day before another 1/8th turn.
  2. My loons were a 26" waist and a 32" flair
  3. Cool looking pair of P's
  4. If the amp has pre amp valves, I would suspect them. Also check that the fan is running and is not clogged with dust\debris.
  5. What a looker, you did well to find that one.
  6. Welcome to the forum. That is some special collection you have there
  7. If it's tight enough and holds, then that's the best option. If it does need adhesive, I would avoid superglue and go with a wood glue, such as tite bond.
  8. I recently had to replace the truss rod on a Warwick, a so called guitar tech had completely messed it up, sheared the nut and compressed some wood It was a challenging job and not one I want to be doing again anytime soon.
  9. I would probably go with 45-105, because I've played everything from heavy Rock to pop and soul on them. It's important that the instrument is set up properly and also that you know how to get the best out of your amp/cab.
  10. That is one spectacular looking bass
  11. These days I don't often suffer the sweaty hand thing but have done in the past. Baby talc rubbed liberally over my sweaty mitts helped.
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