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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UGzIa2jHrc&t=477s Do any of you folks have any idea of who are the guys in the shadows in this show? I know that the guitar player is Andrew Watt, but I can't find any info on who's killing it on the bass and drums here.... Must be some of the dopest cats in LA. BTW this show is off the effin charts, check it out! Thanks Liam 🚀
  2. Hey folks, Since I'm planning on using two different synths and a bass guitar, I need amphead that got 2 outputs and two inputs. I'm looking for compactible, D class thing, though I aint sure if any of these things actually exist? Any ideas are welcome.. thx Faith
  3. My techs are already looking into it - it all came down to one broken fuse and two transistors. 50 something quid repair.
  4. See the pic.. Doesn't seem like the main board is fried is it... Ps the power input and the Voltage switch is at the top left of the board (those big blue connectors)
  5. Well, its a quality D Class thing, I guess they got some sort of protection, dont they..
  6. FFS, just tried to turn on my Aguilar 500 at home (Mainland Europe 230V) and the input selector was set on 115V... I heard a slight buzz and now the head won't turn on.. Could it be damaged badly? thanks L
  7. Hey mate, How did you play the bass through it - have you just run it straight to the Subpac, or you sent the audio monitor signal into it? I'm looking at these, as I dig these sort of things very much (I've got the Tecamp Pleasure Board atm), but this one really caught my eye.. Thanks L
  8. Hey guys, It's not necessarily L6 based question, but I've been looking at some guitar effects processors so that I could ditch my pedalboard, and have only one unit. The problem is, I'm connecting my electric bass along the Moog Little Phatty synth, and I have Boss LS line-selector for this. Now, most of these effect processors seem to have only ONE input, when I need two. Is there any stuff, where they offer multiple inputs to add? thanks a lot, L
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. [quote name='JakeBrownBass' timestamp='1398111337' post='2430620'] It's Eric Smith. Does loads of work for Adam Blackstones company BBE. He also does the Rihanna shows when Adams busy. Adam Blackstone didn't join the European part of the 20/20 your because he's been busy in the states MD'ing for Pharell. Edit: if you want to find him on twitter it's @PikFunk [/quote] Yeah, I ran through Adam's Twitter and realised that he was off doing Pharell thing at Coachella.. I'm not that ashamed anymore that I didnt get my JT tickets yet, if Blackstone isnt doing Euro dates though.. BTW whats wrong guys like Blackstone, E Smith, Kern Brantley - their social activity is pretty much non-existant.. I mean, you wont find something else other than a few interviews and few crappy rehearsal videos.. Brantley promised to make a Symth Bass tutorial DVD, but I think its around two years now, when he's 'doing' it..
  11. Okay, so I was listening to a few live songs off the latest JT's tour in UK and Ive noticed that there's no more Adam Blackstone (Timberlake's MD). I ran through 3 UK shows and they all had some other guy doing bass - he who plays green/white J bass with pickguard. I made a few screenshots off the shows - its not great quality,because it was filmed with cellphone presumably, but I hope some of you would be able to work out his name.. [attachment=160826:image.jpg] [attachment=160827:image.jpg]
  12. Hey guys, My beloved Aguilar TH500 doesn't get that much play these days, as I'm not using my 'ordinary' rig on gigs - it's all in-ear monitors+ Sansamp DI and as if it's not enough, I'll probably have to raise some funds quickly, so sadly, my Aggie is about to go.. I'm not very desperate to shift it, but I'm curious how much attention this would get. Judging from previous adverts, these amps sell pretty quickly. You probably know the deal - Aguilar makes some of the best amps in the industry. I chose Tone Hammer 500 to use as my main amp in 2011 & I've been mainly using in on TV shows (like "The Voice"). Working in such scenarios like TV shows & backing pop artists requires quality gear and TH500 has never let me down - reliable, loud, user-interface friendly (I hate graphic EQ's.. if you like fiddling around with it, Aguilar lets you dial a great number of tones by adjusting only three knobs (Gain, Mid Level & Mid Freq). Amp has been played at moderate volumes - even when doing arena gigs, I don't remember having the need to crank it past 12 o'clock. Being D class amp, it weighs literally nothing, but contains 500w of 'horsepower' I've bought this amp brand new from official UK Aguilar dealer, Bass Gear in 2011, and I still got the original packaging, lead, manual & all the other bits and bobs that were included along with the amp itself. It's in very good nick, used intermittently, has only one noticeable ding on the corner. The amp is located in Lithuania, but the amp is very light & small, so I can simply ship it to you via FedEx or such, OR if you're in London, I will do a gig there on May 15th (@ Cargo), so I can take it along with me (no box then, customs issues, you know..) and give it straight to your hands [b]NO TRADE offers, please..[/b] Photos: [url="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/33vduadwhxlonfx/oEbB3bAXAr"]https://www.dropbox....onfx/oEbB3bAXAr[/url] Payment type: PayPal only. Shipping costs: included in price (530 quid) My feedback: [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/138778-feedback-for-faithless/"]CLICK here[/url] Feel free to ask any questions, PM with offers. Thanks, Laimis
  13. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1397137144' post='2421047'] Glad you`re impressed Faithless, the house bassist is one of our very own Basschatters. [/quote] Who's that guy then? Well, I was 'impressed' in quite a different way, to say at least - I am not measuring that guy's capabilities or anything, I'm just curious, how he gets away without playing any synth bass on that show..
  14. Being involved into this TV thing myself (I'm doing Lithuania Voice shows), I was always amazed about UK Voice's house-band bass player.. Now I know that bass chair is temporary there - different guys play at different stages of the show, but, knowing the high music standards of the show, it is beyond me, how bass player is allowed to play [i]everything[/i] on electric bass and not using synth bass at all. On the other hand, I'm not a dedicated follower of the UK show, but I've seen quite a few performances, and have never even spotted synth bass keys nearby the bassplayer.. In the end,I always thought, it is a must to be able to play (and actually do it ) some synth bass in UK pop scene, isn't it?
  15. Sight Reading Compendium for Electric Bass by Joe Hubbard. nothing even comes close when it comes to this sort of thing, as reading - and I've seen loads of books, so you can trust me. L
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