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  1. It's the same guy playing here on bass. Devon on drums as well, I think. Though, I think that the Bud show in 2018 was better- the bass player doesnt cut in this show, and, well, the guitar is way more in tune in 2018' show than here, lol.
  2. I'll be running all of them to the same amplifier on stage for monitoring purposes. What do you mean by these? "separate B1/4s"
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Woodinblack, Well since Im gonna play two mono basses, stereo effects are irrelevant anyways, so I take it, the HX stomp is gonna do the job.
  5. Bigwan, thanks! I didnt know about the FX loop thing.. I figure, the same can be applied to Line6 POD GO then?
  6. Question regarding HX Stomp: Can it's stereo inputs (L and R) be used to plug in two mono signals (two basses) and by panning hard left and right receive two independent outputs? Thanks L
  7. Here's my brief plan on routing two basses, and two bass synthesizers to FOH and Amp separately.
  8. Well, but since HX has two inputs (left and right) and two outputs, and the signals can be split, why wouldnt I be able to plug in two mono signals (two basses) and get two separate mono signals to FOH?
  9. Thanks for replies, folks. I’ll be running the unit as an amp simulator first and fx unit secondly (comp, distortion, envelope, thats it). The MAIN issue here is that i’m planning on running 2 basses into unit, and split the signals, so the HX unit seems to be the only option, since it can split the two input signals separately to FOH, right?
  10. Hi, folks, It's been a WHILE since I last posted here, but... I decided to switch from my bulky analog pedalboard to digital thing. I was looking at different things, but the two most sensible options are these two: https://www.thomann.de/intl/lt/line6_hx_stomp.htm https://www.thomann.de/intl/lt/line6_pod_go.htm Which one should I be going for? POD seems to have more controls and an extra foot controller, which I like. I want this unit to be a preamp and have some quality effects and have the ability to upgrade it at some point. Thank you! best Laimis
  11. Hey, Greene, How you doing? Do you consider shipping the thing, abroad? Thanks Liam
  12. Hey, Fluffo, Hows it going? Do you consider shipping the thing, abroad? Thanks Liam
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