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  1. I missed the significance of this sentence the first time round! In order to build your acoustic guitars, you took a piece of MDF and made a spherical dish in it with a 25 foot radius. That is emphatically the most specialist bit of tooling to appear on BC How did you make it? What are the tolerances? How long did it take? How often is it used? Where do you keep it???
  2. I was asked to put together "a slide or something" to illustrate what went on behind the scenes to produce an online service. He wanted a slide to talk over, this is what we gave him instead. It wasn't quite what he expected, but amused us and the congregation. https://youtu.be/a37IJoBWAk4?t=883 Hopefully this will start at the correct time, if not then it's at 14:43 (or here https://youtu.be/a37IJoBWAk4?t=777 if you want the minister's preamble as well)
  3. A friend lent me his Sinsonido 2Β½ years ago when I first mentioned I had always wanted to play bass. The action was like the Menai bridge and the electronics were shot and I got them repaired. But it was silent, went on holiday easily, and I could practice without annoying the wife. The start of a journey πŸ˜€. Worth investigating if you do want a travel bass, but they are very, very, bright!
  4. 'Tis a thing of beauty! And, as often happens of this forum, I find I have been on a journey from ignorance that something even exists, through quizzical puzzling about how it works, through amazement that someone is making one, to deciding I will really really need one! Hats off again, and thank you for a most interesting build diary! πŸ˜€
  5. ScrewDup precision bass? (No reflection on your build quality)
  6. There ought to be a good name which is also mechanical engineering play on the term "precision" bass. The best I can think of at the moment would be something like Submicron precision bass. Or if I were building it WideTolerance precision bass.
  7. Good piece of kit. Also works as a 2in-2out usb audio interface, has built-in microphones, works as a control surface for a DAW and is a limited looper and sequencer. https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/zoom-r8 Very tempted, I need to think where I would use it.
  8. Making a compost bin from old pallets (don't expect a build diary) and listening to the Live Aid concert on Spotify. Was that really 35 years ago??
  9. I wish them the very, very best. The daughter of one of our church families was due to be married in April down south. They had also not been living together, but had bought a house and needed to move out of their respective rentals. They had a religious service in the back garden in June, just them and the parents with the minister on zoom and a couple of hundred other virtual guests as well. It is not legal in the eyes of the law, but they made their commitments and as far as they are concerned that's their wedding day. Legal service next week, and reception next year πŸ™‚
  10. That's my understanding too. Our big youth event is a week's camp which isn't happening offsite but will be a week's events on video. The band are planning to lead the worship live from the church, spread right out along the stage with the vocalist facing away from everyone.
  11. I recognised the Crazy Horse image, but not the name. Googled, read, and now educated πŸ‘
  12. Of course, it could actually be their secret weapon in the battle against Covid-19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-53274152
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