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  1. Hello, good evening and welcome! Don't ever worry about your English.Your English is better than my French, and my bass playing. And if you can play upright bass in a jazz band your bass playing is probably better than my English as well 🙂 Get stuck in and enjoy the forums.
  2. I have you, Mr. Mandrel, to blame for me recognising that. And for my borrowing A box of Peggs from the CD library and now keeping an eye out for it elsewhere. And for me buying Dave Pegg's autobiography. And probably for the dishwasher going wrong this weekend too. End of thread derailment and back to congratulating the proud father 😉
  3. Level Pegging I think. But they all sound the same to me 😉
  4. Looks a lot like Bandlab, which we're using for remote collaboration too. Basically what you are saying is that you like fiddling about and that solving the problems is as much part of the fun as playing the instruments. Sounds pretty reasonable to me!
  5. Between the iRig, SessionCake and H4N you have more inputs than the Beatles had for Sgt Pepper and your phone has more processing power than the moon lander. I'm looking forward to hearing what you come up with, should be awesome!! I know what you mean about laptops that become desktops due to the number of leads plugged in though 😞
  6. Great name!! Now I have recycled gas...
  7. All that copper tape will keep the slugs from the pickups too 🙂 So you won't be able to play any of these songs.
  8. I have just seen the final edit of an upbeat song that I am playing on for next Sunday's online service. It seems I move my upper body quite a lot, but my expression remains resolutely immobile.
  9. Looking very good! You need a name and a logo for the headstock, especially once you start selling them. Something that references the origins. PianoForte in the Fender script perhaps? Or 88KeyBass? Bassendorfer?
  10. I was thinking initially "That's quite a jolly boppy bass line, the tone goes with the rhythm and would fit with dancing on Top of the Pops". Then I realised he was playing along to Nirvana! 😄
  11. Some people would regard that as a good end to the gig 😉
  12. These ID threads are genuinely fascinating. Like Silent Witless, thankfully without the murder and usually with less decomposition of the body, but in the same way that tiny clues reveal the truth.
  13. The ebay descriptions all start with "roasted maple neck not genuine", and then different guitars have different faults. Would be tempted, but I have a friend's 5-er on loan so don't need to spend money 😉 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RedSub-Coliseum-Fanned-Fret-5-String-Bass-DAMAGED-RRP-319/303665014478?hash=item46b3d866ce:g:TdgAAOSw8vtfRUMI
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