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  1. Welcome aboard! There are a fair number of members of this forum based in Spain. Off the top of my head @Bassxperience is in Barcelona, @bassalbert I think is Madrid. There are definitely others, and lots of friendly people all over the place.
  2. Welcome aboard! If North Staffs had anything like the rain we got in Solihull this afternoon then yes, it was pretty miserable! However the sun always shines on BC
  3. I'm cross-linking to this, as @scrumpymike has posted it on the SW Bash thread, but it might be interesting to others. The T-shirts aren't branded to any bash, are good quality, and in my experience are guaranteed to get you a "What on earth is a Bass Bash??" response when you wear them. 😁
  4. Do I detect a very slight exaggeration for comic effect perhaps? No? Oh well 😉 Maybe just Acoustic DB/EUB Fretless 4 5/6 Weird and Wonderful
  5. That's a great scrabble word. Or would be if it was in the dictionary.
  6. @funkgod lots of good, and terrible, suggestions above. Have you picked a winner yet?
  7. Off to buy a 2022 diary so I can put this date in it.
  8. Hey! I didn't realise @Stub Mandrel played with The Tourists!
  9. BBC sounds has a new series of Soul Music, this cropped up on the episode about Country Roads. Rather excellent.
  10. Seconded, we don't need the "Dark Theme Testing " banner now. We likes it we does 😎
  11. Welcome back my friend to the chat that never ends, Ladies and Gentlemen: Delvar, Dadd and Seashell! I think creating a second account then tapping a mod to reinstate the first one is just a way to double your TLRTs. Most cunning.
  12. I distinctly remember borrowing a mono LP of that from the drummer at church years ago. I put it on, knowing it was a record that changed the industry, but still expecting to hear the usual early 60's slightly thin guitar sound but with some better technique. Oh my word! It sounds like it was recorded years later. No wonder it blew people's minds.
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