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  1. Big Fun - to drown out Coronation Street. Why would listening to Miles Davis make one a snob?
  2. I think it's about 1.5GB/hour or a bit more. I'll see if I can measure usage in a real conference tomorrow, and post here.
  3. TESTERS REQUIRED for a Virtual Bass Bash So far we have: @Bassman Sam, @Andyjr1515, @Len_derby, and I hope still @jebroad & @ped @Oldman - PM me with an email address A few more would be good. Currently no preferences for Friday or Saturday, so probably Friday. Rich
  4. I'm expecting to see you @Frank Blank, the internet reaches to Essex. We can start a diabetic sub-forum. "Flats or rounds, which lowers blood sugar more efficiently?"
  5. TESTERS REQUIRED for a Virtual Bass Bash The sort of thing I have discussed with @jebroad and @ped would be like an interactive seminar. Ideally we would get a couple of people to present something, either a product demo, or a technique, or a workshop tour from their mobile (that would be cool), or just "show us your bass", and then there is an open forum for people to ask questions. I think this could be quite fun, and we could run them while in lockdown. The technology will work, what we need is a bunch of folks willing to see how easy they found it to use. Ahead of a proper VBash, I'd like at least a dozen willing volunteers to try it and see what they think of using MS Teams. Lots of options are available, and everyone has their favourite, but I had to pick one that I know will scale and is free, so this was it 🙂. If it doesn't suit, then we can change, but we need to actually run one first to see what the pros and cons are. I have the team set up, and have tested it small scale. The proposed date for this test, or two dates if we have enough interest are Friday 3rd April - in the evening Saturday 4th April - late afternoon or evening If you're interested then please PM me with an email address I can use to invite you into the team. Also let me know what device you would intend to join on. I'll then invite you to the team, and post a list of participants here, without the emails obviously. (If you want to maintain anonymity or separation of concerns then just set up a new email address for this. I set up [email protected] just to provide separation from my main email account) Cheers all, Rich
  6. Never thought of the uneven tension across the neck. It's obviously marginal, otherwise everyone would do it, but little things add up. What does the reverse look like then?
  7. Listened and liked, a lot. It reminded me of Pat Metheny, similar music, style and exquisite playing. Then I clicked through to like the clip, and discovered that indeed it is a cover of a Pat Metheney tune 😁
  8. https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/RedSub-INF5-Fan-Fret-Multi-Scale-5-String-Bass-Guitar-Nearly-New/33SA Pre-owned or ex display. £189.
  9. Not sure I believe you, but thanks. <Announcer>; "And now we return to the beautiful bass guitar build"
  10. As ever, the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail astonishes me. By way of contrast I attach a photo of the little monitor shelf I made for my home office. (If I have to look at this for the next 6 months I at least want it to be tidy). You can clearly see the gap at the front right caused by using too flexible a blade, leading to an angled cut, further spoiled by trying to plane chipboard with a blunt plane. @Andyjr1515 - you really don't appreciate how far above mere mortals you are!
  11. I have faffed about trying to do this a couple of times. As far as I can tell, Skype just will not recognise two audio inputs, it can only be configured with one 'Mic' input from one source. A sngle room mic for voice and the amp will work. I would try that first, or even just the webcam mic. If you had a separate mixer so you could mix before the interface, and then send the combined signal, that might work. But you still need to hear the bass, and your vocal mic would pick up speakers, so you need headphones too. Which all gets a bit fiddly.
  12. @jebroad, @ped. I can set up something using MS Teams. This is pretty straightforward, but I want to run my suggestion past you guys and the mods in general and run a test first. Is there a way to have a multi way PM?
  13. It would be interesting to know how much Bass Bashes contribute to the UK economy by fueling additional purchases of new gear.
  14. I agree we should postpone. Reluctantly as I had a great weekend planned with the Bass Bash and Nick Mason, bit we should. But we ought to try something creative with technology. A whole day event isn't practical, but how about a virtual bash using Skype or Zoom or such platform? It would need a few people to agree up front to "present" their gear and demo, and then take questions. I'm not sure what the capabilities of the free platforms are, but I am looking at them for other uses anyway. Worth investigating, or dumb idea?
  15. As usual I'm taking time out from social media for Lent.  Back after Easter,  folks!

    1. SpondonBassed



      You've reminded me of my lapsed religion.  Suspended for four weeks!

      (Heeheehee.  I may have to wait for a bit for a response from the OP)

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