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  1. Welcome aboard! Sounds like you need to trawl the market place to see who sold what to who and when, and post in the Wanted section. While you're here, join in the chat, we're all friendly.
  2. Welcome aboard! It's funny what instruments you just click with, or not, and can't really explain why. Glad you like the Mikro, they have a great reputation.
  3. Until you posted that you were 😅
  4. Welcome aboard! I started same age as you, and three years on am now tolerable, at least at playing the bass. I always recommend StudyBass.com. It's not shouty, is completely free, and makes sure you understand the basics, like how not to wreck your back and wrists, tuning and setup, and theory. Scotts Bass Lessons is excellent value for money as well, at about £80 per year I've kept my subscription running. He is a bit enthusiastic, so get going first, then take the free trial in a couple of months. After that, play what you like, learn to play the bass you have and stay away from the marketplace! 😁
  5. I was hoping this was about Indian cookery using spinach.
  6. "Rusty Worship for The Eternal Lord"- sounds like an album from Rend Collective 😁 That apart, it will be great. It is very strange with no congregation singing, but live worship is still the best and you should enjoy it. I'm hoping to play in a fortnight 🤞
  7. Welcome aboard! Tuba and bass - you're not secretly Herbie Flowers are you? 🤔
  8. Welcome again! Hopefully the Midlands Bass Bash will be on in the autumn and you can join us then. See the Events forum for date and place.
  9. It's like practicing at home rather than playing a gig. The difference being that your practicing results in something useful...
  10. Taking a break from LCDs. See you all later, or when the BassChat omnibus print edition comes out.

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      Yeah, the problem is that BassChat is the home page on my phone! 

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      Great excuse.

      But your 'phone is an LCD so you're not out of jail yet.

  11. Of course! Hence the only Allen keys that fitted my bass being rusted old ones in the box from my father's garage!
  12. Welcome aboard! Make yourself at home, you'll fit right in! 😁
  13. If it says "Buy me more friends", then I suggest you put it down and step away from the BassChat marketplace before things get even more expensive! Other than that, Welcome Aboard! 😀
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