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  1. Dumb question: since you have taken what looks like 5mm off the body along the string line, won't the bridge now sit too low wrt the fretboard, resulting in horrible action? Or is there some cunningness en route?
  2. Wasn't there something with a set of these at the last midlands bash? I'm sure there was something with a pretty complicated pickup on the left by the window. Two up from Luke & me in the corner. Or was I hyper having eaten too much cake and am imagining it?
  3. Thanks @lemmywinks. Will check out that site too. Brawley sourced materials and parts from Korea and assembled in California, so Korean tuners makes sense.
  4. A couple of days back I was about to start practice, tuned the D a little bit, and the tuning peg sheared. See first pic. Not even high tension, just bringing it into tune. Since the bass is 17yr old and has the A tuner replaced before me I will get a complete new set anyway. I took this set off to see what make they are and what they weigh. There are identification marks on the tuners, see other pic. The trebble side are marked D and the bass side B if that helps. Total weight is 232g, which is pretty good, so will replace with licenced Hipshots I think. Still curious to know what these are.
  5. Something like that would look great as an inlay at the 12th fret. And The Galaxy Bass would be a cool name. There are a few astrophotographers on BC.
  6. Settles in to watch master at work. 🙂 A quick Google about the number 63 and it's applicability to naming OTT bass guitars came up with this on Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/63_(number) Amongst the many options: M63 is the Sunflower Galaxy, maybe a bit hippy. Element 63 is Europium, will be considered political. The sterile offspring of a horse and a donkey has 63 chromosomes, not an application analogy to Andy's builds. I reckon there will only be 42 discernible tones, so you could still call the bass Douglas.
  7. Not in the Baptists 🙂 "Proof of Concept". But I shall forever now read it as "Piece of Cauliflower", which will make future project plans much more entertaining. Thanks @stewblack 👍
  8. Hadn't noticed they were videos, logged in from a secure works PC (on a very, very tedious conference call) and it just shows the static image, not as a link. Will check out later.
  9. We intend to, but I wanted a POC first.
  10. Amen to that! We have so far purchased nothing of significance. The laptop running OBS belonged to the youth worker who left in May, the software is free, the phones for cameras are my kids' old ones. I bought a used USB audio interface from here to go between the desk and the PC, and just got another MIDI controller for £30 so I can have mine back. Plus some cables and stuff the total outlay is probably £130 to date. The Mifi box was unused from someone else too. So cheap and effective. But we do have key-person dependencies on me to operate the OBS and another person who controls the YT stream.
  11. It can be good enough. A single ½s glitch on a feed over an hour is acceptable for a church YT feed, if not the BBC. We had terrible WiFi in the sanctuary using the guest network and also awful network speed even wired. The solution was a dedicated 4G MiFi hub placed close to the window with a wired connection to a set of Mesh cubes all round the church. Rock solid 60Mbps down and 11 Mbps up. We have persuaded Virgin that they can connect us to the new cabinet 20 yards along the road, rather than 100 yards across a main road, so have full fibre due in the new year to remove the 4G dependency.
  12. Do let us know how you get on with the Osmo gimbals. At the moment we have a one-eyed camera operator called Paul. We will probably not replace him, but swap Dave's old phones for proper cameras 😉 On another thread you asked about MIDI drum pads. I was going to report on the Akai Lpd8 I bought, but it's never been used as drum pads. I used it as a DAW control and it's now at church in service as a controller for OBS.
  13. It has four strings, other than that I have no idea! Do tell 🙂
  14. 🥳🥳🥳🎵🎵🎬📽🎞 🥳🥳🥳
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