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  1. Sorry ☹. I never expected to actually get one, so hadn't got anything queued up. And I don't know many lines well enough to record them I'll try to record two or three lines in advance, and thus jinx my chances of ever recognising any more.
  2. Will be tomorrow evening at the earliest before I can post something, @Jimothey can jump in.
  3. Are Friends Electric - Gary Numan & Tubeway Army.
  4. Arrrgggghhhhh! It's Page 24 and I finally recognise a line - but I cannot think of the name!!
  5. Congratulations indeed! Nobody operating at P!nk's level is going to put chancers or losers on the bill, so you evidently earned the right to be there. Of course the photos are good, but any chance you can post recordings?? Especially of Montreux or Wembley 🤞
  6. When I started playing a year or so back two of my friends who have played for years took the mick because I'm as interested in the theory and the why as much as the playing and the how. Knowing my very academic nature they reckoned I would be fabulous at theory and only able to play The Chain. About a third of my lessons end up as music theory. It's fun and interesting, and rather than practicing someone else's song as a means to get my muting better I have to, for example, write a walking bassline over a set of chords and then practice that. Of course my muting is still lousy, I'll never get a job in a covers band, and as a point of principle I've not learned The Chain 😉
  7. Likewise, I looked at the list on the website and was quite amazed. Much deliberation later I have to settle on Chris Squire. Birmingham NEC Arena, 90125 tour, a quarter of the way from the front, on the sides. For the first time at a gig I could hear and feel every note from the bass, realised he was playing way more than I had every heard through my crappy schoolboy record player. Just thinking about it I can remember my chest resonating and my mouth hanging open as Squire stalked the stage in a bloody great fur coat; the songs somehow sounding so heavy yet flying like nothing before. Thirty-plus years later I finally pick up a bass and start to learn. And realise that buried deep in what I want to sound like is that memory.
  8. I bought an EBS Session 60 bass amp at the weekend from Pete ( @xzodar) . Good communications over PM before I drove down to try out the amp. Lovely amp, exactly as described (better in fact as he'd dug out the manual and a cover). Lovely chap and would cheerfully recommend buying from him. Rich
  9. Well just to close this thread off, for the benefit of anyone who stumbles upon it in the future. I did buy the amp, and very nice it is too. For my "playing" it sounds best just all flat with the gain set high and the volume low - it just sounds natural and smooth. The controls encourage a of experiment to get variations to taste, but clean works for me. It's capable of going much too loud for use at home, so should be fine for coffee shop. And I discovered that line in not only has separate volume but feeds the speaker/headphones and not the DI out. The DI is post eq but pre volume. Which means one box could triple duty as a foldback monitor, amp, and DI in some situations. Very pleased and thank you @xzodar. Rich
  10. Perfect! Though there is another weird instrument with too many strings, not sure what that's about 😉 Please tell me you own the copyright on that image and we can use it.
  11. I'm going to get t-shirts printed with a picture of a Caterpillar sitting on a mushroom smoking a hookah and playing a bass guitar. Underneath will be the words "BassChat Forums - and you thought Alice went down a weird rabbit hole" Any takers?
  12. It is a legal contract, so as others have said the best thing is to buy it then flog it later. The financial loss should be small, the grief from the missus will abate, you won't have p-d off the sellerand your conscience will be clear. The latter is worth a lot .
  13. It's, marginally, less bad if you think of it as a left-hander. Turn the photo upside down and the cutaway make more sense.
  14. I think you'll find it's actually DE6 5JQ. (Yes this is desperate bid to drag the thread back on topic!)
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