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  1. I agree with you completely that "It must be 109" makes most sense, but I have three independent sources from The Internet which state "I must be 109". And when has The Internet ever been wrong???
  2. According to three Internet sources the original line is I must be a hundred and nine I think because the line above is Help me I'm flaming the lyricist chose to keep the focus on the singer, rather than back to the temperature. Or all the sources are equally wrong and just copied the same mistake.😉
  3. I feel my temperature rising Help me, I'm flaming I must be forty-three or more Burning, burning, burning And nothing can cool me I just might turn into smoke Or burn the floor The scan is easy, it's the last rhyme that's harder!
  4. Brawley Artemis 5, much too good for me. New Bass Day post from earlier in the year is here: That's horrendous. The company HQ is in the SF Bay area, and they were all saying how hot it was. Glad it's cooled down.
  5. I have one of those, with frets. Hope to resume practicing now things have calmed down. 😉
  6. If Mr. F. had though the same way we might all be still playing the Bull Fiddle! Thankfully he didn't 😄
  7. Welcome aboard Is there still a heatwave in the Nothwest US?
  8. Welcome aboard! Give up on trying to find the bass, just join in the chat and play what ya got. Though of course if everyone did that there wouldn't be much to talk about! Happy hunting.
  9. Thats the sort of missionary zeal we need! Tell them that the strings are named Evangelists Also Do Good, that faith without action is meaningless, so they had better start Doing Good!
  10. I definitely agree with the second part, and have concluded that God has a lower opinion of my musical abilities than my technical ones, hence back behind the desks where I do have some talent 😁. I don't think the rota idea would work for us, as far as I know we've always had separate bands, and each has a quite different style. People swap and dep in and out as needed, but basically the style stays the same, reflecting the band leaders' musical leaning. We used to rotate sound engineers separately to the bands, which I preferred, but now the sound guy is effectively part of the band as well. It makes for a high quality and tight band. Rotating everyone would be more interesting, and allow more people to be part of the worship.
  11. A complete topic derail on the "Is Smoke on the Water Heavy Metal?", topic lead to a discussion on Birmingham girls' schools, which allowed us to get vaguely back on topic via the NWHM band Girlschool. Who are still going and released this in 2015. Not the best track on the album, but the one to make you smile!
  12. Just listening to their 2015 album on Spotify. Not going to set the world on fire, but a very listenable album. And reflective of my slightly cross mood as I realise that I can't replace the toilet fill valve because my crank spanner won't fit. Which beggars the very off-topic question, and terrible HM album title, "So How The Hell Did I Fit It Originally?"
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