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  1. Welcome aboard Somewhere on the repairs and technical thread I read a post saying "if it's made of wood, it can be fixed". So there may be hope for your violin bass.
  2. Welcome aboard! Love the headless. As Brummie I have to ask this - what sound does a Digbeth pre-amp impart? Digbeth is a bit grotty, basically a road in the middle of Birmingham, , and best known for having an utterly terrible coach station (now knocked down and replaced) a temporary flyover that lasted 30 years (knocked down, not replaced), and a plastic statue of King Kong (gone to goodness knows where). With a name like that it can't be a clean amp, does it sound like busses and traffic?
  3. I'm sure that's true. But then it is the Nashville system, to help C&W players strum, not a "Harlem system" for BeBop bass and horns. 😁
  4. Well done on finding a replacement reasonably quickly.
  5. I discovered the numbers when Song Select made them an option on their chord charts, and find them really useful. I'm now learning to hear the chord changes in music as 1-4-6-5 or whatever, which gives me a map of the song onto the fretboard. And when we swap keys I don't get panicked any more! I'm still a long way from jazz, but have come a long way from not even knowing which end of the bass to blow into.
  6. Her Majesty's Constabulary would have something to say about a sword stick too.
  7. The most popular bassist in our church, sadly departed, played an ancient Rickenbacker. Rock In Paradise, Kev.
  8. Cautiously optimistic - I really hope they go for the "old men reforming the band" line, such a rich varicose vein to be mined there. Haven't watched the original in years, so will have to do so again. 🤘
  9. Just watched that on YT. Not exactly a subtle video 🤣
  10. @bloke_zero - did you try it out and what did you think?
  11. Too narrow? That is a problem I found. Mine has the same spacing as the equivalent 4 string which is my other bass. The drawback is that the fretboard is wide enough to land light aircraft on. Hopefully shortscale will work for you.
  12. Hence cheating by playing 5 string. Eb is fourth fret on the low B, so you just play all the same shapes as you do for G. In fact you play the same shapes for E, F, or A, C, or Bb and forget the open string positions. Come to the dark side (we have cookies too 😋)
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