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  1. @Len_derby Your experience in the holy trenches makes you the perfect person to contribute to this thread.
  2. @Richard R It feels like I've been playing for a lifetime. In my short tenure, I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that somewhere, there is a list of golden rules that everyone apart from me, must abide by. Other members of the Worship Team must; Never learn the songs. Never answer a text. Never arrive on time. Never give a f**k. If I started listing everything that's happened over the past 12 months to cause me to nearly leave, it would be pages and pages long.
  3. I just realised that today marks the first anniversary of my debut appearance in my church’s Worship Team 😃 (and I’ve only threatened to quit a handful of times) 😂.
  4. When I first get the list of songs, I listen to them a few times to get the feel of the song, I then play along to them to familiarize myself with chord changes, vocal lines etc. I'm singing and playing more acoustic guitar in church at the moment but I apply the same routine no matter what I'm playing.
  5. Anybody who’s serious about singing in church should be open to having lessons. I took a couple of singing lessons off my own back and out of my own pocket recently, purely because I want to protect my voice and give the best of me to church. Anybody that wants to sing but won’t have lessons and won’t listen to constructive criticism is driven by ego and not faith.
  6. The latest addition to Team Sardonicus...
  7. Over the years I have played bass and sang in Rock and Metal covers bands playing songs by the likes of Judas Priest, Metallica, Rose Tattoo, UFO, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Alice In Chains, Kiss, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Michael Schenker Group etc and loved every second, then I briefly played in a covers band that played Rolling Stones, Free, Tom Petty, Jerry Lewis and hated every second LOL. I now solely play in my church's Worship Team and I switch between bass, acoustic guitar and singing. Playing in a worship team has pushed me more than being in covers bands ever did, I love it 100%.
  8. Silly question time...what does it mean when pickups are wired in series or in parallel? How does it alter the sound?
  9. I just realised that I never posted a picture of the bass, here it is...
  10. The official reply from Fender / Squier is; "The PR number is a reference to the product development project. Each product we make will have a reference number through the R&D stages and on these particular instruments, it was kept on them during production. It is essentially the technical model number." So now we know 👍
  11. 45-105 or 40-100 ?


    I've always played 45-105's but I was thinking of trying 40-100's, is there that much of a distinguishable difference between the two gauges?

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    2. TKenrick


      Not at all what you asked, but 45-110 gets my vote!

    3. Sardonicus


      @TKenrick I tried a set of Rotosound BS66 Billy Sheehan signature strings back in the mid 90's after seeing him at a clinic at the The Bass Centre in Wapping, I didn't get on with the .110 E string.  I love 45-105's and I stick with them for my main basses.

    4. Ricky Rioli

      Ricky Rioli

      I once went from 45-100 to 45-105, because I felt the 80 and 100 didn’t have the same bite as the 45 and 65. The 85 and 105 made me much happier. These were Daddario XL Nickels. When I later bought the standard Swing Bass set, again I felt the unusual 80 lacked the vibrancy of the 65 and 105. That sense of vibrancy is clearly a weirdly big thing with me, because I've never once seen anyone else saying any of this stuff 😅

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