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  1. I agree 100%, I play in a church worship band and my job is to lay down fat supportive bass lines, there's no room for `bassletics' when praising the Lord, it's all about Him, not me 👍
  2. Flats were the original strings that would've came on the first Fender basses, therefore they are not a fad, they are the original, never bettered, bass strings. Does this mean that rounds are a fad?
  3. I have Elites Detroit Flats on my Jazz and I love them, it was only supposed to be a temporary thing but they're staying on for good. I would love to try a set of La Bellas but they're a little too rich for my blood, the Elites are only £27.99 on Strings Direct and that's more my budget.
  4. @Joe Nation Welcome back into the family.
  5. One of the things I love about playing in church is the randomness of everything, on Sunday I played bass and sang lead vocal for three songs, at the end of the service I switched to acoustic guitar and performed a duet with an 80 year old Columbian woman that had expressed the desire to sing with me, she stands at 4'5" and I'm 6'3", we sang `Holy Are You Lord' and whilst she knew the words and can sing in key, she had no idea of timing.......and I mean NO IDEA !!! By the time I had got to the end of line 2, she was already singing the start of line 4 so I had to stop singing and concentrate on my playing, to adjust it so it fitted with where she was in the song. I then realised that she wasn't even in time with herself and wasn't actually singing at one consistent speed. At the end, someone described it as "the funniest thing they had ever seen".
  6. In the past, I have posted stories about `The Learner' bassist, I say learner but they have been playing for over 3-4 years now, I knew that they only played the E and A strings but on Sunday I learned that they have never even tuned their D and G strings. It was pointed out that to tune all of the strings was preferable as it would give stability to the overall tuning but we were met with an expression of complete confusion. Things like this used to frustrate me but now I embrace the madness and laugh. On second thoughts, perhaps they're just a big fan of Stig Pederson of D.A.D.
  7. The nativity play went well on Sunday, as well as being on bass, I was a shepherd. I kept the head covering on for the entire service, it was for a 3-4 yr old and the top of my bonce was almost numb by the end, it also made me look like I had a sh*t haircut 😆
  8. I've got a Spector Performer 4 and I love it, I did change the pickups as I wasn't a fan of the EMG SSD's. It's super comfortable to play and it's so well balanced. Mine was made in Czechoslovakia.
  9. I also regularly insert bass lines from other songs into the service to keep myself amused and to see if anyone else notices. When I've been on guitar I've played bits of ZZ Top's "Just Got Paid" and Metallica's "Enter Sandman", whilst on bass I've inserted "Walking On The Moon" by The Police, "Gangsters" by The Specials, "Shine Eye Girl" by Black Uhuru and "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley 😁 It's normally only other members of the worship team that notice.
  10. @dmc79 There was also mention of everyone dressing up like shepherds etc, what sort of wardrobe do they think I have? What sort of role playing do they think I get up to at home, I categorically deny that my Wife and I have ever played out "The 12 year old virgin and the barn full of strangers" ...that sounds more like a film that Jimmy Savile would love 🤣.
  11. So this week, two of us had sorted out the songs and just as we were going to send out the list on Tuesday evening, my mate gets a message from the Pastor to call him. During said call, the Pastor tells us to scrap the list and announces that this Sunday will be different and that he now wants the entire service to be an off-the-cuff, un-rehearsed, un-scripted, all ages nativity play. "What about the songs?" we asked? "I'll let you know" he says. For two whole days we hear nothing and then I wake up this morning, the day before rehearsal and also after the day that the drummer pulled out, to a list of 7 new songs that we have never played before. I admit that my reply of "Have you been smoking crack?" was harsh but it got the message across I feel. We managed to get the list reduced but I still wonder WTF goes through people's heads when they plan things.
  12. I have the chance to get hold of a generic EB-0 copy and I wanted to ask what strings would people recommend? Who makes decent short scale strings that won't break the bank and also, for an EB-0, roundwounds or flatwounds?
  13. I switch between guitar and bass and I have lead on both. I think that tradition makes people think of guitar players as the leaders but we all know the truth...bass is the master.
  14. This made me laugh until I snorted tea through my nose 🤣. It's tales like this that make me glad I'm in a worship team, I wouldn't miss it for the world.
  15. Can you recommend anyone that can make custom amp badges? I contacted a couple of companies that I found online but they either never got back to me, forgot about me or decided that they were too busy to make them.
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