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  1. I've worn my ACS plugs to gigs, at Santa Pod (with ear defenders over them!) and In Atlanta and New Orleans watching the NFL games. They have saved me many times.
  2. They go in just far enough. I've been wearing them for about 15 years. They are the only reason I'm still gigging and have any hearing left.
  3. Stan Sargeant is a monster of a player. Previously Al Jarreau's bassist.
  4. Hi, I don't have the 210's anymore. The bottom line is that I preferred the sound of the BF 112's. IMO the sound I got out of the 10's and 12's was pretty close! I am gigging a passive PJ5 (with flats and foam) through an Aguilar TH500 and the differences were minimal to my ear. I also gig an active J5 through an Aguilar AG700 which works well with the clean 12's. Alex recommends not mixing the 10's and 12's and I never felt the need to try that. The 112's always seemed to be first choice when loading the car, so as they were lighter (my back problems rear up periodically), and louder, I decided to stick with the, IMO, better sounding 12's.
  5. Depends. I generally don't rehearse in the bands I play in and for. Depends on the songs and how good you are at playing your instrument. If I can learn them at home then that's what I prefer. The only rehearsals I've done in the last 20 years was for the benefit of one or more of the other band members. What "makes a band good" is getting the gigs under their belt. Every gig I've done since the lockdowns ended has had one or more people commenting that they are rusty. Sometimes you can tell, sometimes you can't. I doubt the audience knew. IMO rehearsals are a means to an end and it's the gigs that make the band. So, leaving a gigging band because they don't rehearse is cutting your nose off to spite your face. YMMV
  6. Imagine the poor sods doing business with the supermarkets. All those reduced price offers aren't coming out of the supermarkets side. So you have 3 gigs lined up and the pub tells you you're doing a 3 for the price of 2 offer!! I'd get to the bottom of the paperwork, then when you go back it'll be a doddle.
  7. So far I have 4 gigs next week!! IMO there are plenty of gigging days left in 2021. . . . get it fixed and start making some noise.
  8. I was thinking along the same lines, but as I am finding out, it's difficult to support UK manufacturers as we hardy make anything anymore, and the "best" (my preference), seems to come from elsewhere. My UK Cabs are taken care of. I'll probably just stay with my USA made amps. My budget is pretty limited these days so my chance of buying another quality UK made bass guitar is pretty limited. I put the thread up to see if anyone else has UK made gear that I had missed. Thanks for all the replies.
  9. Unless they were designed to be mixed. Mesa Subway, Bergantino and my EV loaded Mesa cabs do/did mix. Others may do but you'll have to find that out.
  10. GK Head Office will be driving this and some pub managers probably aren't interested. Call Head Office and talk to them.
  11. I should add Japan to my list. . . . my Sadowsky Metro was made there. It's only my #1 bass, so how could I forget that! When I started there were dozens of amp companies manufacturing in the UK; Vox, Marshall, Burns, Hiwatt, Wallace, Park, Baldwin, Watkins/WEM, Carlsbro, Simms-Watts, Orange, Sound City, Selmer and Alligator. Later there was Trace Elliot and Ashdown. Did Session ever make a bass amp? Who is left? Trace, Orange and Ashdown, but I'm not sure if they are still manufacturing in the UK.
  12. Until now my main criteria for buying gear is that it makes the right sound and I can afford it. That will never change, but including specifically UK made gear is something that might be of interest to me. Which ABM do you have? Apart from the custom amps, I thought their amps were now built in China.
  13. Over the years I've owned gear made in the UK, Denmark, USA, Germany and Italy. Recently I realised that I've never owned the full set of UK made gear at the same time, so I've been contemplating putting together such a rig. In the past I have owned UK made gear, 2 Wal basses, Vox and Marshall rigs and now use UK made cabs, covers and leads, Barefaced, Roqsolid and OBBM, and I briefly owned a Thumpinator but I've never gigged a full set of UK made gear. I'm limiting this to actually made in the UK. I had a lot of time on my hands during Lockdown! Is this something that people think about? Does anyone load up their car with exclusively UK made gear when they head off to a gig? What have you got? What do you like about it?
  14. It's a long time since I had enough gigs to be able to pick and choose who I play for based on the company's business model!! I have no shame. I even used to gig in Watney's pubs when they were foisting Red Barrel on an unsuspecting public. We are seeing some pubs going cashless. I'm now being paid by bank transfer and even PayPal on some of my gigs. One regular pub had even stopped accepting cash from the customers! It's all change. We have to learn to live with these changes or risk sitting at home for months waiting for cash only gigs to come up.
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