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  1. Yes, it's surprising how a slightly different playing style can completely alter the feel and sound of a band. I always check the original bass player and the other deps who are in competition to me. I like to see who is strong in this song or weak in that song. It's all a learning curve to becoming a better player for each gig.
  2. I have used 2 One10's and they sounded good, but it was in a small room and the band wasn't too loud. Usually I'll prefer to use 2 112's because the sound is just better to my ears, even on the smaller gigs. Even if there is a PA with monitors I'd use my back line as normal. With some bands it matter more than others, but I want the stage sound to be the same on every gig.
  3. Its always difficult to play in a band for the first time. Being dropped in at the deep end can be difficult for the band as well. Be thankful you're better than him. It could get awkward if it's the other way around!
  4. No musician should expect to be able to prevent a band from playing a gig because of his diary clashes. If anyone is in more than one band they are, by implication, signing up to the dep system, so tell him you're using a dep for the gigs he can't make. If he doesn't like that tell him to cancel the other gig and do yours. A few years ago I was in 7 bands and there were clashes between about 4 of them, which were never a problem because there was a hierarchy that everyone understood and accepted, they were managed and there were deps.
  5. He was trying to sell G&L basses at the time, so I guess he would say that, wouldn't he.
  6. Hold on. . . . . what am I talking about. . . . . these clips were from the Hot Pink album. That's a live album, recorded on tour over a year and to my knowledge Stan Sergeant only uses his SR 5 and a double bass on gigs with Keb Mo.
  7. Brilliant. Thanks for posting. That's getting closer to the studio sound I posted.
  8. You might be right. I assumed he'd used an SR5 with some flats on.
  9. Which is the better gig to get you known and generate more gigs for the future? That's the one I'd do.
  10. I play with 2 drummers who have the equivalent P&D drum stools and swear by them. Probably a good idea, but I've been trying to minimize my kit lately, so I'll pass.
  11. Good attitued, common sense, reliability, good ears, great ideas. . . . . only the bass player can get a tick in all those boxes. Have you noticed how many great producers were bass players?
  12. Stan Sergeant, bass player with Keb Mo, uses an MM SR5. I wish I could have got mine to sound like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1CIGcpfJP0&list=OLAK5uy_k_LVk6DSgfbA6hEWe0IILp-Mc-h0nlkMQ&index=1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z2YSTEOOI4&list=OLAK5uy_k_LVk6DSgfbA6hEWe0IILp-Mc-h0nlkMQ&index=14
  13. No. Just saying if his preconceptions about the need for a 15 for certain styles of music can't be updated then there is the 15 "Compact.
  14. I understand and I intended the "wake up" tone. There seemed to be a level of blame in the couple of posts that I don't think is helpful going forwards. Always take responsibility for getting yourself into and out of situations and finding better ones when it isn't working out. It's probably the "It didn't work out so I sold all my gear" approach that I don't agree with most.
  15. What's with this "I folded the band" stuff? If you are only playing 1 or 2 gigs a month then you need band members who don't mind that level of inactivity. If you have guys who want to gig more than that then you need deps or different players. Nobody owns anyone. You can't dictate how often other guys will be allowed to play and punish them if they want to play more.
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