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  1. What's going to happen to CDs ?

    I like to be able to hold my music.
  2. How important is the band name for you?

    I usually work for band leaders so the name issue is always a non-issue for me.
  3. Bass suggestions?

    Checkout the classifieds. There are some good Shuker and ACG basses around.
  4. We turned up to a gig and found the drummer pacing up and down outside. Apparently, when he arrived, someone had said, "I hope you're better than the band last week. The drummer got stabbed!" It was a dodgy pub full of oiks, retards and throwbacks, but we still did the gig. Thankfully they liked us.
  5. Songs you absolutely hate

    I usually don't join in "hate" threads. . . . but after a long time resisting. . . . I'm going to have to mention Grandad by Clive Dunn. I understand why they made it, it was the day job, but I see no redeeming features in that record at all.
  6. How Do You Define A Great Gig?

    A good gig can be any of these in any combination but a great gig starts with. . . . a good band comprising good musicians, then. . . I played well, the band played well, the promoter and the audience loved it, there were no fights, the band are happy, I'm happy and the most important bit, we get rebooked and someone sees us and offers us a gig somewhere else. Oh yes, and we got paid. It's always a bonus when one of the other guys in the band ask me to join one of their side projects. Tick most of these boxes and it could be a great gig, tick them all and it definitely was a great gig.
  7. I reckon that north of 90% of the acts on Later have not been to my taste. That doesn't make Later a bad show. Later is a good show because it features live music. Why anyone would want to take it off the air just because they don't like the acts beats me. What these people should be moaning about is that lack of alternative music shows on TV. With more choice, maybe, people would stop bleating on about Later.
  8. Soul Tunes

    There are a lot of bands doing this. It was written as live music. Music you'd want to dance all night to, which is why it's still popular with audiences today. You need to keep the feel but sound different enough to stand out and get noticed. Hall and Oates I Can't Go For That. Otis's Hard To Handle and run it into Hush. The Stones Miss You. Aerosmith's Walk This Way with the feel of RUN DMC's version. Billie Jean, Jive Talking, Dancing In The Street, Word Up.

    If I was the OP I wouldn't have any GAS for amps but I'd be looking at a couple of G3 Super Compacts or an SC and a Super Midget. Back on topic: I haven't heard a Quilter (or Genzler) but I owned both the Subway D800 and Aguilar TH500. The D800 was very good but I kept the TH500 which is now my backup to an AG700, which I think sounds even better with BF cabs.
  10. Best strap for shoulder pain

    The best strap for a bad shoulder is the one that is attached to a lighter bass.
  11. Music stand for singer

    Cheating? Don't be silly. Writing the answers up your arm when taking exams is cheating. Having the words etc to hand is being prepared.
  12. Later with Joolz last night

    I watch Later. Actually, I record it and ff through the stuff I don't like. I sometimes see a band that I like. I've no idea why people like the stuff I don't, but they seem to, so why should I call their music crap and slag off one of the only music programs on TV? I'm in favour of the TV companies filling their schedules with live music. We need more. Later is a good program and TV would be the poorer if it was cancelled.
  13. Impedance for a fool

    You want to run a 10x10? Why???? Get the Ashdown if you think it does something useful that the 410 doesn't do. Just don't run them together.