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  1. Yeah: 5 strings, Sunburst, Rosewood or similar fretboard, tort, single coil pu's, 19mm bridges, P shape, J shape. Nah: Everything else.
  2. This is the good part. A bunch of speakers in a box has worked for decades, but sound quality in the new lighter cabs improves because these cabs are designed properly.
  3. Many years ago we hired SVT 810's in a couple of bands. They always sounded good, but I'd never consider owning one. I have owned several 412 cabs, one of which I couldn't even lift on my own. When you have roadies you buy what ever you want but sensible decisions have to be made when you are moving your own gear. I have owned 4 215 cabs, a Peavey, 2 Fender Dual Showmans and the least sensible cab, even as a 22 year old, an Ampeg 215. I've owned several 115's which weighed nearly as much as a 412, but the EV loaded cabs sounded the best, even if they were the heaviest! When I started looking at lightweight cabs I discovered that they were generally designed to higher acoustic standards and produced more volume, tone and definition than the older cabs. A laser rather than a battering ram. 2 of my current 112 cabs are much louder and easily heard than any of those 215s. YMMV
  4. Stew, I have played all those songs. Many times. I like them all. They are well crafted pieces of music, and better still they are songs that audiences like. I played some Jessie J, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars for the very first time awhile back. Never thought I'd be asked to play anything like that. What great songs and a blast to play. IMO you've got the right approach. Songs are only as good as we play them. So if they are crap, we're not playing them well enough.
  5. Some signature basses are a whole new bass and some are just a colour scheme. So far I they haven't tempted me, although I really liked the Fender Roscoe Beck and Marcus Miller 5 string basses that I played. Sadly they were both way too heavy for me.
  6. I had a friend (a confirmed 4 string player) try out my Mike Lull PJ5. Their comment when playing it was, "I wish I'd played this one first".
  7. I thought that Macca used Boogie and the other bass player, Brian Ray, was the one using Ashdown.
  8. I listen to lyrics, but only because they are signposts. Part of the format of the song. Apart from that, I listen to the band more and the drummer the most. I don't care what music politicians listen to. I have no interest in knowing what their favourite colour is or their favourite food.
  9. Mate, sorry to hear that. I hope your "bounce" comes back quickly. Time for some of that Motown?
  10. I like Ron. An old rocker giving a couple of old pot boilers a blast. Great fun. The vocals were a little croaky, but what do you expect? The guy should be dead and he's out there, into his 70's, still rocking his socks off. The Wild 5 pumped more energy into a playing a few 12 bars that the rest of the studio put into all theirs songs put together. If you're going to criticize the pedal steel playing, well, I'm with you there. I've seen many Ron Wood gigs, from the Birds to the Stones. I'm sure I remember more of them than he does! OK shoot me! Despite the obvious "moments", it was the high point of the series for me.
  11. I had a MM HD130 Reverb and Peavey 115 BW and an HD150 with MM 212 reflex cab, both in the mid 80's. Pretty good sound as I recall. I've no idea what could be wrong, it could easily be valves, but I believe the caps don't work too well if they haven't been used for a long time. I'd take the amp to be checked out by a professional repair man.
  12. Produced by WIllie Dixon.
  13. I insure myself. Having been playing for over 50 years and never made a claim (never had an accident or loss) I'm currently offering myself a 100% no claims bonus.
  14. That was my preferred layout. SC's also sound particularly good with Aguilar amps.
  15. I bought my amp cases from Maplins. When they went under I got a spare aluminium case for about £7. A drummer friend uses plumbers/tool bags from DIY stores instead of traps cases.
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