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  1. chris_b

    Bass for REAL bass players! 😁

    It would fit on my Volvo's roof rack.
  2. You probably were driving the One10 harder than you thought. The Two10's are either 4 ohms or 12 ohms. If you run the Two10 on 4 ohms and the the One10 at 8 ohms and your amp is good for 2.67 ohms then you have a balanced system. Run the Two10 at 12 ohms and the One10 is taking more than it's fair share of the power.
  3. We can all buy stuff that we think is going to work and then find it doesn't. That's life. Just move on.
  4. chris_b

    Can I learn to stretch further?

    I understand the "tribute" thing and the need to get close to the original, but hurting your self to play exactly like another player is just silly and isn't required. Get as close as you can to the sound and feel but change the lines you can't play to ones you can. An audience isn't going to give a damn what frets you're playing on and how many notes you can play at once. If Sparks played those songs now would he play them exactly the same way? I don't believe he would. He'd probably change them, so you can to. Whose band is it? Ask this singer if he's going to have a fag on all the time like Lee Brilleaux. See, even in the best tribute bands some things are not the same as the original.
  5. Go back and nail it! Whatever they play in tune up to it and practice like mad.
  6. Sorry, can't say, I've never run the Two10 on its own. I use 2 of them in my very loud band and they can easily beat any band into submission. I use Aguilar amps and so far I haven't found a bad sound in any Barefaced cab. The 310 was an experiment with a smaller and lighter rig for the gigs I do at a normal volume. The sound of the 310 is very good, full and punchy, but the Two10 is still 28lbs! I just like the idea of multiple 15lb cabs.
  7. chris_b

    Klaus Voormann Interview

    Musicians at work. Great to see. Thanks for posting that. Klaus was perfect and Alan White's drumming still makes me smile.
  8. chris_b

    Biggest Gig To Date

    Develop away. It's good that you are working up the band food chain and starting to see some recognition for your efforts. Excellent stuff, let us know how you got on.
  9. chris_b

    Improving a Sadowsky’s tone

    IMO black and tort is a good move. Sadowsky basses are another level altogether! Playing my Metro RV5 for about a year made me realise that I was the junior partner in this relationship and I had to raise my game to match the bass. Hence the lessons. Mine is a little on the heavy side and was causing some discomfort to my shoulder. I have started a workout to generally increase my strength and now this bass seems to be getting lighter. I can guarantee, I wouldn't be putting myself through all this for any other bass.
  10. I'd also be interested to hear a review. I have 2 One10's and I slightly prefer their sound to my Two10 on it's own. I put that down to the filtering used on the Two10. So, because of that, I'd always imagined 3 One10's would sound even better than my great sounding Two10 + One10 rig. I'd like to find out if that assumption is true.
  11. chris_b

    I have an artist endorsement deal

    That's good. Somebody thinks you're worth investing in. Congrats.
  12. chris_b

    Klaus Voormann Interview

    Klaus is a cool guy. He has a great take on bass playing, minimalism and great tone. His simple style was an influence in the early 70's.
  13. chris_b

    Very small cab - options?

    IMO Mike Arnopol cabs look pig ugly but get excellent reviews from users on Talkbass. I play 5 string basses so I would feel nervous using a single One10 on a band gig. On occasion I gig with 2 One10's and they definitely go loud enough and sound very good together. As well as the Crazy 8, there's also a Crazy 88. I believe Happy Jack has used both so the OP might want to message him.
  14. chris_b

    You can only have........

    IMO if you're reducing your basses to the minimum 5's are the most flexible instrument to own. In the thousands of gigs I've played, I have never been asked to bring a fretless and when I turned up with one on 2 separate occasions, I met with total indifference! I'm a fretless free zone from now on. My take on 2 basses that give the widest usable range is a passive PJ5 with flats (currently with foam) and an active 5 string Jazz with rounds.
  15. chris_b

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    They won't, but that's why you make sure you play and present yourselves better than "just another band". Then they will come to see you.