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  1. chris_b

    The bass centre wapping!

    I was chatting to Nick one lunchtime and a guy came in wanting to sell a Wal Pro. He only wanted about £300 but was told they couldn't sell them and they weren't interested!!
  2. chris_b

    The bass centre wapping!

    The rehearsal studio was on the ground floor, entrance in the side road and the basses were upstairs. After it all switched around I knew the guy running the drum section of the school upstairs.
  3. chris_b

    Parking for the O2

    Park on the outskirts of London and get the underground.
  4. chris_b

    The bass centre wapping!

    In the mid to late 80's I joined a band and we used the rehearsal studio on the ground floor. That's when I discovered the Bass Centre. Later they moved down to the ground floor but when I first went there they were upstairs. What an Aladdin's Cave of bass gear and the first time I'd seen more than a couple of basses and amps in one place! Over the years I bought several amps and cabs from Nick, Grant and Alex and used to drop for a browse on many occasions.
  5. There are several guys who come to gigs in this area and they record the bands. It's a hobby, but they are quite professional in the quality of what they do. They ask if we mind them filming and recording and they send the videos to the band leader so he has the final say on what goes online. Of course most don't do this! These days it's difficult to have a bad gig because someone invariably posts your nightmares online. We should all have some control over our online images. So I don't think it's a problem if we ask for particularly bad videos to be taken down.
  6. chris_b

    Fingers and the audience

    I totally agree, but I'm not sure I was implying anything like that. The post you quoted purposely didn't mention gear at all.
  7. chris_b

    Humble instruments that 'make the song'

    Humble instrument? The Tambourine that Jack Ashford played on so many Motown Records. Sometimes he's mixed up front and sometime he in the background, but he's there on most of them.
  8. chris_b

    Artificial rosewood, any good?

    A lot of makers are using Morado or Pau Ferro as a replacement. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjAv_OqiZLeAhVoCMAKHe3iCd8QFjAAegQIBhAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.wood-database.com%2Fpau-ferro%2F&usg=AOvVaw1qyns2uFejzSfmxAxx2EVu
  9. chris_b

    Pino Palladino Custom Shop P Bass

    That's right. Buy a Standard (or is it the Player range, these days) or any other bass you like and create your own signature bass by the way you play it. I don't understand the trying to sound like someone else or play "their" bass thing. I have played a Pino and it was a fantastic instrument to play, but I wouldn't pay that money for it. . . . and I still bloody well sounded like me, so what went wrong there? The one thing great and iconic players do, they all sound different not because of the different pieces of wood they are carrying but because of the lines they create and the style they are playing with. Any room for me in that bunker?
  10. chris_b

    Yet another band dilemma!

    Not ready to gig after that many rehearsals? Ask them what's wrong with them.
  11. chris_b

    Fingers and the audience

    Same here. I bought a Rob Allen fretless (lovely bass) which I thought would be a good fit for 2 of my bands. Good for the rock and roll band as they were used to double bass players. I asked the band leader after the first gig and he said, "Sounds good, but I preferred your precision!" I also used it with the acoustic duo and just got a "remind me what exactly was different?" reaction. Cue sale of one hardly used bass and back to what I usually do.
  12. chris_b

    Fingers and the audience

    This is true. If there is a musician in the audience and you are playing like you don't care, you have probably lost networking and gig opportunities. Always give 101% even playing to one man and a dog. . . you never know who's listening in the other bar. I've been asked to join every band I've been in since 1985. I've picked up every gig and band because a band member suggested me or a band leader dropped in and thought I would fit into his band. So how you sound is important but how you play is even more important. Every gig is a potential introduction to more players.
  13. chris_b

    Best bass in the world?

    If you have a problem with the answers maybe you should have phrased the question differently. This is also the problem with "click-bait". If you point people in one direction you can't complain if that's the direction they go! Then there is the long post problem. People generally don't read long posts so any points being made in a long post will probably be missed. Long posts are generally not to the point. Sorry, but I tried reading yours and drifted off several times. Perfection is overrated. The value of anything to be "good enough".
  14. chris_b

    Spandau Ballet bass rig

    . . . because he can!