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  1. IMO a small finger span doesn't cause problems, but a bad technique does. If you look at videos of players, the good ones will always be moving their hands so as to place their fingers over the note they want to play. None of the "good" players anchor their thumb or stretch to reach notes.
  2. I play lots of songs that were originally recorded on double bass and 80% of the rest were recorded on a 4 string bass. I have never once thought, "I shouldn't be using a 5 string electric bass on this!" IMO it doesn't matter what instrument the original song was recorded on. You're the one playing the song/tune, so play it how you want. As Al says, there are very few "life changing" moments in bass playing, so little steps is the way of things. My move to 5's just meant I could play everything on the same bass. I played in an originals band and all the bass lines were written for 5 string. All the covers worked on a 5 string, where quite a few wouldn't have worked on a 4 string. For me moving to a 5 sting bass was the most positive thing I've done in 25 years. You've got to play what feels comfortable but please don't do the "Jaco only needed 4" thing!!! Just my 2p
  3. Another upside down lefty. . . . . . Mono Neon. This guy might be an acquired taste but he's one hell of a bass player. This is one of his more "normal" outings.
  4. My eyes told me that the Precision and Jazz basses sounded best.
  5. I saw Stan with Keb Mo in January. Great bass player.
  6. The market is working as designed. Less common things will usually attract a higher price than plentiful things.
  7. This bass is 47 years old, so it's had many years of ownership behind it. Owned, and presumable loved, by some/many in that time. If it sounded good enough the wood wouldn't be a problem for me.
  8. Nice one. Always use the tools that enable you do the best job.
  9. Apparently my Sadowsky is 19mm and 34" and my Mike Lull is 18mm and 35". I can't tell the difference. IMO when you've got a great sounding bass these small differences become less relevant.
  10. I know a reggae bassist who uses an an EBS Valvedrive, into an MB LM800, through a Barefaced Super Compact. Sounds just right.
  11. What is your budget? Squier basses are pretty good. There are also some good Fenders around these days, but IMO Lakland Skylines (there is at least one in the classifieds) are excellent 5 string basses. If you can wait a few months for the Sadowsky Metro Express models to hit the shops, they might be worth a serious look. Sandberg and Maroooochick (??) look very interesting. I believe all these basses should be 18 - 19mm.
  12. Me too. Insurance is always a good idea, but the best insurance is the one you never have to call on. When I ship basses they are in a case or gig bag and that is in a cardboard bicycle box which is filled out on all sides with several layers of expanded polystyrene sheet.
  13. Great song. Richard Cousins, love this guys playing. One of my bands in the 80's opened with Phone Booth for many years.
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