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  1. I believe he did say that. Also Roger Sadowsky said the same about his NYC and Metro basses. These less expensive ranges aren't cheap basses. They have the same electrics, hardware and QC as the more expensive lines.
  2. The minimum I'd gig with is 2 x 112 cabs. I have gigged 1 x 112 but that was an unusually quiet band.
  3. I've found what claims to be the original of Down The Dustpipe, by an Australian band called The Mint. It's the same song but is a very cheesy sing-a-long down the pub arrangement. Nothing like the Quo's turbo charged version and nothing like Quo's "sound". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSvp2KHol00
  4. I don't understand the need to sell stuff when a band breaks up and the gigs dry up. If you still want to gig you have to treat this as a temporary lull. I'd keep everything and find that next band.
  5. A firm and polite "No", always works for me.
  6. If it's a good professional tribute band then I'd expect to be playing the gear that the original band used. A semi-pro tribute band, maybe the bass should be the same colour? A band leader might have requirements, but a bog standard pub band telling me to buy any bass would get a very short answer. My basses are a P bass and a Jazz, so I don't usually get negative comments about my gear. I wouldn't pay £2.5k for any bass!
  7. Quo invented a great style and made it their own. Maybe they should have thought twice about some of the songs they covered in later years. Anyway, while I prefer the Quo of the 70's, I'll happily applaud any band that is still packing them in 50 years later. We supported them a few times in the early 70's and one gig was the Winter Gardens Pavilion, Weston-Super-Mare. The dressing room was in a different wing of the building, a long way from the stage, must have been about 100 yds around all the corridors, when they started up we had to shout to be heard!
  8. How old, what is the weight, what preamp, string spacing at bridge, scale length, any issues apart from visual blemishes?
  9. I would have preferred an ebony board on my Lakland. IMO they just look great.
  10. I drive a Volvo so that explains a lot.
  11. chris_b


    That is what I thought, except Brazilian rosewood, which is permanently banned from crossing borders.
  12. Lakland are fantastic instruments. This US 55-94D was my main bass for nearly 14 years. It wasn't the lightest bass I've owned, but in the end it had to go so I could save my shoulder and back. It was a very sad day when I boxed it up and handed it over to FedEx.
  13. Ali MacKenzie has just passed. Sad news. During my schooldays I spent many evenings in his company. He was the singer in The Birds, and with Ronnie Wood, inspired me to imagine being a musician. The Birds were one of the great live acts of the time. Another part of my youth fades away! As I say, sad news.
  14. More nerdy stuff. . . . . . also, I believe, SWR designed the Groove Tubes pre amp and James Demeter designed the first Eden amps.
  15. Years ago before the smoking ban I found a cigarette smouldering away on the edge of my cab after someone (a friend!) had just finished his spot on the jam night! It hadn't burnt the cab, but since then I get up and check the gear after every jammer. Being expected to supply free gear hire is taking a liberty, and no one is going to replace anything that they break, or even contribute to the repair, so it just isn't worth it.
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