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  1. When I had rear ported cabs a couple of drummers said they didn't like the sound because when we're set up in a line they'd hear more bass from the back of the cab and less sound from the front. Also in some of the gigs I do space is so tight that leaving 6" behind the cab is difficult. Front ported might not make a sonic difference but IMO it's a more convenient package.
  2. He mentioned that the production team had given him a list of bassists to talk about, so I guessed he was winging it. I didn't think Peter Hook was the best representative for the bass playing world either. His knowledge seemed pretty thin as well. Never mind at least bassists got 5 mins of prime time radio, even if it was only R4!!
  3. I'm shocked. This is terrible news.
  4. Thanks for the reply. . . . . Also. . . . @ped Where has the Edit option gone?
  5. I have never bought anything back. They were all sold because I found something better, so no point. However. . . . If anyone knows where my old Mike Lull M5V Jazz bass went (5 string, burst, rosewood, tort, Aguilar 18v pre amp), which I sold to Brother Jones and he sold on, I will definitely make an exception.
  6. At least you didn't get. . . . "Play something you know!"
  7. Most of the bands I've played with in the last 20 years have played at least one original song, even the cover bands. And most of the original bands have done at least one version of a cover. Original or cover doesn't matter. The only criteria, is the song is good enough and does it go down well with the punters.
  8. If people like her singing, there's still a chance for me!
  9. About 30 years ago we were looking for a singer for our R&B band and we had a "Mick Jagger" turn up. He was fed up of singing Stones songs and wanted out. The trouble was no matter what he sang he looked and sounded just like Jagger. He was very good at that but hopeless singing Dave Edmonds and Chuck Berry songs.
  10. Show us a pic of the front. Does the crack go all the way through?
  11. The closest I've been to a tribute band was gigging with a band who were "playing the music of. . . . . . " Musically it was pretty close but, thankfully, there was no attempt to dress the part.
  12. I played my first gig this week. Crossed my fingers and turned up with a big bottle of sanitizer. It was a small venue, with restricted numbers, but after a year and a half isolating and 130,000 deaths I wasn't sure I wanted to be mixing with anyone. We have to start up our lives again and I don't know there will ever be a "best" time. It was a difficult decision to make. I've been desperate to gig for over a year but when the opportunity came I found I really didn't want to take the first step. I'm jabbed up so, while I expect to get Covid19 at some point, I'm hoping/relying on the vaccine to keep the illness to the level of an annoyance. If a new, more virulent, variant turns up, it's back to hiding under the stairs, but until then I'm happy my diary is seeing gigs again.
  13. Very nice looking bass.
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