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  1. I'm always blown away by Nathan East's tone on this track. . . . . . And Reggie McBride's tone and playing on this. . . . . And anything by Bob Babbitt. . . . .
  2. My Sadowsky jazz bass has a huge sound. I don't know how anyone could make one of those sound dull, thin or lifeless. Then again, you know if you have both Jazz volume pickups on full they scoop the mids. Maybe that's the problem you are hearing. I always have the neck pickup on full and the bridge pickup rolled off about 20%.
  3. If there is moulding or tge case is shaped inside then you might have problems, but gig bags don't usually have that. I just look for an internal length of around 49". That'll fit any of my basses. My 35" Scale PJ5 is 47" long and fits a Mono Vertigo with room to spare.
  4. If I'm carrying my bass I use a Mono Vertigo or a Harvest leather gig bag. If someone else is carrying my bass I put it in a hard case.
  5. My Dad did buy me a set of golf clubs, even though I'd never expressed any interest at all. I played a couple of times, and the lowest round I managed was 149 249!! Whoever said golf spoils a good walk was spot on. correction to score!!
  6. As a parent I would encourage and support my kids in anything they wanted to do, as long as it was legal. My wife drives them mad with her "helpful" suggestions! We don't really push our kids too hard but are there for them at every step. So far, thankfully, we've got good feedback. I was determined to be totally different to my parents. I think I've succeeded.
  7. My Dad never understood the significance, when we moved from a flat into our first house, and he bought that radiogram. We only had 3 LP's of West End shows, My Fair Lady, Flower Drum Song and South Pacific (Hey @Dad3353, that's spooky!!). The radiogram was the only furniture in the front room so I grabbed a deck chair from the garage and sat there for months just listening to those LP's. That was the first music I had heard close up and I was sold. As far as being a bass player went, I think the kindest thing I can say is my parents were neutral. They helped in practical terms if I asked. Dad lent me the money to buy my first bass and I worked all summer to pay him back, and he gave me lifts with my gear until I joined a band with a van. They thought it was a phase, but swung from little interest to discouragement and full opposition when they realised how serious I was. They were really not happy at all when I finished school and joined a pro band. They were convinced I was headed into a world of drug taking, sex and mixing with criminals. . . . I wish. There was all of that and a few high points but on the whole Rock was pretty mundane!
  8. If he likes the HK so much, suggest he buys one. Problem solved.
  9. He's good isn't he. An asset to any forum he joins. You can buy merch. . . . . . any of the Genz Benz and Mesa Boogie Subway amps.
  10. Chaps, I display all unread content. How do I exclude Off Topic from being selected. Cheers
  11. I've been using an AG700 for 3 or so years now. Last year I bought a BB800 and tested them together. The AG700 came out ahead IMO.
  12. I sold my last full valve amp, Mesa 400+, 20 years ago and for the next 10 years or so used an SS amp with valve pre, then SS amps and for 10 years D class. I can categorically say that my sound has not been getting worse for the last 20 years. IMO it is an indication of the evolution of all amps and D class amps in particular. Weight isn't a problem between a 5lb amp and 26lb amp. So my use of D class is based on the tone and volume. As we said on Page 1, if someone doesn't like the sound of an amp being pushed to the limit, get a bigger amp, because that particular problem is a User Error. My point here is that everyone has preferences but preferences aren't fact. That people with less experience may be reading this thread and thinking they are is the problem.
  13. I've been using NYXL's for about 3 years and I love them. They are full range with a nice top end, and they are just fine on my frets.
  14. I would love to gig in venues where PA's and proper facilities were laid on, but I usually play in pubs, clubs and functions where little is provided by the organisers. Many times no lighting or even a stage. The stage area is my "office" and "organisers" can be very flaky, so I aim to make the stage sound the same on every gig without having to rely on anyone else. I am also prepared to provide the room with bass. That's why my rig is a modular system that can go very loud. I have used D class amps for the last 10 years and the generalization in the thread title and the prejudice in many posts is plainly not true. In my experience and in the experiences of many others, D class amps do the job as successfully as any other type of bass amp. If that wasn't true, D class wouldn't have outsold every other type of amp, on a world wide basis, for many years. In my experience the good players do not "buy with their eyes".
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