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  1. Anyone feeling flush?

    Looks OK to me. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about! Don't worry about it, if you haven't bought into "Cart Thompson" basses you'll not understand. Not my taste but I'd rather have this than many basses I've seen posted as favourites, ie pointy and sparkly. . . and brown basses? Ugh! Looks like one of the carved custom models that took about 5 years to build, that aren't made any more (due to Carl being in his late 70's) and due to Mr Thompson's quirky nature, may or may not have been close to what you ordered in the first place! Strange, I know, but judging by the Talkbass threads, the guys who did order these basses seemed to be universally happy with their purchases in whatever form they were delivered.
  2. Well for the first 25 years I had my P bass, so very little interest in other basses until I got my first 5er, from Exchange and Mart. No shop had a 5 string bass when I was looking in 94-95. Then the Lakland and Wal came from Ebay. . . then I discovered Bass Chat!!!
  3. I've told this before. . . . A friend was looking for a guitar as a 50th birthday present to himself. The guy in the shop got down a US Strat and Rob, who was mightily impressed, said, "But this is only for playing in my bedroom." The shop guy said, "Mate, 90% of the guitars we sell are to people who play in their bedrooms, and the other 10% should do."
  4. I'm happy just looking so I very rarely play any basses in music shops. It's even rarer that I plug them in, so I haven't upset anyone.
  5. Quincy - Oh dear!

    You don't come on Basschat much then?
  6. You can dance around this as much as you want, but if weight is starting to bother you that won't go away. 2 new light weight cabs is the right way to go.
  7. Tuning pegs - flawed design

    If they weren't the best solution they would have been changed by now.
  8. Quincy - Oh dear!

    I appreciate Blue's view. That Ed Sullivan show detonated a bomb under the US entertainment establishment, who were in firm control, and by the next morning everything had changed. It seems many people on BC do not understand or underestimate this impact. The Beatles and Beat groups had a more gradual change here, but in the US one TV show literally changed the world for all future generations of US kids.
  9. Music shop fails

    Over the years I have had good experiences in music shops and bad experiences. On the one hand it seems idiots are drawn to working in these shops like moths to a flame, IME it has been a familiar situation for the last 50 years. I have also experienced very good service from helpful and knowledgeable people. I know a couple of guys who used to work for a chain of local music shops in the SW London area. To even things up a bit, it seems that the idiot behind the counter is all too often matched by the idiot in front of the counter.
  10. Sparse basslines

    We used to play Girl Like You by Edwin Collins. Practically a one note bass line for 4 mins. I used to read a book during that one. Audiences liked it though.
  11. Music shop fails

    First the Supermarkets, now the internet is killing the High Street. Nothing bricks and mortar can do about it. They have high rates and rent, low turnover of stock and much lower foot fall. The only shops that are going to survive are the one fronting successful online stores. It's sad but a fact. Don't slag them off, support them, or at least be a little understanding of their predicament.
  12. Quitting A Gigging Band?

    Tell me about it!!!!!
  13. Quitting A Gigging Band?

    I suspect you're right but the competition is greater in the London area.
  14. Sparse basslines

    Here's another. . . great Tim Drummond bass line.
  15. Quincy - Oh dear!

    Obviously electric bass was in use from 1935 onwards and well into general use before Macca picked one up. I'm reading Blue's comments to mean that Macca was the first bass player to put the bass lines up front as an integral part of the melody of the song. Which he was. PS Please don't mention Diamonds by Jet Harris. That's not the same thing!!