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  1. I'll dig out 2 Super Compacts and either of my Aguilar amps. I wouldn't use 1 cab even if I was in the FOH. I'd need the stage sound to be full and enveloping. IME FOH can be a mixed blessing. I played with a Reggae band at a festival a couple of years ago and the stage sound was very good. When I heard the recording, taken from out in the audience, the sound guy had killed the sound of the bass by EQing almost exclusively towards the mids!!
  2. I wouldn't own a car and not drive or own clubs and not play golf. From the first time I played my Spanish guitar with my mate Pete at school, I have loved playing with other musicians. IMO the music that people make together beats playing anything on your own. Then I discovered audiences and I was hooked. In my view, public performance is the pinnacle of being a musician. I've just got back from a pub gig in Solihull. Part of a Blues and Jazz festival that's being held in town. This was certainly a long drive, but it was a good band, good audience and financially worth it so, win-win-win.
  3. The ramp gets in the way of everything. That's it's job. It's intended to force the player who uses a "full blooded" plucking or digging in technique to skate over the top of the strings. I'd use a ramp if you play like the former but want to change to the latter. It has no use if you dig in and want to continue playing like that, or you already play over the pickups. They are already doing the job of a ramp for you.
  4. IMO, even with the pick there is the distinctive thud of flats.
  5. It doesn't develop anything, but is supposed to prevent players from plucking too far under the strings. So if you already have a good technique a ramp will be of no use at all.
  6. Which amp? D class and SS just use 2 ohm. Valve might be different and need an exact match.
  7. No. This is just one of many things the Gibson management will be addressing as they put their own "house in order".
  8. I'l wear Spandex but I'm not sure the publicity will be the sort your band wants!!
  9. All you guys who are gigging inspite of not liking it. . . . call me. I'll do all those nasty, uncomfortable, pesky gigs for you.
  10. Poor old Van. He's bitter and twisted to the max. Having a drink problem and being seriously ripped off in the early days (he still only gets about 0.5% for much of his early material) doesn't help.
  11. . . . . on the other hand, who is doing the stealing? For a couple of decades now, a very large part of Youtube and the rest of the internet has been full of stuff being reproduced without permission or payment to the original artist or writer. The artists seemed to have largely given up the fight over the use of their property, but I'm surprised that the publishers have taken so long to get to grips with the internet. Now they have, the genie appears to be being put back into the bottle! Currently the pendulum appears to have swung too far the other way, but in the end I would imagine the best course of action is for the owners and users of copyrighted material get together and form licence agreements for what they need.
  12. Bassdirect at Warwick would be a good place to look.
  13. Depends why you picked up a bass in the first place. Maybe people should have played golf instead.
  14. Pretty early on I realised that the gig is the only reason I play bass. It's not why I picked up the instrument. After that first gig I was traumatised, but after the second gig I was hooked. The bigger the audience the bigger the buzz when you get it right. Trying to be a better musician and come together and excel as a band is the challenge and when you get it right there is no better feeling. When an audience is enjoying itself and you know that's because of you, it just brings a smile to your face. The journey, the idiots you meet, the miles you have to travel, unsocial hours, the years of practice, getting ripped off, cheated and treated badly by agents, managers, promoters and other band members etc. . . all fades away if you get those few hours on stage right.
  15. Get your sound out of the Sei. Make Marcus Miller jealous 'cos he doesn't sound like you.
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