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  1. Mike Lull build...

    Butterflies are a kind of a diminishing return; older you get, less excitement you feel, but yep, when that pic dropped there was a bit of fluttering! All chrome!
  2. Mike Lull build...

    I got another message and they're going to be building it today (13th). It seems strange that it'll only take a matter of hours to build it, but I suppose now that they have all the parts it should be fairly quick. More photos to follow (well, hopefully).
  3. Mike Lull build...

    Now then. Some of you may recall the Smitten Kitten thread from a while back. I fell in love with a five-string Mike Lull NRT5, sold a bunch of basses and put in an order. Six months on, the photo below dropped into my inbox today with a brief message saying Mike Lull will be building it this week, so hopefully I'll see it before Christmas. I guess it's pretty rare to see his work like this, so posting here. I am heartedly excited. P
  4. TECH 21 - Landmark 600, sansamp RBI + RPM

    I had the 300w version and it was pretty damn epic, but for the fact I was running it into an 8ohm cab, I'd have probably hung onto it for a backup.
  5. GAK/Gibson EB 5-string/£399

    When I was working in jewellery, it wasn't uncommon for retailers to buy overstocks at a discount or if they were carrying stock that wasn't moving, reach agreement with us to reduce the selling price in turn being paid a contribution (credit or stock) against every unit sold. I'd hope that they had something like the latter in place here. At the end of the day, GAK are probably selling enough Les Pauls and SGs for them to negotiate this kind of deal.
  6. D'Addario EXP coated strings

    Just as an addendum to this, despite Elixirs being on both basses for so long, they still retain a distinct brightness; they've never really gone off. I'd say there's a slight dropoff in zing that you get from any string really, but once that happens they remain stable for a very long time.
  7. GAK/Gibson EB 5-string/£399

    Someone else can pull the trigger on this one, my credit card is staying firmly in my pocket here (I've got a huge bass bill incoming soon); I'd rather put £399 against that! Hmm. Why not for me? I just didn't like it in the slightest from the first time I saw it really. I think it was over on the LBO; a photo of some bloke in his back yard...I seem to remember comments over there being along the lines that it was just a mocked-up joke on Gibson as they weren't really making anything decent at the time. I'd say at the time I was more disappointed with the design than anything else and (while I'm unsure which model came first now), it now reminds me of a Fender Dimension bass, but with a boxy headstock. Strangely, the lack of colour combination options for body/pickguard was also a negative point (black on black would look good better) . They should have gone the whole hog and put clover-leaf machines on it too, like a Ripper. Ultimately though, I'm a Thunderbird bloke; reverse and non-reverse.
  8. D'Addario EXP coated strings

    I'd used D'Addario's for a looong time and had gradually migrated to Elixirs on all my basses. Honestly have nothing bad to say about D'Addario, but for me longevity is a major thing and claims the Elixirs lasted up to six times longer than conventional strings was the thinking behind moving to them. I don't feel any coating when I'm playing and the sets on my main two basses that have been on for 10 and 9 months. I might give EXPs a go...£35 for a set EXP170-5SL is worth a punt.
  9. GAK/Gibson EB 5-string/£399

    All Gibsons are built in the USA. Looking at the price, it would be tempting to buy and get it refinished in a nice matt/satin black. Clover leaf machines, black scratchplate.
  10. GAK/Gibson EB 5-string/£399

    I know some people really like 'em. Not me, but anyhoo, get 'em while they're hot: https://www.gak.co.uk/en/gibson-limited-edition-five-string-eb-bass-vintage-gloss-natural/87261
  11. Stairway To Kevin

    Cough, on the subject of spelling errors, cough, I drove past a kebab van a few days back and on the side of it was a painting of an angel...you know, floaty blonde girl, wispy dress, wings, halo. The name of the seller? Angle Kebabs.
  12. Cheap Bass Needed

    Good use of raft.
  13. Mani/Stone Roses selling his gear

    He's a member here, isn't he?
  14. Stone Temple Pilots

    There's a couple of live tracks up on You Tube with the new guy, from the Sirius Radio gig where he made his debut. The new track and and an old one. He does have that SW vibe going on. I really would like to see them come back big; they're just too good not to.
  15. NBD: Music Man Caprice

    Thing is, it's really just a visual aesthetic and likely has any effect on the tone. (If they're all manufactured this way, they're all going to sound pretty much the same, so you're not going to have a reference point anyway.) Also, didn't MM just bring out a 4-string Stingray with A 5-string pickup in it?