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  1. So yesterday it was all about Kiss Alive II, but today we get into real noise territory. Right now I'm listening to Nine Inch Nails: The Fragile Deviations 1. It's wonderful. Just wonderful. Oh, and I just ordered some wellingtons.
  2. My response is very much a, 'Well, I had...' I had a desert gold(?)/orange one, a 5HH and the playability was spectacular. I loved it, there was nothing wrong about any of it (except, well read on...), but sold it on as I had Thunderbirds incoming. My only moan, was that the onboard preamp was a bit hot; I'd start out with everything flattish, just allowing the amp to shape the tone, but as you do, you tweak up and up, so by the end of the session everything was full on and it sounded fairly horrific. I did make enquiries here to ascertain whether I could run things passive...I'd have been happy leaving the preamp in the cavity, but just running with two volumes. I moved it on before I made any changes.
  3. OK...I've gone with the Alto TX210. Should be more than enough. I'll just XLR the dUg into the thing. Fingers crossed!
  4. It's funny that they should mention 'distressed assets'. Christ, there's a term I've not heard since I was subbing at Huawei.
  5. This is pretty succinct, this. Over six years working for two subcontractors deeply embedded in a Chinese telecoms business, I'd say, hand on heart, that I wouldn't trust or believe anything that comes out of China ever again.
  6. Thing is, I can just plug into my dUg and it'll be 100 times better...
  7. Queen - A Night At The Opera. Wokring from home...have already done Sheer Heart Attack. Rich Kids next. Then Japan - Obscure Alternatives.
  8. I definitely have a little PJB chubby going on at the moment. One of the ones recently on sale here was just down the road from me too. pink torpedo. One thing that's a great pity is that these things don't have a 9v output on them. Just an observation.
  9. Spector. Yeah, I know my legacy, but put that onto any bass and it works.
  10. I downloaded Futureman Records 'Garden Of Earthly Delights - An XTC Celebration' earlier today (Bandcamp/$12.00); I'm not generally a fan of tribute albums, I suppose in my time I've been on the receiving end of too many of these frankly awful rock tribute albums and I'd sooner avoid them. Anyhow, that said, this is a little different and although I came to the party a bit late, I am an XTC fan. Thankfully there's no heavy metal reinterpretation of anything and it's almost as if Messrs Partridge and Moulding have just gone in and rerecorded 50-odd tracks of XTC/Dukes material with a load of different musicians; in the main, the vocal delivery is extremely close to that of the original recordings, which makes things all the more listenable. Money well spent.
  11. Why not just cut all the ones where Ringo is playing drums? (Runs for cover)
  12. As I understand it, shielding just serves to reduce interference from both inside and outside of the cavity. If you're in a room where you have florescent lights or (in the case I had at one particular rehearsal room) my set up picking up audio from the next room AND mini-cab radio, shielding will lessen that stuff coming out of your amp. The OP is more about a grounding/earthing issue, which suggests something is a bit off with the bass maybe? I suppose this is how these threads meander!
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