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  1. New bass magazine

    Adam Clayton Just Lucky. Heh.
  2. Band Feuds

    There's been a few of the US hair metal bands that have had spectacular breakdowns, but only to reconcile. Van Halen (Roth and Hagar), Motley Crue (pretty much everybody has fallen out with each other), Kiss (Stanley and Simmons vs everyone else).
  3. I know people will be going, 'Harley Benton, blah, blah, blah,' but these PSUs are fantastic. It does one thing, and it does it brilliantly day in and day out.
  4. Best bass you've ever played that you did not own

    I really felt a connection with Gary PB's Fernandes MV-65NS. It was beautifully set up and sounded lovely.
  5. Hartke HyDrive 410

    Bump. Come on. Shoot me an offer!
  6. How did Martin Peterson do this.?

    Yup, maybe the top laminate was applied after the body was shaped.
  7. Tech21 prototype dUg pre-amp pedal.

    I have enjoyed the process of integrating this into my existing setup; unaffected output from the GED2112 preamp gives me a decent signal into the dUg. Outputs from both units into an ABY box, then into a stereo poweramp running bridged into one enclosure. I can switch between the two easily enough now. Peachy.
  8. Nope...the website was withdrawn too.
  9. One thing that was particularly nice is that Shudder To Think bassist Stuart Hill (listed under influences) shot me a message earlier to say he'd seen his name and was flattered to see it in print. Here you go...sound is a bit iffy, but they were a great band.
  10. I got a half page in Bass Player magazine this month. What a hoot! I think I did the Q&A about ten months ago...I reckon half that gear and rig has found new homes now.
  11. Tech21 prototype dUg pre-amp pedal.

    #chubbyfingersyndrome Yup, new band. You know when you laugh so hard the back of your head hurts? It's like that again. It's freaking hard work after taking some time off though. I still like to have a chuckle at the BS the old act continue to spin on Facebook; I look at the single digit likes but refrain from posting that no one is interested.
  12. Tech21 prototype dUg pre-amp pedal.

    Oh stop. But hey, if Tech 21 want to quote me, it's Paul Anthony of the band Lutz.
  13. Tech21 prototype dUg pre-amp pedal.

    Right, just reporting in. First off, thanks to Darren for sorting this all out. So, what does this baby sound like? I plugged it direct into a power amp and just had a noodle. Immediate opinion? Well...I also run a GED-2112 and to be honest the dUg is like one of those but on steroids. While I love the GED, sometimes I do/did kind of feel that while it is a great emulator, you just wanted it to go a little further if you get what I mean. The dUg just does this in spades, so much so it's more like you want to roll it off a bit. I've never gotten on with compressors, so the one knob solution does it for me. So after a brief foray, I'm very pleased. The one immediate thing that struck me was that it makes you sound so different, the bass would become an instrument that drives song intros. You just have this huge tone that sounds so amazing out of the box it would obviate the necessity of have guitar as the lead instrument. Does this make sense?
  14. Tech21 prototype dUg pre-amp pedal.

    It's tiny! 8" x 3".