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  1. *Should just say that, yes, while I've schlepped a £6k bass to a gig, it was a Lull. Would I pay £6k for a Jazz Bass? Umm, no.
  2. Two days in, I have a blister. Lots of fun. Only downside so far is the bass could really use some side dots on the neck; the markers on the board aren't particularly visible as you're standing slightly behind the instrument and they pretty much disappear in low light. I'm thinking about putting a call into Simms LED to see whether they could install something.
  3. It's a weird thing. I've played an upright twice before today; this is like going from a tricycle to a bicycle. It's kind of like familiar, but different. Despite how well I play regular basses (*subjective), I was quite shocked how bad I was on this when I first started playing it earlier. If the bass itself, can't fault it. Charging the power cell takes 60 seconds for 16 hours active (why aren't all active circuits like this?). In active mode it sounds gorgeous, thundersome. Right now I'm just sticking it through the Ged/Darkglass set up I use generally, there's no dirt. More later!
  4. It's odd, I've rubbed it back to 1200 grit; the body is smooth but not super-shiny and I actually like it as it is now. Conflicted as to whether to keep going up the grits. I think I was too aggressive with the 800 grit. There is, again, a couple of spots on the edges where the lacquer has rubbed through when I've knocked it back, but I know I can fix these easily enough, so this is the plan...restain those spots, reapply the lacquer, be gentler with the wet and dry. No rush, enjoying the process.
  5. First rub down. 800 grit we and dry. I bit grr...I had small run and was a bit too aggressive I suppose, so I've got a small patch that's gone back to bare wood. I've reapplied the black stain and I'll start relacquering that area. derrière.
  6. It's had five coats of Crimson Lacquer. Just using a brush and allowing it to fully harden. I've not buffed it yet, consensus seems to be to get it to at least eight coats before breaking out the wet and dry. Irritatingly, there's a couple of areas where the body has little splits in the grain that seem to suck up the lacquer, so these areas have been over lacquered. Photo below...the lacquer goes on with a slight white finish that fades as it dries.
  7. Second coat way better. More later.
  8. After being laid low by the plague, felt well enough to spend an hour in the garage. Applied a first coat of the lacquer. Small amount of stain lifted, but all ok. It's weird stuff, slow moving, like treacle. Applied with a paper towel, which was an option and fine. Body just sucked it up; going to give it 20 minutes and apply a second coat with a brush, then leave it for a couple of days.
  9. Maybe what I should do it get his rotten novel, heavily customise it (perhaps rip out a few pages, randomly glue them back in - some upside-down), angle-grind those rough edges, put my name on it as an original and sell it for double what I paid for it. As an afterthought, it might be prudent to staple a few pages in from a completely different author too.
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