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  1. I bought a Squier Badtz-Maru Bronco here a few years back that went through some changes. The headstock suffered catastrophic damage when I was tring to rout out for new machines, so the body sat under the bed for a while. I bought a loaded 1978 Fender Mustang neck from the US, but the truss rod was maxxed out and it had a horrible front bow (it did look superb if nothing else). The body sat under the bed for a while. Got a second (third?) neck from the Stratosphere - a Squier one, all maple - which fitted like a glove. The stock bridge was a bit crap, so I eventually fitted a Mustang bridge. Finally, I was doing a project for someone else and I had a hotrail pickup left over...I think it was a Warman...so I put that in for a hoot, it had to be better than the stock pickup, right? (I was shocked to see that under the cover the original pickup was a six pole Strat style one.) I think I gigged it once, much to the amusement of everyone on the bill. It sounded bright...quite shrill, but it didn't suit live; it was a bit like a toy. Used it on a few demos, then the Lulls arrived and the rest is history.
  2. These were studio recordings with audience added. Apparently they weren't actually the headline band when they recorded Strangers... Allegedly supporting Rush! The audacity!
  3. That's a particularly nasty looking bass.
  4. UFO today. News of the upcoming Strangers 8CD boxset made my heart jump. What a band.
  5. I've been using Elixir Nanowebs for years now, no issue and they stay bright for ages. The only string I stray to are the DR Jonas Helborg sets (which I think have finally been discontinued, but I have two sets). Ordered some of the coated MarkBass strings a few days back, they arrived yesterday and willbe going on my Spector LT later today.
  6. I borrowed the Tears For Fears Songs From The Big Chair boxset from my mate last night and spent an age earlier trying to work out how to rip Steven Wilson's 5.1 version of the album so as to be able to stream it on my network. Ripped it to FLAC surround and just gave it a full spin. It's a wonderful thing.
  7. It's funny looking at the Telecasters on here. never felt any affinity for them (or Fender period); I was trying to work out why and I think it comes down to something a friend of mine said when I was about 15, it went something along the lines of, 'They look like toys, like those Top Twenty guitars in Woolworths.' Interestingly, friend went on to have a lengthy career in music, played with Sting, Numan, Tom Jones, Art Of Noise, was involved in the X-Factor/Fame Academy thing...never saw him playing a Telecaster.
  8. Whether or not the original instrument is finished in nitro or poly, why is it that relicing seem almost exclusively based on Fender basses? I know there's a handful of companies like Sandberg that do reliced guitars, but you never see Stingrays, Thunderbirds etc. and even then it's pretty much always Jazz-style basses.
  9. I've got (for sale folks) a Line6 G30. No issues. I recently bought one of those 5.8G Lekato wireless systems off Amazon, just for home use...a bit tired of cables more than anything else. USB rechargeable, decent range (20/30m without issue). No complaints.
  10. I'm stunned this is still here. I had the lower powered one and it was epic. It's like having a rack with an RBI and RPM and a 600w Poweramp.
  11. I don't think I actually called you an idiot, but hey, if it makes you feel better then just reinterpret my words in whatever way you want to support that claim. And yes, you were right. Go you. Congrats to you for your incredible foresight and business acumen. Give yourself a gold star. A lickle kiss? For me? Aaaw.
  12. Shergold, as I understand it, is a guitar maker that's been dead in the water for some time and Rickenbacker, from what I understand, is still trading in some capacity. It's apparent that Eastwood are working with Hooky to make some. Fair play to them. My point, two years ago, was that you could likely have picked up a vintage Shergold off eBay for not much £££. Sadly my forking crystal ball was away for servicing in August 2018, but if I'd had it I could have simply predicted Eastwood's business plan 24 months in advance, saved you the bother of posting, 'Well, you said...' and maybe saved nearly a million people from dying of a virus. It was a poll to see whether anyone would be interested. No designs, no money changed hands, emails were exchanged for the benefit of feasibility, it was just a poll, now you're coming back and going, 'Look, I was right! You said they wouldn't make Shergold.' Again. FFS.
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