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  1. Can someone explain to me what you're likely to see if one were to attend one of these shows? I've seen a brief 50 second promo clip from the song Mama Mia and that's it. I'm interested, but I will not be going. I couldn't give a rat's bottom as to the technology behind it; at the end of the day whatever is up on stage isn't them and irrespective of how they've achieved the motion capture and do the projection isn't it just the equivalent of watching a film or video game? I just took a look at tickets; this thing is running until May 2023 (at least) and tickets are £40-£200, five days a week (Mon/Thu/Fri) with two shows a day at weekends. Jesus. But hey, we're all getting a £400 fuel rebate, so what better to spend it on, eh? Who needs to keep warm. The sadness (beyond the fact that people are shelling out a fortune to watch) is that it's almost certain Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are rubbing their hands together and going, 'Oh man, do you realise we can sack the two imposters and still make a fortune into our eighties and we won't have to put these ridiculous outfits again.'
  2. Issues with both trapeziums, some weirdness with the middle finger on my right hand which may be an offshoot of one of the (difficult) five surgeries I've had on my hands. I take turmeric and gloucosemine phosphate if things get painful. Oh, one other thing, there's no such thing as being double-jointed. You just have the ability of hyperextension in the joint.
  3. I've only owned one 4003; the reasons for selling are detailed elsewhere. Man alive, that finish just ticks all my boxes - I see stuff like this and think to myself how much blacker could you go on one of these? Stain the board? (did that on one of my Lulls), would a black plate be too much? Lovely.
  4. They're on late 60s Precisions, too: 1968 1966: 1964 1959!!
  5. I find this mark fascinating...you can't unsee it now. I just spent the last 15 minutes looking at 70s Jazz Basses on Reverb; it's even visible on some of the more lighter-coloured sunbursts.
  6. Most of the bands I like have either broken up, release stuff every three years or have just stopped releasing material. In the main it's more a case about waiting for these super-deluxe things with bonus and/or 5.1 content; Tears For Fears, Bernard Butler, XTC etc. I'm hoping Steven Wilson will be able to do more (pending location of the masters) in the XTC Surround Sound series or maybe do the same for Jellyfish or Sugarbomb. The only thing I am REALLY looking forward to is the second round of Max Richter's Four Seasons Reimagined (June'22). There's a few bands I'll hunt down new releases when they arrive, but I'm not getting particularly moist over them.
  7. Well I guess it was easy to predict Ukraine winning it, but the UK second? Nah.
  8. I enjoyed Eurovision this year. We had my best mate over with his wife; watched the FA Cup (even Chelsea losing didn't dampen things), ordered an Indian in, ate that and watched the last three songs and the voting. We had three cases of Brewdog Hazy Jane and made a decent dent in these.
  9. A mate of mine mentioned Primus yesterday (and did I know about the Farewell To Kings gig). I know you posted this a couple of months ago, but my comment to him generally about Primus was that the component parts have pretty much everything I should adore, but I find the vocals very hard going. Sure I can live with stuff like My Name Is Mud, Winona or Too Many Puppies, but too much Primus makes my chest hurt.
  10. Marina and The Diamonds. Martha and The Muffins. Martha Reeves and The Vandellas. God, there's tons. Booker T, Echo, Elvis Costello, Gladys Knight, Harold Melvin, Adam (and the) Ant(s), Joan Jett, Junior Walker.
  11. If Gary brings the Axe, I'd suggest he also brings along a pair of boots.
  12. A request; I'm curious about quality/build/tone differences between the US and Euro NS-designed models, any chance of at least one of each in comparable specs?
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