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  1. Price drop bump.
  2. NancyJohnson

    My European Tour Feb / March 2019

    Well done! Yeah, Tour diary!
  3. NancyJohnson

    1984 Warwick Streamer

    Hubba bubba. I love the paddle headstocks on these.
  4. NancyJohnson

    Basses You've Owned and Hated

    I've had a few basses that were clunkers or things that didn't do it for me; a 79 Fender Precision (heavy, dead spots, frankly useless electrics), Fender Geddy Lee Jazz (too shrill), Rickenbacker 4003 (long desired, great tonally, neck horrible), Gibson Thunderbird NR re-issue (arguably the one that got away, but issues tonally from the outset that took an age to resolve, by which time I'd fallen out of love with it). All this said, the winner of the worse bass I've ever owned goes to an Ibanez Roadster RB760. Man alive, it was the biggest steaming pile of poop I've ever owned/played. Worse still (and it saddens me to say this), I actually part-exchanged a Travis Bean for it. (I could cry.) It met a timely demise. I was playing somewhere in London, it kept on cutting out, so it just came off and I turned it into firewood. It wasn't even the end of the set and I didn't have a back up. If memory serves me, a few days later I went to the Bass Centre and bought a Warwick.
  5. NancyJohnson

    QED Anniversary Speaker Cable

    Two 7m lengths of the purple provisionally sold.
  6. NancyJohnson

    If You Had £3000 For a Bass ....

    We're all different, aren't we. £3k burning a hole in my pocket; I don't suppose it matters if it's my birthday or not, really. if I could find one, a Spector Forte 4X ('Spectorbird'), a nice quality series one Hamer Cruisebass, or a Lull Thunderbird...
  7. NancyJohnson

    Dating early Fenders

    Years ago there used to be a store in Denmark Street that sold all these old Fender neck plates, decals, pots, bodies, necks etc. Nobody gave a damn about it back then as the basses these went on were just 10-15 years old. I dread to think how many people own a cherished 60s model, only for it to have been cobbled together from various parts in the 1970s.
  8. NancyJohnson

    New Darkglass A/O amp

    Trigger pulled on the A/O amplifier. You know, I've seen enough in the Darkglass promos past and present to know whatever I've seen is reasonably accurate, so no qualms. Delivery 6-8 weeks. Will report back on delivery.
  9. NancyJohnson

    Dusting off Ye Olde Arpege

    I've always like the design of these. I remember there was a fretless one up in the Wapping Bass Centre years ago with a brass fingerboard. Design being one thing, a guy I knew a while back owned one and it was so badly set up, I found it almost unplayable; the neck was bowing so far forward the action was a good 1/2" at the 13th fret. I begged the guy to give it to me for an hour to set it up, but nope, that was how he liked it.
  10. NancyJohnson

    QED Anniversary Speaker Cable

    Following a move over to assorted wireless speakers, I have a few lengths of decent speaker cable available if anyone wants to do subtle upgrades to their hifi or surround system. Please add a fiver for shipping. I have the following lengths: 3 x 7m QED Qudos/Anniversary cable (in purple) - £2.00p/metre, so £14.00 the full length. (TWO LENGTHS NOW SOLD) 1 x 7m QED Qudos/Anniversary cable (in white/cream) £2.00 p/metre, so £14.00 the full length. 2 x 4.5m QED Micro (black) £1.50p/metre (£6.75 a length) With the current Anniversary going at £6.50 a metre it's a bit of a bargain. I'll throw in some gold banana plugs (some of the cabling is already plug terminated).
  11. NancyJohnson

    Tech 21 dUg DP-X3/Korg DTR2000 Rack tuner. PRICE DROPS

    I've reduced the price of the Korg tuner - if you're in the market for a clean rackmount tuner hit me up. Had a couple of nibbles on the dUg - again, hit me up. No rush to sell either, but they need to go.
  12. NancyJohnson

    [SOLD] Matrix GT1000FX 2U Poweramp

  13. NancyJohnson

    Epiphone Thunderbird Gothic...hmm, yellow.

    SOLD to the lovely Breadbin!
  14. NancyJohnson

    Limelight Custom Builds

    I've always been curious about these. Are they scratch built or just bolted together from AllParts style parts?
  15. NancyJohnson

    Andertons, Guildford

    This is what happens when they realise they have a rock god on the premises.