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  1. You could use a powered cab; I have one up in the sale section (also has a mini stand to get it up to ear level).
  2. I've seen photos of this configuration...I think I have some on my computer. No idea whether the neck pocket matches. IMO, a Status Graphite Stingray neck would arguably look nicer on a black Jazz bass.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. My first bass was a white/cream Arbiter SG thing, £30 loan from my late father. I sold it for a small profit to this hippie bloke and moved on to a Columbus Jazz Bass copy. I honestly no idea where it came from.
  5. Where does 'back in the day' fit in?
  6. Back then? We're not talking the 1940s. The t-shirt I'm currently wearing pre-dates my NR purchase!
  7. The Sweet. Specifically, Sweet F*nny Adams, Desolation Boulevard and the rebooted Strung Up album.
  8. The NR Thunderbirds are now listed on the Andertons site for £1,650.00, so more than double what I paid for my first run NRs about nine years ago. I'll pass this time around.
  9. 'The bottle stopper' With so many people suffering from this form of arthritis, you'd think that procedures would become a little less arcane...my wife commented once something along the lines of, 'well, can't they just take the bone out and put another (metallic) cuboid thing in there?' It's a great idea, but you have to consider that a piece of titanium will just wear down the bones going into it. It's amazing how failure of such a small piece of one's body can be so debilitating.
  10. I've gone from running biggish rack systems/dual cabinet set ups to having a desire for small set ups. All my front end tone comes off either the Dug Pinnick or Geddy Lee Sansamps, so I just want to amplify that signal as purely as possible. I can see the allure of racked gear, but I don't want to go back to that; I genuinely like the idea of the Demeter Minnie and a Sansamp.
  11. Bwahaha. Err, nope. In most cases, in the majority of cases, the sound guy has never heard a note you've played and has little idea what you're supposed to sound like as a unit. Be nice to the sound guy, yes, but beyond that? Nah. Being nice to the sound guy is akin to not sending your main course back to the kitchen.
  12. Haven't had my trapeziods removed, but suspect it's coming, I suppose come the time, it's just a case of deciding which process is better (the rolled up tendon or the bottle stopper/ball joint method). To be honest, I've seen some horrific stuff online (people in persistent pain etc.) and I believe that when it's time to have the op, I suspect I'll park bass playing for good; that said, I do wonder at the age we live in, wherein a rolled up tendon can be used to replace a dice shape bone. Turmeric helps as an anti-inflammatory - I don't take it daily because the pain isn't there all the time. I also take glucosamine sulphate occasionally which purports to be good for the cartledge generally. Oh the pain of getting old. Well, older.
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