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  1. Thread revival. 20 pages way too much to plough through. Quick question: how, given the HPF removes inaudible frequencies, do you tell if it's working?
  2. stewblack

    40hz Feedback

    Bought a couple of cabs from Simon today and the entire transaction was a reminder of why I love Basschat. The price was more than fair, he drove to meet me at a mutually agreed place, the cabs were precisely as described, and the communication throughout was faultless. Absolutely excellent Basschatter - deal with complete confidence.
  3. Yay! Although I don't know why I made a fuss, I know what it looks like 😅😅
  4. Been waiting for these for ages gave up last week and bought some TC Electronic 2x8s instead. Time to raid my piggy bank
  5. Born To Be Wild, our own interpretation loosely based on Wilson Pickett's cover. Played for fun as the venue had completely emptied and we had five minutes to fill
  6. To be honest I don't know. These particular gigs come through a booker and it just feels like a soulless exercise for all concerned.
  7. Another slightly depressing Friday night pub gig yesterday. I don't know how these places stay in business with so few customers. We went through the motions and it will help pay some bills, but it's tiring sometimes.
  8. Wonderful project. Beautiful, quixotic and right up my street .
  9. Oh wow. This is more than fair. I love mine. GLWTS
  10. Near run thing last night. We have a weekly Bandeoke at a notoriously tardy paying venue. Sick of their shenanigans the band leader was forced to remind them of our agreement that we receive payment within a week or she could not guarantee her musicians would turn up. They coughed within a couple of minutes of the 6pm deadline so our strike was called off. Turned out to be a great night. Phew.
  11. Damn. That's just totally impractical.
  12. Actually I just remembered I have one of these in the loft. It needs fixing though. That means a courier and expense and it won't be a new amp when I get it back will it?
  13. I have a pair of very narrow speaker cabs. I assumed that a particular head would fit them when they are stacked vertically. However there are a few millimetres overhanging on either side. This, of course, renders the set up entirely unusable. Sensing the opportunity to buy more gear, I am in the market for a bass head no wider than 10 inches. I am aware so far of the Elf, Gnome, Bam, and Harley Benton Block. Can you recommend any others? Ideally with precise measurements. Ta.
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