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  1. Feedback for Stealth

    Two more transactions with Simon went as smoothly as could possibly be expected. I can't recommend him highly enough.
  2. Rack Case V-Amp

    You've been pipped at the post - will let you know if anything goes wrong.
  3. SOLD SOLD Eden Bass Chorus PRICE DROP £30

    Go on then.
  4. Rack Case V-Amp

    All yours if you want it
  5. Rack Case V-Amp

    I can but technically speaking andytoad showed an interest first so I guess we ought to offer him the chance to pay postage if he wants to. If not it's all yours.
  6. Rack Case V-Amp

    Where are you? Roughly...
  7. Rack Case V-Amp

    Obligatory crappy phone pics
  8. Rack Case V-Amp

    I have a Stagg rack case thingy, not sure how you measure these but you could get 3 average amps in there. It's quite deep. I'm leaving the Behringer V-Amp Pro in there and a power cable which I attached to the back end. Small crack in one side of the case, doesn't affect it, still perfectly solid. V-Amp has broken input socket at front but other input to rear works just fine. It ain't a great piece of kit but I used it as a rack tuner rather than for the sounds. Come and get them, they're free!
  9. Fender Japan bitsa jazz gold

    I need to sell what little is left of my soul to get this bass. Damn that GAS is strong. Someone save me and buy the damn thing please.
  10. Fender Japan bitsa jazz gold

    This is lovely - any idea of shipping costs?
  11. JoinMyBand Cracks Me Up!!!

    I am so lucky right now. After years of really quite deeply unpleasant personalities I've found a keeper. I turned up at the audition and she met me at the car and started to help carry my gear into the rehearsal. Brought me drinks, paid for food and drives the band to gigs, has zero ego I can detect and rehearses every bit as hard as any musician I've ever known and considerably harder than most. Buys lots of expensive equipment, organises rehearsals, books gigs, helps pack down, works really hard on stage. Despite having the vocal ability to be the absolute focal point of any band she sees herself as the equal of us all. Even the drummer which I think is being unnecessarily hard on herself.
  12. Singing While Playing

    Lots of great advice - thanks folks.
  13. Things that annoy you...

    I too have massive issues with FB but Messenger lite is free to install on your phone does not require the FB app so it's not difficult. Just set up an FB account with none of your private information on it and simply use messenger. It's what I do.
  14. Singing While Playing

    Thanks. I had a horrible feeling there wouldn't be a shortcut!