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Community Answers

  1. Well that sounds absolutely amazing
  2. Thank you guys. I didn't realise abbatar was a real word 😂😂
  3. Um. I literally have no idea what is being discussed so what do I search for?
  4. For those of us who don't follow the news is there a link to explain what is being discussed here please?
  5. I shall watch these videos with great interest. Thank you.
  6. WD40 is a great cleaner. However, with Harley Benton strings costing less than the price of a pint and sounding great, there is little point in boiling, washing, burning, snapping etc etc
  7. Interesting thread. It got me to thinking, when did I get my first P bass? I played Arias pretty much exclusively from the 80s through to turn of the century. I have a bunch of Ps now and love them all, but I think it is a fairly recent phenomenon. My Bruce Thomas Profile is the best one.
  8. Actually... and I'm being serious... petrol is a fantastic cleaner. For anyone, um, shall we say cerebrally challenged, I don't mean heated petrol.
  9. Ah ha! Like you, I have nothing specific in mind. I'll have a look and message you.
  10. Waiting for this thread to develop. Self taught XR18ist here with similar issues
  11. Did me cruciate in the left knee hopping from side to side while playing ska in the Fleece and Firkin back in the 90s. Still get a twinge when the weather turns.
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