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  1. stewblack

    Crazy Loud Combination

    It happened again. I reported in How Was Your Gig Last Night getting abuse from audience members for being too loud at the Tap Social in Oxford. I put this down to the big hollow box of a stage creating unwanted boominess. Then I ended up doing my last gig with volume and gain at 1 & 1 after being repeatedly ask to wind it back in soundcheck. This was a pretty sizeable venue and all hard surfaces, no boom box stage to blame. The rig producing these awesome trouser flapping, belly wobbling extremes? Orange Terror 1k and two Markbass 1 X 15. Just a devestatingly efficient combination. The Bruce Thomas Sig helps of course. My goodness that's one powerful instrument.
  2. Excellent news. Just hope he doesn't get sh!tfaced on the train and forget his long thin black suitcase 😶
  3. stewblack

    Vulfpeck. Running Away.

    Crappy Love Songs one of my faves right now. What astonishes me is how a band can feature a talent as sublime as Joe Dart and yet he doesn't actually stand out. That's how great all the others are. It's a collective of creativity and musicianship which is both fun, entertaining and yet technically and musically excellent.
  4. stewblack

    Vulfpeck. Running Away.

    Basschat introduced me to them not long back and it was love at first sight. Theo Katzman's solo stuff is also excellent.
  5. stewblack

    How was your gig last night?

    Oh and the other thing about zaza's is if you need the loo take a packed lunch, sturdy walking boots and map. Also tell people where you're going and what time you're expected back. They are so far away the venue has painted lines on the floor for people to follow to get to them. My God. I didn't think I'd ever get there.
  6. stewblack

    How was your gig last night?

    Played Za Za Bazaar in Bristol last night. Usually huge crowds of pub crawling punters ensure fresh faces and lots of drunken dancing. Unfortunately the weather in the West was absolutely foul and while it kept those we had already from leaving it also deterred the 'passing trade'. Nonetheless we played well went down well and had a good night. The only problem was our wireless mixer lost it's battle with all the other phones, routers, Bluetooth, microwaves, and whatnot. I got a decent sound before it lost connection forever, but if anyone can put together an idiot's guide to using an external router to solve this problem in future please get in touch!
  7. stewblack

    How was your gig last night?

    First time at a particular venue for me last night and a new band too. Playing almost all originals in a thumping alt-folk/Irish/Poguesish style. I stepped in at very short notice and played from chord sheets (on a tablet). Went really well, lots of punters dancing, enthusiastic response to my playing from band members and audience alike. I love this whole depping lark. Everyone is grateful, no one expects perfection and the variety keeps me fresh. Also if the band turn out to be total d!ckheads I get to melt away into the night never to be seen again. The gig was at the Tap social in Oxford , a wonderful micro brewery and bar with incredibly helpful and friendly staff. Great atmosphere with only one tiny drawback. The stage is a big wooden box. I had my gain on 1 and volume on 1, bass rolled back to 50% and still I had some self appointed 'experts' coming up and yelling at me to turn down. Half the problem was of course not me but the keyboard player's left hand and the resonance of the box must have been booming around the room. I managed to roll back the bottom end, boost mids so I could be heard without shaking the fillings free from people's teeth, and all was well. Had it not been for a satnav fail we would have had a better soundcheck and could have avoided the problem. But it worked out in the end. If yu get a chance to play there I recommend it but get directions before you leave home!
  8. stewblack

    Order of effects

    Really useful thread this. Thanks to those who have so clearly explained their choices. I've had a love/hate relationship with effects all my bass playing life. They fascinate me but also hugely increase the 'stuff that can go wrong on stage' factor. I also love a simple clean bass sound where my fingers are the deciding factor in creating my sound. I'm in bands which need them so I've been building my board once again. However I suspect my main problem with effects has always been laziness. Can't be bothered to put the work in needed to get the results. The advice here has given me a good head start as I sort out my board, so thank you all again.
  9. stewblack

    REM at the BBC last night

    I like Shiny Happy People. There. I said it.
  10. stewblack

    Fender Jazz Bass - 1974 style Bitsa w/case £600

    Gorgeous! What a looker. Anyone considering this rest assured you can deal with Zander with absolute confidence. Great guy.
  11. stewblack

    Headphones with a long lead.?

    Grado. Every time. Sadly the SR80s aren't made any more but they fit your needs perfectly. EDIT: Sorry - my old model is unavailable but there is a new SR80 e available https://www.amazon.co.uk/Grado-SR325e-Prestige-Backed-Headphone-Black-Silver/dp/B00L1LXOWS?th=1
  12. stewblack

    15" Bass Cabs

    Two empty 15" ported bass cabs need a home. Come to Somerset and take them away. More info: 2 x heavy duty (but light) twin ported bass bin cabinets that will take 15 in bass drivers (no drivers fitted). Suitable for bass guitar or PA project. Cabinets are sturdy and in very good condition. The heavy duty carpet covering is intact and the cabs have recessed carry handles and recessed connection panel which has speakon/jack/screw terminal connections. Also there is a pole mounting socket on the top of the cab to allow for mid/high frequency speaker cab to be mounted. Collection only
  13. stewblack

    Fender American Performer PJ

    That is lovely. Sparkle without being tacky. I like it.
  14. stewblack

    Fender American Performer PJ

  15. stewblack

    Madness Absolutely

    Played in a Madness trib for a few years. Wonderful basslines to almost every tune