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  1. Oooh that is nice! There's something about the Ashdown/Barefaced combination isn't there? Whoever gets this will be set up for life!
  2. You're right about that green fascia, I like it. Good luck with your sale.
  3. I should add that many people don't rate the presets that come loaded on the Zoom, but you can alter /replace any of them. There are desktop apps that make the process really simple too.
  4. Always an honour to be able to start a feedback thread for a forum member. Also a delight to be able to leave word of a positive experience. @Grav sold me a pedal and the deal went down with classic Basschat smoothness and ease. Quick to respond to messages, very fair on the price, and very prompt to organise a well packaged delivery. Can't ask for more than that. I am more than happy to recommend him to you all.
  5. I too am a convert to feeling the bass. However my set up is extremely Heath Robinson. I'm saving up for a pedal, but as the kitty starts to move in the area of the Backbeat's price tag, I have to say I'm sorely tempted. Not just for home use but if I ever gig again it would be lovely to have a response from the bass without getting moaned at by everyone for being too loud. Those who have one, is it value for money? It is a fair bit more than I first expected it to be TBH. But thinking about what's involved to make it, and that it's fully portable I'm coming around to the idea. Playing to a drum track and feeling that kick drum is a heck of a thing. It's impossible to describe.
  6. I love my basses in a similar way that I love painting or sculpture, they are or at least can be beautiful. Having said that they are tools first and foremost. No matter how good they look if they're uncomfortable to play they will be out the door. I accept they'll get grotty and dinged over time it's unavoidable. Sometimes the dust gets a little embarrassing even for me so I'll wave a cloth at it. But if I'm selling it then the pictures will show the condition and no one will be surprised by it good or bad.
  7. I am interested in an item not available here, but advertised by several Facebook sellers. No reason to doubt the honesty of any one of them. But after these threads I just don't feel comfortable sending money to a stranger. Don't misunderstand me, I'm grateful the risks have been exposed, but all the same it's a shame when trust is lost. Are there any practical steps you good folk can suggest to establish the bone fides of a seller or indeed to convince them of your own?
  8. We signed our own names, but not before protesting that we were not in any way worthy of such attention, nor were we in any way associated with the original band
  9. stewblack

    Oldman Feedback

    Great Basschatter, this Oldman fellow. I recently bought a rack case and some cables from him and it was just the sweetest deal. Every aspect from enquiry to delivery went smoothly and I heartily commend Oldman to the members of this forum.
  10. I have seldom felt as awkward as when signing autographs for punters after a tribute gig.
  11. So you're new to Basschat and Paul S is offering something for sale at a too good to be true price. What do you do? 🤷🏻‍♂️ I'll tell you what you do You buy it, with complete confidence and peace of mind. You see Paul S is as reliable, honest and decent a fellow as you're ever likely to deal with.
  12. The only tribs I have been in have been graciously treated by the band that went before them. On three different occasions original members came on stage with us and played a few numbers. In fact not long after playing with us they reformed and made a comeback! Not every super famous musician feels threatened by a tribute.
  13. You are indeed not alone! My car tetrus skills would be legendary if other people got as excited about them as I do. My greatest achievement was probably the two blokes and a full drum kit in a kia picanto.
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