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  1. I have both but not the X version. Yes it is definitely an upgrade. Better quality, and a much easier to use and set up. There are control knobs for overall volume and tone so no menu diving. You can use it as five separate stomps as well as patches. Altering the effects parameters is a breeze compared with the B1on. Again those knobs rather than menu diving. Second hand mine cost me £45, the HPF alone makes it worth twice that.
  2. I have done it on a B1on its very straightforward and at a stroke has removed a ton of amp sims, delays and reverb which I never used and ended up scrolling endlessly through. Only downside is the Tonelib software can no longer 'see' the effects on the pedal. If you rely on Tonelib best not do it.
  3. Have to say this echoes my sentiments precisely. If people who care about the difference can't tell the difference, then surely it doesn't matter.
  4. Correction to the correction. There's a hidden gem. Designed to be used with the G1Xon the PDL MnPit is designed to be used with an expression pedal (which the B1on of course can't do so I must have loaded it by mistake). Produces some sweet octave up, 2 octave up, 4th down tones as well as a couple of teeth wrenching 2 octaves down. Possibly more. The controls need interpreting as it's not made for the B1on but it sounds unbelievably good. In tune, clear sound with no warble, unless you wait to the very very end of the dying note where it loses contact with the original note. This is so unbelievably useful for those of us who like to bi-amp, or get chordal sounds to support in a 3 piece. I'll record it so you don't have to take my word for it! edit ooh ooh - just found a nice 5th above too!
  5. Correction it's only for old pedals. You can use it to bung G series stuff onto old B series pedals, or MS-60B effects onto your B1on otherwise, nothing terribly exciting here. Sorry if I raised your hopes.
  6. Disclaimer : I haven't tried this myself. I don't know if it's real or safe. I'm just sharing a video I found on YT. Apparently you can customise your zoom multi to have any effect from any zoom pedal, bass or guitar.
  7. Ah that amp will give every cab just what it needs. Glad you found what you needed to sit beneath it.
  8. Favourite cab to look at Trace Elliot 2x10. Favourite cab to gig with Barefaced Compact. Favourite cab just because I love it paired with every head I ever owned and with every bass I play through it is the Barefaced Midget. Honourable mention for favourite cab in days gone by: my old Eden 8x10. An absolute workhorse which always sounded great and never let me down.
  9. I'll get a closer look at the socket tomorrow, thank you.
  10. The 'A' Board. This is the heavyweight. The others I build and break down for the pleasure of it. A bit like other people do jigsaw puzzles. But if I ever gig again this is the one. Not totally finished yet. I may swap the Donner Flanger out for a second dirt pedal and have two in parallel. With the Mr Black Gilamondo providing modulated lusciousness aplenty and a possible chorus/flanger combo on the horizon the Jet Convolution may be surplus. Hidden below the top layer is a Zoom B1-4 always on (HPF and a little preamp colour and noise gate) and my octave pedal which is in a loop with the Ricochet, controlled by the LS-2 then blended with the main signal via the TPM. And a whole bunch of cables. Oh and my rechargeable power supply. Silent, slim and ridiculously long lasting.
  11. Beautiful shot. Mondrian would have liked it.
  12. 100% agree. Outstanding piece of kit.
  13. In a previous life I had to maintain a spreadsheet and take data from it to meetings. It wasn't the greatest period of my life but at least i learned some basic excel. Except clearly I didn't. Tried creating a spreadsheet to use as a rehearsal log so I can see what has had time spent and what hasn't. Hate turning up for rehearsal only to realise I've not practised a particular song for months. But I could not remember a darned thing. Has anyone got something like this they could share? I have tried using notebooks but in the real 3D world I'm shockingly disorganised. On a computer I tend to be way better. Or do you have a better solution? I thought I could easily ask a spreadsheet the kind of questions I wan't answering - but even that may be wrong!
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