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  1. I have just enjoyed a rather excellent transaction with this most esteemed Basschatter. Trust me - you can't go wrong. prompt, courteous, honest and a very good packer of the bass. Recommended.
  2. I just assumed that I was too thick to know what deign meant.
  3. Really wanted cash for this but no one biting here or anywhere else. So... any trades? Not actually after anything in particular to be honest but you never know.
  4. Am I right in assuming you found an svt in the end then Walshy?
  5. I'll wipe the flour off before I deliver the bass by the way.
  6. Just taken delivery of a magic pedal which will make me sing like Cher. Great communication throughout, simple, straightforward deal. Item was in superb condition, arrived safely and quickly, well packaged. Happy to recommend this excellent Basschatter.
  7. Hi mate, can you share your knowledge and wisdom? What functions are served by the expression pedal on the Zoom?
  8. Although I have to be fair and say if that's the only thing you want it to do you can buy a more simple pedal more cheaply.
  9. Goodness me that is well expressed. That should be a sticky above every thread discussing lower priced gear.
  10. So it would appear, 🤔 hang on let's try kitchen scales
  11. Try to stay calm folks... I have the box!
  12. I love the gradual evolution of the Zoom multi fx. With the understandable exception of the standalone MS-60B, this looks like every single improvement they've made to their pedals incorporated into one unit, with some new spice added. Love the idea of 5 individual pedals which can easily be switched to patches, the scroll up and down options, the master volume and tone options and the use of knobs and pedals reducing the need to menu dive. Bass version please Mr Zoom.
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