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  1. stewblack

    Markbass Woe

  2. stewblack

    Markbass Woe

  3. stewblack

    Markbass Woe

    Thanks guys. I should have said it's not new. I bought it second hand. I was just whining about how little I'd used it because I was feeling sorry for myself!
  4. stewblack

    Markbass Woe

    So after barely any use my Markbass amp has developed a fault, looks like a short circuit somewhere and my regular amp tech says he can't do anything as MB insist only approved technicians can touch their stuff. He says he can't buy spares there are no manuals etc. Anyone know a way around this? I was flush when I bought the amp but I'm pretty well skint now so do not want a crazy expensive repair bill.
  5. stewblack

    Mental Preparation for Gigs

    I make sure I have at least an hour's sleep before showering and setting out for the gig. Lie on the bed, set alarm, noise cancelling earbuds, guided sleep meditation. I arrive at the venue entirely relaxed, energised and ready. Also remain fresh and alert throughout both the evening and the drive home.
  6. stewblack

    Soul Tunes

    Thanks folks some great ideas.
  7. stewblack

    Soul Tunes

    Cool thanks!
  8. stewblack

    Hand Signals

    Last night my drummer kept going where he should have broken down to just the hi hat. Being a bassist I of course stuck with him. Guitarist proceeded to talk me through the end of the guitar solo explaining where I should have stopped - while I'm still playing!
  9. stewblack

    Soul Tunes

    Which soul(ish) tunes do you play that go down really well with the widest range of audiences? Band is looking to expand its repertoire but I don't really want to waste time learning good songs only to find they stink up the place when we do them live. Obviously I know all bands excel at different songs and you may play a tune really well and my band may not but I'm just after a broad consensus really to add weight to the band discussion. Thinking mainly soul, tamla, stax, motown type things but totally up for newer stuff too. So which songs do you find most people dance / sing a long to?
  10. stewblack

    Hand Signals

    I saw a band who went to the last time in every song when the singer removed his hat. They would then do the traditional huge crashing, noodling final chord, the signal to end which chord would come when he threw the hat into the air - everyone hitting the final stab as it landed. Amusing and effective.
  11. stewblack

    Couriers & packing.

    Totally agree. Terrible problems with damaged goods and dreadful follow up
  12. Best city I've known is Portsmouth. Lots of venues paying good money, lively crowds, a bit rough and ready but generally good people.
  13. stewblack

    Best strap for shoulder pain

    This one https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01I0BGYM8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 every time. I've tried tons and this is the best.
  14. stewblack

    Tribute bands

    Best one I ever played in was The More Specials. We used a mix of BBC sessions, singles and album tracks. Some amazing musicians and only band I've been in where the audience was on their feet and dancing from the very first tune to the last, guaranteed, every gig. Not much money in it with so many members to split the fee with but some unforgettable nights and even got a few of the original Specials up on stage with us at various gigs.