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  1. Good to have a balanced view, no apology needed, your bad experience is just as valid as anyone else's positive one.
  2. I got a friend a dep gig with one of my bands. Afterwards BL said he was good but way too loud for us. I told him and got him a second go. He played more quietly. Now he's the regular dep. Good drummers can adjust. Team players play for team.
  3. Ouch! I know we musicians are delicate flowers, quick to rise to any perceived negative notion of our role in a performance, but that sounds like an overreaction. Wonder if discontent has been brewing?
  4. You know how in some venues you seem to hear the distant strain of Duelling Banjos? My gig was like that.
  5. looks like the old soldering iron will be out when I get home. Can ceased to make a noise during my first set this evening. Switched to a different input socket worked for a bit then nothing. Luckily have two speak on connections too so swapped cable and so far so good.
  6. Relatively new to this transcription game so happy to be corrected where stuff is horribly wrong. Alicia Keys: A_Woman's_Worth.pdf Carole King I Feel The earth Move I_Feel_The_Earth_Move.pdf
  7. So sorry should have marked them gone.
  8. Only ever had two problems with stuff bought from Thomann, a clip on tuner which arrived broken and more recently a pedal which just suddenly packed up. Today I received a replacement for the pedal, no quibbles, just like the last time, two emails and a replacement was shipped to me. Customer service? Yup, no complaints here.
  9. Yes! The sonic embigulator
  10. Oh and a fretless to compliment the acoustic bass. And an aby pedal so both can use the same loudifier. Or two louderators to make both loud at the same time
  11. stewblack

    Feedback for btlk

    I traded pedals with Aleksandr and it is a privilege to be able to open his feedback thread. Excellent communication throughout, he bent over backwards to ensure the trade was fair. Reliable, courteous and honest I commend him to the community.
  12. I too returned to the bass and thence to Basschat recently. I haven't actually been reduced to begging in the street but every available penny I manage to scrape up gets spent here. Good luck not getting the gas..
  13. Going to seem weird but I enjoy the Louis Bellson torture. Like others enjoy crosswords, I suppose, while to me they seem unnecessary, masochistic and painful. I found a YouTuber who uses the Louis Bellson torture method with notes and metronome and it's great for tapping along on your lap using your phone. Anyway Carole King is done. Just a week to try to force it into Musink (worlds clunkiest software) and I'll share it.
  14. Thanks @TKenrick I am evolving a system but it's great not to have to reinvent the wheel, so I really appreciate your pointers. I use Audacity to slow songs down, repeat tricky passages etc. Also you can label sections of the track so I am breaking it down into its component parts but I haven't been listing the numbers of bars for each so that's a great tip
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