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  1. I passed the advert on to our mandolin player but we've been locked down ever since
  2. Ha ha! I like it. Thank you so much for your input. I solved the problem with your advice. A triplet and two crotchet did the job. This is what I love about learning. I knew what a triplet was, but didn't understand its power. Thanks to your input I have a deeper understanding. The transcription is finished. First draft. Now I will leave it to settle then play through and correct any glaring errors. Then I will attempt to tidy it up in accordance with the constructive criticism received here. Then and only then will I share it. Hopefully there will be some improvement from my previous effort. Thanks again.
  3. But I shall look at your suggestion of time sig change.
  4. There jolly well are!! That's not all - look https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_hundred_fifty-sixth_note
  5. In fact it may be worse than that! I wonder if the bar doesn't slow throughout its length Wait a cotton picking minute. Is it triplets???? No no no not the right amount of notes, sorry.
  6. Hello folks, I am undertaking another transcription. I had imagined it might be a nice simple one. Oh, how swiftly hubris is punished. Well, by bar 20, that's how soon. It Must Be Love, the Madness version. I have happily picked my way through the minefield of the timing, only to find bar 20 is shorter than all the others. I mean by that, it is 1.623 seconds long while every other bar lasts 1.709 seconds (timings are approximate but as close as I could get them) This is roughly equivalent to one and a half demisemiquavers. I assume this means the tempo is different for this bar from the rest of the song. I can work out the tempo for that bar, but how do I show this in the score please? Here is the bar as I worked it out it. But there is simply too much room at the end !
  7. Yes! I was thinking the same. The bass player should be the coolest person in the band but not this time.
  8. Maybe slipping into country rock territory?
  9. Doing a bit of recording today but only on a tablet to watch for mistakes in my playing so sound quality ain't all that. I'll try to set up something better later.
  10. I got some abuse for trying a similar thread because I used a more jokey title like cr*p songs you actually enjoy playing. It seems no matter how patently uncool and dreadful something is, someone somewhere will defend it.
  11. Don't know the song at all but man I love the bass line. Very engaging chap as well. We can learn so much from these people.
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