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  1. Looks like a fine instrument. I played a G&L at the SW BassBash, and it was instantly lovely. I had been a little put off by the headstock until I saw one in person rather than just photographed. It looks absolutely fine in real life. There's a G&L in Anderton's right now fir 250 which is seriously tempting.
  2. Never 'shimmed' before, I'm not really very handy beyond setting intonation. But the other day I shoved a bit of something flat under the neck of a bass I had put together. I musta gotten lucky because it went from unplayable to perfect. So count me in the shimmer camp if this ever goes to war.
  3. Hi, I have the Bumblebee, and while some pedals do fit beneath the upper level, it's actually just too low for a standard Boss sized pedal. This is the only drawback in an otherwise excellent design
  4. stewblack

    Joyo Oxford

    Joyo have slipped a bass amp and an effect past me. I must be getting old. The American/British/Californian Sound pedals have been joined by the Oxford Sound. It's orange. Allegedly sounds like Orange amps. Anyone got one? Are all the pedals actually all the same beyond the paint job? Does anyone care?
  5. I shouldn't worry too much, even the great Bruce Thomas was often told to stay below the 5th fret
  6. Actually, I've been reflecting on this situation and I realise they're right. The audience doesn't care about the bassist either so really it doesn't matter
  7. I know the op has decided on a Trace (and I'll never argue against the green magic) but others will read the thread, so I'm going to throw the Fender Downtown Express into the mix. It has dirt but you don't have to use it. Transformed my 'straight into the PA' sound from unusable to excellent.
  8. Well, it's the day of the gig and no one has contacted me to ask about the PA....
  9. Do not imagine because of the price that this isn't a proper instrument. It will play perfectly with zero modification.
  10. Nice one. The miserable side of me (which is almost certainly covid caused, so please ignore it) wonders how any musician could need this experience to value their bass player. I am reminded of an audition I attended. The band leader said they had run the songs before I got there and were amazed at how much they missed the bass. Amazed! They were a three piece.
  11. You have a splendid memory TBird! I did indeed ask about this pedal a while back.
  12. Any list of living bass players that fails to include Bruce Thomas is flawed. I demand my money back.
  13. It's not that I think they won't notice any difference, it's the thought that they're prepared to waste all that time and money rehearsing with me in the first place if I'm that unimportant
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