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  1. stewblack

    Ampeg CL

    Watching Tim Lefebvre in conversation with Janek Gwizdala. He (Lefebvre) explains why he asks for an Ampeg CL when he's on the road. He gives a couple of reasons, but one resonated with me. He said "... it kinda sounds the same in every room" And that is surely one of the great things about this fabulous amp. I just wouldn't have thought to put it like that. Any road up, here's the chat if that's your bag
  2. Let us know how you get on with it. I use the 250 with the spectracomp loaded on the toneprint - it's basically a really really good compressor for free!
  3. https://youtu.be/S6OKmwYDeWA
  4. Legend of a pedal! Does it come with the original power supply?
  5. That's great thank you. Excludes the possibility I'm doing something wrong.
  6. Moved to post again on this most excellent amp / cab set up. Every time I use it I'm reminded of how perfect it is for my needs. I am not interested in entering a slanging match with those of you who dislike the Shape feature. It's a rehash of the Trace Elliot argument and one man's meat is of course another's poison. The crucial thing as far as I'm concerned with my little RM500 1X12 combo is pairing it with the 1X12 extension cab. It just comes to life. Room filling bottom end and perfect defined melodic midrange. I use the shape button (it's never off!) and boost the mid control to taste, then I'm nearly good to go - wherever I'm playing. The only other thing I need to do is dial in just enough 'grit' from the overdrive and my 'clean' sound is complete. I have had a multitude of amps and cabs in the many, many years I've been playing. I have an embarrassment of options today of all shapes, designs, makes and sizes. I confess I usually take this out to save space in the car and to save my back. However every time I do I end up amazed by how good it sounds. It's a belter.
  7. I started with a Zoom B1on a couple of years back. Got all the noises I could ever need. Now, I have a collection of pedals so ludicrously out of control, I can seldom find them all. My favourite bass sound is a P Bass with flats into an all valve head and two 15" cabs. But endless pedal buying, selling and fiddling is a hard habit to break.
  8. Just wanted a general thread about the use of the SA software and hardware to save me entirely hijacking the C4 thread. Thought we could post questions, share tricks and tips. I have one such query ready to go! 4 pedals connected to the hub, USB connecting hub to PC. When I click on the icon for my pedals I see this for each of them except the Ultrawave. When I select the Ultrawave I see this I notice the available controls are identical to those on the pedal. I also notice altering them makes no discernible difference to the sound of the pedal. Here are my questions: What the hell? Why can't I edit the Ultrawave?
  9. This is a bit of a pain. Drag and drop would be a major step forward with the preset which is being replaced moving whence it's replacement came.
  10. OK thank you @Quatschmacher - I have it all up and running. I'm scrolling up and down through presets, editing and saving scenes both on the Neuro desktop and on the hub and pedals, so I am very happy with my morning's work!
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