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  1. All 3 of us went out for the soundcheck. The bass was perfectly balanced with the kit. The thing which irritated me was the amateurish reaction of the band. You do not change something on the say so of one muggle, or so I thought Anyway it's done now.
  2. Being told to turn down. Because someone in the audience said the bass was too loud. If we listen to every individual member of the audience for their sound preferences we'd just as well pack up. Currently in the middle of a gig where no one can hear me.
  3. Don't worry about it, getter I know
  4. Speaking in the layest of layman's terms, is a noise gate like an upside down compressor?
  5. I must say that while I am genuinely grateful, no sarcasm - I mean it, for folk pointing out a potential problem I hadn't seen, it has rather dampened my excitement. Still better apprehensive now than disappointed later, right?
  6. Could the bridge be in the wrong place?
  7. I'll give it a good thump 💪
  8. I hope it's the angle, thank you for pointing it out though. I'll have a good look when it arrives.
  9. Yes!! Thankyou. And black tuners too.
  10. stewblack


    NBD is imminent at Black Towers. Continuing my apparant quest to replace every instrument I own with a P Bass of one sort or another I have jettisoned a P/J and am eagerly awaiting the bass stork. I'm calling her my Stealth Bass.
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