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  1. What a beautifully presented advert. I want to buy them all! Let's see what is left come pay day.
  2. There's a wanted as for one of these...
  3. All the west country rooms have been well kitted out with sanitiser and notices everywhere, bring your own mics etc EDIT all the ones I've used!
  4. I love passionate discussion of music. I haven't even listened to any of it and with only one exception everyone here has really put their case well. Off to have a listen to see who is right and who is wrong!
  5. This is exactly the point. Buy British campaigns are pretty meaningless when the products sold here are not made here and when in any case they simply don't sell anything like HB. No one in the world that I know of sells such consistently high quality and variety at basically pocket money prices.
  6. Ha! Thanks. The mixer allows me to keep a clean signal and mix it with distortion and/or one or both envelope filters. The rest is just tuner, tone and compression.
  7. Yeah first time I saw them was supporting Elvis Costello in Bristol and they were weird but awesome!
  8. I struggled to enjoy the Pogues ever since a Paddy's night gig many moons ago. It was 50% Shane McGowan's indifference to his paying public, and 50% the inexplicable adulation of the crowd. Thankfully I've grown up since then and can enjoy the music again - but I would not pay to watch the sad alcoholic public decline of any great artist. Never again.
  9. In and around Bath and Bristol all are open, social distancing and masks in communal areas. In Bath tonight with the soul band and like an oaf I got all excited about the 2 envelope filters together and forgot I use a phaser an octave and a Freeze pedal. Or putting it another way, I took the wrong board ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ
  10. Another day another rehearsal, with another band ... which means... Another Pedal Board! Going for the two envelope filters this time.
  11. Dayum! Had one just like this and sold it. Fool that I am. GLWTS, this is a great instrument.
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