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  1. stewblack

    Birthday Jazz

    You're right about the grain. I was voting for the gold but I have a thing about gold basses! Charcoal frost sounds intriguing..
  2. stewblack

    Bugera BXD12

    For that money? You'd struggle to get much better. Of course you might score something second hand for similar £££ but new? I doubt it. You'll attract a lot of negative feedback because anything connected with Behringer always does but I've used their stuff for years and years. Solid, reliable, unpretentious and affordable. As far as the wattage goes my 2000w Bugera might otherwise be described as an 880w or a 1000w depending how you like to measure these things so this is likely between 400 and 500 watts - in other words plenty. If you buy it please let us know how it sounds.
  3. stewblack

    Bugera cabs

    I bought a Veyron from Amazon, very well priced, looks like a keeper. I replaced a broken Trace speaker with a Bugera 15" which sounds awesome.
  4. Yep. Definitely a carry back to the car job.
  5. stewblack

    How was your gig last night?

    You my friend are living the dream! Sounds like a perfect weekend.
  6. They do sound old fashioned I suppose, but one person's out of date is another person's classic vintage. All in the ear of the listener. I confess a nostalgia for the early 80s when I was thin, and when the charts might feature the odd decent band now and then. My first proper amp was TE so my views are clouded. Damn those cabs are heavy though.
  7. Mate of mine did much the same thing with cardboard. Good protection, light weight, and doesn't look like something expensive in the back of the car.
  8. stewblack

    NAD Bugera Veyron BV1001M

    I couldn't resist. The Amazon price was so low. Only played at home for an hour though at a reasonable volume and I like what I hear so far. Agree about the clip light. The on board compression is interesting. If you play hard to activate it and hold the note it comes back up as it sustains. A fast run of notes and this wouldn't notice but otherwise it seems a little bit of a blunt tool. I played an active, zingy bass through it and it produced a very tight, modern, lively sound. I had to hang on tight at times! Looking forward to trying some warmer old school tones next time.
  9. stewblack

    TC Electronic K Series Cabs 2 x 12

    I've been considering this exact speaker configuration. Any further thoughts on it? Thanks
  10. stewblack

    For spares/repair - a Trace Elliot BLX-130 combo

    Whereabouts are you oh Trace recycler?
  11. It's not just the TE as sexy as she unquestionably is. It's the white Jazz, the OBBM cable. Excuse me a minute
  12. I will put some on before I look at it again.
  13. flip me that is a pornographic picture.
  14. stewblack

    Ashdown RM Evo Cabs

    Thanks for all the info folks. Since going lightweight I love the lack of back pain and the sound quality. However, being of a certain age, I do miss the physical presence of an old fashioned bass rig. I have been toying with the idea of two RM 4X10 Evo Cabs. Still just toying right now.