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  1. Straight into the headstock with not a moment of hesitation. I'd be terrified to pick up the saw. Will you paint the headstock to match?
  2. TBH the way you're using it is absolutely fine. You have, effectively 3 stomp boxes running off one power source with no patch cables! Depending on which three you haven't had to buy, the cost of the unit is covered! You could have fun creating an effect of your own by building it from three effects, say eq into overdrive into an envelope filter. Or build a monster distortion with three different overdrive pedals. The great thing is you always have the ability to blend clean signal with the final patch, so you can go a bit crazy with the effects in one patch but only dial in a small amount with the clean bass sound. Have fun - experiment, but don't feel you underused it If it's doing what you need it to do, it's doing its job.
  3. Oh no! That's frustrating. Make sure you ask a band mate for help lifting first time you take it out. Make a big show as you grunt and heave getting it out the car. Then laugh gaily as they nearly throw it over their shoulder!
  4. I could not be happier with the BF cabs I have and the different options they afford me. But every time I watch one of Alex's videos I just want to buy ALL the cabs.
  5. Thank you so much. I will try this tomorrow.
  6. A VS 4 I believe. The one on sale here (until recently)
  7. Be joining you next week ladies and gents.
  8. I was free from bass gas for months and months. Really thought it was over. So why was I even on the Thomann website that day? And why did I ask for help on this forum of all places? Obviously because I thought I could toy with forces greater than myself. Looking back I see now that during the months of freedom from bass gas I was in the midst of quite insane pedal buying and selling. Some I moved on after barely even trying them. Most I never used live even once.
  9. OK , I've read up on asdr, I get what each thing does, how in interacts with each other thing. But the sound still just turns off abruptly. It doesn't fade to nothing.
  10. How do I cause a synth sound to fade after being held for a specific length of time? The instrument sound fades naturally of course, and I'm not trying to make them fade together. I'm happy for the synth sound to last longer. Anyone any ideas?
  11. Ah yes, the missing Trace cap conundrum. Where do they go?
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