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  1. Did a wedding this weekend. First one for this band. I tried but they got themselves wound up and over thought it. Inevitable disappointment when surprise surprise no one really cared much what we did. Second half singer loosened up, did what she does best and got people dancing. Junked some of the stuff she was going to play and replaced with those wedding staples which predictably went down well. Seems to me Play That Funky Music and Superstition are as much a part of a wedding as cake and photographs. No one is passionate about them but everyone expects them to be there.
  2. Glad it was a success. Stevie will be getting my vote in the Basschat best Basschatter end of year poll 🗳
  3. Powering it separately but from same extension 4 gang...
  4. Produced an utterly filthy synth sound this evening and virtually noiseless. I am now suspecting the amp I used , the venue's power and /or my extension leads. In case anyone is wondering I put it through three octavers. All 100% wet signals first octave down, then up, then down again. Lots of compression and an overdrive. 🤢
  5. Was it Cricklewood by the Goodies?
  6. Let me know when you work out how much you need, how to cut and fix it would you!
  7. Thanks guys. I'm going to look into both
  8. That's absolutely fine we'll all still know we're driving 001s Hmm, so red and very very dunkel blue....
  9. We have a winner it seems. Over to you @SICbass
  10. Hey guys, I know we're going to be putting these together ourselves and can please ourselves as to how we finish them, but how do folk feel about making the first run the same colour? Just as a way of keeping the very first Stevie Specials identifiably similar.
  11. What frustrates me is any number and configuration of pedals will work at home then go nuts at a gig.
  12. Ich verstehe nicht. Or at least very little. Also ich bin a bit colour blind.
  13. Think I went in too hard for a novice. Gigged with two pedal boards and it sounded horrible, even with 90% of the pedals off. Hum, hiss, crackling and some truly nasty sounds. Dismantled everything and went straight into my Trace for the second set. Sounded immense. Think I'll start small next gig. Just one pedal. Build slowly over the weeks and that way hopefully the reason for the interference or whatever the heck went on today will become clearer.
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