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  1. Well I've gigged the Joyo a couple of times now and it is definitely a keeper. Shan't be looking any further for octave effects.
  2. Hi, I'm wondering, Is this unit mainly effects or amp sims, or both?
  3. much better performance this afternoon. My band are way more focused hung over than they are whizzed. Pub empty at first but ended up being offered regular work there on Sunday afternoons Which is just brilliant. Is whizzed really a swear word? Come on.
  4. Bet it sounded great over there too! More portable rig for this afternoons gig :
  5. played a club last night, the kind of place you'd not be surprised to discover was run by Brian Potter. Empty bar a handful of octogenarians tucked away in the far corner. BL was late, guitarist got pi§§ed and basically just shredded over everything and dep drummer got bored so used it as a chance to run through some Faith No More stuff. The shame of it is, on its day it's a great band. BL has a wonderful voice but drinks and smokes and puts it through a terrible PA. I get on really well with the drummer who also deps for me on bass so I can pursue my other musical ventures, but a band which is so laid back it is on the edge of disaster will never fulfill its potential Anyway I mustn't complain, they get me a lot of work and I love playing regardless.
  6. It was unbelievable. Kind of filled the room with bass without ever being too loud.
  7. Cheers man. I'd love to play some radical roots through this set up.
  8. If you could only see the tragically empty venue the other side of the camera
  9. Looking forward to hearing this
  10. Well, I was experiencing a nasty crackly noise and could not bias one of the valves. I wanted to know if I was doing any thing wrong with the biasing mainly. Good sense has since prevailed and our man @basstone has the amp on his repair shop. I didn't really want to dabble in there! He can explain what was wrong better than I can.
  11. Man I loved that tune, still do! As soon as the singer said This one for all the bouncers, I was bouncing ready for the off!
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