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  1. The ad says 92mm, which is a hair under the current routing. I think I’ll give them a shot - they look cool!
  2. These would look cool, but unsure of the quality. Can anyone offer an opinion please? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F191972586090
  3. So the body turned up. Now I have a neck to refinish, and a body in need of minor adjustment to take the neck, and a bridge. I really like this minty colour, so I’ll call the bashed bit “road wear” and crack the on! Being that I love gold anodised pick guards, and the new Vintera stuff with this combo, I shall see about getting one made up once I’ve decided on pickups. Originally I was going for MM in roughly P position, but I’m liking what bridge pups can bring to the party, so I think I’ll follow the routing positions in place. Now I am quite a visual chap (shallow), so I don’t want standard pickups. I’m thinking two the same with chrome covers like Mike Lull’s NRT4 would look ace here.
  4. If your cans are high ohms then they will take more juice to run. What are they? Also, the rated wattage for the speaker outs on the elf are separate from the headphone amp circuit, so no worries there.
  5. Just use it as an excuse to buy a short-scale anyway - this is Basschat after all!!! Elise Trouw uses a Mustang. All the cool kids do. I might buy one “for one of my kids”.
  6. If you are in a flat, maybe a classic amp for stage isn’t the best way forward. Plenty of people happy with a small valve head (like an Ampeg PF20t) and a pretty looking cab (like a Barefaced One10 in tweed). You could also use that for a small gig.
  7. Sooo, the studio build that diverted my attention from this has stalled at the foundations for now, and I’ve been on eBay! I’ve come to the realisation that, omitting the obvious fact of not having the tools or space or experience to make my idea a reality, I just don’t have the time either! However, I still have that neck the @Andyjr1515 gave me at the SW bass bash from @fleabag, so when I saw an Ibanez Talman body on eBay for £25, I thought “close enough”. We’ll see if the two components fit together when it turns up, and take it from there. I might be challenging @owen for the title of slowest build ever though!
  8. One of these all day long! They just look so damn cool!
  9. Pea Turgh

    Show us your rig!

    Current fun corner. Been contemplating making a sleeve/case/enclosure for the Ampeg PF350 to make it look a little more substantial.
  10. Did you get it sorted @MonkeyTrick ?
  11. Pea Turgh

    Show us your rig!

    That looks ace! I have a two10 in need of a bigger head, but I use mine in portrait orientation. This looks the business though. SVTs are 300 watts? So you can go full tilt with this set up?
  12. UPS are shockingly incompetent. I sent something months ago only for it to be returned, damaged. They didn’t want to accept responsibility for it. They then sent it to where it should have gone to (two months late so the recipient no longer needed it), and billed me for it! Then two days ago the package turned up on my doorstep, in a different box, just as battered as the first boomerang journey, also soaking wet as it was left in the rain. I think UPS use cement trucks to transport parcels.
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