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  1. Pea Turgh

    Show us your rig!

    It’s like Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy - that thing is placed several miles from the performance!
  2. The back pickup sounds j-like to me, and I must confess I haven’t changed the strings, so that would sharpen the tone, no doubt. Ah, go on!
  3. More likely the headphones are reproducing the sound more accurately than the small and not full frequency combo speaker.
  4. Looks great! Balanced, I’d say. 👍
  5. Accidentally-put-it-in-the-wrong-section-so-the-poor-fella-didn’t-get-a-good-start-type-bump?
  6. I thinks it’s big boy parts on a little body.
  7. That looks all kinds of wrong. Just ugly. Even if it’s genuine, I’d avoid it. Bridge looks too far back, ill-fitting scratch plate and control plate... nah!
  8. Damn! Put it in the wrong section! Mods - can you move it please? EDIT - thanks mods!
  9. I’m reluctantly letting this one go. I bought it from @scrumpymike in a classic basschat car park sale nearly a year ago after trying it at the 2018 SW bass bash. I just can’t get away from P basses though, especially my bitsa. This thing balances perfectly, is light (just under 3.5kg), has a good action and is so good ergonomically. The neck is a slim jazz width of 38mm at the zero fret. The back of the neck appears to be satin, so whether that is original or someone went at it with wire wool I can’t say, but it’s as comfy as your favourite socks. I accidentally damaged the preamp wiring, so swapped out the guts for a @KiOgon passive loom (VVT) and it’s come alive!!! The old active/passive switch is currently wired to SFA. I will include the preamp if you really want it, though it really is so much better sonically as a passive. There’s a bit of tape residue on the back plastics that I’ll remove before sending it off too. There are some knocks (and tried to capture them in the piccies) and the jack barrel is held in by friction (as was the original it transpires!) but I’ve gigged it a couple of times and it’s solid. Hard case included. Priced to sell and includes UK postage.
  10. I’m having a clear out of stuff I don’t get a chance to use! I’d wanted one of these since they came out in 2006 or something - a simple 8 track recorder with 8 separate outputs. You can use it like a mixer at gigs and it’ll record too! Brilliantly, the effects and levels don’t get printed to the recorded tracks, so you can alter levels/eq/effects at the gig but the recorded file is only affected by the channel’s gain. You can of course just build a song up a track at a time, too. There is a really good review in Sound On Sound magazine if you need more info; https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/korg-d888 Comes with power lead, USB lead and a home-printed manual (soooo much easier than faffing with a .pdf!). No original box, but will be well packed for shipping. £130 ono, UK shipping included.
  11. Bought for a build that didn’t happen, this pickup has not been used. Highly regarded I’m told, so bag yourself a bargain! UK postage included.
  12. I got these on a neck for my bitsa P last year, but didn’t need them as I swapped them for lightweights. Practically new, but frustratingly I have lost one of the screws. I shall try find a suitable replacement. Price inc UK P&P.
  13. Pea Turgh

    Show us your rig!

    Talk is cheap - let’s see this stack of wonder!
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