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  1. Ready for collection in February... 2026
  2. Cheers dude - I’m just day-dreaming at the moment though! I don’t really need another amp, but I doubt that minor detail will stop a further purchase mid next year though 😂😂😂
  3. I had no idea the Handbox was that petite! I have a two10 with the badge in portrait orientation, so need something to sit on top with no overhang. I’d been looking at Eden amps. Something not class D!
  4. I spotted one on eBay recently - I just hope that when I get around to getting one it will be as good as I remember when I tried them in a music shop 25 years ago!
  5. Calling @binky_bass with the rabbit on the fretboard!
  6. There’s that run up on Sir Duke, but other than that, it’s dusty.
  7. Hessian sack cloth, soaked in something to make it go hard?
  8. Rusty metal sheet? Oxidized copper? Normal plastic would look too clean!
  9. It’ll match the barncaster well! Keep the outside as unfinished as possible I reckons.
  10. I was expecting to see a mop of pink hair!
  11. In most pictures of me playing I look either upset or peeved! This one is good though:
  12. Got me a new loom in my JV P, and another for my as-yet-to-be-completed Frankenjag. Great stuff as always. That’s a Ki0gon loom in all four of my basses now - Thanks again John!
  13. I love their configurator!
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