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  1. A really cheap option for bass traps is to stack unopened rolls of loft insulation in the corners of your room. You could put it in cardboard boxes to aid stackability.
  2. Now I’m thinking of that exploding seagull trick.
  3. I’m following them on Instagram - lovely craftsmanship! You lucky devil!
  4. I went for a rehearsal in a rented room the other day - used some Peavy thing. There was no clarity whatsoever! I’m taking my Two10 next time. They are vintage sounding, but also very clear. All my band mates commented on the clarity (and depth).
  5. That’s bloody fantastic. A quality looking instrument right there. I’m going to check my lottery ticket...
  6. I can’t tell you why (because I don’t really know), but I’d go for the bottom one - MM at the neck, J at the bridge.
  7. I’d agree - leave the white. Don’t mess with the vibe!
  8. I think coffee table legs on this bass might be a mod too far!
  9. Ki0gon loom to finish off? I still can’t believe the difference it made in my Hohner Jack!
  10. Bare face 2x10 - voiced differently to what you tried before (so people say, I’ve only owned a few cabs).
  11. Looks very much like my Japanese Squire from around the same era. What’s the nut width?
  12. Hello chums. I bought a Meinl cajon kit. Ok so far. Built it. Not bad. Played it. Sounds like a box. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of snare snap. Anyone familiar with these instruments able to offer any suggestions on improving the snare snap? Thank you in advance.
  13. I think we all have to vent now and then! My dad was a cabinetmaker - if he messed something up he’d destroy the piece there and then so it wouldn’t weigh on his mind!
  14. Practising my “clamping bits of wood” skills with a cajon kit in anticipation of the cab build!
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