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  1. Up switches the hot tub bubbles on, down releases the hounds.
  2. Maybe just ask Ki0gon for a loom with long pot shafts? So much easier than chewing the wood out. I’d also be worried about long-term strength if thinning down the wood to mount pots.
  3. Maybe it’s an electric roof.
  4. Not me, but they are £110/£143/£170 on Thomann. I really liked the look of the 1000w ones on silver that looked like old hifi they were shifting when this thread started.
  5. Fill the voids with hawthorn! Old school!
  6. That sounds like a good way forward. At least I’ll have it ready to mod properly when a spare block of time arises! Re: The house combo - still no ports fitted! 🤦🏻 Another one of those things on the to do list!!!
  7. I suppose I was hoping there would miraculously be a drop in replacement that worked perfectly 🤣🤣
  8. Thanks! I’ve been following all the build threads - you guys are awesome! Still at the pondering stage, really. I want to get it useable again, but need to examine the construction to see how easy it would be for me to do. As a dad of 3 young’uns, I always have an extensive list of “more important” things to do first, so this may take a while!!! I will, of course, keep everyone updated here!
  9. I reckon 8cm max so it wouldn’t interfere with the driver surround. Would that mean multiple ports?
  10. Thanks for the replies so far. I’m certainly not expecting much from it, however I did gig it regularly (sometimes without PA support) for about ten years, so it wasn’t unusable with the EV. Just really heavy! I’ve got a Barefaced/Ampeg gig rig now, so this is just a pretty combo for the studio, but might take out occasionally. I suppose I could plug the rear vents and pop some ports around the driver? I’ve got space, just...
  11. Hello. I have an old Peterson P150 combo, with a lovely mahogany cabinet, and a now departed EV12L. The stupid bit: I actually sold the driver because I wasn’t that enamoured with the sound, and it weighed as much as a caravan full of tigers. I had considered just selling the combo as a whole a few times before pulling the driver, but I like the way it looks, and very, very occasionally I develop sentimental attachments to objects, this being one of them. So, I know the cabinet is just shy of 35 litres, which ain’t fantastic for bass, but it is what it is, so I’m just after getting the best out of those dimensions. Now the tricky bit: the ports are slots either side of the cabinet. 41cm high, 3cm wide, 24cm deep, but, the slot ports are fed by a 1cm x 41cm gap at the back of the enclosure. How do I work out port dimensions for that odd shape?! If any speaker cabinet ninjas could point me in the direction of a suitable, light-ish 12” that will work in that space, with those weird ports, I would be very happy and grateful!!!!
  12. That looks great! Had a weird thought; what about a light laminate/detail line going across the fret board following the shape of the back of the bass (upper to lower horn contour)? Obvs not for this one as it’s almost done!
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