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  1. Tasty! A great blend between different & subtle. Well done!
  2. I’ve had two from there now, neither of which I really wanted, I was just so excited to see one actually available! Had me a Thunderbird and jazz rip offs. Both were absolutely fine. You gotta be damn patient though!
  3. Return! Damn thing shouldn’t flex! It was probably dropped in transit.
  4. Any sites in particular you could recommend? I understand if you do not wish to reveal your sources!
  5. Literally just about to type the same thing! So, that Brexit delay is good for getting Japanese guitars to us in the UK then!
  6. Could be good for modding. Maybe just fit a bbot bridge? Oh, and got any pics?!
  7. Hmmm. I like pedals, up until now for mostly mucking about with in the house, with my guitar and pianet as well as bass. I always have a muting tuner on stage though, like a comfort blanket. Recently though, I’ve been thinking a fairly light touch compressor would help on stage. Also something I could DI to front of house so the sound guy doesn’t trash “my” sound. I’ve also been reading the HPF thread and thinking that would definitely be a good idea to get the best out of my rig. There are some songs I play that require a boost (Sweet Child Of Mine beginning bit, Do You Love Me vocal “dohs” played as a short bass solo, etc). Seems a pedal board might be a bit costly with dedicated units, but these B3n’s seem to cover my needs (I think). Maybe I should hold out for one of those Helix Stomps though. I know joe public wouldn’t notice the difference between the two, but if there is one, I would. Hmmm indeed. All musings great fully mulled.
  8. Get two and have a stonking pair of hifi speakers too!
  9. I joined basschat all dem years ago to discuss and gain knowledge of speakers, and these threads in particular were great. Due to work/life balance issues, I ended up getting a Barefaced cab rather than building my own. I always keep coming back to this thread though. I feel with the amount of effort the gurus have put in to making these cabs so good, and also now so accessible to a shmuck like me, I feel compelled to build one. It’d be rude not to!
  10. I’d assume old wood would be more stable? You know what they say about assumptions though! @Dom in Somerset - I recognise that decking - have you had a few self built basses up on eBay ever?
  11. Great idea! Lots of pianos are at the end of their lives - esp the wooden framed ones. Good bit of recycling and keeping the musical intention!
  12. Gutted I missed this at the bash. I love speakers!
  13. Ha! Love autocorrect! Lens - for cameras wot make telly. Similar to this one from memory.... https://cvp.com/product/canon_cn7x17_p1
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