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  1. Here’s a cab with history! 400w @ 4ohms A Peavey 2x10 loaded with Beyma drivers by Fleabag (with assistance from the forum gurus), and finished in Ronseal’s finest outdoor wood finish by me! (so will not get ruined when used as a beer table at a gig). Currently located in Swansea, but can post for £15 nationally. All documented thusly... And here’s some piccies...
  2. Pea Turgh

    New Fender flea MM Jazz announced!

    Funnily enough, I’m still contemplating building exactly that!
  3. Pea Turgh

    Another “accidental” deko purchase

    I’ve never played one to compare sorry. It would be an easy job to “Fenderize” the headstock though!
  4. Pea Turgh

    N (un) ‘effed BD - Squire P - Black Beauty!!!

    I knew this bass had potential, but I lacked the tools and attention to detail to bring it out. Luckily, I knew of a very good tech in the area. Apparently, so does everyone else as he has a 4 week backlog! For years I’ve thought “I can tweak a truss rod/set intonation” etc, but I now happily admit I was wrong. The strings are sitting at a perfect height at both ends and over the frets, the action and feel is consistent on every note up and down the neck. Definitely feels like my playing will improve as a result. I am now very happy with Trigger, the bitsa P!
  5. Pea Turgh

    Another “accidental” deko purchase

    So, it arrived. I cannot find anything wrong with it, other than the D stamp. It is heavy, and the action needs sorting, but it sounds wonderful! I plugged it in to look for problems but just sat there noodling for ages. It’s great! Unfortunately it will be leaving me this eve, as I feel guilty for spending money on something I don’t need, especially since my bitsa P just came back from my tech and it is out of this world. Still, there is now a desire for a jazz in the collection...
  6. Pea Turgh

    Reducing the neck pocket size.

    Corr!! Look at the flame on that!!
  7. Pea Turgh

    Another “accidental” deko purchase

    The first one I bought was a Gibson Thunderbird jobby. I could find nothing wrong with it at all!
  8. Again, a bass I don’t need, but I got so excited about actually seeing one actually available, I bought it. £47 delivered for a jazz bass ain’t bad. Suspect I’ll be taking out a market place subscription soon, but until then...
  9. Pea Turgh

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    Gosh. That is lovely.
  10. Pea Turgh

    Modded '55 Precision Relic

    I’m not keen on the whole relic thing either, but that does look cool! Those pickups appear to be the same size, yet one has a surround that the other does not. Why? Also, is Rudolph Rock the model, or something specific to your customer?
  11. Pea Turgh

    Ricktor? Specker?!

    If it doesn’t have a rick neck, I like it.
  12. Pea Turgh

    New Build - Wenge/cocobolo/padauk hollowbody

    This is possibly one of the most over-the-top basses I have ever seen, and I love it! I imagine Dracula would play this bad boy if he were a bassist.
  13. Ola peeps. Just curious as to how many times in your playing career have you needed a backup amp? I’ve been playing for around 25 years, but fairly regularly for the past 10 in a function band. I can think of two examples of needing a backup amp. 1. My old-age Peterson just made farting noises at soundcheck. Luckily the venue had a Trace combo for me to use. Got it serviced afterwards and all was well for another couple of years. 2. My Peterson (got retired after this point!) power amp section seemed to cut out, but the FOH signal from the built-in DI was unaffected. Thankfully I’d had a soundman on hand for these issues, but now I’m playing in another band with less likeliness of a soundman being present, I’m world a little backup is needed. Let me know your stories of amp woes!!!
  14. Pea Turgh

    Area FEB fretless

    That Aria does look cool though!
  15. I just picked one up about a month ago - it’s a lovely fast neck and very comfortable to wear!