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  1. No guard looks ace. That’s a really nice subtle classy look. Missing my HB50 again now 🤪
  2. Oh, @stewblack you tease! Looking forward to the big reveal!
  3. Definitely MM position - looks the best, will give better sound than the original position while retaining enough of a difference to the P.
  4. It’s worked for so long though! I’ve had it for a few years, and had many different pedals - 8 at a time sometimes. Sticking with my Zoom MS70cdr (on batteries) for now!
  5. Ola peeps. Along with my Thumpinator, here’s my Spectracomp for your compression needs. Highly regarded compressor. I never felt the need to change settings - just left it on the factory setting with just a touch on the dial. Selling to raise funds. Postage included, no original packaging but will be bubble wrapped in a suitable box. Velcro left on 👍🏻
  6. Ola peeps. Up for grabs is my Thumpinator. It’s been great at reducing rumble and effectively giving me more headroom. Need to sell some bits to raise some cash though. Postage included, no original box (but will put it in one to post, obvs!), does have Velcro on already!
  7. I’m just glad my gig board wasn’t involved!
  8. I pulled the lot off the board so I could test individually, using two leads I know work, and a power supply I know works. No joy!
  9. Ah, yes - my dream bass! Or, my second choice if they made a Jaguar version. Roasted maple neck, roasted ash body, aluminium black anodised scratchplate. Mmm...
  10. The power supply’s wall wart is effectively a single psu (centre negative, 9v dc) - first thing I did was pull it all apart to start problem solving. One of the four pedals (digital reverb) still works, but the two analog pedals and the (digital) looper only show power, but pass no signal. I was going to try batteries, as I had a wah many moons ago that would only work with a 9v.
  11. No daisies were involved. Each pedal had one lead going to the power supply. Just wondering if there was a spare plugged in but not connected to a pedal, actually. Oh, man - such a small thing but it’s really rained on my parade!
  12. Luckily not my gig board, nor my brand new Zoom MS70, but I have a cheap “messing around” board with 4 pedals (tc analog Tailspin vibrato, Echobrain delay, Drip digital spring reverb) and an Ammoon looper, all powered by a Nordell Audio power supply. All seemed fine - had a loop just playing while I was searching for a patch cable. Then the looper just stopped playing. Power supply still lit up. The only pedal that seems ok is the digital reverb, the other three will no longer function! Any ideas on how the hell that happened? Please?!
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