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  1. No, amphetamine marketing seminar.
  2. What brand are them there pickups, @kodiakblair?
  3. Wow. That grain on the body end of the neck! That is tasty.
  4. I like the light grey (couldn’t add text to the post above!)
  5. You already know I love this look! What happened to the bridge? Assuming the one in the first pic wasn’t adjusting for intonation properly?
  6. Been really wanting a roasted maple neck jag of late. Putting feelers out, and remembered the good ol’ Maruszczyk configurator...
  7. Black scratchplate and a set of lollipop tuners... Mmmm nice. Unfortunately my sofa yielded only 56p, a dog chew and a hair band. I’ll try the lottery tonight and get back to you. Would really like this!
  8. The black finish would look awesome with a maple fretboard.
  9. Nice. Black/black/maple would be really nice though!
  10. Been thinking about this build again today. What is the weight of your lovely ‘ray, @Sammybass? Also, what was the reason for the massive chamber with just one control pot? Future-proofing just in case you decided to go with a standard 3 control plus active circuit jobby?
  11. Pop some pics up when you’ve sorted it out?
  12. That’s a bloody big rock to have in your garden. Is there a Viking king under there or something?
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