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  1. On the contrary dear chap, I positively encourage derailments! Makes it more interesting for everyone!
  2. Looks a little bit like a helium balloon!!! Lovely though.
  3. Episode three is out. Carving a neck looks easy!(but it would do, as that’s his job 🤪).
  4. That is an awesome finish. It’s gonna look so cool when it’s done!
  5. Not reallly been a fan of these... until now! Looks great!
  6. How’s this one going? I’m excited to see the end result!
  7. Still trying to sand the base coat off! The white topcoat left is some time ago, but this yellow gunk will not shift. I even tried caustic soda mixed thick, that didn’t touch it either! Will just do 20 minute sanding sessions every night and I’ll get there eventually. Still no idea how to bevel the scratchplate edges. I am woefully under-equipped for this modification stuff! However, I shall soon have a bench to leave all my junk spread across. I don’t know how that will help, but it makes me feel better.
  8. I’d so love to rock up to a gig with one of these!
  9. Looks like Fender’s Lake Placid Blue. Nice combo - I might do mine in that colour eventually!!
  10. @hen barn that looks lovely! Why do stripped bodies often seem to look better to freshly finished bodies? Show us some pics of the finished job please?
  11. Oh, man! Only two parts! I wanted to binge the lot!
  12. I think you’ve found your calling!!! Buy up all the stinky poo old Kay’s etc, and snazz them up so they look retro cool but also play well. Sell them for loads on eBay! That paint scheme looks so good!
  13. Ooh, imagine gold anodised against that walnut (I assume it’s walnut)!
  14. Pea Turgh


    Could you pop some filler stuff in and gently scrape it flat with a razor? Ps - I am a bodger.
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