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  1. Looks like an Aphex Twin video 😂
  2. Hello. This looks Warwick shaped but the headstock is wrong. What is it?
  3. Just about to start cutting up loads of wood to build out the inside of my garden music room (starting with 4 vent boxes/silencers), so this will be a parallel endeavor!
  4. Where can I find this talking horse? I’ve never seen one in real life.
  5. Or one that has a built-in compressor, tuner and an octaver - Complete Bastard.
  6. Oh my gawd! That with the black plate is my kind of perfect! Just bought another bass and a drum kit, so I’m spent. Damn!
  7. Love Jabba’s work - beautiful attention to detail. I touched one once - it was about 18” - mega tiny short scale. Would love to rock up to a gig with that! One day…
  8. As always with me - might be waiting a while! I’ve got windows being fitted to my garden music room tomorrow, so most spare time will be spent getting the inside built. Then there’s my slight obsession with drums that developed whilst recovering from Covid 😂
  9. Looks like your old one, but without the period-correct flat-bottom cymbal stands!
  10. So I folded - just bought a 12/14/20 mahogany shell pack! My current jelly bean collection is making its way to eBay listings 😂
  11. I pulled the Fane back out of my house jam combo, so will be interested in the cab build too! Not much wrong with the combo, just felt like doing a full cab build.
  12. Interesting! Got the steel snare though - I prefer steel. Only really need the kick, but they don’t seem to come up. Going to concentrate on assembling some nice cymbals first, then got back to the ultimate shell combination. Just saw a Super Olympic kit on Facebook - dang, that’s nice;
  13. I am glad to hear there is balance in the world!
  14. I appreciate the bass & player, and the rest of the band, but that JK fella is irritating as hell!
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