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  1. They’re giving one away when they get to 10,000 followers on Instagram. Only another 3,140 to go...
  2. That top wood & finish combo is stunning 👍🏻
  3. That is indeed a lovely looking instrument. Whats the deal with those strap locks again? Colour me interested.
  4. That is a lovely colour, too 👍🏻
  5. Is the neck wood though? Like, if the body failed, you could transplant all the bits to a new body? That is a bonkers instrument - I like it!
  6. That there looks like one of the newer ones, as it’s a roasted maple neck. Mmmm.... roasted maple...
  7. It might be a similar hue to the bad car, but then another is a car, too, so as long as neither your car or your (really nice) looking bass don’t try to kill you, all is well! Congrats on the baby!
  8. I’m sorted for amps, but for some daft reason I still have a hankering for a small combo with a single 12” driver. Easy, you know? These certainly are lookers. Are Blackstar a British company?
  9. Time to change the thread title?! You will be having the last laugh my friend - that looks bloody lovely already. Have I missed the scratchplate/control plate choices? Or are they to be a surprise? Stacked knobs would look awesome on this.
  10. I am not qualified in any way, but a quick google shows there’s a specific replacement available anyway. Secondly, though not the same model, this image shows there is a block under the bridge...
  11. The manual is linked on the sales page. Not a dot about whether it’s a class D or not though.
  12. Looks good. How’s the music room coming on?
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