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  1. That’s a lovely tune he plays at the end. Hell of a player.
  2. Absolutely stunning work! It looks like there will be no overspray in the neck pocket, just wood on wood contact. Lovely mix of colours. Amazing detail!!!
  3. That’s a great finish! Why didn’t the luthier sink the ferrules to be flush with the body though?
  4. £100 extra and you get a tweed 12” cab too!!! If I were looking for a new rig, this would be it.
  5. Well she can’t be angry about free. And you have a music room to put it in! All is well.
  6. @stevie is good with cabs - perhaps he can add to the convo?! Awesome build - will be such a good match for the bass you made too!
  7. Depends on the practice space - my rig sounds poop in the rehearsal room I use, but on gigs is spot on.
  8. It’s nice to see manufacturers engaging with a forum. Hats off to you, chaps!
  9. Nice colour combo - seems to make the chrome pop. It’s a good interpretation of a classic - clean-looking and with the shaped body too. Good luck with the move!
  10. Ed Purcell (search edsintheshed on social media) just outside Pontardawe (near Swansea).
  11. They got fined by the Country Music Awards? Is there no end to their tyrrany?!?!??
  12. Ola amigos. My local tech just posted some Instagram pictures of a bass he’s worked on, and I’m smitten. The tech (very good too) is in the South Wales area , so I’m wondering if this belongs to one of us on this here site? This is just great!
  13. I had to read that twice - thought you went all Valentines there.
  14. There appear to be no nice colours though Just those minging stripy ones on the website.
  15. Ooh, there’s lovely! G&L, single HB, short scale, Mustangish. Just the ticket me thinks!
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