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  1. what was the hole in the headstock for ? i cannot see the hole on your photos
  2. I am interested in the 1 x 15 are you prepared to split. I am away on holiday until the 20th but I am not far from Bilston so if you do not sell send me a message after 20th. Finally what weights are the two cabs in KG please
  3. why a courier it cannot be that heavy use parcel force
  4. can i just check this is a 32 inch medium scale ?
  5. how heavy is it and what size is the speaker
  6. i have been thinking along the same lines
  7. no all knobs and switches are in the same positions except the GND LIFT switch as i described
  8. I gig occasionally with two bands playing bass. I use a Genz Benz shuttle 6 as my main head I like the sound of the GB after using a load of markbass kit and more recently a TCE RH750. As a backup I have a Genz Benz shuttle 3 which I have had three or four years and have never used. OK the valve in the shuttle 6 went haywire during the soundcheck at my most recent gig so I got out the shuttle 3 I use a 2 x 10 for my onstage sound but DI into our EV rig The sound guy said my sound was way too loud much louder than my usual amp. Now I am MR OCD so every setting I use is marked on the controls of all my amps ( I play guitar in another band as well) and both my bass amps had all the controls set the same. When i checked it over after the gig one switch was different on the shuttle 6 the GND LIFT switch was set to GND on the shuttle 3 the GND LIFT switch was set to LIFT so the question is would this switch (the only switch and setting that was different between the two amps ) cause a much greater line level at the desk
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