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  1. Phil Jones Flightcase BG-300

    are you interestted in a trade on this
  2. This cab has got to go will be on the bay soon so make me an offer
  3. 32" Medium Scale Bass Thread

    i do not own a medium scale bass at the moment but I am trying to buy one. so if anyone is selling one let me know I am in Stone Staffordshire
  4. I have decided to sell my TC Electronics RS 212. I have two of these It is is very VERY good condition I have used it once in the time I have owned it, It came as a complete setup with RH750 and RS210 I use the RH750 with the RS210 for small gigs and either a 2x8 or a 4x8 as well for the larger gigs. I am in Stone staffordshire Junction 14 of the m6 The only trade am interested in is a medium 32 inch scale 4 string bass just to try one out
  5. Floyd Rose guitar help

    go for used RG 5 series I have RG550 and RG570 both excellent guitars
  6. as soon as this crap weather is done I would like to buy one possible two of the cabs if we can meet up 07710 213520
  7. so do they both have the sica speakers or is it just the classic that has them
  8. Amazing New Amp Day

  9. I am trying to buy a 32 inch medium scale bass. I remember yamaha did some in the 90s Let me know what you have
  10. How heavy are these cabs what is the wattage of the 4 x 8 If i wanted both would you be prepared to meet up I am in stone staffordsghire
  11. All of a sudden my TC Electronics RH750 head has developed crumbling knob syndrome. which is a shame as its my favourite amp at the moment. In the space of a week three of the knobs have just crumbled into bits. so does anyone know where i can get a replacement set. and roughly how much they cost. Thanks in anticipation...
  12. sold please remove

    Can all the people who made me offers for this item contact me again if you are still interested cash sale or trade
  13. Does this have reverb ?
  14. Warwick Thumb - 5 String - 1995 - SOLD

    Does this balance on the strap as the location of the bottom strap button seems a bit wierd