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  1. Skezza

    Warwick FNA (1999).....REDUCED.. AGAIN £400

    does this come with the weird warwick strap lock system the buttons are on the strap ?? and push into holes in the body
  2. Skezza

    Greco MIJ Phoenix Bass sold

    very nice
  3. where abouts are you
  4. where abouts are you
  5. looks great always fancied one
  6. Skezza

    Ibanez TMB100-TFB Tri fade burst PJ

    is this 30 or 32 inch scale
  7. Skezza

    Greco MIJ Phoenix Bass sold

    can you check on the scale length
  8. i am interested and would change it back to RH BUT need to know the scale length
  9. would it be easy to convert back to right handed and what is the scale length
  10. Skezza

    GMR Bassforce 4 NTB beauty now £600

    where abouts are you
  11. due to my circumstances postage is not available at this moment
  12. Skezza

    Fenix By Young Chang PJ Bass. **SOLD**

    where abouts are you ?