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  1. I have had a couple of medium scale basses. A burny 32 inch precision and a Marazcuk 32 inch jake with precision and jazz pickups both great had to sell when the pandemic started as lost all outr gigs the burnys come up occasionally on ebay
  2. Mick bought a gig bag off me. A pleasure to deal with and a sense of humour.
  3. It would have been extremely heavy as a combo BUT with the amp removed its just a one hand lift. Used it last night with a GENZ BENZ 3T for a spot of rehersing a 1 x 15 and a 1 x 8 are a nice combination
  4. when I started playing bass we all used peavey TNTs and i dont think I have ever had a better sound since. It was not subtle but it rattled the building
  5. Its a great sounding cab and i am not too fussed if i sell it. Geoff made a great job of the alteration you would not know what he had done unless you were a trace elliot anorak or had been told. I recently got hold of a Markbass 804 which i intend to use with my GENZ BENZ Shuttle 6 when we all start gigging again. Mt 3t as the backup (I always go through the PA)
  6. I bought this off here about 8 months ago. I had just sold my TC Electronics RH750 with a 2 x 12 and 2 x 10. I was thinking about a new rig. I had a load of gigs coming up over christmas and New Year and realised the only speaker I had was the 8 inch speaker on my GENZ BENZ 3T. So I bought this to use over the christmas period off geoff90guitar a member on here REDUCED TO £45 REDUCED TO £40 SM 250 combo 1 x 15 Cut down amplifier removed cabinet recovered with the carpet and reglued Around 23 kg Celestion K15H 250e 8 ohm Height 18.5 inches 47cm Length 24 inches 61cm Depth 13 inches 33cm TE 1 x 15.docx
  7. Ritter gig bag takes two basses at the same time. Quite good condition although it is repaired in a couple of places where the stitching started to come undone. Collection only or meet up for cost of fuel
  8. If you find a buyer for the head I would be interested in the cab (I have two Genz Benz heads)
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Fender hardcase which I have had lying round for probably 20 years I do not own a Fender bass so I do not know which Fender bass this was designed for One of the 4 catches is broken but the catch is with the case if it can be repaired I have no idea what this is worth so if I have priced it too high let me know If I have priced it too low get a bargain I would do a swap for a good quality bass gig bag
  11. Alain bought my Cort A5 Plus FMMH off me. Great communications, reliable smooth transaction, would definitely deal with Alain again.
  12. I had an A5 plus it was great guitar very good value for money. Recently sold it gone back to fours
  13. He is a dealer always selling loads of cort basses and guitars on ebay
  14. Bought Richies 1996 Sterling bass. Great comms easy to deal with. Would buy from him again without hesitation.
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