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  1. Hx stomp is one unit i am considering
  2. thanks for that i will see if there are any around at a good price
  3. firstly I am not sure if my topic is in the correct forum but having looked through the forums I thought this was the best option. I play in a couple of bands at the moment. Bass and guitar in one (our keyboard player plays bass on songs where there is no keys) and guitar in the other For many years I used a TC electronics NOVA system for both my guitar and bass and DI straight to the PA. I have had 3 NOVA systems and I thought they were good BUT all three broke and were not cost effective to repair. I am looking to buy a replacement for the NOVA which will handle reverb delay and ambient effects for both my guitar and bass. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Has anyone tried using the boss ME-80 pedalboard for BASS guitar??
  4. where abouts in the country are you
  5. Skezza

    Hot one B station

    I am trying to find anyone who has used one of these
  6. Geoff I will take it I could do with it as soon as possible Any chance of a meet up on the m6 I will pay your petrol My phone is 07710 213510
  7. Hi Geoff what does this weigh I might be interested
  8. Thanks for the messages this is still available. None secondhand on ebay on preloved on gumtree on Reverb This may be one of the only two for sale at the moment in the uk
  9. MESA BOOGIE WALKABOUT SCOUT CONVERTIBLE 12 INCH I took this in a trade a few months ago off 2x18. It is in very good condition if you go over it with a magnifying glass you might find a tiny tolex snag . Comes with a brand new roqsolid cover and it sounds wonderful I was at the time I got it thinking about the in ears route to onstage amplification of my bass in a band situation and have decided to take this course of action. I have been offered a number of trades for it already and i am considering those but cash is always king. I would take a cheaper 5 string plus cash or may do a straight swap for the right 5 string. This is the cheapest one advertised on here on ebay and on reverb they do not come up often
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