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  1. lee650

    Spector NS-5PXL (with piezo)

    😍😍😍 that's so beautiful! If I had the cash I'd bed on a plane straight over! That is just perfect!! I'm a bit in love 😁
  2. lee650

    Feedback for TheGreek

    Just a bit of feedback for quite frankly, one of the most fantastic guys in basschat land😁 A few may know that a fantastic Yamaha 424 came up on eBay a few weeks ago,That I just had to have. Well as it was collection only there was no way I could get hold of it as i dont drive! Well this fantastic fellow offers to pick it up for me so I could arrange to have it courierd from him. He not only arranged pickup with the seller/ made an 80 mile round trip/helped me with organising the courier. He wrapped the bass very securely in a Yamaha box thst he had and travelled to a post office so I could get it. Ive been on basschat since 2007 and made friends with a lot of great guys (also dealt with some nutters tooπŸ˜‚) and this guy is among the best of them. There wasn't anything in this for him,other than helping a brother out, we hadnt even conversed before. A gigantic thankyou Mick I'm so grateful and the bass is currently my favourite 😁😚
  3. lee650

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    Just a quick note as ive been celebrating my ascension to a half Trav by putting another guitar hanger on my bedroom wall! My arrival of a beautiful tobacco burst BB424 has promoted a further purchase of some Ernie ball cobalt flats (DR high beams on the 1025x) and yes, I started with Yamaha 21 years ago with a BBN5 then a BBNE1 (in aqua why did I sell it) and spent the interim with every posh make under the sun (11 years with warwick) and this year rediscovered how fantastic these basses are from my long time buddy "Trav" so yes "I'll never buy a fender again" there I said it πŸ˜‚
  4. lee650

    SOLD - Boss LS-2 Line Selector Β£55 posted

    The planet's have aligned!! I'll take It,
  5. This is exactly the setup Marcus Miller used in the the day with 2x goliath 2's What a sound 😍
  6. It might be old and heavy! But this head and cab were my system of choice in the 90's/early 00's simply fantastic gear!!
  7. lee650

    DR Strings

    ive used DRS for the last 25 years (on and off). i started on High beams then went to sunbeams, depending on what basses i was using at the time! High beams/suns are steel/nickel versions of the same string, which has a round core and is very pliant and "bendable" with a great loose feel. The High beams have plenty of bass and lots of crisp treble and a definite mid scoop and are lovely for slap and modern funky R&B/Gospel tones, the Sunbeams are a lot warmer and deeper but still have a lovely clarity , the Fat beams are high beams with more bass so are a good middle ground between the two (they sound like High beams that have been played for a few weeks). To add to the roster the colored/coated strings are nickel plated steel like the sunbeams and have a very warm tone with a lot less treble than the sunbeams! they also do "Quantum Nickel" which is supposed to sound like steel but they still arnt as bright as high beams. i currently use High beams on my basses as they've become part of my tone and i feel any excessive brightness can be tamed, but a dull lifeless string cant be brightened. I love DR but ive had a few duff sets over the last couple of years and my emailed to DR on the subject were ignored!!!!! not something they built their reputation on, and i would go to another brand , but every time i do! they dont sound as good to me ( i really wanted to like dunlop superbrights but meh!!) Ive not gone into Lo riders as i tried them once and hated them
  8. lee650

    Nice Yamaha 424 BEDFORD COLLECT ONLY

    And im massively grateful Mick you are a complete star! I can't wait to get my hands on it. That GS looks nice! I think it was the evolution of the first 5 string I ever had back in 1996 a Yamaha BBN5 cracking bass for the money, I quickly replaced it with a BBNE1 though 😁
  9. lee650

    Cool funky pedals

    Well Yogi bears always trying to Nick it!!! πŸ˜‚
  10. lee650

    Nice Yamaha 424 BEDFORD COLLECT ONLY

    Lol! You know I like that orange 414!! But don't worry I'm sure you'll end up with this one eventually πŸ˜‚ My thanks to you all gentleman! Especially Mick! Who is doing me a very massive favour 😁
  11. lee650

    Nice Yamaha 424 BEDFORD COLLECT ONLY

    Pm'd as ive just bought this 😁
  12. lee650

    Cool funky pedals

    Whoops missed off!! Amended 😁
  13. lee650

    Cool funky pedals

    So I'm wanting a new bass so selling a chunk of my board! Please PM for more info Iron Ether Oxide Morphing gated fuzz - This is a boutique pedal which is no longer made, it's a morphing fuzz which means it can continually blend between a synthy gated Wooley Mammoth fuzz and a raucous brassmaster style (with octave up) which is just wild!!! It also features a clean blend to add bottom end and an EQ for attenuating the high end and a voice switch (between two preset EQ ) and a strangle switch which cuts all the bottom for a very gnarly guitar like tone, great with the clean blend. This pedal is massively versatile and I'm only using It As a gated fuzz in a synth setup! And as its capable of so much more ! Each one of these pedals is uniquely finished,no two are the same, it runs on a 9v power supply and is fine with active or passive basses! SOLD!! 3 leaf Pwnzor Optical compressor- Sounds absolutely amazing! Very warm and fat tone enhancer which is reminiscent of the Diamond, but this is smaller with more control. Powered by 9v but doubled internally to run at 18v. Link to ovnilab review http://www.ovnilab.com/reviews/pwnzor.shtml £130 incl postage to UK MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe- It's a full featured Analog chorus with a 2 band EQ, A crossover switch which puts the effect on the treble frequencies only and the best thing is a switchable Flanger!! 2 PEDALS IN ONE!! It's a very warm and lush sound and the flanger is just brilliant smooth tones to metallic madness all in one beautifully coloured pedal. This comes with the original box for all of those that care about such things as well 😁
  14. I recently got an identical one to this and can honestly say it's one of the finest basses I've played (and I've owned many high end 5's) an absolute bargain. I liked it so much I want a 4 string version 😁
  15. lee650

    If you could only choose one octave pedal

    For me the best tracking definately the EBS octabass, closely followed by the MXR BOD (great tone too,but yes it makes a funny gurgling sound). I found the octamiser to have the worst tracking (although slightly better than the OC2) but what a great tone! The OC3 tracked very well as its digital but I found the tone quite bland. The cog T65/16 tracks brilliantly, I really didn't notice any difference in tracking from the MXR. The IE Subterraneana tracks fairly well too! I've never tried the 3 leaf but it's on the list. Still for me EBS octabass is the dogs dangles 😁