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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Last price drop on this! No more £325 posted £300 collected 😁
  3. My board as it stands now! Everything except the comp and chorus (multi programmed with various chorus/flange/phasers) is in the T70 loop so the octave is totally clean underneath. The scrutator also has a moog expression for filter/bit crush sweeps 😁 Chain is EBS Multicomp set at multiband so the highs are compressed more than the lows T70 octave set for channel 1 a clean octave sound with a deep filter setting and a hint of octave up. Chsnnel two filter set for a synthy buzzy octave with the dirty octave up at unison vol and the clean signal taken out, very synthy. The sub control set to sound as near as possible to rhe classic OC2 setting, is say it's 90% there😁 In the t70 loop Malleko scrutator (bit crush/sample rate reduction/filter wah) Boba fuzz (Mastatron clone, with a much heavier gate) MXR Bass Envelope filter EHX enigma Qballs (set for low pass filter and a downsweep, I don't use the distortion) Custom cog grand Tarkin Fuzz In series wirh the T70 Source Audio Gemini Chorus (set as above) Currently looking at adding a nice overdrive,but space is limited 😁
  4. I once played a support slot and the headliners bass rig consisted of one of these and a trace 18" &2x10 in one cab! Sounded phenomenal and looked like Deep Thought!! 😁
  5. I may consider part ex for a quality bass OD/DI 😁
  6. Im seeing a lot of love for the Mojo Mojo it sounds just what im looking for!
  7. Bergantino withdrawn for the time being! Pric3 drop on the HD350! £335 delivered and now with an included amp bag! Can't say fairer than that for a very high quality swedish made pro amplifier 😁
  8. Alas funds and not able to pick job from London,make it impossible!
  9. I would truly love those Tri112s! I used two tri110s for years and they are my fave ever cabs 😁
  10. C'mon Luke! How long have you wanted one of these?? 😉😁
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