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  1. lee650

    EHX Bass Mono Synth

    I saw this yesterday and I'm definately interested! Some of the sounds I'm hearing arn't a million miles away from the Deep Impact I borrowed! And at half the price of a used Future Impact. I think mixed with other pedals this could be very cool if it tracks well.
  2. lee650

    Improving a Sadowsky’s tone

    Cheers Luke Im actuslly friends wirh him on Facebook!! Didn't occur to me doh!!!🙃
  3. lee650

    Improving a Sadowsky’s tone

    Hi Luke Do you have a number/email for the bass Doc? Ive known him for years but ive not got his number anymore. I did message him about 6 years ago on basschat asking him to make me a guard, and I'm still waiting on an answer 😂😂😂 Ive got a black Yamaha BB that your pics have inspired me to get a tort guard for 😁
  4. lee650

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    @CameronJ Ahh i hadn't thought of those!! TBH I did try their nickel and steel roundwounds as i was really hoping they could replace the DR's I've been using for the last 20 years (not one set for 20 years 😂) as DR are stupid money and the quality has definately gone down (that's for another thread) Anyway i hated the steels and thought the nickels sounded ok! But the feel was spot on! Are the Dunlop flats low tension and nice and bright?
  5. lee650

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    I did mate! It's going to a pro player buddy of mine,who will give it a lot more use than i do these days 😂 Ive actually still got the Mendel as the buyer is a fellow Geordie,and as im popping home in a couple of weeks I'm delivering it to his mum,while he's in Dubai! I've cased it up and won't touch it,in case buyers remorse sets in 😉 The yammy has fender flats on which I've always found to be very bland so im looking to get some Chromes or id like to try the Ernie Ball Cobalt flats but both brands are over £60 a set!!! Ouch! That's a nice day out with the kids!
  6. lee650

    Is it worth me trying to sell to you guys in UK?

    I sold a twin pickup stingray 5 in immaculate condition in a stunning honeyburst colour for £950 a year ago! and it took nearly 12 months from posting to sell 🤤
  7. Very exciting indeed!! So would this be an evolution of the Manta? Or is there more again under the hood? I'm sure there is a seperate octave/harmoniser in the works too, it's going to be an expensive year 😁
  8. Very cool!! A bit to massive for my board though!
  9. lee650

    Geddy Lee pedal

    Oohh that looks very Nice!!!
  10. Still fascinated by the oxide!! But as i have a Mastatron I wouldnt have the room/cash to have both 🤔
  11. lee650

    Buncha peds

    That would be amazing!! I do miss my old Knightfall 😁
  12. lee650

    Buncha peds

    Ahh its on my to try list
  13. lee650

    Buncha peds

    yeah i saw it at 12:30 and dithered! great pedal