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  1. Mine too was very noisy! Which is a shame as it's a wonderful sounding octave with great tracking.
  2. Getting rid of some bits and bobs as I've had a bit of a spend recently. Dunlop ECB004UK AC adapter 18V power supply, it'll power your 18v pedals ( only one at a time) Fairly new and boxed £17 incl UK only delivery
  3. Cheers still want it! But can't sell my cab🙁
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Ooof! That's a very sexy rig!!
  6. I had an emerald green one! Used it for years,really wish I hadn't sold it! Lovely bass.
  7. Has anyone replaced the tuners above for these schallers??
  8. Collect from Morecambe in a socially distant manner ONLY £380!!! You won't believe your luck,pubs will be open soon too 😂
  9. Fantastic price for one of these! The pre is an East MMSR 4 knob 3 band! I'm looking at fitting one to my USA sterling Soon.
  10. Omg if I could only sell my Bergantino cab I'd be all over this! Just what I'm looking for!
  11. Looking for a kickback 210 combo! Would consider trades for an Ashdown OriginAL C210-300 or a Markbass CMD 210.
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