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  1. A cornucopia of rare and interesting pedals, and a fantastic seller. 😁
  2. Yes the tone is more stingray ish! How do you find the series/single modes?
  3. I'm very intrigued as to what the extra knob does! piezo volume?
  4. I'd be very interested to hear how you find the stomp compares with your other pedals?
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. All done! Check out the edit on my post. mine isn't anywhere as neat as yours,Especially as I use pre existing patch cables (struggled with this and had to buy more) and daisy chain quite a few. Careful Moley6knipe you're starting a pedalboard "upskirting" trend 🤣
  7. pedalboard version #$%^%$## Had a big reshuffle as I needed to raise money,so got rid of a few expensive pedals, but bought a few new ones 😂 Classic 2 pedalboard version 2 Custom Pedal boards mini patch bay - got fed up with plugging leads into various points,so now input/output conveniently in one place. SEND goes Into- Cali76 CB - I've tried most of them and love this for versatility while still being intuitive to use. It has fantastic natural tone,which just makes you sound better This then goes into the main input of a Boss LS2,so all channels are massaged by the Cali76. Ls2 Loop A Cog T70 triple Octave - 3 channel octaves with its own loop. Two separate T65 octaves which ive set 1 for a clean smooth octave and another for a synthy octave up sound, utilising the filters (usually with the Red Ripper engaged, so the B channel is more of a synthy deep distortion). It has a third "sub" channel which has no clean just octave. The filters can get this fairly close to the OC2 sound. The loop on this enables "parallel" octave so any effects used have the octave clean underneath, in this loop I have Tech 21 Red Ripper -very dynamic and synthy fuzz/distortion. Has as 3 band EQ and can cop muff fuzz sounds for creamy rock tones as well as the quasi envelope Filtered synth fuzz. Ls2 Loop B - Standalone effects Zvex Mastatron - Gated version of the mighty Wooly mammoth! Has an input impedance control so it works great with active basses. The benchmark for synth fuzz. Has a variable subs control so it sounds huge and deep. Source Audio C4 Synth - Absolutely fantastic synth pedal that can do so much more!! A fully fledged Eurorack in a pedal. It can also cover filter/octave/chorus/phaser/tremolo. I thought I'd be happy with the standard 6 presets, but this has so many great presets it's impossible to pick 6 so I bought Disaster Area DMC.Micro Midi controller- so I can now access 128 presets as well as Expression control. MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe - fantastic warm chorus/Flanger. I have it set to affect only the high end,so subtle but a lovely sound. I particularly love the Flanger setting. EBS Dphaser - very funky and versatile phaser with loads of control and various stages (switchable inside) 3 modes 4/6 stage, 8/10 stage and 15 stage (this sounds very flange like) Hotone Krush - I keep buying expensive bit crush/sample rate reducer s and only use it for a bit of sample rate reduction to use with s parallel octave. This does the job and is tiny 😁 These two banks of effects can be run parallel via the LS2 for more tonal options. The LS2 main channel goes straight to Tech 21 VTBASS DI - industry standard Ampeg simulator capable of clean 3 band preamp or smooth overdrive to full on distortion. Great DI and used for a slightly dirty preamp tone or a stompable overdrive depending on the gig. Then back to the Mini patch bay, for the most part my sound is the Cali76 into the VTDI Backside shot! Not as neat as some on here. I don't know how they do it 😂
  8. Lovely looking bass, those Nordstrand sound awesome (I have them in my MM Sterling and jazz basses) East preamp too, fantastic. Are you certain his is originally an HS as the jazz pickup looks too far back! Has this been modded? Great price too 😁
  9. I love your board, a lot of my faves in that one!! I can never get mine so neat on the bottom!😂
  10. I've Just sold Rich my prunes and Custard. He was actually the reason I joined Basschat to buy a cab off him 14 years ago!!!!! He paid super quick and communication was great and a lovely friendly bloke. I wouldn't hesitate to deal again.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. I've noticed there s a missing screw on the bottom (must be been missing when I bought it) thus will be replaced, prior to sale 😁
  13. Needing other stuff, so i present a rare opportunity to own a fantastic Prunes and Custard. It's a highly Dynamic synthy fuzz/Distortion. It features a two-stage fuzz and wave-shaping distortion circuit. First there's the a preamp stage, the gain of which is adjusted with the Drive control. The preamp stage is followed by a special waveshaping distortion circuit. Together they give you what Crowther Audio like to call a 'harmonic generator-intermodulator'. Essentially higher harmonics are progressively introduced with increased Drive settings and signal level, so a decaying bass guitar note can sound like a filter sweep. Some strong intermodulation effects, rather like those out of a ring modulator, start coming out. But in a more musical and distorted way! -Level: controls the overall output volume The Mix control is a balance between the preamp stage output, (CCW) and the special distortion stage output (CW). For bass guitar, the Mix control would usually be set at around 10 to 12 o’clock. For guitar, a high Mix setting, along with reduced Drive can give some rather pleasant overdrive effects. Where the Drive and Mix controls are set are set to higher settings, the sound can become all harmonics, with very little fundamental signal, and in some situations may sound a bit thin, especially for bass guitar, but setting the Lo Freq.contour switch to the right takes some low frequency from the Preamp side of the Mixcontrol and mixes it back with the special distortion side. -Drive: adjusts the gain of the preamp stage. Of course with sufficient input/drive, the preamp stage can be overdriven. This is a highly unique effect and great for synthy tones (I think the guy from Muse used one,but I could be wrong) Ive had great results running an octave in parallel with this, no extra envelope Filter needed. Anyway I hope this answers any questions, it is in good condition,but it has been used,so there is a bit wear on the graphics. SOLD Justin and Juan give this a review
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
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