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  1. Yeah a dry kill switch would certainly make this a killer Jonathan mentions in the review, that he wondered if the vintage mode was Analog while the poly was digital. Is that at all possible? Id have thought that Roland would've made a point of mentioning it, if that were the case. Jonathon does mention thst both modes sounded different and vintage was more "gloopy" I'm very interested in this pedal!
  2. Cheers Paul Great review and it's got me thinking/hoping this is what we've been waiting for.
  3. Oc5 is 1 louder!!😉
  4. I got really excited for a minute! Then realised it's a souped up OC3/POG hybrid. I'm assuming it's digital? I'm still waiting on a Wazacraft Analog OC2 reissue,and watch them fly off the shelves.
  5. I've got the older version of this! My favourite octave/synth engine. It a so versatile,especially with the parallel loop. It doesn't do pristine clean octave sounds, but as per the OP Its a dirty and very funky sound. The low pass filter when dialled to The left and in conjunction with the dirty octave up, gives a brassmaster style dirt tone. This can also get very close to the mightly OC2 with the filter,so the sub can be set to replicate the OC2 with the clean off tone. 3 fantastic sounding octaves and a parallel loop,for any synth/ muse style fans, you will not find a more usable octave 😁
  6. If you had a nice rehearsal space and didn't need to lug it about,you'll not find a finer rig for £400.
  7. This is very true! The best value bass,I've ever played.
  8. If only it were a 5!!
  9. Either that,or someone should fire in and get a bargain 😁
  10. Criminally low price on this! Fantastic basses.
  11. Do you know it that's the same for the EBMM Sterling Pre? I believe its differently voiced! 😁
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