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  1. lee650

    ZVex Mastotron

    Has anyone tried the copilot orbit and a Mastatron? John Davies of Nerve did a great demo of the copilot and the gated fuzz was brilliant (on you tube though)🤔 it also has the VCO and a clean blend! I reckon if one came up,if have to sell the Mastatron 😁
  2. lee650

    ZVex Mastotron

    Thats exactly what I'm running!! A T65 with a Mastatron (amongst other things) in its loop,running parallel into an Emma Discombobulator!! Until recently I was running them in the loop of a 3 leaf Wonderlove! Best synth sound ever, it still sounds great but the T65/Mastatron/wonderlove combo was very special. Im on my 2nd Mastatron as i sold my first and regretted it! Ive had the 3 leaf Doom to which I was a fan of, i loved the octave up/quasi ring mod flavour when played past the 12th fret. The fact it worked dynamically to change the tone,worked very well in parallel with the T65 and Wonderlove (in fact that's been my fave combination). The Mastatron however is slightly cheaper than the Doom and had a lot more control!! I love both of them, i do now use a Cog Grand Tarkin for fuzz on its own,with the clean blend it sounds very full and still has a synthy quality but cleaner/smoother 😁
  3. Ive always wanted one of these! But after a recent splurge it isn't going to happen!
  4. lee650

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Well I got a bigger pedalboard (Pedaltrain Jnr), only to have a rejiggle and ive now all but filled it 😁 So ive the Wonderful 3 leaf Pwnzor compressor, set for slight compression as this thing is more of a tone enhancer,like the Diamond. Then into the Cog T65 octave which has a Zvex Mastatron,Mooer Lofi Machine and sweeper in its loop so they run parallel to the octave. This runs into the Emma Discombobulator, this is my synth set up. It then runs into an MXR Bass Octave Deluxe which I use only for clean octave tones! Then into a Cog Grand Tarkin Fuzz, which in turn goes into an MXR EVH phase 90 and a Bass Chorus Deluxe. Finally into a Tech 21 Vt Bass which I use set clean when I dont have my own amp or as a gritty preamp/OD when i do 😁 All powered with a Cioks DC5 underneath. Im already planning it's next phase 😂 as i intend to replace the Mooer pedals with a Malekko Scrutator (if I can ever find a used one) and the T65 and MXR octave with a Cog T70! An EBS stanley Clarke wah/volume off board might be nice too! Im never happy 😁
  5. lee650

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    I love the one with the robot devil!! Is it a delay?
  6. lee650

    Sonicsmith squaver p1 + NOW SOLD

    Aha the essential synth lovers toolkit 😁
  7. lee650

    Pedaltrain Jr + Mono M80 Case - £80

    No mate I've got it 😁
  8. lee650

    Sonicsmith squaver p1 + NOW SOLD

    Id love to see some pics of your whole board Andy 😁
  9. lee650

    SOLD Cog Effects Rogue One/R-1 dual octave fuzz

    I bet this sounds amazing!! Ive just got a Cog Grand Tarkin and it sounds fantastic with my T65 octave (and my MXR BOD) so ive a simpler version of this!! The Cog pedals are fantastic quality, Mark is also a very lovely bloke to deal with 😁
  10. Ive no excuse then!! 😁
  11. lee650

    Bergantino CN212

    Id so love one of these!! Skint though 😔
  12. 😁 ive still yet to come and see you play!! I will though 😁
  13. Aww cmon Ash!! Were have you been hiding this!! Ive just got three new pedals otherwise id have this 😁
  14. lee650

    Feedback for Dodge_Bass Ian Paterson

    Just did a trade with my fellow Geordie low ender! He was incredibly easy to deal with and delivery was super quick. Im very happy with my new pedal and wouldn't hesitate to deal with again ( even if he doesnt remember chatting to me by the buffet table at my mates wedding about 9 years ago 🤣) Great bloke/great player/great taste in gear nuff said 😁
  15. lee650

    Status Groove 5 string - now sold please remove

    Id be interested, but im skint at the mo (too many recent purchases) im local too! Looks like a great bass 😁