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  1. Goodness I'll have to think! I bet my list is shorter than Andys and I've been player a lot longer πŸ˜‚ From memory and in order of owning -Crap 60's short scale -possibly a Tiesco - Vantage VS -650B - Ibanez Musician - Hohner P/J Fretless P bass -82 JV Squier jazz (still got this one) - Bass Doc custom Jazz (later defretted) - Yamaha BBN5 - Yamaha BB NE1 -Warwick Streamer LX - Warwick Streamer Jazzman 5 -Warwick 90 Streamer Stage 1 - Ibanez SR 4 string - NS WAV EUB - Japanese Fender Precision -Washburn AB10 acoustic bass - Musicman Sterling (Still have this, owned twice) - Fender American Fretless Jazz - Ken Smith BSRMW 5 -Spector CRFM5 -Warwick Thumb 6 -Stagg EUB -Samick Acoustic bass -83 Tokai Fretless jazz - Musicman Stingray 5HH -Fender Nate Mendel Precision - Yamaha BB1025x - Yamaha BB424 -Fender Highway one Precision (still using) - Yamaha TRB1005 - Kay shortscale ( technically my Daughters and needs fixing πŸ˜‚) That's about as far as I can get with my senior memory. Not many for nearly 30 years of playing. Funnily enough when I Was a professional player,I only owned 2 or 3. It was only when i stopped and joined Basschat,thst I kept chopping and changing πŸ˜‚
  2. I would Mick! But its bern tucked away for years,nobody will play it with me because I always winπŸ˜‚ My kids arnt interested in anything but me raising cash,to give them their own bedrooms at the the mo 😁
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Probably going to withdraw this! However I may be tempted with a trade for a C4 with a small cash adjustment.
  5. Just seen this too! I'd have jumped on it 😁
  6. Oooh if only!! Fantastic combo.
  7. Played the bass with this on and it sounds awesone, i can't mess with that πŸ˜‚
  8. I remember the source audio Manta did a nice envelope phaser in the same vein. That same sound will probably be available on the SA Spectrum/C4 as well as loads of other stuff.
  9. I'd be interested in this, if I can sell my Wonderlove 😁
  10. Rare Lord of the rings Trivia board game. This features questions from the books as well as the films, a challenge for the nerd in you, those lockdown days will fly😁 All in immaculate condition cards still sealed (1pack opened) markers still sealed and most of the counters still in frame. Never been played. Also from clean smoke free house. £50 including UK only delivery
  11. Extremely rare Star Wars Original Trilogy collectors Edition Trivial Pursuit. You think you know Star Wars?,we're you there in 77 before a Disney ruined it? Test your knowledge with this hard to find board game. Perfect for your lockdown days/nights. Comes with cool pewter playing figures. Tiny bit of fraying on the box,otherwise in immaculate condition. The R2 D2 dice works perfectly. Comes from a smoke free home. Β£60 including UK only delivery
  12. For sale Leo Quan Badass 2 bridge in chrome. Sadly discontinued,these are the classic upgrade to jazz and precision basses. In immaculate and as new condition,with the grooved saddles,so no need to file down. Unfortunately i dont have the screws for this. I've a new vintage bridge coming sometime next week,when I'll be able to remove this for postage 😁 Withdrawn for now
  13. My 3 leaf Wonderlove which was the successor to the GR2 is from the Fromel Etched limited first run in a very funky purple/blue (No 177, from the days when 3 leaf pedals were individual works of functional art, rather than the standard look they have today) It features controls for Sensitivity, Attack, Decay, Tone, Blend, Resonance, and Boost controls for dialing in your sound while also including more general switches for Range (high/low), Sweep (normal/reverse), and Band (lowpass/bandpass). Other features include an expression pedal input, an effects loop, a soft-touch relay bypass, and a selectable true/buffered bypass that’s accessible via an internal switch, a 6db boost is Also available on a side mounted switch. The effects loop is particularly useful in that you can put other effects like octave/fuzz in the loop and they will be placed after the units envelope detector. This means the pedals dynamics are not killed by these effects,making very dynamic moog/synthy sounds possible. By plugging in an expression pedal this can be used as a manual wah. This pedal has been a favourite for a long time,and I'm sure I'll regret this. It has some scrapes on the sides,probably from other pedals,but the etching gives it a roadworn look Anyway. Comes with very high quality Velcro for your convenience. Β£175 incl UK only postage
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