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  1. Nah! Don't forget to put cheese and a bit of Worcester sauce on!! (On toast not strings 😂) just about to watch The final episode of Gotham!!
  2. Lol!! I'm enjoying a bottle of Pino Grigio and eating pizza!! Perfect night 😂
  3. That's exactly what I do with the cobalts!! Easier to dull down bright strings than try a bring a bit of life to really dull strings! I have the same philosophy with my DR high beam rounds! 😁
  4. Aha!! Mr Science and i are very recently acquainted 😁 ive been using the cobalt flats on my Yamaha BB 424 for nearly three months now and I'm a big fan! They are very bright for a flat and seem to have a more musical sweet treble than Chromes which have a lot of high mids clank. They instantly reminded me of a slightly worn in set of nickel rounds!!! They also have a fairly low tension (mine are 105-45) and are the first flats I've been able to get a convincing slap tone! They do have a nice growl in the mids, the bottom end however isn't the same as standard flats but mine have worn in and warmed up,still with a lot of clarity. I was very close to buying the Dunlop flats on camerons recommendation but I took a chance and was very pleased 😁 I'm very tempted to put a set on my old jazz too but it loves high beams too much 😂
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. I'm very certain you're correct!!
  7. I've spoken to him!! It's the more expensive sentry he wants!!!
  8. Ooh didn't realise this was still about!! I may have to consider moving on the BB 1025x 🤔
  9. Yeah they cost more than the kickass too! £75 I think
  10. I had one on my fender Nate Mendel great bridge!! I thought they were a fender retrofit and won't work on a Yamaha! The above pic proves otherwise (very cool bass BTW) you would only be able to string through the bridge and not the body!
  11. Andy! Have a look at at the Hipshot Kickass! (£75) Just like the badass but with a lot more adjustability (no need to cut the grooves) they have inserts that can be adjusted. I replaced my 25 year old badass with one on my jazz and i love it. Id like a better bridge on my 424 as i hate BBOT Bridges! Has anyone any idea if the badass 3 would work on a string through Yamaha!
  12. I'm actually thinking of moving on my Bergantino AE210 to get one of these as i want to run my HD350 at 4ohms 🤔
  13. Don't worry! You've convinced me! I just need to find the cash 😁
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