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  1. NickCarey

    Bought a hipshot bridge from Nick! My last deal with him was in 2009! He's still a gent,and delivered just when he said he would and great comms, highly recommended
  2. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Very nice James! I accidentally went to the beginning of this thread and saw your board from 2007 very different

    I used to have one and miss it greatly!! Especially for practice, is love another but don't have the cash at the mo
  4. This is one unique and versatile pedal! Very dynamic and synthy right through to high gain distortion and brassmaster style octave up fuzz! It even has hints of envelope filter. The rip control produces lots of variation
  5. SOLD

    That's a great price for one of these! I've just ordered a hipshot vintage bridge for mine:)
  6. Epifani UL502

    Ive been afrer one of these for a long time! Just when I tjought I was happy going back to EBS
  7. SWR Triad bass cab £150

    +1 I gigged one of these for years with a 2x10 added and it sounded fantastic
  8. Wow I keep missing these! Even though I've two octaves on my board
  9. Help me choose a pedal board please

    I'd be curious to see the Harley Benton in the flesh,as it looks as good as the pedaltrain and certainly the soft case looks better. I love the adjustable back legs. I've been looking at getting a Metro 24 with a hard case to replace my Metro 20 and these look great. To the OP as per Dannybouy the Metro 16 with a hard case may be what you are looking for
  10. Limelight 70's jazz bass in mocha.

    I'm currently gassing for this! I reckon I'd better get my Nate Mendel up for sale
  11. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    mine as it stands now! A brief spell of unemployment forced me to sell my cali cb! but I got sorted and got myself another cog T16 a Mooer lofi machine and an MXR bass compressor. The your doom,sweeper and lofi machine are in the cog T65 loop and all in the wonderloves loop! it makes some very responsive synth sounds!! love it to bits
  12. MTD Kingston AG5 - price drop again!

    I want this even more now
  13. Feedback for Al Krow

    Been chatting with Bas for a few months now and finally bought a couple of pedals from him. i must reiterate what had been said! A more honest caring and genuine human being you will not meet. He even let me pay him after a few weeks as he knew I wanted the pedals and have been temporarily unemployed. A true gent! many thanks Bas