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  1. I've just bought a compressor from Daryl. Good comms, good packaging and arrived exactly when he said it would. Very smooth transaction, thanks Daryl! Recommended 😁
  2. I didn't know That! As an EBS fan/user for a very long time,that would have been a godsend. This new amp is very interesting 😁
  3. Ahh gorgeous pedal! These sound amazing,ive always wanted to try one! Regrettably my days of expensive boutique pedals are over for now 😁
  4. Ahh I haven't seen this! Fun thread! 😁
  5. Ahh I'd still love this! But just sold half my pedals to buy a bass 😁
  6. Just bought a Yamaha TRB from Chris! And I have to say, in my many years as a basschatter, ive spoken to many fantastic people. Chris is right up there! A genuinely lovely guy and an absolute pleasure to do business with. Fantastic regular comms, very fast delivery. Expert packaging what more can you ask. The bass was fantastic and just as described, he even through in an uber cool strap 😁 Many thanks Chris, you've made my day!
  7. I'm needing three if anyone can help 😁
  8. After a big gear shakeup to buy a new bass, im currently without a decent compressor (just sold my Multi comp) I do fancy an optical one, i havent got mega boutique bucks though. Thanks loads 😁
  9. I've the AE2x10 which is fantastic! I'd love this though!
  10. +1 the Tech 21 VT bass is your friend 😁
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