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  1. Lucky lad! I'll probably just get socks 😊
  2. Fantastic sounding pedal! As fuzz and Phaser is something I use a lot, this is an ideal pedal.
  3. I love this pedal! Like a bassballs and a Seamoon funk machine, had a baby 😁
  4. Yeah I've got my eye on this too 😁
  5. I watched this and don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it and he's fantastic player and entertainer. But he's telling people he can cop these synth sounds with the MXR when he was in fact using a 3 leaf Proton????? He even says you need the MXR for the ow ow sound. Someone in the comments mentions the MXR doesn't do that and he admitted to using a Proton πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ He has the original track mixed much louder than his bass sound, and if you listen, the tones arnt spot on (which they won't be,as it's not a synth) all the pedals in the video (with the exception of the MXR imo) are great for synth tones.
  6. Absolutely spot on, you've some great pedals for basic synth! Octave into Brassmaster and into proton. The brassmaster is a very sustaining octave up sound, which will work really well, for long synthy swells. A gated fuzz will provide a staccato ripping sound that's perfect for moog like tones. I particularly like the reverse filter setting too for synth. I do find the muff variant fuzzes to be very smooth and sustaining, which will work, but won't sound as synthy. Using a Boss LS2 to run he filter in parallel works reallt well too. Then you're in the rabbit hole πŸ˜‚
  7. Prunes and Custard is awesome!!
  8. Yeah I recall buying a Warwick over a Wal that was Β£850 back in 98. Kicking myself now πŸ™„
  9. I've not seen that! I wonder if its the same as my earlier suggestions. Need to ale a look 😁
  10. Deffo Dan A sub n up/Mooer Tender is a decent and cheaper option than the POG, plus whatever Distortion you like. The Boss LS2 is pretty much the most useful pedal ever made. Just realised with my setup I wouldn't be able to do that. My C4 has a great octave up, but I've put my Copilot Orbit before it,In one loop in my LS2. I may switch those around 😁
  11. One way could be to use an EHX micro POG. It has a Dry out which would go to your bass amp giving just clean bass. Set the effect with just octave up and use the effect out to a Guitar amp with whatever fuzz you like (Muff/Mastatron/ Tech21 Red Ripper etc) so to Distort the octave up. Or A boss LS2 would run a parallel clean blend under a Nano POG (smaller and cheaper than a Micro) so one loop would have the POG set for octave up only, with distortion after it ( using the clean on the POG wouldn't work as it would be distorted). That would only go through one amp though. Neither a budget solution though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Sorry.
  12. I suppose well end up talking then πŸ˜‚
  13. I think that was about the same time we became "pen pals" I'd got my Smith at the same time. You know my thoughts and I agree 1000% with Mrs Trav for Β£6k I'd want prettier wood.
  14. Yup me too! That's why I loved my Spector.
  15. Lol I knew you ended up with the Quasar! You should try the Prometheus DLX filter!. Absolutely incredible machine 😁
  16. Added a subdecay Prometheus DLX Filter and A Copilot Orbit Frequency Modulated fuzz (will do some write ups on these actually) to my setup. Definately one of the synthiest boards I've had😁
  17. Lovely bass! And absolutely fantastic photos, a masterclass in selling a bass
  18. Yes we need to know! As we may be able to help 😁
  19. Yeah I'm loving that colour very much 😁
  20. If you're only looking for which filter let's you blend in your clean bass, rather than filters which keep low end. There arnt too many! In my experience most clean blends are done with band pass filters, as a low pass filter has plenty of bottom end. Ones I've had/heard of with a clean blend MXR BEF- Great sounding,bubbly,funky little filter. Is band pass,but great for finger funk tones. It isn't a hugely expensive pedal. EBS Bass IQ- has an internal trimpot which allows you to dial in the clean high frequencies only, not a full range clean signal. Not too badly priced and has up/down sweep. 3 leaf Wonderlove/GR/GR2 - has clean blend and up/down and a lot of control. Currently very hard to find and expensive when you do. EHX Qtron - big box/modern smaller version (not mini or micro)- very wet and lots of control, with up/downsweep. It has a "mix" mode which is 50/50 band pass and your clean bass signal. Fairly expensive if you can find one. EHX Enigma Qballs- lots of control and a variable clean blend knob. In built distortion which isnt great. You can set the start/stop frequencies so you can get up/down sweep. A pig to dial in, but not mega money if you can find one used. There is also a Guitar tuned version called Riddle Qballs, which can be picked up fairly cheaply. Source Audio Spectrum/C4 - loads and loads of filter models, sounds great. I can be set up via a PC or yiur mobile phone and has every parameter possible (incl clean blend) not mega money for what it gives you. Subdecay Prometheus DLX- I've recently got this. All Analog and has up/down as well as dozens of step/pixelated/LFO And expression control (like a manual wah) it's synth heaven. It has low pass/band/high pass, however for bass players there is a,switch inside that adds clean blend to the band pass. Hard to get hold off and quite expensive. Lovetone Meatball - good luck!! Guyatone MR3- again good luck. Exotic Robotalk 2- 2x band pass filters, each with a differnt tone. But both have a clean blend. Not too expensive. Iron Ether - Xerograph deluxe- very synthy filter, has ton of control incl a clean blend. Fairly hard to get and expensive. Seamoon Funk machine- a reverse sweep filter with a clean blend. Bit of a one trick pony, but very funky indeed. Quite expensive for what it does. MXR Auto Q- more of an auto way than an envelope Filter,but has a clean blend and not expensive. It all depends what you want a filter for. Low pass is all bottom end and great for adding to octave/fuzz to create synth sounds, however hard to dial in for finger funk. For the latter I prefer a band pass with a clean bass, sounds clean precise and funky,with no loss of bottom. Another solution is to buy a boss LS2 and you can add a clean blend to any filter you like,as well as lots of very useful stuff 😁 IMO for what you're after the MXR is very hard to beat,Ive had 4, i keep selling them though, mustn't be enough and my C4 has a decent model of it.
  21. Yeah I was about to list my Fender P to try and get it. Bargains like thst don't hang around long.
  22. I've owned a 424 and currently a 425 and I think they are the best value basses ive ever played. £300-50 still gets you a bass easily equal in quality to Fenders Mexican or later Japanese models (the Early MIJ are exceptional), which are going for three times as much £££ used.
  23. Ive recently aquired a mid 80's Yamaha BB350F fretless and put some Ernie Ball cobalt flats on it. They have that lovely smooth feel and a very bright top end,almost like a set of nickel rounds. It sounds lovely and clear, and gives me a bit more presence and (Forgive the Cliche) plenty of Mwahh 😁 They are kinder to the fingerboard, I still may put some actual nickel rounds on at some point.
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