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  1. The gerlitz stuff is fantastic! They do "smudge off" which is great for hardware and guitar honey for the fingerboard. I've used it for years 😁
  2. +1 the chromes have a lot of high mid clang to them rather than high end, and are very high tension too! the cobalts have a much more pleasing and musical high end to me (and im a fan of Chromes)
  3. just lovely and id be tempted had i not just bought two Yamaha BB's it looks like your bridge has been upgraded too as its a hipshot A bridge not the BBOT that comes standard with these ! gorgeous colour!!
  4. I look forward to seeing your new Pwnzor in there
  5. The labella low tension set are great! i found them even more pliable that TI's (they sound very dark and thumpy though). ive recently got a set of Ernie ball cobalt flats and they have a lovely low tension too as well as a bright tone almost like a set of nickel round wounds! they also have a very smooth feel like the labellas! im definitely a fan of these
  6. Lol that's what happens when you sleep on things! I've been trying to decide wether to buy this for two days now 😁
  7. I have an EBS 350 with the comp built in! So just trying to decide wether in need this πŸ˜‰
  8. Just been listening to some demos if this and it sounds awesome! Shame it's so massive 😁
  9. Discovered this in my drawer I had the wonderful OBBM of this parish make me and extremely high quality speaker cable, utilising the excellent angled speakon (great when space is at a premium) This is a mammoth 10m as i needed it while on a national tour a couple of years ago as i wanted to angle one of my cabs in front of me, but the stages were quite big. Well the band ended up ampless so I bought this and I've NEVER used it! Not even plugged it in 😁 i already have two shorter ones of these and they are fantastic! All yours for £24 incl delivery
  10. I've not had this long, but I don't have the noisy stuff I bought It for anymore so not needed. This was bought new and never used, it's a noise gate so turn up the threshold and those noisy single coils hush right up 😁 No box as ive used it 😁 in immaculate condition, it's built like a tank and does what is says on the tin Looking for £25 incl postage
  11. Ive literally just got this to try out and it's not working with my setup! It's a high quality clone of the eye wateringly expensive Zvex Wooley mammoth. It has a pulse wave control that when all the way to the right gives it a really synthy velcro ripping tone! All the way to the left Is a standard square wave fuzz. It also has the usual vol/fuzz/tone. It's very good add a octave and envelope and you've a great moogy synth tone for very little cash, and it's tiny, true bypass etc. It's in good condition and will be boxed for delivery, I'm wanting a firm £28 incl delivery 😁
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Cool looking pedal but not for me!! 😁
  14. I've never been a fan of ashdown! But I must say that looks gorgeous! I've always thought bass rigs look pretty bland! That changes things😁
  15. Thread resurrection!!! I'm thinking of getting a spectracomp! What toneprints are you gentleman using? Cheers
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. Jings!! whizzed again Andy πŸ˜‚ Can't believe you're selling this after you lusted after it for so long πŸ™„ fantastic basses and my absolute favourite At the moment! You will not get a better bass for the money 😁
  18. I know Peter and i was about to buy it, but bailed last minute! I bought Alex's Gemini instead! Top bloke and very highly recommended to deal with. I'm still sortve regretting not getting it and the gecko 😁
  19. Ahhh man if only I had the cash!! These are incredible basses 😁
  20. Or take your tuner off the board! A corona mini would fit on that no problem 😁
  21. 😍😍😍 that's so beautiful! If I had the cash I'd bed on a plane straight over! That is just perfect!! I'm a bit in love 😁
  22. Just a bit of feedback for quite frankly, one of the most fantastic guys in basschat land😁 A few may know that a fantastic Yamaha 424 came up on eBay a few weeks ago,That I just had to have. Well as it was collection only there was no way I could get hold of it as i dont drive! Well this fantastic fellow offers to pick it up for me so I could arrange to have it courierd from him. He not only arranged pickup with the seller/ made an 80 mile round trip/helped me with organising the courier. He wrapped the bass very securely in a Yamaha box thst he had and travelled to a post office so I could get it. Ive been on basschat since 2007 and made friends with a lot of great guys (also dealt with some nutters tooπŸ˜‚) and this guy is among the best of them. There wasn't anything in this for him,other than helping a brother out, we hadnt even conversed before. A gigantic thankyou Mick I'm so grateful and the bass is currently my favourite 😁😚
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