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  1. Have just bought a fabulous GK 200MB combo from Pete. It's bang on as described, nice! Plus, he's a top bloke! Easy, straightforward, a great BassChatter! Cheers!
  2. Yeah. Wayne rocks! A superb, painless transaction, delivered promptly, packed properly. Brilliant bass (thanks dude!) EXACTLY as described. Thank you, Simon
  3. 6 Music, right now 13.52! Listen. Do it. Do it NOW!
  4. Hey. About time I did this; So, I exchanged the Hellborg bass with Jake's NXT. Very smooth, even though we both took a fairly mahoosive leap of faith, by synchronised posting. Jake is a great dude to deal with! Simon
  5. On topic. I suggest Peter Tyler. Lovely fella, usually has a range of basses. http://www.tylerbasses.co.uk/page3.html
  6. Up until 2006, from 2002 I was flying to Spain and back regularly with an NS CRM5 on Easy Jet, they would let me take it on, if I booked a seat. Initially I said "it's an electric double bass" they replied "no double basses" so, when I booked the seat, I said it was a cello, no problem! "Mr Cello" as he became known for booking purposes, had to have a window seat though, apparently he wouldn't be much help in an emergency...
  7. Hi, I'm interested, whereabouts are you/the amp located? Cheers, Simon
  8. A price reduced to £700.00 bump...
  9. Hi Frederik (again), At the weigh in the Hellborg was showing 9.5lbs, which is 4.31kgs... Simon
  10. Hi Frederik, I will weigh it today...but, to hazard a guess, I would say it's about 9lbs, about the same as a Wal. Cheers, Simon
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