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  1. That’s madness. Peavey USA for £150. I’m not drunk enough to be rash just yet...
  2. No. It’s a crappy pickguard on what was a t24 bass. woeful.
  3. Have got it sat in passive mode...will send you a link via PM. Picking up batteries tonight 😂
  4. Yeah. It’s wobbling at the moment and that makes me unhappy
  5. Need to get a small washer and nut for the switch - don’t like how it moves without them and can only anticipate breakage if it’s not sorted: Have e-Mailed @John-E-Retro to see if I can buy some.
  6. Passed yours earlier, should’ve popped round
  7. Was originally built for James Stelfox of Starsailor...it’s had an East Pre fitted now, so once i’ve sorted new batteries (currently only in passive mode) it will come alive.
  8. Having sold some gear and cleared a couple of things off - I’d hoped to get a Status Groove from these very pages. Typically - it’d sold about 4 hours before my gear had been paid for. “Oh well, they drop up from time to time - will have a mooch on Facebook marketplace...” I saw this. Hours later, a deal was struck. It was our very own @Geddys nose who I’ve dealt with before. tis very good.
  9. Don’t think switch is DFA. Think the batteries are dead in the pre...
  10. Looks very like my old dirnt...might see if a cream guard can happen🤓😌
  11. Missed out on a Groove bass. Was gutted - then spotted @Geddys nose was flogging this. Been around the block a fair bit (think it’s been sold on basschat once and bass direct too...) So. Although I’d planned to not buy for a bit, this absolutely grabbed me so I had to chance my arm. East pre - the switch is a DFA remnant of the old status circuit. May look at remedying that. Light, a P neck, factory relic - which considering they’re not known for it is actually a good job. Clean down, restring, Set up...and will play Tonight when I’ve done my Sunday afternoon messing about.
  12. Second time I’ve bought from Si - can’t believe I didn’t leave feedback for the first one 😳 Si is an absolute gentleman, straight down the line and a good chap to talk to. Both basses have been lovely - he knows his gear. Funnily enough I’ve spotted that at some point in the past he’s owned a Jack Casady which belonged to me...swings and roundabouts 😂 This actually stemmed from a sales post on Facebook, but we soon recognised each other and it was like talking to an old mate. Great stuff. Thanks mate.
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