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  1. 01 Ever played a gig sitting down? Yeah, a few acoustic gigs. Few radio things. 02 Ever gigged on a different instrument? Yup, Guitarist/Singer. And keys once...awful. 03 Ever shared a stage with a musical hero of yours? Nope. 04 Any fan ever had a tatoo of your band's logo? No. No Tattoos. 05 Ever signed an autograph in a dressing room? Yes, was very drunk - but not as drunk as the girls. 06 Ever cried on stage? No. 07 Ever worn a hat on stage? Most of the early 2000’s. 08 Ever gigged with a band you hadn't met before the gig? Yep. 09 Ever been in a relationship with a fellow band member? Nope. 10 Ever played in different bands on the same day? Yep. 11 Ever had anything thrown at you while playing? Nope. 12 Ever crashed on the way to the gig? Nope. 13 Ever left a band over the choice of set list? Nope. Have left bands after the set list arguments became tiresome. 14 Ever slept in the venue despite it not being a hotel? Yes. Although it had been in a previous life. 15 Ever been supported by a band clearly better than you? Yeah, a few times. 16 Ever played a gig suffering from some debilitating medical condition? Drunkeness? Nah. 17 Ever been in a band where the guitarist was your favourite bandmate? No. Always prefer drummers. 18 Ever played in the grounds of a stately home? Yes. 19 Ever injured yourself on stage? No, well, a cut off an errant guitar string snapping. But I wasn’t injured. 20 Ever been told that your bass isn't loud enough? No.
  2. Although...this...(Sadowsky Tokyo MM4) makes me confused and excited...
  3. The “masterbuilt” range doesn’t bowl me over...well, this one...
  4. Let’s hope they get the pickguards to fit a bit tighter 🤔
  5. I’d say so. Tough gig. Hopefully they’ll catch a bit of the magic. Will see - if Warwick can manage to make the Metroline as well as the Japanese facility and make the necks feel just like the Japanese ones...fair enough.
  6. These are the new Chinese ones. Mildly improved logo from the terrible one previewed. sadowsky “style” pickups No VTC/Sadowsky Pre. there’s probably a definitive list somewhere. It’s probably a very nice bass for £800. Id be happy to do a comparison.
  7. Watched the Lion King Remake. Jesus, god awful
  8. I’m looking - sadowsky currently closed. Would prefer OEM version. But may get bass doc or Jack to do one.
  9. Sad knobs there with their new hit “my crying eye”
  10. That’s that sorted then. Who wants to buy 2 Sadowsky basses? 😂😂😂
  11. Just a bit much going on - their simpler designs look really classy - this one for example.
  12. I know @BigRedX often sites Atlansia basses as oddities - they sprang to mind when I saw this thread. But they actually also make some beautiful instruments. Not this one...
  13. Mine started when watching a dvd called “cunning stunts” by Metallica in about 1999. Similar time to the Modulus Flea thing.
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