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  1. There’s a reversed snare drum too. Makes for a little weird timing. On the Graceland in Africa Concert version BK plays the backward and forward bits, might be worth a watch. i have the dvd somewhere
  2. Stanley Clarke - I can tell if he’s had something to do with a film score/soundtrack. The phrasing and note choice - even if he’s not playing bass.
  3. Jen’s off shoes at the minute, favouring trainers and flats... to put that into perspective, we are moving house and I’ve packed 104 pairs of high heeled shoes she’s not currently wearing.
  4. Mine is far from it. I just tell her what’s arriving. It’s usually a bass followed by a pair of KG’s or before we had 4 kids, a pair of laboutin’s if it was an expensive bass...
  5. Yeah - absolutely, it was a great sound. And felt lovely. Music Ground were crooks, unfortunately.
  6. Played a white one once and got close to purchase. Then noticed the neck was a bit twisted and walked away - good old Music Ground “nah mate - it’s a characteristic”
  7. Jenny is way too wise. ”why do you keep buying different Yamaha’s? Do you think I won’t notice?”
  8. They did them in satin black at the end of the run of these Korean made jazz 24 models.
  9. I can’t remember, I know I need a musicmaster back in my life.
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