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  1. Yeah - would save having to source the fender black stack knobs. They’re mildly elusive.
  2. The debate rolls on. Sadowsky knobs or the Fender 2 chrome, 2 black...
  3. I’ve had the 800 through 210/115, and run the 500 through 2x210. There’s not a fat lot in it - they’re brilliant amps.
  4. Looks like I’ve found the pickups to match my sadowsky pre... I was stuck between the Aguilar 70’s and the Nordstrand 70’s. Looks like @Normski saved them for such an occasion 😉
  5. You have one? Jesus. SELL SELL SELL
  6. Thanks. I’ve got selling to do and a project Marcus Miller to finish first. Was hoping someone would offer up a bb414 or 424x as trade fodder.
  7. Nah, I’m looking for another 😉
  8. I’ve just played through my 3rd Ashdown. It was ace. For the 5 minutes the kids let me have...
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