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  1. Used for the majority of BSSM. Think it was a teal/blue mk2.
  2. also “I’m with you” was compressed to buggery to suit iPods cant remember where I read that...but didn’t like how that album sounded.
  3. There was also a point where he used “Acoustic” amp reissues rather than GK. But I’m not sure wether or not that ties in.
  4. It was produced by Dangermouse and not Rick Rubin. It’s a very different lo fi Sound in a lot of ways. About 90% of it is ace. And I think he used his jazz a lot rather than the Modulus or wal he used for BSSM/Californication/BTW.
  5. Seems like a collective of brilliant musicians.
  6. Flippin eck, as high class tribute/covers bands go; that might be the best thing I’ve ever seen.
  7. Ah well...one can dream that I have the money to buy a pedulla and that it was fretted...
  8. That pedulla is gorgeous. Is it fretted or fretless?
  9. Bloody brilliant. Very jealous too - have played loads and never got round to buying one.
  10. Whoa. Very very much wowzers. I like. Etc.
  11. Yeah Richard Thompson has been on my radar for a while - love his playing, and great presence on stage.
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