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  1. I remember watching “Off the Map” and thinking ‘oh wow, he must’ve been in a bad fire for his arms to look that bad’ - and then I read it was a result of his drug abuse. I will say - the times I’ve seen them live, he’s just something else.
  2. The Empyrean is the one I fall to regularly. Just...it must sound awesome in his head - it must. There are glimmers of genius throughout.
  3. He looks really well these days (his teeth are implants - but hey...)
  4. If you think about it too - Californication was the result of a 6/7 year gap when JF went off the map (scarily so - theres a horrifically no holds barred Dutch documentary about this period of his life)... This could be something amazing - I love JF’s ideas on how solo projects but the more pop structure of the band setting reigns it in to being more listenable.
  5. @Maude we’ll see - The Getaway was really enjoyable on the whole. We’ll see.
  6. Apparently $2500 a month to her adult brother for his living expenses too.
  7. First time 1988-1992, 1998-2009... His second stint was much longer. Maybe he’ll increase again on stint 3. Although they’ll be mid 60’s by then. Unless there’s something super special waiting to happen - it might be a swan song thing.
  8. Just seeing if the Wikipedia page had been updated. Seems JF is paying $53,000 a month to his ex wife since their divorce. He has to work - so it seems.
  9. I find myself choosing other albums before it - but I do listen to it. I tend to skip certain tracks.
  10. I think he’s been doing pretty well - he looked great at world record store day. Think he’s been fairly active in the background, and he gave a 62 telecaster to Josh Klinghoffer. But I’d say he has a few spare.
  11. Josh had been Johns back up and guitar tech for a good while...I’d say he’ll be milling around somewhere. I actually really enjoyed their output with him.
  12. Could’ve made a decent single disc album that - think it was a sign their egos had swollen...
  13. Hope they recapture some of that BSSM/Californication magic.
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