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  1. ignore the other 3 (now sold) I love my orange one.
  2. I took two bottles of beer on stage...might’ve helped
  3. Watched a recording of our gig on Sunday. the guitarists girlfriend filmed snippets of each song, and it’s obvious how crippling the stage fright I have is. loosen up about 2 songs in, actually danced.
  4. It’s listed, looking for potential trade fodder atm
  5. Debating this as a mature decision...have offered up for trade
  6. Yeah, so I ended up shoving the body under my right arm meaning the bass poked out diagonally from me rather than across my front. tried it low slung but my back started after 2 seconds...and some of the parts I play need me to be up the dusty end. And I couldn’t reach - Peter Hook I am not.
  7. Yeah ok, I lusted after this. And sold two great basses to fund a Gibson t-bird. It sounds amazing, plays great and looks the balls. I’m not tall enough to pull it off wearing it as high as I wear my basses normally and my back isn’t able to last 5 minutes without spasms wearing basses as low as I used to. So, I’m happy playing it sat down, but who wants to see me sitting down at a gig... It’s a Samick built 1995. it’s got some dinks and a bit of belt marking on it, nothing terminal at all. But it’s definitely been played. At 6ft you’d say it’s in tip top condition, a bit closer and you can see a few bumps. i’ve changed The god awful black strat knobs out to some much more appropriate Gold reflector knobs. But have the originals too. i’m looking for something else before I look at straight sale. Yamaha BEX4C or Danelectro DC bass (or any long scale dano) Could also plump a bit on top for a USA MM Sub But I’m in no rush, so I’m happy to hang on. Also debating keeping it for recording as we have some studio time booked and it does sound awesome. anyhow - some pictures for now - I need to delete some space in my attachments.
  8. Loved the shape of these, and they sounded good and played well. I think they were out about 2003/4 for a bit - now the idea of “guitars for girls” would rightly be frowned upon. but as a marketing spin at the time, seemed to work as we sold a lot. inevitably after the initial rush, they languished in the January sales etc and we stopped buying them. i do wish the factory responsible would’ve done a nice flame maple topped version - not often you see that double cut LP/Hamer shape in a full scale, normally a 32”/30” scale. Anyhow, that’s my day done. Going to have a brew.
  9. Played this for 3 hours last night. sounds unbelievable - pleasantly surprised with the stock pickups. in all honesty, not sure the shape is going to work out for me. Glad I didn’t spend a grand on a Gibson to find that out. watch this space...
  10. I really would like this. I’m a bit shy on funds. Let me think how to do it.
  11. I know who got it. It wasn’t me...
  12. In fairness get some clever chap like @Andyjr1515 to steam the board off and replace the truss rod...
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