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  1. reidmar 750 and proline 410. Very recent, only managed one rehearsal
  2. Just re-learned fairytale of New York for a reworking by our school. I’m glad I don’t have to play any Christmas do’s this year.
  3. Always loved how the Cort curbow basses looked. Surprisingly never owned one. GLWTS
  4. Those SQ necks are ace. Miss mine. I know where it is. Just hoping current owner sells it back to me eventually
  5. Think it was “TV Pelham blue” where you could see the grain under the blue, they did a silver version too. I think this “faded/aged” Pelham has a slightly greener Hue.
  6. Ooh looks yummy. Nice story too!
  7. I’m not sure on that - I reckon it’ll be parchment/cream. The proof will be suing them in the flesh. Which I fear would see me with 2 jack casady basses in funky colours.
  8. I had the dream. I sold the dream. I am an asshat.
  9. I don’t know - second version seems more like what I know to be Pelham. That red in the CME picture looks lush too.
  10. Red goes faster and blue is cooler. 😂
  11. The musiczoo picture (bottom) is better. The CME red also looks much deeper and richer than the thomann pic.
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