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  1. @lee650 has the Spector now… Gutted really, but I know he loves it. The Sabre is an absolute knockout, and I dare say, more suited to me than the Spector.
  2. Keep looking at this. Don’t play 5’s currently. it’s stunning
  3. I’m going to say £850 collected is the lowest I’ll ever go. the plan to get rich quick failed…in spectacular fashion. Bump.
  4. “Ah yes, all of them I bought from yourselves…” that would be great.
  5. Wouldn’t know a fender precision if it fell over one… I’ve had more convincing fender precision shaped stools. have you reported it?
  6. Think @walshyhas offered a courier. just so you know it’s basschat related and not some dodgy unknown.
  7. A chap on Facebook was looking for some (north east bass bin) have sent him a link.
  8. I really liked them. If a candy Apple Red one came up in good Nick, I’d do my best to get it. The necks were nice, slim but not scrawny. And the “American made Mexican standard” is fair enough assumption.
  9. Not sure mate. I think anyone who came to play it would fall in love. Sounds daft, I’m trying not to play it. I’m working on a way to keep it 😉
  10. Oh god. Lovely thing. whereabouts in Manchester?
  11. actually sounds decent… I will find out on Tuesday
  12. Still in… my freebie arrived today 😂
  13. Nice, an 88/89 ish one. I had a white one - a little brighter for some weird reason than the ones with the surround on the P. shame about that thumb rest 😢
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