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  1. AndyTravis

    Feedback for Funkmeister

    I’d put a wanted ad up for a very specific Yamaha. @Funkmeister got in touch and brought his bass over. What a true gentleman, lovely bloke - and delivered a great bass I very much look forward to playing more. deal in confidence, I’m not sure he’s much of a regular on here but deffo knows his stuff - sounded like a great player too when he had a much about on my Jazz. anyhow - thanks Alan, lovely to meet you.
  2. AndyTravis

    Yamaha RBX 374

    Hiya @HarleyQuinn when these first came to market, there was an issue where the battery drained instantly. An entire batch had the jack plugs with the wires in the wrong place. This doesn’t sound like the issue tbh might be worth a trip to a luthier and see if a wire has come off the preamp? hope you get it sorted - very decent basses.
  3. AndyTravis

    Yamaha BB1100s 1987 Sunburst

    Right - hear me out. I’m really not sure about this - but im trying to be a good boy. EDIT - HAS TO GO £450 PLUS POSTAGE IN THE UK. I keep listening back to rehearsals and I’m preferring passive basses in the mix (I’ve done this before - always end up back at passive) This bass does passive - even has a tone pot. It also works as a passive bass if the battery goes. I recently sold another bb1100s as I didn’t need two, but then I’ve been using this passive since. I’m in discussions about a 1024x and something’s got to give. It’s under 9lbs (8.8 if I remember correctly) it has some marks - nothing like the other 1100s had, some minor play wear - and a bit of oxidisation on the pole pieces, not bad for 32 years old. No case - just a slip cover - I’d prefer to ship it neck off, but could ship as is if you’re completely happy with the associated risks. £15 in UK or collect in M27 Manchester. This really is a tentative post. Not sure i’ll keep it going. But it’s a lovely bass and I want it used - if passive suits the band then that’s where I’m going with it. The sticker is easy to remove and I have a mock-up pickguard which could come with it - gig.ink have the final fit template on file so you could get one made up for it easily if you like them.
  4. AndyTravis

    SOLD BB200 in need of TLC

    Got this 2/3 months ago via eBay. It’s got a split in the headstock area - not fatal but needs glueing and clamping. the body has various knocks and dings and is a sort of Torino red colour. previous owner has added a thumb rest which is again in need of throwing in a bin. id planned to refinish this in a fender shoreline gold or something but haven’t had the time, and as I bought this a BB300 turned up which is what I wanted as I started on. It’s a Taiwanese 1987 model, and sports standard sized P pickups so is rife for modding. heres the absolute selling point (apart from feeling lovely) it weighs 7.7lbs. it had two damaged tuners and as they’re notoriously difficult to source - it’s fortunate I have a draw full of BB parts and put it back to factory. The knobs - I can put some chrome or black ones on for you, and i’ll Put some new ish roto nickels on it. i will ship it, neck off. Will cost about £15 in UK. its too nice to write off, but I haven’t the time to sort it. It’s in Manchester m27 and it deserves to be someone’s P bass (and for anyone with back troubles 😉)
  5. AndyTravis

    Yamaha BB1024 *sold*

    That’s nice - I’m holding out for a caramel 1024x tempting though - looks in great condition.
  6. AndyTravis

    FS - 2018 Musicman Caprice - Diamond Blue £1200

    Would love to try one of these. p/j is becoming my favoured set up and it looks cool as polar bear balls.
  7. AndyTravis

    Tal Wilkenfeld

    It reminds me of something Alanis Morrisette would have done around jagged little pill. Also a bit of Chris Cornell’s solo stuff. not offensive in the slightest. Just glad I didn’t have to suffer Jeff Beck to listen to her playing bass. She sounds good. I made some negative digs at her once (early doors about 2010) in a thread; I’ve matured and glad I’m a bit more open minded these days. That precision is lovely too - late 60’s/early 70’s
  8. AndyTravis

    NSD Fender Flatwounds (vs D’Addario chromes)

    Depends how old the fender strings you have are...d’addario were/are Making Fender’s strings and have done since about 2010.
  9. AndyTravis

    Worst Band Mates Ever!

    Well. In light of the fact I was “giving up” last year - and some of the tits I’ve been in bands with... my current band mates are ace. Love them all dearly - good people.
  10. AndyTravis

    New G&L Fullerton Deluxe P and J basses

    I keep looking at this post from G&L and thinking I want one of their JB’s like this...
  11. AndyTravis


    These are great basses - wish it was a 4
  12. Nowt wrong with a good hobnob mate