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  1. Nice guy selling. He’s a basschatter.
  2. I’ve had a fair few. Usually just because the spec isn’t available in other models. But eventually, I’ve moved them on. Never bought one solely because of the Artist connection…maybe the Modulus Flea.
  3. Bump before I pull it. Will leave until weekend 👍🏼
  4. That’s nice. And after seeing someone’s hipshot ultralite upgrade….stupidly tempting. must sell first.
  5. i did that. He just didn’t call me back.
  6. In most of the promo stuff John Frusciante doesn’t seem like he can be bothered… maybe he’s just grown up a bit…
  7. Just never enjoyed a gig there. And never fancied anything enough to go back since seeing radiohead there in about 2007/8
  8. That’s a stagg bc300fl (sometimes branded as east coast or Manhattan)
  9. Still cannot believe I didn’t go for this…
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