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  1. Seems a decent price that - I bought one of the last Japanese HPJ metros at GG and paid over £2k
  2. No, now you mention it - it’s not really, is it... Think there was a point in there somewhere, but I was tired and failed to make it.
  3. I remember a fairly boozed up meeting on Bridge Street in Manchester (a pub called “The Bridge”) with the UK sales manager. I’m sure the content of the meeting was that we had to stock ‘X’ amount worth of stock and a set reorder per quarter - custom orders would not count towards this figure... I think in the end I signed for a rockbass dealership and nothing else. Rockbag/Rockcase was a separate dealership. This was relatively unheard of at the time and then everyone seemed to do it. Gibson were worse. But you’d sell 20 gibsons and 50 epiphones to 1 Warwick.
  4. My Bloody Valentine at Bestival 2008, the field was shaking. The (free) beer in my gut was re fizzing.
  5. Lava red. Absolutely magic. Fender’s “mystic red” is the same
  6. @Fil1ip well...that’s me missing my 714
  7. I’ll record anything you want - I know @marleaux62 will be happy to lend it to me.
  8. @marleaux62 keep it warm for me. I’m dreaming about that bloody bass!!!
  9. Haha, if I win the lottery I’ll be in a better position.
  10. I adore these. I’m not currently buying though.
  11. Yeah. The only bass I’ve found which does both is my Sadowsky
  12. Listened to a whole Springsteen gig once at old Trafford, was ace. I was 3 miles away in my garden.
  13. @lee650 told me about this documentary coming onto Amazon Prime. Really Decent hour and a half describing his career. Think it’s about 2/3 years old. But i really enjoyed it.
  14. That’s been for sale...for a long long time
  15. “Alice In Chains - MTV Unplugged” the album “Nirvana - MTV Unplugged” wishes it could’ve been. 😉
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