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  1. BreadBin Feedback

    Some of the ones my wife calls me I can’t publish
  2. BreadBin Feedback

    Eh? was a joke with the (I should’ve explained myself)
  3. BreadBin Feedback

    Brendan (not Brendon...😬) bought a Hohner bass from me. he paid up and was patient while the local post office did their utmost to look like a useless bunch of morons... thanks mate, enjoy that bass.
  4. Who are you seeing live next?

    Booked to see Chic in June. The wife surprised me. Legend.
  5. Japanese MM Ray EX

    Bearing in mind it’s basically a 3eq Classic with the big mite bridge 😍 currently bowed out of the race. Shoulda been mine I tell yer!
  6. Any Hamer love out there?

    Yeah, just pointing it out
  7. I find myself wanting this...how does it sound with electric? im only in Swinton (4 miles or so) so would be worth a look...
  8. Any Hamer love out there?

    Black 5 string on Reverb at the minute
  9. Any Hamer love out there?

    Think they did it candy red/candy blue and candy green - have seen Sunburst too.
  10. Any Hamer love out there?

    Always fancied one of these...
  11. Things not to do in a music shop........

    Happened upon a homeless gent taking a wazz at the side of the shop. ”sorry lad, when you gotta go, ya gotta go!” he then proceeded follow me in and started to strum an ibanez acoustic bass randomly singin “ahm sorreh I whizzed outside yer shop, me life’s a fuggin mess, forgive meh” for about 20 minutes. looking back it was f*cking tragic at times that place.
  12. I have some lollipops on my bass but after careful consideration I reckon elephant ears would work better... Want Res-o-Lites preferably.
  13. 12 and 8 String Basses

    Yeah, it’s got that hint of novelty about it. Which at that kind of money, you either need super deep pockets or it’d need to be a big itch to scratch.
  14. 12 and 8 String Basses

    I’m not selling it 😉 but you sort of asked the question and I got the answer for it... i reckon they’d look after you if you wanted a specific gauge or string type - I’d certainly hope so at £4000.
  15. 12 and 8 String Basses

    I’ve put a video on, but I’m not ultra sold on the sound of 8 string acoustic slapping