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  1. Every time I see this, I want it more!
  2. Lovely looking bass, great set of pics too, although none of it fully dressed!! 😉. Good luck with the sale, not that you should need any!
  3. I’ve had a mixed bag of experience here, certainly made some long term acquaintances, and also fallen out with a couple. I’ve learned that every day is a school day when it comes to vintage Fenders in particular, and there are many with much knowledge, to whom I’ve acknowledged and respected. I’ve enjoyed sharing my collection, and enjoyed looking at that of others. I’ve shared builds and viewed enviously at the talents of proper luthiers, and not the assemblers, like me. I’ve bought, sold, traded, and given plenty of parts and bits away to folks in need of that old knob , cover or screw. I’ve enjoyed the debates, and the jokes, and the sales and the trades. I’ve spent far too many hours scrolling through the various sale posts, and spent far too much money, some of which was unnecessary, all of which made me happy! Overall, I visit less now than in previous years, as there appears to be less topics and posts that tickle my particular pickle, but I still dip in, and enjoy when I do. I hope to, for times to come too! All good here, keep playing, keep safe!
  4. Here’s the two Crinson’s, with some real bits thrown in. (A broadcaster is a blackguard)
  5. I don’t really have anything for sale at the moment. Will send you a PM.
  6. You’re right Clarky, I still have it, I also have a Crinson Broadcaster to go with it. I must update this post!
  7. No probs. PM me your email address.
  8. Sorry, haven’t forgotten, just enjoying the sunshine! PM me what pics you want to see, and I’ll get them over later today!
  9. NTRW - That should be a new thread Mark!! 😂 The tug bar looks great, better than sat in my parts bin!
  10. Will get it out the case later and take some pics.
  11. Early ‘61, Custom colour, Olympic White.
  12. Here’s a couple, ‘60 & ‘61.
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