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  1. Good luck with the sale. Great basses, and Modica! One of my favourite places, been many times, beautiful area.
  2. If the holes are the same, put the gold guard on for the true ‘57 vibe, and it pairs nicely with the black. Keep the off-white original one though, as it’s a rare bird. I have a set of those BFL (never heard that term before), and they are stunning!
  3. I’ll take the album stars book if still available then? PM’d
  4. This is a beautiful, bump worthy bass, YOB for me too, if I wasn’t moving house I’d be very interested! Lovely stuff.
  5. I've had this one kicking around for many years, and posted on here a few times. Its a handmade/assembled thing. The body was handmade, probably rather crudely, but then the body was wrapped in adhesive soaked thin canvas (As used for artwork), then the paint applied to this. The neck i believe is from an old lawsuit Hondo replica, or similar, has nice pearloid trapeze inlays, and is very straight and well set. Since I've had it, its now got mostly original Ricky parts, TRC, tuners, tailpiece, scratchplate, pickups, pots, knobs etc. Looks ok, but could do with some TLC. I'm a big Mani fan, and its a bit of fun really, although its become quite an expensive one!! 🤣
  6. Huge Mani fan here, and that black and white rehearsal footage of them after getting back together still gives me goose bumps, seeing the connection and smiles between them, is a joy. I actually bought that black Epiphone bass from Mani that he used at those rehearsals and the early gigs. Reni is also one of the best drummers I’ve ever heard or seen.
  7. I actually like the double ‘hit’ number 7, it tells the story of your journey. Fab job!
  8. If this is still available when i’m Back from hols this week, I’ll come and see if this fits my takamine!
  9. You’re on the cusp of the introduction, and, as with all things pre-CBS Fender, there would undoubtedly have been a transition period. I think one of the endearing features of an old Fender is the slightly bowed tuner plate as it’s forced off the neck by the tuner wings, so personally I wouldn’t drill the divots, but that’s just me. For March you will be equally accurate with either option, so I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over this particular detail.
  10. These relief holes were drilled in the factory as standard from around Feb ‘64, to ensure the tuners sat flush (I’m always surprised it took them 13 years to work it out!! ) Nice looking beer by the way!
  11. Soledad was kind enough to gift me a single tuner, something that was much needed. He wouldn't take anything for it, and wouldn't even allow me to cover the postage. Top man, this is what this Forum is about, excellent addition to the Basschat community. 5 Stars from me! Deal with confidence folks. Douglas, I owe you one, thanks. Rick
  12. Any more pics? 😉 Nice bass, all looks good to me, and for what it’s wirth, I think the price is good, shouldn’t hang around. Classic Fenderness.
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