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Rick's Fine '52

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  • Birthday 26/07/1971
  1. Epiphone Jack Casady £370

    Nice ACC type bump!
  2. 1966 Fender Jazz - All Original

    Nice, best looking bass I've seen on here for a looong time. Sunburst, Dot & Bound neck, lollipops. Lush. Bump worthy GLWTS
  3. As the title says, looking for a blackguard Crinson telecaster. Any out there?
  4. Looking for a maple neck, Telecaster headstock shape, as used on the '51-'57 Precisions, or Telecaster basses. Must have period truss adjustment. Any condition considered. Thanks
  5. Post your Fenders here!

    Always welcome.
  6. Acoustic Control Corp from the 60's , 70's and 80's

    Latest purchase, 220 Head and 402 cab. I love the slimline cab, some of the others are just too deep and bulky, but this is a great little rig. All original, and fab condition. Has the wooden pedal too.
  7. Pre CBS Fender basses

    Fabulous bass, nice grain too, congrats, I love these single coil contoured P's, very similar to my '55.
  8. Pre CBS Fender basses

    Quiet morning, so thought I'd dust off some of the gear, and give them a spin, here's a bunch of my '61 stuff, and their various bits of case candy.
  9. Fender jb62 CS

    Nice early one. Bump worthy. GLWTS
  10. Hi, looking for a '51-57 P-style maple neck, or Telecaster bass neck. Any condition or brand considered, but must be vintage correct, with truss at heel.
  11. Feedback for Tredders

    Met up with Mark today, to handover my Tweed Bassman he'd bought, couldn't have gone to a nicer bloke. Can only echo what others have said, it's all good. Enjoy the amp.
  12. WITHDRAWN - Acoustic Control Corporation 220 Amp Head

    [quote name='dodgnofski' timestamp='1507215608' post='3383994'] Wonderful, beautiful sounding amps Had one from the mid 70's through to the mid 80's - sounded sooooo good through various cabs and never missed a beat (unlike me) In fact if memory serves, I may still have the dedicated beautifully crafted, wood finish footswitch to switch the graphic in and out, up in the attic somewhere - eeeeeek!! What are the dimensions and the weight by the way? - nooooooo get thee behind me o Satan of GAS - type bump [/quote] Thanks for the interest.....but.....,I've just decided, this afternoon in fact, to withdraw it. Someone contacted me about a matching cab, and made me an offer I simply couldn't refuse, so a quick spin up the motorway, and back, and it now has its partner, a 402 cab. 2x15 original white dome speakers, no tampering, fab condition, and much slimmer than I thought. Just got it home; [url="http://"]http://[/url]
  13. [quote name='itsmedunc' timestamp='1507071236' post='3383214'] I might be misreading the ad but how much is it reduced to? Can only see the original price? [/quote] £395.
  14. [quote name='BassBod' timestamp='1507114960' post='3383366'] Been counting pennies, but not looking hopeful. Quick question - what's the pickup? [/quote] So, bit of a brucey bonus here, had a look, and its a Seymour Duncan pickup, hand signed, which is scarce in itself. I've added pics to the listing, and here. Probably £120+ alone, having just done some googling! I'm selling a few things, and the first that sells will mean the rest are withdrawn, as need some quick readies. This was due to be a fab relic bass, and still could be. Don't dally if you're interested, this is a fab deal for someone, if I say so myself! http://
  15. [quote name='itsmedunc' timestamp='1507137954' post='3383582'] Thanks for the update. Very very tempting... [/quote] You're welcome. I'm selling a few things at the moment, and the first one that sells will mean the rest are withdrawn, so don't dally. This is a grand cheaper than the only other one for sale anywhere, and if i didn't need some quick readies, it would be double this price. This is a crazy price for an extraordinary, and rarely seen amp. PM me, as I may be able to reduce a tad more for a quick sale.