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  1. I use the mute a lot and I spotted some of this at work , and it works great, it’s tubular so it fits perfect under the strings
  2. I remember seeing that , but at the time the price tag put me off, beautiful bass though, and I can’t recall seeing any for sale 🙂
  3. Same for me frank, it’s just a classic, it was released about 1978 when I had not long started bass lessons
  4. I’ve bought one, I love a gadget 😁
  5. Back in the day I never had anything to do with abba , but listening now they have some really good well produced tunes
  6. I only use flats, that’s really cool, what magnifier did you get.
  7. I’ve got an LB30 and I had some interference once, it turned out it was a dodgy cab lead , but you said that you’ve tried that , maybe @Ashdown Engineering Can offer some advice 🙂
  8. Yeah they play really nice, it’s got fender flats on and the necks on them are a bit bigger front to back than a standard jazz
  9. It’s a 70s jazz RI , here’s a closer pic frank 🙂
  10. Just don’t do what my partner did to my son and forget to put the comb on , he wanted a number 4, and got a number 0, with the first swipe, he looked like a cueball 😂
  11. A few people have mentioned the piano and scales, Here’s a short video some may find interesting 🙂
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