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  1. I’m the opposite, I don’t like the music but I like the films, I also like the cliff richard films, I think something is wrong with me 😁
  2. Great one, the unmistakable voice of Michael, I haven’t heard that in a long while
  3. Very nice, looks in mint condition too 👍
  4. And the 760FX 039, .056, .077, .096, are extra light
  5. There’s a blue plaque at 42 Oakley Street in Chelsea, where Bob Marley lived in 1977 , it’s where he was living while recording Exodus, apparently he also used to meet up with the Clash while living there
  6. It’s possible, should be able to tell by the silk colour
  7. I play a fair bit with the thumb but I’ve never used the rest, quite a few basses I’ve had already had them fitted, I think sometimes it’s there because it’s period correct like the 62RI jazzes
  8. I’ve got a couple of mint ones that I wouldn’t lend out, but i leant my precision to a good friend who had a short notice night to play in Southend, it sounded amazing in his hands and it was good to hear someone else playing it
  9. Not sure if that’s better or worse than my one, for some reason I’ve got wannabe by the spice girls
  10. Nice one here from Gladstone Anderson, great Bassline which I’m pretty sure was played by Jackie Jackson
  11. That’s a stunner, very nice 👌
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