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  1. That’s funky, and I like it, does it come off without damaging the finish 🙂
  2. I tried the fender tapes but didn’t like those, they had a coating that felt odd and not as smooth as the D’addario 🙂
  3. I love them, they are perfect for what I play, like you say they are warm and thumpy but not muddy, I’ve had a set on my old shell pink fender jazz for about 5 years and they still sound great, I also have a set on a tokai jazz which sounds really deep and punchy. Imo, D’addario do the best tapes, they also look really cool on your Warwick ☝️
  4. Thanks for that Pawel, he has to be one of the best bass players I’ve seen in recent times for playing ability and groove, just superb 🙂
  5. I hadn’t heard of them either until earlier this year someone on here posted this, which I tried to play, unsuccessfully I might add 😁
  6. Thanks Uberkate, I can’t say I’ve ever tried anything like this, it sounds interesting, would you have a recommendation 🙂
  7. I’ve never heard of that myself, I’ve had well over 30 fender jazz basses , and never had a problem with one bridge , perhaps I’ve been lucky 🙂
  8. Thanks mangotango, This is what I’m thinking, because I’ve only ever played reggae for 35+ years , and I’m really enjoying playing different genres, if it’s got a good Bassline that I like, I’ll have a go. I’m liking quite a lot of pink Floyd bass too ,that Roger Waters is a bit good 🙂
  9. I was going to transcribe it by ear , but that makes things easier, thanks very much for that 👍👍
  10. That’s interesting frank, I couldn’t see anything on samsara’s home page, I’d like to see them 🙂
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