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  1. Not necessarily a favourite but I always like seeing it , I remember it so well even though it’s from 1983, great song
  2. I’m loving the tone from this Ashdown video at 2.50
  3. I’ve been listening to a fair bit of johnny Clarke lately , I came across many tunes I hadn’t heard in a long while, here’s a few ☝️ and a great Bassline here
  4. Yeah, it doesn’t work clicking on bass cabs but it seems to work from the search bar 🤔
  5. Edit, your right, nothing when I select one
  6. @Dov65 nice one, I’m glad you got there in the end 👍
  7. Thanks for this mike, Scott is one of my favourite teachers on YouTube, a very good player and very knowledgeable, I still have this video in my collection from about 7 years ago, I used to play a lot of blues so this was great to watch 🙂
  8. I’ve got my eye on a couple of really nice jazzes for sale in Japan, but by the time I added on approximately 25% for fees it works out a bit pricey does anyone know, do you get the import duty and vat bill separately after
  9. What’s the title of the book please Oliver,
  10. Something a bit different, I discovered latasha lee a while back, she’s a sort of cross between RnB and mowtown, but she sings quite a few different styles .
  11. The beautiful voice of Etana on this, and a nice Bassline
  12. I must have been lucky in the past but I think I’ll use this method in the future 👍
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