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  1. Surely a 115 puts out more low end than a 112 , in my sound system days it was always 115s or 118s I never saw anything smaller, or have things changed 🙂
  2. Thanks for that Burns bass, I was looking for another white/tort US pro jazz, I stupidly sold mine a while ago, and your shell pink one came up , I’d forgotten how nice that neck is , can I ask, do the pickups sound vintage or are they brighter 🙂
  3. Hi New User, if you click this , a drop down box comes up to add your pics 🙂
  4. Thread resurrection here, I’ve seen a few of these lately whilst looking for an American pro , did anyone get one, if so what are they like
  5. A new track here from Owen Knibbs who’s been around for a long while, but you don’t hear about him much, skip the intro to 1.02 , nice Bassline to this, I’m going to steal it, I make it F C G Bb
  6. I’ve got a Trace Ellliot 115 extension cab on my old Ashdown mag 300 in my summerhouse, I paid about £90 for it locally, it was hardly used and in mint condition, that puts out some serious bass
  7. Sorry spondon, I misunderstood ya there, I thought you were talking about drilling a new hole
  8. Not quite sure what you mean there sponz 🙂, if you needed an accurate hole I use these, otherwise if you pilot a hole smaller than you need and step up 1mm each time, the bit finds the hole and enlarges it 🙂
  9. Thanks for that NS , I hadn’t seen that advertised ☝️
  10. If it’s only 1mm , I would go with with a file, you shouldn’t get any breakout then you can drill the jack out with normal drill bits, just start with a pilot bit and work your way up a few mm at a time 🙂
  11. I remember your ones stew, didn’t you switch to BF cabs, how do they compare, I’ve been tempted by those many times, the one I want is the dubster but they don’t come up very often
  12. Yeah, that’s what I use, the NY 151’s, I’m really happy with mine, they have a really deep warm sound and are really light, very solid with no rattle or vibration noise , just to add javi, they do the mids and highs well too, they aren’t muddy like some seem to think 🙂
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