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  1. Hi and welcome Ari, wenge has such a lovely grain but the blue is nice , I’m gonna go wenge 🙂
  2. I made the big mistake of switching between my 4’s and 5 whilst getting used to the 5 , until someone on here told me to lock away my fours , which I did and it worked through the learning process. I’m glad I did it because it confirmed for me that I prefer 4’s , but if I had to play a 5 , I can , I also have a jazz permanently strung BEAD, but that’s another subject 🙂
  3. Listening to a bit of max romeo, this was sampled by the great, great prodigy
  4. Try, Click on account , then settings then signatures and turn on
  5. Yeah that does look nice Andy, because I was only trying one I went for a pretty inexpensive one first, but for the money it’s really good value
  6. I’m not a 5 string player , I play jazzes, but but I really wanted to try one, about a year ago I bought a Yamaha BB415 and found it surprisingly easy to play, the neck is pretty slim front to back and the nut is about the same as one of my P basses, it sounds really good too 🙂
  7. That looks cool, Do you think that’s something like Dub FX uses
  8. It’s a Nattali Rize and shine morning
  9. They are finger puppets, eBay sell them, not as good as peds ones , but my nephew had some 🙂
  10. Yeah that’s true, the exposure could be great if you was an up and coming band , have other bands done this 🙂
  11. I saw this and it’s quite tempting, do you think you would get your money back in sales, it’s up to 38k at the moment
  12. Without going back, I’m not sure if you have this one, it’s a great drum beat
  13. A few Friday oldies one from junior Reid , nice Bassline on this and a classic from black uhuru
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