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  1. That’s a great video, and reggae drummer, Donovan Miller is dropping some nice beats here too 🙂
  2. Top job Maude, that looks like it’s meant to be there 👍
  3. Never crosses my mind ever, but I’ve had a few short breaks because of work , but it’s a big part of my life, and it’s here to stay 🙂
  4. I’m not sure what it’s called Hellzero, it’s the only active bass I have , all my others are passive 🙂
  5. Unfortunately that one isn’t mine, but they are an absolute classic for me 🙂
  6. I’ve been playing my sandberg today and you don’t have to unplug it all the way to save the battery, it has a 2 click jack socket, the first click disconnects the battery but the lead stays plugged in , and the second click takes the lead right out .
  7. @Al Krow if you want to watch a few reggae vids , Alain M , has some really good ones on his YouTube channel, he’s also the bass player in a Belgium reggae band called Asham 🙂
  8. Hi Al ,there really is quite a lot out there but, my personal favourite and who’s playing inspired me the most from a young age is Robbie Shakespeare (sly and Robbie), and also I don’t think you can beat Aston Barrett for a truly superb reggae Bassline 🙂
  9. Ganja smuggling is one of my favourite eek a mouse tunes , the Bassline just sits in the mix so good, and to mix it up with, here I come sounds great .
  10. I’ve forgot to unplug mine a few times , and it has drained the battery 🙂
  11. Love it, you don’t see many around in that condition now 👍
  12. I’ve always liked the Ashdown drophead , quite a classic for me 🙂
  13. I watched it and thought it was quite good, especially the very early footage of Bob Marley 🙂
  14. That’s a nice wide range of music you play there tauzero, and the barn dance sounds especially fun 🙂
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