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  1. I thought 74 was Deee lite -groove is in the heart
  2. My iPad Air is 3 years old now, it gets quite a lot of use and it’s still going strong but I just fancied treating myself 🙂
  3. Hi dave, I’m looking to upgrade my one , which one did you get and what’s it like 🙂
  4. There’s something about glowing valves that just looks so good 👍
  5. What’s the amp on top of the Ashdown cab with the valves showing, that looks cool
  6. Another one here , from the Pioneers around 1969 , nice groove , the song was about a racehorse called Long Shot 🙂
  7. A classic here from Desmond Dekker , it’s a bit more rock steady than ska , but a nice easy Bassline , and some cool video clips
  8. While I was tidying up my summerhouse today, this came on the radio, so I had to pick up my bass and play along, it’s quite a good Bassline
  9. Hi and welcome BatBastard 👍 , I don’t use tab very often, I just kinda guessed, and I looked through a few books and I think that’s what it is, what’s the song
  10. Is it eights and quarter notes , the s could be sixteenths
  11. I think I paid about £16 with postage, I use mine all the time, they are good.
  12. Have you looked at the Yamaha SC-01 , I’ve got one and it’s great 🙂
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