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Community Answers

  1. Oh dear, what’s happened at the bridge
  2. I know @Quilly uses one, he might be able to advise
  3. Have you thought about a CTM 100 , they do come up now and again
  4. Leroy sibbles from around 1980
  5. That’s well cool Ricky ☝️
  6. Thanks, it was Alex that suggested the 2x10s to me, he said they were fat and warm sounding, I was just wondering if they would go deep enough for what I play, I’ve never had 10s before
  7. Haven’t heard ranking joe for a long time ☝️
  8. Reggaebass


    Lovely, enjoy Dave 👍
  9. here’s a few classics from Sugar Minott I’ve been listening to while driving on a sunny afternoon . .
  10. Thanks Lozz, I’ve never had anything less than a 15, do they put out the lows well
  11. Talking barefaced differences, has anyone tried the 2x10S , if so what is it like
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