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  1. ubit

    Feedback for Dov65

    Sold my Spector Euro to Dov65 and had a flawless transaction. Very friendly guy who offered to pay before I had even managed to find a carrier. He was very patient with me as I tried various companies before getting parcel force to carry the bass with insurance. All in all a good transaction. Just the way it should be. Thanks Dov65 and thanks Basschat 👍
  2. I agree, it does look high compared to other basses and guitars but it sits lovely on a strap. https://www.spectorbass.com/product/euro4-lx/
  3. It certainly is a lovely guitar and has a great growl but I realise that in my advancing years that even if by some miracle I get a job that pays well and allows me to stay at home for long enough to plan rehearsals and gigs (pandemic allowing) I still would go for the old reliable Fenders as they have the look and sound that suit me. It does have a much greater range than the Fenders but I think the smaller body doesn't suit me. It was always my dream to own a Spector but I couldn't justify paying for an American one and this was a very capable substitute and to my ears doesn't sound that far from it either.
  4. I tried to edit and remove the original attachments and just dragged the pictures as it was just showing attachments to download
  5. I have now come to the conclusion that with my job and the current covid restrictions that I am never going to gig again, so reluctantly I am selling off most of my collection of basses. This Spector Euro has only been gigged once and that was only for a couple of songs. It is in immaculate condition and is a truly beautiful guitar. I will supply it with a hard case. https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-guitars/modern-bass-guitars/spector-bass-euro-4lx-w-emgs-in-black-stain-gloss
  6. I had never heard this version. I love it. Its much more tortured and hopeless.
  7. They are great and have done tons of songs on Youtube. The guy is a musician and he clearly is bringing his kids up properly.
  8. It used to be called Oban Divers and was owned by Dave Tye who used to ride for BSA before he was crippled in a diving accident. I believe it is called Puffin Dive Centre now mate.
  9. When I was a kid all I ever wanted to do was be a commercial diver. I got a job in a dive centre and was aiming to get on a course at the dive school. Then I got into the band, drink, drugs and girls. I stupidly thought we could make a living out of playing. I never went for any chances I had as I didn't want to leave the band. Now I'm middle aged, I realise youth is wasted on the young.
  10. I was lucky enough to see INXS live a couple of times. They were a fantastic band and great to watch live. Michael Hutchence was the epitome of a rock frontman. He had it all.
  11. I have a Gibson Les Paul bass. As far as I know its pretty much the same as the Thunderbird apart from looks. It certainly is a lovely sounding bass.
  12. This topic raises its head regularly. Slapping is a technique the same as any other technique. It fits in certain songs. When it's thrown in needlessly it can become boring. This is an example of slap suiting the song perfectly and done tastefully without over doing it. This is my humble opinion.
  13. I am the singer in our band and I find that my throat tightens sometimes and I struggle to hit the higher notes after a while. I know its a poor solution but I always found a few pints of lager would loosen my throat and I could sing all night. It used to be a fine line because as I am also the bass player I didn't want to get too drunk to play. I do not condone drinking as a solution to singing problems but I found it worked for me. Possibly it was a placebo for stage fright as nerves would definitely tighten my throat.
  14. As one who has left gear in cars loads of times as well as stacked at the back of pubs to be picked up in a couple of days or even on some occasions left all week as we were playing next weekend, I feel your pain. I was extremely lucky in that I never had anything lifted, but it would break my heart and I would have had no one to blame but myself. glad you got it back. I had to edit as I hadn't read all the replies.
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