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  1. Can I have 5 minutes of your time to talk about Cheesus?
  2. A good few years ago when we were playing I over heard a couple of girls who had been at school. with us muttering "would you look at them, what age do they think they are?" I laughed as we were in our early forties and were going down a treat. I thought I would rather be up here doing this than getting old before my time and going out slagging off others.
  3. To be honest does anyone actually bother about the winners? Last years or was it two years ago there was I think an Italian band who were actually not bad. I haven't heard anything from them since
  4. I can concur with this. I have two P basses that I built from cheap body kits from Ebay. I also built a Strat guitar from cheap body parts. I fitted them with good quality pick ups and hardware and they all sound superb. Easily as good as my American Std. P. will I sell the American P? No way! Even knowing that the wood makes no difference I still love the look and feel of the top guitars. Plus knowing you have a genuine legendary piece of musical folklore in your Hands counts for a lot.
  5. You forgot The Wombles and Black Lace!
  6. Don't get me wrong, I love that everyone is getting behind them, I was just meaning that the voting is so politically biased.
  7. Call me cynical but was there ever any doubt that Ukraine would win? I haven't heard any of the songs by the way.
  8. Are there any bands out there who can't relate to more or less every calamity that befalls Spinal Tap at some point in their musical careers?
  9. Rammstein Cardiff in late June
  10. Each to their own. That's my least favourite body colour.
  11. There is also the scenario where you get together for a jam and after a while things start clicking and you think let's do a gig.
  12. This was the exact coloured Status Eclipse bass that I gigged for many years. It had battle scars from hundreds of gigs and I stupidly painted the body. I wish I hadn't. Gorgeous bass.
  13. I love the album but then again I love everything they do. Can't wait to see them soon.
  14. After a lengthy hiatus our band is thinking of starting up again. It's been a long time since we played in the local bars and I was wondering if any of you had suggestions as to which songs go down best these days. Just for fun. Let's see what everyone comes up with.
  15. I stand corrected
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