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  1. I've never ever been bothered about basses that had neck dive. Most of the time you have two hands on the thing anyway. I'm not one for clapping my hands and shouting "let me hear ya" either, so neck divey basses are not an issue. Sound and looks are what floats my boat. I can put up with anything if it sounds good and looks cool.
  2. I agree with this wholeheartedly. I went to see Rainbow recently at the Hydro in Glasgow. The sound was good, it was clear and balanced. the only trouble was, it was too quiet. I want to feel the bass and drums. I want to be assaulted by a raw rock sound. Not hear a polite, watered down version. Rock bands should be loud. Ok, not so much as its hurting you but there needs to be a certain volume for you to get the full experience.
  3. The trouble is, my style is to dig in. I like to dig in to get that overdriven sound. I realise If I need a softer sound, playing softer will help this but for the most part, a good distortion requires a bit of digging in.
  4. I can’t wait but Mrs Ubit has told me not to buy it as it may be a birthday present. I’m not sure if she knows how long it takes !
  5. Alice n chains in Glasgow in a few weeks
  6. Basshanger.com must be rich guys just having a little flutter on the side then
  7. Poignant lyrics. Who says the days of the literary genius are gone?
  8. I apologise then. I mistakenly thought that not everyone had an Ampeg 8 x 10
  9. This seems a great idea but can only be of use to players who own an 8 x 10 fridge! https://www.basshanger.com/?fbclid=IwAR3pdTd3qJXUHwL_NQ4FNz0Z_5l9jCAUuF2xOheA8HlEIgx2JvGizx-K2TU
  10. Nope, just the outside. It's a special rust paint. You brush on a base coat, then spray a mixture over it and it produces real rust on any surface you want. I bought the stuff for artistic experiments. I rusted candlesticks, picture frames etc. then decided to try the old guitar. It still plays beautifully.
  11. I can’t even remember mate. All I know is it was an Epiphone Thunderbird. Looked awesome but sounded weak and uninteresting.
  12. I have always been in love with Thunderbirds and wanted one so badly. I decided to try out an Epiphone one and it was so meh, I couldn't believe it. I eventually sold it on eBay. Thing is, I don't know if its because it was an Epiphone and I still have terrible gas for a real one! The Epiphone was lacking in power and just didn't sound great. I was really disappointed!
  13. Be careful! I did this with a Taylor acoustic. It was £200 cheaper from the States. I asked the guy to mark on it that it was a gift. Customs still made me pay over £200 in bloody import tax before they would release it to me. It meant I was actually spending more than if I had just bought it locally!
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