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  1. Exactly mate, they expect to buy from a seller for £200 and then sell it at near it's new price as it's in pristine condition. As I said, I know they are a business trying to make money but that is just bang out of order. Anyone trading with them is clearly desperate or is doing some kind of money off something else deal.
  2. I saw a band do this once. It was two girls playing acoustic guitars and this girl started going off at one of the punters because he talked through their song. I couldn't believe it and thought you aint cut out for playing in bars Mrs.
  3. I got in touch with Guitar Guitar to try and offload some gear. They asked for pics and I sent them with full descriptions. They offered me laughable trade ins. I said to them look, I realise that you are a business and need to make money but those offers are derisory. Two basses that were as new as the day they were bought and they were offering me pennies. If you are going to sell do it privately. At least you will get a half decent price. I didn't want to rip anyone off but a guitar that cost me £800 and is as good as new should be worth more than £200.
  4. I have the same problem. I have 14 basses and we don't play anymore. I keep saying the band will get back together and I will need all of these basses. They all sound different and when we were gigging I rotated them regularly. I could do with the money but can't bring myself to sell. I did sell my Spector Euro and now I miss it.
  5. Unlike most people on this thread (I haven't taken the time to read all of the posts as I am far too lazy)I couldn't give two hoots about there being badges or not. If the mods have deemed it good for people to take pride in getting their proficiency badges then so be it. I've always wanted my knots badge but never quite got it. Maybe this will be my year.
  6. It seems cool to dislike Nickelback but I like them. We went to see them a few years back and I thoroughly enjoyed the show
  7. Space travel is in it's infancy at the moment. We are still at the stage of sending probes and manned flights have only managed to get as far as the moon. All these private ventures by billionaires is for their own profit. It's governments that have to pave the way for eventual colonisation.
  8. Dont quote me but didn't Joey play guitar with the Murderdolls? They had a drummer who died. This is taken from Wikipedia so could be wrong. Last line-up Wednesday 13 – lead vocals (2002–2004, 2010–2011) Joey Jordison – guitar, backing vocals (2002–2004, 2010–2011; died 2021) Former members Tripp Eisen – guitar, backing vocals (2002) Ben Graves – drums (2002–2004; died 2018) Eric Griffin – bass, backing vocals (2002–2004) Acey Slade – guitar, backing vocals (2002–2004) Touring members Roman Surman – guitar, backing vocals (2010–2011) Jack Tankersley – bass (2010–2011) Racci Shay – drums (2010-2011) Jason West – drums (2011)
  9. ubit


    Rotosound stainless rounds on a P bass with an Amp SVT2 Pro valve amp- Bliss!
  10. I watched a Brian Cox documentary a while back and he was deriding the fact that people always go on about saving the planet. He added that we could completely poison the planet. Kill most living things, atmosphere completely deadly and in a couple of million years Earth would recover. A new atmosphere would be formed, new life would start to break out of the seas. Basically the planet has nothing to worry about. When we say save the planet, what we should be saying is save us and the animals that live with us. The dinosaurs ruled for millions and millions of years longer than we have been here. We are just a speck in the timeline of life on this planet. All the people that moan about the millions being spent on space travel should realise that we have to start getting into space travel because in a few million years this planet will start to heat up as the sun expands as it enters its death throes. We are going to have to look elsewhere for a home if we want humans to carry on existing. I very much doubt the music of the Beatles will be foremost in the future humans minds!
  11. Yeah, he was an absolutely incredible drummer and was voted top drummer in some poll sometime. I can't remember which one but he was very highly regarded.
  12. I can only go by Joeys own quotes on the media.
  13. Which doesn't excuse them not trying to help him through it. After they had watched Paul Gray die of drug dependency they sack another guy because they think he has the same affliction?
  14. I actually liked this at the time. It was a finger in the air to the cheesy pop that was all the rage at the time.
  15. I remember this. A young teenagers dream watching this video and trying to freeze frame it when you thought you were seeing her nips!
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