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  1. Thats not plausible, it's downright frightening! They are big enough Richards without firearms!
  2. Mate, I would love an old 60's Thunderbird. I have always liked them and the closest Ive got is an Epiphone one which was rubbish really.
  3. I have one of these and the K5 on the neck doesn't bother me. You can hardly see the signature either. My problem with it is the string spacing is so tight being an Ibanez neck.
  4. I have a Sandberg California and the relic job on it is faultless. When I first set eyes on it, I never knew about them and I was convinced it was a real relic.
  5. I would love a real relic, aged instrument from the 60's but unfortunately for a man of my means I can't afford thousands of pounds, plus modern lacquers don't age in the same way as the old nitro. That is why I will have to live with relic'ed copies.
  6. Yes but good copies are more or less the same as the original. If a company is true to the artist in question, they will use exactly the same hardware, neck profile, pickups etc as the original, so I think Geddy was meaning this "is" Jacos bass, as in it's exactly like the original. Geddy isn't stupid enough to think it's the original.
  7. Same mate, I wouldn't want my team (who shall remain secret) on a guitar as it would attract unwanted attention and would spoil the intention. I said on another thread that it's like people who wear replica strips everywhere. I just don't like it. edit: It's most likely for the American market where they don't know the tribal rivalry that goes hand in hand with British football.
  8. Jean Jaques Burnell and his black Precision bass too.
  9. Phil Lynott and his black Precision bass although early in his career he played a Ric.
  10. And Holy Diver. There surely isn't much call for clerical industrial diving services these days!
  11. An offering perhaps? Maybe the unborn foetus of a camel held aloft on a burning spear. I hear they are suckers for that kind of affair.
  12. I'm more of a fudge finger man myself!
  13. What puts me off signature models is the garish stuff they put on them. The Steve Harris with West Ham badge 🤢 That Nikki Sixx with his name written on it 🤢. Why would anyone want to play with these on their guitars? I have a Geddy Lee Jap. and all that has is his signature written on the back of the headstock. Very tastefully done.
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