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  1. Graham

    Mike Lull

    What tragic news, thoughts with his family. The Lulls I've tried have all been astonishingly good instruments and the T pickups he designed are some of the best I've ever heard.
  2. Root. Octave. Flat fifth Three notes, two of them C and fifty years later still the greatest riff ever written
  3. 50 years ago today, heavy metal started, with rain and a bell
  4. The new Sepultura - really good, particularly for a band at this stage of their career
  5. I occasionally go through those bouts of thinking "any time I'm going to log onto Basschat, I'll pick up a bass instead". I swiftly realise this is completely impracticable, and the vast majority of time I'm on here I'm not in a position to be practicing.
  6. There's a reason he's pulled everything after Danzig III from Spotify/Apple etc
  7. Because of a podcast, I've listened to Danzig IV, V, VI and VII recently and wowser, some of that is bad. I'll have to go back and listen to the earlier stuff at some point, as I understand that's a lot better.
  8. Cathedral supporting HIM - Cathedral were the only redeeming feature of the night. If I'm being completely objective, Old Man Gloom were better than Cave In last year, but they were both great. In a similar vein, Oxbow were better than Sumac when I saw those two as well.
  9. Update I gave up trying to get a doctor's appointment, as even answering the phone turned out to be a bridge too far for the surgery. I bought some arthritis gloves - there's two sets of fingerless gloves in the pack, a warm pair which I've found quite useful for driving on cold mornings and a set of lycra(?) compression gloves. Last weekend, I wore the compression gloves on the drive home and while I could feel it in my hands the next morning, they were definitely less stiff than they'd been in the past. Last night, I forgot to take the gloves with me and had quite stiff hands this morning, so put the gloves on for about an hour and now feel a lot better. So, I think the best thing to do is buy another set and keep them in my gig bag. I'm also going to try taking turmeric capsules, but haven't bought those yet.
  10. First concert - Alkaline Trio at the London Astoria, 2002 Last concert - Nirvana UK in Brighton in December Best concert - Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas at Damnation Festival Worst concert - HIM at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, 2005/2006 Loudest concert - Electric Wizard I reckon Seen the most - Anaal Nathrakh Most surprising - Nordic Giants Next concert - The Lounge Kittens Wish I would have seen - Nirvana, Pantera, Fugazi, Pink Floyd, Metallica in the 80s
  11. If the DI is dead, could you run the line-out into a DI box? Could be a cheap option
  12. I had one of these, it was a great bit of kit. In the end I went back to my EBS gear as that's the sound that really works for me, but I was very happy with the GK and would have another if I could afford to run two amps
  14. The Bacche from Chris Brookmyre's A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away I love the daft arguments and petty fights. It's very well observed 😁
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