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  1. Graham

    My bass sound - if only!!!

    If I could sound like this on a five string, played with fingers rather than a pick I'd be very happy
  2. Graham

    Interestingly different rehearsal....

    It doesn't sound like that's what's happening here
  3. Graham

    Recommend me a mid-priced 5 string fretless

    Funily enough I was googling something similar earlier, the Sire M7 fretless looked like a good shout https://www.andertons.co.uk/sire-version-2-fretless-marcus-miller-m7-alder-5-string-brown-sunburst
  4. Graham

    Fretless bass in metal

    I'm trying to decide if I love that bass or hate it, I genuinely can't decide! 😁
  5. Graham

    Solo artists who outshone their original band

    Frank Turner - Million Dead were good, but he's really become a great songwriter since they split and he decided he didn't want to be in a band.
  6. Graham

    Fretless bass in metal

    Was he the original bassist, the one who played the Thumb?
  7. Graham

    Fretless bass in metal

    I find that a very odd position, most fretless players in metal also play fretted, therefore fretless players in metal are irrelevant? there are bands and players who play fretless exlusively within the project, sure they probably own fretted basses but are known as fretless players. Steve DiGiorgio is again the obvious candidate - there's a video of him on YouTube recording with a Ric, presumably because that's what the bandleader/producer wanted, but that doesn't change the fact that he's known as a fretless player or the huge body of work he's compiled on a fretless.
  8. Graham

    Fretless bass in metal

    I don't quite understand that, old chap
  9. I'm really digging fretless players in metal at the moment, so I thought I'd share a few tacks To start with the obvious, Steve DiGiorgio and his work with Chuck Schuldiner - Death and Control Denied Then one of my favourite players Sean Malone of Cynic Here's the man himself playing through one of their classics They've dropped the death metal influences these days, but are still making brilliant music I'm really enjoing Obscura's new record at the moment, it channels the spirit of both Death and Cynic. It looks like he's playing a fretted bass in this video, but it sounds fretless, particularly in the middle section. This is from Ihsahn's second solo album and features Lars k Norberg of Spiral Architect and Satyricon on bass, and guest vocals from Opeth's Mikael Akerfeldt On the back of looking up who played bass for Ihsahn, I came across Spiral Architect Anyone got some cool fretless metal to share?
  10. Graham

    The greatest bass lines to learn ?

    Love playing that
  11. I've always loved Thumbs, and that looks brilliant in white 😀
  12. Graham

    How was your gig last night?

    A bit ropey last night, but then the singer was suffering from a cold and this band don't play often. Second half was definetely better and the punters and bar staff were happy, so can't have been all bad. I used my recently re-strung Yamaha TRB for almost the entire set and it sounded great, I think it'll be getting a fair bit more use until I can afford new strings for the Lakland.
  13. Graham

    Xmas songs

    We normally medley-fy: I wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day / Rocking Around The Christmas Tree / All I Want For Christmas Is You / Merry Xmas Everyone / Last Christmas / Do They Know It's Christmas We also try and do whatever the John Lewis Christmas add music is as well
  14. Graham

    Not Very Interesting FRFR Story

    Hi-fi speakers however, are anything but flat - studio reference monitors should be - but a hi-fi speaker will have an inherent (often mid-scooped) sound
  15. Graham

    Who did you see live last?

    I wish I'd spotted they were doing this in Bexhill before the event, would have really liked to have seen it