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  1. It is a very fun band, thanks for covering, I'm having to play fewer at the moment due to family commitments, so good to know there's good players filling in 😀
  2. Oh, you were depping for me on Friday night it's less that Matt changes the song structures around, and more he's not always sure what they should be 😁
  3. Nicholas Cage Fighter https://open.spotify.com/album/7GzN1P1QFtMNIp3p6ZQEFe?si=xU5P7xE8RwGIgwR28kel2g&utm_source=copy-link Put it on because of the name, but actually very good metallic hardcore
  4. So there's another new track out, Nightcrawlers https://open.spotify.com/album/7E23y6lreAy6VWsxTnFx4s?si=IpLKtW75Q0a8upAB0DOw4A&utm_source=copy-link This one seems like a waste of Ice T, and similarly how Carcass can sound like Jeff Walker reading from a medical text book, this sounds like Mega-Dave just reading from Janes Armaments; the military fetishism is a bit hard going
  5. I'd have assumed that a management buy-out would be on the cards, but looking at the years service of the other folks listed in the statement, they're probably not too far from retirement too.
  6. I really liked the new Wormrot, a bit of a departure in sound to their previous work but very good nonetheless. Will be interested to see what their new vocalist brings when they find someone
  7. Yes, I hadn't considered that, quite likely the case It's also quite possible it was the other way round and the headlining bassist was borrowing one from the support
  8. Touché Amoré in Brighton last night, brilliantly fun gig, they're a superb live band and the frontman really knows how to work the audience. It felt great to be at the front, in the pit and singing along, even if I did get told off by security for stage diving. As an interesting aside for this forum, the bass player for the principal support band used not just the headliner's bass amp (which was a rental I think), but his bass as well which I don't think I've seen before
  9. Metallica for the Shattered Justice tour would be the big one Guy Pratt's chair for Pink Floyd's Pulse set too Playing a tiny bar show with no barrier for The Dillinger Escape Plan would be astonishing Akercocke playing The Goat Of Mendes in full at Damnation Festival last year would have been an amazing show to play too
  10. Let's talk about this album art, as it's a real stinker. It's almost as bad as the art from Dance Of Death. Not quite, but almost
  11. Just bought a ticket to see Touché Amoré in Brighton next week, not seen them before so looking forward to it
  12. New track from Megadeth out today, with Steve DiGiorgio on bass, I'm really liking this one The artwork is god-awful, but the song's good
  13. There's a channel I really enjoy called Lost In Vegas, where two hip-hop fans listen to and react to metal bands. They seem like they're genuinely enjoying it (or not) and one of guys often has quite insightful comments about the lyrics, worth a look it you like that sort of thing
  14. This is one of my favourite albums - beautiful, instrumental, cinematic post-rock from Australia. Each of the songs is inspired by a failed journey, which is a tribute to their singer who committed suicide between their debut and this record They're playing at Damnation festival in November for their first show in the UK and I can't wait
  15. Yesterday's holiday listening was Frank Turner - Tapedeck Heart (acoustic punk) Aara - Tirade II: Hemera (black metal) Sisyphean - Colours Of Faith (black metal) Cave In - Heavy Pendulum (post-hardcore/space-rock/grunge) Don't worry folks, I'm back to work on Monday
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