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  1. Graham

    Fun little 30 bass comparison

    I think - it's hard to keep track - that the Xotic, Fodera Emperor and Roscoe were my favourites
  2. Graham

    Clear B string

    I've got Dean Markley strings on my Yamaha at the moment, I've not seen tapered strings before and was surprised how much they reduced to
  3. Graham

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    I completely agree, but he's happier and his stress levels are lower, so I'm going to take that as a win.
  4. Graham

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    I'm using a P2, I've just checked the internal switch and it was set to stereo, so I've moved that over to mono. Our singer couldn't get a stable connection to his phone when using the X-Air, he realised that his Ipad was too old so wasn't running the software properly so was really laggy. He swapped to the mobile apps, but it looks like the mobile apps on Apple are much more limited compared to the Android version - presumably there's only one Android app. Even then, whilst stood next to it he couldn't get a stable connection - I expect an external router would help, I've suggested it a couple of times, but he's definitely happier back in his comfort zone using an analogue mixer.
  5. Graham

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Our singer finally lost patience with his Behringer X-Air last night and swapped back to an analogue mixer, this one has jack sends for the monitors/aux outs and I only had the left channel working on my IEM - is there a way of fixing that? I'd be happy with a mono source, just want it in both ears
  6. Graham

    How was your gig last night?

    First time at new venue last night, it's been about three weeks since we last played and it showed - a little rough around the edges in the first set, but overall went well - had a few people come up at the end and say how much they enjoyed it. Our singer finally lost patience with his Behringer X-Air and swapped back to an analogue mixer, he did seem much happier with that, but it lead to me only having the left channel working on my IEM, will have to see if I can sort that out.
  7. Graham

    Show your photos with your bass Heroes.

    Martino Garattoni of Ne Obliviscaris after he'd just finished their set at last year's Damnation Festival.
  8. Graham

    Spectracomp vs Multicomp

    Looking at the Spectradrive, it looks good, but not really what I'm after as I'm already running a EBS Microbass II straight to the PA for my core tone. I really enjoyed your review of the Spectracomp, which is one of the things nudging me down that route, I like the idea of more control than a single knob but I'd definetly want a bass friendly setting, it was interesting that most of the artists on the TC page and reviewers on the Andertons page were guitarists
  9. Graham

    Spectracomp vs Multicomp

    I've not seen the Hypergravity before - is it essentially a Spectracomp with more knobs?
  10. Graham

    Spectracomp vs Multicomp

    I'm planning on getting a compressor pedal, and the two in the running are a (new) TC Spectracomp or a (used) EBS Multicomp. I used to have a Multicomp, so familiar with that pedal, which is a great piece of kit, but I'm leaning towards the Spectracomp as it's nice to try new things and the TC has three bands of compression to the EBS's two. Anyone have experience of both of these before I pull the trigger?
  11. Graham

    What are you listening to right now?

    Darkthrone - A Blaze In The Northern Sky
  12. Graham

    Most popular roundwound material

    I was surprised by the results, I voted steels, but I thought Nickel would be more popular.
  13. Graham

    Tuning to suit the guitarist

    Back in my death metal days, the guitarists were in drop B, but I played in B standard, as drop tunings mess with my head. It meant for some interesting playing on my left hand at times, but I made it work.
  14. Just saw this on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/298259546971359/permalink/1488939261236709/?sale_post_id=1488939261236709
  15. Graham


    I've been looking for this clip on YouTube for ages - 11 top flight bassists with Stanley Clarke on stage each doing a solo over School Days. For my money, Flea plays the best by far Don't watch their hands too closely, the audio is annoyingly out of synch with the video