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  1. I find there's a distinct difference in playing songs to listening to them. I'm not sure there's anything in our setlist I would choose to listen to normally, but playing them to a receptive audience is an enjoyable experience.
  2. Is there a list of mods? I'm after one who covers the sale forums in particular, thanks very much
  3. I'm very much enjoying the new Carcass album at the moment, took a couple of listens to get it, but now it really hits home.
  4. Son Of Sam - Songs From The Earth Spooky season is here 🎃
  5. Graham

    Cat Burrito

    I bought a pedal from Tim, great communication, fast and easy to buy from. Looking forward to making daft noises with the flanger he sold me, going by the photos it's been well packed.
  6. I love the inlays too, that's a beautiful bass
  7. Quick question - are these cabs stackable?
  8. Ra Diaz's purple Spector Coda 5 is lovely
  9. He's the fella from Shellac isn't he? Love his playing and tone
  10. Have you seen that he's joined Mutoid Man as well now? I love the black Gibson Ripper Caleb Scofield played in the Antenna era of Cave In, I can't find a photo of it, so here's him playing it on the Anchor video
  11. Same, I love Electric Wizard for example but don't touch anything stronger than cocodamol
  12. Pub gig last night, it was dead - I think it being mid-month, the weather being decent and that the venue have changed their name recently all didn't help. I didn't really want to be there and to be honest made more mistakes than usual, partly as it was with a (very good) dep guitarist, so the set-list was a some of our less performed songs. It didn't seem to be an issue with the punters who were there though.
  13. Resurrecting this thread as I've been checking out Cryptic Shift after they were announced for Damantion Festival this year. If you like spacey-death metal with some very good, prominent fretless work, this is well worth checking out - I'm really looking forward to seeing them in November. Plus they're from Leeds, so it's always nice to support home grown talent https://open.spotify.com/album/7cGu80ia5OvMQlxIqTLMA1?si=kcVwj6jwTi2kSQLopOJrUg&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1
  14. Bought a couple of bits on Bandcamp today: Dreamwell - Modern Grotesque https://dreamwell.bandcamp.com/album/modern-grotesque Post hardcore, basically the band I had on my head to start - think a mathier/heavier Touché Amoré Chamber - Cost Of Sacrifice https://chambertn.bandcamp.com/album/cost-of-sacrifice Dissonant math/metal-core, I saw one of Hate5six's live videos and loved it Kowloon Walled City - Container Ships https://kowloonwalledcity.bandcamp.com/album/container-ships Kinda doomy post-metal, the first ISIS record is the closest touch point I can hear, some lovely Alembic bass tone too.
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