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  1. Sunny Day Real Estate and Rival Schools today, it's been an emo/post-hardcore type morning
  2. Nothing's Funny by The Dillinger Escape Plan Been wanting to learn some Dillinger for a while, the non-4/4 time signature makes it more tricky to play than my usual covers band fare, but it's not too bad. This song's got a real Faith No More vibe to it as well, which is cool
  3. Better than the Stingray 5 pickguard, great instruments, but crikey, what an awful look
  4. I'm not a fan of sunburnt in general, but two tone is particularly bad - just looks unfinished.
  5. DK are my go to band if I'm angry. They're not the heaviest, loudest, fastest band I listen to, but they get that emotion absolutely spot on
  6. Not now, but a couple of days ago I listened to Has Been by William Shatner, it's surprisingly good. I already knew a couple if the tracks on there - the cover of Common People with Joe Jackson and the one with Henry Rollins and Adrian Belew, but the rest of the album is not the car crash I was expecting. Ben Folds produced/wrote everything beyond Shatner's spoken word lyrics and he did a great job, even when it's too cheesy, it's in a knowing way where they're in on the joke. I'm unlikely to listen to it again, but as a curiosity, it's worth a spin.
  7. Over in Old Town, not been here that long either, moved three years ago in May
  8. Another Eastbourne resident! Didn't realise there were any other Basschatters round here
  9. Seeing @krispn above reminded me of the time I sold him a Lakland and the stress and embarrassment I felt when he took the day off work to receive it and then the courier decided not to deliver it the arranged day, but the day after instead. All worked out fine in the end, but it did require him taking a second day off work. That was probably the straw that broke the camels back and made me switch to collection only - either by yourself or by your courier.
  10. I remember the first time I put in a claim with TNT, indignant that they had damaged something in transit, they did eventually pay up, some months later, but it was only a fraction of the value of the product as the terms of the insurance allow them to do so. Since then we don't tend to bother, particularly given a) the byzantine nature of the claims system that slows you down and puts you off and b) that most of our shipments are on FCA incoterms, which essentially has the customer arrange collection through their freight forwarder; so in those cases it's up to the customer to claim against their courier.
  11. I'm a logistics manager, so I see the state of product that comes into our factory and complaints from customers about our goods that get damaged in transit, and quite simply I don't trust couriers. It's not really their fault, these days we buy so much stuff remotely and online and also don't want to pay more than a few quid for delivery that the drivers and depots are incredibly stetched and don't really have enough capacity to meet demand. Personally if a buyer is willing to accept liability then I'll arrange a courier at their risk and cost, otherwise it's collection only. I am lucky in that the packing department works for me and they've got quite good at packing basses over the years 😁 However, as above I don't trust couriers with something I don't have a bespoke, designed carton for and also don't trust the insurance to pay out the actual value of the item in a timely manner, if at all.
  12. The new Old Man Gloom record, absolutely fantastic, particularly the last track Love Is Bravery https://open.spotify.com/album/4ohKZ8tr6CZ9wlkikJbxkQ?si=W5w1glgYQBmTmsTrjE2Hcw
  13. The Sargant House label are waiving all their fees today, so how's a good time to buy any of their artists. I splurged on some albums I'd had on my to-buy list for a while - Brutus, Russian Circles, Mutoid Man, Helms Alee, Red Sparrows
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