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  1. Could just play it finger style - I do that for Treasure by Bruno Mars, as I'm not very good at slap and it sounds much better this way
  2. I won't know which date until Christmas Day, but my wife has booked me tickets to either the penultimate or final Lounge Kittens gig in February, not sure if I'm going to London or Southampton yet. In March a group of us from work are going to see Nordic Giants in Brighton, should be fun that, especially as it's two days before my birthday. I'm surprised I work with as many fans of instrumental post-rock as I do. I'm thinking of going to see Petrol Girls in Brighton in January too, femenist hardcore is a genre I've been enjoying recently.
  3. Steve Brodsky and Marissa Nadler have just released two covers from when they did their Droneflowet collaboration earlier this year - Phil Collins Something In The Air Tonight and Extreme's More Than Words. Really like them, particularly the Phil Collins one
  4. I saw Torche with Slow Crush in support last night in Brighton. I had a great night, Slow Crush are a bit of a different vibe from the headliners, being something of a shoegaze band, but they were who made me buy a ticket and I loved their set, really engaging stuff. I bought their album afterward, just wished they'd played for more than half an hour and there'd been more people there, definitely want to see them on a headlining tour. Torche were brilliant - fun, good humoured - despite problems with the bass amp (the SVT2PRO had been on briefly without a load and that may have been the issue) and super tight. Really enjoyable to watch and played some great material, I've only recently got into them, so not that familiar with a lot of it. Well worth catching this tour if you get the opportunity.
  5. Great review, at that weight, I might keep an eye out for a second hand one and then look at changing the pickups and pre-amp
  6. Well worth a watch if you have small children and haven't caught this yet, I think our smallest has actually just fallen asleep during it. Porter sings Moon River over some really nice illustrations, it's a great performance CBeebies Bedtime Stories, 728. Gregory Porter - Moon River: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000bhmq via @bbciplayer
  7. I've been going round and round trying to think how I could pay for it, and I just can't justify it. The only way is if I sold my Lakland, which I don't want to do, even though it's weight is what's making me want to buy this Sandberg. We're not rational creatures.
  8. Fortunately sunburst and black don't do much for me either If there'd been white or red however.....
  9. I saw a 3.3Kg five string jazz on the Bass Direct Facebook page this morning, if it was in a different finish I'd have been hard pressed not to get the credit card out. At £1400 it was far cheaper than I was expecting for a quality bass of that weight
  10. If I'd seen one of those in the wild, with that headstock I'd have assumed it was a Ken Smith, certainly doesn't look like a budget instrument
  11. To close the loop on that anecdote, I've pre-ordered their new (digital) album on Bandcamp, which is where I tend to buy music now. Physical albums I tend to buy either second hand on Amazon, or new directly from the band at gigs; or if the postage isn't exorbiant, Bandcamp
  12. Thanks for the replies chaps, I think I'll make a doctor's appointment as it's taken longer for my hands to recover this morning. I'd never considered seasonality as a factor, but I'm sure the temperature/climate will be playing a role. My wife's quite into herbal remedies, so she's going to look at a termeric paste to keep in
  13. This morning, and the morning after the last last few gigs, I've woken up with my hands/fingers feeling stiff; I've had it before and it'll go away before too long, but it looks like I'm now getting it consistently. There's a history of athritis in my family and I've had auto-immune responses before, so I'm guessing it's related to that. Has anyone else experience of this or found exercises that helped? As I'd like to try and address it before it gets worse?
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