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  1. Some great new albums out yesterday - Deftones, Svalrbard and The Ocean all have new ones out
  2. Mastodon - Remission I was giving their latest - Emperor Of Sand - another go, but I got bored half way through and put this on instead. Such a brilliant record, got to be one of the best debut albums out there. I totally get them maturing, not really liking heavy music anymore and needing to pay the mortgage and pension, but I do miss the band who wrote this and Leviathan.
  3. I'm rather smitten with the Euro Classic 5s at the moment, particularly in the white, wish it was a 35" scale - surprised it's not TBH - but otherwise ticks a lot of boxes for me.
  4. Is the front pickup of a jazz in the same position as the single coil pickup on a 51P? I always thought it was further back
  5. Shiner - Lula Divinia I'd not heard of these guys before, but they came up as a reccomendation on the Cave In Facebook fan group and I'm really enjoying it; I imagine @NancyJohnson is a fan
  6. There's plenty of new music coming out, I have three pre-orders on for releases in October and there's more I want to get. Most of the music I buy now is on Bandcamp, personally I like CDs, but they seem to be in their death throes. Vinyl is very popular though, so physical media is still available. I think a lot of artists held back their new records in the hope of being able to resume the usual album release/touring cycle, but have decided it's been too long and there's nothing to be gained by just waiting.
  7. I asked my friend if I could borrow his cable so I could charge my book, he said no as he was charging his cigarette
  8. I really like the look of of those B-Axis pickups, the clips I've heard sound great
  9. It must've been heartbreaking for Newsted hearing the mix for Justice the first time, opened with a song he wrote, only for his playing to be completely absent on the recording.
  10. Power Trip - Live In Seattle I'm not a massive Power Trip fan, but I can see why folk like them and after their singer's untimely passing this week, thought I'd buy an album for his family.
  11. Jupiter (Roman) and Zeus (Greek) are the same god, but that is stunning looking bass, love the green
  12. I went down the in-ear route for a while, but have reverted to amp and cab. Basically, my band wasn't set up for it, the mixer isn't great for setting monitors and we aren't geared up for always putting everything through the PA, if only for monitoring. Also, I was the only one with in ears, so the rest of the band struggled to hear me, particularly the drummer who doesn't have dedicated monitoring - normally overkill in the venues we play. I also much preferred the tone of my amp vs IEM, I appreciate that will have a lot to do with their relative qualities (ZS10s vs EBS head + cab) but definetly a factor I swapped back to an amp last year, and everyone, including me was much happier.
  13. 8 string guitars are negating the need for bass players in some bands, Ihshan for example has a keys player and 8 strings, which I do think is a shame as it makes it hard to play material from his first two albums live, and the fretless playing on the second record brought a lot of textures that were absent later. Then in the opposite direction is a band like Bell Witch, where there's no guitar, just seven string bass and drums
  14. The new Fall Of Messiah album - (mostly) instrumental post-hardcore from France; strikes just the balance between the post and the hardcore http://fallofmessiah.bandcamp.com/album/senicarne
  15. That's good, because I don't have one of those 😁 I did try a couple of Stingray Special 5s earlier in the year and they were brilliant
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