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  1. I think there's fantastic new music out there, not necesarily in the charts, but great stuff available
  2. Neurosis - Given To The Rising Dat opening riff
  3. Porcupine Tree - Octane Twisted I didn't know they'd done a live recording from The Incident tour, so this is a pleasant surprise.
  4. The thing with Lateralus is that I always thought it was an album with an incredible first half, but got really boring after the title track. However, not long ago I got told about this, which was aparrently the orignal order for the songs on the album. I was sceptical to start with, but it makes so much more sense like this.
  5. I've put my email in to be notified when one comes into stock, as GAK is only an hour from me
  6. 35" scale, reverse P EMG, white.....this ticks a lot of boxes for me, I could maybe see my Yamaha going to part fund one at that price
  7. I'd argue that recording technology and techniques has played a key role too
  8. I wish I had the money for this, got real Stingray GAS at the moment - good luck with the sale, it looks like a stunning instrument
  9. I saw Gruesome last night in Brighton, which turned out to be their first UK show. I really enjoyed myself - it was a lot of fun, plus their bassist has superb right hand technique. What I loved was a few songs in, I thought to myself "they're basically a tribute to the first three Death albums" then at the end of that song the singer said "we might tour and write our songs, but we are a tribute band to Death and Chuck" so, it's nice we were on the same page
  10. If you can, see Tool indoors - the visuals work so much better in a dark room. They're set at Wembley Arena in 2006 is one the best gigs I've been to
  11. I'm looking forward to the new Russian Circles album, which is out next week Their bassist, Brian Cook (who's had an amazing career) is well worth a follow if you're on Twitrer
  12. So, it looks like it's actually happening and the 30th of August will see the release of the fifth Tool album, who's title has just been announced as Fear Innoculum Also, from this Friday almost all their back catalogue will be available on streaming sites. I was getting worried that it had got to the end of July and no title had been announced or pre-orders available, but it looks like it's actually happening
  13. Hard work last night, was dead when started, then a few more people turned up, one of which was very extroverted and dancing and of course turned into a pain in the derrière. I suspect he'd had some chemical as well as alcoholic stimulants. Second half was better, still not a big audience, but at least an enthusiastic one
  14. We were in Purley last night, not especially busy, but that was probably down to the weather as apparently all the pubs in the area were quiet. We must've been doing something right though, as an asian lady came up during the first set and handed each of us a £10 tip, it was mid-song (Alright Now) so hard to thank her, but it was a really nice gesture - for us at least tips are very rare, but always appreciated
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