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  1. I was at that show, DT were a bit meh, LaBrie seemed completely disinterested
  2. You might enjoy this podcast, as the guest Luke booked that Testament show and his story about how his financed it is worth a listen alone 😁 https://open.spotify.com/episode/2JE35lJopFyIzFkkdObQ47?si=z5Htk9fYS32zc8n6FniO2Q&utm_source=copy-link
  3. If I need to put myself in the right frame of mind for a meeting or similar at work, I usually reach for one of these three They gee me up into, normally, a better mood
  4. Clearly just a Jane Prentiss signature model (niche reference alert)
  5. Graham

    Feedback for NickD

    Bought a pedal from Nick, great comms, well packed, shipped fast - couldn't ask for more
  6. The debut album from London grindcore/mathcore band Pupil Slicer which came out today, great stuff https://pupilslicer.bandcamp.com/album/mirrors
  7. I'd put Gallows in the Hardcore category myself, which in itself is quite broad and crosses over with both punk and metal at various points.
  8. I think @Monkey Steve did this or a similar tuning in a fiver for a gig
  9. Mrs fosters. - Self-surgery Chelsea Wolfe and drummer Jess Gowrie playing some very 90s inspired work, genre is a bit vague but it's very good The album art is NSFW mind https://mrspiss.bandcamp.com/album/self-surgery Edit: Enjoying the swear filter here, lol
  10. Yeah, I'd really like a normal CD version of Fear Inoculum, but it looks like that will never be a thing 🙁
  11. Hunter from AFI has some great basslines
  12. Tool and Taylor Swift at the big end both didn't have their music on Spotify for a long time, they do now, so I assume they had the clout to negotiate a better deal.
  13. Added to my wishlist for tomorrow's Bandcamp Friday
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