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  1. Wedding last nigt, lovely crowd and as a nice surprise my brother and his wife were guests and had brought their twelve day old daughter with them, so I got to meet my new niece. It was a beautiful venue - high spec barn conversion in the Sussex countryside, but they had a sound limiter. God knows why, barn on a farm in the middle of nowhere and we had to be done by 22:00, so why they needed a limiter as well is unclear. We tripped it a few times, and we weren't loud, we discovered it when setting up and the guitarist (15 watt Orange valve combo, not loud) and I (no amp, DI'd with only one monitor live, louder than the guitar, bit hardly stage volume) knocked out the power. We did alright, it was nice to be not too loud, but we all made daft mistakes as we were paying more attention to the limiter. The room resonances made certain notes spike it more than others - it really didn't like a low G from me, so I ended up transposing these up an octave, which was okay. At one point we got the groom up to play guitar for a song, that didn't trip the power, but the audience cheering after he finished did. The venue staff were very good about re-setting the power, but the owners didn't give a damn - completely ignored the guitarist when he pointed out having the power drop out is not good for valve amps; they seemed very entitled and weren't bothered about the disruption to the wedding.
  2. I'm not a huge fan, but I've seen them live a few times and they've always been great, particularly when they toured with Slayer in 2004 or 2005. Not long ago I listened to Iowa for the first time in ages, it is a really good record, despite the brick wall mastering limiter and all the mids being scooped out of Paul Grey's bass. Have they replaced Chris Fenn in the band, or are they going out as an eight piece?
  3. Was he a member of the Faith No More Spiritual and Theological Centre?
  4. Last time I went to the Download Festival they headlined the Friday, I didn't know much about them before but came away a fan, first thing I did when I got home on the Monday (after a shower) was to go out and buy Angel Dust. Great band with brilliant songwriting and performances; Billy Gould's tone is superb too, particularly on King For A Day
  5. I have a similar thing with Frank Turner - love his work, but have played the albums to death - Love, Ire and Song particularly
  6. Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas - Mariner Cave In - Jupiter Crowbar - Crowbar ISIS - Oceanic Mastodon - Leviathan Opeth - Still Life Metallica - ...And Justice For All Electric Wizard - Dopethrone Clutch - Blast Tyrant AFI - Black Sails In The Sunset
  7. Nate Newton and Ben Koller from Converge are a great pairing
  8. I use ZS10s and whilst we normally mic the kick, drum overhead and guitar amp, I often don't need them in my ears due to ambient bleed-through Most of the stages we play are small enough that I'm normally standing relatively close to the other instruments, and if it is a bigger stage then there's definitely mics on everything.
  9. Caleb Scofield for me, just last year. Cave In are one of my favourite bands and he was a real influence on my playing. As it was a car crash, there were no health concerns before hand, so just came out of nowhere. He's one of the only two public figures who's death has upset me, the other being Terry Pratchett
  10. I play a DJ5 these days, I really like it - great neck and the best sounding bridge pickup I've heard on a jazz - the JO is pretty much the same apart from pickup placement I think?
  11. I sold mine to someone in Scotland too @krispn - have you still got it?
  12. I had one of those too! I ended up not loving the neck, but tonally it was superb
  13. Oooh and Steve Digiorgio and Gene Hoglan (Death) Sean Malone and Sean Reinert (Cynic) Martin Mendez and Martin Lopez (Opeth)
  14. Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk (RATM/Audioslave) Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl (Nirvana) Caleb Scofield and JR Conners (Cave In) Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard (Muse)
  15. Next one booked for me is Akercocke and Abhorrent Decimation in September, then just got tickets to see Sleep in October. Last booked one of the year is Damnation Festival in November, though I'll be working so will have to see what bands I can get to. I'm thinking of going to see War On Women in June though, heard their most recent album today and it was really good
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