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  1. Looks interesting and I'm trying to find something to keep at work, but I just looked up and 60 miles is a bit of a trek! I assume all those stickers come off? One to think about .....
  2. The head looks lovely! Won't work for me needing a cab though The small one, I can't believe it's any good for £33!
  3. That's for bass as well?I though it was just guitar.
  4. Budget .... Hmmnnn. I'd rather keep under £200 I guess but that's not cast in stone. It's just something to noodle at home with. I looked at your suggestions, all nice but I'd say more than I intend to sped.
  5. My trusty old Roland Micro Bass Cube RX Combo has died. I may well get the same thing again as I rather liked it, but I was just wondering if there is anything else out there that people like/recommend? Needs to be small so that the wife doesn't complain about it! Any thoughts?
  6. Having experimented with various strings over the years, I came to the conclusion that I much prefer really light gauges. I'm happy with the sound and they just feel so much nicer to play. My current strings are Status 30-50-70-90-115. Anyone else prefer lighter?
  7. Pendragon - Concerto Maximo Rainbow - On Stage Iona - Heaven's bright sun Genesis - Seconds out Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Welcome back my friends ... Grand Funk Railroad - Caught in the act I love live albums!
  8. Every once in a blue moon an album comes out and the bass blows me away - the sound, the playing, the place in the mix etc. So much of the time, I find bass playing on albums a bit boring, or it's pretty lost in the mix. And they something comes along that knocks my socks off and really inspires me! OK, so needless to say I bought one such album recently. Firstly I have to warn you that it is the most unfashionable of genres - Prog, but wow, this record blows my socks off! The band are somewhat under the radar - Lifesigns Their third album - Altitude The bass player - better known for his playing with Cardiacs - Jon Poole Also, if you love a heart achingly beautiful guitar solos, the song Last one home from the album is just superb and has a really emotive solo. Anyway, here's a taster on Youtube if anyone is interested:
  9. I would argue that you are sailing dangerously close to making it a sport with a comment like that. He is merely playing along to a backing track and making music. We are all bass players around here, we can all see what he is playing or not. Still, I shouldn't really work at defending, you have every right to make that comment.
  10. And that is fine, we are all entitled to our own opinions. Personally I don't like showboating when it is terrible, indulgent drivel (like many bass solos I've seen live over the past 40 years!), but when it is musical, when it has groove etc, yes, I really like that sort of thing. A bass player that I really enjoy is Charles Berthoud, he plays solo stuff on Youtube etc, and he has a mindblowing level of technique, but he keeps musicality at the centre, and gets a great groove going. To that end I really enjoyed this cover of Uptown funk. If you don't want his preamble, playing starts at 40 seconds.
  11. @Bunion Bl**dy good cover there! Really enjoyed that. A favourite short Rush track of mine
  12. I'm really enjoying playing Candy Dulfer live concerts at work the past week or so. (she plays sax if you don't know her). I'm loving the bass groove on the song DISCO, the song starts at 6.39 on this concert video:
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