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  1. Rush - Spirit of Radio Queen - Spread your wings (very underrated song ELO - Mr Blue sky
  2. Rush were one of the most important bands of my life. As a teen I was in awe of Neil's long hair and long moustache look! Needless to say, his drumming was epic. It is a failing of my life that I never got to see Rush live. Rest in peace and thank you for creating a huge part of the soundtrack of my life.
  3. Hey, I hope people noticed that I added the hair at the top as well!
  4. I was at Art college in Norwich having the time of my life 82-85. I found a lot of great music, saw lots of great gigs and probably did a bit of art as well somewhere. Out of the blue I just remembered today an album that blew my mind when I bought it in back in 85. I literally haven't heard it for decades as my copy is vinyl, and we have had no room in our house for my record player over the past 27 years of marriage. I need to buy a copy on CD!!! Anyway, yeah so this is it - Stanley Clarke, Find out! I absolutely adored that active bass sound. The playing was immense and the songs were catchy and vibrant. I bought a bunch of Stanley Clarke records afterward, but this one has always been my favourite.
  5. I'm well on the way to finishing guitar build no 5, and I fancy tackling a bass next. I'me just wondering if anyone can help in terms of pickups as I don't actually know much about basses other than playing a few over the years. There are two kinds of sound that I like and I'm wondering what I would need to get them: 1) The Rickenbacker sound that Geddy Lee or Chris Squire used to get around the early days of Rush/Yes 2) an active type sound - like Mark King I guess. Any suggestions for the kind of pickups/electronics would get me in the right ballpark?
  6. Angel

    bass pdf plans?

    Thanks for the two links!
  7. Angel

    bass pdf plans?

    I'm (probably) not going to make a Fender copy, but I've made 5 guitars and I like to start with a pdf plan that I can then edit to get it the way I want. It can look radically different but still have the basic geometry of a bass that one likes. Having said that, nothing wrong with making a Fender-like, or any other copy if that is what one wants to do
  8. Is there a resource anywhere for bass plans - postscript pdf rather than image files? I'm looking to make a bass at some point. I'm sure that I had a site bookmarked with a lot of fender stuff, but I can't seem to find it now.
  9. I just can't get enough of this sort of bass playing! love the bass tone. Henrik Linder does get rather too muso for me in some instances, but I love his playing with Dirty Loops, which is very song focussed.
  10. Angel


    Wow, fabulous bass!
  11. I'm afraid that I don't need it at all, but I very much like the look of that geetar!
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