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  1. I'm so disappointed that I have such a rubbish voice for singing. I'm 2 out of 10 at best. No range, often can't find the note, and 5 mins of singing in the car and my throat seems ripped to shreds. I love sitting at a piano at home, bashing out some chords (which I'm pretty good at!) and singing along, I just wish I could get to 'average' singing and be able to do it with others, or at a station piano if the world ever gets back to normal. If I used emoticons I'd stick a sad face in now ....
  2. Have you found someone to pass the torch to yet?
  3. Yeah, I always kept track of him. His Mythopoeikon (er .... not sure I spelled that right?) was one of the most important books of my youth, as was The Pentateuch of the cosmology (book illustrations, not the terrible Greenslade music!). I'm creating an illustration to put on my bass at the moment and the eyes I drew were influenced by Patrick!
  4. I bought the Sentinel on vinyl on its day of release! Neo prog is my favourite thing. Great Patrick Woodroffe artwork as well.
  5. For me the first 4 Marillion albums with Fish were amazing. The musical love affair of my life. I actually like them in the order they came out. I was a big fan from before they had a record deal so the first album was rather special (although the production was terrible!). I think they are a great band with Hogarth still, I just don't enjoy the music all that much personally.
  6. er ... no. Can't sing to save my life and I've never been a looker.
  7. I spent a few hundred pounds on bass pickups at a well known dealer. They showed up and annoyingly one of the 4 'tube' springs was missing from one package. I sent them an email stating that one was missing and could they stick one in the post (I'm all out of spares, and my OCD side would prefer 4 the same even if they can't be seen!). Ignored. I ended up buying some tubing off of eBay. The upshot is I have unsubscribed from their newsletter and will be going elsewhere in future for bass-related purchases. OK, so today I was going to install my old John East J-Retro 01, and to my consternation I found that I had lost the earth wire. I searched all over but couldn't find it. I emailed John and asked if I could purchase a replacement, and not 10 minutes later he had replied with "I've stuck one in the post for you". Now THAT is great customer service! Many thanks to John!
  8. I'm the best guitarist, bassist and keyboard player of all the bands I've played in. OK, confession time. I've never been in a band.
  9. I love early to mid Yes I love early to mid Rush I love early to mid Genesis I love early Marillion I love all Pendragon I love prog. It's my bestest music. Generally prog bands seem to have a sell by date though and for most it was a few decades ago.
  10. That is fascinating ...... and tempting! I'll have to give this some serious thought if someone doesn't snap it up.
  11. I've actually had the bass assembled a few times to try out around the house with no sound. I'm loving it! It's actually quite a wrench to pull it apart again and sort the next stage out. Dare I say that it is turning out better than I expected.
  12. Pickup holes sorted. I also used this as a template to mark the routes on the body. As the Precision pickup is under the pickguard I just routed it out freehand. I made a template for the Jazz pickup though. I actually made two, the first one wasn't good enough. The second one wasn't great, but good enough for me. And here's them both done. Hopefully to the correct depth! you can also see where I moved the bridge back on this one.
  13. I spent ages checking and double checking bridge placement and here I am drilling the holes. After all that I wasn't happy with the placement so I filled these and re-drilled new ones! bl**dy amateur! This is the pickguard paper template stuck onto the plastic. Took a lot of faffing getting the shape how I wanted. And this is the basic cutout, done with jigsaw, files, sanding etc. I have now worked out and marked pickup placement.
  14. I've been a bit lazy with updates, and I forget to take pix at times, but there has been progress ... Basic neck shaping: A bit of a jump as I forgot to take pix, but it's shaped, varnished and tuners added: Headstock - router split a bit off at the top early on! Oh well, I ain't a pro and I ain't that fussy!
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