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  1. Nope. I'm making a single ply white one. As I've mentioned before, I don't think that the final look I am going for is going to be popular. I may not even post the final bass pic!
  2. Planning out markers. I painted the fretboard white and drew around the markers. Current job is marking the edges with a chisel. Doing the cutouts is going to be ... tricky. I have a plan, untested so far ...
  3. My simple set up for fret slotting All slots done
  4. Holes drilled for J-retro And routing done. I had to make two templates for this, one for the cavity and one for the cover. The wood is pretty thin to allow the micro switches to pass through. Not ideal!
  5. Neck pocket template sorted ... and routed. It will probably end up deeper but I don't want to remove too much wood before the neck is sorted.
  6. here I am reducing the wood depth with a Forstner bit. The body is too thick for my dad's bandsaw, and it doesn't have the best blade, so I have to help it a bit Then I flattened both sides and got to the desired depth. Body shape sorted with template. Half done here.
  7. Incidentally, I'm not working at breakneck speed, I'm just getting up to speed with where I am at. I started designing around Xmas I guess, working out and researching everything, drawing plans etc. When lockdown started I got around to sourcing the various bits and pieces, and it has been ongoing since then. I have been working still the whole time, so just odd evenings etc. I made an alu template for the tuner holes. This is the only way to go as far as I am concerned. I used to drill without a template and the result is never good enough, then it's a major faff to fix. It's a 5 string but I only need the 4 holes aligning. I just drilled the other hole in the right place without a template. Worked fine. Reducing headstock depth with the router
  8. Sure. PM me an email address at some point and I'll bung it over.
  9. rough cut neck, template and fretboard. Some weird foreshortening going on here, they are all wider at the dusty end! Sorting neck outline with the router/template Glueing body blanks together.
  10. I couldn't find inlays that I wanted online, so I am making my own.
  11. Reducing fretboard depth Routing trussrod hole Note the astounding quality of the work space!
  12. Thanks for the confidence people, but I am just a rank amateur, I don't consider my instruments to be sellable things. Someone once said that building guitars is the art of recovering from your mistakes. I can fully get behind that thought.
  13. Absolutely not I'm afraid. The paint job will not appeal to the metal fraternity in the least.
  14. That was just an early days drawing that I used for the outline. The diagonal controls is the correct version.
  15. I'm lucky to have access to a big plotter at work - well, I was lucky, the b****y thing has died! Still it was working long enough to print my plans at full size. Needless to say, it is a very accurate plotter. First job was to make body and neck templates out of MDF I should add at this stage that I am not one of these people with an amazing workspace and fancy tools. These pictures show one of my two work areas, this is a small corner of table in our tiny utility room, and perched on here is where I do most things that aren't messy. I do the messy stuff either in the garage (horrible place with a leaky roof), or out in the back yard if it is dry/light. My only other work bench is a rickety thing with uneven legs.
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