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  1. I'm not familiar with them. Holy crap that dude can play. He's got the tricks and can put the in to a nice groove as well.
  2. I guess Gojira and Mastadon are both kind of prog.
  3. I know Mario Duplantier and Brann Dailor have both spent a lot of time learning to play jazz drums in order to become better metal drummers. Metal drummers have really been raising their standards in recent years. Danny Carey used to be in a whole different world to anyone else in metal but I think there's a few on his level now.
  4. You think guitarists have money? What they did have they spent on an enormous pedal board and vintage Les Paul's.
  5. I sometimes visit their part of the stage to point and laugh at their girly little 100w amps and silly, weak, thin strings and steal their picks and beers
  6. Anyone who doesn't use a pick is just too tight to buy one.
  7. I have no idea who any of them are. They all have names I can't pronounce so I assume they play the soccer ball
  8. Woman - Wolfmother I'm guessing the next ten pages could be filled with songs with Woman in the title
  9. Mario Duplantier has won every best metal drummer thing I've seen this year. Deservedly so, what he's doing is just incredible.
  10. I'm definitely the second best bass player in our band.
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