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  1. I could imagine they could be good if he wasn't absolutely destroyed. I know he had a severe drink problem though.
  2. I saw The Fall at Glastonbury. My mates kept going on about how awesome they'd be. The band were OK but Mark E Smith was bloody awful. He was absolutely wasted when he came on stage. whizzed himself during the first song and couldn't sing. He wandered around the stage messing with the bands instruments as they played. The man was a mess. Disappointed was an understatement.
  3. I saw Deftones in 1996 at Bristol Anson Rooms and they were brilliant. An hour and a half of non stop energy, one of the best gigs I've been to. Saw them again about ten years ago and the band were good but Chino couldn't sing. Not sure if it's drug related but the guitarist recently came out as a flat earther and general conspiracy theorist.
  4. I was disappointed by Doyle from Misfits a couple years ago. Saw his solo band a couple years earlier and they were awesome. I was wondering whether it was a come down for him playing for a hundred at The Fleece in Bristol a few days after playing to 10,000 people with Misfits Machine Head were also disappointing. They played a very average 3 hour set and it was very obvious that the band hated the singer. They split a few weeks later. Sham69 were also disappointing. Mostly because there wasn't a single member of the original band. It was like an average covers band.
  5. Cheers. Sounds like it's worth going for. It's a great deal I've been offered.
  6. Does anyone have experience with a Trace Elliot GP12 SMX amp and 1048H cab? I can't find any info about either. I think they were made in the 90's but that’s about all I know. I'd be using them for metal so loud, low tunings and lots of fuzz sometimes. Would they be good for that? I currently have an Orange Terror 500 (the old style) and OBC212 isobaric cab, Would the TE setup be better with a band? Would the Orange head and TE cab be a better combination?
  7. For individual pedals I'd recommend buying used rather than budget new pedals. That way any you don't like you can sell on without losing money. You might find that you hear a great pedal used by one of your favourite bassists or in a YouTube video which sounds amazing but then plug it in to your bass and amp and it sounds completely different. Can't go wrong with anything by Earthquake Devices though.
  8. There are some bassists who mic their cabs for live performance. I guess it depends on the sound you want and the equipment available.
  9. I'm not sure about genius, that may be a bit of a strong word but definitely one of the greatest ever bassists. I've been trying to learn Tom Sawyer and every time I think I'm almost there I realise I'm playing part of it all wrong because there's a variation in a riff or a slight change of rhythm
  10. I thought that would be the answer. I'll stick with standard tunings.
  11. I was wondering, are open tunings a thing on bass? Would there be any benefit to using them since we don't really play chords much? I was talking to a guitarist today who suggested trying it.
  12. I find Mr Brightside to be extremely average. There's absolutely nothing original or interesting about it. Not as bad as Ed Sheeran though. Just radio friendly unit shifting music written for maximum sales. That particular Sinatra legend came from a few different stoner metal pioneers (Nick Oliveri, Josh Homme, Mario Lalli and Pepper Keenan) and its fairly well documented that the police shut down all metal shows in Palm Springs plus Sinatra was there at that time plus he hated metal.
  13. That's a list of bland average news. Nothing but elevator music. The only one of them that has really contributed to the future of music was Sinatra and that was accidental. He used his mafia connections to get all rock gigs shut down in Palm Springs so the bands started having generator party's in the desert and Stoner Metal was born thanks to Frank. The other bands are just music for people who aren't interested in music. The peak of mediocrity.
  14. Here's my pedal board. Beringer tuner Boss LMB3 bass limiter Orange Two Stroke boost / eq Earthquake Devices Plumes overdrive Orange Fur Coat fuzz with octave up Way Huge Pork & Pickle fuzz / overdrive Electro Harmonix Bass Clone chorus All mounted on a Pedaltrain Metro 24 with a Donner power supply and connected through the effects loop of my Orange Terror amp. It's mostly various types of distortion. The Two Stroke is my favourite at the moment, it really gives the pre amp a nice kick for a nice natural sounding distortion. The fur coat is absolutely disgusting, perfect for doomy stuff.
  15. There's so many gig announcements at the moment that I'll be spending all this months wages on gig tickets. So far this week I've booked Skints, Wildhearts, Grade 2, Bad Religion and Meshuggah. I can't wait to get back in the pit
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