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  1. He played that 10 string when I saw him with Them Crooked Vultures. I'm fairly sure he had a different weird and unusual bass for every song
  2. Mostly for the sound of impending apocalypse, I'd like the Jeff Matz signature Dunable Jeff is a great bassist, I'm a big fan of High On Fire
  3. I've always been a fan of Faith No More and Billy Goulds bass is a big part of their sound so I'd love to have his signature Zon
  4. If only tonight we could sleep - Deftones
  5. I do like a bit of Electric Wizard. Today I'm enjoying some YOB
  6. Does that include his slap version of the original?
  7. The original has to be one of the greatest rock bass lines, simple but to the point and effective. For me, it's the simplicity that made it so great. When rock gets all fancy that's when prog happens and no one wants that
  8. I watched that video recently and really disliked it. Three bloody awful versions of a great classic. He's a bit of a bargain basement Davie504 and I don't like him much either although he's improved recently.
  9. One of the all time greatest metal albums. I think all the band members were at their best for this one
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