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  1. Nice deal. I used a markbass rig for many years in a classic rock setting. Very good kit IMO and ultra reliable IME.
  2. https://www.gigwise.com/news/98710/woodstock-1969-artist-earnings-revealed
  3. Heard on the Radio yesterday the Santana got paid $500 for playing Woodstock back in the day.
  4. I was earning more doing pub gigs 25 years ago than what the going rate is today. Also 25 years ago the pubs closed early, now bands dont get finished till 2am, which screws things up if your working the next day. I have packed it in and over a year later, I can say I have no regrets. In my neck of the woods the pubs are creamung it, but cry the poor mouth when it comes to paying decent bands, decent money.
  5. Hi Frank. All is good. Savage looking Sadowsky there. The next owner will be in for a treat.
  6. Very nice. Never seen a Sadowsky 5 P bass, so very unique. Sadowsky make the very best P and J style basses. GLWS
  7. I have gigged a Sadowsky NYC for several years. The chambered body, allowing for a lighter bass, was a consideration due to shoulder pain. Playing in a rock covers band, the Sadowsky preamp allowed for the versatility required to tweak tone on the fly. A very nice preamp for sure. The thing is, when I purchased mine, the dollar was weak when compared with the euro and it cost me a little over €2.5k. The same spec now would cost over €6k. At that price I would question as to whether the NYC is good value for money. Even with all the hype, Sadowsky basses do not hold their value very well. Some months ago, a very high spec NYC In what seemed to be as new condition sold for €3k. The NYC as a second hand purchase I could recommend, though the best bang for buck bass I have ever played is the Sire, which is a fraction of the price. Very well put together, good preamp, but heavy. However there is a really nice looking and unusual Sadowky 5 string P bass for sale on here. Could well be worth a punt if that is your kinda thing.
  8. I recently sold a Wal bass here on BC. It was a smooth transaction and the buyer took responsibility of shipping the bass. I would advise listing it here and seeing how things pan out. All that is required is some quality pics and a few quid for listing.Thats not alot of an investment for testing the water.
  9. Philo would be having a right laugh for sure.
  10. At that price, its the best bang for buck bass I have seen for sale on here in some time. Make no mistake these are a terrific bass. GLWS.
  11. Yep. The Markbass amps really up their game when a second cab is connected, bringing the wattage up to 500w. I gigged a MB F500 and two MB 2x10 Traveller Cabs for the best part of 10 yeats. Terrific set up and ultra reliable.
  12. Being a bit of a HIFI geek, I only ever listen to music on my system. On the go MP3, in the car etc. does not interest me as the quality of sound is seriously compromised. I enjoy both vinyl and CD, but my no.1 always there album is Deep Purples 'Made in Japan', vinyl porky pressing. Recorded on the cheap, no overdubs and sonically stunning. A 47 year old recording, that IMO knocks many modern rock recordings into the park, in terms of sonics. It begs the question, where did it all go wrong.
  13. Geddy Lee reckons JP Jones is his favourite rock bassist. Mr. Lee has excellent taste.
  14. Both albums have their merits, but on Vinyl, 'In Japan' is sonically superior than 'In Europe' IMO. When compared with some of the sonics of many modern rock recordings, it tends to be no contest IMO.
  15. Thanks to the basschat brethern for their comments and interest. Tha bass is now sold
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