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  1. I play for no money, Confine my playing to jamming out with my mates and enjoy it. However in terms of gigs I have no interest. After many years, it is a chore for me. If I had to, then the two gigs that pay more than eight, will always get my vote.
  2. When 2 gigs will pay better than eight, then its a no brainer
  3. I miss the pre brexit days when buying from the UK was an option
  4. Its a type of stunt that was thought provoking, though only for a short time, a long time ago. It belongs in the past, a bit like Pearl Jam's music. IMHO of course.
  5. Lovely J bass. What make and model is it?
  6. Watched The Eagles from 1973 earlier. Love them or hate them, they were the mutts nuts when it came to nailing harmony vocals
  7. AC voltage in the UK IS RATED AT 240V and has been measured up to 250V. 220V is standard Voltage in EU, so that might be an issue.
  8. Micro heads and neodymium speakers kept me in the game for several years, as I was no longer able or interested to carry the heavy weight alternatives. Very grateful to companies that had the foresight to research and develop this technology.
  9. Seem like one of the real good guys. Imagine how society would benefit, if more business adopted this model of operation.
  10. Most importantly Richer sounds give 15% of their profits to charities and the original owner, Julian Richer transferred ownership of the company to its employees. Outstanding company with outstanding values!
  11. Saw Steve Vai last night in The Academy in Dublin. Sensational is the only word. I have been going to gigs for many years, but sound wise this was the best, just perfect.
  12. Not quite regarded as boutique, but the cheap and cheerful Sire basses are worth a look. A friend got one a couple of years back and as someone who was used of the Sadowsky, I was astonished at the value for money of the Sire. Fit and finish were excellent, the eq was very workable and the action was nice and low. A very comfortable feel to the neck. However it was too heavy a bass for me to gig. I have seen a few other Sire's but the quality of the set up and finish varied considerably.
  13. I own a Sadowsky NYC J bass that was my go to bass for several years, up to when I retired from playing 3 years ago. I always liked J style basses and needed something lightweight. A well finished bass in every respect and I like the onboard eq. Nowadays they are really expensive new, and there may be more affordable alternatives out there. As always, try before you buy if possible.
  14. I had forgotten about that. Also they have a no quibbles return policy, which I have availed of a couple of times and not a problem.
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