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  1. Check these ladies out. Terrific
  2. An interesting point of view. I am sure there are numerous luthiers in the UK who could build a bass for a fraction of the cost of a Sadowsky and would be happy to tweak it to the exact needs of the customer ( an option that is not available from Sadowsky). Guess for many, if it does not have Sadowsky on the headstock. Then it can only be so so.
  3. I put a fair few basses through my hands, and have had a Sadowsky NYC for the past 10 years. I purchased it whilst on a trip to the U.S. and it cost me €2.500 at the time, as the dollar was on its knees. There was no real GAS involved in its purchase, as my primary reason for buying it was related to shoulder pain and the light weight of the NYC. For sure, a very nice bass and have gigged it regularly. But OMG a similarly specced Sadowsky NYC nowadadays on this side of the pond, would come in at over €6000!. Give me a break. IMO never worth that outlay on any day. I had the pleasure of trying out a couple of cheaper than chips Sire basses recently and was blown away with the fit, finish, eq, but not the weight. Otherwise I would be more than happy to gig one on any day and could have a dozen of them for €6000 I was going through the basses I have owned in my mind and the standout bass was a Jaydee Roadie II active I purchased new in 1985. What a beauty. Always regretted moving it on but a really well crafted instrument and In this respect, more interesting than the Sadowsky IMO, together with being a more unique design. Looking back it was on the heavy side, which probably led to me retiring that bass. I recently had a look at the Jaydee site and he still makes them. But I am amazed to learn that A Roadie II active would set me back €1650, nearly a quarter the price of a Sadowsky NYC! I wonder is their much GAS on here for a Jaydee roadie active II?. They are terrific instruments but due to their price, do not have the snob value that quite likely adds to the Sadowsky GAS.
  4. Made in Japan literally changed my life. Even today it sounds every bit as brilliant as the day I first heard it back in the 70's. It cost next to nothing to record and no overdubs. The so called 'porky' vinyl pressing listened to on a decent turntable is sonically astonishing, particularly when compared with much of what is released nowadays. Have to say that other than Purpendicular, the Morse era has had little to offer IMO. Gillans voice has been shot for many years now, but at his peak he was astonishing.
  5. Totally agree. Communique and the debut were so refreshing at the time of their release, but as time moved on they lost that thing that made them sound unique
  6. Loved the first two albums. Brilliamly produced. It was as if the band were playing in the corner of my living room. After that I lost all interest.
  7. A necessary benefit in my case. Check out this link to the new metro express line. Can this price be right? https://m.thomann.de/ie/sadowsky_metroexpress_21_hybrid_carmp.htm
  8. My Sadowsky is just over 7lbs and that is significant to me, due to shoulder issues. My previous bass was a Fender Jazz coming in at just over 9lbs, but too heavy for me.
  9. I play a Sadowsky NYC jazz, that I purchaesd in the U.S. some yrars ago when the dollar was alot weaker than it is now A couple of years back, my guitar playing brother purchased a Sire V7 to use in his home studio. I called by one evening and had a play on his cheap as chips Sire. An incredible bass for the money. The fit/ finish was excellent and the pre amp superb. I actually preferred the neck radius over the Sadowsky The only major draw back was the weight. Other than that, I would have had no issues with gigging the Sire.
  10. Hi, On this for sale thread a member who I do not know refers to me as an 'eejit' I think this is inappropriate and also derails the thread. I do not want to further derail the thread by responding. Preferably I would like the thread tidied up with the 'eejit' reference removed. Many thanks Gerry
  11. Nice looking bass. Says 4 string in the title, but its a 5
  12. Nice looking bass. Says 4 string in the title, but its a 5
  13. Wow. I retired from playing a couple of years back and have been GAS free..... until now.
  14. Have not picked up a bass in 18 months after 40 years of gigging. Had a residency for over 10 years that ticked alot of boxes and paid well, but once that finished, it felt like the right time to quit. Tried playing some other venues but the hunger was gone and the fact that these venues paid less than I was getting 25 years ago sealed the deal. Thought I would miss gigging, as it had been part of my life for 40 years, but not a bit. Weekends free and a good lady to spend them with has been fantastic. The bass has remained firmly in its case and cannot see myself going back. Have developed other interests, However for what ever reason I stiil have held on to my gear.
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