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  1. Last year I was importing speakers from Norway to Ireland with Fedex and received an email stating that the goods would be going out for delivery, once I had paid import duty and taxes. All was well with that and I paid the fee over the phone which to rhe best of my memory €450 euro approx. The following day I discovered the £450 pounds sterling had been withdrawn from my account as opposed to euro. I went through months of phone calls and emails to have the difference reimbursed. Eventually succeeded but was still left with the currency conversion charges, which Fedex refused to pay. Never again will I use Fedex. In my case they were incompetent and stole money from me.
  2. I think you have beautifully nailed Scott when you say he was a hurricane. Live or in studio he was exceptional. Likewise I agree with your description of Johnston as being forced etc, and that's exactly why I could not enjoy Back in black and what followed. This all begs the question 'what the hell has this got to do with a Geddy Lee genius thread?'😂
  3. Agreed that Bon was irreplaceable. IMO his vocals were integral to the AC/DC sound that was lost forever. Of course it is a matter of taste but for me Johnston was a turn off. I just cannot listen to him.
  4. Know what you mean, but for different reasons maybe. As a 16 year old mega AC/DC fan, I cried like a baby when Bon Scott died. The next time I cried was when I bought Back in Black and could not believe how poor Johnston sounded to my ears, when compared with the brilliance of Scott. There and then my love affair with AC/DC ended As for Geddy Lee, love the guy. Great singer and player
  5. Here is a link to a detailed thread on isoacoustics isolation https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/isoacoustics-isolators.251563/
  6. And is the bog standard precision better than a cheap as chips Sire
  7. I get that, but when compared with IMO better value alternatives, their price new is too much. I was blown away by a cheap as chips Sire j bass at a fraction of the price. It had alot more in common with the Sadowsky than I would have imagined. Of course the all important Sadowsky brand name was missing from the headstock and that was probably its major failing.
  8. As the owner of a Sadowsky nyc bass, I am of the opinion that they are nowhere close to good value for money, when purchased new. Indeed they often sell on the second hand market for 50% of their rrp.
  9. Yes for me also. I have always had an excellent experience when buying from the UK. Such a shame to be screening out UK sellers due to Brexit.
  10. It works the other way for those of us based in the EU. Having to consider the extra charges when importing an instrument from the UK, means unless it is a stone cold bargain, it will not be an option for me and I suspect many others.
  11. The headstock was the first thing that caught mr eye, as I really liked it
  12. Agreed. The branding alone, regardless of the quality, can make or break a product.
  13. Totally get the reservations that are required when watching reviews, yet reviews are often the first port of call that musicians visit, when they start their journey for a new instrument. I found it interesting that Friedland highlighted the tone of the bass acoustically, though this could be viewed as a gimmick to help in boosting sales.
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