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  1. The type of accident occured to drummer I was gigging with some years ago. As I urgently went about the place looking for a stand in, he insisted on continuing to perform, despite having the use of only one arm, I was somewhat sceptical to say the least, but he was sensational. Rock solid, plenty of groove but no fancy fills.
  2. I have one and it is the best cab I have ever used and by some distance. Have used it in anger and it works flawlessly. Really compact size and light weight. Terrific
  3. These custom shop classics tend to be under the radar, but in the flesh they are superb. This one looks particularly pretty. Very nice
  4. Now that is dedication!. Guess that means you having to go to another room every time you change a CD etc?
  5. A quick and easy step to decouple the rack from the suspended floor. Also a necessary one, as when I moved in to this house 20 years ago, I had a Linn Sondek turntable which is spring suspended and walking across the floor was impossible, without the stylus hopping across the record. Took 15 minutes to remedy the situation. Just had to drill 3 circle holes in the floor, that were a tad bigger than the circumference of the legs of the rack..
  6. It is an unnamed perspex turntable support with a slab of granite on top. My floor is of the suspended timber variety, but I have bored holes in the floor, so that the legs of the rack are resting on the concrete underneath the floor to help with isolation. I use Auralex sub dudes under each speaker.
  7. I just added an Innuos Zen to my rack (situated on the bottom shelf). It is a wonderful piece of kit. It is a streamer and has a hard drive built in, with a CD loading slot at front. Not being the best with tech, this unit makes archiving CD's child's play. The rest of my gear is a Primare CD32 player, Primare Pre60 preamp and A60 power, Primare NP5 streamer, Clearaudio concept turntable with Dynavector 10x5 cart and P75 phono pre. My speakers are System Audio Pandion 30's I use a Power Inspired AG 1500 Power regenerator to give me a steady 230v supply It is likely that I will be moving on my Primare CD32 and NP5 streamer, as the Innuos Zen covers both applications.
  8. Fair play to you. It is a labour of love to take that on, not to mention patience. Not for me though. Time and patience are in short supply in my world. Moreover if I were to start, I would obsess with the task, looking into declicking etc. Life is just too short.
  9. Nice set up. How did you go about digitising your Vinyl. I have about 300 LP's but the thought of digitising them fills me with dread.
  10. A very nice system you have Tidal is a game changer for me. For instance the other evening I listened to 6 albums without leaving my chair. I have recently taken delivery of a Innuos Zen server with 1 TB on hard drive. I will rip my CD collection on to it, together with whatever I borrow from family and friends. I will be able to stream same from the comfort of my own chair. Just started with the Zen in the last couple of days. I am a bit slow with tech, but so far the Zen is proving to be a very impressive piece of kit. I have little interest in buying music anymore. The above arrangement will be more than sufficient to satisfy my needs. That is other than my vinyl. I Have pretty much all the vinyl I will ever need. Being a big fan of 70's classic and prog rock, I, like you find vinyl to be the preferable medium. For me these albums recorded entirely in the analogue domain, never transfer onto the digital domain all that well, even when remastered.
  11. Bose comes in for a bad wrap by some, yet the first time I heard those 2 little cubes and sub, I was blown away. For one thing their foot print was tiny in comparison with anything else on the market at the time, so ideal for the small flat/ bedsit that I and many of my peers called home. Within such an environment there was nothing to touch them for decent sound.
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