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  1. Hi, I've build 3 P-basses over the last few weeks in a quest to find the perfect combination of pickups, strings hardware, potis and capacitor for my style of music. I've tried almost any possible combination of potis and capacitors in these basses which leaves me with a few wiring looms that I'm probably not going to use anymore. So if anyone's looking to upgrade his or her's P-bass electronics I can save you some trouble. First up is a wiring loom from Charles guitars which consists out of: 2) TVT 250K CTS SOLID SHAFT MATCHED SET POTENTIOMETERSWITH 9.5MM (3/8") SHAFT DIAMETER AND 6.0MM THREADED LENGTH 1) SWITCHCRAFT 1/4" MONO INPUT JACK (1) 0.02UF JUPITER YELLOW VINTAGE CAPACITOR. https://www.charlesguitars.co.uk/parts-shop/jazz-bass-and-p-bass/precision-bass-pre-wired-upgrade-kit This was 33£ new, i'd be looking for 15£ + shipping cost. Next up is a home made wiring loom cosisting out of 2 Allparts 250K mini potis, switchcraft jack and Sprague 0.047UF capacitor. I'de be looking for 10£+ shipping cost for this. I also have a standard wiring loom from a Fender P with no mods, including the knobs. I'd be looking for 5£ + shipping cost for this one. I also have a Squier 5string bridge, tuners (4L, 1R), backplate and a set of Gotoh strap holders leftover that I'd like to sell. I will take 20£ + shipping cost for the lot.
  2. Thanks, I've always loved the Wizard pickups in my jazz basses, so I might have to check these thumper pickups out.. If I don't end up with a wizard, it will probably be a Creamery pickup. Thanks for all the tips and advice! Meanwhile I've had the frets leveled and gave the bass a decent set-up, I'll need to file down the bridge saddle for the G string a little bit as the bridge doesn't allow me to go any lower and I like a low action, but other than that this bass is starting to play and sound a lot better than f.e. all the Sire basses I've owned so far, so I'm looking forward to the end result with the new pickup and a nice set of flatwounds installed. (I've put a set of Elixir roundwounds on it for now as I got them for free when I bought the bass, but I'm more of a flatwound/tapewound kinda guy, all that high end zing just confuses me.. 😛 )
  3. Thanks a lot! I already checked some reviews of the Ulyateand Creamery pickups, but but it seems they are quite hard to find around here.
  4. I'm just a bit OCD when it comes to shielding and stuff.. 😛 I know the bass doesn't need it, but it sure doesn't do any harm and I kinda like that vintage 70's look (all my 70's style jazz basses have the copper strip thing as well)... 😎
  5. "Super-Squier" build VI So, I picked up a heavily neglected Squier VM 5string Precision today... The action was so high you could do a limbo dance under the strings, but after a few turns on the trussrod and lowering the bridge saddles the bass actually sounded and played pretty good. At this point I decided to put on a set of fresh Elixir strings and Hipshot tuners that I had lying around. Then suddenly a few hours later I realised that it was already past midnight and that I had started a complete rebuild of the bass..🧐 At this point I've already shielded the cavities with copper tape, replaced the stock tuners with Hipshot HB-7's, replaced the stock bridge with a Fender Hi-mass bridge and redid some of the wiring. Since I've done all this already I'm probably going to go all the way on this rebuild and make this my 6th "Super-Squier" build. I'm still not sure if I'm going to make it a fretless or just have the frets leveled, that's something I'll figure out tomorrow. Pickup choices for 5 string precision basses are fairly limited, so I'll probably drop a Seymour Duncan SPB-1 in there or have Carey Nordstrand build me a custom pickup. (Ofcourse the jack, tone cap and pots will be replaced by high quality parts as well.) Any tips on alternative pickup choices are more than welcome. Anyway, I'm going to call it quits for the day and will continue the rest of the modding process tomorrow. I'm planning on getting a double string tree, one for the B-E strings and one for the A-G strings to give the Low B a little more beef and I have some more ideas going through my head, but I'll save those for the next update on this build. That's it for now, keep groovin' me brethren. ✌️😎 ✌️😎
  6. Hi BC, I've had a lot of trade offers already, so just wanted to share this update. I AM ONLY INTERESTED IN TRADES WITH THE FOLLOWING: - Phil Jones Double four -Trace Elliot ELF and/or ELF cab - Emma DiscumBOBulator V2 - 5 string after market Precision pickup Kind regards, Don
  7. Squier CV 60's precision fiesta red. Connoisseurs probably already know what series of classic vibe precisions this is (run from 2008-2012). According to many, these are next to the JV series "the best squier basses ever made". These gradually increase in value, this bass has no scratches or dents, no defects and the thumbrest and screws (not on photo) are included. There is a set of old flatwounds on it that fit well with the bass. In short: A nice playing P-bass with a good sound (the stock pickup sounds surprisingly good!) And Pino looks. I recently got this bass in a trade deal with Torvic here on the forum and I've got around 450Euro/400£ invested in it myself, but a good offer is welcome. The bass comes without a suitcase or gigbag, but I have plenty of packing materials (I'm an expert at packing instruments.. ) and you will get a standard levys strap with it. You can test / pick up in Ghent center (BE), shipping will cost you another tenner. Kind regards, Don
  8. Lovely! 😍 Is that a full wengé neck?
  9. PRICEDROP: 1290£ Brand new! New price: 2565 USD (bass) + 300 USD (shipping costs) + 687 USD import costs = 3552USD / 3152Euro / 2790GBP ! My price: 1550Euro / 1350GBP MG bass Lined Fretless custom - 34 "scale - lightweight Swamp Ash body with Wengé veneer and Brazillian Olive wood top - 7 piece Maple / Wengé neck with a nice dark piece Ebony for the fretboard, 24 fret lines with dot markings on the side of the neck - 2 Nordstrand Zen blade pickups passive Volume / Balance / Tone - Ebony ramp - Gotoh tuners and bridge - The weight is 4.4 kg In short, a beautiful bass like you will rarely encounter one. I have just received this one month ago after waiting for ir for 9 months, but unfortunately I have to sell it already because I am being evicted from my home and therefore have to free some funds for the impending move. Since this is currently my only bass and I don't want to spend too much time without, trading in a cheaper bass (4 or 5 string, fretted or fretless with markings) + cash my way is certainly negotiable. Also exchange with a lightweight combo + cash my way is an option, just send a message if you have a proposal. The bass came with black tapewounds (first pictures), but I've had it set-up with a fresh set of Thomastik Infeld flats by my luthier (last pictures). These last pictures also show you how the bass looks without the ramp, which is ofcourse still included in the sale. (I just prefer to play without, so I temporarely removed it, but it wille slide right back into place in case you prefer it with the ramp) The bass can be shipped worldwide and the list price includes a brand new Thomann hardcase to ensure safe shipping. Please check my feedback!
  10. Made some more pictures today with the new Thomastik strings (the ramp is not installed in this picture as I prefer to play without, but it can be put back in place in a matter of seconds). Really looking for a sale or a trade with cash my way right now as I have to move house soon and need the funds.
  11. Just got notice today that the building I'm renting has been sold and I'm being evicted, so now I really need to get some cash together to fund the pending move. Will consider near offers now.
  12. Thanks, I might be interested in the 2x8" cab if 4114 effects doesn't want it.
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