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  1. Love it! If my DOD Meatbox sells I'll have it.
  2. Bassdude BE

    Pedals to go!

    PM'd regarding the Wonderlove
  3. Bassdude BE


    Just bought this here on the forum after searching for one for ages, alas it turns out it's not really what I was looking for after all and I could really use the extra cash atm, so I'm letting this go again. Pedal is mint, no original box. First person that offers me 200£ (same price I payed) for it takes it. (EU/UK shipping is another tenner) Demo:
  4. Bassdude BE

    Foxrox Octron: SOLD!

    Internal Settings: Octave UP MODE There are two modes, Mode 1 and Mode 2. The mode is selected by the black switch - move it to the position you desire. Mode 2 is the default setting. Mode 1 - This is great for the type of sounds associated with many vintage Octave-up units (Octavia). In this mode you can get many strange distorted overtones, similar to a ring modulator as well as a sweet upper octave overtone. Mode 2 - By rolling off high frequencies before the octave doubler, Mode 2 delivers a bold, pure analog upper octave. No need to role your GTR tone back for better octave sounds. Octave DOWN tone - This trimmer lets you dial between two different resonant tones. Full clockwise - The bottom end is emphasized producing a full, fat octave down tone. Great for clean tones, mixed with clean guitar for the bass/guitar sound. Full counter clockwise - Midrange is boosted. Better for adding a lower octave note without rattling the speakers. Also great for feeding a distortion or overdrive pedal. Octave UP Drive - At Minimum there's very little sustain and gain. Around 1/3 to center is the normal setting. At Maximum you get the most sustain. Note about Octave UP - Analog upper octave is a product of distortion, there is no way to get a "clean" tone as one might expect from a digital pitch shifter. Octave UP tone - Controls how bright the Octave UP tone is. At max, you may experience feedback and whistling under high gain settings (back it off). Normal setting is around center. It's a smooth treble roll-off that lets you dial in an upper octave sound that's not shrill, like many other octave-up effects.
  5. Bassdude BE

    Foxrox Octron: SOLD!

    Selling a Foxrox octron. This is probably one of the best octave pedals out there, the octave down tracks very good (I even get a good response on the low B string as long as you stay above the 9th fret and use a compressor in front!) and the octave up guarantees endless solo fun and can even replace a guitarist if you're going for a Royal Blood kinda vibe.. Not a lot of demo's with bass online, but it works like a charm on bass. g**[email protected] demo: Looking for 130£ for this. ad 5£ for UK/EU shipping. Tradewise I'm still looking for a DOD meatbox RI and a Boss RC-1. Greets & Grooves! Don
  6. Bassdude BE

    3Leaf Audio Wonderlove ltd. ed. SOLD!

    This is sold, sorry.
  7. Bassdude BE

    Boss OC2 Octaver MIJ - SOLD

    Just sold mine (1984 MIJ octaver) for 120£ last month and I already regret it..
  8. For Sale: - 3Leaf Audio Wonderlove ltd. ed. => 199Euro / 179GBP (with built in fx loop, expr. pedal in & boost knob, boxed!) Just bought it, but I prefer the simplicity of the Proton over this one.
  9. I've just sold one here on the forum, but now my second one is also up for sale, hardly used, with original packaging and papers. Looking for 150£ (UK/EU shipping would be another 10£) Tradewise I'm looking for another fuzz, something more stoner rock'isch maybe. kind regards, Donovan
  10. Yes, I was stupid enough to repaint and rename the pedal, it would've been long sold if I hadn't I think.. 😛
  11. 3 Leaf Audio Proton = Traded! Only the Seymour Duncan compressor remains, now at Bargain price of 50Euro! (I payed 100£ for it here on the forum not so long ago, on/off led doesn't work hence the low price..) EU/UK shipping is possible for 15Euro.
  12. Alas I'm not interested in the Josh Wah, but I do have a Proton v3 for sale here in the classifieds (and it's purple! 😎)..
  13. Zoom Q8 now on hold pending payment.
  14. 3 Leaf Audio "Doom" sold to J4y.
  15. Boss OC-2 and Fender flatwound strings are now sold!