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  1. For those looking for the Precision bass feel with a jazz bass sound, here's the Thunder Gear P-Jazz. A solid, stable, one-piece maple P-bass neck with a 42mm nut width sporting a beautiful rosewood fingerboard with block inlays paired with a lightweight Alder Jazz bass body and high output pickups. This bass combines the robust feel and stability of a vintage precision bass neck with the versatility and good looks of a Jazz bass for relatively little money. You also get a set of chrome caps, so you can expand the vintage look even further and for those who are not a fan of tort pickguards, there is also a black pickguard included in the sale so you can swap and compare to your heart's content. Despite the fairly substantial neck, this bass comes in at just 4.2kg. total, so it's definitely not a neck-breaker. The bass comes equipped with a fresh set of D'addario nickel roundwound strings 45-100 gauge and had a full set-up so she's ready for anything.. This is a brand new instrument, nog case or gigbag included, but I can ship it double or triple boxed with loads of protective materials, please check my feedback, I've been called 'the packaging king" a number of times by previous buyers here on the forum. Trade in of a Markbass 102p (8ohm) cab or a Tech21 VT Bass is negotiable. Kind regards, Donovan
  2. Since I had some queries about the total value of this instrument, here's a little overview of the cost of the parts and labour that went into this: I had to import the Schecter as the grey one wasn't available anywhere in Europe at the time, so I payed 791Euro + shipping and import/customs costs for the Schecter. The Hipshot Ultralites (USA made version not the licensed ones!) were 158Euro. The Aguilar AG 4P-60 pickup was 151Euro. The Omega Bass bridge was 88E. Then there's probably another 50 Euro's in little parts like the Hipshot speed knobs, string tree, D'addario eliptical strap holders, CTS pot's , Switchcraft jack, wiring and screws. And around 40Euro to have the frets and nut looked after by my teacher and master luthier. It also comes with a gigbag that was 24.99Euro So with this alone I've already got 1302 Euros invested in this (and then I'm not even including the import/customs costs that I had to pay for the body and neck + the extra set of Labella flatwound strings that I'm including in the sale). Of course I do understand I will never get my money out of this built again, but I will now consider near offers and trade deals for this little beaut. Trade options are: - Markbass cabs! Would prefer two 2x10" @8Ohms a piece, but will consider & all kinds of Markbass cabs really. pref. Italian built ones. - a cheaper bass (4/5 string fretted or lined fretless) + cash - a nice medium scale neck (Warmoth, Allparts,..) - a Tech21 VT Bass D.I. and/or other overdrive pedals to push my tube amp Kind regards, Donovan
  3. Hi due to a double order I have a brand new Orange Terror Bass MKII available (this is the newest version with the "clean" switch). The amp is unused, still boxed and comes with matching Orange gigbag. These are sold out in most places, so if you're in Europe and you're looking for one of these, this is your chance to snap one up. Price in euros: 649 Euros Just trying to get my money back out of it, but I'm willing to consider trade offers concerning medium scale basses, a Markbass amp, a Markbass 102p cab @8Ohm and/or a Tech 21 VT Bass DI. Only wanting to sell/trade this because I accidentally bought two of these after being on the lookout for one for ages and I'm now stuck with them as I had to import them.. 🙄 I'm based in Ghent, Belgium.
  4. I've tested the fretted version of this bass for a German music store a while back and it absolutely killed! Loved the sound and playability of it and have been lusting for the 5-string fretless version of it ever since (they only had the 5 string fretted and 4 string fretless version of it in stock at the time). I.m.e. most of them are relatively heavy tho, so if you have a lightweight one that's definitely an advantage for the potential buyer! I'd love this, but I would have to sell some other gear first to justify buying it, so I guess someone else will probably snap this up before I manage to get the money together. It definitely is a great sounding instrument and I haven't seen a lot of the 5 string fretless versions for sale on the used market, so that makes it a bit of a rare beast. G.L.W.T.S.!
  5. I might be interested in the TH500, are you willing to ship to the EU?
  6. I use a Mesa D800 with one or two Barefaced S210´s and this rig slays! ❤️ Sold my old Ampeg fridge and tube amp because of it, it´s that good of a rig. GLWTS
  7. Yes, the website is still up, yet there are no prices listed anymore, the contact form doesn't work and all the dealers now have the handbox amps listed as "no longer available"... I'm really gutted as I was lusting for a tube amp to go with my Barefaced s210's..
  8. Are these now discontinued? I can't find any Handbox amps for sale anymore anywhere.. :o
  9. Will consider a trade with an Aguilar Tonehammer 500 or a Handbox R400 as I don´t really need this much power tbh. Hi, I'm selling this excellent Mesa Subway D-800. The amp is in mint condition and comes with original packaging, Mesa gigbag, power cable, manual and QC-tags. I'm based in Belgium, but will ship worldwide. Price in Euro: 799E Mesa Boogie Subway D-800 • Made in Petaluma, CA USA with the World's Finest Materials • Class D Power with 8/4 or 2 Ohm Impedance Switch for optimum Power to Load Performance • 800 Watts @ 4 or 2 Ohms (400 @ 😎 • Active/Passive Input Switch • Play/Mute Switch • Preamplifier features: Input Gain with Clip Indicator (O/D LED), Variable Voicing (Flat to Vintage Scoop), Fully Active 4-Band EQ (+/- 12dB of Bass, Low-Mid, High-Mid, Treble) plus Deep Switch (for enhanced low-end) and Master Volume • Balanced XLR Line Out with Pre/Post, Line/Mic & Ground Lift Switches • Headphone Output • Auxiliary Input • Protection & Limit LED Indicators • 2 Speakon Speaker Output Jacks • Fan Cooled • Gig Bag w/Strap Kind regards, Donovan
  10. Thanks, the necks and bodies for the shortscale P-basses are currently under construction in Italy and I'm now working on a 5 string multiscale (30"-32") prototype based on the Ibanez EHB, again with Aguilar pickups and top of the line hardware. I will make a post with some bassporn, spec's and prices here on the forum as soon as the shop is up and running. Ps: I'm a Fibromyalgia patient which has been a pain in the @ss for me for the past few years as I still like to play long sessions, so my focus has gone towards lightweight, ergonomic and compact gear like short and medium scale basses, lightweight amps and cabs (like Barefaced, GR Bass, Eich amplification, Genzler,..) to make that possible, so if that's your thing it might be worth keeping an eye on my store once we open.
  11. I think it's easier to say that the only thing that is stock are the neck and body, literally everything else has been replaced with aftermarket parts. I also work with a master luthier who leveled, crowned an polished the frets and set up the bass to perfection.
  12. Pricedrop to 990£ *More info regarding the cost of the parts that went into this and loads of trade options are listed further down the thread. Hi, This is a proto-type I made (for my upcoming business/own brand of short and medium scale basses) consisting out of a Schecter Banshee (2021 model) alder body and maple neck with carbon fiber reinforcement rods for extra stiffness. All the aftermarket hardware was carefully selected and installed, no expenses were spared and only the best hardware was used in order to make a top notch short scale precision bass that is ready for literally anything. The sound is punchy, direct, yet with a warm, vintage tone due to the Aguilar 4P mid 60's pickup. The neck is stable, sturdy and super easy and fast to play. I used Hipshot USA Ultralites for the tuners as these are known for their excellent tuning stability and help balance out the weight of the bass to perfection. The bridge is a high mass brass bridge from Allparts - Omega Bass and is a modern rendition of the well known Badass bridges from the past. For the pickup I decided to go with the relatively new Aguilar 4P-60 pickup as I'm a big fan of Aguilar's new pickup line and found these pickups to be some of the most balanced and best sounding pickups on the market today. The Aguilar 4P-60 was based on Dave Boonshoft’s personal 1963 and 64′ Precision basses, this pickup is designed to capture the vibe and feel of the 60’s. Using period correct heavy Formvar wire and Alnico V magnets, these pickups are specially wound to deliver the warmth and midrange “nose” that defines a great 60’s P-bass pickup. Combine all that with Hipshot speed-knobs, string tree and a wiring loom consisting out of CTS pots, Switchcraft jack, Orange drop capacitor and high quality wire and you get a short scale bass that plays and sounds like no other! The bass had a fret level and pro set-up by a master luthier and comes equiped with a fresh set of D'addario roundwounds, but I will also ad a set of labella short scale flatwounds to the sale. Specifications: - Lightweight Alder body - Maple neck with carbon fiber reinforcement rods, Rosewood fretboard - Hipshot USA Ultralite tuning machines - Allparts Omega Bass bridge (string spacing: 19mm) - Aguilar 4P-60 pickup - Graph Tech nut - Hipshot USA speed-knobs and string tree - Thumbrest in the bridge position for that extra tight, more jazz like sound - D'addario elliptical strap holders (black) - CTS pots, Switchcraft jack, Orange drop capacitor and high quality wiring - Controls : Volume/Tone - 30" scale (short scale) - Weight: 3.6 kg. Neck details: - Fretboard: Rosewood - Neck Material: Maple w/ Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Rods - Inlays: Pearloid Offset/Reverse Dots - Scale: 30” (762mm) - Neck Shape: Thin ‘C’ - Thickness: @ 1st Fret- .787” (20mm)/ @ 12th Fret- .866” (22mm) - Frets: 20 Narrow X-Jumbo - Fretboard Radius: 16” (406mm) - Nut: Graph Tech XL Black Tusq - Nut Width: 1.496” (38mm) - Truss Rod: 2-Way Adjustable Rod w/ 5/32” (4mm) Allen Nut Body details: - Guitar Colors: Carbon Grey (CBG) - Hardware Color: Black - Top Contour: Flat Top - Dexterity: Right Handed - Construction: Bolt-on - Body Material: Alder This is a one of custom build shortscale bass and therefore completely unique! The bass comes well packed and I will include a fitting, high quality gigbag in the sale. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions about this beautiful instrument. I'm based in Ghent, Belgium (EU), can ship worldwide. Kind regards, Donovan
  13. And replied! *** amp is on hold pednding payment***
  14. O.k. as I've just managed to buy my dream amp (Mesa Boogie) and need some funds asap I've dropped the price by another 20£ to 430£. Usually these go for a lot more on the used market (usually even without the gigbag), so grab yourself a bargain!
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