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  1. Hi Pawel, your bass looks gorgious and it has all the ight hardware as well. What a gem! 😍 I have a few questions tho, hope you don't mind. How's the B-string? Do you have any soundlips? And what's the total weight of the bass? Magnificent instrument! Kind regards, Don
  2. Very fun Indeed, if it wasn't for the fact that I find that black Mustang JMJ signature to be even sexier than this one I would not even consider selling/trading it. It plays so fast and effortles that it makes me wonder why I've waited so long to start exploring the shortscale territory.. The amount of beefy low end that comes out of this little beast is amazing, I was playing some dub yesterday and all I had to do was select the P-pickup, dial back the tone knob and "boem!" there was that dub-sound I've always struggled to achieve with my other basses. ❤️
  3. Just got this from Andertons last week wanting to try out a shortscale. Long story short: I love it! Makes me wonder why I never tried a Mustang and/or a shortscale before. Alas I'm now regretting not going for a US version from the start as I'm not really seeing any use for the added jazz pickup in the music I make and I'm probably gonna want to upgrade to a JMJ mustang anyway as I love the way that one sounds and looks just a tad better than this one, but I can't trade it in anymore as this was already an exchange for some other gear I bought, hence this feeler. I've already put a fresh set of La Bella 760FL-S Deep Talkin Bass strings on them (43£) as they come recomended as the best strings for this type of bass and will also include the original rounds it came with. I still have all the original packaging (Both Fender & Andertons box) and the allen keys and other goodies it came with. Bass was only tested a couple of hours in my livingroom and she's less than a week old, so it's absolutely mint! New these go for 599£, the Labella's were another 43£ and the Mustang PJ in this colour is currently sold out in most places, so grab yourself a bargain and get this brand new bass for 100£ less. Only trades I'm interested in is a JMJ mustang and maybe a Chowny SWB pro or other 32" scale bass as I'm curious about trying one of these as well now..
  4. PIRICE DROP 120Euro/110£, now incl. shipping!!
  5. Open to offers! Will consider a trade with a Russian muff type clone or a 3leaf audio "your Doom". ;)
  6. Bargain deal! Wonderful basses these! ❤️
  7. NOTE: I will now incl. both a EU and UK power supply and will also ad a SA daisy chain cable (TRS mini) to the deal so you can connect your SA pedals together. This gives you the option to control more than one pedal at the time with your hothand or expression pedal. Hi, as I'm going back to a series of selected boutique fuzz pedals for my new pedalboard my SA OFD is up for grabs. It's a cracking little pedal with a build in noise gate and fully tweakable EQ, basically possibilities are endless with this thing.. The pedal comes with the original box and U.K. power supply. As a nice extra I will also ad a wireless HotHand receiver. Diverse Sound Palette — Featuring extremely natural modeling of 12 bass versions of classic overdrive, fuzz, and distortion tones. Compact, cast aluminum housing. 2 User Presets easily recalled via two footswitches. Clean and dirty MIX control to blend the effected tone with the original dry signal. Lo-Retain: Source Audio’s low-end retaining algorithm. 3-band tone control — select between “treble”, “mid”, and “bass” for precision tone sculpting. Noise Gate — easily activated 3-level noise gate. Universal Bypass — selectable buffered or true bypass. Multi-function In — use an expression pedal or the Hot Hand Motion Sensor to morph between presets or manipulate any of the six assignable parameters. MIDI Capable — the Multi-function In jack also allows MIDI access to presets and parameters when used with the Neuro Hub. State-of-the-art DSP — Our proprietary 56-bit Digital Signal Processor, the SA601, and crystal clear 24-bit converters. 9V DC power supply included Dimensions: L: 4.5 in./11.4cm x W: 4.5 in./11.4cm x H: 2.25 in./5.7cm (including knobs) https://www.sourceaudio.net/sb2-ofd-bass-micromodeler.html
  8. Some more pictures I took this morning. As I've already got my eye on a nice fretless 5'er I'm mainly looking for a straight sale, but I might still be interested in some (very specific!) trades, be it either a fretless 5 string PJ OR a decent shortscale, pref. a Mustang JMJ or similar. Kind regards, Stay Safe! D.
  9. I had already withdrawn this, but I've now seen a fretless I like so I'm offering this back up for sale for as long as the fretless is available. The bass is only listed here atm.
  10. Hi bud, I was wondering; why don't you make the Ibanez fretless? I was thinking of offering you my fretted 5string + some cash to get the Ibanez from you to make it fretless as it seems the perfect bass for that with that pickup position and piëzo... Of course that trade doesn't make sense now as I see you're looking for a fretless as well, but that makes me even more curious why you don't just get the Affirma professionally refretted.. Lovely bass btw, I must admit I'm tempted, just have to sell my fretted 5'er first.
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