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  1. Up to earlier this year, my Clearaudio TT and Primare CD 32 player served me very well and cost pretty much the same, when I purchased them. One could out do the other, depending on the mastering of the album that was being played. Both digital and Vinyl are welcome in my world.
  2. Interestingly, I quit playing 3 years ago and enjoy listening to music now more than ever. When I was playing, I tended to listen with a bias towards focusing on the bass part, technique and tone of the track that is playing. Nowadays that bias has diluted and I tend to focus on the music in its totality. Though here in Ireland, live music still has not kicked off just yet due to covid, I look forward to attending gigs just like an enthusiastic punter, rather than a bassist, focusing on the Bass player, what gear he is using and so on.
  3. Lots of opinions on Vinyl V Digital. For me there is room for both. Mastering is critical . I find that the classic rock analogue recordings of the 70's have rarely transferred all that well to digital and remastering for the most part has been disappointing. Digital can sound superb, but the loudness war has really let it down. All IMO.
  4. Sure he cannot slap de bass, so genius he is not
  5. ACS moulded plugs all the way. Initially tinnitus drove me crazy. Distraction methods were a waste of time in my case. Instead I used mindfulness techniques, where I would go to a quiet space and pay attention to my tinnitus, thereby becoming more acquainted with it and diluting its impact. This allowed me to dance with it, rather than engage in a wrestling match, where I was always going to come out the looser.
  6. Yes Blackmore does not have many friends in the Music game. Comes across as dark and not to be messed with. Was an outstanding rock guitarist, though maybe not so much nowadays, as evidenced by his last tour with Rainbow. It happens to the best, as age catches up with us all in the end. Purple are quite happy without him, though for me they are a shadow of what they once were. Gillan's voice has been on the decline for many many years and I find his vocals unlistenable nowadays. But man did he set the bar high!. When he had it, he had it in abundance, but sadly no more Fair play to Purple for soldiering on, but I lost interest in them many years ago. I was their biggest fan back in the day, but their best days are long behind them. Love Morse but not in the context of his work with Purple. Blackmore's stamp is all over the golden age of Purple IMO and could never be replaced. I will always be thankful for them giving us 'Made in Japan'. It kind of changed my life. What a recording!. No overdubs, recorded on the cheap, capturing the mk2 line up at the height of their powers. Sonically an incredible recording, best discovered on the 'porky' vinyl UK pressing. To get back to Blackmore and his menacing ways, check this out
  7. For me, the come back album 'Perfect Strangers' is killer. Indeed the title track from that album, is my favourite Purple track. I saw them in Knebworth touring that album and they were incredible. From then on, with Blackmore on board it was a rapid decline. Steve Morse's first Purple album, 'Purpendicular' has some good moments but nothing much from then on rocks my boat.
  8. That is the beauty of where things are at in terms if choice. There are so many different basses out there to suit different requirements. Some makers sporadically introduce new models and others such as Wal, Jaydee and Sadowsky stick to the tried and trusted, as that is the business model that has been successful for them ( though of these three, as has been said, Jaydee is the only one who will make whatever a customer wants). If a player is not happy with what they have on offer, then they are free to go elsewhere. Jaydee appear to be a company that are not looking to expand and I get that. It sounds like little more than a family business, which there is alot to be said for IMO. I remember attending a 3 day music event several years ago and 90% of the players were using Fender jazz and P basses. There is alot to be said for the tried and trusted.
  9. I had a Roadie active II for many years and similarly to the MK model, the electronics were active/passive with a 3 band eq and 3 way rotary selector ( no idea whether they were identical to the MK ). I preferred the feel and ergonomics of the Roadie over the MK. It served me well, was an excellent bass and very well put together. I moved it on after many years, due to shoulder issues and had to go lightweight, so invested in a Sadowsky NYC. Another fine bass, but not nearly as unique in terms of design, as the Jaydee. Side by side it appears that alot more workmanship goes into the building of the Jaydee, despite the massive difference in price.
  10. Beautiful in white with matching headstock. Any idea whether Jaydee use the same pickups/electronics throughout their range of models?
  11. And at very different price points. The top of the range Roadie II at £1455 is remarkable value IMO
  12. Great post. Jaydee does it at a fraction of the cost of Wal.
  13. Ok. Tina is on BBC 2 right now.
  14. Many years ago I needed to replace the circuit board in my Jaydee and Mr. Diggins posted one out to me. I remember the cost was very reasonable. However, it got lost somewhere in the postal system and without hesitancy, sent another one free of charge. 10/10 customer support.
  15. I guess it is the case of if it ain't broken don't fix it. The waiting time is considerable, which is frustrating for customers, but an indication that the business model is working. Wal are similar in terms of sticking to a winning formula, but very expensive. As I said in a previous post, Jaydee prices represent incredible value. I have owned both a Jaydee and a Wal. I preferred the Jaydee
  16. I used a Jaydee roadie active for many years, indeed I preferred to the Supernatural bass. Ticked all the boxes and currently priced at €1650, which IMO has got to be one of the best bang for buck basses out there. Excellently crafted, original design and just a beautiful bass.
  17. Very sorry to hear this. Can you offer more details of what happened?
  18. Last year I was importing speakers from Norway to Ireland with Fedex and received an email stating that the goods would be going out for delivery, once I had paid import duty and taxes. All was well with that and I paid the fee over the phone which to rhe best of my memory €450 euro approx. The following day I discovered the £450 pounds sterling had been withdrawn from my account as opposed to euro. I went through months of phone calls and emails to have the difference reimbursed. Eventually succeeded but was still left with the currency conversion charges, which Fedex refused to pay. Never again will I use Fedex. In my case they were incompetent and stole money from me.
  19. I think you have beautifully nailed Scott when you say he was a hurricane. Live or in studio he was exceptional. Likewise I agree with your description of Johnston as being forced etc, and that's exactly why I could not enjoy Back in black and what followed. This all begs the question 'what the hell has this got to do with a Geddy Lee genius thread?'😂
  20. Agreed that Bon was irreplaceable. IMO his vocals were integral to the AC/DC sound that was lost forever. Of course it is a matter of taste but for me Johnston was a turn off. I just cannot listen to him.
  21. Know what you mean, but for different reasons maybe. As a 16 year old mega AC/DC fan, I cried like a baby when Bon Scott died. The next time I cried was when I bought Back in Black and could not believe how poor Johnston sounded to my ears, when compared with the brilliance of Scott. There and then my love affair with AC/DC ended As for Geddy Lee, love the guy. Great singer and player
  22. Here is a link to a detailed thread on isoacoustics isolation https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/isoacoustics-isolators.251563/
  23. And is the bog standard precision better than a cheap as chips Sire
  24. I get that, but when compared with IMO better value alternatives, their price new is too much. I was blown away by a cheap as chips Sire j bass at a fraction of the price. It had alot more in common with the Sadowsky than I would have imagined. Of course the all important Sadowsky brand name was missing from the headstock and that was probably its major failing.
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