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  1. I keep coming back to this. I have 2 already so just no need for another but, it is very lovely in black. I'd keep it, if I were you. For me, the best basses out there, bar none. I hope it sells soon. GLWTS ⭐
  2. DOH! Just reread your post. FFS! 😥
  3. You kept that one quiet....... If you ever decide to sell it, please, give me first option. That's the one I have always been after and would go beautifully with my red sparkle.
  4. He originally used Quarter Pounders, I believe. I put them in my Precision because he used them, along with a Badass II bridge 😉
  5. Have a listen to this. I really think you will enjoy ⭐😉
  6. Steve Harris Billy Sheehan Chris Squire Geddy Lee David Ellefson
  7. I used to cramp a lot about 17 years ago. It was all down to how the bass sat on me, and therefore how my hand angles were on the neck and over over the body of the bass. I went to a local bass teacher / friend as I thought it was technique, which it partly was. As soon as I started playing for him, he saw it immediately. I lowered the bass by a considerable amount to get the angles right i.e. no more right angles where the blood flow is restricted, and presto, I have never cramped since during a show. It was a revelation. Simple, small adjustments was all that was needed. Amazing. Keep hydrated too, that does help. Good luck 😊
  8. How much? $30 for a download? $10,000 for a day in the studio and a bass that costs around £1100.00. I was never a fan of the crowdfunding thing. It always seemed like a begging bowl situation. I know it has worked for bands, and worked well but to me, it's a business and if you believe in your product, you invest in your product and hopefully with hard work and a bit of luck, like anything in life, you can recoup / make a profit and continue to work at your business. $50,000 for a solo bass album? Really? Sorry if my comments p**s anyone off, just my opinion
  9. Definitely the white. It looks lovely. Congrats on your new bass ⭐️
  10. I'd invite them both back for another run through of the songs but let them know that they have been "whittled" done to, the last 2 singers. They don't have to know that there weren't other applicants and maybe, knowing that they are "THE" two choices, it may give them added incentive to pick up their games either 1) vocally and 2) communication and enthusiasm wise. I think nerves may also have a part to play, too. It manifests itself in funny ways sometimes. Meeting new people especially in a group situation can be quite unnerving, as we are all aware. Maybe a 2nd audition will improve their confidence. Good luck either way ⭐
  11. The stability is just amazing. Glad you decided to keep it too. There is bugging like them out there, in my opinion. Like you, I’ve had Dingwalls along with many other great basses but this is honestly the first time I feel wholly at home with a bass. Enjoy and go try an Excess 5 as well 😉
  12. The necks really are beautiful. They just feel right and in the end, that was the final selling point for me. I played a Yamaha 2025x and my amber one back to back, it was no contest, for me. A very smooth, comfortable feel. I hope you get one soon, @ped. What would you have?
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