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  1. Best compressor pedal?

    Man, that is one yellow pedal Just watched the demo though and looks very interesting. Thank you
  2. Best compressor pedal?

    You're a star. Thanks bud PS On a separate note, don't forget to send me all the details as discussed with Alice
  3. Best compressor pedal?

    Top of the pops. Thanks buddy. I shall search out the video and appreciate the insight. I think this is the route I am going to take
  4. Best compressor pedal?

    Very cool. The TC looks like it is the way for me to go. I was impressed with it when I had the RH750 but wasn't sure how it would translate outside of the "box" if you know what I mean. Good to hear that you feel it is an improvement. Thanks
  5. Best compressor pedal?

    Brilliant, thanks mate. That's exactly what I need to know. Does it colour the sound in anyway?
  6. Best compressor pedal?

    Thanks everyone for your invaluable input. Plenty of food for thought. I only use one type of bass (though I have 2 of them) so for me, it's really about having a compressor, setting it and leaving it well alone. I also don't like too many options when it comes to settings etc as I get really bad option anxiety ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. The SpectraComp seems the simplest and most practical idea at the moment but, I am looking in to all the pedals you guys have mentioned. Thanks again
  7. Best compressor pedal?

    Fantastic, thanks T-Bay
  8. Best compressor pedal?

    Very interesting dannybuoy. Thank you. I do use just one bass well, 2 basses but, they are the same model. I really want something that can be set and forgotten about. The path of least resistance and all that
  9. New Duff Mckagen bass? - Rig Rundown

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha I look forward to finding out what happens next
  10. Watts on BC?

    It's brilliant. Really great fun thing to do. I like the interactivity of it all. You guys have built a great place to be. Thank you
  11. Watts on BC?

    Ha! Fantastic. I feel brighter already Cheers charic, great idea
  12. Watts on BC?

    Loving the new BC layout, nice work one and all but, can someone please explain what the "watts" thing is please? Some people have none and some, loads. Sorry if the question sounds silly but I can't find out what it is and what it is for. Cheers
  13. Best compressor pedal?

    Appreciate this grandad
  14. Best compressor pedal?

    I think you have described exactly what I want JBP. Thank you. I shall check out the MXR as well. Cheers
  15. Best compressor pedal?

    Yeah, I hear you on that but, there is no way I'll be able to try out everything ha ha ha ha ha ha. If the kind folk here start mentioning certain models more frequently, it'll be easier for me to narrow my search. Thanks Osiris, appreciate your input and will certainly look at the SpectraComp. I have used it when I had my TC RH750 so yes, that gives me a good basis for comparison