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  1. Just having a quick "flick" through it. A lot of information indeed but, that's good. Got to love BC 😉
  2. Hey @CameronJ thanks so much. Appreciated bud ⭐
  3. This is something I've been thinking about for a while now. I love that feeling of an amp on stage but the inconstancy that it can bring sound wise due to mix issues, different stage acoustics and room dynamics etc, has me seriously thinking about going down the pre-amp (either Line6 Helix or AxeFX AX) and high quality moulded in-ears, route. My friend's band all use in-ears and at first, when I saw them live, the lack of back-line "freaked" me out a bit. I felt the out front sound was lacking because there was no back-line but I realised, in fairness, the PA was shockingly bad. The next time I saw them, the sound was wonderful and even when you got near the stage, the lack of back-line wasn't so noticeable. I also appreciated the space they had on stage. They looked happy too, because they could hear everything and react to it. I also love the thought of not being deafened on stage. I'm an ardent user of ear protection (Minerva -18Db plugs) due to slight tinnitus in my right ear but, on occasions, I have found myself loosening them to get that on-stage feel and dynamic you get when a band is really rocking out together. I really feel it is time for a change....... Has anyone here gone down this route? How much of an adjustment was it? What gear do you use? What gear did you use? How do you find the interaction with your band? Has it changed the dynamic for the better or worse?
  4. That is lovely. Always loved the look of these. GLWTS.
  5. Uninvited Guest by Marillion is actually about AIDs. I had no idea until about 7 years ago.
  6. Wonderfully dark, quirky and yet, poppy. Love it........ ⭐
  7. Why? Stop it! Please! Someone buy this now or the bank account gets it....... Always wanted one of these but the Vigier won out. I still want one though and was hoping no one would sell one. What a beauty. GLWTS 😳🥴
  8. Horses for courses I suppose but, I don't get it at all. I only found out about this guy today. Great player but after doing some research, his Jazz bass definitely sounded better, in my opinion. He needs overdrive, steel round wounds, tone controls and a low B 😂 😆
  9. That is beautiful. I will own one of these, one day. Great playing, too. GLWTS.
  10. Write an e-mail detailing the reasons and try and keep it fair, no matter how you feel. What ever happens, 99.5% of the time, there will be fallout. A bit of distance and time will hopefully heal any wounds or fallout, because of the decision. Bands are very strange beasts. There's nothing like them out there in the real world when it comes to falling out over someone's decision to leave or, getting fired. Good luck and happy new travels.
  11. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, he is a lovely fella. He has his moments though unlike us bass players 😂
  12. Thank you for the support. This situation closed the band down, obviously. I had no say in it, obviously again, but the farewell shows are my opportunity to say “thank you and good bye” on my terms. Sorry we couldn’t head up North but either way, thank you so much for getting behind us. It was a hell of a ride ⭐️
  13. The original keyboard player (Gareth Jones) in my band The Reasoning. He was shagging my wife, who was the singer, for 8 years and then ran off with her. An utter cnut! He thought he was God's gift as well. Average at best, seriously and that's not bitterness talking. He was just an average pub player / singer. The ego and arrogance was flabbergasting. Looks like the wife fell for it. Ever since I have an inherent hatred and distrust for keyboard players. True story 😲 😉
  14. Mike Lull PJ5s come as 35”. I had one and it was beautiful. No idea why I let it go but, it was lovely to play.
  15. Without a shadow of a doubt. Maybe Sheldon could release a "prototype" as an April Fools, just so we can see one 😉 😁
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