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  1. I have my eye on a piece of gear for my studio, so I really need this to go to a new home. Therefore, I am doing a huge price drop to £550.00. This amp is in brand new condition, I promise. Grab yourself a real bargain, and help my studio be the best it can, in the process ☺️ Cheers! ⭐️
  2. That is very interesting to hear. I shall go investigating the OPB3. Thanks fir the heads up ⭐️
  3. I had the original 2x10, and it was SO heavy for such a small cabinet. I have to be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of it. Really, to get any real tone, you need to push the cab but it really couldn’t handle the low B too well. You would really need a 4x10 but the weight of that scared me half to death. The cab also had to go back due to an issue with the tolex. It came loose, unbeknownst to me, and sounded like a speaker had gone. Darkglass knew what the issue was, and solved it without a problem. A great company but, the cabs didn’t work for me. I sold it to recently. I’m going IEMs. These new cabs look interesting, weight wise. I’ll be interested to see how people get on with them. I also like that they have done a 2x12 version.
  4. I had a few of Mk 1 TRB6. 3 of them were unbelievable, and I have no idea why I sold them. Gutted. There was a black one that was one if the best basses I have played. Idiot 😳🙄
  5. It looks amazing mate, and I have to be honest, the 605 is the one I’d go for. As you say, a lot of bass for under a grand. I’d want something I didn’t have to mess about with, as my Vigier’s will always be my goto basses. As I said to Dave, above, I think I need to find one, try one, and see how I feel. Appreciate your help, and so grad you love yours. Let me know how you feel once you have changed the pre-amp ⭐️
  6. Thank you Dave, for the information. They do look the part, and I bet they feel great but the electronics were always my concern at that price point. Interesting about the ‘B’ string as well. I think I need to try one. Appreciate your input ⭐️
  7. I couldn't be happier with my two Vigier Excess 5 basses, they are truly the best basses I have owned/played, and they will always be my "go to" instruments but, I have huge GAS for a Yamaha TRBX505 and/or 605. I've had 5 Yamaha TRB6 basses over the past 15 years (all gone now), and loved them, but the craving for another Yamaha is rather large. Has anyone played/owned/sold one recently? What did you like about them? What didn't you like about them? If you have sold one, why? I love the look, and I like the fact they have a 34" scale length, unlike the TRB1005J basses. Cure me of my GAS, please.......
  8. This must go, I am no longer using it, and it's just sat in its box. Go on, give it a new home 😉
  9. I’ve been looking at Stranberg basses recently, so these really interest me, and especially at the price point indicated earlier in the thread.......
  10. Bump for a price reduction. Will sell for £600.00 firm. This is a real deal for a mint conditioned, and powerful / versatile amp. Option to deliver now added.
  11. I’m selling my Darkglass M900 V1 amp, plus Darkglass case. This amp is in brand new condition. It comes with the original box / packaging. The footswitch has never been used. This amp has been used in rehearsals, and on 6 gigs which were the recent ones (December 2019) I did supporting Steve Harris' British Lion around the UK. If it helps, this amp was played through his Iron Maiden speakers and it sounded even more amazing, but that could just because I couldn't believe I was playing through his speakers, and/or touring with my hero. Anyway,. I have finally shifted to In Ears, so this is now surplus to requirements. An incredibly versatile amp, and not just for metal. In covers all eras of music, easily. It’s also, very powerful. Collection from Cardiff is preferred but I am happy to meet within a 50-mile radius of Cardiff, and if preferred, I'm happy to post at the buyer's expense. Grab a real bargain, now. If you have any questions, please drop me a PM, I am happy to help in any way I can. No trades please, as I have all the equipment I need. Thank you. Take care, and Happy New Year to one and all.
  12. Decided to keep the amp for my studio. Now just selling the cabinet. Revised post, and price, completed. Cheers.
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