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  1. mattbass6

    Best bass in the world?

    Mine is my Vigier Excess 5 bass. Tried nearly everything and owned a lot of them too but for me, nothing beats it. I love it so much, I have another on order. They do everything I desire from a bass. They fit like a glove. My perfect choice and I haven't looked at another since. Great question and really nicely put, too. Bravo 😊
  2. mattbass6

    Geddy bass book: SPECIAL EDITION

    That's a gross profit of nearly $250,000. Sweet Christ on a bike......... Where do I sign up 😲
  3. mattbass6

    Yamaha TRB6P

    I had 2 of these and wish I had kept one of them. Amazing basses. Good luck with the sale 😊
  4. mattbass6

    Vigier Porn!

    Morning. I'm afraid I don't have it. There was a little delay but, that's all good. I have my no.1 but, I am looking forward to when this new beasty arrives. As soon as it does, I will post some pics, I promise 😊
  5. mattbass6

    I don't practice - enough is enough

    Good for you and, good luck. I agree with the comments that it's better to play everyday for a shorter period of time. You retain far more information and don't get as frustrated. If something isn't working, come back to it with a clear head the next day and break it down. It really helps build stamina and focus technique. I put in 30 minutes every day and it has made a huge difference to my playing focus wise and technique wise.
  6. mattbass6

    New Bass Day

    Well done. Glad you got one at last but like you, I found them a "pig" to play. I was never a Ricky fan but wanted to try one just to see what the fuss was all about. I couldn't see it myself but, that didn't surprise me. I'm sure you'll get there in the end. Good luck.
  7. Oh gosh!! 😲 I would love this SO much. GLWTS 😍
  8. mattbass6

    Vigier Porn!

    Very cool indeed. Nice 😁
  9. mattbass6

    NBD: Classic Charvel Pointiness!!

    Very cool. I always wanted one of these or a Jackson or, a BC Rich. Ahhhhhh man, got some pointiness GAS now and I just don't need one. Thanks 😂
  10. mattbass6

    - WITHDRAWN - FS MusicMan Bongo 6 HS

    It's a little joke as there is no bass in the case therefore, it must be in "stealth" mode 😉 Lovely bass by the way. I had one and loved it. GLWTS.
  11. mattbass6

    The Rush Tribute Project

    Fabulous. That is quite remarkable 😮
  12. mattbass6

    Steve Harris Blue Sparkle Precision SOLD

    I want this so bad, just because. I'd buy a monitor and stick my foot on it whilst watching, Live After Death....... I am so tempted 😋
  13. mattbass6

    Heat and setups

    It's "one" of the reasons I will never switch from Vigier. I remember the days of constantly shifting necks on my Bongo's, Warwick's and Yamaha's - it drove me to distraction 😂 The Dingwall's were pretty good actually but with my Vigier's, there is never, ever any movement. What goes in the case, comes back out the same in any climate. Perfect 😉
  14. mattbass6

    What are you listening to right now?

    The metal growls did get a bit too much, I agree. The Astonishing was astonishingly bad. Just awful Listened once, tried again but put the CD back in the case and stuck it in the rack. No idea what they were trying to do. I do wish Portnoy would return because I do feel they are lost without him. Let's hope they come back with something amazing. I have followed them all their career and seen them on every tour but the last time I saw them in Cardiff, I very nearly fell asleep. A downturn is always inevitable but hopefully, they are the way back up again because I do love this band