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  1. Good to hear. Glad you are keeping this beaut of a bass ☺️✌🏼
  2. That may well work. The one you gave demonstrated would be too big, but if I got the right dimensions for you, maybe we could chat? Thanks so much ☺️🙏🏻
  3. Sorry mods, I meant to post this in the bass section. Can it be moved there please? I’m not sure this thread is the correct one. Cheers ☺️
  4. Evening all. Advice appreciated please. I have 2 very lovely Spector basses (an LX4 and Euro Bolt 4) both with reverse P and J pups. I play very close to the bridge naturally, but sometimes, especially when playing the open E, move between the pups so would like somewhere to rest the old thumb. Does anyone know of custom made thumb rests to purchase? I don’t necessarily want the typical ramp, but if that is the only option, who are the best people to approach? Thanks in advance. Cheers ☺️🌟
  5. So much better. Thank you, and great job. I much prefer dark themes. Cheers ☺️🌟
  6. This was mine originally, and I miss it loads. I did the bridge upgrade, and it made all the difference. @Yan_Hureiis a wonderful guy to deal with, so deal with confidence. If I could get this back in the stable, I really would. It was the bass I recorded my latest album with, and sounds epic. GLWTS ☺️
  7. I have an ‘86 MIJ Precision with a maple board, and the neck does not move. I once didn’t play it for 8 years, and when I did start using it again last year, the strings were still in tune and the neck relief hadn’t shifted. Amazing bass.
  8. Did you sell the chrome hardware, or is it still available? ✌🏼
  9. Sorry, I skimmed the post in excitement. You did state clearly. My bad. Cheers ☺️
  10. Love this. Any trades? PS Is the chrome hardware still available?
  11. It is a thing of beauty, and never been an issue weight wise, live ☺️
  12. Happy to meet half way if that suits? I will say though, it’s going to be how you like to set up a bass that will determine your love / dislike of the “B”. I will say that it is precise, clear and easy to play. The way Vigier have the design is amazing. This bass has done 2 albums, gigged and every engineer / sound guy has only ever been truly complimentary ☺️
  13. Hi, this is around 8.3/8.4lbs or around 3.8kg. I hope that helps. Cheers ☺️
  14. Just cannot believe this is still here. I keep coming back to look. GLWTS ☺️
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