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  1. What a stunning bass. Very, very tempted. I loved the original 80’s versions.......
  2. If this was in the UK, I’d be all over this. I always wanted one. I hope someone buys it soon so I can stop looking.
  3. Why is this still here? Please someone buy it as my resistance is weakening.......
  4. Thank you so much Jack for your openness, it is really appreciated. I’m definitely interested and will be in touch, either way, in due course. Take care. Cheers, Matt ✌🏼
  5. These really have interested at the moment. May I ask, what style of band do you play in? How hard has this amp been pushed, and how many gigs has it done? Sorry for all the questions, but I never normally look at 2nd hand amps as you never really know how hard it has been pushed, so I end up buying new to be on the safe side. I am genuinely interested though. Cheers ✌🏼
  6. Wonderful cabs.The sound on these things is just incredible. I used these at a couple of festivals and they served me so well, plus the sound men loved them. I only moved it on after 3 of us had to carry it up 3 flights of stairs at a gig in Glasgow. Great price. GLWTS.
  7. The original case would be a tolex, rectangular case like the one attached to this post, if that helps ☺️
  8. It is the sane one, serial numbers match. I am so tempted at that BIN price. I loved my 5 string version, but now I’ve moved back to 4, I fancy one again.
  9. I miss my Dimension. Wonderful basses. So tempted by this beauty.
  10. I wish I could justify this at the moment. I have an Ultra that I am utterly in love with so this would be a perfect gigging companion, and there’s the reason I can’t buy it at this moment. That bass is a real beauty. What a colour, what a price. Whoever gets this, will be one lucky mutha ⭐️
  11. Sell it to me, and use the money to go buy a 2nd hand Precision you can experiment on ✌ *** I know you don’t want to sell it, but still worth a try 😉 ***
  12. Yep. Just put a set of Rotosound Flatwounds on my old ‘86 Jap Precision. An instant dislike. I was never a fan of Rotosound but as I wanted to experiment because I’m a Steve Harris fan, I thought I’d give ‘em another go. Don’t get it. Dunlop Steel Superbright Roundwounds are now back on it. My fave strings. Phew! So much better. Worth a try though 😬
  13. SOLD. Please remove. Thank you.
  14. Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. The first time I heard the band, the first time I saw the images, the first time I saw them live, the first time I heard/saw that bass, I had to play bass. I was lucky enough to support British Lion in December, and play through his Iron Maiden cabs (only 1 of the 4 he brought out with him), and I got to chat to him as a “peer”. What a brilliant, engaging and funny guy he is. Mind blown. 16 year old me would never believe it was possible ☺️⭐️
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