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  1. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha still laughing. Perfect answer and applies here, too
  2. Real or fake Fender?

    Fake. It looks like one of those old Kay basses.
  3. Bassist Ad again

    He clearly needs help....... I think he may be going solo from here on in.
  4. Vigier Porn!

    I've seen some pictures and it looked amazing. I hope I can make it next year
  5. Vigier Porn!

    Ahhhh, that’s cool. Have fun and please pass on my regards to Ben. I genuine agree, the Vigier bunch are great. Enjoy the show. Wish I could have made it this year.
  6. Vigier Porn!

    I know, bloody crazy isn’t it 🤪 That’s so cool about my no. 1 starting you off on your Vigier quest. Sweet!! As for my new one, I’ve been lucky enough to secure an artist endorsement with them so, I’m getting it directly from Vigier and High Tech Distribution. So excited. Really cannot wait 😉
  7. Vigier Porn!

    @Snarf That is just the tip of the iceberg for me 😂 I was a 6 stringer before I moved 5. Then I went though - 6 Warwick’s, 7 Yamaha’s TRB & RBX, 2 Dingwalls, 4 MM Bongo’s (2 x 6 strings and 2 x 5 strings), 1 MTD 5 string, 2 Fender Dimension 5s (1 x US Deluxe and 1 x Squire Deluxe), 2 Ibanez 4 strings, 1 Marlin Slammer, 1 Squire Jazz, 1 Hohner Steinberg and 1 Fender Precision MIJ 4 which I still have to this day. My folks bought it for me for Christmas, back in ‘86. I’m sure that’s pretty much it including the previously mentioned Mike Lull and Fenders 😳😂
  8. Vigier Porn!

    It was the first Vigier I tried as well but, it was a long(ish) time before it became mine. I ended up with a Mike Lull PJ5 and then sold that for 2 US Fender Precision 5 but every time I saw the Vigier I wondered why I hadn't bought it. One morning, seriously, I woke up and thought "that's it, I've got to have it" so, I sold both the Precision's and bought the Vigier. I haven't thought of buying another bass since, no GAS at all. I really have found my home hence the purchase of another Excess 5. It's taken me a long time, taken me on a cool journey of discovery and cost me a lot of money but to be here, has been worth it
  9. Vigier Porn!

    Oh my, they are lovely. Very nice @ped As soon as the new bass arrives, I will certainly post a few pics. I'm super excited and have always wanted a purple bass and like you, I have never seen an EXCESS 5 in purple but I have seen an ARPEGE V 5 string. I have attached the picture below. It is stunning
  10. Vigier Porn!

    That is beautiful @Snarf I love that finish and colour. I have attached a picture of my no.1 and when my new Excess 5 arrives in purple this time, I'll post it then. Enjoy and this has turned in to my new fave BC thread ha ha ha ha ha ha
  11. Will do. I've had my number 1 for 3 years now and it has surpassed all expectations. Looking forward to the new one arriving. Did you post pics of yours somewhere? So good to meet another Excess player
  12. I have my new Excess 5 coming in next month too, hopefully. The only basses for me now. Love them so much. Looking forward to comparing notes PS Lovely Warwick. I had a couple and they are great basses. GLWTS.
  13. NBD: Pino-like Fretless Ray

    Fantastic news and congrats on both outcomes. Enjoy
  14. I can't believe this is still here. I'm super tempted but I have no idea what it will sound like. If you were around the corner, I pop over and give this a try. I just can't take the risk of buying it, having it sent and not being satisfied with it. I wish you the very best of luck with the sale and hope it goes soon. Have a BUMP on me.......
  15. Yamaha TRBX600 series NEW

    I tried a 500 series last year and was most unimpressed with the sound and feel. I'm a huge fan of the original TRB I basses. They sounded and felt very special. I know the on board electronics could be a little noisy but it was easy to sort. I really wish Yamaha would take those basses in to account. I understand it's about moving forward as a company as well but the TRB I's were so right in my opinion, of course. The new Yamaha basses look ace but I have to be honest, the sound on the TRBX600 being demonstrated left me feeling cold. I'd still like to try one.