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  1. mattbass6

    Steve Harris Blue Sparkle Precision

    Snap πŸ˜‰
  2. mattbass6

    Steve Harris Blue Sparkle Precision

    I want this so bad, just because. I'd buy a monitor and stick my foot on it whilst watching, Live After Death....... I am so tempted πŸ˜‹
  3. mattbass6

    Heat and setups

    It's "one" of the reasons I will never switch from Vigier. I remember the days of constantly shifting necks on my Bongo's, Warwick's and Yamaha's - it drove me to distraction πŸ˜‚ The Dingwall's were pretty good actually but with my Vigier's, there is never, ever any movement. What goes in the case, comes back out the same in any climate. Perfect πŸ˜‰
  4. mattbass6

    What are you listening to right now?

    The metal growls did get a bit too much, I agree. The Astonishing was astonishingly bad. Just awful Listened once, tried again but put the CD back in the case and stuck it in the rack. No idea what they were trying to do. I do wish Portnoy would return because I do feel they are lost without him. Let's hope they come back with something amazing. I have followed them all their career and seen them on every tour but the last time I saw them in Cardiff, I very nearly fell asleep. A downturn is always inevitable but hopefully, they are the way back up again because I do love this band
  5. mattbass6

    Show us your set up.

    The combination of the Vigier and the Darkglass is truly stunning. The bass is second to none. I love it so much! So much so, I have another coming this year. I really have found my home with Vigier and now, with Darkglass too. The cabs are a revelation. Very pure and dynamic plus, plenty of headroom. I used to have a TC rig and though great, you could hear the "colouring" of the amp and cabs. As stated, these are very "clean" and pure. Beautifully made as well. I'm going to get another 2x10 in the coming months. Monster tones and sound πŸ˜‹
  6. mattbass6

    Show us your set up.

    Here’s mine ☺️
  7. mattbass6

    What are you listening to right now?

    Still one of my faves along with Images and Words & Octavarium. Full of melodies and hooks. They have lost the plot these days but really hoping the new one, currently being written, will bring back the melodies I loved them for.
  8. mattbass6

    What are you listening to right now?

    Dream Theater - Falling Into Infinity. Melodic and classy.
  9. mattbass6

    Latest 'Yes' live album

    I love a bit of YES and if I had to choose my fave 3 albums I would have no hesitation in recommending - 90125 Big Generator TALK Classics all of them. Rabin on guitar is just sublime. Was never a huge fan of Howe but he works well with the band. Rabin however just has that something special. I'm really looking forward to the YES - ARW release and Lee apart from being a lovely guy is a monster player. Perfect for this band.
  10. mattbass6

    A relic too far?!

    Precisely. Absolutely agree. There are some really lovely relic'd basses out there and a lot quite natural though some do look forced but, this makes no sense to be but then again, I suppose it ain't aimed at someone like me
  11. mattbass6

    A relic too far?!

    That actually made me feel a little "ill". What is that neck joint all about? I wonder if any one will buy it and, use it? I wonder what the neck stability is like? Β£5K too? I'm all for companies trying new things but that, to me, seems a step too far.......
  12. mattbass6

    Vigier Porn!

    As soon as it gets here I promise, I'll get pics posted ASAP πŸ˜‹
  13. That is wonderful πŸ˜‹
  14. mattbass6

    Lost a great venue at the weekend

    A real shame I played there a couple of times in the small and larger venue. Fantastic pace and great team. So sorry to have see and hear about this. I'm glad no one was hurt.
  15. mattbass6

    Vigier Porn!

    It was a little strange at first especially when you were shifting between basses. I had a Bongo V when I first had my Vigier and the feel in tension especially was noticeable. However, the more I played the Vigier the more it felt right. The neck is straight and flat and never shifts. I did a gig in Norway and took the both basses. The Bongo neck had moved quite a bit but the Vigier stayed where it was That was it for me, the Bongo was sold and I haven't looked back. That solidity, reliability are only part of the selling points. The feel of the necks are second to none and you get used to not having a trust rod very quickly.