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  1. I had 2 of these basses and regretted selling them. So great to play. GLWTS ☺️
  2. I’m amazed this hasn’t shifted yet, let alone get any interest. Fingers crossed ☺️
  3. Snap 😂 Going to bring out my modded SH P bass tomorrow to satisfy that need 😃
  4. Soooooo tempted……. I want another 6’er for a future project that I know is happening, but not sure if 1) I need to buy one right now or 2) I go all out and buy a new Spector Pulse II 6. Either way, I will want to change the pre and pups on both. Leave it with me 🫣
  5. May I just say, I’ve been here since 2009 and in that time, I’ve met some amazing people with quite a few becoming firm friends. I’ve bought great gear here without any hassle, sold gear without any hassle, and engaged in great conversations about all things bass. What a great space to share with so many likeminded folk. Thanks to all who frequent this place. I just wanted to acknowledge how valuable this place is. Cheers ☺️
  6. That is bloody lovely. Always wanted one, along with a Jackson, in my formative years. Still look ace. GLWTS ☺️
  7. I felt the same for a while, too. I’ve been through a load of them and one tried a full Ampeg SVT II rig. The difference was frightening, so was the size, and weight issues 😂 I took a punt on an Aguilar ToneHammer 500, and initial playing about left me cold, but some research, advice and persistence led me to believe that I may have found something that actually works. If this fails, which I don’t think it will, and go all our IEM because the prospect of going back to huge, heavy rigs is just not an option.
  8. You would just need to look at the neck relief, and of course either change the nut, or get a tech guy to “refashion” the slits to accommodate the string width, depending on current gauge, tension, and type of string. I’m a perfectionist, so I’d want every aspect covered. That’s just me. Either way, try it and if things aren’t right for you, it shouldn’t be too much hassle in the hands of the right person. I can point you in the right direction if you want some help.
  9. That is just lovely. I wanted this 1st time around. If it wasn’t for the fact I’m buying a guitar for the studio, I’d buy this now. GLWTS ☺️
  10. Ha ha ha ha ha ha 😳😂
  11. That looks very lovely. I do prefer it without the stickers, but it ain’t my bass 😉 Is the neck rounded like the Euro Bolts? Any chance of seeing the neck please? That colour is lush. Happy NBD ☺️
  12. @Yan_Hurieyas we were discussing 😉
  13. A pleasure doing business with you, buddy ☺️
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