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  1. mattbass6

    The Proper Way To Give Notice To Your Band

    Write an e-mail detailing the reasons and try and keep it fair, no matter how you feel. What ever happens, 99.5% of the time, there will be fallout. A bit of distance and time will hopefully heal any wounds or fallout, because of the decision. Bands are very strange beasts. There's nothing like them out there in the real world when it comes to falling out over someone's decision to leave or, getting fired. Good luck and happy new travels.
  2. mattbass6

    Worst Band Mates Ever!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, he is a lovely fella. He has his moments though unlike us bass players πŸ˜‚
  3. mattbass6

    Worst Band Mates Ever!

    Thank you for the support. This situation closed the band down, obviously. I had no say in it, obviously again, but the farewell shows are my opportunity to say β€œthank you and good bye” on my terms. Sorry we couldn’t head up North but either way, thank you so much for getting behind us. It was a hell of a ride ⭐️
  4. mattbass6

    Worst Band Mates Ever!

    The original keyboard player (Gareth Jones) in my band The Reasoning. He was shagging my wife, who was the singer, for 8 years and then ran off with her. An utter cnut! He thought he was God's gift as well. Average at best, seriously and that's not bitterness talking. He was just an average pub player / singer. The ego and arrogance was flabbergasting. Looks like the wife fell for it. Ever since I have an inherent hatred and distrust for keyboard players. True story 😲 πŸ˜‰
  5. mattbass6

    35 Inch Scale P bass????

    Mike Lull PJ5s come as 35”. I had one and it was beautiful. No idea why I let it go but, it was lovely to play.
  6. mattbass6

    Dingwall DBird 5

    Without a shadow of a doubt. Maybe Sheldon could release a "prototype" as an April Fools, just so we can see one πŸ˜‰ 😁
  7. mattbass6

    Dingwall DBird 5

    And I completely understand that. I love the look of the basses and the feel of the necks (not so much the sound TBH) but, I'd love to see a paralleled fretted version. Just an observation and not a criticism.
  8. mattbass6

    Dingwall DBird 5

    Slightly off topic and I apologise, but has Dingwall ever done a non fan fretted bass? I had 2 Dingwalls (ABZ6 and AB16) and I always thought I'd have loved them if they had been conventionally fretted. Back on topic, this looks lovely but still not a Thunderbird fan....... Sorry.
  9. mattbass6

    New Yamaha Nathan East signature

    So fugly. Great player though, obviously. The design and weight don't seem to make much sense to me but hey, I don't have to play it. Guesses on price? Β£4k I reckon.......
  10. mattbass6

    NBD Sadowsky NYC Satin

    That is beautiful and I am not normally a Jazz bass fan. It looks amazing but, your F Bass is something else. That made me visit the F Bass site and has reignited a lot of GAS. Thanks for that πŸ™„πŸ˜‚
  11. mattbass6

    When "new" isn't very new at all.

    I've been caught out like this before. When I did some other purchases after the event, I asked if I could have said item direct from the warehouse instead of one, from the shop floor. I recently bought a 7 string Ibanez and that came from the warehouse, it was not in good shape. The bridge was at a funny angle, a machine head was wonky and the volume knob kept falling off. They offered me Β£25 off ha ha ha ha ha ha. I just sent it back and got my money back. If there is a next time, I'l just go to the shop and try it there and then. Way too much hassle to be honest. That's just my experience and opinion, of course.
  12. mattbass6

    New Fender Duff Mckagan Deluxe Bass

    The white pearl one looks lovely. A shame about the block inlays but, that's just a personal thing. Looks ace.
  13. mattbass6

    So, I answered an Ad.....

    Try and call on musicians you know and trust or, musicians recommended by friends / fellow musicians. You'll automatically have an understanding between you. I know it's not always that easy but it's the safest bet 99% of the time πŸ˜‰
  14. mattbass6

    If I wasn't mad on.... I think I'd try...

    I had 2. An ABZ 6 and an AB1 6. Both lovely. Great construction and the fan frets were fine but, I did find them a little more tricky past the 12th fret and I know, you shouldn't be playing up the dusty end I also found them difficult for any chord work as well. They were / are super light weight and look amazing but I thought the sound was a little "flat" for my liking. I wish they'd make a straight fretted version though, I'd buy that. The fan fret was a fun thing for me and I'm glad I tried it though maybe, I should have started with a 2nd hand model instead of diving in at the top end πŸ˜‚
  15. mattbass6

    Shuker J Basses.

    I genuinely wish I hadn't started reading this thread....... I went on the Shuker site and starting looking at the P basses. Crikey, I saw this one and fell in love with the body wood. I'd love this as a 5 string with the addition of a J PUP plus 21 fret and with a maple board (not a rosewood type). Awwwww man, why me? πŸ™„πŸ˜‚