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  1. Sell it to me, and use the money to go buy a 2nd hand Precision you can experiment on ✌ *** I know you don’t want to sell it, but still worth a try 😉 ***
  2. Yep. Just put a set of Rotosound Flatwounds on my old ‘86 Jap Precision. An instant dislike. I was never a fan of Rotosound but as I wanted to experiment because I’m a Steve Harris fan, I thought I’d give ‘em another go. Don’t get it. Dunlop Steel Superbright Roundwounds are now back on it. My fave strings. Phew! So much better. Worth a try though 😬
  3. SOLD. Please remove. Thank you.
  4. Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. The first time I heard the band, the first time I saw the images, the first time I saw them live, the first time I heard/saw that bass, I had to play bass. I was lucky enough to support British Lion in December, and play through his Iron Maiden cabs (only 1 of the 4 he brought out with him), and I got to chat to him as a “peer”. What a brilliant, engaging and funny guy he is. Mind blown. 16 year old me would never believe it was possible ☺️⭐️
  5. Afternoon one and all, I hope you are well and keeping safe. Just a quick question, if you don’t mind. I’m thinking of buying an Orange OBC212 cab. I had the pleasure of playing through a rig made up of 12” speakers in December, and the sound was simply amazing. It got me thinking that I may go down this route. Have any if you owned, or played through this particular Orange cabinet? If so, what style of music do you play, what bass, and how did you find the can response/sound? I’m in a heavy progressive rock band using Fender Precision’s, and a Vigier Excess 5. Your comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, and stay safe. Cheers, Matt ⭐️
  6. This bass is now, “On Hold”.
  7. I know, but I guess it’s a weird time for everyone, so money is obviously tight. Thanks though, appreciated ⭐️
  8. Vigier Excess 5 has 18mm string spacing. One for sale on here, too 😉
  9. I’ve just pulled the trigger on the new Fender Ultra Precision in Artic Pearl. It should be here next week. I’m very excited, and I’ll let you know when it has arrived 😬 I really, really appreciate all of your help. It was extremely useful. Thank you. 🙏🏻
  10. That’s right, they have 2 volume controls. I get the idea behind it, but seems a little strange. Agree though, lovely looking things.
  11. That looks so lovely. I had a ‘64 refin that I sold on. I have concluded that I definitely want a P/J config. I also want a modern take on the classic. Thanks so much for your help.
  12. I really do love the look of the SB-2, Ped. Finding a new US is impossible over here. I have decided that I definitely want a PJ configuration. That helps. I did look at your bass, and it’s amazing. Thanks for your input.
  13. Possible trade options added. It is in “out of the factory” condition. Not a single mark in this bass. Grab a real bargain ✌🏼
  14. Definitely 4 of us, and more to follow I should imagine.......
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