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  1. Definitely the white. It looks lovely. Congrats on your new bass ⭐️
  2. I'd invite them both back for another run through of the songs but let them know that they have been "whittled" done to, the last 2 singers. They don't have to know that there weren't other applicants and maybe, knowing that they are "THE" two choices, it may give them added incentive to pick up their games either 1) vocally and 2) communication and enthusiasm wise. I think nerves may also have a part to play, too. It manifests itself in funny ways sometimes. Meeting new people especially in a group situation can be quite unnerving, as we are all aware. Maybe a 2nd audition will improve their confidence. Good luck either way ⭐
  3. The stability is just amazing. Glad you decided to keep it too. There is bugging like them out there, in my opinion. Like you, I’ve had Dingwalls along with many other great basses but this is honestly the first time I feel wholly at home with a bass. Enjoy and go try an Excess 5 as well 😉
  4. The necks really are beautiful. They just feel right and in the end, that was the final selling point for me. I played a Yamaha 2025x and my amber one back to back, it was no contest, for me. A very smooth, comfortable feel. I hope you get one soon, @ped. What would you have?
  5. Thank you @ped I’ve been playing it constantly. Vigier set it up with my choose of strings and it is perfect, right out if the box. Very, very happy 😊
  6. I had a lovely "sparkle root beer" US Deluxe single humbucker version. It was light, wonderful neck and had a great sound but for me, the body was too small. It was the only reason I moved it on. Wonderful basses and will for sure be a cool collectors piece in the future. A shame it didn't really take off. Bravo to Fender for trying though.
  7. That's precisely what I love about them too. They just have this ability to do anything you need it to do. I also love the almost traditional look but updated, and with modern sensibilities. Perfect. I agree also that once set up, you never have to worry about it again.
  8. Thank you @thodrik. I am super pleased, as you may be able to tell 😉 I skirted around the idea of Vigier for a long time and I finally to bite. I am so glad I did. Everything about them just, suits me. As for the pickups, I only know these ones but I am sure @ped will be able to answer your questions. They are powerful and sound, amazing.
  9. Please welcome “Stormbringer” to the family. I can’t tell you how happy I am with this beautiful, custom colour order, Vigier Excess 5. As soon as I opened the case, my heart skipped a beat. As soon as I played it, my fingers just fell in to place. I really have found my "home". Lina and the team are simply amazing, just like their basses. They are so helpful, friendly, patient and supportive. A truly wonderful company. My original Excess 5 “Wrathchild” now has, the perfect companion. Happy days. So worth the wait. Can't wait to record with it and play it, live 😍⭐
  10. Just having a quick "flick" through it. A lot of information indeed but, that's good. Got to love BC 😉
  11. Hey @CameronJ thanks so much. Appreciated bud ⭐
  12. This is something I've been thinking about for a while now. I love that feeling of an amp on stage but the inconstancy that it can bring sound wise due to mix issues, different stage acoustics and room dynamics etc, has me seriously thinking about going down the pre-amp (either Line6 Helix or AxeFX AX) and high quality moulded in-ears, route. My friend's band all use in-ears and at first, when I saw them live, the lack of back-line "freaked" me out a bit. I felt the out front sound was lacking because there was no back-line but I realised, in fairness, the PA was shockingly bad. The next time I saw them, the sound was wonderful and even when you got near the stage, the lack of back-line wasn't so noticeable. I also appreciated the space they had on stage. They looked happy too, because they could hear everything and react to it. I also love the thought of not being deafened on stage. I'm an ardent user of ear protection (Minerva -18Db plugs) due to slight tinnitus in my right ear but, on occasions, I have found myself loosening them to get that on-stage feel and dynamic you get when a band is really rocking out together. I really feel it is time for a change....... Has anyone here gone down this route? How much of an adjustment was it? What gear do you use? What gear did you use? How do you find the interaction with your band? Has it changed the dynamic for the better or worse?
  13. That is lovely. Always loved the look of these. GLWTS.
  14. Uninvited Guest by Marillion is actually about AIDs. I had no idea until about 7 years ago.
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