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  1. Agreed. The RB colour was a standard colour, and everything else you said is spot on. Very stable (graphite support rods) and very versatile. I had a 5 string version of this and it was bloody wonderful. No idea why I sold it but when I did, I regretted it immediately. GLWTS.
  2. Thank you buddy, means a lot, and please let me know when your new “baby” arrives ☺️
  3. I’ve found a solution to the studio “issue” so this beauty is thankfully withdrawn, and staying with me. Phew! ☺️
  4. Amazed this is still here. A wonderful bass, and a great guy to communicate with. GLWTS.
  5. A lot of love for Spector from me, too. Can’t say enough great things about them. If you can find a 2nd have Euro fir hits budget, and it fits the bill, go for it. Also, look at the new Spector Pulse basses. I haven’t tried one, but they look fantastic. I think Bass Direct may have them in stock. Either way, have fun in your adventure and please, keep us posted ☺️
  6. All good thanks, buddy. Hope you staying well too ☺️ GLWTS......
  7. I think this was mine. A great amp, and a great BC’er to deal with ☺️
  8. I have to be honest, I’ve never tried Aguilar pups before buying these basses, and they are truly brilliant. Crisp, clear, and tonally responsive. The OBP-2 pre-amp is fantastic, as is the Tone Pump. Very impressed with the range of tones available, the presence and the power. Hands down, and I’ve recorded with many, many basses, the best yet. As for the pup placement on the Euro Bolt, it is because of the way the neck is joined to the body. It hasn’t changed my playing position at all. The placement of the pups gives a slightly different response to the Euro LX, but that can also be attributed to the fact the neck and board are maple, bolted on, and the a different pre-amp. As to the comparison with Bartolini pups, my only experience of them was from about 22 years ago, and they weren’t for me, so I swapped them out immediately. As I said, I love these Aguilar’s though. They suit the music I play, wonderfully.
  9. I’ve been very lucky to own some truly beautiful basses in my time, and the adventure never ends, just because it’s fun but these 2 have made me realise a few things as did my Vigier when I got it, hence why I still have it. Both these Spector’s offer something different but without being too far apart, and the Aguilar’s are a revelation. I was worried about the Tone Pump pre, as I heard not very positive feedback but I have to be honest, it is very controllable / versatile. The same can be said fir the OBP-2 pre. Anyway, loving your basses, appreciate the chat , and very nice to meet you here. Cheers, and take care ☺️
  10. I’m with you, I do all my setups now except the bigger stuff. I was going to get my tech guy to sort out the nut, as I normally have the a little deeper, but on both basses, they are exactly the same even though they are different materials. They feel great so I’m going with them for now. I agree about “sometimes in hindsight one can't really understand why it hadn't happened earlier.......”. I’ve started recording with them and the consistency, sound, fit makes me smile so much. I’ve started looking at the US models already. This time next year, Rodney....... 😉
  11. I agree about the nut slots, they are definitely not deep enough, but I’ve kinda got used to that with my 2, and think I may live with them a little longer as I get used to them. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get to Spector. Really happy I bit the bullet, and went down this path.
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