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  1. Sorry, I skimmed the post in excitement. You did state clearly. My bad. Cheers ☺️
  2. It is a thing of beauty, and never been an issue weight wise, live ☺️
  3. Happy to meet half way if that suits? I will say though, it’s going to be how you like to set up a bass that will determine your love / dislike of the “B”. I will say that it is precise, clear and easy to play. The way Vigier have the design is amazing. This bass has done 2 albums, gigged and every engineer / sound guy has only ever been truly complimentary ☺️
  4. Hi, this is around 8.3/8.4lbs or around 3.8kg. I hope that helps. Cheers ☺️
  5. Just cannot believe this is still here. I keep coming back to look. GLWTS ☺️
  6. Brilliant, very useful. Thank you so much. Thanks to everyone who has replied. Means a lot ☺️
  7. Hey gang, looking for advice on the best octave pedal for live use. Never used one live before, and not really sure the difference between models. I’m not looking for the cheapest option as I want something that will last the test of time, not overly complicated with too many options, plus of course, tracks well. All experiences appreciated. Cheers ☺️
  8. Cheers, appreciated ☺️✌🏼
  9. They really are, and this really is. Cheers ☺️
  10. Let’s harass Fender, I’m sure it’ll work. Another plan would be, you buy the Miami Blue one, I’ll buy a Mystic Surf one, and we’ll swap necks 😁
  11. That is a beautiful colour. I wish they did these with a maple board. Anyway, GLWTS ☺️
  12. I’ve heard so many different stories, that I just don’t know. Such a shame, and utterly ridiculous. Anyway, I’m sure this won’t be around for long. Take care, and many of us miss being part of the EU, a lot. Cheers.
  13. I keep coming back to view this. Loved these when they first appeared on the market. If this was in the UK, I’d come and try it for sure. I couldn’t risk it being sent, and as I’m not sure about the customs system in this stupid country, this will be going to some other lucky soul. GLWTS.
  14. Agreed. The RB colour was a standard colour, and everything else you said is spot on. Very stable (graphite support rods) and very versatile. I had a 5 string version of this and it was bloody wonderful. No idea why I sold it but when I did, I regretted it immediately. GLWTS.
  15. Thank you buddy, means a lot, and please let me know when your new “baby” arrives ☺️
  16. I’ve found a solution to the studio “issue” so this beauty is thankfully withdrawn, and staying with me. Phew! ☺️
  17. Amazed this is still here. A wonderful bass, and a great guy to communicate with. GLWTS.
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