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  1. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    Indeed, plus both together should sound monstrous!
  2. NBD: Pino-like Fretless Ray

    Congratulations, Lovely Story and a Super cool Bass. Did you play 'Wherever I lay may hat' first?
  3. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    When I saw the pic of the 3 configurations you were thinking about, this was the one I thought you should go for...
  4. Nut cut too low

    First, make sure the neck relief is where you want it before doing anything, as a little more relief in the neck will raise the action at the nut. If there's nothing to be gained by adjusting the Truss rod, there's a few well known bodges for filling and re-cutting nut slots (just search youtube), but the only real clean fix is to replace the nut. I will say if you need to raise it by 1mm, it must be cut very very low....
  5. Being such a 'one-off' Bass, I think some sound clips might very well help with the sale. Very cool looker, GLWTS anyway...
  6. Music shop fails

    Recently some better shops have opened up in the South Wales Area, but before that it was dreadful. We got a PMT in Cardiff City Centre, and I hear good things about 'A Strings' which is in Pontypridd. Before that we had the ridiculously overpriced Cranes in Cardiff/Swansea (now closed), and Gamlins is still there in Cardiff, but they're not the most 'interested' bunch really. Also GM Music in Cardiff where you literally cannot swing a cat.
  7. £950 - Black Yamaha Attitude LTD2

    No I still have it, just stopped bumping as it wasn't getting much love at the time. I have since had the neck pickup cover signed by the man himself too...
  8. Solid and Inexpensive Fretless Guidance Please

    Subscribed - Looking for a cheap fretless to dip my toe as well.....
  9. Congrats, Very nice! Nice gig too ( I assume it's a Dusty Springfield tribute)..
  10. NBD Classic Vibe Precision

    Lucky you! These are like Rocking horse poo these days.....
  11. I'm glad this isn't a Fretted Version. My Mrs would be very upset with me! Lovely Bass, GLWTS.
  12. Live D.I options, what do I need to know?

    Indeed, it's nice if it sounds good on-stage, but as long as FOH sounds good, all that really matters is you can hear yourself..
  13. Live D.I options, what do I need to know?

    In the covers band, it's our own PA which I'm charged with setting up/operating, so that's nice and easy. More difficult in my originals band, I still use the Helix, but we're the same as you, sometimes there's only time for a line check so I can't use my in-ears. In that case I'll normally ask for a wedge mix. If I can't have that, I'll make do with whatever is bleeding back from the Rig / stage sound..
  14. HB PB-50 Modded! - *Version 3.0*

    I would expect the main differences to be the weight and neck dimensions. MY PB50 is quite heavy (don't know the exact weight sorry), and the necks are very chunky. I like that about it mind you. I'd expect the squier to have a modern C neck and be lighter... But I could be completely wrong!
  15. Live D.I options, what do I need to know?

    In-ears fed from the PA, I have a full band mix, with my vocal and the bass louder than they should be. Love it!