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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Awesome stuff, and thank you for this thread, super interesting to see what goes into the prep for these sort of events.
  3. A good result in the end then!
  4. Fender Yosemite are types of pickup IIRC. Here you go - https://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_yosemite_p_j_pickup_set.htm
  5. I used to put 2 SC's side by side, with a ABM1000 on top, always like how that looked:
  6. I'm not sure a current Squier would have the build quality, feel and overall playability of this. It's just my opinion though, YMMV! Like I said, lovely Bass either way!
  7. Does absolutely nothing for me!, but it would be very boring world if we all liked the same things!
  8. Most would prob consider it sacrilege, but I'd stick a BWB guard on that, put an EMG pickup in it and laugh all the way to my gig. Lovely Bass either way, GLWTS!
  9. First concert - Status Quo, NEC, December 1991 or 1992 Last concert - Halestorm, Cardiff Motorpoint, October 2019 Best concert - Rush, Time Machine Tour, NEC Worst concert - Limp Bizkit, Cardiff Motorpoint dual headline w/KORN (Sound was AWFUL for LB). I left. Loudest concert - As above, Cardiff Motorpoint is a dodgy venue sound-wise anyway, and LB's FOH must've been trying to compensate by just pushing the volume. It just sounded like the band were playing through an old mono transistor radio at ear-splitting volume. I had to leave. Seen the most - Iron Maiden Most surprising - Enter Shikari - Wasn't my thing but was trying to impress a young lady. Worked. Next concert - Rammstein Wish I would have seen - Most of my favourite bands were already well established when I started playing and really getting into music, so I guess I wish could have seen any of those in a more intimate setting when they were up and coming. (Maiden, GNR, Rush)
  10. Everyone is likely suggest their own favourite brand here. My 2p on this would be to say I went through something similar after years of pick playing when I thought it was time to revisit fingerstyle again. I ended up with Dunlop Superbright Nickels in 45-105. Nickel wounds are much softer feeling anyway, and these particular ones are much more pliable too. They also come in 40-100 for even more pliability.. https://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/strings-c1/string-sets-c865/bass-guitar-c34/jim-dunlop-super-bright-nickel-4-string-45-105-bass-guitar-strings-p8575
  11. Always fancied one of these, I remember seeing one of the Andy Irvine demos on Youtube and being well impressed.
  12. That's rather pretty Karl, and very fair trade offers too! GLWTS/T! Fab Basses these, super versatile, wouldn't be without mine!
  13. Amazing! Never seen one of these before.....Love it!
  14. I've also always really liked those 2x8 TC combos. Very compact, yet punchy enough to sound like a 'proper' amp too..
  15. Currently for home use I use a mini-mixer into powered monitors, it's actually part of my home recording setup, but it works surprisingly well, albeit not a 1 box solution.
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