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  1. I've also always really liked those 2x8 TC combos. Very compact, yet punchy enough to sound like a 'proper' amp too..
  2. Currently for home use I use a mini-mixer into powered monitors, it's actually part of my home recording setup, but it works surprisingly well, albeit not a 1 box solution.
  3. Nice, saw one of the buttercream P's in PMT Cardiff last weekend. My first thought was also 'That's screaming for a BWB scratchplate...
  4. I think for the weekend warriors - Yes the big bass cab is pretty much dead. Touring bands (who still use backline) with roadies, will still use SVT810's. I think it's fair to say though, that a lot of the modern touring big bands aren't using backline at all. So I guess, Yes, the big bass cab is on the way out... That's why you can get a used SVT810 for under £500 these days. Nobody really wants them.
  5. That's Dylan Wilson - Great player, seen Kotzen's band a few times now.
  6. +1 to this. The 12in cabs are incredibly 'honest'. Whatever you put into them comes out exactly the same.
  7. These days I'm usually Ampless (Helix & in-ears or floor wedge). If I do need backline I've got a TC RH750 and a Barefaced Two10. The Barefaced 12in cabs are very 'honest', and as it turned out I realised I prefer some colour from the cabs so I went with the two10. Great cab.
  8. Was a time I used 2 SC's with an Ashdown ABM1000, always loved how they looked side by side:
  9. I bought a set of the Olympia Flatwounds from Amazon, £15. G was very bright, E & D 'normal' sounding for flats, A was completely dead. Took them straight back off and put them in the bin. Tension was OK though, I'd call them medium tension.
  10. I guess maybe it was removed from the @Sims Facebook page while they where checking everything out?
  11. Hmmm - Does seem to be a sideways 'upgrade' on the previous Elite models. Losing the truss rod wheel seems a massive own-goal to me, it was one of the things that really attracted me when I got mine a couple of years ago. By including the Hi-Mass bridge they've also removed the string-thru option. Added flip-open battery compartments instead of the screw on plate. Think I'll stick with my Elite. I do like the 'Mocha burst' though, wasn't until I zoomed in that I could see that it's actually metallic. YMMV!
  12. I would expect to get refunded - They won't draw until they've sold 50 entries.
  13. Just seen this on Facebook - I've entered, gotta be worth a shot for £50?
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