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  1. LewisK1975

    Do I Really NEED a Helix?????

    I've got the LT version. Gets used for every gig I do, and also for home practice too. I also use it as my in-ear monitor feed. Patch-wise, I have loads on there, but primarily I only use one, which I spent weeks getting exactly how I wanted it. What drove me to get one? What piqued my interest initially was that Billy Sheehan had started using one. That guy is a total tone monster and for him to be impressed enough by it to start using one live told me it must be worth checking out. Secondly, I'd gone back and fore between multi-fx (although mainly Boss units) and separate pedals over the years. I do like the whole separate signal paths for highs and lows type of setup (Down to Mr. Sheehan again), and the ease of setting those up in the Helix was another massive tick in the box. I also really like that Line 6 keep putting updates out for the Helix, and also that you can share patches with fellow users on the L6 website. Is it missing anything? The main thing I was surprised that it didn't have Bass-wise, was a Sansamp clone. Could have by now, I think I'm one or two updates behind at the moment... YMMV, but for me it has eradicated effects GAS totally. Hope this helps!
  2. LewisK1975

    NBD - Fender Roadworn 50s P Bass

    I've got one of those stories too, kinda... When I got married 2 years ago, my wife talked about buying me a '59 Precision as a wedding present. I must be mad, I told her not to bother as it most likely wouldn't be much better than my Roadworn. And I'd be too scared to take it out on a gig anyway....
  3. LewisK1975

    NBD - Fender Roadworn 50s P Bass

    All true! I only changed the pickup and wiring harness on mine coz it felt like an upgrade, none of it was necessary, it sounded great as it was.
  4. LewisK1975

    Examples of great P tone.

    Absolutely true. I'm a huge fan of Billy Sheehan, and I've got an Attitude 3 & Helix too. I got a great Billy-alike patch created & shared by a chap called Jon Willis on the Yamaha Attitude Facebook page. You're absolutely right, solo'd the sound seems WAY over the top. BUT - when you use it in the right song context, it sounds AMAZING.
  5. LewisK1975

    NBD - Fender Roadworn 50s P Bass

    Yup, my favourite P-Bass is my RW too. Mine now has a US pup, Kiogon loom and added ashtray and tug bar. This pic also shows a Hipshot D-tuner on it, since removed and replaced with the original tuner..
  6. LewisK1975

    New Orange stuff?

    £599 on PMT.
  7. LewisK1975

    New Orange stuff?

    Just had this pop into my inbox from PMT too. Scratching my chin as I type.....
  8. LewisK1975

    Examples of great P tone.

    Is Kansas' Carry on Wayward Son done on a precision? I think so, but a lot of people seem to think it's a Ric. And here's a youtube Isolated Bass:
  9. LewisK1975

    NBD: Vintage VJ74 Jazz - Refurbished!

    It's a looker, congrats on a job well done Sir!
  10. LewisK1975

    NBD - ACG - Warning visible wood content

    Very nice. Congrats!
  11. LewisK1975

    Squier Classic Vibe 60s Precision

    Yep I agree with Bigwan totally, I waited it out got super lucky when one showed up 20 miles down the road from me. It was mint and I had to pay what I considered to be top whack for it, but it's a lovely Bass.
  12. LewisK1975

    travelling for rehearsals

    This is also my biggest bug bear when it comes to rehearsals (I'm talking specifically for cover bands here) IMHO Everyone should have learned their individual parts at home, the rehearsal is for getting the song(s) tight and perfecting any changes to the original recorded versions arrangements.. YMMV!
  13. LewisK1975

    Ashdown Original Combos???

    Indeed, the idea of a kickback combo has been in my thoughts lately too....I saw one of these in PMT Cardiff last weekend but didn't have chance to try it...
  14. LewisK1975

    travelling for rehearsals

    So, is it not at all possible to somehow start/finish the rehearsals earlier?
  15. What's the tension like on Elixirs? I've been using the Dunlop Super Bright Nickels 45-105 for some time now, I love the lower tension they have and they do seem to last a while for me anyway... Always interested to try something new but dropping £43 quid to find out I don't like em due to high tension would boil my p1ss for sure!