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  1. Using your amp as a DI and pre amp

    As far as I can see, the main issue with what you want to do is shown below - Looking at the block diagram - The Send/Returns on the Evo 1 are before the preamp in the block diagram. So anything you do send to another amp won't be affected by the evo 1's EQ / DSP etc.
  2. SOLD - Black Yamaha Attitude LTD2

    Now SOLD
  3. SOLD - Black Yamaha Attitude LTD2

    Now on hold pending the usuals!
  4. Precision bass

    Nice score, I had my beady eye on that, if it was the one that was in Northern Ireland...minty!
  5. TC Electronics Spectradrive.

    Thank goodness I got a Helix a few months ago. Otherwise the GAS hulk would be taking over me NOW!!!!!!!!
  6. SOLD - Black Yamaha Attitude LTD2

    Pics now re-added to first post.
  7. SOLD - Black Yamaha Attitude LTD2

    I'll get the weight later tonight, thanks.
  8. SOLD - Black Yamaha Attitude LTD2

    Yes, I still have it, I just don't bump the listing any more, I was torn between selling or not after I got it signed.....
  9. Pick a Precision pickguard

    Thumb rest added! Damn, cheers Marc, never mind it wasn’t expensive..
  10. Pick a Precision pickguard

    Also had a thumbrest delivered today, will add pics when I've put it on later..the 2 holes are screaming for it!
  11. Pick a Precision pickguard

    Haha too late now brother! It's mine all mine! Just used a damp microfibre cloth on it..
  12. Pick a Precision pickguard

    It is indeed! Lovely thing!
  13. Pick a Precision pickguard

    Picked up a gold anodised guard from @Marc S the other day. I think it looks awesome! Think this settles it once and for all... second pic shows how the metallic black works better against the metal guard!
  14. Schecter Model T Session

    Yep, totally with you on this one @mcnach. Awesome looker, and I'm well into PJ's at the moment.