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  1. That's Dylan Wilson - Great player, seen Kotzen's band a few times now.
  2. +1 to this. The 12in cabs are incredibly 'honest'. Whatever you put into them comes out exactly the same.
  3. These days I'm usually Ampless (Helix & in-ears or floor wedge). If I do need backline I've got a TC RH750 and a Barefaced Two10. The Barefaced 12in cabs are very 'honest', and as it turned out I realised I prefer some colour from the cabs so I went with the two10. Great cab.
  4. Was a time I used 2 SC's with an Ashdown ABM1000, always loved how they looked side by side:
  5. I bought a set of the Olympia Flatwounds from Amazon, £15. G was very bright, E & D 'normal' sounding for flats, A was completely dead. Took them straight back off and put them in the bin. Tension was OK though, I'd call them medium tension.
  6. I guess maybe it was removed from the @Sims Facebook page while they where checking everything out?
  7. Hmmm - Does seem to be a sideways 'upgrade' on the previous Elite models. Losing the truss rod wheel seems a massive own-goal to me, it was one of the things that really attracted me when I got mine a couple of years ago. By including the Hi-Mass bridge they've also removed the string-thru option. Added flip-open battery compartments instead of the screw on plate. Think I'll stick with my Elite. I do like the 'Mocha burst' though, wasn't until I zoomed in that I could see that it's actually metallic. YMMV!
  8. I would expect to get refunded - They won't draw until they've sold 50 entries.
  9. Just seen this on Facebook - I've entered, gotta be worth a shot for £50?
  10. Goodness me where do I start!?!? I've had a few over the years.... Like the OP, Yamaha Attitude Basses - 1 'special' model, 2 LTD2's and 1 LTD3. Fender Steve Harris signature - The Royal Blue sparkle one from 2009ish Fender Geddy Lee - 1 sunburst MIM, 1 USA model Fender MIJ Jazz Bass Specials - not the actual MIM duff signature model, but I had 3 of the original 80's MIJ Jazz Bass specials, 1 in metallic red, 1 pearl white and 1 black. Fender Flea Jazz Bass Think that's all. Yes I'm a fanboy. Don't actually own any of them now. They were all gigged at the time though, I think....
  11. It's an interesting point - You could say they mean the same thing - i.e., The difference in the Wal sound is what makes it better..but yes, first and foremost, it's tonally different to anything else. Think I'm gonna just wait for them to go out of fashion again and swap a Boss DS-1 for one (or two).
  12. I think of the replies so far this is the one that resonates mostly with me. The poorly organised / managed multi band bill. I'll add equipment issues as something that can make a gig 'bad' for me. Or an arsey in-house engineer.
  13. I've had a Wal 'itch' for a long time. For me it's simply the sound. You can get in the ball park of it with other Basses, but if you want that exact sound, you have to have a Wal.
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