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  1. Who are you seeing live next?

    Mr Big on Sunday
  2. cioks DC5

    Same here, DC5 under my PT Metro20, Voodoo labs PP2 under the PT Jr.
  3. Fender 1975 Jazz Bass

    Just confirmed the weight on digital kitchen scales as 9lb 3oz. Not too bad for a 70’s Fender!
  4. Very much liking the new 'Bump this topic' timed button.  Cool!

  5. Blimey, Marc, how is this still here? If I had a MIM Jazz lying around I'd be flying down the M4 and camping outside your house!
  6. Fender 1975 Jazz Bass

    [quote name='chrisanthony1211' timestamp='1510215713' post='3404636'] [b]You're a bad man[/b], she looks lovely.... [/quote] Not the first time I've been told that....
  7. Fender 1975 Jazz Bass

    [quote name='chrisanthony1211' timestamp='1510157375' post='3404360'] You’l be getting me in trouble... [/quote] Sorry Chris! More pics attached, click on the small pics to enlarge them!
  8. Fender 1975 Jazz Bass

    [quote name='chrisanthony1211' timestamp='1510152243' post='3404323'] Please don't put any better pictures up or I could get myself in some bother with the wife, just keep those small blurry ones and I shall be able to resist.. For a while....... [/quote] Understood Chris! Better pics up later!
  9. Orange Bass Terror 500 - Sale only Please

    Isn't Karlfer desperately seeking one of these?
  10. Always fancied one of these. Alas I use in-ears these days, I'd love to see the faces of my band mates if I showed up with this....
  11. Hysteria..a bass album, seriously

    Whereas I agree with the popular vote here, being that it's not a classic 'Bass' album, what I'll say about Hysteria is that it was big for me as a new player of 13 years old. With the simple functional Basslines, it was easy to learn and left me with a real sense achievement with my ability at the time..... BUT!, as already has been said, Apetite for Destruction is the one. Now that's a record which really shows you how to work with a drummer and create a groove...
  12. Fender 1975 Jazz Bass

    Haha indeed Marc, I think I've owned and sold enough Basses to have run a shop! Just to add to this, I could also be interested in lower value Precision / PJ Basses, with cash my way. Cheers!
  13. Fender 1975 Jazz Bass

    Cheers Marc! She is indeed a beauty, it's the only Jazz I've kept, and I had 4 at one time....
  14. Fender 1975 Jazz Bass

    Not sure about this, it's a YOB bass for me, but alas becoming a rather expensive ornament. 1975 Fender Jazz Bass in Natural. Bought from Bass Gallery in Camden. Previously owned by Basschat Site owner Steve Miles. I will get an accurate weight, but it's certainly not heavy like many 70's Fenders can be.....in fact, when I tried this in the Gallery, it was 1 of 2 I was considering, and this one was substantially lighter than the other. Just confirmed the weight on digital kitchen scales as 9lb 3oz. Has a Badass II bridge, which was on it when I got it, original Bridge was not with it. The only other thing I changed was the Bullet truss rod adjustment nut, which was stripped, the part which you put the Allen key in was ‘rounded out’ so the correct size key (1/8in) was just spinning in it. Replaced with a genuine Fender replacement. For clarification, the truss rod is fine, with loads of turns left in it. Comes in a really nice non-original hard case. There was a Neck Pickup cover in the case, but no Bridge cover. I don't know if the neck PUP cover is original or not, but will come with the bass anyway. Lovely U shaped neck, with the 3 bolt / micro-tilt adjustment. Can take more detailed pics as requested. Open to trade offers of equal value Precision Basses (I'd love a custom shop Pino signature). Also open to offers of lower value Precision Basses with cash my way. But please keep any trade / PX offers to Precision Basses / PJ's with precision Bodies/Necks. Based in the Bridgend area of South Wales, but as always open to travelling for a deal.
  15. Fender Precision Bass 1972

    Yep, I've dealt with Daveyboy too - Can only echo what Marc has said above. GLWTS.