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  1. Probably quite common, but it's a sweatband on my right wrist for me, just feels weird now if I don't have one on when I play...
  2. Dunlop Super bright Nickels 45-105 for me. Tried pretty much everything in a similar price range over the years and these (for me) have the right tension (not tight), sound great and last a good while..
  3. I've come over all unnecessary!
  4. My best bargain was a local gumtree find. Was looking for a cheap backup PJ configured bass. 2001 Squier standard in metallic black with a 15watt Fender combo advertised for £150. Went and had a look and it was ok, if a little unloved (dead strings, dusty & needing a setup etc). Bloke said it had been bought as a package about 10yrs previously. Told him I didn't really need the amp and offered £100 for the Bass, and he offered me the lot for £120. I took it and sold the amp on for £50, making a grand total of £70 for the bass. Still got it as my backup.
  5. Sorry to be a pedant - but the shop a few doors away from PMT in Cardiff is Gamlins. Cranes was at the other end of St.Mary street near the castle and was closed a few years ago now..
  6. Nothing like this ever happens to me! Pah! As others have said, buy it!
  7. I used the BH250 with a super compact and it was great.
  8. Sometimes in my old covers band it was the really repetitive ones which caught me out. Quick roll eyes at the drummer, 'Haha!, the repetition got you!'
  9. It's a different Andy Edwards, he is/was the vocalist/guitarist of Welsh prog band EZRA. Thanks for the kind words. Yep, we spotted the incorrect apostrophe when we visited the label HQ to see the CD's - too late then unfortunately. Hopefully it'll be corrected if further pressings are done..no need for apologies..
  10. Here's an old pic (at least 5 years ago) - the only one I've still got is the blonde '78 Precision..
  11. Indeed Kev, and it's Magenta's Rob Reed who runs our label. And the gent that is @mattbass6 on here was/is behind The Reasoning & was also a Magenta member..
  12. Lots in the pipeline ead, I'll keep this updated as confirmations come in. Thanks mate!
  13. Thanks Osiris & Mrs Osiris! The idea for the band was a modern approach to Prog, whilst still maintaining an old-school vibe, so it makes sense that it appeals to more than just pure progsters...Thanks again for the kind words!
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