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  1. LewisK1975

    2017 Squier CV P Bass?

    I was lucky enough to score one of the 60's Fiesta Red ones locally. Slapped some Thomastiks on it and you're in Jamerson heaven!
  2. LewisK1975


    I'm also in for this one, got a lovely LTD Fretless. Picked it up locally for £150 with a case.
  3. LewisK1975

    Why isn't this system used by more Bass builders

    Twas a major selling point when I got my Elite Precision. Guess what, after my initial setup to my preferred strings, I've never touched it!
  4. LewisK1975

    Small combo with power amp question

    There's nothing you can do to make the standalone combo louder than it currently is. The 'power amp in' socket is a direct input for the combo's power amp section, for connecting a separate preamp to the amp, which I'd think will disable the connection from the combo's internal preamp. If you like the sound of the amp and want it to be louder, you can connect the 'preamp out' to a separate louder power amp. That power amp will then need it's own speakers. Hope this helps.
  5. LewisK1975

    Fender Precision Bass 1964

    Did I beat the (albeit 'mild' / more 'carry on' than actual swear) swear filter?
  6. LewisK1975

    Fender Precision Bass 1964

    This makes my willy feel funny.
  7. Billy Sheehan does seem to have an aversion to 5/6 string Basses. On the (drop tuned) Sons of Apollo record, he's used a 4-string tuned BEAD, and is actually touring using a double neck, which has BEAD on the lower neck, and EADG on the upper neck which is used for his solo spot.
  8. +1, that is GAW-JUS!
  9. LewisK1975

    In-Ear Monitors

    I made the switch in my main covers band about 2 years ago, mainly due to complaints from other band members about general on stage volume. I agree Chris, it's a total revelation when you get your mix right. We also use a Behringer X mixer, but ours is the X-18. I agree totally on that too, it's a fabulous bit of kit for not a massive amount of money.
  10. LewisK1975

    Wal Mk3 NEW - ON HOLD

    I wonder if my Mrs will notice that we don't get a new Front Door & windows and I buy this instead?!
  11. LewisK1975

    Fender neck sizes Precision vs. Jazz

    No GAS right now Marc, spending on home improvements has put pay to that for a while. Just curious, as we've see Precisions with Jazz necks a lot, it's not usual to see them the other way round..... Same here BB, not a fan of the A neck either! I feel OK on a B or C though, and like the Jazz sound.....
  12. Fender 'A' neck - 1.5in nut - Standard for Jazz Bass Fender 'B' neck - 1.625in nut - Standard for modern Precision Fender 'C' neck - 1.75in nut. - Found on re-issue / certain sig model Precisions So, we know that there have been Precisions made by Fender (certainly in the 60's/70's anyway) which came fitted with Factory 'A' necks. My question is, has anyone ever had a Jazz Bass fitted with a Factory B/C neck? (Don't include the 80's Japan Jazz Bass special, that was essentialy a hot rod Precision!) I've certainly never heard of one......
  13. LewisK1975

    Line 6 Helix.

    Same here! It really is screaming for some new Bass stuff now isn't it? Really should have a good sansamp clone on it for a start!
  14. LewisK1975

    1993 Fender Jazz Bass Special

    Ah well that's good to know, I know the few I had all had the oversized pole pieces, that's what led me to beleive they all did!! Live and learn! Cheers Dan!
  15. LewisK1975

    An Evening of Duran Duran BBC 4, Fri 29th June.

    Might dip in and out, it's also Download highlights on Sky Arts from 9pm too...probably be recording that anyway...