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  1. I always take a spare Bass, and have plenty of cables. Don't use an amp, but if my Helix has any issues, I can either go directly into the PA (XR18) or I have a Sansamp Paradriver DI in my case.
  2. @BrunoBass, get your Drummist to read this. This pretty much covers it!
  3. Good score and you're correct - Rich Boucher is a lovely guy, we use to work together before he got the FFAF gig.
  4. Ah that's a shame - for future reference most rehearsal spaces will have amps/cabs you can rent along with the room, usually pretty cheaply too. Saves spending out on gear in the initial stages of bands.. Also as someone said earlier, rehearsal should be done at relatively low volume anyway. My band practice in one of our living rooms. Practice amps, electronic drum kit, No vocal amplification. Works just fine.
  5. MY biggest annoyance too - Turn up for a rehearsal and it's clear when someone hasn't been learning their parts individually. 'Have you learned the song mate?' 'Yeah I had a quick listen'
  6. It's simple in theory - At pub/club level, you're free to play with whomever you like. Whatever goes in the diary first gets your services.
  7. I had one of these a while back too, it was a back up to a Sandberg VM5 but actually had a better B string than the Sandberg! Great Basses, GLWTS.
  8. Played one of these in Wunjo a while back, very nice indeed! I wasn't a fan of the Vol/Tone/3-way personally, I prefer VBT or VVT. Lovely Bass though, and congrats!
  9. Forgive me if I've missed something, but what shows that this has a non-original neck?
  10. Looks like it's been somewhere very damp for a very long time! if not actually underwater!
  11. Same here - my first Bass was a Black body / white guard / Maple neck Marlin Slammer Precision copy. I know now it was rubbish, but it got me started! One showed up locally on FB for £60 and I nearly bought it, just for sentimental value....
  12. This is absolutely true. I've lost count of the times I've heard 'Yeah, but that's not really work is it, because you enjoy it!' when I've told people in my Mon-Fri job that I'm working all weekend with my band as well.
  13. I think perhaps if the pickup covers and / or knobs were red as well it would tie it all together a bit better. Still a lovely Bass though!, Congrats!
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