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  1. If I liked Jazz Basses, I'd do it to all of mine. Great mod on Jazzes, not so much on Precisions.
  2. Thanks Stevie! Pleasure doing business with you!
  3. I bought a Sansamp from Stevie, perfect deal, would definitely deal with again!
  4. @KiOgon can make you one of these for sure, I've got one of his prewired VVT kits in a PJ bass with the series / parallel pull pot on the tone knob. It's great!
  5. Good lord. That is stunning! Congrats! Mahoosive congrats!
  6. No worries buddy, thanks for the reply & have a free bump!
  7. Hey all, Had the Helix cut out on me a couple of times over 2 gigs, so I've put a ticket into Line 6 and I'm awaiting their response now. Had it on at home for hours on end and it's not cut out even once since. Had no problems with it at all for 18 months since I got it. Got me thinking I should really have something to hand which is easy to carry around & can be setup quickly should the helix fail again ( I play ampless these days). Used to have a Tech21 Para Driver when I was using a traditional pedal board and was always really impressed, so that's one for my list. I also like the Dug Pinnick preamp thing too. I'll be buying used if possible, and on paper the Para Driver seems to be the winner as it'll be cheaper and can be phantom powered. From your own experiences, Any others I should consider? I'm specifically thinking about something with a DI out. Don't want 2 boxes! Ideally no more than £150-ish too! Cheers!
  8. Bugger - You haven't got a Para Driver there as well by any chance have you Tony? Need something for an 'in the gig bag' backup for the Helix. Narrowed it down to a Para Driver or the Dug Pinnick preamp thingy. Para Driver preferably as a) it'll be cheaper and b) it can be phantom powered..
  9. I thought this too - They used to have a Fella with big curly hair From Wikipedia - The Killers released a statement on August 28, 2017, confirming that neither Stoermer nor Keuning would participate in the band's upcoming Wonderful Wonderful World Tour, while reiterating that both are still members of the band. Jake Blanton would continue to fill in for Stoermer while touring guitarist/keyboardist Ted Sablay would fill in for Keuning.[68]
  10. Yep - but it helps (OCD-wise) if they're aligned on both!
  11. Yep - Done this on a few Basses. I also suffer from OCD flare-ups when it comes to string alignment..
  12. Can only concur with all of the above - Gorgeous! Happy NBD!
  13. Very true - had an issue on stage last night with my helix cutting out, happened in the first song, came back to life somehow and then went again in the second song. Couldn't risk going any further with the Helix, so I quickly grabbed the Behringer BDI21 out of my leads bag and on with the show. Love the sound I get from the helix, and was gutted to have to switch to the Behringer. Didn't really enjoy the gig after that. I then listen to phone recordings today (with headphones) that the Mrs took, featuring both the Helix and the Behringer being used. The BDI21 sounded just fine out front!
  14. I don't need another P Bass. I don't. Really, I don't.
  15. Love my Fiesta Red built around the same time as this one! Fabulous Basses, GLWTS!
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