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  1. A most excellent person who made the journey across hill and glen to deliver my new P Bass to me. Bass as promised, chat excellent, no drama. 100% top bloke.
  2. I’ve got the Fender Adam Clayton Jazz bass in Sherwood Green. I bought it because it was an amazing price on clearance with a matching headstock, inlays, better pickups, custom neck profile (apparently), and no binding! I forget it’s a signature model most of the time, but I’m sure glad I got it! Thankfully the signature is on the back of the headstock, so it’s just a really pretty bass.
  3. Absolutely top seller and the American Original series are some of the best work Fender has done.
  4. Picked up my new Stingray Bass from Dave. Delighted with the easy transaction, conversation and the bass itself. Would recommend!
  5. Absolutely lovely to buy from Gerry. Would 100% recommend.
  6. Dave is an amazing seller. I’ve never seen a guitar so well packaged, arrived exactly as promised and was an all round wonderful experience. I wish all transactions were as good as this!
  7. I left my first band (in my teenage days) because the drummer kept throwing his drumsticks at the back of my head, eventually catching me in the eye as I turned around to talk to him. I promptly threw my bass at him and packed up and left. It was a late 90’s unbranded P Bass and had apparently had a previous life as a boat anchor. Once he picked himself up off the floor (no real damage done) he quit, and so did I. Strangely we managed to “fill in” as a rhythm section for another six months until the band split up because they couldn’t find our replacements 😂 No more drumsticks were launched at my head after that though!
  8. Bought a Hipshot D-Tuner from Phil. Arrived well packed and works perfectly. Top notch!
  9. I’m in too! Thanks for setting this up
  10. Lovely chap who dropped off the bass body a day early! Would totally recommend for a safe sale and good chat!
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