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  1. Dave is an amazing seller. I’ve never seen a guitar so well packaged, arrived exactly as promised and was an all round wonderful experience. I wish all transactions were as good as this!
  2. I left my first band (in my teenage days) because the drummer kept throwing his drumsticks at the back of my head, eventually catching me in the eye as I turned around to talk to him. I promptly threw my bass at him and packed up and left. It was a late 90’s unbranded P Bass and had apparently had a previous life as a boat anchor. Once he picked himself up off the floor (no real damage done) he quit, and so did I. Strangely we managed to “fill in” as a rhythm section for another six months until the band split up because they couldn’t find our replacements 😂 No more drumsticks were launched at my head after that though!
  3. Bought a Hipshot D-Tuner from Phil. Arrived well packed and works perfectly. Top notch!
  4. I’m in too! Thanks for setting this up
  5. Lovely chap who dropped off the bass body a day early! Would totally recommend for a safe sale and good chat!
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