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  1. If you spend loads of extra on a Mexican Fender, it’ll be great for you but you’ll likely lose a bunch of your initial outlay if you choose to sell it later on. Lots of recommendations for other basses, but in my recent experience, if you get a good one, then there isn’t much else that out Fender Precisions a Fender Precision. But, as shown in these types of thread, it’s pretty subjective.
  2. Ooof, beauty. How did you come across it? Was it a custom order or good find? Great looking set up all round there!
  3. I like Markbass stuff a lot and it’s cool that they raised the low to 68hz, but still 10kHz for treble?
  4. I snapped up Marcin’s Digitech Bass Synth Wah. Great comms, sent out really quickly and arrived quicker than expected and really well packaged. Pleasure to deal with, many thanks!
  5. @Al Krow yeah, octave up atm. I need to spend a bit more time and see what else other TonePrints offer. I’ve not tried the Stomp for octave up. I don’t think I’ll use it on a gig, but it’s a fun sound. Actually, with that in mind, I’ll make a point to use it later and see what happens 😁
  6. Hugely impressed by the HB stuff! Have you got one of their boards? I think the board and case were £60, new. The power brick was £50. So not too bad at all! Quality wise, it all seems solid! Even the case, which is more so than I was expecting. The board is light, and adjustable. The ISO offers 500mA each out AND is powered by an IEC cable which is a plus for me. Everything is playing nicely and there’s no unwanted noise. On the Stomp I have Bass Octave - 70s Chorus - Ampeg Drive. Then external FS is SVT amp sim - Tuner. I had to put it all together in a bit of a rush, after settling on a new patch. But I’m really happy with it. Not too sure what to replace the TC Sub with 🤔
  7. That’s really nice. I want one too. Super fun to play and one of my favourite sounds from a bass, as is, they just sound so full.
  8. I gigged my P bass Friday and was convinced it was the new number 1 for live as well as studio stuff. Played the TT5 SL at a 3 hour wedding last night and now I’m not sure 😂 This bass was built for those long nights! The slap tone is also unbeatable and it’s incredibly easy to play with a buzz-less, very low action. PMs replied to, but I’m getting close to withdrawing I think. Trade wise, I’m now only after a Sire V7 5, some sort of Fender Jazz V or perhaps still a Fender JMJ, Epi JC or a Fender P.
  9. Put this together Friday, went straight out and played a party in big open room. Last night did a wedding in a marquee at one of the Queen’s holiday gaffs, then this afternoon have a pub gig. I don’t use an amp, so the Stomp is taking care of that side of things too. So far, it’s ticked every box at 2 very different locations. The BSW took a bit of attention in soundcheck to dial in, but sounds amazing. The Sub’n’Up is set for a POG style thing, but I’ll replace it with something else I think as it’s not really needed. I actually prefer the Bass Octave in the Stomp. The two button switch adds in an Ampeg SVT sim on the top end to add a bit of an amp feel, which is pretty much always on - and the 2nd button is to access the tuner. The board is a Harley Benton Spaceship and powering the wireless, BSW & TC is a Harley Benton ISO.
  10. I had a 95 Japanese P in shell pink. Really great looker and at the time (about 8 years ago) only cost £350 from a big retailer. I’m sure it would be over double that today. I put some money into the electronics and it was a really nice precision. Sold it in the end as it fell out of favour, but I’d love it back now.
  11. The 15” cab could be worth a shot in the dark at £60 - if this is somewhere near accurate: Relatively lightweight (approx 12kg) Though, I’d hazard a guess that it’s a typo.
  12. So, could the AC out be passed on to power an active speaker? Wondering if I could use an m-f IEC extension to power my wedge and save a plug socket!
  13. Cheers guys. Can’t argue for the price. Going to get one ordered. I won’t need to add a 2nd, but do appreciate the IEC plug rather than the usual barrel ones. Also means I don’t need to worry about adapters or changing the 2 pin plug! Plus it’ll power a 350mA pedal I have no sweat.
  14. https://m.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_powerplant_iso_1ac_pro_modular.htm Anybody bought one of these? Look promising, individually isolated 500mA outputs and a proper IEC power cable for £50 What use would the AC out be, to power a 2nd one?
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