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  1. The mismatched knobs look absolutely killer! I'd never have thought to try it, but it looks ace, especially without a pickguard. I had a series 1 V7 5, it punched well above its price tag.
  2. I use the next protection level up by Thomann/Music Area, would highly reccomend that range. Though, it no longer seems to be listed on their site. I'd been put off by Thomann 'own brand', it seemed expensive for that. But, mine is like a better Protec Contego, really solid case.
  3. Any gig where D&B wedges are supplied is gonna be a good'un.
  4. I get ya. I 'downgraded' my amp/cab setup from boutique, very expensive gear to a £600, brand new, combo. Not guilt, so much, just realised I didn't need it and there was an opportunity to release some cash there. For balance, my bass was fairly expensive, but I needed to go super light, and it was one of few options. No interest in having a collection of basses anymore, though, but there's worse things to throw your hard earned at!
  5. I joined a conga at a wedding recently and was probably 30m from stage at one point! Have gone for a wander at soundcheck a few times too, it certainly goes further than you would need to at any regular gig!
  6. Flawless for me. Highly reccomend the G75. Two points, the belt clip is rubbish, I had to fight mine to get it off after it got itself in a pickle one day. Now I just put it in my pocket, and secondly, just make sure you scan before every gig to find the best channel.
  7. Keeley Bassist was the best I've used. Very transparent, zero buzz, and does what you're after really well. Extremely easy to dial in too.
  8. I could have written this myself. Sold a Yamaha BB that I really, really liked and bought a TT5 SL, which has turned out better than I'd even hoped. They are reasonably expensive I guess, the 5 string jazz market covers all budgets! But if your health demands it, I'd reccomend investing. The Sandberg is my only bass as well and I use it on all sorts of gigs, it's very versatile and looks great. I'm also interested in one of the Headless Ibanez when they come out, I'm hopefully expecting them to weigh close to 7lbs, given they're chambered, have that tapered body shape, and are minus a headstock.
  9. No idea about the Paulowina ones, but my Cedar SL is still 'as new', though I don't think I've ever dinged a bass. I dented my old 10 top PRS guitar when I was 20ish , and that's probably why I'm careful! But, I was expecting the finish to wear, as it's kind of matte, which it hasn't at all. It would look the biz with a bit of road wearing though, so I don't mind if it goes that way.
  10. Really loving the look of the roasted necks!
  11. I always like the sound of Sire in passive mode, so am interested to try a V5! The Instagram blurb twice mentions it being "light", so here's hoping the 5 comes in at a decent weight and has the rolled edges and other perks of the V7.
  12. Rush was played regularly as I grew up and I was fortunate enough to see them 3 times with my dad. Needless to say, extremely sad news for us both, and many, many more. He was incredible to behold live, a true master.
  13. I wouldn't trust it. Mine got slightly caught on my strap and mangled itself. I put the transmitter in my pocket now. They're really good units. I'm not fussed about the clip as it's more secure in my pocket anyway.
  14. I've pretty much already decided I'll be grabbing one of these! Same, I'd love it in white, but black is OK. Would love to add some fretboard LEDs to one!
  15. Great fun! I've done the mega mix with a few bands, it's always a winner.
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