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  1. Yep. It just sounds like donkey! I don't get it. When we got on, the Bassist before had the gain and master at 9 and 8 respectively. Chatting to the guitarist after, he said it made him feel dizzy, like he was going to pass out!
  2. That's what I was about to reply. Just did a big festival this weekend, 2 sets with, 2 bands. The supplied Rig was an SVT and 8x10. It had that whole 'feel' thing... I never like it. You can 'feel' it alright, but (to me) it always sounds a mess. Especially as it is at the back of the stage, and I'm at the front where my mic is... Blasphemy, right. Second set I didn't even use it, just went Helix > FOH. No IEM for this one, used the L Acoustic wedges, which were insanely powerful.
  3. Very cool. Surprised Sandberg aren't having it back!
  4. I just did a live video for a country artist and did just that 😂 Helix Stomp and FRFR out of sight in the shell of an old Fender Bassman.
  5. Same! I downloaded the software and have used it, but it's more intuitive, quicker and useful for me to build patches on the Stomp. As you would with separates, bit of playing, bit of tweaking, save.
  6. They're the Stainless ones, it's the nickels I'm hunting for.
  7. Cheers. Can't see them listed, which could be my failing... it seems weird nobody carries them?
  8. A studio recording is being captured in ideal surroundings too. The live sound engineer has other complications and things to factor in, and considerably less time to balance it all and give everything its place, as well as working with the room and surroundings - where its probably far easier to F things up for everybody with bad bass sounds than guitar.
  9. On the subject, has anybody used/seen Sandberg nickel strings... Ever?! They inform me they can be ordered, if not bought from retailers, but I can't even see them on their own website. I actually am quite liking the stock strings. Really didn't like them a few years back, but seem to be getting on with them now.
  10. Wow! Pressure is on for Father's Day now 😂 Beautiful bass you have there.
  11. Looks great, dare I ask how much it weighs, unloaded?
  12. Another +1 for the Headrush FRFR112. Partnered with the Helix Stomp, it is a great and capable rig. There's more volume and lows there, if called upon, than my previous (small/medium) traditional bass rigs.
  13. That's how I read it too. Must be hard for the stage and tech guys, if JB genuinely takes it as an attack upon his creativity and musicianship.
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