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  1. The Markbass 102p is such a cool cab. It’s really punchy and full sounding for such a small cab.
  2. Great straps, in very good condition. These are the short ones, so a max length of 95cm. I have two, at the price of £20 each inc. postage. 🙂
  3. My cedar one was the first 5 in the UK and is well under 7lbs! Amazing if they’ve somehow made them even lighter.
  4. Gross. Sadowsky appears to have become such a confused brand. I know this gets mentioned every time the brand does now, but they’ve gone from a simple, easily identifiable product range, where there was guaranteed quality top to bottom to something where the bottom rung is/was a catalogue of errors and a top line that’s not even made by the master luthier whose name is on the headstock.
  5. I used mine with a Tecamp Puma or Glock Blue Sky, so I was never going to get anything but ‘modern’, but it was a beast of a cab. Clean headroom for days.
  6. My old Vanderkley 212 was great for slap, it’s probably what it did best actually.
  7. That’s why I bought mine. It’s was the lightest 5 string jazz available. Didn’t really care about much else as I could no longer play 4 or 5 nights a week with a 10lb’er on my shoulder. Wasn’t really bothered about tone or anything else. I’d had a Sandberg before, so knew there was little to worry about. As it happens, it’s my favourite sounding jazz bass I’ve owned.
  8. @Madein1962 very nice bass, case fits it like a glove. How’s the padding? Reckon it’d take a knock and keep your Jaydee in tact?
  9. Yeah, I get ya. I’ve not scratched mine, but there are a few little imprints - can’t really call them dents as they’re not even noticeable unless under close inspection. I’ve not knocked it, so no idea how they appeared. But I’ve had it nearly 2 years, that first year saw about 70 gigs, and last year saw about 12 🤣 so it’s standing up no worse than any other bass. I should buy a hard case, but always get stuck with finding one that would offer more protection than damage with the potential of the smaller/lighter body rattling around inside. In fact, I was wondering about buying the aged hardware as I think this bass will age really well. I’m gassing for a HCA Sandberg too!
  10. They’re Sandberg Stainless Steel, 40-128. 40, 60, 80, 100, 128. Also, TM5 SL, nice! I use a TT5 SL. Would love to try a TM SL.
  11. I love what they’re about and Jack Conte is fun to watch. I like this one, Kenton Chen on vocals is incredible. Sean Hurley too!
  12. I don’t think that’s the issue. It’s more where the string is one gauge over the nut, then tapers off. The string underneath the retainer may be too thin to properly ‘wedge’ itself under the retainer. the issue could be that the string retainer needs a thicker bit of string to properly apply that downforce. Or, it could be that the thinner bit of string isn’t making 100% contact with the underside of the retainer. If it’s not in there properly it could rattle and vibrate against the retainer a bit when you play the open A. If you’ve got a ‘normal’ string without that taper, I’d try that. Even an old string would do to test it.
  13. Have you always used those tapered strings? It could be because that skinny bit of string isn’t allowing the retainer to put enough pressure on the A string.
  14. Oof, that black pickguard suits it. Great basses and a very good price!
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