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  1. Hadn't thought about one of those. I had one of the shaped interior ones housing a Sadowsky and it was great. Looked alright too 😁
  2. That's good, thanks, they're probably front runners, I had SKB with my fenders and always liked them. Do you k ow which model yours is?
  3. They're great, I'm moving my Fusion Urban on because I need a case to whack in the back of a strategically packed van. The Fusion is fantastic, but I need something that can be stacked a bit more securely.
  4. Which hardcases are people using with their Sandbergs? The Fender/SKB stuff looks good, but the smaller body Sandbergs may shift in transit?
  5. About 6 months old, fantastic condition. A great case from a cool company. Tons of pocket space and some clever padding to help it fit many different shapes and sizes of bass. Can take specific pics of request. UK postage wouldn't be more than £10 I don't think. Selling as no longer required.
  6. I'm trying the nickels, I like the sound and tension. They're very coarse/rough on the fingertips though, compared to D'Addario nickels I normally use.
  7. You'd be best placed bypassing the amp's pre by going to the return of the effects loop. Using just the power amp of the combo and your Stomp for the preamp. But, what's drawing you to that setup, if you already have the Stomp? There's little point paying extra for the Stage 800 when the Stomp offers lots of the same features. If you want a combo and to use the effects of the Stomp, the Rumble 500 would be better. I had that 800, it was really good. But now I use the Stomp direct to FOH, and use IEMs or an active speaker for fold back. Much lighter load, and I get a better representation through my FRFR of what's going to front of house. Much cheaper option if you already own a Stomp too!
  8. They're nice things to have around, especially from your fine collection!
  9. I'd love it back. Absolutely LOVE it back. What a bass 😩 I think it'd be great with flats! Interested to hear your thoughts on the Duo strap too!
  10. 1. Have been meaning to get a second for a few years...
  11. Just to revisit this, I've had EB strings rust before, but never out of the pack! These skinny strings were bought 6 months ago, properly sealed and packaged, I open them up to this... Not just a spot of rust. I've emailed them. What a mess.
  12. Shocked to hear that from him... Not. I don't think it's a sweat thing either. They sounded great when brand new, especially on a Stingray! Very strange, and I've never experienced/heard of it on other brand. La Bella are generally pretty dependable!
  13. The EB going rusty likely wasn't a bad set. They seem to do that for some people. Me being one of them. I know a couple of guitar players that have the same issue with their skinny EB strings.
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