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  1. That's REALLY nice! If they did a 5 I'd be all over it.
  2. Thanks mate. That's exactly what I'm selling the BB to fund!
  3. My BBP35 is up for sale, if anyone is looking 😭 If I could afford to keep it and get something else I would, but early onset OA at the tender age of 32 means I need to get a bass made of helium. Gutted!
  4. Ah man... This is one of those 'I don't want to sell, but maybe need to' situations. This is my favourite bass I've owned. But, it's looking like I've been dealt early onset OA and need to get the lightest bass available or find another job! I'll double check, but this isn't heavy, it's about 9.5lbs, a shade over IIRC. It's currently the top of the line Yamaha BB, made in Japan. I bought it new from Yamaha London less than a year ago. It was the first in the UK I believe. It's alder/maple, has their newest lightweight hardware in a great satin finish. The bass is actually midnight blue, but tends to look more of a black in photos. It's string with D'Addario EXL170-5, as from the factory. It comes with a really plush hardcase too. It's passive, with VVT controls, but like with early BB's, the range if tones available is fantastic. It has 18mm string spacing, and the nicest neck I've played. I thought I liked a wide chunky neck on a bass, coming from a Sadowsky, but the Yamaha is something special. It's very comfortable and has a beautiful construction and matte feel. As I say, I'm not keen to let it go, but I'm struggling with my back/hips/knees... And this isn't even a heavy bass. Not looking for trades as I'm going to be looking at Sandberg Superlight series. I'm on the Isle of Wight, but Portsmouth/Southampton meet up is possible. Any specific photos/questions, please ask. Condition wise, there are no injuries to report. Neck and headstock remain completely as new, and there are no chips/dings/dents to be seen. The back of the body of the bass has some light swirling from my shirt buttons, but I couldn't pick it up in a photo.
  5. That's a very good looking piece of kit. Great work Ashdown.
  6. True! Certainly less healthy/constructive things to spend on. How do you choose which to gig though?! I've just got my Yamaha, so it gets all the attention.
  7. Why do people have so many?! Is it a conscious decision, or something that just happened over time?
  8. @Al Krow yes, I have the BBP35. Would love to A/B them. I'd really like a 735, but could do with a jazz V too, if I'm going to get a 2nd bass that'd probably be the way. I'd like another Sandberg too, going back to the earlier discussions!
  9. That's a great tune for auditioning drummers 😂 I like to go all out fuzz for bass on it!
  10. 'accidentally' losing data beats migrating millions of ropey old mp3 I guess.
  11. Pretty much did whatever was required of the song in the early years, then right through to harmonising other instruments, playing up the dusty end, chords and melodies. Using the bass as a melodic instrument, in a rock/pop setting. Incredible bassist in my book, and hugely imaginative and certainly an innovator.
  12. Greatly overrated, maybe if you're only going out once a weekend. There's not really any need for that to rule out a great sound either.
  13. I recently made the switch to a Stage 800. I've always had a 2x12 and head. Having less to carry was a reason for switching. The Rumble has also replaced my pedals and tuner. It's still 17kg and a fairly big box, but it's a one hand lift, without the additional trips to carry pedals and a box of cables and amp head. I've had Vanderkley in the past, and some other very nice gear. The Fender sounds great. Even if you don't like how it sounds out of the box, get to work with the modelling.
  14. I play lots of holiday parks for one of the big chains, we've been asked not to play any MJ for the time being.
  15. I just sold my Ninja 122 and Ninja amp, it was a great cab. I just don't it and wanted to downsize. I preferred it to 212s I've had that cost much more £. For the size, form and weight it produces a ton of output and was always a great sounding cab. I never pushed it, because with the Ninja amp it had some serious volume to hand. It only served as my stage monitor, but I always found that it offered a really nice clear sound onstage. Was disappointed to move it on, as tonally it was spot on for me. Also, the whole 600w rig weighed about 20kg.
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