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  1. Owned this for a month or so, it has never left the house. It really does sound great, it’s tight and punchy and very loud. It really is a solid set up, and the amp has some great and useable features. So, why am I selling? (Very) Long story short, I’ve moved out of the family home and suddenly don’t have space and need the money. I bought it brand new for about £470ish - as it was a great deal. I’ve since picked up the official Ashdown bag for the amp and a nice Roqsolid cover for the cab. so I’m hoping that I’m asking a fair price. I can get better pics on request, just may need a day or two. Cheers 😊
  2. It just seems uneconomical to repair Markbass stuff now. I really like their gear, but everyone I know that has had an issue out of warranty has been burnt by repair costs. Much more than likely easier, quicker and cheaper to buy a 2nd hand amp and swap it over. Maybe recoup some of the cost by selling yours as a faulty unit!
  3. Same 😂 I’m from 1986 too, this has nothing on my dodgy knees and rapidly expanding bald patch! I’d love to take this for the (slightly cringe) YOB thing, whack on some very heavy flats and permanently wedge a chunky bit of foam under them. I’d say “I’ll be back when mine sells”, but this will be long gone by then!
  4. Agreed, don’t limit yourselves and rule out good songs by only being a 3 piece. But, Phil X is basically the equivalent of 2 very proficient guitarists and a great vocalist! Same with Richie Kotzen. Huge sound for a 3 piece… but each of the 3 is a total master of their instrument.
  5. Maybe we should start our own club! 😂 I hate the nail sound too and have 3 pairs of clippers about the house. My gig bag pair got lost and need replacing. I also hate nail biting (OCD/germ thing…) but, if needs must, in the car on the way to the venue the index and middle are getting gnawed! I do prefer playing with fingers, probably the feel of it more than the sound. I started on guitar and played bass with a pick in my first band. But since then it’s only been the odd song as required. I’d actually rather double thumb now and get the pick effect that way.
  6. Facebook, or good old fashioned networking. Must be a few venues with open mics/jam nights locally?
  7. Agreed. Not always the best option for the gig, but from a selfish point of view, way more fun.
  8. Ok, first impressions are still solid. I’m very happy with this set up! The initial issue I had with the combo I briefly owned (volume dial acting more like an on/off switch) is definitely not the case here, it’s much more useable! It’s probably one of the best slap sounds I’ve had with the jazz bass. For £446, all in, posted and taxed, it’s a winner.
  9. This arrived! Only spent 30 mins with it, but first impressions are great! Really tight, clear and punchy sound. Great slap sound, handles the low B really well. My mrs will kill me for not getting the painting done… so I’d better revisit it later! Already extremely tempted to make this a 4x10 set up.
  10. Depends on the Markbass cab. If it’s 8ohm, then yes. If 4 ohm, then no. Unless you can disconnect the combo’s internal speaker and use only the Markbass.
  11. Yeah this was a thing a few years back, I’d message TC first off.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. @glassmoon congrats on gig no.1 over here. Nice looking setup, did you put a Delano pickup in the Ray? Is your 2nd cab another RM210? Mine should be arriving tomorrow. Not even got it and I’m already tempted to add a 2nd 210… just because!
  14. I expect so, but probably bloody awkward to do!
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