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  1. If my bass sells, I’d be all over this! Though I’m sure it won’t hang around at this price! Don’t suppose you’re after giving me this and a hefty chunk of cash in trade 😂
  2. Little Mark 3 and 102p or a Fender Rumble 500 combo are where I’d go. I’ve had both setups and prefer them to rigs I’ve had that cost 4 times more. They just work. Very reliable and I love the tone straight out of the box. The Markbass 102p is probably my favourite cab. It’s so small and light but very punchy and really projects well, especially if you tilt it back a touch.
  3. It’s flip of a coin stuff, but silver for me.
  4. I was about to post the same thing! Had a little look for one yesterday and was surprised someone was trying for that.
  5. Looking through some old pics on my phone, found a few of my first Sandberg. Miss this bass, it was heavy, which is why it was moved on but what a looker. Think it found its way to the USA after I moved it along.
  6. That’s class. Nice one to the Mrs! the 2nd gens are great, sleeker and more refined IMO
  7. @Raslee it’s a mk1 Ida Nielsen signature. Not been on the market for a few years now, it’ll take some hunting and maybe a bit of patience to track one down! You might have more luck looking for a relic mk1 VM4. The new Ida signature is fantastic too!
  8. I’ll probably do likewise in 2021. Not sure which model, but a BB is definitely coming home in some shape/form! Also, replacing the one I sold in 2019! 😒😄
  9. I think I need to try some GHS, as I actually really like the Sandberg steels! Especially on the SL, for what I do they suit it well. Boomers come in 45-126, which I like the sound of. I’m keen to try some flats on it too.
  10. Wow. That’s a wonderful looking bit of kit. I’m on my 2nd Sandberg. Great instruments aren’t they. Do you know what flats it shipped with? Which rounds are you going to go for?
  11. Unbelievable. Hopefully he is blacklisted musically, at the very least. Sounds like a cyber bully and it seems entirely hypocritical that he is labelling others “keyboard warriors”.
  12. Hi Pete, Think you want @Chienmortbb My post was offering a spare cable I have laying about, rather than an obbm stock list!
  13. I’ve probably got one you can have if you pm me an address, and can hang on until after Christmas?
  14. I’ve played with a guitarist who often forgets to tune back up, the first chord of the following song is always an interesting one 😂
  15. The only reason I sold my BB, too. I regret it big time, but had it weighed 9lbs, I’d never have sold it. Yep, listen to the isolated track, unmistakably N.E. It’s been my favourite track to play for a long time and probably the only track in the set where i don’t have to embellish or change the original baseline for the sake of my own boredom night after night 😂 he’s even got a vocal in the bridge (“and put your feet on the ground”). I believe i read that it was Clapton seeing him tear that song up at Live Aid which made him immediately after the gig, ask if he’d work with him too!
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