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  1. Plug in not supported

    I actually have the same problem with my phone and am waiting for a sensible answer... 😂😂😂
  2. Michael Anthony was without doubt Van Halen's secret weapon. Impeccable timing, great backing vocals, a sixteenth note pulse that would kill lesser bassists and a thoroughly decent chap to boot. The only proof of his ability you'll ever need is the Live:Right Here, Right Now concert film. Michael Anthony is a badass.
  3. Boon Gould, Roddy Frame.
  4. [quote name='Steve Browning' timestamp='1503479037' post='3358494'] I used to play in a (blues) band in which the singer would preface EVERY guitar solo with 'play me some blues on that thing' and every one of his harp solos with 'excuse me a while'. [/quote] My toes curled just reading that. 😊
  5. Best cover you've heard?

    The Sweet's "Action" by Def Leppard.
  6. Is TAB really that evil?

    IMO anyone who thinks that using tab, chord diagrams or any other tool that helps a player learn their instrument is somehow "wrong", belong in the same category as bassists that believe using a pick is also somehow "wrong".
  7. MK in BGM

    [quote name='LZD56' timestamp='1502877127' post='3354070'] Sorry, he didn't mention why a 6 string. Can only assume it's for Gizmodrome, his new band with Adrian Belew & Stewart Copeland? [/quote] Disappointingly, he did say in the article that he's only got it "for noodling on". Somewhat inspired by seeing Thundercat at Glastonbury, he asked Status to make him a six string version of his paramatrix bass. So there you go - just gonna give Rob Green a buzz and tell him I too saw Thundercat (on telly) and can I have a free bass please. 😂 I'm actually hoping to see MK play that sixer live.😊
  8. Buying guitars on the internet

    I bought a Sire MM V7 last year from Thomann, very playable straightouttadabox. Only needed minor tweaking to get it up to my preferred set-up. 😊
  9. Yikes!!!

    +1 for the cue cards. Plus YouTube is your friend. 😁
  10. Sorry, but I don't care if Justin himself built that bass. Nearly £1400 for a Mustang is a bit cheeky. Tis nice though.
  11. Liam - where did it all go wrong?

    [quote name='Chaos Daveo' timestamp='1499243967' post='3330177'] As for his attitude, it's all for attention... [/quote] A singer in a rock n roll band being an attention seeker? Whatever next? 😂😂😂
  12. Liam - where did it all go wrong?

    I liked Oasis for the most part. Again, I'm of that age where they sound tracked nights out, and a not-so-misspent youth, but I've never got the Beatles comparisons. I think it was something perpetuated by them more than the press, but I could play any Oasis album and hand on heart say none of it sounds like the Beatles.
  13. I think I finally understand Radiohead

    "I'm totally having it until the little fella starts singing..."
  14. Liam - where did it all go wrong?

    I disagree a little. His voice is better than it was in the latter years of Oasis, but his backing band are pretty average and was it just me or was he reading the lyrics of an autocue?
  15. Mark King BBC6music

    Cheers for sharing, will give that a listen later. 😊