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  1. Here we have a stack-knob wiring kit from our very own KiOgon. I had this on my P/J for a couple of years, but decided ultimately is was a little too warm sounding for my taste. Artec pots, solder-less connections, caps are 0.1 on neck and .047 bridge (orange drop), switchcraft jack (which is missing the nut and washer unfortunately), plus two sets of knobs - chrome and black. £50 delivered, Paypal is my preferred method of payment.
  2. P/J bass buzzing woes.

    Thanks mate! 😊 She got her first gig last night, sounded great with the Dunlops on there, I'd forgotten how comfortable it is to play - I've been using my Sire V7 for gigs and although that too is a great sounding bass, they are a little on the heavy side. The P/J is a bit lighter but doesn't' feel insubstantial like some lighter basses. It certainly sounds heavy with the new pots. 😁
  3. Sorry Nodd, now sold.
  4. Might sell better with a chrome pup cover on one of them...
  5. Had this on my P bass a couple of years ago, took it off again, been stashed away ever since, so selling as nearly new. £12 delivered.
  6. P/J bass buzzing woes.

    Just don't look under the pickguard...
  7. Mark King once walked past me in our local hardware shop.
  8. Matching headstock Basses NEEDED :)

    Here's mine - formerly a Squier Vintage Modified 70's Precision bass, I have added Tonerider pickups (split coil plus jazz bridge pickup), a KiOgon wiring loom with US spec pots, mint green pickguard, painted headstock and a cheeky Fender decal. Sounds so good, I'm thinking of getting rid of the Sire MM V7 and doing another P-bass mod... Maybe black with tort guard and matching headstock....
  9. P/J bass buzzing woes.

    She LIVES!!! Thank you guys for the advice, tips etc. I did indeed have the J pot wired up wrong. I've also grounded the tone pot to the shielding. Result? Practically zero hum, no buzzing and a great set of tones thanks to the KiOgon wiring loom. I've strung her with a fresh set of Dunlop Super Brights (40-100) and will give her a good seeing to on Friday night....;) Thanks again everyone. Basschat RULES!
  10. P/J bass buzzing woes.

    Fanx guys, I'm on it. Results later... 😊
  11. Is Ki0gon still a member on here...?

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      Thank goodness! I'm sure I have more business, in the future, to send his way :)


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      'The Wizard of the South' they call him. :)

  12. P/J bass buzzing woes.

    It's a standard jazz pickup as far as I'm aware. I used to have this wired as a stack-knob - ie two stacked pots for each pick up, and this didn't give me any problems. Here's a photo...
  13. I have a P bass that I converted to P/J a couple of years ago, and I recently bought a new wiring kit (solderless V/V/T) off of our very own Ki0gon. I've had to route out the cavity some more to accommodate the larger pots so I repainted the cavity using shielding paint. I connected the pickups as per the usual wiring diagrams and grounded to the bridge as usual. The issue I now have is that with the bridge pup turned up I have a horrible buzzing noise made even worse when I touch the bridge or strings or knobs. I don't know what I've done wrong. The split coil soloed is quiet with a very slight click when I touch it but it's unusable when I turn the bridge pup up. I'm ready to start smashing stuff up...