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  1. 3-point bridges - why in God's name.....just why???

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    2. Grassie


      Took me two hours to set my new (to me) EB-3 this morning after picking it up yesterday evening. My first experience with a 3 pointer, first thing I did was take the strings off to give it a good clean. Second thing I did was pick the saddles and bridge up off the floor after it fell apart. 

    3. bartelby


      Sounds exactly like my experience. 
      I shall be getting a Babicz bridge at some point…

    4. W1_Pro


      I know I'm probably a bit of an outlier here, and I completely understand that folks have issues with these, but I've had the same three pointer on my 1987 TBird since...well, 1987. I've never had to do much to it.  The action was low in 1987, it's still low now. On the other hand, I tried a hipshot on my NR bird a few years ago, and that was awful. Bloody great clunky thing that would have needed countersinking to get the action to the height it was with the original three pointer. I now have a Babicz on there which is a very nice piece of metalwork, but still quite idiosyncratic in its own way. Anyway, just my experience, completely accept that people might think I'm talking out of my hat. 


  2. Watched this the other night, really enjoyed it. One thing that struck me though was Eddie Vedder's interview where he says part of the reason he felt guilty about Pearl Jam's success was that there were many other bands from Seattle that should've had the same amount of exposure as his band. Having watched the film I feel that the reason PJ, Soundgarden, Nirvana, and AIC were massive was because they were great bands with great songs. A lot of the bands featured in the documentary were actually pretty uninteresting and not that great.
  3. If you can find one, the Tokai Rockinbetters are supposed to be pretty decent. A friend of mine plays an Ibanez copy and that sounds great. There is a facebook page called Rickenfakers, there's loads of resource on there.
  4. A couple of friends of mine used to be in a (now defunct) 80s covers band doing synth and new-wave stuff. They were called Kevin 17. Maybe nick it...?
  5. Isle of Wight Festival time! Looking forward to some live music, overpriced beer and lukewarm food. Let’s rock!

    1. Muppet


      Let me know how it goes. First year ever that I've missed it. Just not comfortable with festivals etc at the moment. 

    2. Grassie


      It was ok. Same as usual really, some good acts, some were let down by diabolical sound (Duran Duran), the food was fine for the most part, 36 for a pint, pretty busy though, around 60,000 there I reckon.

  6. Thinking of selling the neck from my VM 70’s P bass (maple board) and replacing it with a maple J neck. Hit me up if anyone wants to trade. 😊

    1. Nibody


      There's a seller on ebay selling amber tinted black block maple Jazz necks for about £40 - just got one for a Jazz bitser and it was pretty decent quality (that way if you decide to move you'r P on, you can stick the original neck back on it) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203347780016

  7. Had a dream I owned a Les Paul junior bass in TV Yellow - but it was an 8 string. Now I need to build one.....

    1. TheGreek


      Can you dream that I have an Alembic SC like the one for sale in the marketplace but that it was free.

    2. Grassie


      I saw that. If I had a spare 5K lying about, she’d be mine. 😁

    3. Rich


      In your dream, did you manage to solve what I imagine would be simply colossal neck-dive?

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  9. My favourite Stone. RIP Charlie.
  10. An ideal starter guitar or for someone who is happy just sitting at home strumming, this had had very little use and has been hanging on my wall gathering dust. Could do with a new set of strings but other than that it is in excellent condition with no dings, dents or scratches. Comes with a nice Madarozzo gig bag, which itself is nearly new. I have my eye on something else, but this needs to go first. £80, no offers, located in Newport, Isle of Wight. I'm quite reluctant to post this given that it's acoustic but if you want to arrange a courier at your expense then feel free - I will pack it as well as possible. I can also meet at one of the IOW ferry ports (Portsmouth/Southampton/Lymington) for collection if you would prefer. Please note this is a standard acoustic guitar and NOT an electro-acoustic.
  11. Hi, is this still available?
  12. This is right up my street....😂 https://planetradio.co.uk/planet-rock/news/rock-news/steel-panther-bassist-audition
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