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  1. Hi all, You may have seen another thread here where I asked about replacing the pickup casings on my Squier jazz bass with closed ones. Well, I've done this and the neck pickup is working fine, but I suddenly have no output from the bridge pickup. I've no idea what I've done, but I don't really think its anything to do with the pickup covers. I don't have a meter to test the electrics with, but giving the pole pieces a tap with a screwdriver gives me no sound either. All wiring is intact. Any ideas?
  2. I agree - looking for instrument demos and reviews on YouTube can be frustrating. Demoing a bass by playing a load of slap and some chordal stuff up the dusty end is not showing me what I want from bass. It's just showing off.
  3. I love slap - the two main players who made me want to take up bass are Flea and Mark King. But I can't slap for toffee. There are a lot of players who leave me cold when they start whacking the stings - Victor Wooten being one of them. Slap is great when it's in the context of a song, think of all the great classic funk tunes that incorporate it. But slap solos are generally naff (as are most solos actually), especially when they just descend into a load of tuneless clicking (see Wooten).
  4. Welcome and enjoy your new found way of burning money.....😁 Nice bit of kit there. Apart from the headstock.... Whoever is in charge of designing them at Sire needs to take a step back from the monitor once in a while and have a really good look at what they've created. Then erase, and start again.
  5. Hi all, Has anyone ever replaced the covers (the actual black plastic enclosures as opposed to the chrome ashtray jobs) on pickups with exposed pole pieces with blank or closed type covers? I want to try a set on my Squier jazz bass but am concerned that a blank cover will cause a reduction in volume/output as the pole pieces will be covered. Some reasons for me wanting to try this: I'm quite heavy handed when digging in and often catch the string on the pole piece, causing that horrible clicking sound. I can't keep the pole pieces clean for love nor money. I get sweaty hands when playing and the poles on all my basses have a certain degree of corrosion. In the past some have actually gone a bit rusty. I don't actually like the look of exposed pole piece pickups, closed ones look much nicer. Thoughts/experiences anyone?
  6. My avatar has me playing a 310. Yes, it was a little heavy, but my god, it cut through everything in its path. Chalked up on the “one I wish I’d kept” list.
  7. Hi all, I've been looking for new bass bodies for a possible build project, but I want one with no routing, so I can decide at a later point what type of pickup to put in. P-bass style with contouring and neck pocket, but no other routing. Anyone come across such a thing? Cheers.
  8. "Congregation" by Foo Fighters, by me. 😁 Fake Mendel precision bass into Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface, into FL Studio. Resting bass face as standard....
  9. What is the B string like on that? I've never understood why some manufacturers make 5er's with only 20 frets, and not a minimum of 22 frets...
  10. If it's for charity, then yes, I don't have a problem with it. I do have a problem with pubs/venues asking if we can play for free as "we don't have a budget for music/it would be good exposure". Why will it be good exposure? Are Sony Records coming for a pint of Bishop's Finger and a bag of pork scratchings? Musicians playing for free and giving their recorded music away for nothing are devaluing the entire medium.
  11. I'm having that book. Hope there's a Kindle edition. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. I used to buy it religiously every month from around 1993 until around 2003. The end for print magazines is inevitable (hoping that newspapers go the same way to be honest), and a sign of the times. 😶
  13. I had put together a covers band last year, rehearsals were only once every two weeks due to my shift pattern, and progress was very slow. Since Coronavirus hit, I haven’t missed playing at all, and haven’t really played much at home either, apart from making a couple of YouTube videos. I’m gradually getting to the point where I really can’t be bothered with it anymore. Starting rehearsals again seems like a waste of time, and there is a strong possibility I’ll sell most of my gear at some point.
  14. Looks good on @Slapbass Shaun’s wall... 😁
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