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  1. Hi all, Anyone in BC town make replacement pick guards? Need a pearloid job for my Sire V7. Cheers 😊
  2. Grassie

    Win A Free Set of NYXL!

    I'm currently using (and have for a long time) Warwick Red label 40-100's. Would love to try a set of NYXL's because I'm always chasing the most ziiiing I can get for my ker-chiiiing!!!!
  3. After a white pearl pickguard for my 4 string Sire MM V7 in the Items Wanted section...

  4. Anyone know how much Sims Custom charge for a solid 2k respray? Messaged them a couple of weeks ago but no reply...

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    2. Sibob


      Their phone number is: 01233 822522


    3. TheGreek


      Here's Nikki's email address...

      [email protected]

    4. Grassie


      Thanks chaps. 😁

  5. Grassie

    Tips for stripping....

    Keep your eye on the Build Diaries section... 😎
  6. Grassie

    Tips for stripping....

    If I go the clear coat refinish route, I’m thinking of making a new pick guard and control plate from a similar hued wood. Would look nice I think. 😊
  7. Grassie

    Tips for stripping....

    Interesting that mine is front-routed from the neck pickup to the control cavity, and yours isn’t....
  8. Grassie

    Mooer baby tuner issue.

    I’ve checked the draw on all of the pedals and they amount to just under 500mA. The power supply is brand new and is rated at 1A. I’ve no idea how to check if the rating is true...

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    2. TheGreek


      Chancers and time wasters

    3. Grassie



    4. SpondonBassed


      There is a new website for those; Scumtree.cow

  10. Grassie

    Mooer baby tuner issue.

    Update - the issue only occurs when I plug the lead from my bass in.....
  11. Grassie

    British built custom bass

    Status-Graphite in Essex.
  12. I’ve only recently discovered Rick Beato on YouTube, and what a thoroughly pleasant chap he seems to be. 😊
  13. Grassie

    Tips for stripping....

    Wow that looks really good! Thanks for the tips guys. 😊
  14. Grassie

    Mooer baby tuner issue.

    Hey all, I bought a used Baby Tuner a while ago but I’ve started having issues with it. When it’s sat in my pedalboard connected to 5 other pedals, after a while the display stops working - clicking the foot switch still mutes the signal from my bass but the display is blank. However, if I use the tuner on its own, there are no problems. The power adapter I’m using is a 1A which is plenty of juice for what the pedals are drawing. I’m stumped. Any ideas? 🧐