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  1. Bands/singers who make me reach for the “off” switch: George Ezra Ed Sheeran Adele Any singer/songwriter called “Tom”. Bastille Lewis “bloody” Capaldi The above acts can be filed under the genre of Borecore. There are many other examples, but because they are so unutterably dull, I’ve forgotten their names.
  2. Yes, definitely looks that way. I can’t see a join of any description, but I can see what looks like brush marks… ☹️
  3. No more than any other jazzes I’ve owned. A touch lighter than my old Sire V7 I’d say.
  4. It’s never Lake Placid Blue, none of the online pics or videos convey that, but when I opened the box, I have to admit I did do a little “phwooaaarr”! 😂
  5. Yeah, the neck is a little deeper than my Squier jazz but width wise it’s perfect. Much like my Kiloton, pretty much the same dimensions other than the extra couple of frets on the KT.
  6. Ordered Wednesday, turned up earlier today. I love jazz basses and I also love G&L's saddle-lock bridges and their pickups, so when I saw this reduced by £70 I pulled the trigger... Good things: The colour - listed as Lake Placid Blue, this is more like an Ice Blue, and it's metallic, and looks the nuts. Much nicer than Fender's LPB. The back of the neck and headstock is also finished with a nice vintage amber tint. The sound - sounds like a jazz bass should. Rear pup has The Honk, blended with the front pup it rounds out beautifully for a really versatile tone. The bridge - these things are G&L's secret weapon. There is a protrusion under the bridge (downtown) which sits in the wood, sending lovely jazz vibrations through the body. Sustain and clarity for days, and also no dead spots around the 7th fret on any of the strings, maybe due in part to the headstock shape... Set up: Really, really good, straight out of the box. The action is just how I like it, had to tweak the tuning slightly, and the E string seems a little duller than the others, but very impressed with that side of things. The not so good things: A very small dent in the finish near the control panel. Nothing serious, I'll get over it. The binding - not real binding, but painted, and painted quite badly near the dusty end. Now I didn't know that quite a lot of manufacturers paint faux binding instead of installing the real thing, and that's OK I suppose (Its seems to be an aesthetic thing more than anything else) but really, whoever did this particular job needs to try again. Just not good enough, even for a far eastern instrument. Anyway, here are some pics.
  7. Like that a lot. Her and Dua Lipa seem to have a lot of love for a decent bass line. 😊
  8. G&L Tribute JB incoming…. 😎

  9. The guitar version is back in print (10 available) should any of our six string brethren fancy one… PM 4 deets… 😎
  10. Guys - I haven't forgotten you, I've been mega busy with other stuff (work and gigs mainly) but I should be able to get the prints in my grubby mitts by the end of the month, then I'll contact each of you individually to arrange delivery etc. Fanx.
  11. I had one for about 5 minutes earlier this year. Sounded great, looked great, but the neck dive was horrendous so I got rid of it.
  12. ***PRICE DROP - NOW £300*** Up for grabs is this lovely bass, I haven’t had it long but have realised I just prefer jazz basses, so this is being moved on. Finished in Alpine White, it features G&L’s brilliant MFD pickup which is a passive but powerful unit. Switchable between single coil/series/parallel, it sounds like a passive Stingray with loads of bottom end and punchy mids. The fretboard is rosewood (and a nice thick slab of it too) frets are decent. The bridge is G&L’s patented saddle-lock unit, which in my opinion is one of the best out there - the amount of resonance and sustain this thing puts through the body is ridiculous and no doubt adds to the punch you get from this bass. Bad stuff? There is a small ding in the paint on the front, and another on the back (both of which happened with the previous owner) that I have tried to photograph, but neither affect the playability of this instrument. I’m asking £300, brand new these go for upwards of £450 (although I think the white one is now discontinued). No case I’m afraid. Located in Newport on the Isle of Wight, and I’m very reluctant to ship as couriers do not seem to give a flying you-know-what about other people’s stuff, but I am willing to meet at one of the IOW ferry ports (Portsmouth/Southampton/Lymington)to do the deal. Thanks for looking. 😊
  13. I bought a Warwick one about 12 years ago - 3 inches wide woven job and I think I only paid a fiver for it new (in a sale somewhere). It’s great, much like the one posted by Doctor J above. Can’t find any now though.
  14. G&L Kiloton - not for me after all… ☹️

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Grassie


      I don’t mind a bit of weight, I get suspicious if a bass feels too light…. 😁

    3. BillyBass


      Sweetwate has a few white JB-2s and publishes their respective weights:



      They all seem reasonable, not too light or too heavy.


      My newer candy apple red Kiloton is a little under 4.5 kg, which is lighter than the older 'Irish Ale' Kilotons.



    4. Grassie


      I’m not keen on the look of the JB 2s, prefer the OG JBs. 😊

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