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  1. I’m really grateful for these responses. I consider this bass to be practically irreplaceable because I would never spend what the replacement would cost, even if it did play as well. I’ve got a Peavey 5 coming in soon that is nothing special. think I’ll offer that.
  2. Thanks for your kind words. It was a very enjoyable week with a bunch of talented kids and good friends.
  3. After playing with thumb anchored for many years, I was shown the benefit of a floating thumb. I straighten my wrist relax my entire hand a bit and it feels great. You do have to figure out the muting, but it’s an easy adjustment.
  4. A work colleague who has an R & B band has a bassist coming over from Italy to play a bunch of Jubilee gigs. Apparently, he is not bringing a bass, and plays a 5. I was asked if he could borrow mine. I initially said it was okay, but then had second thoughts and agreed he could use my Specter, but not the Pedulla. I don’t know anything about the bassist, and would not be at any of the gigs. I would never show up without my own instrument and am wondering why this guy would…sounds a bit dodgy to me. thoughts?
  5. You would be surprised... "True Love Ways" is my favorite....but there are lots!
  6. Little Feat may be one of the best bands ever... If Slash impressed BB King, that's good enough for me... Linda Ronstadt was a musical force of nature... I can listen to Lyle Lovett and his Large Band for a very long time... If he had lived longer, Buddy Holly would have been the King of Rock 'n Roll...
  7. Having owned a very wide range of basses and also acoustic guitars, I think there is one common thread. Some instruments feel and sound sterile, or boring, or whatever. Others inspire you to play better because of the feedback you get and the response you get from subtle changes in your playing. I am convinced that each instrument has, for lack of a better work, a personality. Why else do some of you own several P basses? That personality is down to a combination of design, electronics, body and neck construction, strings, etc, plus some intangibles. Otherwise, why can you play two identical solid-body basses and they feel and/or sound different?
  8. Whitney Houston was not the first to sing "I Will Always Love You"...it was written about Porter Wagoner, By Dolly Parton
  9. 1. Most British pop music is impossible to like, or even listen to...sorry, Heart radio 2. Slappers/tappers/harmonics guys are just abusing a perfectly good bass 3. The longer we go, historically, with rock music, the more pretentious it gets 4. It is okay to love simple music 5. The best songwriters write country music 6. Ron Carter may be the best bassist ever, period. 7. Stanley Clarke is 100x more musical than Jaco. 8. Only jazz musicians think it is okay to have 5 people listen to you try to sound like Miles Davis, and fail. Bebop is really boring unless you are a genius (and most of you really are not)
  10. My new favorite is plugging into the headphone output on my Hartke, then panicking that no sound is coming out....input is on the other side....
  11. And I would totally fight for your right to say so!
  12. What name is on the headstock? And, a PJ (see above) is not a P-Bass..... Your Lakland is lovely...totally agree....and yet, not a P Bass...
  13. Sorry, this is just such a "Mona Lisa" kind of bass......special
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