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  1. Yup, and I can’t figure out how to edit it!
  2. I still disagree. Maybe it’s a generational thing, but the whole “tell us what you are looking for so we can hover and sell it to you” thing just does not work for me. Another comment about getting tired of people coming by unannounced also really puts me off. As I said earlier, I have been in a lot of high end music stores, and have never encountered this “we are just too posh to have anybody just walk in, and btw, you could be a thief” attitude. Not my cup of tea.
  3. Still sounds vague…..more arguments and helpful suggestions!
  4. This is probably just idle curiosity, as playing in a function band does not sound like my idea on big fun, but… I keep seeing dep ads that refer to “standard function tunes”. Being relatively new to the customs here, and only having pub band experience, does this mean there are a specific list of tunes? If so, what are they (just in case)?
  5. Small world…I grew up in Imperial…an hour west. I’ll be back in that part of the world soon…looking forward to it!
  6. During that same time frame, out on the plains of Nebraska, we also had an abundance of really good bands and great venues. I that experience must have been pretty wide-spread. It was wonderful!
  7. I have Elixer on my Pedulla and really like them. I’ve used brite flats for Years on a variety of basses, and the Elixers have a superior tone, feel, and last longer.
  8. All due respect…it’s not trivial, especially in this post-covid time. My local bank now has a very limited timeframe when you can actually deal with a teller. Many services are moving to online-only. Fast food outlets are using online and kiosk ordering instead of employing people to take orders. Restaurants and pubs are putting qr codes on the tables and just pointing to them as they breeze past. The whole concept of customer service is pivoting toward the impersonal and the cold, digital interface. Also, I can walk into Tiffany, Vitton, etc without being quizzed about my intentions or making an appointment. I’m just not comfortable with any of it and, yes, I’m a boomer.
  9. I did send an email, got the standard response. I am very happy with my local shop, and will support them. I understand your point, but there are a lot of great shops out there, and I’ve spent enough time in retail early in my life that I will, whenever possible, refuse to accept bad service or bad behavior in someone who is in the position of taking my hard earned money. You don’t a high level of basic good manners any more, largely because we tolerate bad behavior and rude attitudes. And, my experience is that a clerk or salesperson is only reflecting the attitudes of their boss. I am really appreciative of this forum and all the varied points of view…
  10. Nothing that I can’t see anywhere else. I would love to play some other nice 5’s to see how they compare with my MPV, but that can wait. Those guys will never get a chance to make a better impression…just the way I’m wired.
  11. Yup….plus, I’m not jumping through those so hoops to go in and buy a patch cord
  12. Speaking of filthy guitars, I played in a band with a guy that was a serious pothead. He had this strat, filthy as only a pothead’s stuff tends to be. I offered to clean it up, and while doing so, checked the serial number…it was a 57. We fired him soon after, and never saw him or the guitar again. As far as misspellings, I don’t care so much, but glad to know the story behind the Squier name.
  13. I asked for the manager and was told it wouldn’t do any good, and that I should just leave, which I did. Maybe I had a real jerk, but at that moment, he was the store. Others might have had great service there…good for you. Come to think of it, I’m still whizzed of at that place. I nurse a grudge…probably my biggest failing.
  14. Great comment…I think most musicians value good relationships over a wall full of guitars you can’t touch. I just looked at Peach’s website…nothing special there, and certainly nothing I can’t get at my local.
  15. I think that’s kind of a strange business model. It’s a guitar shop, not the Louvre. Makes them look like a-holes, in my opinion. Ever been to Gruhn Guitars in Nashville? I would bet their stock is a bit more expensive, but they actually let people walk in.
  16. Okay, this is a pet peeve of mine, but there only seems to be two kinds of music stores. Some, thank goodness, are friendly places with great gear and nice, knowledgeable staff that love this stuff as much as we do. I am lucky to have such a shop, Music Street, in Huntington. Then, there is the other type. The staff are too busy being important and letting you know that they are granting you a huge boon just by allowing you to exist in their exalted presence.They make you feel unwelcome from the start. The first one of these I remember from years ago when I was looking for string options for my 74 LoPrinzi flattop. I decided to try to get advice in one of these shops…they just looked down their noses and informed me that, since this was just a Martin copy ( it isn’t), string choice didn’t matter. I walked out, went to a good shop that recommended Pearse strings, and I’ve been using them ever since. I had a really bad experience today when I pulled into Peach Music in Colechester. They are, apparently, open by appointment only and gave me the distinct impression that I just did not belong there. They will never get a penny from me. I have worked retail and have never understood this attitude. Any other music store horror stories out there?
  17. A pint maximum for me…usually none at all.
  18. I have the same bass now. Being fret less, it took about 2 days to get used to. Now, I perceive no difference at all and a lovely feel and tone.
  19. Why didn’t I think of that…compression is for losers!
  20. Lemme open up this other can of worms…how about folks who have a whole room full of basses, amps, pedals, etc versus us purists that get it done plugging straight into their only amp having never owned more than 2 basses at the same time… going to go get some popcorn now…:)
  21. I have seen enough of this to know… - never judge another person’s instrument before you hear/play it. - never get too proud of your good bass..most musicians don’t recognise my Pedulla, and that’s fine with me. - play what you want, but always keep an open mind.
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