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  1. [quote name='88reaper88' timestamp='1420943908' post='2655401'] Just an idea; Why not fibreglass the polystyrene body and actually use that? Might be an interesting experiment tone-wise [/quote] Interesting idea, might be worth a try! Almost seems a shame to have 'wasted' all that machining time on it. This has really been on the back-burner due to not having any money and/or time. I've tried a few prototype necks, but none have worked out. I should have better access to a router again soon I'm hoping and can continue this project. But as I say, time and money are a factor, and I'm trying to spend as much time as I can at the moment earning. That said, I have a few other projects going on concerning CNC/advanced manufacturing, and if anyone is interested in these, I would be happy to post a few of the less IP-sensitive details, though I am trying to keep a lot of it under wraps at the moment. That being said, I've just agreed to play a gig for a reggae covers band later this month, so this thing really HAS to be finished. I've ordered a very cheap chinese 3 band pre for it, and if that doesn't arrive in time, I'm just going to wire pickup to jack.
  2. Sold Simon my Musicman SUB, all went very smoothly and he was a pleasure to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to do business again
  3. Haha, it looked fine in solidworks, realised I had over-done it a bit though once I had it fitted! No matter though, took all of 30 seconds on the laser cutter, I can just do another
  4. I will let you know, should that happen, though you're not the only one.
  5. jenswest - active, sorry I forgot to mention this in the ad. Tom - I'm going to put this on hold for guitar geek until tomorrow (pending payment), however if it's still here after that, you're more than welcome.
  6. This has been a while coming, it's not 100% finished - electronics need work, and I'd like to have matching hardware at some point, when funds allow! I also need to make my own neck, that's getting there, I need to start machining it though. Maybe in a week or two. I have the thing built with the OLP neck anyway, and it plays pretty nice, though it could do with a proper set up.
  7. Bump, someone please buy this. I've also reduced the price, really need this gone.
  8. That's what I'm doing - that's the first coat of an oil finish in the photo.
  9. I've been messing about with finishes for the last couple of weeks, hence the radio silence. I couldn't get the stains to work right, the ash was just really porous and wouldn't soak it up, even with grain filler on there, so I gave up for now. I'll be experimenting with it some more though for sure, I'd like to get a decent stained finish done at some point. So here's where I am now, filled the grain with black filler, to make it 'pop', as you can see, and then just put a coat of tung oil on there. I think it looks awesome! I'll probably put a few more coats of oil on and call it done. There are some light marks though that I couldn't see before the oil went on, so I'm tempted to sand it back and get it perfect, even though they'll be mostly obscured... I'll decide tomorrow.
  10. Welcome! I can also call Nottingham my hometown, though I moved away a while ago. I do miss the music scene a bit.
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