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  1. Prince.

    Apart from some classical musicians, that are in a different league imo. Prince for me is probably the most profound musician that ive ever listened to. This is one of my favourite Prince funkers. Maceo Parker's sax playing is just.. wow.... Absolute killer funk from the man.
  2. A Great groove.

    Im aware I've prob posted this before. But I think its worth a repost. I will skip names as many know them, especially Micheal. Outstanding for me is Jonathan Maron on that white Yamaha... He blows me away with incredible solo's and technical ability, on many a Groove Collective album and with Meshell, but can play simple groove of course. Just like this. Louis Cato's drumming is just soooooo great also.
  3. Conklin GTBD7

    That is a bargain..You might want to put £550 in the title.
  4. Genz Benz Shuttle 6.2.?

    Just pulled the trigger on a Shuttle 6.2 with Genz Benz bag from the Gallery..£400. Looks like brand new.. Thanks for the info guys.
  5. Learn To Read Music

    I wonder if he's asked Andrew Gouche that.
  6. Genz Benz Shuttle 6.2.?

    Another question. Ive been in conversation with another BC member, and they said the GB Shuttle might not be so good for the music I like. That being soul/neo soul, funk etc? Surely with EQ and the right cab this is possible. ? Surely any decent amp will get me a tone I like.? All subjective I guess.
  7. I can vouch for this one. Really great playing and sounding Jazz bass. Al is a pleasure to deal with also.
  8. Genz Benz Shuttle 6.2.?

    Much difference between the Shuttle 6.0 and the 6.2.?
  9. Back to BASSics - the 5 string search

    Lakland 5502 all day long, and make it a Deluxe at that.!!. Very versatile bass. Can get away with Jbass, Pbass and MusicMan, sort of. Good enough for most ears.Really great EQ. The pickups and electronics are the same as the US made basses. There Pleked also.
  10. Like the title says.
  11. O00h, I so wish Alan Partridge was doing the voice over on this.
  12. Miming on TOTP's

    Even if he was actually playing the bass, I wouldn't care. The most boring bass playing I've ever heard.
  13. Speeding up string deadness.

    There comes a time when bass is not everything. Music yes, but not the instrument.
  14. Buddy Rich.

    Im sure this vid has been on BC before. Probably by me. . But it still amazes me now. What a character he was and what a fantastic drummer. I have lots of favourite drummers, Poogie Bell, Billy Cobham, Dennis Chambers, Pete R Biggins. But this guy, especially back then, was just way out there.
  15. Headphones and OHM's

    Im needing a new pair and the Beyer Dynamic 990 Pro's are my choice. But I'm wondering what OHM version.(I'm rubbish with this sort of stuff).. Ill be plugging into a Saffire Pro 24, in to a Mac Pro, but also into a Genz Benz Shuttle 6.2.. Me not know which one is suitable. ? Any thoughts. Thanks in advance.