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  1. Thanks for the recommendations.
  2. Can anyone recommend any blues records with keys in it.? Im not massively knowledgable about blues, so was wondering. Thankyou for any recommendations.
  3. bubinga5

    Zoom B2

    What does everyone think of this multi effects.? Does it have an octave.?
  4. That quilted maple is bonkers. WOW. And then there is the price.! Seriously.??
  5. The Moon Jazz for sale on Bass Chat. Best Jazz bass you will play.
  6. Dont let this GB go for that Carl. Jeez. !!
  7. Any recommendations I can discover.? Think Christopher Cross etc.
  8. After all these years I liked Dire Straits and had never listened to this particular album until I heard this record on the radio. Everything I was doing stopped as what happens when I hear a great record.The whole album is just fantastic..
  9. Yeah all good. I dont have that instrument any more. I loved the spitfire but a Lakland 5594 outclasses it in many ways. Would love to see the P bass that you have acquired .?
  10. Im surprised this has not gone.. Deal with Carl with total confidence. I miss the Sei dude.
  11. No. I had this bass for a while and sold it on. Excellent it was though.
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