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  1. bubinga5

    To Cull or Not to Cull...

    I'm down to one bass. It will probably go to the grave with me. It's a Sei J 5 and it suprised me every time I play it. It's just superb.There is no competition. I will add the East pre brings out the best from it.
  2. Very cool. Hope your feeling better Alberto.
  3. bubinga5

    VanZandt Japanese JBV-R2 neo 60s jazz bass

    This is really nice. VanZandt basses are the shiz. Up there with Moon. Now that is some thin nitro.
  4. Always play the Root note.?.. Of course she's heard of Chord notes/tones.
  5. bubinga5

    Fender CS - No magic?

    BUT.. i stil want a Fender. 😂 This one to be precise. 74 AVRI.
  6. bubinga5

    Fender CS - No magic?

    I owned one of these once.. http://www.andybaxterbass.com/details.php?id=1130 There were only 100 made. Sounded ok. There was nothing special about it apart from CS logo on the back.A gap in the neck pocket I might add.. Ive played MIJ's that were just as good.. One of these now be north of £3000 easily. The MIJ 1975 RI non export was just as good.Cost me £600. Think I traded the CS for a Sadowsky RV5 in the end. Im sure there are a lot of great Fender Custom Shop's out there out there. Its been said a thousand times before, there are makers that do the Jazz and P better than Fender, and consistently better. .
  7. I would say it's discovering the whole range of notes on a bass. You dont have to use them, but thats why an electric has them. And it's not for shredding. It's how you use those upper register notes in the context of a song.. your missing the the point that a BASS, is a versatile instrument.
  8. I think he's talking about what she is saying. She's saying DO NOT do this DO NOT do that. She seven got little signs that pop up. As for it being beginner video, Thats even worst. The first tip is never play open strings which is rubbish first off, you don't teach a beginner NEVER play open strings. You teach them they can play open strings, but muting is important. If muting isnt a beginner technique I don't know what is..
  9. bubinga5

    Tobias Toby Pro 6. Any one got one?

    I think after 4 years he may have come to a conclusion. 🤔😉
  10. bubinga5

    Henrik Linder with weird frets.?

    So the hypothesis is, its a load (like string through bridges, carbon nuts, etc blah blah) of 2 hairy danglers in the real world..
  11. There is a page on FaceBook, and some people (bass players) are saying most of her points are totally valid. Go figure.
  12. Don't you dare play that open E Ambient. You will have to mute it to play the A.
  13. She's a teacher in the New York area. I can't see whats clickbait about it.
  14. Hopefully I haven't posted this before. I have the worst memory in the world. This has got to be the worst I've seen.. What on earth is she talking about. New York bass player/Teacher.? Muting is really basic stuff.. I pity the poor student that come across this woman. Its a shame if any new bass player sees this and follow's these absolute nonsense rules..Ok a few points she touches on are relevant, to SOME music. She's never ever going to make me a better bass player. Its bad really because she's giving out totally false information.
  15. bubinga5

    Henrik Linder with weird frets.?

    Ahh ok thanks. Whats wrong with adjusting intonation from the bridge. Or is this perfection intonation.?