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  1. The 80's thread.

  2. The 80's thread.

  3. The 80's thread.

    The bass playing is amazing. Pino Palladino of course
  4. The 80's thread.

    I agree, some really special music was recorded in those years.
  5. The 80's thread.

    Don't get me started on Deacon Blues and Prefabs B sides.
  6. The 80's thread.

    This is such a UK thing.
  7. The 80's thread.

    Love them.
  8. The 80's thread.

  9. The 80's thread.

  10. The 80's thread.

    We were maybe all near that time when music was from the 80's. Evolved from the 70's, or maybe evolved into the beyond. It was one of the greatest times in music.. I think these amongst a hundred others are my favourites. Whats yours.? This electronic classic will stay with me forever. This will also stay with me forever.
  11. Abe Laboriel jr. Drummer.

    Yeah what a drummer he is. good call.
  12. Hes sprayed his floor, and the Jazz got in the way..? yes my humour is stinky poo. Its not in any of the other pics as I can see.?
  13. Lovely bass. but what on earth has happened to the neck.`?
  14. What bass would you get for your 50th?

    Cant see me letting it go soon. Visog's GB Spitfire is stunning though.
  15. Got my Sei Jazz 5 back home.! Pics..

    bumpy for loverly pics