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  1. Thundercats playing is just superb. Mac is no Guru (Gangstarr). But what a track. and what a bass line.
  2. Wonderful voice. I sooo love the drumming. and the bass playing. And especially that little hook from the guitar at 1.20.
  3. Love this. They sound absolutely killer. Proper 70's spacing too. GLWTS Karl.
  4. I personally think 5 string basses are a no brainer and great to play in any situation. Why not have that low B.? You can play stuff without moving position too much. Use it as a thumb anchor. You also have those low notes if you choose to use them. Great for chords as I have a 24 fret 34"scale Jazz. There is not much you can't do with them.Unless you require a high C of course.
  5. I think Fender Japan has a better rep than USA Fender. Ive owned an American Standard J and it felt cheap, I took the neck off and all the paint to bare wood cracked on the underside of the neck/body and eventually came off. . I owned a Masterbuilt CS LTD 1970 Jazz Bass. Nothing special and had a gap in the neck pocket.This just should not be the case with a £3000 + instrument. Swapped it for a Modulus JV4 with an awesome quilted maple top in cherry red.. Worlds apart in terms of quality. But the MIJ 1975 non export Jazz bass was superb in every way for £600. £2000 less than a CS Fender at the time. A bit weighty but very well made and sounded amazing. I wouldn't pay over a grand for any Fender.
  6. All Fender achieve to the hobbie or pro bassist is a lack of respect for the brand. It's laughable..
  7. Live vocals dont get much better than this. imo.
  8. Fantastic 60s J basses. Blow most Fenders away. I presume this has the USA lakland/hanson pickups.?
  9. Cameronj check her performing this song live on jules holland. Its on YT and is fabulous. 😎
  10. There have been many a post and many a bassist I'm sure (including me) that have posted something that with hindsight maybe they regret posting. So to the higher powers within BasssChat. Why oh why can we as members not delete our posts.?
  11. These basses imo are so underrated. Here is Francis Hylton with a standard TRB 1005J. 3.00 minutes into the vid.
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