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  1. Im with And. Ive played one of these and they are great. Very hot pickups. I played one in a shop in Cardiff next to a US Fender and i prefered the Farida. Go figure
  2. He is one of the greatest musicians I've ever seen live. Great pianist, fantastic drummer. Me and my sister met him and he sat down with us for half an hour just talking about life. There is no auto tune with this man, what you hear now is what you hear live. His voice is just fantastic. imo.
  3. Soller and Sivcak is not a name that many recognise unless you know your European basses. I played an OSC 2 a while back and it was killer. The bass I'm hoping to acquire soon has Sadowsky pickups and a Mike Pope 3 band pre.The middle one.
  4. I used to own a Suhr and these are are easily as good at half the price. Different but the quality and playability are just as good. .
  5. 18mm at the bridge. No neck dive that i can tell. I use a Sadowsky strap with no problem. It weighs 9.2 pounds on my scale.
  6. I look back on pictures and sound samples of this Lakland. I can't remember who I let it go to and I cant find the previous messages.. but if you see this and want to sell it back please let me know.
  7. Were these not all made in Japan.? I thought they were a Japanese company. Im probably wrong. I played one of these at Bass Direct and it was off the chart good. Really punchy through a Genz rig.
  8. phenomenal 6 string bass. Yamaha at its very best.
  9. For his voice alone. Its so unique and I like a unique voices, like I like Micheal McDonald etc.
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