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  1. I had one of these in orange. Fantastic basses.
  2. Ive had over 40 basses and evryone ive had ive adjusted the truss rod under tension with no problems. I adjust the truss rod in very small turns.literally1 cm then tune up or down.
  3. This won't be a sale you will see soon. I love the bass that much. As ambient said I will talk to John.
  4. If you have never heard if him, here he is way back when he was in his 20's. For those who might not know he uses a hammer technique for the chords on his left hand, and improvises on his right hand through some sort of effect going through his guitar.,. Hes pretty mind bending.
  5. Yeah ive sent him some sound files. Ill wait until 2m. If he doesn't get back to me by then I know he's got his cans on to see what note im gonna play next.
  6. Like your music taste you are correct.😎😉 What a beauty. USA Xotic electronics pickups all round.
  7. You dont have to play like Tibbs to make that bass sound great. or maybe you can play like Tibbers. ? Who knows. All I know it sounds like the perfect mid 70's Jazz bass. And it has that wonderful Xotic preamp.
  8. Lovely but overpriced imo. I ordered a Metro MV5 12 years ago direct from Sadowsky when they were £1500. Im never ever going to pay Sadowsky prices now.Nearly £3000 for a Metro. Even the cheapest Express model is way over priced imo at nearly £2000. I would rather buy a similar quality bass Like a Lakland 55 /Xotic pro/ and buy the pre. Sorry Roger but I think your over pricing your instruments.
  9. This is what I have my eye on . Nothing hugely expensive but THAT tone. I play nothing close to MM but that tone is great in all sots of musical situations. And the pre and pup coming from the USA Xotic,S .. Im going to bass direct to play one.
  10. Because Sei Jazz basses dont come up that often im never sure what they are worth. They are a niche Jazz bass. To spec this bass now from Martin,(I asked him) would be £4000 +. Who knows Sei outside of the UK market. Not many.
  11. This has been going on in my mind for a few months now after hours and hours/months of rehearsals. Don't get me wrong I absolutely adore it's feel. playability. Its way out there..THE best instrument I've ever played, period. Its so special. BUT.. I'm a 75 Jazz bass tone guy, and no matter what I do I can't get that 76' Fender Marcus tone. Tonally its just not going to do it even with an East pre. im not sure sure what to go for. My first thought was an Xotic 5, or something with 70's spacing. ? I used to own an MIJ non export MIJ 75 Jazz and it was everything I wanted tonally but it wasn't a 5 string and it was heavy. I only play 5 strings now because I need that thumb rest. 😂 But seriously I want a 5 string Jazz that has that Marcus vibe. I don't want a Fender MM5 string BTW. Ive thought about a Fender but ive play so many floppy B strings its put me off. I won't be selling it for a while for anyone interested Any thoughts. ?
  12. "You got a car that cost £1500... Guess what, it gets you to where you want to go. An £5000 car gets you where you have got to go also. Its about your experience on the journey you're taking. The people who are waiting for you. All they know as that you have arrived". Its not word for word but what a fantastic way of explaining your's and the audiences experience of when you yourself play an instrument and the experience of the audience when you play it. .
  13. Its like listening to the Yoda of Bass. Victor Wooten has the same effect. But of course Marcus being the main man. 😎. I dont care how well Victor plays. He aint Marcus.
  14. They come in 4 colours as was said in the vid.edit. im talking bolloxs they only come in 2 colours.
  15. Great vid. Straight off the bat they are more exciting than anything Fender are coming out with. What are the actual prices.?
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