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  1. I saw this one on talkbass. Was a steal for sure.
  2. This is a Suhr era Fender. All Fender deluxe jazz basses from 1995 to 1999 had the single poll piece Suhr pickups and the John Suhr preamp.. So this looks like a legit Fender Deluxe/Suhr Fender. These are very sought after Fender Jazzes with the John Suhr combo. The 5 string version can be heard on this with Sharray Reed. Just thought I would mention.
  3. Love that colour combo James.
  4. sometimes I think you think you have to have lots of EQ when you don't actually need it.?.
  5. Yes i like that . Hadnt heard of this before. Definitely sounds like a Sadowsky. Good call. I have to say I much prefer a 70s (both pickups full) sound. Cant say I've ever been a fan of a neck pickup sound on any Jazz bass or a 60's jazz. Like Ped said perfectly Its a bit too (plummy) sounding.
  6. I love Sharray Reed but he is a session guy. Mono Neon blows him away for playing the bass he plays on this alone. He's a much more exciting bassist. And he plays his bass upside down.
  7. Can anyone who has owned or played one of these tell me if they are good instruments. Any experiences compared to high end jazz basses.? Ive been looking at a natural ash 74 to buy. Any thoughts would be welcome.
  8. Obnoxious ego driven slap bass playing. Me no like.
  9. Seems a little musically immature to knock the slap technique. Its just that, a technique. Its not their fault you don't like it. To accent what needs to be accented. Thats what, In my mind is what this elephant in the room needs to be seen as. A technique that bass players use for accents in the feeling of some music. This is only my opinion but I love the way Melvin uses slap on this record. The best thing I think is if your playing slap, people dont notice it too much within the context of a record.This is my musical taste of course.
  10. When boutique goes to 110 %
  11. yes I believe it was Mart. many moons ago,
  12. Why do I feel like your trying to advertise your YouTube channel.?
  13. Any one have it.? It was a blue pearl single H with a matching headstock.
  14. The lovely guys at Bass Direct installed some Aguilar single coils in the Suhr. When you have an instrument with split coil pickups,(imho) you get used to the sound of them, and a single coil just opens up the sound. imo. Like I said single coils really open up the sound of this Jazz bass and I'm sure they do to other jazz basses. . I played the Suhr through a Benz MagaIlan and 2 Genz 210s at Bass Direct if I remember.. I was worried about the hum from single coils but there is nothing, not a sniff of a hum. I would probably say that Suhr made sure the bass would not hum as its paint shielded throughout.. I initially went in looking for 70's wound pickups. I spoke to Will Ganner and he recommended 60's wind as the 70's might sound too much for a jazz that has 70's spacing. . I will never know what the 70's pickups sounded like but he was correct in saying they will sound good. It sounds like a really heavy weight 70's jazz bass.. I would recommend single coil pickups to anyone who has a Jazz Bass. any ways some pointless Suhr porn.
  15. You dont see many of these black 75 RIs for sale. Glwts.
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