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  1. Wowzers,!! that is purdy.
  2. No unfortunately its got Rotosounds on it Barrie😆 which it came with. Ill be putting some others on soon. ! got any pics of your Suhr.?
  3. Ive been looking for a Suhr Jazz for quite a while as they are quite rare and on my bucket list of Jazz basses to own. Some might know John Suhr predominantly makes guitars. He makes high end jazz basses in all sorts from his Classic Pro model Classic Antique to the Custom Classic J series. This instrument is a Custom Classic J. Its a swamp ash body with a honey burst high gloss finish. Abalone side dots, decal and fingerboard dots. Suhr (Humphrey) Jazz pickups in a 70,s spacing position, paired with a 2 band Suhr preamp. Ive played many high end jazz basses and this preamp is the clearest non coulered preamp ive ever heard. There is no preamp messing around with this basses clarity. It is also built beautifully. Amazing attention to detail. Ive got to say after playing many high end jazz basses from Celinder, Sadowsky, Nordstrand, Lull this Shur is up there.. The pickups on this bass are soooooooooooooooo good. !! These Suhr Humphrey pickups are just killer imo.. Im not sure how he winds them but these pickups make this bass sing. They are a dual coil that sounds very close to a single coil but are (I think) overwound to give a punch ive not heard on many jazz basses.Ive always had an issue with jazz basses sounding a little thin. I think John Suhr sells these pickups as Humphreys or a single coil. This bass retails at around £3500 which is a bargain when you look at Sadowsky NYC Alleva etc. Its all in the name I guess. One of the great Jazz basses does John Suhr make. thankyou Fatih.
  4. Traded basses with Khazol Received a superb Suhr Jazz bass. Great communication throughout. Very friendly and reliable. Ive done many trades over the years and this guy is probably the best I've had the pleasure to deal with.. Trade/buy with total confidence.. Thanks Fatih..😎
  5. Yeah me too, I love Mezzoforte. Live in Reykjavik is great. Drummer /percussionistwho plays on this used to be the drummer/percussionist for Incognito.
  6. This is just just fabulous imo. Absolute magic soul music with an amazing voice this guy has.
  7. always enjoy his understated groove playing. Always for the music.
  8. I really like the harmonica on this to be honest
  9. There are a few or many more BCr,s who love this (Genre?) of music, me being one of them. When Bluey does other projects you know they are going to be good.. Francis Hylton on da bass.
  10. .It was.. He recorded this record/album with it.
  11. Ooh i used to have one of these many moons ago. Only 100 made. Fantastic CS,s. Arent they called 1970 ltd closet classic Jazz.
  12. Does anyone know which companies cover guitars with their insurance.? No point in paying insurance if it doesn't cover it.
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