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  1. bubinga5

    Quitting, Why, When & How

    I left the last group because I asked them what chords they were playing and they couldn't answer me.
  2. I think the neck and preamp are worth more than for what your asking..
  3. bubinga5

    Citrus Sun

    Dimitri does some fantastic stuff.For me his mix on MJ/ Rod Temperton's classic is one of his best. The string section is just...
  4. bubinga5

    Citrus Sun

    Great track Mark.
  5. bubinga5

    Customized Artwork on Bass

    our link doesn't work Mash.https://www.sims.guitars. Expensive but they are probably the best in the UK.
  6. bubinga5

    Bass Freaks

    Is anyone aware of this. its bass porn. Available to buy. https://www.facebook.com/bassfreakssprl/?hc_ref=ARQYj324K5UKKvN6-
  7. bubinga5

    Get in to the groove

    While I'm at The Fat Back Band. This is just....!!!!
  8. bubinga5

    Get in to the groove

    Like I said its a cover from The Fat Back Band, FT Sarah Ruba.. Raising Hell Album
  9. The MTV Unplugged version of this song/intro is amazing on the album, (which is available) as is the bass playing.But its not available on YT. This is very cool though.
  10. bubinga5

    Citrus Sun

    And so you should my friend. 😉
  11. bubinga5

    Get in to the groove

    Awesome Chaka. Extended version..Shes sampling FatBack Bands classic. Amazing bass playing. She is a great bass player too.
  12. This is going in the same direction as "what direction should I place my bass knobs" thread. There is a reason why you have never thought about it before. Because it is totally irrelevant.
  13. bubinga5

    Citrus Sun

    I've just had a good listen to this new album. Ties to Bluey from Incognito of course. Some great modern jazz funk that just better and better as the record progresses.
  14. bubinga5

    Dave Grohl - Play

    I can't think of a Foo Fighters song I don't like.
  15. bubinga5

    Do you remember your first bass...

    It was a Vintage PJ Vb5 string. Body was Bubinga hence the sig. Great beginner bass. Bloody heavy though.