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  1. Its got to be Fodera. They design such beautiful basses and then it looks like they have forgotten about the aesthetics of what the pattern of the preamps knobs will look like. Its a cluster x*"! of knobs that have no cohesive design when it comes to the rest of the body. I don't get it. Jens Ritter does an amazing job. But no, not Fodera. Maybe its substance over style.
  2. Now Devon basses never come up for sale.!!!
  3. I would prefer the zombies to be honest. At least we could socialise.
  4. I was probably a bit harsh on KS headstock. Its the string direction that gets me.
  5. Ive owned a MIJ 75 RI Non export Jazz 70,s spacing and an MIJ 60's Jazz. A huge difference.. Sometimes i think it was probably the winding of the pickups that added to the 75's aggressive tone.. Spacing maybe, but not as much as the windings of the pickup. I tried Lollars in it. Sounded lame.
  6. Can you describe the changes to the pickups/ preamp. The jack socket change etc.?
  7. I think Music Man, Sadowsky, Lakland have it down. The car crash of Ken Smith's headstock is evident. Its like he wanted this headstock and forget about how the strings will sit/look. A bit like Fodera's Knob placements. Bizarre.
  8. I was told that by Dan Lakin so...
  9. The battery drain is tiny if you leave it plugged in in passive. Leaving it plugged in in active causes much more drain.
  10. You should ask the guys on TalkBass, IE Lakland Club. These guys are experts at early Lakland.BTW it should have a 4 number serial number on the side/top of the headstock.? If not this is (like you say) a prototype.. Any Lakland aficionado will say these early Laklands are amazing.
  11. Lakland USA 5594 Deluxe. A bass that will keep me happy for a very long time..
  12. This is a standard Japanese Jazz bass with the 62 touches. They did that back then. Ive had quite a few from this era. The body is definitely made of basswood. Its a great wood. MusicMan chose this wood for the Bongo.
  13. Fantastic 6 strings for any price.!!
  14. I was having a scrabble around a local music shop today and this track came on. Immediately my ears were on high alert when this record came on. Imo it is just superb. Fantastic groove bass (I think) by Cameron Dawson. .. Amazing voice he has also.. Ive no idea why there is a Jack Russel running around.
  15. Morning everyone.. I was wondering if anyone uses a trolley for their bass cab. Ive had a neck/shoulder issue recently so I want to minimise my lifting. I was thinking about castors but I don't really want to drill into a Berg cab. Ideally it would have big wheels, or even those three wheel step climbing jobies. Any ideas,?
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