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  1. Garfield Fleming from the Delfonics was walking past a record shop and heard a record he wrote and sang.. They didn't realise who he was. Just an excellent moment.
  2. bubinga5

    Christine and the Queens.

    Ive never heard of her before Cato. I'm slacking in my new music finding me. 😀Thanks for that vid.
  3. I heard this on Radio 1 earlier and love it. Me and the wife's heads were bobbing away in the car. I thought we were listening to another station too be honest.
  4. bubinga5

    Yamaha TRB Series I 5 string fretted £395 SOLD

    Bargain alert.!! these are superb. I had one in orange and it was a great great bass.
  5. Was that the Sei J5 with a dark wood top.?
  6. bubinga5

    What gear exceeded expectations for you?

    The Genz Benz 6.2 amp is a beast.. I knew it was a really great amp before I bought it, and it really is an amazing bit of kit, I actually prefer it to my old Aguilar AG500 head. I didn't realise how good a lightweight head could sound. But the Genz Benz Focus 210 cab is just outstanding. The fact that it was in Genz Benz's lower priced range, I can't fault it for £150 and sounds huge. Superb sounding lightweight setup... Plug the Sei Jazz in and its all I need.
  7. bubinga5

    Maruszczyk Jazzus 4 Bass. SOLD.

    I suspect this has sold by PM by now surely.
  8. bubinga5

    Maruszczyk Jazzus 4 Bass. SOLD.

    A Maruszczyk for £250. Are you mad.? In 10 years on BC and Bass world 've never seen a bargain like this. The case is worth a 3rd of that.
  9. bubinga5

    Chris Dave Trio...Erm..

    Where do you guys get these YT gems from.?
  10. bubinga5

    Chris Dave Trio...Erm..

    Thats some great question/answer playing with Miles and Foley on the first vid at 4.00. his playing is just wow onwards. really enjoyed that . cheers.
  11. bubinga5

    Chris Dave Trio...Erm..

    you need those chords/depth.
  12. bubinga5

    Chris Dave Trio...Erm..

    Awesome interesting drumming from the man. Only boring 4/4 time.