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  1. The M5 Connection... Oh dear.
  2. bubinga5

    Got wood?

    Oh and my long lost SR5.
  3. bubinga5

    Got wood?

    Apart from the Modulus and the Maruszczyk.
  4. bubinga5

    Got wood?

    Well its only one bass but its the most beautiful wood ive ever seen.
  5. I have the privilege to play with some just amazing musicians. We need a name. I put in all the hard work, As in getting the musicians together. The band has asked what shall we call our selves. I ask because I know there are some creative people on BC. The first name put forward was PUSH. I ask for your creativity. The music is soul funk jazz. Need something clever.?
  6. This is not aimed at BC members, but other advertising platforms. I have a Jazz for sale, and ive had. What nut width is it.? Im used to 38mm Jazz neck width. Me.... its 36mm.. Buyer... oh no that's 2mm too thin for my liking. Whats the weight.? Me.... It's 4.2kg.. Buyer.... Sorry thats 2 pounds over my preferred weight. The bass is £485. Buyer.... Is this a Skyline or a USA Lakland.? "Ive been after a Jazz for ages, love the look and sound". Me... Ok, do you want to come and play it?... Buyer. (2 days later) "Ive decided I dont like Jazz Basses" I can go on. Its staggering how many idiotic time wasters are out there.
  7. Use the underside of your thumb (to pull the lower strings) and the inside of your finger/s (pull) to slap. There is more than one way to play slap bass. I call it picking slap. Sounds the same. People like huck Rainey. Abe Laboriel use different ways to achieve the same sound all the time.
  8. It's beautiful.!!!. But I doubt there is any luthier on the planet that can tell what wood it is from some pictures. Ive seen rosewood that looks like cocobolo. Its wood. All grain in certain species is different, depends on the tree that it was cut from.. I have a Sei Jazz that I know has a brazilian rosewood fret board, and it doesn't look like Brazilian rosewood. Like I said that is a beautiful neck wood. Its a one piece neck I presume.? It certainly looks like Cocobolo with that swirl in the grain.
  9. Slap is an audible sexy experience. Everyone loves to hear that sound. Do you have to have to play it. Nope. Just like you don't have to tap, play slides, Trills. Super cheesy slides on every bar of a song. The notes are the importance. Yep use those techniques sparingly. Reminds me of that guy from Guitar Guitar in Glasgow that I asked if I could play a bass. Before I could play it he gave me a not so good slap masterclass. I just thought he was a Richard.. After 5 minutes I asked if I could actually play the Sadowsky. He was trying to show me and the shop how many chops he could fit into 5 minutes. That there in a nutshell is what I thought you shouldn't do musically.
  10. I love slap but done tastefully , when slap is done like this master it makes more sense as just another technique.. Melvin's use of the technique is just perfect. But lets face it, it depends on the song. Look at Chuck Rainey's part on Steely Dan's PEG. He thought a slap part would work on that certain part of the record. He was right. Then again I love MK. Its just how you apply it in the musical context. There is no way im going to slap over a Carpenter's record.
  11. Eventually I found the Bartolini B Axis pickups. Very hot pickups.They are a hum cancelling pickup but quite aggressive. A different pickup altogether to the original Bart sound.. I recommend them. Still sounds like a modern Jazz Bass, but not polite. Labella Stainless steel strings are a different string for me. Sustain has improved soo much. HipShot USA lolly pop tuners were a perfect fit..
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