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  1. This. Ask him on the FB Nordy page. Ive spoken with him a few times about my Nordy VJ5
  2. bubinga5


    I usually hate the P Bass sound. Way too rubbery for me. On this, I will make an exception. David Bailis on a P bass with flats.
  3. You will not find a better Jazz bass at this price period.
  4. Part of the Studio Jam's series. Its Curtis Harmon on drums, James Loyd on keys. For me this is Victor Wooten at his fingerstyle best. The detail in his playing is insane and so very musical.. Get past the double thumbing and he lays down the groove... His finger style solo at 5.40 is just.. !
  5. Im not sure when I first heard his Earth Wind and Fire bass cover of Cant Hide Love.. But I do know his 2 bass part playing just blew me away when I first heard it.. Just so very musical he is. He's not a song writer but when he has a great platform like an EWF record to lay it down on its just absolute magic.. This is one of those examples.
  6. After lots of research I decided on the Zoom B1 4. From Thomann for £66. Seems like a total bargain for what you're getting. I can plug this into my Roland Go Mixer pro and my phone.
  7. Over the years I've listened to this band and all of their albums. They are Soul Funk and Groove, they can do it all. imo. . Pete loved them also.. its very difficult to have a favourite band but AWB come close for me..
  8. Killer bass player. Am I right in saying he's playing a Pensa J bass there.?
  9. This may not be for everyone as it contains HipHop/Rapping. 😆 . I think she's is great and her lyrics and flow are fantastic. ... Personally I love Hip Hop.. BTW.. if you love HipHop I have a page on FB. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2819513011710092
  10. This is just fantastic AP.... A great tasteful rip of Erykah Badu's Window Seat. .
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