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  1. Im not a huge Ed Sheehan fan but this is great playing from Santamaria. Imo.
  2. Im looking for a set and these look interesting.They come in a lovely little perspex box too. Anyone got a set.? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Schaller-Strap-Locks-Guitar-S-Lock/dp/B07BSKH9ZS/ref=sr_1_6?crid=291JMI4ILXGH7&keywords=schaller%2Bstrap%2Blocks&qid=1579808804&sprefix=schaller%2B%2Caps%2C163&sr=8-6&th=1
  3. Fantastic Bobby Womack from his best album imo. This guy blows me away, Just fantastic music.
  4. Lowdown you just reminded me of this cracking Incognito Boz Scaggs cover with the woman of all women. 😆
  5. Im totally torn between this and Chaka's record. Its fantastic all the same.
  6. He always amazes me with his playing, note choices and groove. There is no flash (slap aside) until he pulls out the most incredible fills and they are so beautifully played. . Its just done with the most finesse and so for the music. I applauded this guy. imo.
  7. Whoops thanks for the heads up. Maybe im just being a fussy derrière. I think i will carry on and see how it goes. Thanks for all the wise words
  8. Im in a band with a couple of guys. The keys guy has departed a short while ago. The songs are funky rocky etc. The original songs are ok ish but don't blow me away. The singer has a voice that has no control and he's an average guitarist but he does teach guitar. Hes a singer song writer who has (imo) no idea how to play funk. He just doesn't have that feel to his playing. I suggested we try Vulfpeck's running away. What a great record.! He came to my house and it sounded ok. Then came the rehearsal. He suggested we down tune a semi tone to accommodate his voice. I kid you not he murdered it. Properly bad. The most shocking thing to me is that he couldn't hear it when I said it didn't sound good. Im not sure what chords he was playing. I know when music sounds good and that was not sounding good. The awkward thing is I tried to like it generally and I've been quite enthusiastic thinking the songs might get better, tighter etc and have been with them for a while. So to let them down coming up to the summer when they are booking events I will probably come across like a total wombler. I was so looking forward to playing live in the summer, but I just dont believe in the music. Maybe ive just answered my own conundrum.
  9. Thanks Lee.!! Looks great but I'm looking for an Aguilar 212. 😎
  10. Love this. Sampled by GangStarr.
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