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  1. bubinga5

    A Conundrum

    Its difficult to find bands who are into the music that I'm into.That being soul funk etc. Two bands. One is original electro pop (think Cars) ,5 band members. the other is a covers band with these songs.
  2. bubinga5

    Mike Lull M5V Jazz Bass - 3,9kg / 8.6lbs

    Killer Jazz basses these.
  3. bubinga5

    Sadowsky MetroExpress

    I haven't played a Sadowsky Metro Express but have owned a Metro RV5 which back in 2010 cost me direct from Sadowsky £1789. Now they are way far north of £2000 which imo they are unexciting . If I wanted an asian built active Jazz bass I would look no further than this. use the same electronics as the USA built Xotic, (like Lakland) get shipped back for final set up. Xotic pro series all the way.. £1300. No brainer. I don't see Sadowsky using wooden pickup covers. http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/XJPRO-1_LPB.html
  4. bubinga5

    Monster bass playing from Julian Crampton.

    As I mentioned I did also, he sat and talked to me and my girlfriend at the time for well over an hour. He had his bass with him and was a Japan 75 RI Jazz bass without the pick guard. I picked it up and played a few notes unplugged and it just felt right. As you might expect. The thing is we didn't talk about music or bass playing. We talked about life, as cheesy as it sounds.
  5. From one great bass player to another it may seem. As you might expect some monster bass playing from a master.
  6. bubinga5

    Monster bass playing from Julian Crampton.

    ahh frizz it. might as well play the album version with him.
  7. bubinga5

    Bass necks

    Even if a neck through sustains better, ( which I don't think they do, so many other factor's) when in music are you going to hold a note for that long.? Go bolt on, then if your neck gets damaged you order a new one. Break a neck through neck and its an expensive repair (which will hurt resale) or worse write the bass off.
  8. bubinga5

    Through body vs bridge made a difference

    Twin Cam if you can hear a difference, that's cool. But I think generally amongst most strings and most basses the string through vs non string through is such a nuance thats its very hard to hear, and the audience certainly won't. Same as High mass bridge vs non high mass bridge. The only reason I have (or like) an ABM high mass bridge is because of its full adjustability..
  9. Fantastic. Heard this sooo many times, never get bored of it.
  10. bubinga5

    Monster bass playing from Julian Crampton.

    Yeah I remember hearing this years ago. Little did I know it was Julian. There is some brilliant laid back playing on this. His fills at the end. !
  11. What happened with some second hand Fender's.? at well over Fodera prices brand new prices. They were a production bass and weren't even made that well made in the first place. We all know what Leo's thought process was when making his basses. There were no hand crafted parts with early Fenders. Bish Bash Bosh, another fender of the production line.. I think oZZma said it all.
  12. Its great marketing, established expensive brand, Famous players blah blah. Its nonsense imo. There not 5 grands worth more talented than the most expensive Sadowsky and the makers of Sadowsky for example, who just so happens to work out of the same city. Anyone who wants to pay that much, be Fodera's guest.. Its like a vintage Fender at £10,000 or what ever ridiculous price people pay for an instrument that cost the same as a standard Fender now at the prices they were back then. But no, hang on a minute.... its special because its 50 years old, it has that special vibe/tone, the wood has matured to give it a special something like a fine aged wine. Do me a favour..
  13. Jaccobs Ladder by Incognito. I saw him play this a few times on an F Bass 5 string live with Incognito at various venues.. When you hear the song it makes more sense. But non the less what a bass player. Met him upstairs at the Jazz Cafe when he was playing with Down to the Bone. What a lovely man he was.