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  1. I dig this. Wonder how it plays. https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Fender_Jazz_1973.html
  2. Sharay Reed's sublime playing on one of the greatest modern gospel albums ever recorded. imo.
  3. Andrew is a fantastic vocalist, imo. the great Cameron Dawson laying down an awesome groove
  4. Never gets old. His playing is just magic.
  5. Now I want these, but the banky and the wifey no wanty. But these basses are in my erm, wanky banky. What are yours. ? This Lakland USA with a walnut top and a black headstock. FFS
  6. One of the greatest modern soul records I've ever listened to.
  7. 1.00 in.. Nathaniel Philips laying down the groove is fantastic on this track.
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