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  1. Have had a few listens. not sure yet. This is great.
  2. Absolute killer bass playing. Lots of space she leaves for the rhythm
  3. I can get lost in that song. Played on her 60's jazz. "My mother used to whore herself" Its a great start.😆 But an insite into Meshell's childhood. Like you say her touch and funky nuances on the bass are just fantastic with the keys near the end...
  4. Now I haven't listened to any Meshell for quite a long time. You might be aware I like her music from my avatar. I listened to it in the car today and Im still blown away how good it is. The lyrics, her incredible tight groove bass playing which is totally unique, you can tell its Meshell when she plays.. Everything about this album is just fantastic.. Good music stays with you and when you haven't heard it for a long time its even sweeter than the first time.
  5. Love the tone, great Chaka track and that is some fantastic playing, really enjoyed it.
  6. This is a cracking bass. Such a great feel to it and a lovely neck. And Wilco is a top bloke and a pleasure to deal with.
  7. I very much doubt they the original Moon pickups. I could be totally wrong. 😆I thought they used Barts in the 80s Moon Jazz basses. Why would they route them like that unless the casings are missing.Lovely bass though.
  8. Man I love this bass, but alas have nothing to trade. Do you take instalments Mick😂
  9. Lovely these are. But your best bet is to buy a cheap hardcase. Shipping it abroad with no case. Your just asking for it to be damaged.
  10. Easy to forget how good she was. No lip synch, no auto tune back then. She came from the church and a bonafide gospel singer from a teenager. Just huge power and control in her voice.
  11. The end result. Its pretty much a brand new JRetro Deluxe with all stuff/box letter etc expected from a new one. Im pretty blown away.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. This could be really old news, but am I right in saying Carey is no longer making instruments. Concentrating on Nordstrand Audio etc.?
  14. When you play one of these you realise how fantastic they are. he clarity and growl they have is just.. If I could only have one six string it would be a gen 1 TRB
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