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  1. Ive played this bass and it was pretty awesome.. GLWTS M...
  2. Well with that logic every song ever written is great. But I think a good point is, good music is in the eye of the beholder. Just like beauty or comedy.. So with that logic every song ever written is great.. That works for me..
  3. I mentioned this vid in a previous post. Fascinating doc about California in the 60's/70s and the music/musicians that wrote/recorded music at that time. I enjoyed it. Thought others may.
  4. I recently watched a documentary called Laurel Canyon. This womans music popped up.. Fabulous.
  5. Ive owned a few Japanese Fender Jazzers in my time. only one was a bit stinky poo and it was a CIJ 62 jazz in surf green. IMO the best are the non export models. You can tell the quality difference. My old 75 MIJ non export was probably the best Jazz bass I've ever played... Built beautifully. Proper 70's jazz bass sounds...i put an Audere pre amp in it and just WOW... You show me a better jazz bass tone than that bass. Try and find the non export models imo.
  6. I slways set the neck dead straight. Then adjust the saddles.
  7. Pearl pickguard for P bass. Brand new. Fits Squire 70s cv p bass. May fit others. Not 100% sure.
  8. I expected the Miller to sound brighter.. There is not a lot between them.. All sound great, all jazz basses.. But just for arguments sake I will take Alleva please. Ive got expensive taste.
  9. Yeah it wasn't set up great when got it. Im a big believer that you should set the neck dead straight. Then adjust the bridge. Works for me
  10. Its not light. 9.7 pounds, I don't feel it with a strap though. No neck dive..
  11. Quarter sawn or flat sawn they seemed to have got that neck profiling down to very comfortable art.
  12. Probably the bass i love the most. This is my 6th Laky.. Just fat tone. Pleked, amazing neck. Its a classic Lakland for a reason i think. I will probably always come back to a 55.. really great preamp. Feels so nice to play.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Yes ive also pondered Bacchus.. Hmmm. Where to buy Bacchus.?
  15. I think pickups will change the sound of a bass more than a preamp.
  16. Anyone own either of these instruments. I have a spare £800 and im looking for a modern sounding 5 string to add to my collection. Whats the difference between the M7 and the M5.? Build quality etc..? Any othe modern sounding basses in this price range.? Thankyou for any info.
  17. Soooo. Had a rehearsal with the Jazz and I can't fault it really. weight is around 9 pounds. Feels good. doesn't feel cheap at all. I will say it doesn't feel like a really expensive bass but it doesn't feel like a cheap one either.. Tuners are rock solid, controls are smooth.. the sound is what struck me.. Sounds like a great jazz bass, and the pickups are really clear, fat and punchy, and I mean REALLY fat and punchy.. I. .. I would say the tone of it is probably one of my favourite jazz bass tones and it where this bass really shines. Way fatter than my old Suhr, possibly because its a 60's position bass and the Suhr was 70's.?.. Neck is a really nice C shape. No single coil hum at all which surprised me.. With all that said on really close inspection the frets are a little messy, with a tiny bit of glue spotted. and the fret ends aren't perfect. The neck pocket is tight but not perfect. But hey this is a sub £400 bass and I can live with that. All in all this is a great workhorse jazz bass, sounds amazing and growly when dug in, really comfortable, lovely neck. no brainer.
  18. Anyone know what strings Squire ship their basses with.?
  19. Ah ok, ill take your knowledge on board.. I didnt though. I bought it to play it.
  20. Well nearly got it.. Was initially looking at a P Bass but there just not my thing tonally. So looked for a 4 string Jazz to go with my Atelier 5 without spending £thousands.. This fits the bill. Have heard great things in as much as build quality etc. Didn't want to mod it, just pick it up and play.. I really like gold and white, not sure about the gold pick guard so will change that out for a dark brown tort maybe. I think these may be sought after in years to come maybe.? . Ill take it to rehearsal and see how it sounds through the Aguilar.. 😎
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