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  1. KRS1 and Freddie Fox are on this absolute classic funky Hip Hop record. The bassline alone is killer. KRS1 is one of the greatest rappers who has ever recorded HH imo. His rapping on this is just.!!!
  2. Its literally a classic before its old. Hip Hop royalty. KRS1, Rakim, Nas.
  3. This is a Stylistics cover.? Im kidding. They are excellent.
  4. Its a bit like when I listen to Stephan Grappelli for the first time. Im amazed. Im sure she plays a Grappelli riff in her playing. Mind bending piano playing from Hiromi Uehara.
  5. Its an Atelier Z as you can see. Im sure I said I didn't like the Jazz bass thin sound any more. This bass is anything but thin sounding. It's huge. Im not sure why, the preamp is Atelier, the pickups are Atelier. Its all original. Ive been playing it for a while now and its just Marcus Miller. .. I said my Suhr sounded Marcus Miller and it did but it didnt have the girth that this Z has. It is beautifully made. I have carefully taken it apart and it is stunning the way they make these. I literally had a hard time getting the neck out from the body. The neck binding is perfection. . One thing that stands out to me. The Gotoh resolite tuners are just engineering magic the way they stamp out the Gotoh Resolite on the tuners.! . Thankyou Jo.
  6. This guy always impresses me. He's 25 and making music like this.
  7. Also consider you have a side jack.Its not going to be a drop in preamp. Take the bass to a pro and let them advise and fit.
  8. Imo there is a difference between an out out board and an on board. The reason being I don't have lean down to adjust it.
  9. Yes but they are nightmare to fit. I bought a German made one. Gave up.
  10. There is no Hip Hop record that even comes to close to this.
  11. pre 90's is old school imo. I could babble on all day about HipHop. DJ Premier is top dog imo when it comes to production imo. His style is always funky. There are so many sub genres to Hip Hop. Grime/Drill etc I don't even consider them Hip Hop. Its just daft. Im a huge Jurrassic 5 fan. Chali 2na from Jurassic 5 has hands down.... the best rapping voice that I've ever heard. imo.
  12. I have a Face Book group dedicated to my love of Hip Hop. You're welcome. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2819513011710092
  13. I tend to agree. Its a premp that is like a hot sauce. Use it in the mix carefully. I personally have preferred the Audere 2/3 band preamp. Im not sure they are available in the UK now though. The best thing for you to do is ask John East.Just call him. Talk to him and tell him what you want sonically, even if you have no experience he will give you the best options. This guy gave me a preamp for free once. He's a total bass geek and will help you in any way possible.
  14. There is a battery box on the back i presume.?
  15. Does anybody know what Fender pickups were in the Pino CS bass.?
  16. Do you have a picture of the bass. Like i said i presume you would prefer a drop in jazz bell plate.?
  17. I have an Atelier Z 5 string. The bridge is properly heavy. Does anyone recognise it and if so could they recommend a lighter alternative. I think its a Gotoh.? I dont really want to drill any more holes tbh.
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