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  1. Custom shop ‘64 relic from 2001 great shape and sound no issues and neck is straight and you could set a really low action weights 4.01 kg Feel free to ask if you’re interested!
  2. Olympic white yellowed relic alder body made by the Italian luthier Mattia Franchin (you can find some product on sale on reverb too) great body with really well done aging process. the treatment is light relic compatible with all fender strandard precision necks. i placed some wood under the pickup foam’s because I like to have the pickup firm but they are glued and easy to remove. the wood is resonant and light (whole bass around 4 kg) price is 300 euros shipped to your door!
  3. I lend the whole bass where the neck was installed to a friend of mine.. and due to COVid19 restrictions I cannot reach him so I need to wait some times to have the neck back
  4. Japan made fender precision neck, reissue 1957, year of production 1989 (serial H) one piece maple, original tuners are included great conditions.. fret are 90% no issues, truss rod works perfectly
  5. foya

    Show us your rig!

    Last update.......
  6. Reluctant to sell... but I can’t keep more heads than basses 🤪 the head is in great shape And sounds awesome! i can ship in a super safe heavy duty box but shipping are to quotate. sorry but no trade, unless for a Glockenklang Blue Rock available in a north Italy COVID19 free zone! 😥
  7. Yes but when I try to upload them basschat tell me that It’s impossible to upload.. even in small format
  8. I prefer straight sale.. but I can consider trades or partial trades with jazz basses only 4 strings
  9. I could consider trades for a quality jazz 4 strings....
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