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  1. I’m looking for a mint or white 3ply precision bass pickup original from 1970 to 1975 (lower thumbrest) let me know if you have someone! thanks
  2. I can also swap and sell the body alone.. loaded or not... we could talk about if you want to grab it
  3. The bass is in great condition for the age. recently setupped with fresh strings (dunlop super bright) low action and great playability it has a badass II bridge and Fender USA reissue ‘62 pickups as upgrade shipping to negotiate at buyer expense 1000 eur / 870 GBP
  4. I think it’s the same.. I bought very long time ago here on basschat !!
  5. I can send some video samples on request (on mobile)
  6. Sorry but I don’t have any samples the bass sounds really huge and organic... the balance between magnetic pickup and piezo and preamp can allow to move from warm and deeper sound to more bright and modern fretless tone. the piezo is really useful to Add some treble without sounding too “glassy”. The preamp was designed specifically for this bass, it’s a three-way with cut/boost. there is no need to have the passive tone as cutting the highs results in the same result as closing the passive tone.
  7. Custom ordered warmoth precision fretless 1951 style 4 strings. Body and neck made by warmoth company. The body is made by mahogany, contoured with gold flaked finish. Neck is Gonçalo alves with rosewood lined fretless fingerboard. Premium reverse tuning machines. High mass piezo bridge; Bassculture stacked pickups. The bass has a custom made three way preamp (treble,mid,low) made by Italian company AD custom preamps, the control are by trimmer on the back of the rear cavity cover. There are also internal separate volumes for piezo and magnetics pickup. On the top controls are volume and balance. Only two little dings.. The bass is in great conditions. Great looking and playing instrument!! Weights 4,5 kg
  8. sold! Really high quality bass. made more thank 10 years ago, but in great shape and near mint condition. i bought long time ago a NY Sadowsky neck.. maple with maple fingerboard, P size nut. body was made by an Italian premium luthier using a selected slab of swamp ash from Warmoth. the shape of the body is the same of the classic shape of Sadowsky 4 strings. pickups are Aguilar P with J humcancelling.. sadowsky active preamp with passive tone hipshot Sadowsky branded machine heads the bridge is Shaller 3D like the early Sadowsky basses. really light bass and resonant. it weights 4 kg neck is really comfortable and the action is stable and low. a premium PJ on steroids, with NY Sadowsky quality at less than a metro cheap Sadowsky line. i can ship in a hardcase.. price is 1580 EUR plus shipping
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