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  1. I bought from Luca Visigalli, a pro Italian bass player who recorded some bass tracks one of last studio album of “Mina”.. (Mina, Piccolino, 2011) maybe the greatest Italian female singer of all time.
  2. I’m quite sure that I owned this bass.. long time ago!! free bump for an incredible instrument!! I regret it a little bit, but I don’t play fretless anymore.
  3. Bump for a great bass and a trusty seller!! 😉
  4. I can include the tuners (not te hipshot detuner)
  5. Thank you for the clarification! i was not aware of that.. now I change the words
  6. I sell this wonderful gold flaked original warmoth P 51body contoured. the wood is mahogany! good conditions, only two little dings (see photos) price is 300 £ only body but I can give you the body full loaded if interested, with bassculture stacked pickup, piezo high mass bridge, and a custom preamp made by the Italian artisan company AD with active preamp with rear dimmer on the back cover (bass, middle, treble), separate volume for pickup and piezo. (knobs on the top are volume and balance) we can negotiate the loaded body
  7. Bass made in 2007 upgraded with Emg active pickup and Emg wiring (vol, tone for each pickup) the MM pickup is switchable to single coils. body is made of ash and maple figured top.. and wenge neck and fingerboard. the bass sound great and the playability is stunning. this is a player bass with a lot of dings made by the owner before me, but nothing affect the sound and playability. More pics on request
  8. Great shape and sound feels like to play a good squier JV precision.. original from ‘80 made in Japan alder body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. stock electronics and other parts i can ship everywhere. bass located in Italy
  9. Really near mint conditions warmoth fretless 4 string jazz bass. gonçalo alves wood with rosewood fingerboard. included gotoh reverse tuners Warmoth decals are only stickers and can be removed if you don’t like it.
  10. warmoth neck, precision 51, maple with maple fingerboard, steel reinforced bars inside. I’ve placed Fender decals tuning machines not included pro relic nitro finish by Mattia Franchin luthiery in Italy, very well done and realistic. i sell because i prefer to move in a precision ‘59 project Asking 350£ (390 euros)
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