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  1. Thanks for the help I got a message passed on Thanks Tony
  2. A picture of this bass came up in my memories on face book, from 11 years ago Would still like to track it down anybody on here know John, JTUK? cheers Tony
  3. It is a perfect fit, new take on fretless!
  4. Update - should have probably put this in repairs and technical! I started to spray this, eventually, not gone as well as expected! certainly not as well as the stingray Plenty of prep done, lots of sanding and filling, I have missed a few tiny holes, but nothing major. Masking it took a while Couple of coats of sanding filler followed by a few coats of white primer, then on went the sonic blue The spray is fine, problem is the grain in the wood which is showing through and it’s three pieces that have been jointed so it’s not consistent across the body it’s had a fair bit of paint and some of it has been covered but a lot is still there, should have used grain filler I can see why poly is used to cover the grain up! It looks ok though, just contemplating more paint, but the way nitro works, the slight unevenness caused by the grain will still show, although more paint will allow me to flat it off some more Just giving it a light rub down with 800 grit, it doesn’t need much as the spray is good
  5. This is my small pedal train pedal board, dominated by filters! Did have a SA BEF, which saw a lot of use Decided to try a few others and the result is this little selection The Aguilar is probably the least versatile, very easy to get a good sound, I like what it does MXR BEF is well known, can be totally outrageous, accept no substitute 3 leaf Grove Regulator, relatively new, versatile filter, different to the MXR, not as crazy, really funky, still getting used to what it can do The valeton OC10 works great when on with any of these filters Using two passive basses so all three just work without much tweaking, no matter what I’m playing, but the MXR is the one I am inclined to adjust the most. And there is a gap in the board! 😜 Tony
  6. Pair of jazz bass pickups from Morch guitars, these are the Fat Fingers version from their range! These came out of a Sei bass I recently obtained, in favour of a pair of 70’s style pick ups a new set will set you back around £180 This is what they say about them...... FAT FINGERS (Alnico V/SV) Bass Passive Singlecoil Produced for 4 strings This popular pickup is designed for bass players who wants considerably higher outputs and a more gutsy and full tone with a warmer, fuller sound quality to the lower midrange and a big, open bass response. The treble has a certain “vintage” characteristic – i.e. with a gradual treble roll off as opposed to super penetrating highs. If you add the Mørch Active Preamp you will experience even more dynamics in the lower octaves and you will obtain a more open and airy treble. Data : DC: 7,98 , Resonance Peak: 5,0 KHz – Neck: DC: 7,50 , Resonance Peak: 5,26 KHz Time to try something different? Price includes postage Have a nice day Tony
  7. Valeton - best £35 I’ve ever spent on a pedal and I’ve had a few octave pedals over the years Shame to write it off before even trying it! Tony
  8. 6 weeks delivery on what I want 😯
  9. sshorepunk


    Slight change!
  10. Hi Is there a UK supplier of replacemnt pickgaurds? I know of the US suppliers but a gooogle search didn't show anything for UK It's for a MM sterling Cheers Tony
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. VVT works for me, what I’m used to in a jazz T
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