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  1. This has been a while in the making, mostly due to work and enjoying the summer as much as through odd times The paint in my metallic blue sterling was looking a bit tatty, so I figured one of the more classic colours was more my thing so off came the paint, lots of preparation and into primer, then paint But the grain was still very visible, so off came the paint and in went grain filler it worked ok, but not as good as I would have liked, you don’t really see it until the paint goes on on went primer, plenty of paint, then more paint and some sanding in between to get rid of a few gremlins and then on with the gloss clear coat Its turned out ok, I like it, but wasn’t easy, learnt a few things along the way! The spraying is the easy bit, sprayed many things in my time and can get a nice even finish! It’s the prep, getting it A1 before paint, a lot of things you don’t see until the paint is on So here it is now, with the neck on for a week or so, then it will come off for final sanding and polish I had a parchment pickgaurd made, but not sure now, think tort’ might work better with the black p/up, unless I can get a white p/up cover! But I have a few option now!
  2. Here’s my musicmen! caprice and dismantled sterling which is a work in progress, I really need to get my head down and finish this, just needs some more paint and clear coat
  3. Pair of jack > jack speaker cables klotz cable If carlsbeg made speaker cables .....
  4. I got one from the pickgaurd shop its parchment, but might try a tort’ one, which are more readily available
  5. Work in progress Slightly different look for a sterling, nearer the classic series!
  6. He was using the Marshall when I was pointing my camera at them, sounded great
  7. Off on a tangent, but several years ago, I photographed FTJ on several gigs BF’s back line sounded epic, big Marshall stack if I remember right I have a signed print if this photo I took!
  8. Pair of jazz bass pickups from Mørch guitars (Denmark) These are the Fat Fingers and captain fingers pickups from their range! A new set will set you back around £180 This is what they say about them...... FAT FINGERS (Alnico V/SV) Bass Passive Singlecoil This popular pickup is designed for bass players who wants considerably higher outputs and a more gutsy and full tone with a warmer, fuller sound quality to the lower midrange and a big, open bass response. The treble has a certain “vintage” characteristic – i.e. with a gradual treble roll off as opposed to super penetrating highs. CAPTAIN FINGERS (Alnico V/AW) Bass Passive Singlecoil A very tight, “fast” and highly projecting tone quality comes from this pickup, which has high timbral resolution and natural dynamics that are easily controllable with your right hand fingers. The tonal quality seems “natural” with extended lows and highs and an open and highly dynamic midrange, that can also “growl” a little bit in the lower presence area (due to “pre-aged” magnets), especially when you play very aggressive attacks. Time to try something different? Price includes postage Have a nice day Tony
  9. Fenders own pick up through an Aguilar OBP-1 in the Fender Flea guitar guitar have an ex demo fender flea for £1249, seems like a good deal T
  10. I use Dunlop superbrights last few sets have come from amazon, they stock them, had them arrive same day! Tony
  11. Remebered about the Warwick / Sadowsky situation and looked for an update as I hadn't heard anymore since March Thomann are saying in stock in 3-4 weeks Warwick website saying 4 weeks https://shop.warwick.de/en/brands/sadowsky-metroexpress Tony
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