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  1. Any MM caprice’s around?
  2. This is really nice, whats the neck profile like? nut width at 40mm? Thanks Tony
  3. sshorepunk


    Same run of basses as mine I think! Mine is more relic, only ten faded sonic blues were made, five for export and five for USA I have floor rider for mine, they are classed as limited edition due to a fret board wood problem. One hundred bases had the necks changed and became that particular limited edition series I'm sure that's all the right facts behind those basses, all based on snippets of info of forums and some info from Fender CS Tony
  4. The purple one and maceo! cant link YouTube on my phone, or is it beer? https://youtu.be/Dll97CpnnH8
  5. Been following this thread for a while Really into filters, C4 is gonna give me good filters which I can use in a band situation and good synth sounds to play around with through the looper pedal, sounds like a lot of fun out of one box! Tony
  6. Something a bit more recent Really like Jesse Philips playing with St Paul and the Broken Bones, especially this track, really nice to play, can transcribe this if anyone is interested
  7. I'm a bit late to the party on this thread, play a lot of funk, always have done So I'll get a few videos of tracks I've played recently Bra - Cymande (recent live session - 2016) Tony
  8. Sold this a few weeks back, forgot to update the threas Tony
  9. I’m always on and off with this one and it’s not getting played a lot at the moment At some point later this year, I was planning on investing in a MM caprice, very suited to what I do! I know they are few and far between, but if anybody wants a trade in this, with cash my way, enough for me to get a US Jazz (that is based on the prices of those that have sold on here and trade value of this bass at 2k) any colour, except sunburst would be considered thanks tony
  10. boomerang strap system included (no strap, just part that fits onto bass)
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