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  1. Would like to get my hands on a diamond blue caprice so I can neck swap with my sunburst caprice making a diamond blue with rosewood board and sunburst with maple!
  2. I saw them in Manchester, off to Leeds next month to see them
  3. Been following St Paul and the broken Bones since they emerged several years ago Really like what Jesse Phillips does, he's normally seen with a Precision and has been associated with Serek basses for a while New video just out for a track off their soon to be released album and the Serek mid western sounds great, nice playing too!
  4. That’s very nice! and so close to Xmas! 🤣
  5. It’s staying! would really like to find a diamond blue and do a neck swap, that will create a sunburst with maple and blue with rosewood, neither were available from MM i prefer solid colours to SB!
  6. This has caused some excitement! possibly sold, waiting confirmation Tony
  7. 3 leaf groove regulator filter in good condition when I first got it, very occasionally the foot switch was playing up, but it’s been fine for two years, but thought I’d mention it price includes postage
  8. TC spectracomp in knarly box price includes post
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