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  1. Somebody already said it wanted this last time it came up and now I’m skint! Tony
  2. Looking like it’s going to be a mid sixties, ford diamond blue, which is lighter than the VW niagra blue, just checking I got the code I need prior to ordering Was used on 60’s ford thunderbirds amongst others! Tony
  3. Diamond blue exists in the car industry as standard colours for a few of the big hitters, but with some variation My partner is going to help try match what codes we have with what I want as she isn’t colour blind. But it’s all relative I guess, what I see is what I see etc, just need a second opinion!
  4. Thanks for the info DrT! i was aware of the powder blue on the classics, diamond blue seems a bit more blue? Need to go speak to a local paint shop when they are open, I have code for sonic blue, going to see if I can find diamond blue, may have to go to the EB forum! Tony
  5. No, it’s rubbish! i have another 71 bus and that has a proper heater in it. Plus all holes where fresh air comes in are blocked up! Still not ideal but all part of owning an old VW The colour is niagara blue, but I’m thinking of going lighter now. I like the diamond blue which was used in caprice and cutlass bases, which I guess is MM take on sonic blue? Photo attached! Can anyone compare to a real sonic blue? Gives me the option of black, white, off white and tort pick guards! Tony
  6. Mine will arrive tomorrow My house number was missing off the shipping label, doh!
  7. Those plastic boxes you get your chicken madras in are very useful when doing a job like this! 😎
  8. As a time served wood machinist, I can appreciate the accuracy of the tooling used to machine the boards for jointing, knowing how much they wear after time. I suspect they machine these at a fairly slow rate! its all about the prep’ now, lots of sanding to get it smooooooth! Tony
  9. No going back now! Didn't take long with heat gun, scraper and small chisel for those little corners
  10. Plus, there’s a few knocks and chips in the current finish!
  11. I wanted a PJ with a jazz style neck, which narrows the options a bit, I’ve played a jazz and a MM sterling for several years, really like the sterling, neck dimensions seemed the same and reviews were good! And I just like the look of these and it’s a little bit different! stuck between flats and rounds now, might need another PJ 🤣 Tony
  12. Really liking the caprice, not owned a sunburst bass for a long time, preferred solid colours but i’m good with this one Still waiting on the next one, courier isn’t playing ball!
  13. UPS tracking says tomorrow 😎
  14. I like this bass, hence the effort, it’s a bit on the heavy side, might shed a few ounces after the refin’ i just got a caprice this week, I’m getting on very well with it! The sterling, the caprice and a jazz covers just about everything for me Tony
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