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  1. Something a bit more recent Really like Jesse Philips playing with St Paul and the Broken Bones, especially this track, really nice to play, can transcribe this if anyone is interested
  2. I'm a bit late to the party on this thread, play a lot of funk, always have done So I'll get a few videos of tracks I've played recently Bra - Cymande (recent live session - 2016) Tony
  3. Sold this a few weeks back, forgot to update the threas Tony
  4. I’m always on and off with this one and it’s not getting played a lot at the moment At some point later this year, I was planning on investing in a MM caprice, very suited to what I do! I know they are few and far between, but if anybody wants a trade in this, with cash my way, enough for me to get a US Jazz (that is based on the prices of those that have sold on here and trade value of this bass at 2k) any colour, except sunburst would be considered thanks tony
  5. boomerang strap system included (no strap, just part that fits onto bass)
  6. More info.... This does come with the boomerang strap system part http://www.basscentre.com/ns-design-interchangeable-support-systems/ns-design-boomerang-strap-system.html But no strap included, which is only a standard type strap anyway
  7. From a good few years back, at Willow festival, epic rig
  8. Open to sensible offers on this But please, not into being "trolled" via PM's when I don't accept your low ball offer :rollseyes Tony
  9. sshorepunk

    A few funk tunes

    Hi Got to learn a few tracks over the next few weeks, a couple are new to me, the other two I know James Brown - I got the feelin' - nice groove this, easy to work out Cymande - Bra - great band, probably one of the less played tracks, compared to Dove etc, Steve Scipio plays some nice bass on this Bra Firewalker - jungle fire - new one for me jungle fire African Music Machine - Black water gold - another new one for me Black Water Gold Has anybody played any of these and have any useful pointers? Started playing them on my MM, but my jazz nailed the sound so much better Have also been playing Genuine by Sharon Jones and the Dapp kings and Shake everything you got by Maceo Parker, both nice grooves, the www was helpful with these two! Tony
  10. Photos now uploaded small mark on body, in bottom edge small mark on back of neck (last photo) comes with standard bag, which is in good condition, forgot to take photos of it have gigged this a few times, always got very positive comments on how it sounded and look great little bass, 34” scale, so same as bass guitar now selling as the gig I was using it on has come to an end and a totally different direction is on the horizon
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