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  1. Not had this long and fully intended on keeping it. Unfortunately, need to move it on. In good condition for it's age but far from cosmetically perfect. Recently had a £100 service and a clean bill of health. Runs at 8 Ohm. Lovely amp for both bass and guitar. Cash would be best but would trade and perhaps move some other gear instead. Fender Rumble 500 V3, TV Bassman etc. Try me, you never know. Collection from Blackburn BB22SH or would post at buyers risk and cost. If interested in postage please PM to discuss options. May be able to meet up. Pics to follow.
  2. Feedback for v8bass

    Bought a Vamp from Gary. Great guy to deal with. Everything went very smoothly and overall a pleasant experience. The Vamp arrived lightening fast and well packaged for its journey. Have ne fear he's one of BC's good guys! Thanks again Gary. Cheers Dunc
  3. I'm used to having well played strings on my P bass. Building a backup P and need a set or two for the build and as spares. If you have anything please PM.
  4. Westone Thunder 11A - £350

    Someone's stolen his knobs. Supposed to be brass. Wish he would sell me the trussrod cover. Been looking for one for mine for ages.
  5. Ashdown Ltd Edition tweed combo

    I'm a sucker for tweed and Oly white. Looks good!
  6. I have 2 of these so one can go. Both fully functional and in good but gigged condition. One has a bit of a scuff on the screen but does not affect its functionality £45. Trades / trade - Bass synth Tech 21, Ampeg DI, Fly Rig Alesis Midiverb 3 or 4 Prefer a trade... Or something similar. Cash adjustment accordingly. Pics to follow
  7. Barefaced FR800 and preamp as a combo.

    Thanks for the input. I may have solved it. Schoolboy error 😂 What's the odds on having 3 dodgy leads in a chain of 3 pedals? Changed all them and the level is far better using the line out. DI is much lower. Alex from BF got back rapid to my email and gave me a link for some software to turn the gains up in the cab. Hopefully, when that's done, I should be able to ditch the tube emulator and keep a simpler setup. Could probably do that anyway but can't test it yet as the Mrs is working from home and all noise must cease... Cow 🐄 Hopefully its all solved at no cost. But now I've got GAS for a fly rig or an SCR Di. Ummmm... I've got to say though that the FR800 sounds brilliant. I'm really surprised with the BD121 too. Maybe I should just get a spare BD and save quite a bit of cash?
  8. Barefaced FR800 and preamp as a combo.

    I think I'll start by contacting Alex but keep those ideas coming please!
  9. Confused post. Sleep needed 😪 Currenty using a little Ashdown combo which suits all my needs but Ive been trying to sort out a larger bass rig for a new project. Differing problems have arisen and money is always tight around Christmas. After much thought and anguish, the penny dropped! I have a pair of BF800's and although they are the PA in most scenario's, I could use one with a preamp as a combo as, if anything that loud is needed, there would be further PA support anyway. Is anyone doing this with auccess? If so, what preamp are you using? How do you wire it all? I've linked a BD121 via the line out and by DI but not as much volume as expected with a passive Jazz bass. I then added a tube amp simulator pedal to the chain which gave it far more. Still not as loud as I would have expected but haven't turned it up full as I'd rather be 100% sure I'm not making a schoolboy error! I really don't want to harm the BF's... I suspect that the BD doesn't have enough output? If that's the case could anyone recommend a decent preamp Di that would suit? Maybe someone has been using an Ampeg or Tech 21 which is the sort of sound I'm hoping for. However, I could theoretically use the line out on the Mibass head perhaps? But if guitarists would use in ears, I would ditch my rig completely! Thanks...
  10. Doing a cheap backup build. Short of - Neck, preferably maple board but not essential. Jazz style preferred too. Minimal volute. Strap pins for strap locks, lost the pins! Don't need the actual locks. lf you have anything knocking about please PM.
  11. Daft question I suppose but does that include the tuners, string tree and screws?
  12. SOLD Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig

    Let me borrow it indefinitely! Seriously though, I'd love this but unfortunately I'm skint. Bet when I eventually get paid its well gone! GLWTS.
  13. Sting - as a bass player?

    Obviously with his experience, he is a well accomplished player. I've always thought that it does not matter how "technically" proficient any bassist or musician is. It's all about, what is right for the song. Love him or hate him, Sting consistently does what is right for the music he plays. Hats off to that man!