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  1. Had a thought about Sid today, on the 2nd of Feb he will be dead 39 years! Where did all that time go?!!!
  2. Feedback for T-Bay

    Clive bought my TB1000. Graat bloke to deal with. Swift payment, good comms. What more could you ask for? Thanks again Clive. Cheers Dunc
  3. White Man in Hammersmith Palais, The Clash.
  4. Chris Aiken Squier Precision

    I did a trade for one of these recently with tom1946 on here (he has a twin to it for sale on here too). What a good bass it is. Lovely neck, good sound, nice and light too. I can't fault it. Give it a bit of a tweak to my own taste and it's a fabulous instrument for the money (or even more). The only thing I would change is the back of the neck. It's just a bit too glossy for me but a bit of a sand down would sort that. Some folk prefer the tone pot but to be honest I very rarely use it. I'd been looking for another white/maple board P for a while as a backup to my JV57. Now I find myself thinking of retiring the JV for most gigs (plenty of rough venues) and using it as a main. Good job I came to my senses as I nearly sold it to fund another project. I've had loads of basses and very few 'keepers'. I think this might well be one of them. Far more of an instrument than I expected. Anyone else have love for these?
  5. Mac Mini bundle.i5 2.5 ghz, 16gb ram. 1.5 TB. FS/FT

  6. world's biggest amp!

    And it's only a practice amp! Maybe it's not really broken either, he might not be strong enough to flick the switch!
  7. Reluctantly, I have to agree with the OP. After much thought, I must say (1979ish) my no name cack P bass, Selmer Treble n Bass head and 18" whatever cab is the sound that made the hairs on my neck stand on end. Folk may scoff. I've loved Peavey, Eden, Orange BF etc but that setup really did it for me. Maybe it was my age. Wish I could get that feeling again though.
  8. Reduced £350 Recently bought from this very parish. The head is superb and comes with Orange soft case. Great condition and the DI is fine (not like the earlier models). I don't need this much power. I've been using it with 2 Ashdown cabs (that are also for sale) and the 1.5k of cabs and this head are far far more than my needs.This head or the whole rig would suit any venue.. If you would like to buy the whole rig the price would be £750 Original post for the head (hope you don't mind Karlfer!) Link to the cabs If you need the full deal then I'll add this for an extra £200 (hope you don't mind Tom) £900 for the head, cabs and bass... Can post but please PM for details. Collection from BB22SH (preferable) or may be able to meet up dependant on distance.
  9. JV jazz basses. Thoughts

    I think Ash from this very forum has a JV Jazz. I would imagine that he would be a good contact for any advice.
  10. What the hell is this? Hashtag lost the plot.

    Could be relly useful if you were a sandblaster who liked to noodle at lunchtime?
  11. Mac Mini bundle.i5 2.5 ghz, 16gb ram. 1.5 TB. FS/FT

    Updated thread.
  12. Update. I've been offered a suitable MacBook but I need to buy it. So, this is now for sale or trade. Mac mini, late 2012, i5 2.5ggz processor, 16gb ram, 500gb and 1000gb hdd drives. Nice condition with no faults. Samsung 24" S24D340 monitor, mac Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Great powerful machine. Perfect for Logic. Im looking for a more portable solution as I'm looking to record live bands, so I'd like to trade this for a Macbook of similar value and spec. I'll wipe the machine and install the latest operating system for the new owner. May also consider trade for Barefaced Midget plus cash my way. Collection and trial from Blackburn Lancs would be preferable but would pack well for postage if needs be. Possible meet up or delivery within reason.
  13. Handbuilt bass anyone?

    Just like a 60's Eastern European bass!