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  1. I have one of these. Great basses. This model is basically the same as the Thunder 3 alert from the logo and truss rod cover. Mine is missing the cover and not in as good condition as that one though. It's a bit too heavy for me nowadays and so may appear on here at sometime.soon.
  2. That's mad! He's not that fast but does have a tendency to be a very shouty too!
  3. It's a great amp. Newer doesn't mean better or any more able. Doesn't matter what it is. If you like it, that's good enough. Some of the greatest heads are over 50 years old! And so are the bass players 😏😂😂
  4. Is there a record for words per minute in a song? If not, the singer in one of the bands I play in should easily take the title. I sent him a song with only vocals on a bit of a chorus. There's four words over approximately 5 secs of music. He returned his take on the song and there's about a hundred words per minute . EDIT - Maybe 250! 😂😂😂😂 Why do some singers feel the need to tell us the "whole story" instead of giving us the basic idea and letting us come to our own conclusion?It's almost like he thinks he's having to explain every scenario possible to an idiot. Wouldn't be so bad but it takes him 6 months to remember all the lyrics that he's managed to cram in! 😂
  5. Top rig. £400! It's a no brainer really. Wish you were closer as I'm sorely tempted and I don't need it! GLWTS.
  6. I'm sure the last bass I posted went with Parcel Force and cost about £18 (no insurance) I had to book and pay online though to get it at that price.
  7. These always crop up when I'm either skint or sorted for heads! This time, the latter unfortunately. Won't stop me thinking about it and formulating a reason why I need it though! 😂
  8. If only the money was there for me, I'd definitely be in touch. Great system. GLWTS.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Bought Paul's Zoom recorder. Great experience. Everything as it should be. Nice chap too. The recorder is exactly as described and it got here as quick as could be expected. A credit to BC. Thanks again Paul. Cheers Dunc
  11. Tom bought my MacBook. Absolutely faultless transaction. Top fella to deal with. Couldn't have gone any better. A credit to BC. Thanks again Tom, it was a pleasure to deal with you. Cheers Dunc
  12. Complete air sole if you ask me. 😂
  13. Not just a wireless desk. It's also a great audio interface for PC or Mac. Good for home / studio use or live multi track recordings. I've been using one for a few years now with good results. GLWTS
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