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  1. itsmedunc

    P bass with a difference!?! 😳

    That would certainly warm yer cockles on stage! 😂
  2. itsmedunc

    Fender Jazz Bass 1974, Burst, rosewood, blocks

    That neck looks lovely and shallow in the pics. What's it like in real life? Unfortunately Karl, I'm only going to be window shopping for a while...
  3. itsmedunc

    Is old PA gear worth the effort of selling?

    In the 90's we hired Peavey PA's a lot. For us they were great. Heavy but I was much younger then and we got them cheaper if we mucked in. I'm not particularly bothered about having a "modern sound", if one really exists? Unfortunately, for you, Peavey are no longer appreciated in that manner to some extent. I got offered tops, mids and bass cabs plus amps for free off a family member a few years ago but turned them down due to lack of storage. Still great gear but has to be realistically priced I suppose. An install,would be ideal.
  4. itsmedunc

    Anxieties with joining a ready made band - just me?

    I would have thought that if they needed a bass player they would at least have a reasonable set list for you to learn. As a few previous replies have said, 50 is a joke. I'd bet money that even the Stones couldn't remember 50 of their tracks despite their age! Gig - time on stage = the amount of songs you need to and be expected to learn. What happens if they decide you are not for them? Or, far more importantly, what happens if they are not for you? There's a lot to think about there. The pressure of 50 is far too much and no-one in their right mind would expect you to learn that many. If they do, I'd seriously think about what's in the future for you. Maybe you need to talk with them a bit more and express your concerns. Don't worry about missing the gig. If they are worth playing for, they should understand that you can't start any job and know everything but you are willing to learn and do it well. After all, you are only human! If you fluently can learn 50 songs so quickly, get a job as a session musician and get paid decent money! 😀😀😀😀
  5. itsmedunc

    Purple Chili 1x15 cab FS now £160

    The feeling is mutual Kev. Great truly lightweight cabs too. I used to have pair of them but I mostly only really needed one. Silly money for one of these. Its a no brainer for anyone looking for a cab.
  6. itsmedunc

    Fender Jazz Bass 1974, Burst, rosewood, blocks

    What the fek have you done to me Karl!!!
  7. itsmedunc

    Why would you do this

    Does anyone live nearby to the seller? I'm quite interested in this and was wondering if any BC'er would be willing to go round and laugh hysterically for me. 😂
  8. Thank The Lord! I've got bass gear coming out my ears but I really wanted this! Much lack of sleep last night... Well done Paul!
  9. itsmedunc

    WITHDRAWN!! Eden Traveler 550

    Pretty, pretty thing indeed. Pro gear. GLWTS
  10. Money laundering is the only explanation I can think of!
  11. Just what I'm after, just when I'm skint. Much better with the Staytrem bridges. I need a cunning plan!
  12. itsmedunc

    Sold. Squier by Fender, Mike Dirnt Precision

    Ha! I spoke too soon. Or, too late!
  13. itsmedunc

    Sold. Squier by Fender, Mike Dirnt Precision

    Looks like a great Jap bass but a great mod to the Squier too. Maybe holding back on your van could save you money in the long run! 😀😂😂😂
  14. itsmedunc

    Sold. Squier by Fender, Mike Dirnt Precision

    Cheers Karl, if I wasn't as rough, I'd pop over to Accy. Not much chance though. I turned into Ciderman last night!
  15. itsmedunc

    new p.a

    I think BC member Geddys nose uses one of these with his band. He has been really positive about it. Drop him a PM. He is a genuine bloke and a nice fella to talk to. I'm sure (if that is what they are running) he will give you an honest account.