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  1. Can't help you myself but if you message Ki0gon (he's a Basschat member), I'm sure he will help you out. You'll find him with a quick name search. Very knowledgable when it comes to the old innards and such. He also builds wiring harnesses etc to spec for other members at very reasonable rates.
  2. itsmedunc

    Hartke Hydrive 810 cab - Price drop! £250!

    That would be me then but I'm skint, I'd have bollox round my knees if I tried to pick it up and bollox round my neck if the Mrs saw it (even on the street). Seriously, if I had some money, was a bit younger and the wife fell off a cliff. I'd have it in a heartbeat. 😂
  3. itsmedunc

    Awful 4 string bass. £25

    If you are serious about selling it, you should perhaps at least promise anonymity to the buyer GLWTS.
  4. itsmedunc

    Guess the Christmas present?

    Is it a cardigan?
  5. itsmedunc

    Culture Club cancel (again)

    Never really understood the attraction of Culture Club, being a little punk and all that. Many years ago, in their heyday, the then girlfriend was heavily into them. One day after listening to yet more trout about Culture Club spill from her gob I said, "He is gay you know". Said woman promptly threw an eppy and ditched me Didn't see her again for many years. When I did (two years ago) I said, "Told you he was gay". She very reluctantly said, "I know"". All was well and we had a good laugh about it. 😂
  6. itsmedunc

    Reggae music to be protected by UN

    Wow, the heritage status makes real sense now! It is complete nonsense after all! Should this be an indicator that punk music will get a similar status soon? Oh, maybe the new romantic 80's music too? Oh, forgot about rock n roll and blues and classical and ancient Greek stuff they've just solved the mystery of. Just about anyone who has picked up a washboard without a shirt to clean and played it badly should be eligible for protected status at some point then? It's not really as if reggae music is in danger of dying out is it? Reasons for protected status are at best "barmy" Call me cynical but it looks to me like somebody somewhere is trying and probably going to make a lot of money from this. In a few decades we'll have - Now That's What I call Protected Music 20 at the top of the album charts then! 😂
  7. If this is a similar weight to mine, it would be great for someone with a bad back. Haven't actually weighed mine but it weighs considerably less than my JV which is 8 1/2lb. I'd guess around 7 1/2lb.
  8. itsmedunc

    Active cab link out as a DI?

    Nice one chaps. I couldn't see why it wouldn't work. After looking through numerous FRFR threads on different sites, nobody has really mentioned using it. It may have been mentioned in the FRFR thread here but it's enormous! It seems a good (and costless) way around DI's and mic's which i have seen mentioned quite a lot. 😀
  9. itsmedunc

    Sansamp through a powered speaker

    Aye, I've got the software and only have it set on 10. They just seem to come on with a bump unless everything else is turned on with levels down first.
  10. itsmedunc

    Active cab link out as a DI?

    Sorry I was a bit vague. Bass to Ampeg SCR. 2 lines out of SCR, one straight to small mixer, one to effects then to small mixer. It then goes from the small mixer to an Rcf or BF that I use as a monitor. Now, for both signals to go to front of house I've been using the DI out of the SCR for straight bass and a line from the effects. It works perfectly well but was wondering if, the signal that comes from the RCF link output is at line level? If it was suitable, this would have both signals combined and so only one FOH channel would be used. Or, I could effectively use the link as a sort of DI? No need for a conventional DI or to mic an FRFR setup perhaps? Thanks for the replies chaps 😁
  11. itsmedunc

    AER Amp One with AER padded bag

    Thank goodness! I'll be able to sleep tonight! Well done, somebody is going to be very pleased!
  12. Just wondering if the cab link out on a BF800 or RCF 745 etc could be used as a DI? I've been using the DI out from an Ampeg SCR-DI to the PA for a straight bass sound but also use a mixer to blend a separate signal for effects, which when combined uses 2 channels on the desk. Is there any reason I couldn't use the RCF etc, link facility as a line level signal to the PA? Hence, only using one channel to the FOH desk? Hope this makes sense!
  13. itsmedunc

    Sansamp through a powered speaker

    I've been using an Ampeg scr-di through a Barefaced FR800 to great effect. All I've found that is necessary, is to make sure the Ampeg is switched on with the level down before powering up the BF. The BF has no volume control and so is on full whack all the time. Same applies when using the Behringer BD or any preamp really, Phenomenal with an RCF 745 too!
  14. itsmedunc

    Selmer Treble n Bass 50w valve head.

    Aye, I believe so. Thanks for the thumbs up!
  15. itsmedunc

    Selmer Treble n Bass 50w valve head.

    That sounds much better than my bad attempt! Cheers Dunc