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  1. And here's me with a Marathon and a Selmer T&B 50 and haven't even thought of that! Oh the fun begins! 😁
  2. Great cab Walshy. The only cab you'll ever need really. Ridiculously loud, light and very easy to move around and could replace an 8x10. I only moved mine on to a pair of BF 110's to go more modular with the option of adding more cabs if needs be. Any buyer will not be disappointed with this cab! GLWTS.
  3. Correct on all counts sir 😀
  4. Indeed it is. Was mine until recently. Jim’s a great chap to deal with too. GLWTS
  5. If I could sell one of mine I'd definitely go for the payment offer. I'm sure I got lovely a Roadworn Series Precision from you a few years ago that way? Had a CIJ Precision in the same colour scheme and it was tremendous. I wish I'd kept it. It would also make a great "secret" replacement for a near identical Squier that hangs on the wall 😂 Mrs it'smedunc, bless her. 😁
  6. I've still got a Precision in a case hidden away in my store/hide cupboard. Mrs itsmedunc won't be happy if she finds it 😂
  7. Bought a Pedaltrain from Stew. Arrived well packaged and as described. Great transaction and top notch communication. However, due to no fault of Stews we had numerous hiccups with the courier service. I think that Stew will wholeheartedly agree with the statement that "Hermes are an absolute waste of Rucking time" 😂😂😂😂
  8. I bought the white one Ash had up on here recently. Nice and light and the neck is great and I don't have big hands. Lovely sound, that's very old school. Proper old bass that easily competes with my JV and USA Precisions.
  9. Trace Elliot Elf. Tiny footprint, really well built, 200w, sounds great, headphone out and cheap as chips. I have one as a spare to my Subway 800 and wouldn't hesitate to use it as a first if needs be.
  10. Bought a MacBook from Lawrie (well my daughter did). She's very happy with it. Great transaction, as described and arrived very quickly. Deal with confidence, Lawrie is a credit to the forum. Thanks again Lawrie. Cheers Dunc
  11. I often do! Sent it to a mate of mine and he's the same and he's a guitarist! 😂
  12. itsmedunc


    Did a trade with Jim today. He's a nice fella and Is a credit to BC. Everything went as it should do and the bass was exactly as described in the ad. All things bass related talked about too (masks and social distancing of course). No tea and biscuits for obvious reasons. Always a pleasure to meet a BC'er face to face, although I didn't see his face because of his mask 😂 Have no doubts he's the genuine article and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks again Jim and I hope your drive home was uneventful 😀 Cheers Dunc
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