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  1. These are great little combos. Our rhythm guitarist uses one. Don't be fooled by 15w either. These are more than capable of gigging with. GLWTS
  2. I didn't see one last time I was in my attic too. It's full of them. Amazing what you can find if you don't look closely enough.
  3. Sold Harry an Ampeg SCR-DI. Great transaction. No messing, fast payment, good comms. Wouldn't hesitate to deal again. What more can a chatter ask for. Thanks again Harry! Cheers Dunc
  4. A mate just flew over from Belgium with his guitar on Ryanair. When he booked his flight, he was told he had to book a seat for his guitar. Bingo! The flights were only a tenner. When he got to the airport, he was told he had to pay another £63 for his guitar. When he said he had booked an extra seat for it, he was told he needed to book a seat for an instrument, not a person! He got on the nearly empty plane and his guitar sat on the seat next to him that he had already paid for, inadequately strapped in with a seatbelt designed for a human! What a rip off!
  5. Literally just sold mine. Very reluctant sale too. Great preamps. GLWTS
  6. https://reverb.com/item/20600390-washburn-4-string-bass-old-black https://reverb.com/item/18208892-ibanez-wide-neck-pcgc-conversion
  7. I would have bought it but trying to flip it for £265 on here would have destroyed my reputation... 😂😂😂😂
  8. Great pre amp but I'm moving back from FRFR to a conventional rig. Boxed and looks as new. I'm sure something could be found under scrutiny though! Velcro on the bottom. Will post at buyers cost and risk.
  9. Ah! It has the magic enhance knob too! Every bassist should have a magic enhanced knob when onstage. 🙄🙄😂😂
  10. Hi, I've always been intrigued by these. What would you think the system is capable of in terms of venue size and music type? What did you actually put through it that worked? Thanks...
  11. No no no Karl. Orange 12" cabs that weigh 26lb! It's a dream come true!!! If only I had the cash. Typical really. Every time there's a bargain to be had, I'm financially embarrassed. If fortunes change, I'll be in touch. Otherwise, GLWTS.
  12. Thanks for the info. I'll see if I can A/B them somewhere. I love the BF and the RCF's I've already sold but with few gigs I had too much money tied up in them. Plus I'm tired of sorting all the PA put. I sort of figure that I'll get some money back and a less capable rig should ensure that we have to go back to hiring a rig in and the workload will be off me. Well, that's the plan! 😀
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