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  1. itsmedunc

    An FRFR question

    Don't go buying anything tonight then! 😂
  2. itsmedunc

    Ashdown Spyder 550 2x10 combo

    I set off home yesterday with enough cash to make a reasonable offer for this. "Life" attacked me several times en route and I was skint by the time I eventually got home! Hopefully, finances will improve soon enough!
  3. itsmedunc

    Yet another band dilemma!

    I wonder how much he pays to hire?
  4. itsmedunc

    Yet another band dilemma!

    How many cymbals does a drummer need? Hats, crash and a ride, that's the job done. Use basic tools until you feel you can afford, justify or even need more. Decent cymbals can be bought quite cheaply now and even economy brands are certainly better than they were in the past or at least better than no cymbals at all. He has to hire cymbals in? What's all that about? I've never heard of such goings on. This would not happen in any Northern town. Sounds like a load of old bollox to me. He may have delusions of grandeur! They usually have. 🥁 Maybe the singer is delusional about being a singer too if he can't remember his own lyrics after that length of time. That would be about 8 months since you started the project? If he can't remember them by now, he is either not cut out to be a singer, the songs could be too long and/or full of pretentious philosophical nonsense that no-one but he can understand anyway or, he is a goldfish. Seriously though, it sounds like they are scared to me. Well, maybe the drummers doing a drummer thing and trying not to let the girlfriend know that he needs to actually buy something for a change! 😂 Good advice in above posts though. Book a gig, get a target and you will hopefully find that the rest will get themselves together. If they don't, you have the answer to your OP.
  5. itsmedunc

    Fingers and the audience

    From what I've heard of myself recorded, it sounds like me playing. I can recognise it but not everyone can. Basses do sound different but lots and lots of folk cannot tell the difference. Even if they did, they probably wouldn't care. Playing a decent bass and gear is always going to put you 1-0 up at kick-off in terms of how well you can play on the night but I don't really think that those who don't play (and some who do play) bass in the audience can tell the difference at all. 3 of my ex girlfriends would not have known what a bass sounded like had they not met me. To this day one of them still isn't sure! I still meet folk and when they hear that I play bass they say, "which one is that?". Then comes all the inevitable having to explain to someone (who is usually a tedious idiot) what a bass sounds like. "It's the one with 4 strings that sounds low and deep mate" (I've got it down to a fine art now). "Oh right, deep? ummm" is the usual reply 😂 And that's a great cue to scarper! Sound is subjective and if it wasn't there would be very little choice in anything! I'm sure we buy gear that we personally like, unless we are playing in an established originals band that needs a particular "sound" or in a covers band etc that tries to be sonically accurate. I've tried Behringer to Boogie and anyone can get a decent sound out of just about anything (within reason) these says. I once opted for a Behringer combo over a Boogie valve stack in a rehearsal studio as the Behringer literally p*ssed all over the Mesa. Yes I was surprised too! If I reflect on how many basses, amps, cabs and comb's I've owned over the years, then the only sensible conclusion I can make is - all bass gear is adequate and I'm looking for something that does not exist!
  6. itsmedunc

    a pointy project

    "Built by a guy in his shed"? Should say, "Sold by a guy without a shred of guilt". Tis horrendous methinks...
  7. itsmedunc

    Traded. Barefaced Gen3 Big Baby 2

    Ah! The Talbot! Very generous place. They gave me tinnitus for free. If it's an in house rig, make sure you get a soundcheck!
  8. I'm too busy setting up and packing up the PA to care! Funny how if there's any questions posed to the rest of the band they all refer them to me! I honestly don't care though! Too long in the tooth now.
  9. itsmedunc

    Traded. Barefaced Gen3 Big Baby 2

    I wish this would sell. I don't need it but I want it and I want the Boogie! I've run out of cunning plans though. Do you do a play now pay later scheme?
  10. itsmedunc

    1971 Fender Precision Sunburst

    All this 70's Precision stuff on here isn't doing my health any good at all. Either the desire will kill me or the Mrs will. Beautiful bass. GLWTS.
  11. itsmedunc

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    That's a very big pocket! Wish I had a wallet the same size TE marketed the Elf in a similar fashion but (as was probably intended) I found myself taking more notice of the young ladies rear than I was of the Elf! I thought that was an over-sized pocket too but I really didn't care 😂
  12. itsmedunc

    On hold - Mesa Boogie Walkabout combo

    I was hoping that this had sold. I don't need it but it has been on my 'wanted' list for a long while! GLWTS.
  13. itsmedunc

    Another for Happy Jack

    Well, he's a bit of a prick then! Right on! 😂
  14. itsmedunc

    The worlds worst bass apparently

    I wonder if it really is that bad or if Lynne has quite upset him? 😥
  15. itsmedunc

    Best computer for audio recording/production

    We're using a Behringer XR18, 2012 i5 Macbook Pro with 8gb RAM (16gb would be better), SSD and Logic X. The XR18 is great for live, recording and live recording. It kills 2 birds with 1 stone. Live desk and interface all in one. We try to keep the MB Pro as clean as possible. Nothing running in the background either. Works great for us.