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  1. I'm local and I'd love this. It would be a logistical godsend. Alas, finances and the current climate dictate it's a no no. Shame really. If you decide to consider any trades then that may be an option. GLWTS.
  2. Indeed it does! Ive probably spent over that looking for it already! 😁😁😁
  3. Tempting me with heavy things again eh? Imagine the scenario- I'm happy with my rig but I must have the Ampeg now. Well if I do buy it, it will overhang my BF 110's so I have to buy an Ampeg 8X10 as the OCD cannot handle overhang. That won't fit in the car so I've got to buy a new van. The Mrs will go mad and throw me out. So, now I have to buy a house. That's going to cost at least £150,000 plus divorce settlement. The asking price doesn't include postage so add another £50 fully insured. Not that I've got anywhere to get it delivered to now anyway. Its Valentines Day. We were happy! Be worth it though! 😂😂😂😂 I'd love to own it but unfortunately it's too cold to move at the moment. GLWTS
  4. Loved my old Seck desk. Live version as I recall. Only had 2 outs but loved the sound. Oh, that was a while ago! GLWTS
  5. I could ship to you but unfortunately I don't know anything about the taxes etc. I do know that before Brexit, if I shipped anything abroad, I always ended up with less than I'd actually been paid? 😂
  6. Thanks for the info. I think 16gb is max. I've got a 2011 that uses the same ram and was pondering on getting some 8's for it. I'll have a think. Cheers
  7. Is the truss working correctly? I find it very difficult to get my hands round it if not.
  8. The recipient needs one of these - Not the flap. The Alsatian to savage the useless [email protected] who delivered it.
  9. The Members played North Bar in Blackburn quite a few years ago. I know the promoter who was the owner at the time. Absolutely nobody turned up. That's very unusual for a band from that era playing here. He nearly didn't let them all in and he said "They were a bunch of old blokes in cardigans" 😂
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