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  1. Lovely basses these as you well know Karl. I had one from the same era and (like I always do) sold it and regretted it ever since! Tempting price too. Ummmmm. GLWTS
  2. That price is about right around the North West. I don't get why folk are complaining and shouting about £50 though? There's nobody twisting their arm. It's not forced labour 😂 A simple "no thanks" and then move on in life would suffice. The pleasantries of the internet. Again! I can think of a number of originals bands (Well, they are "perceived" as bands), that pay their members £50 a gig despite the actual fee they receive. Some of these deps are treated like skivies too. Some have been quite big in their day and still draw decent crowds and so, I should imagine a lot of folk would play the gig simply for nostalgias sake.
  3. Nice piece of kit. Only stopped using it as I've amassed lots of digital devices that all appear to do the same thing! 😂 It really does make home rehearsing and learning songs so much easier. Includes the tatty box. Does not come come with a psu. I've been using a universal supply or rechargeable batteries. Can be posted or collected from BB22SH. Postage at the price t costs me (fully insured) or you can take a cheap chance at your cost and risk. Please note - I tested positive for Covid the other day and so cannot take any pics of the item at the moment. It is in my home studio that I have not been in for almost a week now. When I am clear (I'm hoping that will be Tuesday), I can get the pics or get it in the post. The item will also be well cleaned before it leaves.
  4. Sold a BF110 to Tom. Everything went according to plan. Good comms too. Thanks again Tom. Cheers Dunc
  5. Bought a few effects from Mr Wielder. Everything went according to plan. All arrived exactly as described, quickly and safe and well. I wouldn't hesitate to deal again. Thanks again. Cheers Dunc
  6. Bought a little amp from Lawrence. Arrived quickly and exactly as described. A nice chap who I wouldn't hesitate to deal with again. Thanks again Loz. Cheers Dunc
  7. Dave bought my Boogie. Good transaction with great comms. Everything went as it should. Wouldn't hesitate to deal again. Thanks again Dave. Cheers Dunc
  8. With confidence. Show no fear. Pretend it's the 50's again. She'll give you a peck on the cheek and say "that's lovely dear". It's a foolproof plan. It will definitely work. Just ask the ex Mrs itsmedunc 😂
  9. I hope so! Sorry for any confusion! £400 for cab and the Elf seems a fair price to me 👍
  10. Please ignore the £1000! That was part of some other equipment that has now sold! It's £400 for the pair. Thanks 😀
  11. I've had plenty of accidents over the years that weren't my fault. The amount of bitter I've had this evening, I'll probably have a few more 😂 If I hadn't just acquired a compressor, this would be heading ny way. £4.50 posted in the U.K sounds a terrific deal to me too! GLWTS
  12. A mate of mine has one of these, it’s lovely and sounds absolutely great. Live, it sounds like it’s been recorded. I’m all sorted for MM but I’m still very tempted. GLWTS
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