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  1. Squier P bass with Roland GK-3B £100

    Thanks for that. They are a well made piece of kit. It was already fitted when I got it. All looks well as far as I can see though.
  2. Squier P bass with Roland GK-3B £100

    Hi, yes it comes with the GK but not had a chance to see if it works. To be honest, if I knew it worked I'd keep it and get an interface. Cheers.
  3. It's Squier, Squire

    Just sent a text on iPhone and "oki doki" was changed to "oil Richard" ??? My mate wouldn't have been best pleased! I can write bollocks but not D.I.C.K. What if my name was d.i.c.k?
  4. Gig Disasters

    What happened to your spider senses then?
  5. Does anyone just use a bass & amp?

    Not you as well. I've never been the same since watching Harvey... Dunc
  6. Who Uses a Metronome on Stage?

    When the band can turn up on time, I'll then consider a metronome!
  7. Gibson EB2 - £350

    Says it's a copy at the bottom (not clear enough for me though). Always read the full ad on Gumtree!
  8. Chibson Les Paul bass

    I bought it secondhand privately. You are welcome to try it but usually logistics make things impossible. I'm taking it to rehearsals on Saturday so will have a better idea about it.
  9. Auditions in Hell

    If I knew then what I know now, there would have been a few thrown down the stairs with their gear alongside them!
  10. Auditions in Hell

    No, we were young, very naive and very drunk when "poached" him!
  11. Chibson Les Paul bass

    Neck dive wise it's ok. There's a bit but nothing bad. Matching guitars, may as well get a gold kit and spandex!
  12. Auditions in Hell

    Once had a drummer answer an ad. At that time we were semi-pro. He said he was more of a jazz drummer but could play all styles. We picked him and his drums up, lugged them and their cases up the narrow attic steps to where we rehearsed and watched him set up his impressive kit in anticipation. Finally, it came to the time where we would play one of the songs we had given to him on cassette a week earlier. Two second later, it becomes apparent that this clown cannot play at all! He was the worst I have ever heard. Maybe it was some obscure jazz he played? No, turns out he was a rich kid living in fantasy land. He literally sounded like a five year old picking up sticks for the first time! Now normally I'm very patient in rehearsals but not this day. I had to look at the singer and say "Get him flipping out of here before I throw him and his kit down the stairs". Now that would have sounded like jazz!
  13. Brian?

    I didn't expect that! https://www.justcollecting.com/miscellania/peavey-sc3-guitar-signed-by-monty-python-cast
  14. "Top Quilty" from China to you

    Still dog ugly though!
  15. Flabbergasted!

    Bass to left upper at 16 sec. What happened the the pups?