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  1. Ooooh, that's going to sound immense! If I was younger and richer, it would be mine 😀 GLWTS
  2. Hi, dimensions of the head - H x W x D 66 X 210 X 160 mm 2.598 X 8.268 X 6.299 inches https://www.kennysmusic.co.uk/ashdown-mibass-2-0s-400w-lightweight-bass-head I'll have to measure the actual space for the amp tomorrow though. The gap is bigger as it sits on a mounting plate to fasten in.
  3. Another vintage P? Have you got an amazing musical instrument shop or are you a prolific burglar? 😂😂😂😀
  4. You need to stop selling all this great stuff Walshy. My wallet twitches every time I see your avatar in the classifieds! 😂😂😀😀
  5. Price negotiable. Great condition. Comes boxed with manual, pickup and extra long lead. Absolutely brilliant piece of effects kit. Not had it long at all. I bought it from BC'er Geddys Nose and believe it's not very old but have found myself needing to raise some cash or do some sort of trade for a short scale semi acoustic bass. I've got a Dearmond Starfire and another one of those would do nicely. I'm beginning to find that I'm more comfortable with a shorter scale and rather than start selling off my long scale basses so soon, other items will have to go. Other offers of semi's are welcome (oooo-er 😂). Other 21 / 22 fret short or medium non semi considered. Next in the pecking order trade wise would be an Orange Terror Bass or maybe an OB1. Other than that, just try me. I can only say no. I have a number of items advertised here and quite willing to add multiples for the right trade. Will post at buyers cost and risk . Much prefer collection and trial. Maybe able to meet up. Pica to follow.
  6. I've had one of these, the Redsub and the Promethean. I didn't notice any discernible difference in tone or quality. I'm sure I read somewhere that someone took their HB to bits and found the Ibanez pre in there too. All made by the same company.
  7. Worth that for the head alone. Great little amps. Can't go wrong, especially as a backup. GLWTS.
  8. Skint until either - Xmas brings me cash or something of mine sells unfortunately.
  9. Another amp I fancy but haven't got any money! GLWTS
  10. Quite fancy this but being xmas and all I'm a bit skint. Who knows, things might improve once Santa has been! 😀
  11. itsmedunc


    I recently bought Scott's Starfire. Nice bloke and a great BC'er, Always nice to meet a BC'er face to face. He even braved the weather of the North to drop it off for me! Lovely bass as described. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. All I need to do is work on a plan for his Ampeg head that he has for sale! 😂 Thanks again Scott. Cheers Dunc
  12. I've got one of those in a P/J configuration. Great basses indeed. I wouldn't dream of selling mine for anywhere near that figure!
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