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  1. That's right, there's enough power to destroy the speakers but if you use your ears and are careful you'll be fine. I would make a point of setting the 4 string/5 string switch to 4 string, this will act as a high pass filter of sorts and will help to keep damaging low end frequencies from the speakers. I play a 5 string most of the time and use a GK 700rb; I always set it to 4 string and there's plenty of low end for what I want, my cab is a neo 212.
  2. Yep, mine is no 522, neck cavity date Jan '96. Great basses, GLWTS
  3. Hope this doesn't come across as a derail but I've also got a S2010 in a DIY cab (inspired by Mottlefeeder on BC) and it's paid for itself many times over, very potent driver that I suspect is used in some exotic cabs. I've certainly been able to gig with it in situations that I wouldn't have expected it to cope, mostly paired with a GK MB200 class D head. Obviously I can't comment on the cab, it looks every bit as well made as mine, if not better! This is a great deal for a rehearsal, teaching, small gig cab for less than the price of the driver itself. GLWTS
  4. It seems post modernism is nothing new! The video isn't good but I remember Peel playing this every now and then.
  5. Sniff sob...I used to have an original 800rb as you know Gary! Totally agree, I have used a 700rb ii for the last 5 years and it sounds great to my ears. I've recently dropped on a 400rb iv and it's good in a different way. Just wish they looked as cool as the old ones. As you have said, they are the amps I've settled after years of chopping and changing. Martin
  6. Hi, I tried to PM you and the message wouldn't go through for some reason. Would you be as good as to give me the dimensions of the body at it's largest (lower bout? back to the front of the bridge?) as my car may be too effete for the task of carrying it! Many thanks. Perhaps if you could PM me to see if we can get in touch? Cheers, Martin
  7. I went from the RBH cabs to a Neo 212 and haven't looked back. I've no experience of the Neo410 but the 2x12 is quite mid forward so I have the contour knob on my 700rb at the midday position to counteract this. I really like the Neo 212, I always raise it to about a foot off the ground with a low fold up table; it's taken the place of my old 2x10 /1x15 setup with ease. My back gives me less trouble also!
  8. I can't believe there's now two L5500s within 5 miles of each other, I'm down the road in Lichfield! Particularly if there was so few of them made, I've heard conflicting estimates.
  9. What a great deal the OP got, mine came from BC'er Graham 1945 (thanks again Graham!) for a similar price. It's my favourite bass by far that I've owned and nothing has turned my head since I got it back in March 2016; it always gets compliments ,the sound not my playing, and sounds great whenever I hear live recordings of gigs and rehearsals. Mine is a Jan 1996 maple neck. I changed the bridge pickup to a 40J and it lost a bit of the pipe organ quality in the mid setting on the pan pot, it sounds more Jazz bass like now but with it's own character. It was translucent green but Graham had it sprayed black, it's gradually becoming trans green again!
  10. Well said, that's exactly how I feel about my L5500! I wasn't aware of the existence of the MJ5 at all.
  11. I've owned this for a long time... I need all the help I can get in the charisma department; I hope nobody is too horrified. Anyway, it sounds great for rootsy stuff. My G&L twangs and this one thuds and clicks!
  12. You could do a lot worse than buying the Trace Elliot Twin bass head off BCer Ash in the Amps for sale forum. You can't lose money on it and it may help you decide which way you want to go in terms of circuit design etc. All the best, Martin
  13. Just received a Boss OC2 from AJ; a great item, price, transaction, tracked post and everything! Many thanks, deal with confidence, All the best, Martin
  14. Many thanks for a great deal on Pirastro upright strings, great communications throughout and great advice also. A pleasure to deal with. Cheers, Martin
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