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  1. Various as new pedals. All prices include UK postage. Aguilar Filter Twin £125 - Sold Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah £65 Mr Black Fwonk Beta £120 TC Flashback Delay (V1) £60 Way Huge Aqua Puss analog delay £90 Eden WTDI - £75 MXR Bass Auto Q boxed but broken battery cover £80 EBS Multi Comp (no box unless I can find it before sale £55 - Sold
  2. Thanks for pointing that out James. It is brand new and of course I am open to offers.
  3. I have a brand new boxed Soul Pog which is great but is a bit too big for my board. It is either for sale or I would trade for a Nano Pog. Postage will be £5 for UK or pick up in London Thanks.
  4. Up for sale is my Custom Pedal Boards pedal board. The internal dimensions are 70cm x 35cm. It is built like a tank and is the board favoured by Dan from Gigrig for building his high end pedalboards. It is amazing and absolutely bullet proof but too much for my requirements. Heavy so local pick up only from SE London. [attachment=245772:cpb-logo-2.png] [attachment=245777:IMG_5367.JPG] [attachment=245776:IMG_5368.JPG] [attachment=245775:IMG_5369.JPG] [attachment=245774:IMG_5370.JPG] [attachment=245773:IMG_5371.JPG]
  5. [quote name='Treb' timestamp='1494171417' post='3293761'] Preamp tube still OK? [/quote] Yes, I've tried two different new tubes and it's still the same.
  6. I have an Eden WT800B and I haven't used it for ages as it has an issue with a slight distortion overtone that creeps in as the note dies away. I have taken it to an amp repair place and they couldn't find a fault. There is no problem with the headphone out so I am guessing it has something to do with the power amps but the tech said the biasing was fine. I was just going to get rid of it but I plugged it in again recently and it sounds amazing apart from this issue. Has anyone had this problem or know of a solution? Thanks [attachment=244811:FullSizeRender.jpg]
  7. Does the OC2 have Taiwan on the label on the bottom of the pedal?
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