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  1. Depends if there's been a guitarist near them recently.
  2. One from me. I found myself singing this the other day and it took me about half an hour to find the album. I did find a load of other albums I'd forgotten about during the search though, so no loss. Brilliant album. Mind you, Mary Timony's a bit of a whizz in my opinion.
  3. First song I learned on the bass. True Fact.
  4. When you make the two units share an earth, either via the cable that connects them or by touching their enclosures in the right way, the noise starts. That sounds like a clue. No real suggestions though...I hope you get it sorted.
  5. You will know rock by its smell, not by the hat it is wearing.
  6. I've heard if him, he wrote for The Village Voice, IIRC. He was known for his one-line, often acerbic reviews. I used to read the NME years ago and they had some of the most hyperbolic reviews of albums and band sometimes, but I always took it all with a pinch of salt.
  7. I think your avatar would look good against the finish.
  8. The D'addario Fender VI set is a close match to the strings the Hellcat comes with (90-75-56-44-34-24), the low E and A are a little lighter but the rest are spot on.
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed that. 👍 Nicely played and a suitably spooky room.
  10. Agreed. If they had fun doing it then that's great. Good for them.
  11. I got the 226 - I've been on a fanless quest for a while, so it ticked my boxes very well. I run it through an SWR 2x12.
  12. I got one of these a week or so ago and I'm very impressed. The EQ is nice-sounding, and very flexible with the 2-band tweakable mids, it's also very quiet (no fan and very low background noise). Only house use so far, but it's a nice little unit. The only downside, as Mr. Bass-Lessons says, is that the buttons on the the front feel a bit cheap, but it makes up for that with the lovely sound.
  13. Middle-ageing bass players with bad backs and aching joints
  14. That ad's great. If you roll your mouse up and down over the thumbnails you can make Lemmy dance
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