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  1. People often tell me at auditions and practices that they're impressed I always do all my homework, learn all the material, bring new ideas. It does make me wonder what other bass players do as it seems the very least you should do is it be prepared and bring your own ideas to the party...
  2. I bought a jazz body from Guitarbuild - very good quality single-piece ash. Keep an eye out the their sales (I think you can sign up for updates) - they do some good deals. I've not tried any of their necks, but iirc they're all 43mm nuts which is a bit wide for me.
  3. #1. It's the nice way, and as has been said, leaves the most options open.
  4. It could be the case, it would be a shame though. I can't remember if my old GP7 did the same - when I get the new volume pot I'll give it a proper once-over, see if some more intensive TLC could help.
  5. Ha, only gone and broke it haven't I ? The output knob was sticking a long way out of the fascia, so I gave it a gentle push (yes, a gentle one) and the control shaft crunched straight through the back of the pot. I suspect it's had a knock at some point - there wasn't a great deal of resistance to it being turned before. Oh well, another job to do when I re-cap it Best it happens now, at home, rather than later, and it's not like I don't enjoy a bit of tinkering
  6. Years ago, I used to have a 150W GP7 - as I unpacked the new amp I got a little touch of excitement at seeing the green livery again
  7. After messing around with pre and power amps for many years and growing ever more tired of the sound of fans, I decided to go back to all-in-one peace and quiet amps. This arrived today - built mid-May 1993 (about the time I met Mrs. Pook as it happens) and in good condition bar some crackles that some switch cleaner sorted out very quickly. Sounds lovely, except for one niggle - there's a slight buzz though the speakers even when the unit is on standby - I'm guessing this is the call for new power supply capacitors, an easy fix and I think overdue for an amp this age. There, back in the Big Green club
  8. My old 150W GP7 head was very loud. I ran it into an old Peavery 4x10 and never had any problem being head. At all.
  9. ahpook


    I wanted to be in a band and make music, and everyone I knew played guitar.
  10. Oooh, that is an early one. Well worth resurrecting
  11. What, you all struggle to believe I'm anything other than an OK bass player ? Oh.
  12. My inability to believe that I'm anything other than an OK-ish bass player. It sounds fat-headed, but I can't be that bad - I've never been kicked out of a band for not being able to play, I've been playing for 30 years, people say I'm good... ...but I still can't get myself to believe that I'm actually any good at it. Who knows, maybe I'm not !!
  13. Well, at least you can look at all the extra stuff whilst it's opened up. Which combo is it btw ?
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