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  1. ahpook

    ESP basses

    They look like spaceships....awesome-looking basses.
  2. ahpook

    You Can Go your Own Way

    " In the midst of all this public bickering, "Let It Rot" was released as a film, an album and a lawsuit. In 1970, Dirk sued Stig, Nasty and Barry. Barry sued Dirk, Nasty and Stig. Nasty sued Barry, Dirk and Stig, and Stig sued himself, accidentally. "
  3. ahpook

    Best Wood for bass guitar

    Wormwood ?
  4. ahpook

    Been here before...going on a hiatus?

    That's a bit disappointing, but rattle their cages in a week or two, you never know. In the meantime, get on with the stuff you do enjoy.
  5. ahpook

    Been here before...going on a hiatus?

    Any musical buddies you could do a hang-out-with-guitars-on-your-knees kind of thing ?
  6. ahpook

    Been here before...going on a hiatus?

    Timely thread, I'm feeling much the same - room full of lovely basses that I have no real urge to play, no real musical outlets for a couple of years, it's all feeling like a cargo cult to my earlier interest. It pains me greatly to think that it's over, but after a couple of years it's starting to feel permanent. Nowt much to add, really....just thanks for all the replies to AT's post, all good reading for me at the moment.
  7. ahpook

    NBD Spector coda pro - bargain 👍🏻

    Good score(s) Ya jammy bugger
  8. ahpook

    Can you objectively measure technicality?

    I'd say no, only a consensus. Much like reality.
  9. ahpook

    Prep for audition/first meet

    I'd advise against being on mushrooms - the bus journey home might be a bit OTT.
  10. ahpook

    Your *favourite* bassline?

    The Only Living Boy in New York - its a perfect imho.
  11. ahpook

    Immigrant song with tab

    Not half !
  12. The green and white wires make a connection between the coils so that it's wired in series, so they'll not be going to the pot - you're right, they just need soldering together and insulating. The red is the output and the bare/black is the earth - not sure what the wiring in the Bronco is like, but I guess it's like a P-bass, so you could ape this where your red is the white in the diagram.
  13. ahpook

    Immigrant song with tab

    Great stuff - I was thinking about learning that after seeing Thor: Ragnarok That channel has a lot of great tunes to learn and very well presented too - it's one I've looked at quite a few times.
  14. ahpook

    Fender jazz bass cinema advert

    See what you mean....and good tho ? Mrs. Pook's a big superhero film fan.
  15. ahpook

    Fender jazz bass cinema advert

    Cool, makes a change from ice cream Which film had you gone to see ? I'd be interesting to know - they do target the ads to audiences.