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  1. A spare battery and a couple of spare plectrums don't really count as a 'box' I guess ! .
  2. Folks, I think you've crossed the line...this is just pointing and laughing now. The thread is starting to be just unpleasant, and isn't doing credit to anyone here, nor to Basschat as a whole. Please feel free to flame me mercilessly if you wish, I don't mind. I just think you should let the guy to get on with what he does and if you don't like what he sells.....don't look at his auctions. YMMV
  3. That's in stonking condition.
  4. I'll/We'll be interested/excited /inspired to hear/see /perceive the reply
  5. Maybe it's to head off any exploration of why you didn't get it - not in a sinister way, just 'Don't bother us for feedback or a reason why we didn't employ you' style of thing. Not that it doesn't strike me as weird tho.
  6. A friend of mine had an old Electric Mistress that had the earth disconnected as well. I'm fairly sure the earth was just attached to the chassis, but don't quote me....it was some time ago.
  7. OK...I think I'm ready. I consider this the musical equivalent of exploding a nail bomb full of anthrax in a pram outside a primary school, on the last day of term before the summer holidays just as the kids are let out into the playground. Maybe.
  8. I do have one more heinous theme-tune related horror, but I'm not sure I'm ready for it this early on a Friday. I'll need my medication first.
  9. Lovely ! Looking forward to seeing the others.
  10. Guitar solo, key changes, it all adds to the.......to the......the....um.... Sorry, I got nuutin' Sammy Jr. knocks it out of the court.
  11. It's got a certain je ne sais pas... ...unlike this, which has more of a 'I wish it didn't'
  12. I remember those Axe adverts. I'm afraid it elicits the same metal-phobic reaction now as it did at the time I grew up on indie - the guitarists I knew all lusted after cheap semi-acoustics....I remember Hondos being flavour of the month.
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