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  1. In praise of Spectors

    Which model of Spector is it ?
  2. Effects/Board clearout!

    PM'd about the GT2
  3. Effects with active basses

    Here's something I pondered upon one day whilst thinking about impedance problems when driving certain sorts of fuzzes. How about putting something with a less-than-ideal output impedance in front of the fuzz ? Something like an EHX LPB-1 ? The output impedance EHX quote is 10k...in the same ball park as a pickup. So off I went and tried it - I added an LPB-1 circuit to a Woolly Mammoth clone I'd built and, well....gone was the thinness (also an extra gain stage....cool !). I've done the same trick with a Fuzz-Face a friend gave me....stick an LPB-1 in front at unity gain, it fattens it up nicely.
  4. Quincy - Oh dear!

    I'll be needing a fresh cup of tea then, my laptop's wearing my last one
  5. Yep, first half-way decent amp I had as well. Aaaah.....memories. GLWTS
  6. Obeche as a body wood?

    I've read that obeche is a fairly light wood - some of the Shergolds suffered with balance problems because of it.
  7. My new Telecaster (Not really)

    Do let us know how it turns out - I've been thinking of putting together a Telemaster-style thing with mini-humbuckers.
  8. How easy do you find it to impress errm laypeople?

    If someone wants to hear me play bass I'll play one of my basslines, not someone else's. And I'm certainly not out to show off, but then that may be down to how I play bass
  9. My new Telecaster (Not really)

    Nice work, looking good ! You've got a new guitar and had fun making it....or at least I hope it was fun You've got me back about building something now, dammit
  10. Quincy - Oh dear!

    One sacred cow criticising another....wow, it's like a war in heaven !
  11. How do you pronounce Epiphone?

  12. Electric Violence anyone?

    Aaaah, the old 'cut-and-paste-the-cryptic-crossword-clue' boo-boo. Happens to everyone.
  13. Poor guy - is this ageist ??

    I think it's a nice ad, he's basically saying that if you're only bothered about younger players then don't get in contact...and doing it with with a smile. To the kind of band he seems to be after it makes sense - he may put some folks off with his saltiness, but maybe he wants folks with a similar sense of humour...
  14. Pro Co Turbo Rat - Rare or Not?

    I see. The 308 models do have a bit more 'mojo' about them, so good luck !
  15. Pro Co Turbo Rat - Rare or Not?

    Snake oil IMHO - if you really want a RAT with an LM308, then buy one without and fit one. Even if you can't do it yourself, paying someone would be cheaper than those prices. I retrofitted an LM308 in my Turbo Rat, just to see how strong the snake oil it contained was. Cost me a few quid and 20 mins with a soldering iron. I left the 308 in but the difference between the original chip and the 308 didn't warrant the effort to my ears.