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  1. How fast ? About the same BPM as the drummer. It's smiles all round, in my experience.
  2. Well, I got them second-hand, but the chap at Catswhisker was very helpful. What can I say, they sound really good, totally hum cancelling and I'm going to get another pair for one of my other jazzes soon.
  3. I've got a pair of Catswhisker humbucking single coils in my Geddy Lee - no real loss of top end that I've noticed.
  4. Just imagine where the whammy bar would be.
  5. That's great, nice work getting it back on its feet again, and with a bit of cool history as well.
  6. A quick fix that works for you with the materials you had to hand ? 👍
  7. According to EICH: "The XL Cab offers a “sensual” experience on its own." Chikka-wah-wah.
  8. Pro, or semi pro ? I don't know. Ask a few ? See what they do ? But here's the thing.... You're asking "How long is a piece of s t r i n g ?"
  9. Another really cool lesson Greg. Thanks.
  10. My wife is quite happy for me to buy basses and quite often actively encourages me to buy instruments I like. I've just bought a new G&L, with her very vocal encouragement. Your Matrimony May Vary
  11. Perfect for Zoom pedals.... No ? ...I'll get my cape.
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