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  1. The Phil Jones D-400 is fanless too.
  2. Very useful - I had some on a bass with no front markers and it made darkened stages less 'fun' I think I've got a second set somewhere, thanks for reminding me !
  3. If that's his toilet, what's with the big window ?
  4. I quite enjoyed that ! He's got far better moves than I have.
  5. Each to their own, but that could do with lancing.
  6. You may know this already, but if you go to the front page of the forum and click on the 'Mark Forum as Read' (the speech bubbles) next to Off Topic and then click on 'Display Unread Content' you'll not see anything from OT until someone posts in it again.
  7. Hmmmm, can't I'm afraid. One of our band members asked us not to share the video for very good, but personal reasons.
  8. I've just watched a video of me playing live from last year. It's not what you'd call dancing, but I am moving.
  9. Very impressive moves in that video. Which I have no chance of matching. I might shift from foot to foot, but dance ? No chance !
  10. I'd say it's all played with a plectrum, just with some string clank.
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