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  1. Fender Studio Bass Restoration

    Looks great...lovely job !
  2. D'addario EXL170

    I've just started using EXL 170 on all my basses after years of Status strings. Very happy - great sound and lovely feel. Another convert here.
  3. Lovely clean up...nice work that man !
  4. Lovely gut shot....what a beautiful bit of kit (bearded fan excepted )
  5. Fender Studio Bass Restoration

    Nice project - looking forward to see how you get on.
  6. Darkglass Vintage ultra

    Glad the gig went well, and nice to get a bit of feedback on your sound from another bassist I'd echo what Banjo Hobbit said - the pedal could be ideal.....or not. Might not be too much for a folk band, but for industrial metal it could be fine !
  7. Time machine

  8. Sub Safe

    Exactly what I thought.
  9. Critique An Opportunity

    Only if the guitarist on the bar hasn't been washed away when the levee wash ruined his crops. Hang on...that's getting a bit blues isn't it ? Stick some yodelling in, that'll sort it.
  10. Critique An Opportunity

    Fly ? It's a country band....a crippled mare is more the style
  11. Instruments You Struggle With

    I heard the Royal College of Surgeons agreed with you on that count
  12. Instruments You Struggle With

    Verniers - I just don't have the eyesight any more.
  13. Critique An Opportunity

    Terrible commute.
  14. The Carpenters Story

    I always thought the 'chorusing' on Karen Carpenter's voice was just very tight double-tracking or ADT...was I mistaken ? Anyhow....any excuse to post this...beautiful singing. Joe Osbourn's bass is a joy as usual...and nice smooth creamy overdriven guitar too