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  1. ahpook


    Something got rubbed up the wrong way
  2. I'd go for telling them I was quitting. With words. It's a bit out-there I know, but I just don't give a f0ck
  3. Very interested ! What's the width of the neck at the heel please ?
  4. I'd rather have a bass made using unnatural power.
  5. ahpook

    Peavey TNT 130 vs Ashdown electric Blue 180

    Peavey. Bulletproof amps. Noah had one on the Ark, I believe it's currently in a practice studio in Birtley...still going strong.
  6. Best solos I've heard in country in a long time
  7. ahpook

    What on earth...?

    Is it any good for mecha ?
  8. ahpook

    So, I answered an Ad.....

    Well, I know how you feel. I've been down this road a few times in the past but I'm giving it this year before I decide it's time to find another activity to put my efforts into. Things have wound down so much for me musically that it feels like it's time to be realistic about what I'm going to get out of it long term, and maybe my efforts would be better spent on an activity that doesn't depend so much on other musicians to enable it. Or indeed music at all.
  9. ahpook

    So, I answered an Ad.....

    It's a long shot...well, as far as Notting Hill, which is where they're based. Now, I can see that working !
  10. ahpook

    So, I answered an Ad.....

    "Our influences will be coming from Blues /Rock pop/ country and good old rock and Roll. Our first songs will be BB king /tracy chapman the thrill is gone/Amy winehouse love is a loosing game and tracy chapman give me one reason. " It's not the Indie/Noise/Psych axis I mentioned in the advert unless Tracy Chapman made some quite substantial career moves I'm unaware of ! Overall the reply has a bullish 'search function' tang to the bouquet, a disappointing taste and a rather dry 'cut and paste' finish.
  11. ahpook

    So, I answered an Ad.....

    Ooooh look, another reply. Is this the inevitable metal band who've not read the advert at all ? No. But I don't think they've read the advert at all.
  12. ahpook

    So, I answered an Ad.....

    Yes, that part is nice. But indeed...although I'd class him as 'annoying' at the moment, I'm sure I'd soon be regarding him as a denizen of the Royal Borough of Bellendia.
  13. ahpook

    How to play my bands songs better?

    Well, in fairness 'play them better' is a pretty vague instruction ! Did he say anything more specific ? If he didn't I think it would be worth asking what his idea of 'better' means - Timing ? Note choice ? Technique ?
  14. ahpook

    So, I answered an Ad.....

    Right, I think that's settled then Time to engage nice email mode again.