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  1. Warwick Dolphin Pro II (Origin?)

    Could it be that they just didn't make special plates for the Japanese ones. Lovely basses - have you any pictures ?
  2. Whereabouts are you, and are you willing to post ?
  3. Can't we go forward in time ? I really want to go to this shindig get some silver globe action going on.
  4. Grounding a PBass to a Gold Bridge

    Noun and adjectives, eh ?
  5. OLP sounding sweet

    Thanks for the info, it looks ace.
  6. OLP sounding sweet

    Interesting. I'd assumed the pickup position was the same as the original - I may try this on my OLP. Did you need to enlarge the routing ?
  7. 10" cab build

    Looks cool - what speaker did you use ?
  8. OLP pickup size problem

    I put a Kent Armstrong pickup in my 4-string OLP- the scratchplate hole needed a bit of sanding as the pickup was a tiny bit too large.
  9. What Do You Bring To The Table?

    NVQ Level 3 Customer Service.
  10. Can't name my guitar

    I think it would look cool with no gap, but with captials OldSquier sort of thing - bit tougher to read at a distance and so more mystery factor.
  11. Can't name my guitar

    Old Squier - I think it would look nice in a fender-style font.
  12. Denial - a river in Egypt?

    Some folks never get tired of riding their hobby horses to the axe-grinders.
  13. More Beatles more Beatles more Beatles

    Basschat - the forum that trolls itself.