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  1. la bam

    Cab input from the BassChat Community.

    Ive had the following cabs - but bare in mind these were mostly all used with different amps and experience level: Trace Commando 12 - starter bass amp, not great and was heavy. Ashdown MAG 4x10 - very middly, not warm, big and heavy, but loud if needed. Ashdown mini 4x8 & 4x15 - only used for one practice before band split. It was let down by the underpowered superfly i was using with them, so never got chance to gig. Line 6 LD300 - ok all rounder combo, nothing special. Mark Bass T210P - Great cab. Very well built, very light (one hand lift) and very powerful and loud. Really impressed. Had good punch. Genz Benz Contour - combo. Really weak, not loud, had a baked in thin chorus like sound. Ashdown ABM115 combo evo2 & ABM 210 - Very good kit, had that ashdown tone, not particularly loud, but sound carried well. I find Ashdown cabs are difficult to put your own bass tone into (or get out of). Barefaced Supercompact G3 - excellent cab. unbelievably lightweight. good tone. suitable for a lot of gigs, but does get lost on stage in a larger environment. Id suggest the double 12 or x2 SCs if youre thinking of one. Mark Bass 610 ported - lovely cab. amazingly lightweight for a 610 (34kg) easy to move about and great rock tone. switchable horn, endless power, punch and volume. Works great on any stage, area and even at an outdoor festival i only had the amp on half.
  2. la bam

    Nice Trace Elliot Suprise

    I too have gone back to the dark side. From a barefaced SC to a mark bass ported 610. The 610 is amazing - sound superb, easy to move around at 34kg, has wheels and bar, and i NEVER have to worry that i wont have enough oomph on stage.
  3. la bam


    If you haven't got the pedal because you thought you needed it, I really wouldn't bother with it. Compression can really mess your sound up if you don't really know what you're doing. I'd avoid using it until you personally think that's the exact effect you need.
  4. I recently bought a Evo iv ABM 600 and I have to say it is quality. It's looking like it's going to take over as my first choice amp. Firstly - power. Well, more than enough. Through my 6x10 it'll blow walls down. Secondly - build quality. It's built like a tank. All quality. Leather, metal, stitching, components - all top notch. It's amazing how you forget how a good amp should feel and be built after dealing with lots of throwaway class d stuff. Thirdly - Tone. What tone do you want? They're all in there! Granted they're not all that obvious to find, but theres some real lovely tones from classic Ashdown, to full on reggae, smooth funk and slamming ampeg style. The eq is second to none. You quickly learn what cutting out boosting a certain frequency does to shaping your sound. Some smooth it out, some add grit, some thickness, is a good learning curve. Fourthly - in the mix. The amp really sits well in the mix. I've spent about a day looking for a tone I was after, then did some recording and it genuinely couldn't have mixed in better, and that's without any tweaking or adjusting. Add to that great customer service, reliability and an amp that's built to last and you've got a great amp.
  5. la bam

    Ashdown fan club

    The older ABMs and ABM combos are hands down the best value second hand amps and cabs out there. Also, no one mentions it, but the fact there are so many available is testament to how well they are made and how long they last.
  6. Good topic! When I first started bass and want much good, I used to roll all the tone off and it disguised sloppy, clanky playing. Eventually I played with it fully open, which accentuates any sloppy playing, and made a concious effort to iron out those playing errors. It took a while but improved my playing and technique no end. I now mainly use the tone pot fully open and then roll it off a bit which seems to give a nice sound with a bit of punch.
  7. la bam

    NAD: Ashdown EVO IV ABM600

    The evo2 i had didnt have the compressor on, but this compressor on the evo iv is pretty much outstanding for what i use it for. No hassle, no dramatic changes, just great compression at the turn of a dial. Its very very balanced without squashing before 12 oclock. the more you add the more your sound changes but the core compression (used for balancing output) is fantastic. The valve drive is more warm and gradual. So you can use it with a little bit of drive and it warms up your sound without grit, (you can tell the difference b switching it in and out) then the more you go the nicer it becomes. As always with this, make sure your input is registering fairly high to help the valve drive. The finish really is top class. the handle is like a piece of hand crafted furniture. really thick, strong and superbly finished. Job well done, Ashdown.
  8. la bam

    NAD: Ashdown EVO IV ABM600

    I saw this on a deal i couldnt refuse as i needed another amp, as i need 2 (1 for gig and 1 backup etc). Ive always liked ashdown and previously had: mag300 & 4x10 deep cab. (my first real bass rig). superfly and 4x8 and 1x15 cab. (completely underpowered). little giant 1000. (i thought it was impressive). abm evo2 115 combo and 2x10 cab. (really liked this). However, my main amp at the moment is a markbass evo - simply because it has upto 12 amp models on it (all very impressive) and a tuner and fx if needed, as well as x2 channels. It was really well, my only gripe would be the eq is a tad bland. Anywho, back to the evo iv.......... This thing is built like a tank - very solid and you can tell its been made for the road and rigours of playing. Not just solid, but well built and finished. So, in the house i thought id try it with my 6x10 .............. it nearly blew the roof off! so, winding everything and i mean everything back, i was able to get a volume that wouldnt upset people 10 streets away! and WHAT a sound! I cant quite describe the sound - its kind of nice and warm, but in no way harsh, and really really well balanced across the strings when using the compressor - no need to dig in or hold back to get a lovely sound. Its very controlled and gives the right amount of sustain per note when playing normally. ie its not too fat or too thin, just lovely. Then onto the twiddly things .... the valve drive adds a real nice warmth without going all svt. But on turning up, its easy to see how you can really drive this to a nice level and dirt if needed without it sounding false. Its certainly an improvement on the previous versions. The compressor works really well - fantastically well to be honest. Simply turn it up to 9oclock or 12 oclock for really nice control without any clamping or change to sound. Job done. The sub harmonic button is not something i really use, but it does work well if you like that. Now, for the best thing ever ...... the EQ. I didnt think id ever be interested in eq, but having previously had an evo2 i knew what boosting the high and low mids can do. Well, this is a different beast. It can do what the evo2 did, then a million times more. I struggle to think of a sound you couldnt get out of this amp with such control, with or without the valve drive. It really is impressive. Add to that a whole host of pro level inputs, outputs and DI options and youre prepared for anything. Ashdowns biggest strength (and ive always said this) is none of the above, but its how it sits in the mix. Now, for me, this amp is SO much better than any of the other ashdowns ive played, and more importantly much more flexible too, so i really cant see how it wont be a perfect fit with a bit of eq twiddling, and drive adjustment. Oh, and the output volume through a 6x10 ? enough for anything, and i mean anything that can be thrown at you! So dont worry about volume. i'll know whether this becomes my go - to amp as soon as weve had next practice. Signs are very promising. Ive spent ages finding a kind of svt sound that fits our band, but im sure this could do that in spades if needed.
  9. la bam

    SOLD Tech 21 Bass FlyRig boxed £185

    Still available. £185 delivered is an absolute bargain for this - sansamp, tuner, compressor, chorus, filter and Di. I've had 5 offers of £175. Is it worth missing out for £10?
  10. la bam

    SOLD Tech 21 Bass FlyRig boxed £185

    Will take £185 delivered.
  11. la bam

    Markbass Sensitivity

    I had the 210tv 8ohm and to be honest it was unbelievably light, loud and responsive. I genuinely never had very lm3 nowhere near half. You'll be happy with it.
  12. la bam

    Upgrading my rig

    If you're lucky you may find a tech21 VT bass amp for £400. That does the svt style.
  13. la bam

    Upgrading my rig

    You can pick up 8x10s ridiculously cheap. There's always ones on eBay for under £100. A 6x10 maybe a better option but they're usually more expensive. A 4x10 should suffice though if driven properly, and is more flexible as you can also dad another 4x10 if not, and they're easier to carry around. As a very rough guide you would want your amp head to be giving out approx 300w at 8ohm (depending on cab). If you need more clarity try changing your eq on your current rig to see if that makes a difference - add some high mids. If you love the ampeg svt sound there's ways to get close, but you'll never be spot on. A VT pedal, flyrig pedal etc will definitely get close and be more flexible. You'll then just need to know that your loud enough with your current amp and cab. If it was my choice id probably be looking to spend £100 second hand on a cab (you can get some real bargains), and the rest on a better head.