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  1. I remember the headphone one the elf being quiet. Rest of the amp - very good.
  2. You have to scan everytime you use it - but that's a good thing - it makes everything more reliable and best possible quality. Scanning also finds any other wireless instruments etc and picks you a channel away from them. I love mine to bits. Easy to use once you know how (it isnt easy at first!) and has been reliable indoor and outdoor.
  3. Quilter bass block and a laney n410. More power than you could believe. Whole package weighs just over 20kg. I've done big gigs and indoor and outdoor festivals with that rig and didnt even come close to half way on the volume. I used to have a barefaced super compact. I sold it as it struggled at larger gigs. The laney n410 doesnt even break a sweat. Probably get both for around 1000 if you're lucky.
  4. What did this cab work out at price wise in the end?
  5. Theres an incredible deal on the line 6 g75 - around £150 - same as the wl20. I love mine. Rock solid. Ah, I see you want a bug type system... i cant help on that I'm afraid.
  6. If you're using your bass rig and not going through the pa, the easiest way is to just choose your chosen amp sim, add in an eq sim and go straight into your cab. Then adjust eq until you have the sound you want.
  7. I guess it's how you use them. If you record with an ir cab, it sounds great. However if you use an ir cab then go through your cab, I agree it sounds muffled. What I do now is split the signal, so the ir cab goes to pa and no it cab goes to my cab. Helps clean things up.
  8. Firstly its ridiculously light and small, but well built. Then it really does have a great sound, and more importantly lots of great sounds. The simple dials (that work together) are brilliant on the fly - turn it this way a bit, turn it that way a bit, yep that sounds right! None of that 10 band eq and cut and boost confusion - leave that to the sound guys. QSC are well known for quality and importantly reliability, so hopefully Quilter will continue that. Literally plug in, play, for right in the mix and sound good. Easy. Then it's a one hand lift out back to the car afterwards too!
  9. Wow! Youd definitely fall over dizzy trying to work out were you were on that fret board!
  10. I'm now using my patch split 2 ways to send my 'sound' to the PA via main out and my sound minus a cab sim via send to my cab. That way stage sound doesnt affect PA sound, and my stage sound isnt clouded by a cab sim and a cab. Also guarantees consistency for ever gig.
  11. Cheers, I've sorted it now. You can both record and hear playback at the same time. It's all in the daw. Set preferences to asio helix stomp. Inputs and outputs both channel 1 & 2. Job done!
  12. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone has any idea how to set up the Helix Stomp via USB into PC to show on Reaper (or another DAW)? I can hear my PC through my Helix if i put headphones on in the Helix, but no matter what i try i cant get my bass via the Helix to appear in Reaper for recording? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I've had an elf. I too thought it was amazing. It's only for a back up amp, so with the elf being twice as much, I was hoping the bam might be an option.
  14. Any news on the BAM? How is it holding up? Volume, Sound etc? TC stuff doesnt seemed to be stocked anywhere in shops you can actually test them in.
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