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  1. Does anyone know where to get fuses, and if needed valves for these amps? I'd like to possibly have some spares with me should I need them.
  2. Lots of people saying Rod Stewart sound was awesome at Bolton in the middle at the front, but absolutely awful at the sides. Similar to what you say, could make out speech, instruments just a mush etc.
  3. All sorted now. As spider said - start with both at 0, switch on power to 1, leave for a bit, switch on standby to 1. This now means it's in run mode (ironically, not standby!) but all good. So, to summise, on the standby switch, 0 is standby (ie on but no sound) and 1 is not in standby / run mode (sound).
  4. We recorded our album in our guitarists house. Cost nothing only a few pizzas.
  5. Are you able to arrange courier, insurance etc?
  6. Did you ever have to change any fuses, valves or any maintenance? Theres x2 red leds showing on the power tubes when in operation. It could be just fuses. Just wondered if it's a user thing to fix or strictly an amp techs job?
  7. Cheers Dood! It was your review (both video and written) that convinced me I wanted one ages ago! Great review, and I'm definitely not disappointed! PS as soon as another n410 cab comes up, I'm after it!
  8. Well, I finally lost the plot and did what I knew I'd do the minute I bought the half a kg trace elliot elf amp ..... I bought a 40kg all valve amp to replace it! I've been after one of these for ages. By nature I never really go for the obvious choices in anything - cars, music, clothes - my main gigging amp is a quilter and my bass a g&l, so in a weird way Laney becomes a much more attractive amp for me than say an Ampeg, Trace, Fender etc. I got it in pretty much unused condition and I'm chuffed to bits with it. I've never had a full valve amp before. I've had ashdown abms with the one valve preamp, but nothing else. But this, this has 12 valves! Massive ones at that. The control panel despite looking confusing is very simple. Pretty much all of it is standard, but the panel has extra options in switchable lo mid and hi mid frequencies and boosts and cuts (I love the fact its covered both mids) and a 6 band switchable graphic too. On top of that it has a presence dial, which helps bring the mids and top end more to the fore. Likewise a deep dial which is used to tighten the bottom end. Theres also a one knob compressor that seems to work really well and also add a bit of bite. The tube option has both a tube drive and a tube level, so you can get more out of the tubes at lower volumes. Now, heres the brilliant bonus....not only does it have an awesome valve section, it also has a fantastic fet section, so you can run it just fet, just valve, or have a combination of both! Love it! I'd wager this is also a fantastic saver should anything go wrong with either section. Simply switch to just the other. Sound wise....gees, its unbelievable. Paired with my laney n410 it's really really powerful. Even at its lowest level, with the bass guitar turned right down and the pad button in, I can feel the bass vibrate through my legs! Real real heft if ever I felt it. Gorgeous tone so far, with lots of tone shaping options. I simply cant wait to get it in a practice room soon!
  9. Sorry, please keep all messages on here or via private message. Thanks.
  10. The manual says to wait 2 minutes Bill.
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