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  1. Ashdown should def add a VU meter tuner to their amps.
  2. The DBC ( not the vertical 410) is weighing in at 25kg. That's 12kg less than the vertical one.
  3. Hi, Trace Elliot themselves marketed it as a 400w head. I'm just going off what they marketed it as. Theres lots of discussion online as to how they got the 400w out of it so to speak. As thodrik says though regardless it as big and as loud and powerful as you'll ever need. Oh, and it sounds glorious.
  4. The weight does seem a big confusing. 7kg for a 500w class d is heavy. But, I suppose it looks like a much bigger amp, and it's not a heavy lift. But it's at least double the weight of its rivals. The vertical 4x10 at 32kg is confusing. I had a laney n410 with lavoce drivers which was superb and only around 23kg. Maybe they're not targeting the lightweight crew - fair enough - but then I dont really get what they're targeting here, unless they sound that identical to a class a/b or valve head and heavy cab that it's a weight saving on a 15kg head and a 65kg cab?
  5. I got the answers back from Laney: 1. Is the 500 head a class A/B or class D output stage? "The DB500H uses a Class D output stage". 2. Does the head have a valve tube inside for the preamp or is it emulated? "The pre amp is an emulated tube sound". 3. What is the correct weight of the vertical 4x10? Is it 32kg? "The DBV410 weighs 32.7 Kg".
  6. I've listed things. The options are good - free to list, and 5% of total sale if sold - but I havent sold anything yet!
  7. Still no idea on the true specs of these. I've asked laney via facebook the following: 1. Is the 500 head a class a/b or class d head? (saying solid state doesnt help). 2. Is there a valve in the pre? Everything points to no, then reviews say there is. 3. Is the 4x10 really 32kg?
  8. Theres all kinds of connector from what I've seen, 2 pole, 4 pole etc. I'm sure I had one on an old matrix 500 ukp amp.
  9. In theory it's just another connector, like an iec kettle lead.
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