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  1. Thanks. Can anyone recommend me a pouch to attach to the strap for a g75 receiver?
  2. Flats on a precision all day long. Records great.
  3. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone could recommend a pedal board? I need to fit the following on: 1. Quilter 800 bass block amp. 2. Line 6 Helix Stomp. 3. Line 6 G75 wireless receiver. 4. 4 way plug unit. and ideally comes with a fitted hard case. and the cheaper the better. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone know if the g75 can be rack mounted? (Even if stuck onto a tray), or does it have to be exposed to pick up signals etc.
  5. Just spoken to pmt in manchester. They're gonna to send me out the adaptor part so I can use the usb cable.
  6. Flipping eck. Looks like someone has nabbed it whilst on display....
  7. My adaptor doesnt have a 3 prong attachment though?
  8. USB into an adaptor, or one of those 4 ways with usb ports?
  9. Ah, it seems they're just for the usb at 5v. There is no 9v adaptor included. I guess I'll have to go and buy one. Annoying.
  10. I've just picked up a line 6 g75. But.....can anyone tell me what the plug/power situation is about? I seem to have a plug top that can take a usb cable, but only adaptors for a 2 pin connection and a very weird 2 prong connection focused at 10 and 2 o'clock? No British 3 pin connection?
  11. You go to the cab via a Jack to jack or you can buy jack to Speakon. But DONT think because it's a jack to jack you can use any cable that fits. Get a proper 'speaker' cable for it. NOT a guitar lead etc. The weird di looking connector on the back of trace cabs is a much older way of connecting amp to cab. Someone more in the know will be able to explain what they are etc.
  12. I'd definitely keep the super twin over the super compact in that case.
  13. No, it was a 1x12 sc and a 2x12 st. I know it sounds daft, as youd think one would be twice the height at least, but they weren't that different.
  14. Isnt the twin only marginally larger than the compact though? I'm sure I saw a photo a bit back and there wasnt as much difference size wise as youd think.
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