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  1. I've said it for years - bands doing 90s dance music will go down a storm! Great stuff!
  2. la bam

    Combo help

    I meant get a quality cab, but second hand. With a £700 budget i wouldnt want to be spending say £350 on each and being stuck with them. It isnt going to be as effective or as flexible as a new £500 head and £200 second hand cab - which you could sell for what you bought it for if it didnt work out. (Or even £600 and £100). Loads of great used cabs out there for £100-200.
  3. la bam

    Combo help

    Just my opinion, but separates are the way to go for the following reason: If you're worried about having to be loud enough for lots of different venues and perhaps not having pa support etc, I'd recommend a 4x10 cab. Pretty much get away with anything with one of those as long as its driven correctly. However, in time you might not need to lug a 4x10 around, so perhaps a 2x10 or a 1x12 etc would be better suited (or even better suited to certain venues leaving the 4x10 for the bigger ones). With that in mind, and to save you buying another new combo, I'd spend the majority of the budget on a top quality, powerful amp head, and the rest on second hand cabs (or even one cab to start with) and see what works for you. Head wise it depends what you really like. Loads of eq and functions and buttons? Or simpler the better? Lightweight? Built in fx? The worlds your oyster. Theres lots of ashdown abm combos around for around £200, if you wanted a combi, but I'm not sure if they'll be loud enough. I had an abm2 500 (1x15) and it wasnt enough for me. I also wouldnt recommend a 4x10 combo - very heavy. My main rig (and pretty much rig for everything) is a quilter 800 and laney n410. Total weight around 22kg and loud and good enough for any gig.
  4. Snark works well for me. Nice and cheap. Batteries last forever too.
  5. ooh, now then.... 22kg, rackmountable (easier to protect), x9 valves, a gain that goes up to 25! Auto bias and valve selection. And the best part - it looks like it can run on 8ohm cabs? Nice.
  6. X2 1m approx bridged cables. Never used. One made by OBBM. One by sound lab. The sound lab may need configuring to your specific speaker. Grab a bargain. £30 or add £5 for postage.
  7. Universal hard case with compartment for cables etc. Well used, but great condition inside, a bit used and a few tears on the outside. Usually £80 new, so grab a bargain. Pick up leyland lancashire
  8. Pedals, pre amps etc that have flimsy 9v adaptor type power connectors. All connectors should be some kind of locking cable for me.
  9. Pedal boards that dont come with a built in 13a plug rack, so you could plug anything in, instead of just 9v stuff. A 1u-ish sized rack like you can buy would be perfect nestled inbetween the rails.
  10. Exactly! Just one beat off, but your head feels backwards! I used to play the lower b on the e string then bounce of the high E on the A string. If you ended up playing e then b, instead of b then e, it just freaks you out!
  11. Pretty sure when I played this years ago I just played the B and E for the verse and it worked well for us. Trick is the timing. Go one beat out and itll mess with your head and sound like you're playing it backwards.
  12. Problem doing it from tab is the notes all look the same value and time, and they're not. You need to keep playing through it and work out which are what I call "joining" notes (not essential to line, but help link the parts together) and which are essential. When you've got your head around that, add the joining notes in at your own pace and style.
  13. To get to grips with it - as the other tabs are quite busy, try the songsterr version just to get used to it.
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