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  1. That's the beauty of the abm style combo - it can be connected, unconnected and daisy chained, and enabled to take a spare head. That's one reason I wont use the new type of combos (rumbles, gk etc) as you cant disconnect the speaker from the amp if the amp fails, rendering the whole unit useless.
  2. A young lad at work actually thought the celebrity juice presenter Keith Le Mon was the lead singer in Duran Duran when he was younger.
  3. Hi all, I know there are a few drummers on here, but has anyone taken up drumming after years and years of bass playing? I've just bought a used cheap ish electronic kit, with the aim of learning to play. It's a mesh kit so quieter than a rubber one, and to be honest I'm very impressed with the sounds available. Headphones on, aux in, and away into my own world! I'm the type of bassist who really concentrates to lock in with the drummer and get really tight to work as a rhythm section rather than just a drummer and bass player. However, after just a few short goes using online lessons I'm blown away about how wrong I've been for years regarding what makes up a simple beat, or what i was hearing as a straight 4/4. It's really made me appreciate a lot more what is actually going on. For example, a simple beat: Kick on 1 and 3.5 Snare on 2 and 4 Hi hat doing straight 8ths. Even the fills- completely different to what I thought I was hearing. If anyone gets a chance, or has the opportunity to give it a go, do it. It can only help your appreciation and playing. I do believe though being a bass player has really helped with the timing and rhythm feel, luckily i dont think bassists have to start from scratch and learn rhythm, timing and feel as well as the drums. Only had the kit a week, and loving it!
  4. I think lizzos great! Funky, catchy, great vocals, fun.
  5. The originAL was a great pre. I also found the drive had much much more drive than the amps. They are 18v though so not easy for a spare psu. Great abm sound though.
  6. .....even my evo 1.... It had almost everything.... tuner, compressor, chorus, amp modellers, x2 DIs, a mute switch ....... and only one mid dial..... doh!
  7. Nice! Markbass do drive me mad sometimes! I've seen great amps from them that I've wanted then they all seem to have one thing missing for no reason at all.... ie one will not have a mute switch, then another will but no DI, then one will have both of those but no parametric eq etc! They're a madcap company sometimes!
  8. With everything going smaller etc it's a great concept for now. It was probably 10 years ahead of the game. The ability now to choose a preamp, eq, tuner, compressor, di, and a/b or d power amp to build a custom amp - that you can change if you like - would save on pedal boards, helix, and other fiddly add ons.
  9. It's the never ending GAS, but gees, I love stuff like that!
  10. I think it was getting there.... Solid state or valve preamp. EQ options Small eq/Larger eq/7 band eq etc. Different powered power amps. Different types of power amps - a/b or d. If they had done a compressor, tuner, (I dont know if they did?) and different types of pre amps (rocky, jazzy, funky), and then even fx such as chorus/distortion etc you've suddenly got a really big array of options.
  11. It makes perfect sense to me. It's pretty much a combination of an amp and a pedal board all in one.
  12. Ok, so I'm late to the party noticing these, but I really love the concept of the markbass momark. The fact you can build up an amp from different component blocks is a brilliant idea. So in effect youd get you perfect amp. Why didnt these catch on, and why did no one else pick up on this concept? With everything going class d and modular (pre amp pedals etc) it's the perfect solution in my eyes. Want an svt sound, add a sansamp block, want a 12 band eq, add a twelve band eq, want chorus or fx, add that, want a tuner add that.
  13. I think gk suffer from not being available to try in many mainstream shops. Plus I think they cost £1k+ when new.
  14. Superb amp. Really great. One I regret selling, but needed the cash (thanks covid). Big, but not too heavy, but a glorious sound.
  15. Weirdly I've just returned to markbass with a sansamp, after using a trace v6, ashdown ctm300, ashdown abm600, GK 550 fusion and I prefer it to them all.
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