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  1. la bam

    Svt 410hlf opinions

    yes, the one i have is the 6ohm 4x10. the ampeg would be 4ohm.
  2. la bam

    Svt 410hlf opinions

    I love that cab! Yet, the way it's going I might sell that in the future (and immediately regret it) along with the rm212t - going in ears - and get a barefaced 410 as an all in one solution if I get some cash in and find a good deal. I'll keep you in mind if it goes up for sale. Cheers.
  3. la bam

    Svt 410hlf opinions

    Cheers all. Think I'll leave it if it's that awkward to move.
  4. la bam

    Svt 410hlf opinions

    As above really - has anyone any experience of the Ampeg 410hlf? It seems to sit inbetween my 2 current cabs, so could replace them. Just wondering on sound firstly, then weight and portability. Any opinions welcome.
  5. la bam

    new p.a

    A pair of Evox's are brilliant kit for djs etc. Theyre fast becoming the standard in look and sound for mobile and wedding djs. They sound fantastic. Streets ahead of the Alto and cheaper speakers. How theyd work in a band though, ive no idea. Youd be amazed how much quieter some speakers that work well with pre recorded music can drop in volume when you put live music through them.
  6. for me at the moment its 2 queen tracks - now im here and breakthru.
  7. la bam

    Adding Tube Warmth to Solid State amp

    i really dont think that a valve preamp or digital valve pre amp emulator will give you that sparkle. Its the valve power section you want for that. Valve pre amps for me just dial in a bit of grind and eq, but no magic 'oomph' as in a valve power output.
  8. la bam

    Adding Tube Warmth to Solid State amp

    I only have the vt bass deluxe, but it does both very well. Use the character 6- 10 for svt and 10-2 for b15. Then the 'drive' for the tube emulation.
  9. la bam

    Adding Tube Warmth to Solid State amp

    Vt bass pedal or vt bass deluxe.
  10. la bam

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    perfect, cheers!
  11. la bam

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    I'm struggling a bit with the right ear off my zs10 set up. It's much looser than the left. Does anyone know where you can buy replacement ear (buds? - sorry I've forgot the name) of different sizes so I can get a good fit?
  12. la bam

    Later with Joolz last night

    I thought Junior sounded great!
  13. Have you sussed out which way (in or out) the pre shape is activated? Seem to remember it's not the same as the other buttons? And (daft question) have you switched the eq button on?
  14. la bam

    Changing 6ohm cab to 4ohm

    I'd read that say if the amp head says 4 ohms then it will run ok on 6 ohms, but you'll severely hamper the life span of the valves?