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  1. Ok, this is pretty much the best think I've ever built / put together. It's a very lightweight, powerful, pre wired board, designed after years of playing in a million different scenarios from small stages to large festivals. It's designed so you can set up in less than 1 minute and itll serve ANY gig. Literally, plug the deliberately suitable long power lead in, attach one end of the Speakon to your cab (the amp end is already connected), switch on the wireless pack and youre done! It contains: Quilter bass block 800 - by far and away the loudest, lightest, easy to use amp I've ever used. Never gone over half way on the volume. Even in massive outdoor gigs. Line 6 Helix Stomp - all updated to latest firmware. This is where it's quite clever. It's a tuner, a fantastic amp sim, fantastic cab sim, multi fx, chorus, drive, valve emulation, looper, compression, reverb, distortion, preset king, eq - anything you can think of! And a DI box! Line 6 G75 - superb wireless unit. Lots of scanning options and ultra reliable. Never had so much as a missed note. Very easy to see battery levels too. 4way power supply with long lead. This means the power lead will reach any socket on stage. None of this plugging into an extension, or borrowing someones supply etc. Tourtec pedal board and padded bag with pockets. Solid, lightweight board and great bag. The whole thing can be lifted with one finger! It's also designed to be ultra configurable. The cables can be removed and changed to bypass or add anything you like. You can use the system as is and take the DI from the amp, or take the DI from the stomp and just use the amp as a stage monitor. This also gives a back up should anything go down. You can also use the amp on it's own. The helix also acts as a home studio via usb so you can do recordings and hear playback at the same time. With all the onboard effects you can get the perfect tone and even use re amping. The amp sims on the helix are superb and the svt one I have (from dr tone) is superb and captures the tone spot on. The helix is always being updated and therefore can grow with you and whatever band you're in. It's also been designed to fit on the top of my 4x10 without any over hang etc. Equally it can be set on the floor or out of the way. Also included are all original boxes and carry bags.
  2. With a tinge of sadness my dream all valve beast is up for sale. It's never been giggled or driven hard (or even half hard) at all. Bought from PMT earlier this year, to satisfy my 70s rock itch in a low key band. However, a change of direction now means I simply wont need it. It's too nice to be sat here, so I want someone to enjoy it. Its 300w of beastlyness! Beautiful, unmistakable valve sound that you cant replicate (weve all tried). It has everything you need input and output wise and a pre and post high quality DI. It has a user bias control which is very easy to do. You dont need to take to a tech. Active and Passive inputs. Mute button. Gain, Master, Bass, Mid, Treble dials and Mellow, Bass, Mid, Treble buttons to punch in easily. 2ohm, 4ohm and 8ohm separate speakon connectors, so you can run with any cab or combination of cabs - unlike the old valve heads. FX send and returns. Built so well and solidly. Built to last. Ashdown will service and repair these anytime - so customer service is always available. They're always at the end of the phone, and brilliant to deal with. 32kg but easy to move due to the top handles. The weight is evenly distributed, it's not like those dead weights of metal power amps you get. This is nice and balanced and doesnt feel that heavy. The custom made faux leather and padded cover also has an under strap to stop the cover coming away. However due to the design you can put your amp on the cab with the cover on, un velcro the cover and take it off without moving the amp. And vice versa when putting back on. Notes: There are a few minor scratches. You dont see them from a couple of feet away, but I'll photo them so you can see. VU meter. The VU meter lights up red for biasing and works, but doesnt light yellow when 'on'. In honesty it doesnt seem to move for input like the abms etc, but has no impact on the actual input. I've spoken to ashdown who think it's just the bulb maybe loose. It doesnt effect operation in any way so I've never bothered taking it to be fixed. I've had a few phone calls with Dave Green at Ashdown - the maestro who designed this amp - about biasing etc and he has said that it doesnt really matter on this amp. You can balance the valves if you like, but as long as they're not in the red they are running perfect. He said until the valves have done at least 100 hours they are not even run in. This has done nowhere near that yet. These are around £2000 new and £100 a cover. Save a fortune. Photos to follow. Official spec here: https://ashdownmusic.com/products/ctm-300-head
  3. With Marcus' sound I'd also check out his bass. The Fender or the Sire v7s. I'm one of those finger style players who somehow seem to remove all the potential zing and character from a bass when playing, but I have a marcus designed v7 and honestly it is so full of bright zing even I sound lively.
  4. The Spectors are excellent. Real easy to play, and good rich sound. I had a couple of Yamaha 434s (not the 234) and they were great too. Not as solidly built as the spectors, but very good basses. I havent tried the 234s though I'm afraid.
  5. Yep. I've my ultimate, ideal set up here. A real lightweight one, and a real heavy one. Cover me for any gig ever. And I'm sat thinking of selling..... Logic defies any bass purchases and sales.
  6. It looks like its bolted from underneath including the feet screws. Although then I'm still not sure how youd access the vu bulb area.
  7. Cheers Andy, I cant see how to remove that panel. Theres no screws or anything to remove it from what i can see?
  8. Hi all, I'm trying to re seat the bulb for the vu meter in my ashdown ctm 300. Does anyone know how to get to it, or remove the sleeve etc so I can access it? Thanks.
  9. I havent had chance to open it up fully yet, but it sounds so good at lower levels (although we know that's no guarantee). It's a real rich vintage sounding cab, which suits what I do, rather than a hifi one. It's a db elbee 1210. Contains a 10" and 12" speaker both of which are angled - the 12 downwards for depth and the 10 upwards so its pointing at ear level when you play. It's also 4ohm. Which all one cab solutions should be in my opinion. It's very very loud. And very light - around 14kg.
  10. You're spot on with the shape button too Lozz - its instant ABM!
  11. Hmmm, this is a bit weird though... Initially I played it through my sire v7 jazz (pretty much flat) and it sounded glorious. Now I've plugged in the fender precision and it needs some eq changing to get that richness and punch. Flat it sounds a bit synthetic. It's there though. Could be strings too. Jazz is loaded with daddrio exl170s and precision still on stock strings. I might swap them about and see.
  12. Evening all, I've been looking at the ashdown rm's for a long time and today finally managed to pick one up second hand, with the idea of if it worked well, I'd look at getting the 800 and that would give a great easy lightweight set up and this could be used as backup amp. Well....let's just say this thing has blown me away so far! Lovely depth to the sound through my elbee 1210, but what I found really nice and pleasant was it had plenty of tone. A real quality to the sound. It's not just a flat power amp. Nice. Ridiculously lightweight, and easy to grab with one hand and move. Looks lovely too. The little vu meter looks nice and warm and also turns blue when muted and warm yellow when the amp is live. I've had loads of ashdowns in my gig life: mag 307, superfly, little giant 1000, abm ii, abm iv, ctm300 and so far this is right up there with them. Obviously it's only been at low levels so far, but if it holds up at volume, it's a quality amp and could replace my current set ups.
  13. The issue with the g70 is that the receiver is a flat panel on the top of the unit, so rack mounting it (or racking over it) compromises its effectiveness.
  14. Hi all, Since going wireless last year, I doubt I'll ever go back to using a cable unless I have to. I use a line6 g70 and love it. However it means it has to be on top of something and be unobstructed all around it (ie not rack mounted). I'd like to build a rack system again, so ive looked at the equivalent (ish) rack mount wireless system and they're x3 more expensive. Is there any reason why? Even second hand systems are coming in much more expensive than a new single unit.
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