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  1. Cream coloured or white plastic pickup covers.
  2. la bam

    Your Go To Bass

    Purple Sire V7 rev 2 for me. Love it. Very easy to play on, and with the preamp really makes it easy to cut through the mix when testing with backing tracks etc on the daw.
  3. Sing it Back by Moloko. Finally got round to learning it properly, and love it. Such a groove!
  4. Active battery compartments and wiring compartments that look like 2 big odd shapes of plastic just bunged on the back of the bass. Too many pickups - double p type etc. Relic'ing. Brand names on bass body. Plastic control panel knobs. Capital letters used for names on the headstock. Coloured straps.
  5. Great video. Lovely sound and style. The simple parts and drops back into the chorus are fantastic, and he keeps it busy in the verses but with pure class.
  6. Sold pending payment. Case still available if anyone wants it?
  7. Now listed for anyone interested.
  8. Hi all, I've left my tribute band now, so time is right to sell this amazing bass and case. It's a G&L tribute LB100mn in natural. It's a swamp ash body, beautifully finished. It's in immaculate condition. When I bought it I also put shielding tape on the rear of the scratchplate, which eliminates any potential hum. It comes with a real quality hard case - specifically made by the leading custom bass company. The case is professionally cut specifically for this bass and keeps everything in place. It also has a few custom made areas in the case. One is designed for a helix stomp, one for a quilter bass block and one (I've slightly changed) to fit a line 6 g75 wireless unit. However all these can be used for whatever you like. I got the case reduced as I gave the company the bass specs in order for a reduction - but it still cost a lot as you can imagine. I have to point out for some reason they didnt centre the handle for some reason, so they case does have neck dive. Selling both together delivered for £395. Will add photos soon.
  9. Well, in a twist, I'm going to sell mine. I've left the tribute band I used this in, and have other basses, so it's simply surplus to my needs, as much as I'd like to keep it. I'd also had a special hard case specifically made for it. I'll post the ad in the for sale section.
  10. These are what's on the tribute I have.
  11. SB2s are great value too.
  12. The lb100 tributes are quite solid, thick basses. But in a quality way. They also look a lot better in the flesh than in their photos. The natural is stunning. I believe (but I may be wrong) it's all the usa hardware, but it's just assembled overseas.
  13. They are so well put together and high quality. Really solid basses. I've found mine records better than any bass or bass and pedal I've had.
  14. Hi all, Great deals on at Andertons for the G&L LB100 tributes. £399. I got mine for around £550 and it was an absolute steal at that price. Best built and put together bass i own. Great finish. Great sound. It comes with the US parts. Also the best balanced bass i have. It literally just sits in position perfectly. https://www.andertons.co.uk/g-l-tribute-lb-100-bass-in-natural-gloss-3-ply-black-pickguard-clear-gloss-neck-with-maple-fingerboard-ti-lb1-121r40m21?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI94CfvN-y6AIViLPtCh2GnACfEAQYASABEgI5rPD_BwE I think theyve even got the jazzes at £299 too.
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