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  1. NAD flyrig, power amp and sc

    It seems theres a few issues on the internet regarding these amps and running pre amps with them. Its as if whatever signal you give it, it just deliberately cuts it right back.
  2. NAD flyrig, power amp and sc

    Ive had it at both - 1.4v and 0.7v - neither made any difference. The preamp even had a +60db gain plus a +10db output and it didnt even register. (apart from the signal switch). Dont get me wrong, it seemed loud in the house and the quality was great, but ive done 2 smallish gigs with it and ive been maxing the volume and ot was just about ok. Which obviously isnt good enough.
  3. NAD flyrig, power amp and sc

    In fact .... Scrap that idea. Ive had enough of messing around. The amp and pre amp are goung back today. Couldnt get anywhere near -20db even with everything maxing. Back to my trusty one box loud markbass evo.
  4. NAD flyrig, power amp and sc

    Ahaaa.... If im using the amp in bridged mode do i need a modified speakon lead?
  5. Interesting FRFR story..

    Hmmmm, im not sold on this idea yet Now youre likely putting your bass sound into a 12" top and 15/18" bass pa set up. And subs are definitely going to be tuned specifically for bass.
  6. Interesting FRFR story..

    Yes, but your speaker is only for you to listen to. The signal now coming out of the pa is: Amp Modeller - speaker emulation - through real speakers of your pa. So its coloured speaker wise twice. ..... i think?! (starting to confuse myself now!)
  7. Interesting FRFR story..

    Are people in danger of getting a bit mixed up here? For modelling purposes etc isnt it the actual amp that adds most of the colour? So its that you want to keep unvoiced as possible, as its that that goes to the desk and speaker of your choice etc. The physical speaker set up to me anyway is less of a concern, especially when thats just for backline or monotoring. If now gone 'hybrid' and pre amp into power amp into barefaced. That way whenever i choose to change preamps etc i get an accurate representation to the desk and my cab of choice. Its also massively expandable with adding or changing to different cabs, and the whole set up is very light. 1000w rms amp is only 4kg. Cab is 10kg. I can even take the di out of a less powered bass amp and put that through the power amp if needed. For monsterous tone.
  8. ditching the head+cab for a combo?

    Its good to keep both FinnDave. That way you can use the flyrig as a pedal, portable practice, walk in gigs etc without having to carry the amp as well. I gigged with the flyrig straight into a crown xls1502 and it sounded great. But ive now added a preamp box which now makes it so so much louder and still is nowhere near clipping the amp.
  9. ditching the head+cab for a combo?

    Ive done the whole swapping thing loads of times. In fact me history goes: 1. Combo. Trace commando 12. 2. Head and Cab. Ashdown mag 300 and mag 4x10. 3. Combo. Line 6 LD300. 4. Head and Cab. Mark Bass LM3 and TVP210. 5. Combo. Genz Benz contour 500. 6. Head and Cab. Ashdown ABM evo 2 115 and 2x10 ext cab. 7. Head and Cab. Mark Bass evo 1 and barefaced supercompact. and now, 8. Pre amp (fly rig), crown power amp and barefaced supercompact. In short, i find bassists like to chop and change all the time. I like the idea of separayes for completely adaptability then i change my mind and like the ideA of a combo for ease of use, then over time i add a pedal or two, then think i might as well go back to separates and the whole process starts again.
  10. Hi all, Just wondered how you are all standing your barefaced super compact up? As there are rubber feet allowing you to position it horizontal (with the vents along the top) or vertical (with the vents down the right hand side) - just wondered if there is a preferred way and if it has any effect on sound - or are both ways fine?
  11. NAD flyrig, power amp and sc

    yes, thats what i found. thats why ive gone for a power amp now instead.
  12. NAD flyrig, power amp and sc

    wont you just be running it in the red all the time then? the mc100 hits 0db when both are at 9 oclock.
  13. NAD flyrig, power amp and sc

    Ive just bought a behrinher mic100 preamp. Great that these have a 12ax7 valve in them. However, the inputs on the amp still dont register (apart from signal) but i now think that may just be the quality of the amp keeping everything at a protected level. Is the trick with the preamp to level your sound out so its showing 0db on the led meters before going into the power amp?
  14. NAD flyrig, power amp and sc

    Sorry, i probably didnt explain that right. The amp (markbass evo 1) is slightly different where it has 12 amp models built in, and 3 different types of gain/volume that cant be bypassed. Ie even plugging into the return the amp models are still active and colour the sound.