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  1. Open to offers on this. Rare example. Must go as I've now ordered another bass.
  2. Buy once, buy right. Up your budget to £300 and get something like a second hand fender rumble 500 combo. It's as much as you'll ever need, a combo, light and reliable. If you stutter around the £150 to 200 mark you'll either need to upgrade eventually, not like the weight or want to change. The rumble will also hold its value. And is a great gigging combo.
  3. Open to offers. This is a gorgeous looking, great sounding, lovely to play, instrument at a great price. Make an offer if you like.
  4. I was tempted, but if possible go and see an ant in the flesh (the pedal not the insect) they were much bigger than I thought when I saw one, making it a bit pointless. Not much smaller than a small 500w - 800w amp. I just couldnt understand it. I'd rather use a gk mb 800 if size / bulk is an issue.
  5. If you like trace, then I'd say the same as Lozz. Ashdown head (ABM600 or RM500) and either new Ashdown RM cabs or a new ashdown ABM pro neo cab (dont confuse with the old neo cabs).
  6. Well, I've been after one of these for years. Finally got one a few weeks ago and now out of the blue I've a chance to buy my favourite bass back, so this has to go to fund it as last in first out. Great condition, there is a bit of belt buckle rash on the back that I will photo later. Great sounding, stunning looking bass. Just looking to get back what I paid for it, around £250. Pick up Leyland, Lancashire.
  7. I agree. Itd be interesting to see how many people really really wanted a big valve amp, bit the bullet after years of wanting one and got one, and now play something else. Me, for one.
  8. Haha, it's no problem at all. It's a bit of a confusing naming line up for 3 completely different amps!
  9. Yep, which is why I tried pointing out the fact that despite it having 3 valves it's not classed in common terms as a valve amp. It's worth looking how the gk uses the valves it has though. It's not as simple as just adding a bit of tone, or a novelty in the pre amp.
  10. I have the fusion S 800 too. Amazing amp. The line up is confusing though - the fusion 500 and 800 are different from the fusion 'S'500 and 'S'800 and both are different from the fusion 550.
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