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  1. I do have a box from a new bass delivered, so could put this in there and post as long as the sender arranged courier and insurance etc.
  2. Still loving the helix. It gets better every day! Has anyone use 3sigma IRs? I downloaded a few packs, yet theres around 20 IR cabs, but the paperwork from 3sigma says theres only really 2 to use. So what are the other 18 for?
  3. I find a lot of the album versions for things like champions dont really work well bass wise and theres so much going on. Simplifying makes it sounds so much better and tighter. Hammer to Fall - this threw me for weeks - because theres loads of different versions. Some have the guitar solo in slightly different places, some have longer intros, different endings! Same with I Want It All. Rhapsody - the main key to it is to listen to the run downs "Now I've gone and thrown....." 6 notes spread over time, and you need that bit to be right or at very least start and end it right. It still confuses me now from time to time when playing live. If your vocalist or drummer can put emphasis on the correct places that will help you loads. It's in essence following the keys, but depends how well you can hear your keys player during the gig. GaGa - theres a twist in there where the climb usually goes E,F#,A, on the climb leading upto the chorus the F# changes. I usually play E,G,A. Enjoy it for what it is. A fantastic 20 minute set.
  4. Sorry to hear that. If it helps in any way, I've no feeling in my little finger and that bottom side of my fretting hand due to a rugby accident and as such my third finger is bent inwards towards the thumb crossing the middle finger. It's amazing though how the body can adapt by taking small steps, and although I'm no fretboard wizard (I never was anyway) I can hold a tune with what I can use, which is usually just my first and middle finger. Hope it all works out well for you in the end.
  5. ** please note as it's a high gloss finish and I've taken the photos in the evening with lights on, it is creating slight wavy images. These are a trick of the light. In the day it's just like the stock photo as youd expect.
  6. Amazing bass at any money, but a true bargain at £295. The G&L M2000 tribute. Currently well over £600 new. Firstly, before getting in to the detail, its important to know - I am only selling this as i am buying another G&L. Otherwise i would keep it forever. Dont forget, the "L" in G&L is for Leo Fender, and the pickups are designed by Fender's ex top pick up guy. I bought this new a few weeks ago from a shop sale. Id always wanted a G&L but theyre very hard to find in shops. I bought it, played it and loved it. It looks gorgeous in natural honeyburst and is in as new condition. It has an 18v (yes 18v) preamp, but is different in the fact it has CUT and BOOST for 3 band eq - HIGH, MID and LOW, rather than just a HIGH and LOW CUT. This gives you superb on the fly control to not only get your desired sound, but mix yourself in with the band quickly. It has x2 humbuckers, and what is superb, it has a blend control to carefully mix the 2 together until your happy, rather than just a selector switch that is on the L2000. There really isnt a sound you cant achieve quickly - precision, jazz and stingray - all there. The bass looks gorgeous if you like the look, plays gorgeous and will set you apart from the usual p and j styles. As i say, i would keep this without doubt, but i recently bought another G&L - a L100 - and loved it that much that i want an identical one as a spare, so my bank manager dictates that this has to go to fund it! Photos to follow. Pick up Leyland, Lancashire. Some g&L spec: The G&L M-2000 4-String Bass Guitar in Honeyburst is a variation on the model that was originally designed over three decades ago by Leo Fender himself as an attempt to break the status quo. The G&L M-2000 features a lightweight carved Swamp Ash body that is joined by a medium C-shaped Hard-Rock Maple neck with a smooth and fast playing 21-fret Rosewood fingerboard with whit dot inlays. The neck is finished off by the distinctive G&L headstock, a design that features every element of another well-known brand, but in a slightly different order. The body of the G&L M-2000 is equipped with a pair of G&L M-spec Magnetic Field Design bass humbucker pickups that have been designed and made in Fullerton, California. These incredibly powerful pickups are paired with a studio-quality 18v preamp with 3-band EQ, a setup that allows for a wide variety of different tones to be quickly and easily dialled in. To round out the hardware fittings, the G&L M-2000 comes equipped with a Leo Fender-designed G&L Saddle-Lock bridge that provides rock solid tuning stability and increased resonance, and a set of traditional open-back tuners. The main features of the G&L M-2000 4-String Bass Guitar in Honeyburst include: Carved Swamp Ash body Hard-Rock maple neck 34” scale Rosewood fingerboard with white dot inlays 21 medium jumbo frets Dual M-spec G&L MFD Humbucker pickups Leo Fender-designed G&L Saddle Lock bridge Traditional open back tuners G&L M-spec 18v preamp with 3-band EQ Honeyburst finish Features: Manufacturer: G&L Series: Tribute Body: Swamp Ash Neck: Maple Neck Profile: Medium-'C' Neck Lacquer: Matte Neck Construction: Bolt-on Fretboard: Rosewood Fretboard Radius in Inches: 12 Fretboard Type: Fretted Number of Frets: 21 Fret Format: Medium Jumbo Inlays: Dot Nut type: Plastic Nut width in mm: 42 Scale: Longscale Scale (inch): 34 Manufacturer pickups: G&L Pickup neck: No Pickup middle: MFD Humbucker Pickup bridge: MFD Humbucker Active pickups: No Piezo Pickup: No Electronic: Active, G&L M-Spec Preamp Control: Vol, Bal, Bass, Mid, Treble Tuners: Vintage-Style Bridge: G&L Saddle Lock Number of Strings: 4 String spacing (mm): 19 Strap Button: Standard Hardware: Chrome Colour: Honeyburst Finish: High-Gloss Shown below is a stock photo, which captures the colour very well.
  7. I can try, no problem.
  8. I've given the precision flats a few days now, and they have quickly grown on me. Now developing much more character. They're also super smooth to play.
  9. Looks great. Fantastic basses.
  10. You just need a good interpretation of the song, so that it sounds faithful to the original and is enjoyable to listen to. Have a look at massive bands of the 70s and 80s. Listen to their albums, then see what they play live. Youd think they'd be identical, but the reality is they are much more watered down versions. They still feel and sound great, and youd hardly notice, but so many big bands did this. The experience of listening to a lp or cd and the experience of being involved in all that is going on when watching and experiencing a band live, are two completely different things.
  11. Hi all, Just wondering if there are any deep hard cases for basses? I have a stagg generic case and its brilliant as it has a compartment where you can put cables, tools, strings, tuner etc. Just wondering is there any 'deeper' cases, or cases with compartments in, so I can fit my bass, cables and amp - quilted 800? My current stagg one fits my elf, but if I could find one that fitted everything, that would be brilliant.
  12. This is where you'll struggle - almost every manufacturer at the moment has stopped doing anything in a natural precision but really high end, high cost, basses. Cant find decent priced ones for love nor money! Loads and loads of jazzes, but no precisions. Then, when you do find one, you'll need a custom made scratchplate, as I found, they've run out of making those at a decent price too, and those that are available wont fit! The best option would be to find a squire or affinity in natural (I've been looking for months to no avail) and mod the decal. Failing that a fender fsr in natural. PS Doods basses look awesome!
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