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  1. la bam


    I'm not sure. It's almost a sheet over the string, so you can't feel the actual wound metal like on round wounds.
  2. la bam


    Well, i decided in the end to try some flats. I went for Rotosound 77 - the 40-100 guage. wow! what a great sound. Lovely and warm. All the warmth ive been trying to dial in over the years on various amps - and its in the strings. Just one issue though - what IS the silky / sheen on the strings? Im not a big fan of that. Makes control a bit more difficult. Although i guess its just a case of getting used to it after 20 years on roundwounds.
  3. Im sure years ago i fell foul of this type of marketting. It isnt really fair. It should only spec what your buying. Ie what can you get out of the "combo" you have bought. ie 250w - not what its potential is. Then it should caviat you can add an extension cab for a 500w stack.
  4. Its not my kind of thing at all, but im sure a lot of people love it. I do wonder how people remember whats coming next in instrumental versions like this and more jazzesque stuff, but i think im just a simple rock song bassist - if i get lost the vocals will bring me back in somewhere in the future! Id be questioning why youre being dictated songs from one person when youve no restrictions on what can be learned (ie singers range etc), but sometimes someone has to take the lead to keep things going. Alternatively, if youre really struggling, id just take it as a bit of a breather. Keep it simple and let the others show off. Or id make it my own and work out something slightly different to do to make it interesting. No one, and i mean no one, is going to know if youve changed it - as long as it fits.
  5. la bam


    well.......you live and learn..... im sure around 20 years ago i bought some flat wound strings. i think they were 'elites' or something. i wasnt really any type of a decent player then, and had little knowledge of anything, but my only memory of them is them being a string in kind of a solid plastic covering. Awful sound and awful feel. So i binned them off and have been strictly round wound ever since. I was Rotosound swing bass for years, but everything sounded the same no matter what i did, and they always seemed to lose their sound very quickly. Eventually moved to Daddrio XLs and theyre great. However, ive still never got that undescribable sound i want. Anywho, we are doing some recording soon, so ive been looking at different set ups on youtube and ... wow!! There it is! There is the tone i want. Lovely and punchy and warm. P bass with flats. So much so, i want some flats asap!! Now, to tie back to the start of the story, did i buy some really bizarre strings years ago? or do flats have a completely different texture and feel to rounds? Also, do the Rotosound flats die quickly, like their rounds do? Can anyone recommend a good warm punchy flatwound? I would prefer a 40 guage if possible. Any help appreciated.
  6. la bam

    To Cull or Not to Cull...

    Have a cull. Then enjoy building the collection back up.
  7. Pretty much as the title - im looking for a compressor in rack form for my rig. Just a simple string balancer - no real sound change/squeeze. There just seems a massive hole in the market for bass rack stuff. Itd be used for my rig which would be: VTRM preamp - qsc poweramp. thanks.
  8. la bam

    Bad bass review

    Always amazes me why they don't demo the bass guitar or amps alongside a drummer/drum machine or band. Who plays bass solo?
  9. I switched off after "never play open strings". If she seriously thinks the E on the A string is as dynamic as the low open E then ..... wow.
  10. MATRIX UKP500 power amp. If you know youre amps, you know how good, reliable and solid matrix amps are. This is the 500w UKP version. Used condition. I only bought this amp for one event last week. Works brilliantly. Fans work fine. Slightly noisy, but that could be something catching or just because im not used to power amps. Jack and XLR INS and Speakon outs. Lots of different modes - Stereo/Bridge/Mono. Great amp - Great bargain. Pick up only - Leyland, Lancashire. Cash on Collection.
  11. x7 LANTA FIREBALL 64S Large par 64 flat led par can. Superb lights with a whole load of features including: DMX control. Manual Control. Set colours. Colour Mixing. 8 memory stores. Dimmable. Strobe. Flash. Sound 2 Light. and much more... Also has IEC (kettle lead) INs and OUTs so you can connect to each other with an iec to iec cable without having to plug each light into a wall socket. Great beam angle which is what you need for good coverage (not like the cheaper newer style uplighters and par cans). In overall good condition, but used. Small blemishes are: x1 has a small bit of the plastic missing (but does not affect performance). x1 has a broken yoke/stand connection (does not affect light). x1 has a few blue leds not working but not really noticeable. x1 has a few flashing leds. Excellent lights that retail about £80 each - so grab a bargain. Would be superb for a band / DJ. Very lightweight, easy to rig up due to the connections, and so so much better than the usual party bar cheap stuff. Pick up Leyland, Lancashire. Cash on Collection.
  12. la bam


    great stuff. its very easy to be dragged into crazy situations without realising it. Taking a step back like you have can work wonders.
  13. la bam

    Tell me about preamps

    Rack wise I love my tech 21 vtrm. All the sounds I need in one 1u rack. Couple it with a big heavy power amp for big gigs, and small lighter one for small gigs without losing much tone.
  14. la bam


    Sounds like he got got a bit over excited / enthused with how the band was going, and wanted to push even more as he started loving it so much. Getting gigs is stressful, so when people dont reply, you can lose the potential gig in the case of 24 hours. I dont think nowadays with online calendars etc that theres any reason people cant get back with an answer the same day - working or not. Just my opinion though, i know some peoples family committments are more involved. Track wise has always been singer led from the day bands were invented. If they cant sing them or dont want to - it aint gonna happen! I dont see any real bad points - just over enthusiasm. Trust me, the opposite (no enthusiasm) is much worse. You can easily work it out.