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la bam

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  1. Gigging without full mobility

    I have the exact same sacroiliac problem (my 2 joints meshed together). I also a few months later then prolapsed ine of my discs. The pain was/is really bad. Driving hurts. Walking hurts, standing still hurts and lying down hurts. Lifting with those injuries was very odd - i can move heavy objects, but then randomly lifting a light object would send my back into spasm and a world of pain. Its at times like these you find out what your band mates are made of. Some will muck in and some will leave you to sort yourself. Good luck with the injury - it took me a full year of not being able to move properly before it finally started to release the pressure and gain strength. Ive had 3 good weeks now (a good wèek is probably the equivalent to a bad back) but i can tell something has happened and its on the mend finally (hopefully). Until it happens to you you dont release how restricting back issues can be. To me, if your band mucks in and helps you through it, youve got a good bunch. If they dont, then forget them.
  2. Walk in gigs equipment

    Ok, thanks.
  3. Supersonic, Oasis documentary

    All i remember is some bloke getting cheered trying to climb upto the top of the big tent on the outside. And the fact that for some (un health and safety 90s era) it was ok to make a fire wherever you were in the middle of the park and sit round it eith your mates keeping watm and getting bladdered on your own beer from the off licence!! Imagine trying to do that now!
  4. Supersonic, Oasis documentary

    I was at that Preston gig at Avenham park - my mate got us to go as he really wanted to see this up and coming indie band called Oasis. I took no notice of them and who did i watch??? Sister Sledge!! Doh! I thought the documentary was outstanding. I really like the band so that helped. Really interesting ending too mentioning that the Knebworth gigs etc and demise of the working class bands makingbit big coincided with the emergence of the internet and the hunger for fame rather than talent and experience.
  5. Walk in gigs equipment

    thats what im thinking. ie if its another amp head and cab supplied by the venue / stage.
  6. Christmas Preamp

    I was tempted by these. I know pmt are now doing its older sibling the ehx metaphors at £39.99 on special offer - just wondering if thats any good, it seems to have a few similar things on it.
  7. Zoom B1on - quality effects? Alternatives?

    The zoom b3 is much much easier to use using the software. I had an issue not being able to save a patch to existing patch ie A4 to A4 when using just the box. On the pc it works very very easily and the rename function is much easier to use.
  8. Walk in gigs equipment

    Just reading my markbass evo manual (re 1 sheet of a4) there are 2 xlr outs, both which can be configured for the output from both channels. Would i be able to send one output from the amp to the di / desk (xlr) and the other to any stage amp? With it being xlr out would i need to run an xlr to jack cable or is this not recommended? Any help appreciated. I would ask markbass but they never reply.
  9. Gig Gear bag = what do you use

    Ive racked my amp and back up amp in an abs 4u rack. Contains everything i need, tuner, modeller, fx, di out etc. All i need to do is plug in the pre wired 4 way and speakon and its good to go. Considering looking at swapping my b3 for a ms60b so i can put that in there too as a handy tool. On the side i have a mark bass keeper so no need for a separate stand. My guitar clip on tuner (snark) and cables live in a compartment in the bass case.
  10. Ive found that a lot of the time if youre not lucky to find 4 driven musicians, you need one person leading or bossing the direction in order for things not to just fizzle out.
  11. Nooo! Bass string tree broke!

    Exactly right. With the tree gone the first 2 strings just fall out of the slots. Ive tried it without the spacer/spigot and its holding, so all i can guess is that the original screw wasnt long enough? Do i need the spacer to be there? (which raises up the clasp) If so i'll go and buy a longer screw. If not, i'll see how it goes. Thanks for the help so far.
  12. Evening all, Cant believe this has happened now! Ive a full on practice with a new band tomorrow where ive got 3 weeks to get 2 sets done, and ive just changed the strings on my yamaha bb424 and firstly i noticed the little clasp on the headstock that holds the lightest 2 strings in place was crooked. I tried to straighten and tighten but had no luck. Ive changed the strings and on tightening up to pitch..BANG! the clasp, spigot and screw went flying out. Tried to re screw in but theres no grip for the screw now. Ive tried to fit just under the original hole and BANG! that did exactly the same. So now i cant play it at all. Has anyone got any info on why this happened, or any quick fixes? I do have a spare for practice, but im going to look a bit stupid. We are a tribute band and the black bass helped me get the gig.....and my spare is bright metallic red! Any help appreciated!!
  13. Only a week old and never used. I bought this to put my 2 amps and fx in, however, i messed up just how many U i needed and this is now of no use to me. Both front and back lids are removable. Its a fantastic lightweight but very strong abs case and also has a great netted storage are for your cables and paperwork etc in one of the lids. Grab a bargain. £70 delivered or £65 pick up near Preston, Lancashire.
  14. Walk in gigs equipment

    Yes, i think im going to try and dial in a close copy of my sound on the b3 just in case this crops up again. I dont use my b3 for this band, but its a eeally useful tool to have. Ironically im now looking at taking more gear to a walk in gig than i would for a proper gig!
  15. Walk in gigs equipment

    Probably the best move i think. Im just a bit paranoid for 2 reasons... 1. If i share an onstage amp and cab, then ive no compressor and im at the mercy of that cab and amp sound. 2. I may be wrong, but im sure the last one i did, the sound guy told me to plug my bass straight into a di box which went to the desk, then one of the outs from the di went to my amp and cab (for monitoring). So i wasnt sure what bass sound i had.