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  1. Open to offers. Delivery now possible.
  2. Could probably deliver/meet up if fairly local.
  3. There must be something in the cab or combination of head and cab though. I've used a rehersal room 8x10 and it really was great. Rubbish on it's own, but great in the mix. Sounded great with the svt3 they had. Yet the svt3 through another cab was nowhere near as impressive. The only way I can describe the cab was kind of dull but punchy. Kind of punched through, when it didnt sound like it would be able to. Theres no way I want to move one around though.
  4. Interesting here.... Dino explaining how ampeg classic cabs have stamped framed baskets which move with the speaker giving a much warmer sound, rather than a more defined sound.
  5. Hi all, Just wondering to get that classic Ampeg sound - whenever I hear it it's always the amp and cab. Never an ampeg head and another cab. When I have heard the heads separately, they just seem to miss something. Could it be the cabs have more magic ingredients in them for that classic sound?
  6. Literally this week I've fixed my rm500 which was rattling. It sounded like a clicking from the power supply when in straight. Pull the lead slightly away and it eased off. Drove me mad. Had a look at all the screws to see what was loose and none looked to be. But I tightened them anyway and that solved it.
  7. la bam

    Ampeg cabs

    Cheers lozz. Is there much difference to look for between the HLF series and HE etc?
  8. The active preamp is superb. Genuinely superb. Honestly, just turning the bass dial literally feels like a supersonic bomb! The beauty though is the ability to run in either active or passive mode. All basses and situations covered.
  9. la bam

    Ampeg cabs

    Hi all, Just after opinions on Ampeg cabs. Any experiences? Ones to miss? Compact ones? Lightweight ones? There seems to be loads out there. I'll save time and say an 810 is completely out of the question.
  10. Really is so good looking and sounding in real life.
  11. The barefaced 210s are pretty much designed for flexibility rather than volume. The 4-12 ohm switch makes them amazingly flexible. Having the 4-12ohm switch means you can: 1. Use one cab at 4ohms ("louder" than using the same spec cab at 8ohm). 2. Use 2 cabs at 4ohms each - ONLY if your amp runs at 2ohm. Otherwise DONT do it. 3. Use 2 cabs at 12ohm each = 6ohm. 4. Use 3 cabs at 12ohm each = 4ohm - which is what the majority of solid state or class d will go down to. Now, if you're only going to run 2 cabs, it does get you thinking on why not just use 2 8ohm cabs? But, dont worry, x2 210s will be more than sufficient for almost any gig, but you always have the option to add a third cab that you wouldnt have if you had 8ohm cabs.
  12. Hi, I'm sorry I dont have any scales I'm afraid. General consensus on the internet is they're between 9lb and 10lb. It is very comfortable though, and sits very well, so you dont notice any weight.
  13. Never thought I'd sell this, but I've just made a purchase and this has to pay for it. This would be my number 1 bass apart from I'm back in the tribute game and its standard sunburst p bass territory. Amazing look to this bass. Gorgeous semi sparkle vintage burgundy / dusky pink colour. Rolled fret edges - usually only seen on boutique basses, making for a super comfy playing experience. Ebony fretboard. Super comfy and lovely sounding. Alder body - very comfy and great sounding. Heres it's great versatility- its BOTH passive and active. It can be used in passive mode (still using master volume, tone control and pick up blend). Then at the flick of a switch it goes into active mode with an unbelievable pre amp. 15db cut and boost of bass, mid and treble AND a parametric dial for the mids so you can choose exactly what mid frequencies to cut or boost! Looks beautiful, sounds amazing. Great price. Bought in lockdown, never been out the house. Immaculate condition. These are sold out everywhere with a long lead time. Probably even longer with the covid situation. Sticker shown in photo since removed.
  14. la bam


    No I didnt. I got stung. Then got sent an external link to it. Anywho, lesson learned. No more posting valuable goods. Others can if they want.
  15. la bam


    No. They ask you what you are sending. Then let insure it to it's full amount. The items are not on the prohibited list. They are however on a separate list thats not easy to find saying what they will be fully insured upto - regardless of what you have insured them for. I would say if they not on the prohibited list and they try to sell you insurance for the full amount then that is unfair to then not insure them to the full amount. Its misleading at best.
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