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  1. Well.....years ago, when I was young, fit and healthy, I borrowed a trace 4x10 combo. Great sound, very punchy. I did however try and move it a few feet across stage..... and gave up. Those things are SERIOUSLY heavy!!
  2. Like you say, its horses for courses. What suits someone wont suit someone else. Theres no perfect one size fits all amp, or we'd all own one and nothing else.
  3. Ok. Good luck. If you've bought it new there shouldn't be an issue having it fixed / replaced.
  4. Are you using the Speakon out, or Jack's to cab? Also, have you tried the gnd lift, just in case.
  5. No, that's not right. Open up the software on pc and see what settings your fx are. Or to start, turn all fx off.
  6. I've A/B them at playing level through ok PA - Mackie etc and to me the emulators seem more harsh and modern. I've used them on recording at low levels and they do sound great there. I know the emulators are in fact just more complex eq patches, but I feel it's just missing something. If anyone has a good svt 8x10 IR let me know.
  7. I had a look at the 802, a little frustrating... although no doubt itll be a great amp. Why they've done a jack DI out and not an xlr baffles me. An xlr would have been perfect. Yes, it does the same thing, but you'll be forever carrying a jack to xlr cable around or a jack to xlr adaptor. I get it with the stomp as it was to keep everything small and compact, but I'm sure they could have fitted an xlr on the 802. Shame they didnt keep faith with the 2 eq dials, but I suppose the 802 is for people who have tried that and found they were missing that extra eq for mids and high end control. In all honesty I love the 2 dial eq more so than the 4 band ones. I've had lots of amps with useless eq (markbass with no real mids) and lots with loads of eq bands (9 band ashdown etc) and the 10 channel eq pedals on the stomp, but nothing has been easier then the bb800. Needs more character and drive (turn gain up), needs more depth and bass (turn depth up), sound needs smoothing out (turn contour clockwise) sound needs brightening (turn contour anti clockwise) so much easier than trying to work out what frequencies need adjusting - I just always found that led to a never ending ordeal or turning dials endlessly until I fluked upon what was needed. I do like what they've called the eq settings on the 802 though - kind of makes sense when your looking for what to change in the sound.
  8. I genuinely (despite owning a stomp and several IRs) havent found a satisfactory svt 8x10 emulator yet.
  9. I agree. But then again you could say that about any cab.
  10. I used my quilter with an svt 8x10 cab last night. Those cabs are fantastic. Soft, cushiony feel and fit lovely in the mix. I genuinely think a lot of the ampeg svt magic is in those cabs, not just the amp heads. I'd never have one though. As much as I'd love one. Far too heavy and impractical. x2 4x10s make much more sense if you need a full stack, and even then that's only for massive outdoor gigs.
  11. Ok, here goes.... (from memory) and it's only my experience... and it could be because it replicates the bass more rather than being coloured with a particular sound. Trace elliot commando 12 Ashdown mag 300 Ashdown superfly Line 6 lowdown 300 Mark bass LM3 Genz Benz contour Ashdown abm 2 500 Mark bass evo1 Ashdown little giant Tech 21 VTRM and power amp Ashdown evo iv 600 Trace elliot elf Laney Nexus 400 all tube As I said, it's my favourite "all round" amp. That includes taking the following into consideration: SIZE: very small and compact. WEIGHT: easy lift with one hand. PORTABILITY: fits in bass case, or takes up no room in gig bag. SOUND: everything flat at mid gain the sound is a kind of modern mid heavy sound to my ears. But winding up the volume really makes it a powerful sound that sits great in the mix. Giving that nice space to keys and bass drums. It really tidied up our band sound. SOUNDS AVAILABLE: as said above there are a range of sounds available from Motown to modern to classic rock. EASE OF USE: plug in, set flat. Turn 2 eq dials to taste. Add in drive. Set volume. Leave alone for entire gig. Takes 1 minute. POWER ON TAP: seriously with a 4x10 upwards you'll not need anything over 200w of the 800w available. But if you do - it's there. No need to worry about running out of juice anywhere. FEATURES: headphone amp, line in, line out, drive and compression (via gain). All good. RELIABILITY: no problems whatsoever. No issues online either. CONS: The only thing that could really improve this amp imho is a small built in tuner and a dedicated DI out. The line out works great as a DI, I've used it indoor and outdoor as a DI, but occasionally you'll get paranoid sound engineers who want a dedicated DI. A DI would also be pre eq so would give the sound guys a flat sound to work with. So in conclusion, yes, theres better sounding amps. Theres lighter amps. Theres smaller amps. There are more featureful amps. There are cheaper amps. There are amps better suited to certain genres. But for me, taking into account all the above, and the amps I've used over the years, this is the beat all round amp.
  12. Haha, yes, sorry, I should have added "......that I've used."
  13. I had an hour or so with mine yesterday in the house dialling in different tones. Winding up the depth and winding forward the contour, then rolling off the tone on the bass guitar gives a lovely Motown esque vibe. Adjust gain and volume to taste. Winding the contour back gives that kind of ampeg clank. Again add gain drive to taste. Having the gain at between 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock gives a really tight sound to start with, removing the slight grind and drive. From there you can get modern and vintage on tap. What I did find really interesting is that it seems to react to the tone control on the bass itself more than any other amp.
  14. In fact thinking about it, I've had: Ashdown mag 307 head. Ashdown mag 410 deep cab. Ashdown Superfly. Ashdown mini 4x8. Ashdown mini 15. Ashdown Little Giant. Ashdown RM212 cab. Ashdown ABM 600 evo iv. In the end, in the mix, most sounded great just set fairly flat. Although the abm600s eq though is something else! Amazing powerful detail in that amp. So, they must be doing something right! I'd happily gig (and have done) with all of those apart from the superfly.
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