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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know any uk suppliers of these pedals? If not, I may have to get from abroad which I can see being a massive hassle in the current climate.
  2. Hi Lozz, I'll take this if that's ok? I was looking at getting one this morning! PM sent. Thanks
  3. Cheers. Yeh, I think lockdown has sent me over the edge with gas! Back and forward between heavy, light, medium weight gear....all with no gigs to justify a move either way! I'd keep this in a heartbeat, but I'm sure itll sell quick.
  4. I'm selling my abm600 evo iv custom shop rack mount for not much more if you're after an abm. It's in the sales ads.
  5. Hi all, I am selling the amp I saved up all summer for... Ashdown ABM600 evo iv. In blue (very rare) rack mount version. Usually rackmounts are silver only. Built in the UK at ashdowns custom shop. Boxed in original box. Literally 2 or 3 months old. Only used twice to test in the house. Perhaps the best all round amp out there. Quality throughout. Any sound achievable. Valve drive pre. 9 band eq (3 dials 6 sliders). £475 pick up Leyland Lancashire. Grab a rare amp at a great price.
  6. Loads of stuff you could do with trace nowadays that just didnt exist when they were around. Lightweight cabs. Pre amp pedals. Larger class d amps with classic pre amp built in. Their current range just doesnt interest me at all. I had an elf which was surprisingly good, but was max on its limits in a gig situation, so not great in the real world. The pre amp transit pedal is expensive and their 8" and 10" cabs just dont do it for me. Whack together a classic pre amp, the large band eq, the UV light and an 800w class d power stage and it's a winner. Couple that with a lightweight 4x10 or 2x12 all in the black and green and its sounding good already.
  7. As a rule, if it helps, any kind of discussion to get you away from the platform your selling on is to be avoided. Dont do it. Keep any discussions via the website you are advertising on. It protects you and your identity and money. Ie if youre on gumtree or ebay dont then start communicating via email. What they have done is removed any protection whatsoever that you had by using the selling platform, and it just becomes a private matter or sale and you'll not be protected if scammed.
  8. Unfortunately what you've done there is give your email address to a spammer/scammer. So be careful of any other tricks theyll try in the future.
  9. Yep, crazy decision that one. Surely having this the same on all amps would be better.
  10. la bam

    Show us your rig!

    Just makes life so much easier. Get to gig, put cab in place, take lids off amp box, plug one plug into a wall socket, plug one end of the Speakon into the cab. Job done.
  11. la bam

    Show us your rig!

    My rig for 2021. Ampeg svt7 pro. Ampeg usa 410hlf cab. Korg Pitchblack Tuner. Line 6 G90 wireless unit. In the rear of the case: 6 way rack mount plug sockets. Gallien Kreuger MB800 as spare. Contains everything I need as well as spares for everything. Rack lids have pouches in to hold any cables etc. It quite manageable - around 15kg and one lift in. The cab is quite heavy, but liftable, and has proper good wheels when on the flat.
  12. Great amp in every way. Not ridiculously heavy, but still heavy. It's a great sound, really nice. Very instant response. The genius is that it's two amps in one, a solid state and a valve, so if anything goes wrong, you can switch over without worry. The biggest issue was it's a complete work of art. It's a stunning thing to have and to look at with all those valves glowing etc and as such you will want to protect it, which adds a hard case and more weight. It's not gonna knock your socks off on it's own- I dont think valve amps do - but its lovely in the mix.
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