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  1. Ashdown - just disable/take out the pre shape. Then you've any tone you want at all.
  2. JT is a fantastic player and musician. To come up with those lines in the first place is brilliance. The little clips he put out in the summer were superb. Clearly shows how he evolved the songs with his rhythm section.
  3. Ahh, actually the bridge hum is still there. Touch it and it stops. But it's only there when the middle pick up is engaged.
  4. Hi all, I have a burns bison bass. It seems to have 2 major issues. Firstly there are 3 single coil pickups which can be switched to use either the first and third or first, second and third. When using first and third there is no hum at all. When bringing on the second there is big hum if you let go of the strings and massive hum if you touch the pickup, which I do as it's right where my fingers go. It also had a hum issue with the bridge, but I've soldered the wire to the bridge (it was just resting) and that seems to have sorted that. So, does anyone have any ideas of how to eliminate the second pickup hum? Thanks in advance.
  5. la bam

    Hartke LH1000

    The l1000 (I'm not sure about the 500) has a preamp valve which sounds nice and warm. The real trick is to read about how the tone stack works properly. Settings for flat are not (out of 10) bass 5, mid 5, treble 5, but instead bass 3, mid 10, treble 0. That gives a great starting point. I can see how others may have struggled if they used everything at 5,5,5 perhaps even 7,5,7 in a band setting. I fully expected to rig the rm500 up and it be close enough for me to keep with the l1000 that I would keep the rm500. But it really did sound a lot thinner and drier (understandably). I suppose it's different amps for different people, but this works for me with the hydrive cab.
  6. Fingers crossed they do something with the new neos Lozz, can only see guitar deals from them at the moment.
  7. If the 2x10s together sounded identical to the 410 evo iv cab, I'd be interested. I gave the 410 a good run out with the abm600 and it gets better and better the more you push it.
  8. la bam

    Hartke LH1000

    Yeh, it really surprised me Lozz. It's a really really nice sound through the hydrive 410 cab. The RM (to be fair at least 10kg lighter) really sounded weak next to it. I cant comment on how the lh1000 does in a band setting yet though.
  9. la bam

    Hartke LH1000

    I've A/B against my RM500 and the difference is night and day. A real full richness across the frequency. It makes the RM sound thin and fragile. Bass at 3, mids full on at 6, treble at 0 - pretty much flat, sounds awesome. Yes, its heavy compared to a class d, but the difference in sound is massive. I'm really shocked to see you can get these for around £350 new!!
  10. I had it into an 8ohm ashdown 410 at practice with a blisteringly loud band and it didnt need to go past half way in a big room! But it's there if you need it. Just means you have loads of good clean headroom.
  11. Hi all, Selling my Ampeg SVT7 pro 1000 watt amp. Superb condition with rack ears too. This is the coveted Rev C00 with the H revision board. Great SVT sound in a lightweight 7kg package. Loads of fantastic features including the svt standard ultra hi and ultra lo. Compressor, input level and drive as well as eq. Brilliant amp. Have a read around - the real Ampeg users know just how close these can get to the svt sound and save your back! These are currently £864 at Thomman. Pick up Leyland, Lancashire. May be able to meet somewhere if not too far a drive - then I know it's been delivered safely and been transported well. Official spec: Power: 1000 Watt RMS @ 4 Ohms, 600 Watt RMS @ 8 Ohm Preamp Tube ( 1 × JJ 12AX7), Class D Amplifier Tone controls: Bass, Mid, Treble, Mid-tone Mid-tone control: 5-Position Ultra Low/High Boosts Compressor Balanced Di-Out Preamp Out Poweramp In Switchable Pre/Post EQ 0/-40 dB Ground lift Aux In Effect loop Tuner Out Foot switch Out (footswitch optional) 2x Speaker Twist Out Includes: Rack mount, Switching Power Supply Weight: 7 kg
  12. Hi all Managed to get hold of one of these used this week for certain gigs (overnight stays and the more rougher / lively ones etc) when we get gigging where I dont want to take my full rig. I wasnt expecting a great deal, just a decent useable sound. Well, talk about impressed! The reviews I've read kind of implied it was quite bland etc, but it really isnt. It's quite a rich sound. Using the eq as per manual and discussion it really seems to deliver. Has anyone gigged with these amps? How did you find them in the mix etc? Also, picked up a hydrive 410 for the same type of gigs. There really must be some bad info out there online - I was expecting a massive heavy cab. Some sites suggesting 35kg etc - it's nowhere near that! I'd guess it's around 25-27kg max.
  13. Theres another icon appeared, looks to me to be very Quilter style type eq knob, which I loved.
  14. Nice one Lozz! I have the rack version - love it. It may sound weird too, but I've found putting the 3 right of mid sliders near fully up gives it a real valve amp sound somehow. I need to test that in a band setting.
  15. Definitely tempted by the new neo cabs too.
  16. For me, it's the Ashdown ABM600 evo iv. So much power. So much versatility. And a nice manageable weight too. Best advice I got was spend time learning what each eq slider does, and give it a name for easy reference. Was so interesting to see that the 100hz slider induces so much more what we call 'bass' than the actual bass knob. You can make the amp sound however you want, and easily adjust the sliders for a quick on stage fix. The preshape (for me) definitely needs turning off (button IN) and then it really opens up.
  17. Cheers, forgot about that, thanks.
  18. Cheers Lozz, Fantastic amp. I've no problem at all keeping it if it doesnt sell.
  19. Ashdown RM-500 EVO ii Rootmaster 500W Bass Head. Superb lightweight 2.5kg head. Drive (valve emulator) compression and sub harmonised. Bass, mid, treble, hi mid and low mid. 500w (very loud) watts. Separate aux in. Headphone out. Used but good condition. Grab a great amp! Pick up Leyland, Lancashire.
  20. Open to offers. Delivery now possible.
  21. Could probably deliver/meet up if fairly local.
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