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  1. If it helps - and it may just be my unit - but I tried running my svp pro with a crown xls1500 power amp. Switched it to .775 and it was still way way underpowered. I then tried it with a bass amp, via the send/return, and it worked perfectly. Also worked great going out of the svp and into the input on the bass amp.
  2. If you are looking, then you know how good these are! Firstly, only 18kg for a 4ohm, loud as hell 2x12 cab which sounds superb. Has top handle and wheels as well as side handles for ultimate portability. 4 ohm, so you get the full output of your amp, for a great sound and headroom. In great condition. Also comes with an expensive custom made faux leather padded cover, which has an understrap so it doesnt move in transit, and a large front pocket for cables etc. Pick up only Leyland Lancashire. No trades.
  3. Check out the markbass traveller range. Big sound imo and nice and lightweight and hard wearing.
  4. I think these are notorious for struggling to drive a power amp I'm afraid. Hopefully someone will know a bit more.
  5. Just let everyone know that in order for it to work, the drummer brings everyone in and out of parts. That way, the improv bobbins hes trying wont work, and the drummer will have a better idea of structure, bars, and feel of the song, but if a solo (where the bass doesnt change) is allowed to continue, you can play along happily until the drummer gives cues in his playing to bring you all back in. It should never be a guitarist, especially a guitarist who clearly doesnt listen to whatever anyone else is playing, that is in control of the structure of the songs imo. Then, hopefully, that will force him to turn down as he'll have to be able to hear everyone else to know where his cues are.
  6. Well.....I'll regret this, i know i will, so if you want it be quick before i come to my senses and keep it. Gallien Krueger 550 fusion. A full 3U valve / solid state hybrid with more power than you can handle. It has some great features: 1. 500w of pure gk power (a LOT louder than my ashdown abm 600). 2. Full valve pre amp section, with a real valve sound, not emulated. 3. 2 proper independent channels from 1 input. With memory dials which turn back to your settings. 4. Filter sweep dials, lo and hi switches, comprehensive eq dials. 5. Every possible in out you can think of. 6. Light for what it is - a full powered thunder maker. Pick up only Leyland Lancashire. Very rare. These are well over a grand new. Excellent condition, just one small unnoticeable tiny chip. NB. Ignore the stickers, they are just there to remind me of some settings. I will remove them. Official spec etc; Gallien Krueger amps might not be the first name you think of when you think bass but you might be surprised how many of your favourite bands have a GK locking down the low end of their sound. Flea uses them, Duff McKagen is on their artist list and Jazz legend Dave Holland has one to amplify his double bass. A quick look at the sheer variety of artists will give you a clue as to how versatile these amps are. Three 12AX7 tubes deliver the perfect blend of classic tube response and the timeless “Variable Q” equalizer design of the 800RB. Variable Q tube Equalizer: Inherited from the 800RB, this unique tube design varies the EQ bandwidth to retain a musical response even at extreme settings. Dual Channel Flexibility: Motorized pots allow two independent presets to be recalled on the fly for gain, tone and volume changes. Analog Power: Analog power amp and power supply deliver classic feel and 500 Watts of hard hitting punch. Connectivity: Tube driven transformer balanced DI with level control, Pre/Post and Ground Lift switches to feed the house, Tuner output, footswitch and FX Loop for connecting outboard accessories. Two twist lock speaker connectors to ensure reliable and safe cabinet connections, and two common ¼ inch outputs. High Voltage Tubes: The signal path for gain, EQ, contour and the DI are 100% tube driven, achieving classic tube performance with 300V plates. Big Iron: Dual rail analog power amp and toroidal transformer provide the current required to control the speakers at high volume. Rugged Construction: Heavy duty chassis, large toroidal transformer and double sided boards ensure stable performance under the most rigorous tour conditions. Here’s what Gallien Krueger have to say about the Fusion The Fusion 550 incorporates a unique six stage tube preamp paired with the same high current analog power amp utilized in our RB Series. The rich warmth of tubes combined with the quick, punchy power section that GK bass amps are known for is an experience like no other. In addition, GK takes the next step in innovation by adding motorized controls which allow you to store two different settings that can be recalled via the provided footswitch.
  7. Did anyone ever get one of these heads?
  8. Cheers I was looking at those. It doesnt need to be a full on drive etc, just the option to add a bit of Valvey break up. I looked at the stu hamm model, that seems great, but I cant find a uk supplier.
  9. Hi all, Do markbass do any amps with a bit of drive on them? I had a lm3 years ago, but can only remember it being clean, although that may have been due to the type of music I was playing?
  10. Just my opinion, but back to AC using the sub harmonizer - I see lots of players saying this is an octave etc (which it is), and thinking of it as an extra effect, but it's just my suspicion that this is there to try and mimic the classic ampeg 3d magic sound, which it doesnt really manage to do, hence most people not using it.
  11. I dont think so. Similar to nate mendel in the foos, you can tell that ashdown tone a mile off. In fairness I was literally at the front of the stage too.
  12. Great bassist. Great tone. Great musicality. I've seen them when he had his abm rig. They sounded great.
  13. The lb100 s attributes are lovely. Gigged one for a few years, great bass.
  14. Quick question. Are the cabs the same for the fender stage 800 and rumble 500? ie will a rumble 2x10 pair exact with a stage 800? And are they the same speakers inside?
  15. Hi all, I'm selling my 2 high end laney nexus nx cabs. Theres a great 1x15 at 8ohm with padded, zipped cover. And a 4x10 with switchable horn. This one has been velcro'd to a great trolley base so makes it very easy to move around. It is removable if needed. Also comes with cover although youd need to remove the trolley base to fit it. Excellent sounding cabs from laneys highest end range. Both 8ohm. I need the space so I'll let both go for £250 which is an incredible deal. Pick up Leyland Lancashire.
  16. Thanks. Are they the same hardware - pickups, bridge etc?
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