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  1. See what you think - I like it... but have to admit, I like the M82 more.
  2. That point is at a tangent. You can support your own countries companies if possible - but actively being derogatory/xenophobic and pushing that narrative is inexcusable.
  3. Yum. I played my first one at Messe. Defo a beautiful bass.
  4. No hidden agenda - just interested in who made your bass? Just intrigued what people go for.
  5. But it doesn't help when you have people chucking around phrases like "the china virus" - there's a worrying amount of Americans that hate anything that is built outside the USA. And that's based on prejudice as opposed to do anything to do with the goods themselves.
  6. I'll leave this one here - https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-guitars/music-man-stingray-5-special-snowy-night-roasted-maple-maple-matching-headstock-white-pg-chrome-hardware I mean, seriously? I'm not alone in thinking that this is crazy money for that?
  7. I can't understand that decision at this moment in time but hey. At least somebody will be holding onto ticket buyers money. I hope people have purchased them on credit cards!
  8. Indeed - it's all about caution. Anybody can write a roadmap. Doesn't necessarily mean that it is anything but a work of fiction. Time will tell - and what you have to remember that grouping drunk people together with no common sense will no doubt lead to an increase in infection. I will be watching the figures in the weeks post 21 June with much interest. Im hoping things will improve... but then again, we are dealing with a lot of knuckleheads in the UK. I'll be also watching all the people getting infected whilst going on holiday and returning to the UK, maybe without quarantine. Yes, the government said you can travel... but you can bet your bottom dollar that the government travel advise on the official websites will be telling a different tale. You've got to keep the people happy - whilst having a get out of jail card in your back pocket. "We said you could go on holiday - doesn't mean we would recommend it..."
  9. the tiniest drop of superglue or maybe thread lock or something may be in order! (strong enough to stick - but able to be pulled off the iems when necessary!
  10. A bargain! Nice one. As for tips... This is the thing about tips - everybody's ears are different so I can't really say what is great. It's a case of finding the tips that work for your ear shapes.
  11. Loudest gig I ever went to. I could feel the skin on my head moving across my scalp!
  12. When it comes to the law, there are no fair or unfair tax laws. They are just tax laws. Putting the word fair or unfair in front of the word law is purely subjective. I'm not defending Amazon either way, all I am saying is that they are operating within the boundaries set out by the law. As outsiders, we can both comment on what we deem to fair or unfair - but at the end of the day, we are all bound by those same rules.
  13. He had it half right. Across the stage means there’s less bleed into mics. Trouble is, you have to have the volume at the appropriate level also.
  14. And it slaps the guitarist around the head when they deviate...
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