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  1. Also, IEM is not FRFR - IEMs are far from what you'd call flat.
  2. There seems to be a big misconception here about FRFR. Basically, FRFR is a means of hearing your signal without any further influencing factors that will otherwise change your basses tone. Whereas traditional bass cabs tend to have their own prebaked sound that influences your tone, a FRFR amp/cab setup does not. If you want to emulate a speaker cabinet, then you have to do so - typically via modelling. Likewise, your pre is what is doing your tone shaping and the FRFR output phase has no further influence.
  3. So many finishes I love... but for me, I keep coming back to WHITE - and it looks the best under stage lights (IMHO)
  4. To be fair, from a processing point of view, it's probably a bit of a step up from the Mackie.
  5. Now That's What I Call an 80s Tribute Band.
  6. Scratch that. I guess a Xennial's mixtape would actually contain 90s. Xennial nursery rhymes
  7. As great as Jamiroquai are, for me at least, they have never been the same since the departure of Smith (RIP ) and Zender.
  8. How do you play? By remembering patterns?
  9. This thread needs a before and after pic!
  10. Tinnitus is pretty banging too!
  11. Section 4 - https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/389429-the-iem-bible-thread/?do=findComment&comment=3944328
  12. What headset mic are you using? What is your AKG Transmitter/ Receiver setup. If it's analogue, you may be running the input on the pack too hot. Have you discounted a lav setup?
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