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  1. They also work well in pubs too.
  2. Did the Elf do a good job of doing the Trace thing…?
  3. it’s because it’s all dry… that’s why I am saying dump the channels into a DAW and do a live mix in there.
  4. Coming to think of it, much digi desks could do that over USB
  5. All about the matrix mix! If you have something like Dante on your Raj and Dante virtual sound card, you could subscribe to the channels on your desk via a laptop and a Ethernet cable, take it into your favourite DAW and mix somewhere more quiet.
  6. Have I stumbled into a Sue Ryder thread?
  7. Victor's tone on this Sire does nothing for me. Too much clank for my liking.
  8. This is very true. A lot of people don’t realise that the smartphone is very powerful tool. Remember, you can also get mics to upgrade the sound on your phone… or get gadgets to take a feed from your mixer. It may be the case that a phone (with it without mic upgrade) on a tripod will give you everything you want.
  9. With customs, they are moulded to your ear, they don’t have tips - they literally fit perfectly inside you ear.
  10. If you look in the EBS IQ, you'll find an internal trim pot that may be of interest to you...
  11. I've been looking at these. Obviously they are nicer looking from the start... Don't know what drivers are in them - they could be the same as the 7 series but not clear at the moment... and obviously there's the amp upgrade. But to be fair, the amp in the 7 series is probably enough to see the drivers into destruction... so, I guess it's just headroom at this stage. Shalln't be changing at the moment but I guess it's a more visually appealing component for those looking to build a FRFR based bass rig.
  12. If you are taking a feed from the PA, then the likelihood is that the sound won't be great as the vocals are likely to be too loud - and it will sound very dry. To get around this, and you have a desk that support this, you can set up a matrix mix. You can have some ambient mics to bleed in a bit of the venue sound to make it sound more realistic. Otherwise, a descent stereo condenser independent of your desk may give you acceptable results. I'm typing all this being mindful that you have to set everything up... so you may find that taking the audio from one of the zoom cameras may be a quick and easy fix. Having done a number of live streams with bands, do not brush over the mixing part. The audio has to be good - better than the video - to hold people's attention. People will not tolerate poor audio - but they are more forgiving when it comes to video. But getting video right is the cherry on top. Remember to offset your audio in OBS if needs be to get good sync between audio and video. In your setup, the easiest way is probably to position the camera suitably far enough from the stage to get good audio and a wide shot of the stage... and use that audio from that zoom - and just that audio - so as your scenes in OBS change, the cameras do and the audio doesn't. If you want to stream to multiple platforms, not have any "free tier" branding on restreamed feeds, you may wish to build a raspberry pi to take care of that - https://www.okdo.com/project/streaming-server/ You can get away with using a phone network if you signal is bang on (and use a wired connection to your phone when hotspotting) - but there is risk of degradation. Remember, people go live with their phones all the time on streaming platforms - but if there are any low spots or loss of signal (worst case), be prepared for dropped frames, lower resolutions etc. Wifi is better... Wired is best. Work with what's available to you Beggars can't be choosers. Above all, don't let it take your focus away from your live performance! The biggest thing however - is lighting. Don't expect miracles out of an 8bit video source - especially in low light. Some white LED panels to help the cameras out. And remember that native HDMI has a finite transmission length.
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