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  1. EBS_freak

    switchable impedance?

    Im guess it's for better matching to various amplifiers. Some of Hartke's amps go down to 2 ohm, whereas it's probably fair to say that most amps go down to 4 ohm. By having their cabs switchable to 8 ohm, it makes it more friendly for attaching multiple cabs to 4 ohm stable amps.
  2. EBS_freak

    switchable impedance?

    Indeed it was!
  3. EBS_freak

    switchable impedance?

    Maybe - the original post did specifically say single driver cabs though.
  4. EBS_freak

    switchable impedance?

    I seem to recall it was accugroove?
  5. EBS_freak

    switchable impedance?

    I think that’s down to the series or parallel wiring of the speakers as opposed to the coils.
  6. EBS_freak

    switchable impedance?

    voice coil tap
  7. EBS_freak

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    @intime-nick - I'm guessing you have something earmarked for that slotted rack panel... that is a lot, lot more interesting...?
  8. EBS_freak

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    It is - if you put the rack ears on backwards, thats what you get. If you've routed everything to a patch panel, then jobs a goodun - risk of a costly board mounted failure is virtually eliminated. All Nick will have to worry about now, is the cheaper replacements of chassis connectors and the cables attached to them. Proper rackin'
  9. EBS_freak

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    Which is why I commented that the Mackie system is by far the most intuitive and easiest to learn straight away!
  10. EBS_freak

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    Which is why the rack is still king!
  11. EBS_freak

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    Argh! My eyes. All those cables!
  12. EBS_freak

    Clear B string

    The only problem with a Dingwall, is that the promise of a true B is widely an Internet spread myth... and the weight of note across the strings is not equal. If you think that that a Stingray has a weak G....
  13. EBS_freak

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    Should probably throw the RCF M18 into the mix too!
  14. EBS_freak

    New section for PA kit & usage?

    One of the best areas of the site imho!
  15. EBS_freak

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    In situations like this, I would recommend three systems... of course, all driven by budget. Mackie DL16S XR12/16/18 Touchmix 16 Here are the key differences...if you want a built in interface, Touchmix is the only one (although you can add on sliders to control the XR18 with sliders) But that's also the most expensive. Touchmix is iOS. Mackie is iOS/Android (Mac and PC controller software coming soon - mid year apparently... although that has drifted from end of 2018). Behringer is iOS/Andriod/Linux/Mac/PC. Interface wise, I'd say Mackie is the easiest to use straight out of the box, (especially if you are coming from an analogue desk) followed by the Touchmix, followed by the Behringer... although like anything, once you've got used to it, it's pretty intuitive. FX and routing wise, Behringer is the most comprehensive... if you want to delve into that. Most bang for buck is XR18 - but do factor in cost of external wifi router... as the built in one is fairly ropey. To be honest, I'd never trust any built in wifi... as it's just usually the cheapest 2.4Ghz that a manufacturer can find to tick a feature box. There's a reason why ethernet enabled pro mixers don't have built in wifi... Personally, I think like this - 340 quid for the XR18 from Gear4Music... well, for the cost of it alone, it pretty much cements itself as the nobrainer choice out of the 3. Depending upon your requirements, you may even get away with a XR12 or XR16 - the key thing to watch though, is obviously how many inputs you need and crucially the number of auxes - as you only have 2 on the XR12, 4 on the XR16. (6 on the XR18). However - £625 gets you the X32 rack... which I would defo take over the DL16s (£645) £1099 gets you the Touchmix... and the same for the x32 producer (basically the x32 rack with some sliders to fit in a 19" rack). So depending upon your budget... the X32 is more than most bands will ever need... but give you everything you could ever want... and the ability to run a large number of auxes (if stereo in ears ever becomes your thing). If you can afford the X32 Rack and it doesn't take up too much room in the car... that mixer will future proof you whatever route you choose to go. There's also a raft of add on cards... Waves, Dante, etc... so from that point of view, it certainly cements itself as more of a pro mixer than anything else in the price range that it is at. The other thing which it really cool, is that you can utilise affordable digital snakes (SD8/SD16) that is run from a single ethernet cable... so cabling up things like mics on drums can be kept very, very neat. Nobody likes a rats nest across the stage. Hope this helps... give a shout back if you want me to expand on anything. Oh, or course, you can get things like the QU16 - which is a good mix of traditional faders... but also has wifi control... but you will be looking at more like 1500+ for that - similar for the fully physical fader loaded X32. How much are looking to spend?