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  1. Amazon prime would get it t Amazon prime would get it to you tomorrow.
  2. Be careful with cheap radio - the reproduction of the audio can be really naff.... as the quality of the companders can be very poor. (Compander being the process of compressing the audio so it can be sent via radio - and then uncompressed the other end). This process can make the bass sound thing and the top end really shrill. For trying out where you could get with inears, wired is defo the way to go - and then save up for something like a ew300/psm300 setup if you decide that you absolutely need wireless. Unless you are already wireless on your bass, get obbm to make you up a combo cable for an all in one bass and IEM feed loom.
  3. HazBeen pretty much summed it up. Bernie got them through to the UK when he was distributing for EBS. They were never sold to the consumer as such - but Bernie would supply them if people asked or when people came into his shop looking for something new in the EQ department. He tended to put them in the KSd basses that he was also distributing because the stock preamp in those was pretty naff in comparison. In the UK, if you find one in your bass, the chances is that it's come from Bernie... or you've bought one of my old basses 😛 I believe Chris Larkin (RIP) used to put these pres n his basses too. I think he got them direct from EBS, not via the Goodfellow route. They are treble and bass with a pan and volume and a switch for the mid bump/mid scoop Marcus thing. I've had a look at the manual posted above - and yup, that covers it off pretty comprehensively. Talking of Marcus, this pre in a jazz gives you Marcus in spades. It's a very active sounding pre, certainly not subtle! Great sounding pre though - I remember @stingrayPete1977's Squier J bass project bass sounding amazing once it's electronics had been gutted and replaced with one of these EBS pres and a set of original J bass pickups from Bartolini. Just out of interest @Dandelion, what bass is in the picture above? I may know the history of it. Looks a bit Statusy?
  4. Good work! Get everybody on IEMs next!
  5. Pow pow! Pew pew! I fear it's becoming a common occurrence...!
  6. Makes for interesting reading! - https://metro.co.uk/2019/06/18/new-breakthrough-pill-could-cure-tinnitus-10006638?ito=social
  7. Anyway, how has this thread got this far without mentioning his signature JB-4?
  8. Just had a look at the stats - thanks to all the people that have checked it out. Basschat seems to have sent a fair few viewers to Youtube! Much appreciated for listening (even in part!) to mine and Steve's ramblings. (Although to be honest, Steve is mostly there for visual entertainment value on this one! :p) More randomness soon when I get round to editing - I've got a fair few theory ones to do - and they take an absolute age!. Also - quite cool to see the top three threads in this area of the forum seem to be on IEMs right now!
  9. There's the magic quad driver customs! Yup - they are super, super important... especially when it comes to bass! As for the haptic monitoring... yeah, working on that! 😛
  10. And let me guess, you feel it out of phase? Or should I say, with a significant delay.
  11. Nick describes one of the best "hacks" (for want of a better word) that you can do with a digital desk. That split on a single desk gives you a monitor world and foh desk in one (obviously you'll need enough channels on the desk to double up on stuff that you'll want to process differently for your inears). It's very rare that what you want to hear in your IEMs is the same as what you'll want foh. Some of the time, we just have to deal with it - eg, just come off the aux with only a master EQ and maybe a compressor over that aux bus. Lets face it, that's still pretty cool. As Nick states however, the ability to put a cab emulation in place, or different EQs per channel for example, is a powerful way of supercharing your IEM mix. Think about this - if you boost the bass for you IEMs, especially in the low end, to give you that big thumpy bass we all like, you are going to be killing people out front - especially if you are running subwoofers. You aren't going to be wanting that bass EQ to the vocal however, which is what you are limited to with just the final EQ over the aux bus output. Again, being able to run different processing in your ears, in terms of reverbs etc, is also really nice. A lot of the time you'll want mono out front, but things like tight stereo delays can really help thicken up that IEM mix. Digital desks are modellers are so good now, its a great way to simplify your setup, give you a better sound out front... and save your ears. I hate gigging without my IEM mix.
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