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  1. The UE6 are popular because it gives the headroom in the lows that bass players demand (balanced armatures aren't so great at headroom or bass department - thats where the dynamics come in in the UE6, complimented with the balanced armature in the high to give you the detail, air and sparkle that they really excel at). In short, the UE6s tend to give a more warm sound than a BA equipped equivalent IEM. That doesn't mean however, that they don't sound absolutely brilliant - they will kill pretty much anything else out there sound wise for a comparable price - at least for a bass player. UE7 and UE11 wise, the double drivers in the UE11 are going to give that better controlled, low end response. The UE7 tend to be a bit bass light or not so great at delivering the low end without breaking up if you dig in. Headroom is king for a bass player. Hope this helps. If you have the money, custom is where it's at for sure. Night and day compared to the KZ.
  2. What claim were you referring to then? I was just clarifying that if this claim was a personal injury one, that boat has certainly not been missed. Im sorry, my fault - I must have interpreted your words completely inaccurately.
  3. To make a personal injury claim? Within 3 years from the date of the injury.
  4. If it’s super stubborn, go easy with a toffee/caramel wheel.
  5. Stay away from heat - if it's poly, you can weaken it and get cracks. Lighter fluid as mentioned above, is a good first step. Try that and get back to us.
  6. EBS_freak

    Barefaced Machinist

    Oh the irony. Hey people...
  7. If there's any government that know how to do a backroom, under the table deal, it's the peeps in number 10... Of course, the twist is that they'll probably sell them on to other countries... I know, I know. Always a cynic.
  8. EBS_freak

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    To be fair, the OS was a stretch too far.
  9. EBS_freak

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    oh btw, hi talkbass viewers 👋, thanks for the link up.
  10. EBS_freak

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    The marketing blurb on the BF website didn't lead me down the road where you would immediately think the Jamerson sound, or the Larry Graham or Ben Folds thing. I thought it was very heavy rock centric in it's writeup - almost a RATM signature bass pedal given the constant references and name dropping. Even the other names mentioned (even the one that is spelled wrong), would all lead you to think that its targeted at that heavier style of music.
  11. EBS_freak

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    I thought I would do a quick Youtube search... and you know what, I don't actually dislike... I rather hear a band do it like this than the normal drivel I hear.
  12. EBS_freak

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    However, the world is going digital whether you like or not. Look at cars from the 60s and now. The modern cars have less easily serviceable parts than back then. That doesn't mean that people don't appreciate classic cars... Its just that modern cars, are now easier to use and generally less problematic. I remember as a youngster, getting into a car and there was a strong possibility that you wouldn't get to your final destination... or you would be nervously looking at the temperature gauge if you were stuck in a traffic jam. With regard to digital pedals, I have never seen, or known a pedal crash - can anybody else comment on this being an occurrence? Maybe the more comprehensive units - but from memory, they are down to users trying beta firmware and the like - and obviously running code in beta should come with certain caveats! Digital gear can go obsolete... but you know what, the Kemper profiler was unveiled in 2011 - that's pretty impressive that it's still competitive in the marketplace and there's still capacity for the DSP to be continued to be improved. The Kemper profiler is an amazing example of having a road map and despite the ageing technology, it's still capable to keep up - and even exceed - the offerings offered by their competitors. In reality, choice is a beautiful thing. We have analogue. We have digital. Great. Knock yourself out. And I know that this may be crazy talk... but digital and analogue can co-exist. For now. One last thing, there are analogue stompboxes that still sound great but have some terrible traits... like being super noisy, or suck all your tone, or don't bypass nicely. I know that some of these problems can be fixed (e.g. loopers and the like)... but the truth is, there are some pedals that have some sort of mystical quality because of who used them... but as a pedal in themselves, they do kinda suck. The Mutron comes to mind. Sounds great - but oh so noisy. As for older digital pedals... well, there are a few notable exceptions. The Deep Impact, ME8B maybe...
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