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  1. Don't suppose anybody could clean my car? I mean, I could do it myself.... but why should I?
  2. No - and thats where the fun begins - securing the servo so it can bit to all pedals, that's where things start getting complex. The "third hand" is actually a very good method, having used one - but very clunky for controlling multiple channels. Interested to see how you progress... especially for something universal.
  3. PS - the only reason I'm in the know on this - I've already been there. I can also give you the heads up that trimming the pots by the controller is key - thats the gotcha. Not all pots are equal in the amount they rotate.
  4. Indeed - the servo element can be almost directly attached to the pot. I take it that you have seen this? -
  5. A more analogue take on the stompenberg! https://www.thomann.de/blog/en/stompenberg-effects/
  6. I'm guessing you are implementing something along these lines - with a servo/motor instead of the impression pedal?
  7. I've got a specific use case. Don't want a load of power supplies, plug sockets and the like. I'm looking for as small as possible... whilst having a lot of 9v power on tap.
  8. Here's some pics - hopefully gives you an idea of size, quality etc.
  9. Quick question... is anybody using an aftermarket power supply and using something that is rated than less that 3A? That seems quite a draw at 9v.
  10. I've never really trusted the pedal train soft cases anyway...
  11. Yes, they are defo a nice option for covering a lot of space. I run a very wide stage set up so getting a nice spread of colour across the stage is always quite difficult. Like all lighting, haze is key (but it's getting more difficult to allow venues to allow you use it!). The danger of moving heads is that without haze, they just tend to look like spots on the wall... like the mysterons are around or something! (Sorry to all those too young to get the reference) Beams in haze are bang on.. Especially when they are co-ordinated. Speaking of co-ordination - its a shame that the inbuilt automatic shows on these moving washes has a flash... it's otherwise quite tasteful.
  12. Yes - It's defo a wash - akin to a moving par can. I think I found some specs somewhere that suggested the output angle was 45 degree... so not something like a beam which would typically lie at something like 6 percent. The light is very defined though - probably brighter than the tripars I have (that are the closest thing to compare if to LED wise).
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