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  1. Rechargeables are still a more eco friendly way to go... despite the failures.
  2. Seems alright - not done any die hard tests yet. I'll get the meter out at some point and measure it.
  3. It came from lots of frustrations of trying to make lots of wireless work. (I run 13 channels of wireless in my band). So sat down and read and read, learned about intermodulation and the like, then got interested in the tech out there... and of course having a massive passion from inears, it kind of goes hand in hand when trying to co-ordinate wireless inears without stuff dropping out, or being latency bound. I have been known to have gone to the industry days (people like Shure) on wireless... "for fun". I've helped more than a few people get their wireless together, including a couple of theatre shows who had bought all the gear but could never get them co-ordinated right. I guess that I also have a habit of swotting up on stuff that interests me... and then applying it in the real world to prove to myself I guess, that I can walk the walk. Sometimes I must come across a bit smart alec.... but I've seen too many times bands just buying wireless stuff and expecting it just to work (made worse by the fact that each band member turns up with their own complete random wireless gear)... which it can if you are staying with the same brand and model of wireless... but it's when you start running completely random stuff with fixed frequencies that co-ordinating becomes a lot, lot more troublesome. I guess what I am trying to say, is if you want to go wireless as a band, you need to have a strategy - and everybody subscribes to the same way of thinking.
  4. And for double security, gaffa over the top if you are scared of such things being exposed.
  5. It's the A/D and D/A conversion that is adding latency, not the fact that it is running over the 2.4GHz spectrum. These systems don't use the same technology as WiFi and computers or whatever... they utilise that piece of RF spectrum purely because it is unregulated and hence no license is required. Doubled with the fact that the 2.4Ghz is available worldwide, it's really appealing to manufacturers because they can manufacture 1 unit to flog worldwide as opposed to making the same unit but with different radio modules. Systems like ULXD, QLXD, 9000 series... all utilise the same sort of tech as the systems as their 2.4GHz... but in there cases, manufacturers do market systems for use on different parts of the RF spectrum... hence they don't have the radio interference issues normally faced by 2.4GHz systems. They still incur that latency in the digital to analgue conversions though! Of course, you can go UHF - but then you are into the realms of companders... which can bring it's own problems... and additionally, unlike high density digital systems, they are lot more hungry in terms of eating up available spectrum in a designated channel.
  6. Oh it does worry me when people make sweeping statements about latency without really understanding exactly how important it is. BigRedX nails it. Signal path through digital pedals is all accumulating latency... then the latency of the desk etc... Latency is of massive importance. If you are an IEM user, latency should be right there at the forefront of your mind.
  7. Absolutely mint... although I don't seem to be able to find the CDs that came with it. Has just been unboxed and sat there under bubblewrap waiting to be used in my music room... but never has. Powered from USB. Completely flawless. Mint mint mint.
  8. Having to adjust your playing to compensate isn't really where you want to be at - as you'll soon become known as that bass player that pushes the beat when you aren't on the wireless connection. Anyway, talking about "hearing" is one thing, playing against latency is another thing. It doesn't take a lot for it to become uncomfortable. I don't meant to be rude here - but I don't think that you've ever tried playing with a digital desk with iems so you can't really offer what it's really like... but for those of us that have, its simply not an option. @intime-nick alludes to the fact that he had to switch to a different wireless to get around the issue. It really is an issue! If you can feel and hear that your playing is not in sync, it makes for a very unpleasant experience!
  9. IEMs are generally analogue - so no latency (or in reality, its something like 0.01ms). The only pro digital IEM system I can think of is the Lectrosonics which is 1.4ms (using it's analogue connections) or 1ms plus the latency of the Dante network it's if staying completely in the digital realm. In reality, in a pro digital setup, you are still comfortably under 3ms.
  10. Careful, earplugs makes you hear the ringing louder!
  11. ireal pro - I use this on my ipad. very capable - recommended. Not as comprehensive as Band In The Box - but sounds like it could be more suited to your requirements.
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