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  1. Using your amp as a DI and pre amp

    To be honest, if I'm doing sound and you get somebody insistent on using "their" way, I'll take a DI and mic up the cab and blend. I've been caught out once with a distortion with no bottom end to it.. at least with a blended DI and mic, you have some hope of keeping the bass sounding like a bass.
  2. Using your amp as a DI and pre amp

    Must admit, that would rile me too if I was doing sound!:p
  3. Dumble on ebay... outrageous

    I think it's all down to the fact that there is lead in the solder.
  4. Using your amp as a DI and pre amp

    So if the amp head goes bang, so does the front of house.
  5. Dumble on ebay... outrageous

    @obbm - you reckon you could knock something like this up?
  6. No... not an amp.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-DUMBLE-MADE-SPEAKER-LEAD-CABLE-FROM-1976/323129353022?hash=item4b3c02a33e:g:Tu0AAOSwmRNaok-9 A fool and their money and all that.
  7. Line 6 Helix.

    What a douche. Nothing like a power happy facebook group admin. It seems to be a necessity!
  8. Line 6 Helix.

    I suspect if you post that up the in the Facebook line 6 group, you'll have a full order book...
  9. Filming gigs

    Are you moving your camera around? The last thing you want is a camera mounted mic if so... especially a highly directional one like the one in the stock picture you posted above. If you are thinking of multiple angles and multiple cameras, its preferable to consider the audio and visuals as two completely different entities. Otherwise, the whole thing becomes a bit amateur as you move the camera around, especially in front of the drums and guitar and the rest of the band seems to drop out!
  10. Filming gigs

    I think for what they are, the Zoom recordings are actually pretty decent. The weak point in all of these systems are generally the mics - but a lot of these field recorders will allow for external mics - however, most of the mics you would be interested in would be phantom powered and a lot larger than the ones build in... so cause added complications. For a simple set and forget, I think your recordings are pretty good representations of the quality that you can expect.
  11. Barefaced Cab price hike

    Well, if playing naked is your bag...
  12. Barefaced Cab price hike

    Left it out in the sun!
  13. In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Just revisiting the Backbeat - Hmm. Im so tempted to get one of these to try out now that they've released their kickstarter...
  14. Bass related oxymorons

    This Stingray doesn't suffer with a weak G
  15. Using your amp as a DI and pre amp

    You do realise, that the soundguy, if doing his/her job properly, will EQ and compress your tone regardless of what is coming out of the head - making the whole exercise a bit pointless? If you are using other backline, except that you aren't going to get your sound and concentrate on getting on with the gig and trust that the soundguy is gonna make your tone rock out front. Yes, I know you are going to say, "I want my own tone on stage" - we all do... but the professional thing is just get on with it with minimal faff. No sound guy likes a faffer!