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  1. Trying to be positive, this will put you in the same camp as Paul Gilbert and you'll be able to get a better sound out of a set of closed back for way, way less money than CIEMs. As for looks, Ive done it, nobody cares, especially if you can get the drummer to do the same. You're best looking for a set of closed backs that are comfortable for you to wear for long periods of time... I like the DT770s - but whatever you get, make sure you get the 16/32Ohm or less as they'll typically need to be driven by wireless units or battery powered headphone amps.
  2. You should be able to achieve this through A&Hs Midi Control app, which will allow you to send MIDI control changes to the QU via a MIDI controller surface. Not tried it myself - but on first glance, it certainly looks doable.
  3. Of course, the question should be - “is the OP happy with the solution?” if so, jobs a goodun.
  4. Doesn't really matter - anything that helps. If you got tennis racquet wrap to hand, then why spend more?
  5. Which ironically, uses more cables
  6. I have to admit though, I do think that an XR18 and a split box would be more elegant and give you a lot more control over your mix in terms of processing. However... I do appreciate that that is a completely different ball park in terms of price. But, the XR18 would service multiple people - and the above solution is purely for one person and you'd need to loop through a number of different similar systems to achieve the same for each player (with signal degradation at every step and a more itchy sound engineer that is seeing the failure points building)
  7. ...and the fact that the volume out front is the not equal to the volume that is ideal for safely monitoring your performance.
  8. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Luggage-Handle-Wrap/s?k=Luggage+Handle+Wrap These are my go to addition for those heavier rack cases.
  9. (PS, if you aren't getting what you want bass tone wise, it's because you aren't going through any pres (and power amp if you are looking for sag) that deliberately colour the tone - and you haven't got and speaker emulation going on. If you do want to address this, stick a modeller on your pedal board that can add that colouration). (That goes for guitarists too. Once you got the portability of this down, you'll never want to entertain traditional rigs again). Add a P2 and an XLR cable into your gig bag and some IEMs - and you'll be sorted.
  10. Nice little rig there. Just double check that it's a passive split (in that the split still works when the unit is powered off) - otherwise you may get one very whizzed off sound engineer when a power failure in your rig takes out the bass any lead vocal and remediation would take repatching of cables.
  11. I couldn't remember the Magic Roundabout. Just Youtubed and listened. I tend to agree.
  12. posh pub cum restaurant …I’ll give that one a miss then.
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