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  1. Cheers! Always learning - I’ve got some things to take away from this and work on but overall I’m happy with the result considering it was just little me manically running around trying to get everything I could.
  2. So as part of my journey of documenting gigs, the guys out my band got together for a little run through of tunes... so I took my cameras down to try some stuff out. Still learning... oh - and this is a lot easier when you aren't on stage too! My main learnings on this one... is my motorised slider was so slow... you can't even tell it was moving. FAIL!
  3. It ain't here til it's here! Thing is, are you brave enough to install straight away... or do you wait for the inevitable bug fixes? Remember, this is a ground up rewrite.
  4. Wemos D1 is my go to board for most things, just wish they'd come out with a 5Ghz version!
  5. I guess you could spray on a poly finish and buff that. Of course, the key thing is how precise the sizing has to be.
  6. Yup - you got it. The scaremongering tactic.
  7. Will 3D printed items withstand a buffing wheel to get high glossed?
  8. @stoo - how many pins are you utilising at the moment? Was thinking about projecty stuff last night whilst driving. ESP8266 may give you the option of a web based editor which may be easier for bulk configuration... meaning that touch screen could be for just on the gig changes. Mind you, if you've got your phone with you...
  9. The reality is, that when it comes to speccing PA, monitor wedges always tend to suffer - if there’s money to be saved it’s always the wedges that people skimp on... hence the perception of wedges not being able to give a great sound. In reality, if the wedges were of the same quality of the superior FOH speakers, this would not be the case. Youre right though, IEM saves the day.
  10. None of that comes into it. I take a feed from the desk and mic the room.
  11. Ha! You wait to what me and the drummer are working on (the drummer on this video is on perc on the next, we like to switch around)... unbelievable chops. Video? We hired a theatre, few lights here and there... the all important star cloth and then I called upon an old mate who has some Canon C100 cameras on Ronin 2s. He does all the social media for Bellator now... and our schedules happened to align. There was nothing particularly special about it... just worked out well. I actually prefer the colour and feel of the other song we played that day - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYU6Y3RKI2Y
  12. No worries. Glad it's of use. Maybe the split thing will work for you... the key thing is communications with the sound guy so they know whats going on... but more often and not they are accommodating and interested in what you are doing. As long as you are sticking to IEMs you are cool. No sound guys will appreciate you deploying your own wedges!
  13. Cheers Stevie. It's getting a bit long in the tooth now... we have just started looking at getting something new out. Our ethos has always been to do play pop songs as we would want to hear them performed by the artist live, rather than just trying to reproduce the recorded version live. I hope the big "guitar" ending kinda cements that home without being a "rock" version of the track which is the path a lot of bands seem to head down.
  14. A load of Ariana Grande tracks. Or shall I say, I'm arranging Ariane Grande tracks and writing up bass lines, that I am then learning.
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