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  1. EBS_freak


    The top pic seems to be a polyester coat so is sitting on the surface of the wood, so should (with effort) be able to be taken back to the wood no problem. Once stripped, it can be stained. If you want the wood stringers to be a specific colour, then you can artificially stain those also. Any decent poly finisher will be able to do this at a cost, I dunno, give the guys at bow finishing a shout - https://www.bowfinishing.co.uk/ Here's a refin they did as an example - Before- After - As you can see, no trace of brown, and they went from a darker colour to lighter.
  2. EBS_freak

    My new Bass creation

    You using Fusion?
  3. This idiot still has this bass for sale!
  4. EBS_freak

    Best mid range leads

    OBBM shared the technique he uses for soldering and every cable I have made myself remains reliable. I haven't really had the need to the solder any cables of late... but I have always gone to OBBM for wireless cables... just because given the amount of soldering that he has done in his life time, is probably a lot better at soldering mini jacks and xlrs than I am! In short, his cable are made great... and properly - in a manner that can't be replicated by machine. And thats why it's worth paying for OBBM cables! Coloured electrical tape good if you have the ends already soldered on and don't want to desolder anything.
  5. EBS_freak

    Pickup routing quote - feedback required

    I would be worried if paying less. You get somebody that doesn’t have a pride in their work and you’ll have chipped poly, routes that aren’t true (nobody wants to see a pair of pickups where one is wonky)... and of course there’s not only the skill of doing the job - but the cost of the router and router bits to do the job properly. Would you want a blunt router tip mashing up your pride and joy?
  6. EBS_freak

    Best mid range leads

    OBBM made a star quad XLR and the way that he wires and does the heat shrink makes the solder connections particularly strong. There’s no pressure on any of the solder tags at all. The singer at the time used to wrap the cord around her hand, use it to pick up the mic, swing it round, everything... and that cable is still going strong even with all the abuse it got. Up until that point, she was literally killing a cable every gig.
  7. EBS_freak

    PAs, any good for metal?

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RCF-Art-732-A-MkII-with-padded-covers-bags-2-available-and-price-per-speaker/253905172566?hash=item3b1ded7856:g:LG8AAOSwM~Rbivka I personally would stay away from the mini line arrays unless you go for one of the top end systems (K-Array etc). You'll get better performance from your traditional boxes for the money. The reason for the RCF above? The 3 in the model number designates the voice coil size in these hf element. In essence, a large sized voice coil in the high means that more of the vocal can be handled by that drivers and crossed over lower so that the woofer can concentrate on what it's better at - the lows. This will give you a much better clarity and projection in the vocals over other cabs in this range - which typically would have a 1 or 1.5 inch voice coil.
  8. EBS_freak

    Smoothhound classic wireless.

    Read this thread - it should give you a good idea of what to expect
  9. EBS_freak

    PA speakers + subs advice

    For around 1.4k you could get a couple of active RCF 735s and that means you can do away for the subs for all but the biggest gigs. The higher quality hf driver (3 inch voice coil in this case, compared to the 1 inch drives you tend to get at this price range), means that the woofers are freed up to do more work in the lows... to the point where they can put out enough bass for you to negate the needs for subs. They are a very loud cab, light enough to be manageable and as stated before, for most small (to medium depending upon your definition) venues will negate the need for subs as they will quite happily handle the whole band going through them and remove the need for backline completely (e.g. they won't fart out with kick, toms and bass guitar etc). The 3 inch voice coil in the drivers means that your vocals will be super clear and carry without too much trouble - afterall, vocal clarity is the most important aspect of a live band as punters want to be able to hear the vocals clearly. If the band is looking to all get onto IEMs, you may be hampered by the XR12s two auxes... that may or may no be enough for you.
  10. EBS_freak

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Well, here's hoping they hold out for a while!
  11. EBS_freak

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    That’s just pants - it’s a part that you’ve got no hope of fixing yourself too because it’s buried into the silicon. :-/ So what’s the plan? Stick until you’ve got some cash to change?
  12. EBS_freak

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Is it the cable or the connector that is failing?
  13. EBS_freak

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Man, Moog, I'm sorry to hear about your woes with ACS and especially the cables. They just seem to have outrageously bad reliability with the cables especially and the lack of headroom... Even on my triples, the performance is more than a little disappointing. I don't really know what to suggest but I am sorry to hear about your experience. I guarantee not all IEMs and experiences share the same outcome for the end user. I don't want to sit here and slag ACS - because there are many happy users of them... a couple of guys I know love theirs... but for bass players and drummers, there is something defo not right about them in regard to being able to cope with headroom before distortion in the lows. I know that Andy is dead against big low end... so maybe that is it. The cables though... maybe thats just a result of being a silicon design... I don't know. But I don't know of any other IEM brand that has anywhere near the same failure rate. I landed a mid week residency with a band that don't have any sort of IEM thing going on... so I thought I would break out the ACS lives to use as variable volume ear plugs... oh yes, thats right, the cable was knackered. So took the cable housing apart to see if I could fix it.. and managed to. Got to the gig.. and the mics couldn't handle the SPL of standing next to the drummer (If I padded the input as far as it would go, there was then not enough gain to bring the output up to a decent volume). So annoying because it's such a great concept. Anyway, silicon and cables... is that the problem because they are always subject to a certain amount of flex? Well, I dunno... Spiralear don't appear to have the same issue for example - another silicone based IEM manufacturer.
  14. EBS_freak

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Good to meet you Nick - took me a while to place you but got there in the end! The UE6s proved pretty popular today... I think out of all the inears that were out, people seemed to gravitate towards the sound (and price) of them. Let me know if you want some help with your sine wave too - I think I made sense with the brief explanation - but hit me up if you need a hand. Currently out and about seeing the sights of Manchester night life... I think I’ve come to sad realisation that I’m beginning to get old... those girls must be awfully chilly in some of the clothes that they aren’t wearing.
  15. EBS_freak

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    All looking good there! Let us know how you get on...! Meanwhile, I been washing my branded tees ready for pimping IEMs at the drum show in Manchester. Come say hi if you are about.