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  1. No - she's not musical at all. She just wears the outfits better.
  2. https://www.festivalofun.co.uk/Ghost_Face_-_Officially_Licensed_Scream_Mask/p5573329_18630893.aspx Although I think my other half does the look a lot better... (She's got better leggings, better footwear (my back couldn't take those... especially on the cobbles)... and above all, a better figure!) - but I have got the white bass... which looks great for the all black and white look. Have to say, the mask is great for visibility... I was MDing on the night so needed good visibility to see what was going on.
  3. You'll hear the bass - but to actually feel a thump in your chest you need to shift a lot of air. You'll hear it... but if you are thinking of reproducing the sort of sub lows when you go to an arena gig... you need a lot of subs. Dont worry, your subs will give a lot more body and lows to the band sound... you've done a good thing!
  4. That sub is not going to make you feel any bass. You may want to look at a backbeat or a woojer if that is what you are looking for.
  5. The sub will be too low for your backline. Theres not much in terms of note definition coming out of your sub.
  6. Some more info here - https://line6.com/support/topic/33145-whats-going-on-with-g70g75-in-europe/
  7. I think it always takes one person in the band to be the research monkey I guess. I think I have always been that guy... whether it's mixing, IEMs, PA, video, lighting, photography etc. I guess I'm the studious type that spends hours and hours and hours researching... because nobody else in the band is going to... 😛
  8. EBS_freak

    Show us your rig!

    What a cool alternative setup! Simple, yet very cool.
  9. Indeed - the people who tend to poo poo subs fall into three categories. 1. People who have never tried them 2. People who have bought sub/s that are too small compared to the rest of their setup (they expect miracles from a budget 10" sub) 3. People who have bought ridiculously big subs without taking into account the effort and transport required to shift them For me, it's a bit like monitors. People always skimp on monitors... and then wonder why you can't put bass through them. Get your setup right... let your PA do what it's meant to do... and buy the right gear for the job. A PA can outgun a bass rig, keyboard amp... everything... and it will sound much better out front.
  10. Ha ha. Yeah, without biting too much, there's always a bit of a snakeoil claim on this. Is the pseudo physics actually real... or even perceivable? By the way, I have a set of 64s... and I would always advocate that ambience ports are bad news, especially when you are somebody craving bass. However... I have the M20 modules in there for the greater isolation as I perceive it to be less fatiguing than when I put the solid (orange) blocks in. Whether this is actually true or just me trying to convince myself that there is a difference, is open for debate. When the band is playing, the real world difference between the solid block and M20 is negligable... so I just sticked with the M20 in case it is actually doing anything like reducing fatigue or pressure. The other consideration is, is that I run A12ts... so even if there is a loss of bass due to the Apex modules, then it's not as if there would ever be a lack of bass... because they are absolute bass monsters with so much bass on tap it's ridiculous...
  11. That's the can of worms opened.
  12. I think that ship has sailed now... especially if he's spent up on those Shures. The Shures will sound better for listening to music.... but for live use, headroom is king.
  13. OK, there's twos ways of looking at this. Can your PA produce a fairly flat output? Yes? OK. Does it do it with low levels of distortion? Err.... Ever wonder why some PAs can be loud (I know thats an awful term to use without any measurement) without killing your ears and getting your ears all really fatigued? That's most likely because they are reproducing the frequencies, at volume, with less distortion than other setups that do kill your ears... ...yet if you were to meter them, both setups are reproducing the whole frequency range.
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