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  1. Spending! (Or saving depending which angle you come from)
  2. Nobody will say about the delay. It's more about the feeling and what it does to your sense of timing. If you wore IEMs, I guarantee you'd notice.
  3. The AKG is analogue - so the latency from that will be negligible. All latency is gonna be coming from your other wireless and the latency of the Helix. Of course, the downside of the analogue wireless system is that it has a compander - which can colour your tone and impact your dynamics somewhat.
  4. Im sure Davie and his bank balancing are mourning the loss!
  5. The OP reminded me of a NYE gig that I did out UAE. Bruno had just dropped and was pretty hot... and so naturally, the band I was in decided we should follow suit and learn the moves etc. So we did. At the end of the gig, this guy comes up to me and says, "You know what son, when I closed my eyes, I could have sworn with groove like that, the bass player was a brother. Then I saw you dance. Yeah man, you white." - Turned out he was the Mayor of Dallas(? - it was something like that) and one of the funniest, most charming guys I've met. Had us in stitches - and he even went back to his room to fetch one of his prize football shirts to give to the singer as a sign of his appreciation.
  6. She has to - because she has to have enough visual appeal for both of them. Man, that guitarist is boring.
  7. This is pretty true. I think the more serious bands are slowly making the turn - but ultimately - the less you are relying on backline and letting the PA do the lifting, the better your band is going to sound. I know lots of people will argue otherwise - but you aren't playing Wembley. There's lots of other factors I know... shared ownership/sole ownership of PA, moving it, playing with other bands.... But ultimately, let bleed into mics, the cleaner your signal (hell, moving to a decent modelling setup with decent monitoring is probably the best move you can make right now (for getting a consistent tone at any volume).
  8. For confirmation for anybody reading with interest - the TWS is analogue - so negligable latency as no A/D and D/A conversion. What you have got however, is a compounder - so depending upon how good the compander is, you'll notice a change in the bottom end and top end response. (That's where digital wins - no compander... however, at the cost of latency - don't get nothing for free in this game!)
  9. What you describe in 3 I think is down to saturation. SS amps can do that, although people tend to stray away from the idea of adding inaudible distortion - or lots of additional harmonic content which valves do out the box (it's always why they are described as sounding fatter or more authoritative - they aren't really, it's the additional harmonic content in the distortion that makes you thk that). Sag and valve compression is what is really the key difference. IMHO opinion of course.
  10. And even if they have decent FoH, the monitors are still usually garbage.
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