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  1. EBS_freak

    Trace Elliot Optimist.

    Price decreased by £500
  2. EBS_freak

    Jaco Pastorious bass head

    The pic in the ad... an amp similar is behind him... but there's nothing plugged into it! (unless it's being used as a slave poweramp)
  3. EBS_freak

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    I can't vouch for the above... but what I will say is that there's an awful lot going on with regard to custom balanced armatures and tuning, getting everything in phase... so it's about as much as whats going on inside as much as the custom fit element. Certainly may be a good shout for the price though... who knows? JH11 springs to mind - £800 for a quad seems the obvious choice. Great sounding IEM.
  4. Hey @dood - response already - >>>> I totally understand your consent, and I’ve also asked those same questions. One thing that I can tell you is that other in ear monitors only display their impedance at 1khz, so the iem could have a drastically different impedance at other portions of the spectrum (sometimes much lower impedance than what’s measured at 1k). The N8 is built with our Linear Impedance Design technology so that the impedance posted is linear across the whole spectrum. Another thing that can give you a bit more confidence is that we test our in ears on all industry standard equipment (Shure’s PSM gear is definitely one of the units tested). One thing that you could do, if you’re ever nervous about this issue, is have an impedance adapter plug to add some resistance between the iem and the amp. The great thing about changing the impedance between the amp and the iem is that it will not change the frequency response because of the LID technology, whereas changing the impedance while using any other type of iem (A18t & A2e are the only 64 iems that don’t at this point) would change the frequency response according to its impedance curve. <<<< So I knew that the impedance drops significantly during use but still quite surprised at how low the impedance of the N8 is - I can't actually recall seeing one that low, ever! But I think the above answer is fairly to the point. Also, what I've said about impedance curves seems a bit null and void given their LID tech... which to be honest, I must read some more into because I don't know much about it. I know what it does - but don't know how - and I haven't pondered on it... yet!
  5. Minimum impedance is not readily available in the specs. Haven't found any for Lectrosonics or Sennheiser... but the fact it's stated in the Shure one is a worry. With regards to the IEMs, it shouldn't cause them too much of an issue (although it could proper play havoc with the impedance curves)... but I wouldn't be happy if the wireless pack suddenly gave up because it wasn't presented with a large enough load on the output. The 18ts are also very low impedance. I'm not sure why they seem to be getting these impedances so low either - audiophiles generally go for higher impedance units with separate headphones amps...? I'll let you know if and when they respond!
  6. 6 Ohm indeed - so looking at the specs on my Shure P9RA receivers... minimum impedance for those is 9.5.... Given that the Shure is the standard IEM system in the US, that doesn't seem to have been the smartest move. I'm seeing what 64 come back with. Sorry if that causes the N8 to be pulled for a while 😕
  7. EBS_freak

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Was watching the latest Mackie announcements last night... looks like theres some significant updates to their DL range... iOS/Android/PC/Mac controllable mixers, extra fx, stagebox format hardware... another suitable candidate for those wanting a decent mixer for an IEM setup.
  8. Yeah, I'm surprised that they have taken the A8s away - the N8s appear to be more of a relative to the 12t than what was the 8, in both frequency response and driver count (quad low switched out for single dynamic). I know dynamics produce a lot of bass but certainly not as much as quad balanced armature setup. The hyped bottom end of the V8 and A8 seems to be now a thing of a past... (cue all bass junkies sobbing) No - in the actual technical specs of the IEM.
  9. oo-er - @dood - I've just spotted something that I really don't like in the specs. I've emailed 64 about it because it could be a bit of a humdinger for them! Let me see if you can work out what it is. As I say, I don't know if it's an issue or not - hence why I've not written anything up here... but I'm interested to read their response. PM if you can't figure it out.
  10. I've just realised that they've killed off their 2 top, 2 mid, 4 bass A8 piece. (I suspected it may have been for the chop when they didn't put the tia in it). Aw man. No way, that was a peach of an IEM.
  11. EBS_freak

    PA Scrims

    If you want to stop people, there's always subsafe - not my cup of tea really though. Neither are scrims to be honest. with regards to drink, if it's not the subs, its usually somewhere else inappropriate.
  12. Hey @dood - I've been watching the news of the n8t since it's announcement at NAMM earlier in the year and stalking the opinions that are on headfi. I'm a bit apprehensive about it all to be honest. There definitely seems to be a trend to jump onto the hybrid (dynamic plus balanced armature) bandwagon at the moment. For example, UE with their new flagship, UE Live, JH with Lola, N8t and even ZT are in on it. I would be surprised if the introduction of the N8t wasn't a direct move from 64 to cater for a market - the hybrid IEM fan. Nathan East was consulted to help develop this IEM... but less of a noise was made by JH - they did exactly the same product development with Slash to get Lola to market. And of course, now UE Live - which is getting a very interesting reception (in that it's both amazing and not amazing depending upon your viewpoint!) Am I a hybrid fan? I'm not really sure. The Lola has certainly got a different voicing to it... and it's Jerry's earpiece of choice. Unlike everybody else though, he's used the dynamic for the mids, not the lows. I've not yet heard the N8t or the UE Live but they are both IEMs I am certainly interested - especially since the loss of my Roxannes. Will my next be hybrid? I dunno. My current list is looking rather Roxanne and 12t centric. I'm prepared to spend the cash as they are such a central part to my enjoyment. Why not the Layla or the 18t? Well, the Layla is a bit sterile for me... and the 18t impedance is not great for use with wireless packs. What I do know, whatever I do choose won't be opaque -those carbon fibre ports were a git to clean - you could never see if anything was in there! Oh - and 64 - it's not the first artist IEM... I know at least of one other manufacturer that released a signature IEM in conjunction with a named artist. ACS and their George Martin reference IEM.
  13. Digital vs Analogue. Meh, good and bad for both. Considering a lot of stuff that is coming out of studios now is largely in the box mixing, done with digital plugins, you'll be hard pushed to say that digital can't keep up with analogue... and if it is, the labels don't seem too fussed by it.
  14. EBS_freak

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    That kind of confirms that there's defo an issue with the fit of your IEMs - the improvement in the low end is that first tell tale sign. Like I've said before, the seal is the most important thing with regard to keeping the bass response as good as it can be - thats why I would urge people to keep away from vented ports/ambient ports. It may be the case that your inear is literally a fraction of a mm too shallow and that is what is causing the fit issue... or maybe you have lost a little weight. Instead of the wraps, maybe replace them with some pies? 😛 Some of the audio nuts experiment with all sort of modifications to their inears, from cables and tips and in this case, guys that despite having a perfect fitting inear, wanting that feeling of resistance that the additional wraps give. That's not to say the fit is bad in that case, just not what the end user is wanting - hell, if anybody wants to have ear canal pain whilst listening to music, all the power to them! When I saw that JH included this wraps, it did make me raise an eyebrow as it kind of gives the impression that their fitting is bad - which on the whole they are not! Refits are inevitable, it the nature of the business - I'm sure Paul from CIEMco will confirm that - but given the technology that I've mentioned previously, that number has reduced greatly over the years. Given the number of impressions he alone takes ever year and the number of refit requests, his fit ratio is super, super, super high. Dont forget though - our ears continue to grow and change shape... so the general rule is allow for a refit every 5 years (I know you haven't had yours that long). Having said that, my oldest IEMs, still fit perfect. Other folks may not share the same story though. Like many things, mileage may vary.